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Vortex 345W 2P

The white light shines you into vortex holes going back home and meet the big sun to send you back out after you ascend forward up out through space time continuum you vibrate faster and faster you float freer and freer you never stop wonÕt drop you have the power to do it yo open up pin e all gland you open pit ui tar y gland you get yom or y and you pro cess in for mat ion throu ough ly un tilll you know through and through all things for you to do to cruise to the true blue galaxy with out ass is tance you see with out space ships aint you or yo bro gonna go to you own pla net utha wise hein you in case of a break down re in car nate over and over be in diff rent mix in wil e ur o pea an and in de an syean plaidean lyrian grey yeti grey zeta lyrian venus mars they can help us to real ize the most int er es ting way the ver y best way to bge rfree to travel through vort ex holes through forces of the holy trun i ty as the two for ces youand me male and female plus and mi mus yin yang fractal patt ern dan cing up one could say gee no hy mo ly iÕve got me a miracle ne ver en ding sarin at ing ex pan ding fing some of yo may wander what im thaling about its the evolution of all beings, oh year the progress in which we learn things the universal order to things, that rieng, a chime in the time that rhume that always right on time einstein said the eternal amazement with the univers is its comphehendability, the perfext predictability, rhythem and flow of the reality, its the pattern the flow and you know the beet must change to keep the mo jo, I'm pro fessro bro stop i next week if yo want to know mo

Evolution 566W 2P

To thing you are just a highly evolved piece of meat is not very neat. If you think the existence of your soul culminates in nothing, then you must be ignoring the revelation of Darwin for it is this caring for ourselves and desire to improve, that spurred life on Earth in the right direction to move. an as it exists above to does below and as below so does above So you and your friends will be together till no ends. The belief in God is merely a vision based on these principles, an infinite direction of evolution for us disciples. A light to guide by, for visions, directions and goals don't die, but fly higher in the sky, by and by for I and I. And it is not sin but love that grows, how do I know? Look at the evolution of animals from fish schools to shopping malls. Species steadily get less fearful and more social with one another and love lives become less independent and communication more dominant. And so as humans get older, we care more for the younger, as father and mother.
And as our race evolves from tribal organizations to advanced civilizations, love grows with the realizations. The young are cared for more and longer, as groups cohese and grow stronger Evolution brings education we find what we really want, and get it without a haven't Enjoyment of life with out the strife. Interaction brings love socialization as it is above, is the lesson of the dove.
Knowledge of he universe, science, world and history's, dissolve age old falsities, the earth is flat, ghosts can harm, angry god brought locusts to your farm,, because you didn't give him your left or right arm. Now we forget the fearful alarm. We have control to become whole. Release the have power, the responsibility of the enlightened, tty wars, and watch our lives years become scores to open the doors and tell new folklore's. Environmental destructions and pollution is just a temporary side effect of our technological evolution. Back in the model T's time what could we use but gas and now that times past so don't doubt, we will build to last, so go act fast. don't stand aghast and hold your hand u like a big white mast, our power is vast, to make life a blast, and those the words of this poem are the last. (Write about education causing creativity now instead of following and why, Why we should see the light in everybody, why secrets are bad, why we should all call God God, Marijuana's benefit, how to tell, if a spiritual teacher is good or bad, why many people knowing something makes it true
To thinking you ain't to neat and purpose of life is annihilation then you the truth we be creating earth helping animals in the right direction to grove 1-5 60 above and as above so below

in the sky, by and by for I and above and as above so below life forms the younger, as father to advanced civilization young cared for more and longer, groups cohesing , world and history's, dislodged brought locusts to your farm,our left or right arm. Now we to become whole. Release the without our lives become to n is just a temporary side effect to our technological st so don't doubt, we were built

Preacher 211W 1P

Jesus loves you, just like his father God. But the Devil hates you! Satan ol get you less you take refuge i me. Its a war out there. you only have one chance and most will perish, just come do as I say no sex, do drugs, or death or DEATH! Ever lasting God! Paradise, love for you from God. But he's jealous, don't make him mad, his son died for you naked! oh he agony of the lord with birds pecking his eyes out, and for nothing? No! Many people come to me every day, come, no sh! Don't read the Bible without me, satan's every where you need me to give you the fear of the almighty. Don't but and gnash your teeth. You'll do me a favor my younger brother too the more I save from the perils the greater I am in heaven and I promise I'll be good to you, I'll guide you and lead you and give you good jobs to do. For Jesus loves you just like me, but he pity's you now! So lost you are. What science psychology, logic, oh don't study my sheep. I no its not logical, have faith, don't be so afraid to come to God, you don't understand.

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