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1 1914 Through Brazilian Wilderness
by Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919
188,500W 754 12:33:17 344M
1 Start
2 Up Paraguay
3 Jaguar Hunt on Taquary
4 Headwaters of Paraguay
5 Up River Tapirs
6 Through Highland Wilderness of Western Brazil
7 With a Mule Train from Nambuquara land
8 River of Doubt
9 Down an Unknown River into Equitorial Forest
10 Zoological & Geographical Results of Expedition
11 Work of Field Zoologist & Field Geographer in South America
12 Outfit for Travelling in South American Wilderness

There is one Free Audio History book about Brazil on Librivox titled Through Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt. It is 754 pages and takes 12 hours 33 minutes 17 seconds to read.

The Chapter Title Page is .06 of a page and takes 4 seconds to read.
The Chapter Contents page contains .34 of a page & takes 19 seconds to read.

The Information Expansion Ratio is: Title to Chapter Contents is times 5.66 or 17.6%, and Chapter Contents to Book Contents is times 2,217 or .045%.

The largest book in this list if Through the Wilderness as well as it being the smallest book in this list. Same thing with it's Chapter Contents page.

I like this book a lot. The most memorable part for me was when he drove the two attempted cattle theives to jail at gun point across like, 500 miles. The most memorable lesson for me was how he said his father taught him that if he wanted to do a job that doesn't pay much, that would be fine with him, as long as he didn't spend much money.


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