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1 1871 How I Found Livingstone
by Stanley 1841-1904
254,750W 1,019 16:58:21 466M
1 Instructions to find Livingston
2 Zanzibar
3 Organization of Expedition
4 Life at Bagamoyo
5 Through Uqua to Isegua
6 To Ogogo
7 Marango to Unayembi
8 My life & troubles in Maraznayembi, i became engaged in a war
9 Unannyembi
10 Tumerera Ukonongo
11 Fooyookowendi, ivenza & uffa tgigi
12 Intercourse with Livingston at Ugigi, his stories of his journey
13 Our cruise on lake Tanganika, expedition on teh north end, return to yugigi
14 Our journey from Yugugi to Yunanyembey
15 Homeward bound, Livingstone's Last words, final farewell
16 Valedictory

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There was a Hollywood movie made about this book I saw in the theater in the 80s.

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