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Ancient Thai massage was founded by Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, the Buddhas physician. In the early days of Buddhism the massage and meditation schools were together. It is a unique form of bodywork that you can easily use on yourself and others. It combines stimulating energy lines (Ki, chi, prana, orgone, elan, sen), which clears blockages by discharging excess energy and strengthening weaknesses; yogic stretching, and palm pressing, which stimulates the lymph system helping circulate the toxins out. This is a very powerful technique effective for stress, arthritis, injuries, and fatigue. Perfect for the ticklish person because there is no movement along the skin. I can give both extreme pressure for athletes, and subtle energy work for geriatrics. I learned how to do the 6 1/2, 3 1/2, and 1 1/2 hr. treatmensts at the Kathmandu Center of Healing. u studied, 3 1/2, and 1 1/2 hr. treatmen, and Reiki 2,500 years ago by Thai massage stimulatesto discharge excess energy and strengthen weaknesses with yogic stretchingalso Thai massage istension release and improving the circulation of the life force throughout the body; and is very effective for the treatment of

The founder of Ancient Thai massage was Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, a close friend of the Buddha and physician of the
Sanga. In the early days of Buddhism the massage and meditation schools were together. Thai massage is a very powerful technique that you can easily use on yourself and others. By pressing along a network of energy lines that connects us to the astral dimension and beyond (Ki, chi, prana, orgone, elan), and giving stretches in an attentive sequence, we can stimulate and release blockages in our physical body to allow energy to flow freely, healing a variety of ailments. Perfect for arthritis, injuries, stress, fatigue, and the ticklish, at any pressure you need. 116 words. Ancient Thai massage. Pressing energy lines running throughout the body and giving streches to stimulate and relax.



1) Shake legs in circles 3 X
2) Pull body with heels
3) shake body
4) palm press, then heel
5) go up leg
6) knee caps
7) At groin stop blood flow 10-15 seconds
8) Palm press
9) 6 points on 5 toes, starting with point
12) Palm press
15) Press feet down 1-2-3-2-1 out and in
16) Cross feet, right on top first for men,left for women, push 3X
17) Turn 3X and push up when feet on top 3X
18) On 4th x push feet up on side
19) Palm press
20) Push liver point and push foot clockwise 3 times, and put right foot under right legs., then other way three times. Right leg first on men left on women
21) Twist foot like ringing laundry both ways 1-2-3-2-1
22) Put foot down and do temple point and massage up to big toe up between the tendon, then massage the toe and pull between the toes, on all points between the toes.
23) Bring toes apart then scisors, big to small toes.
24) Push toes down and massage toe knuchles in an oval
25) Achilles tendon pull three times.
26) Pull feet out holding heel 1-2-3-2-1
27) knuckle crack
28) Sexy finger massage all around the outside of the foot
29) Push toes down while pulling heel toward you
30) Push toes down and push down on toes knuckles
31) Pull foot apart and go to other side

32) pressure points for legs. Men right leg first, women left. Stretch the legs holding blood vessel and pulling
the foot out
33) Palm Press the legs
34) Do 5 points below knee, and 5 over knee, starting with directly under ankle knob on inside, and follow up right
under bone. Last one blood vessel
35) Go inside one thumb and go ten points down to Achilles tendon point.
36) Stretch leg
37) Palm press leg
38) Stay on same side of body and switch legs adn palm press leg
39) Stretch leg
40) Temple point and up ten points right next to the bone.
41) move one thumbs length to the outside and press ten points down to directly above ankle knob
42) Press directly under ankle knob on the outside 10 points directly under the bone, the last point in directly under
the pelvis bone.
43) palm press leg
44) Stretch leg
45) Switch to the other side of the body and do the other leg.


1) From groin-foot stretch
2) Then we make a triangle (men-right leg, women, left)
3) Palm press from heal and groin to knee on calm hands pointing inwards, up to knee. /Don't use bone of hand.
4) Pressure in on thigh near knee pushing forward and backward, then on middle of thigh, then eon inside of leg adn
back u 1-2-3-2-1.
5) Palm press the knee and thigh to groin and back.
6) lift outside leg up and do the triangle circle, push the knee into the body holding the knee and ankle adn make
a circle towards the outside
7) Sit down back, grab the foot from underneath an grab the Achilles tendon with the smallest three fingers and the
thumb on top of the other side, pt you foot under the knee while grabbing the heel of the other foot with the other
hand. Push your leg on the knee until you lock the log, and pull with the hand, 1-2-3-2-1 and push the middle of
the hamstring then the inner hamstring and back. Make sure the big toe is under the forearm
8) Then grab the top of the foot with both hands and put the top of the foot as close to the knee as possible and
push in a circle three times
9) Put their foot under your knee and put your other foot in. Grab the heel and pull back while pulling up back
with the to of the outside-calf foot, and pushing down with the hams. 1-2-3-2-1, Down the hamstrings and back up
to the knee
10) push the foot down to the groin and do the scissors (foot up, other down)
11) Grab the other ankle again, pull the ankle back again an walk down hamstrings and back up
12) 1-2-3-2-1 with both feet to groin and back, lock knees
13) walk again
14) Put toes in middle of thigh and scoot down
15) After crouching down, walk with toes on hamstring while walking with fingers from knee to inside of thigh and
back, then calves
16) Bang out the thighs and calf
17) lift knee up with outside hand and foot and get on your knees and clinch down on ankle with your thigh and do
the butterfly on the thigh, lock and pull towards you 1-2-3-2-1 lock knee on chest.
18) Do the butterfly, 1-2-3-2-1 and lift up.
19) Interlock fingers and press and circle, and push and pull 1-2-3-2-1. Use index fingers and thumbs to find
20) Pressure points with thumbs 1-2-3-2-1
21) The 1-2-3-2-1 palm walk ad back push on e side, then other in sequence
22) Interlock fingers and do squeeze-pull back to you leaning back
23) Loosen up leg thigh
24) 6 point underneath pressure point from knee to butt
25) Thumb walk back up to knee while squeezing the thighs.
26) Do the calf pull from the knee to the ankle 1-2-3-2-1 Don't pull on way back, but pull one way back while
opening up chest. Soft, medium and strong hand grips.
27) Bring hand under and interlock fingers and squeeze and pull calf out 1-2-3-2-1
28) Separate calf muscles
29) Loosen up calf muscles
30) Push knee up and scram


1) After calf push leg forward by grabbing knee and grab the heal with the inside hand and push knee toward chest
and bring to outside
2) Foot to groin and your palm to their groin and move down to the knee and back as you push their knee to their
chest in a circular, motion 1
3) Move their foot to your shoulder adn do the same thing 1-2-3-2-1
4) Lock their foot with your foot and bring their foot back to your groin and push your palm near their knee on
their hamstrings and push the knee towards their chest, then towards the groin, 1-2-3-2-1
5) Bring their foot to your shoulder and do the same thing 1-2-3-2-1 in a circle from chest to outside. Do the
same thing with groin and shoulder pushing down on hamstring and pulling up on thigh with leg stretched to the
6) Unlock foot and grab the ankle and bring to leg up and push on the knee end of the hamstring so the knee goes
towards chest. Then extend the leg 1-2-3-2-1, down to groin with palm and back. Put back on thigh and push on hamstring.

7) Sit back and do Charlie Chaplin and pull back n food adn push-lock-pull 1-2-3-2-1 from knee to groin adn back
8) Move the leg in towards body and do the same thing all your other leg
9) Stick your toes in their ass 1-2-3-2-1
10) Bend their leg to the outside and palm press leg and calves
11) Then push on thighs adn push down and forward and backward 1-2-3-2-1
12) Palm press again
13) Chop their legs
14) Straighten their leg and shake the hams and calves
15) Rub and soften the thighs
16) Circle knee caps


1) After knee circle, lock the other foot and grab the heel and bring their straight leg out to and make three
2) Put the leg back down and stop the blood at the groin for 10-15 seconds while holding their foot with your other hand.
3) Push down with one hand on their thigh 1-2-3-2-1 down to the knee while holding there ankle with your other hand
4) Do 1-2-3-2-1 from groin to knee with 2 hands.
5) Grab their ankle and pull back above their knee as you stretch their leg forward, 1-2-3-2-1, pulling to the groin
and back, and push toes down
6) Sit above their knee while grabbing with both hands under their foot and pull their straight leg up 1-2-3-2-1 from
knee to groin and back.
7) Turn around adn put their ankle on your shoulder and pull back above their knee with outside hand while pushing on
groin with other hand 1-2-3-2-1, pushing from groin to knee and back, while holding above knee at the same place
8) Let the leg down circling the knee cap.
9) Grab both heels and push their legs back over their heads, push down adn out, stretching their hamstrings 3X
10) Straighten their legs perpendicular and push down on their toes 3X
11) push down on toes as you hold legs straight and pull back on knew with the legs three times
12) Then fold the leg down so the ankle is locked behind the knee (right leg for men, left-women) and pull back on
knee and push down and in on toes to stretch the hamstring 3X
13) Use forearm to massage bottom of foot from toes to heal adn back
14) Pressure point with elbow behind small toe 1-2-3 down to heel and to inside of foot adn 1-2-3 to big toe.
15) For arm massage again
16) Knock out thigh and calf and sole of foot
17) Fold leg more so their calf is on knee and push with palm of hand near knee on hamstring an push their heel so
their hamstring is stretched, down to but 1-2-3-2-1
18) Put your knee on their but and stretch their leg again 12321


1) Grab both their heels and put your knew on their but and stretch the hamstrings, then knee on middle of
hamstrings and behind knee 123
2) Sit on their hamstrings near knees and lean back to stretch their hamstrings, 123 towards their but.
3) Turn around and namaste their feet and push down and out 3X
4) Let their legs down shaking their legs their legs
5) Palm press feet
6) Palm press legs
7) Cut off groin circulation
8) Palm press back own legs
9) palm press feet
10) Circle stomach with palm o belly button chock wise (anti clock wise if stomach problems) push on all sides
11) Do 9 points on the stomach. push down and into the belly bottom, starting one thumbs length under belly bottom.
use fingers from points 6-8
12) Circle stomach again
13) pressure points 6
14) Do butterfly push into stomach with both hands
15) Do butterfly the other way
16) Do hungry-maker massage with both hands with fingers on one side adn thumbs on the other side
17) Circle again
18) use 3 fingers massage from solar plexus up to throat and massage below clavicles with 3 fingers clockwise to
shoulder and peck muscle adn then the ribs with whole hands down to bottom of ribs and back up to clavicle
19) Press down on shoulders to stop blood flow for 10-15 seconds
20) Stretch hands (one hand on hand, other on shoulder)
21) Palm press arm to hand
22) Pressure points from wrist to shoulder 5 below elbow adn 5 above last point under peck muscle 9th point in arm pit
23) Palm press arms again down to wrist
24) Pressure points from top of wrist to shoulder. 5 to elbow and 5 to shoulder. 10th right under shoulder
25) Palm press
26) Stretch
27) Straighten clavicle
28) Grab their hand and put your inside foot in their arm pit and pull their arm out
29) put your inside hand in their armpit and fold their arms back and forth 6 X 3 on each side
30) Fold arms 3X clockwise
31) 3X counter clockwise
32) Grab wrist adn fold it 6X both ways
33) Roll wrist clock wise 3X
34) Counter clockwise 3X
35) Flap wrists
36) Go to hand massage position

DAY 10

1) Hold hand and relax hand at wrist
2) Pull down with fingers very hard
3) Pressure points 123123123
4) Pull again once
5) Press and pull apart and roll hands
6) Separate
7) Turn hand around an press pull apart and roll
8) Do from temple and finger massage from wrist to fingers out fingers on top of hands and to inner finger
9) Roll hand 3X clock wise 3X counter clock wise.
10) pull 3X
11) twist hand out
12) Finger crack from thumb to pinky roll knuckle pull out finger
13) Hold palm up toward you and pull again from wrist to fingers, holding pressure behind it
14) Cross your thumbs and fold their hands after turning hand around palm towards the
15 Squeeze out hands from wrist out hand and down for arms
16) hand back and massage bicep and tricep and shoulder
17) Shake arm

DAY 11

1) Circle the neck from down to up and up to down
2) Then circle one direction
3) then the other direction
4) Rub both ways with both hands at the same time
5) circle both ways at same time
6) Separate
7) Shoulder blades
8) Pressure point on one side of the back of the head
9) Pressure point on other side
10) Massage the neck with one hand
11) pull on points with all the fingers
12) Rock the head
13) Reiki on back of head for one minute
14) Face thumbs on widows peak an slide to temple and rub temple
15) thumbs on peak adn circles to temple
16) Thumbs on 3rd eye and slide to temple
17) Thumbs to 3rd eye and circles to temple
18) Thumbs to point above nose in between eyebrows and slide to temple
19) Thumbs to this place and circle to temple
20) Massage eyebrows to temple, pull them out as you do
21) Six points under eye brows 6th is to the side of the eyes
22) Push on eyes
23) Sinus point tear ducts and slide down under cheek bone adn up to temple
24) Sinus point and circle to temple
25) Nostrils adn circle to temple
26) Upper lip adn slide under cheek bone to temple
27) Upper lip adn circle to temple
28) Chin and massage to the back of the head adn pull head
29) Massage adn fold ears and cover eyes
30) Shampoo head and pull hair on top of head adn bring hands up to sky and let energy out of hands
31) Bring one arm up over their head and bend their other leg, turning them on their side
32) Stretch leg that is straight
33) Palm press straight leg
34) pressure points on straight leg, starting with outside ankle knob and up down side of leg to the point on the
outside of the heel
35) Point press the bent leg
36) pressure point bent leg starting under ankle knob and up and down their leg on a new meridian on the hamstrings
back to point on inside of ankle
37) 12321 press on hamstring
38) Fold leg 12321
39) Scissor pull 12321
40) scissors once
41) walk
42) 12321 with both feet
43) walk
44) make Gipate, and on calves
45) palm press leg
46) palms on their but wit circles
47) pull their leg back with their foot on your shoulder and your hand on their knee and your knee on their but 3X

DAY 12

1) Put knee back to spot and palm press the back from lower back to shoulder
2) 10 points from lower back to shoulder
3) Palm press again
4) Interlock fingers on shoulder and massage the back 3X with fore arm
5) Hold arm up straight and squeeze and shake the whole arm
6)Bring arm out straight and stretch hand back and squeeze arm and stretch in circle
7) Put the arm on the side adn stretch
8) Palm press
9) 10 points on arm
10) Palm press
11) stretch
12) Hands
13)hand on head
14) cross stretch
15) knee on lower back and foot on shoulder and pull on thigh 3X
16) Fold leg back and stretch
17)pull back on leg adn arm with foot on lower back 3X
18) Sit down adn hold your right hand on their straight leg and the left hand on bent leg and pull back with your
foot on the middle of their hamstring and pull, 12321 to but and back and then put your other foot on the middle of
the hamstring and pull 12321 to knee adn back
19) put your foot over the spine on the lower back and pull p on the leg and hand 3X standing

DAY 13

1) Drop arm down and do 12321 on hamstring standing to the side of the person
2) Back twist. Put the upper leg back to the side position and put your foot behind their knee and put their left
arm under their right arm and pull up on their right arm, with your knee bracing their shoulder and then push them
to the left with your knee to stretch their back
3) Grab their arm and roll them over to their other side adn when grab their foot and pull them on to their stomach

DAY 14

1) When they re on stomach, foot press their feet with your feet".
2) Bring foot up (R-M, L-W) and rest it o your thigh adn forearm rub it
3) 6 Pressure points from little toes to heel and to big tow
4) Forearm massage
5) knock out sole other foot
6) circle foot
7) Bend leg back and lift up knee to stretch thigh then other leg
8) push both feet to bum 3X
9) Cross feet and push 3X (l-m, r-M) pull up on each side
10) Lift leg at knee 3X
11) Change feet and do this again
12) Fold foot back to knee of other leg and put your knee in the small of their back and pull up 3X
13) Circle foot 3X, put their foot behind their knee and push down on their foot while you push on their hamstring
from their but to their knee adn back and push o their other foot
14) Stand up and pull up on their leg will your other foot on the small of their back. Soft, medium, hard.
15) Put your big toe in the middle of their but and pull the leg up.

DAY 15

1) Sit on the small of their back facing their feet and lean back holding their feet with your feet in their knee
legs 3X
2) Namaste. sit on their but and put your feet between their legs soles touching with your shins against their calves
and roll their feet in circles 3X to massage their calves on your shins.
3) Pull one leg up. over left leg to there side of their right leg and pull up on their leg over their knee on their
thigh 3X
4) Pull 3X on the other leg 3X
5) Both legs one time
6) Cross their legs under your but and sit on their feet adn pull their knees up 3X
7) Stand up and turn towards them and circle in. put their foot on top of knee

DAY 16

1) After sliding in, forearm the back adn circle and pressure but and forearm the leg wile elbowing the but then circle
the but again
2) Knock out back, but, and leg
3) Other leg
4) Sit on feet and stretch toes
5) Palm press back up and down
6) Tiger claw up and down
7) 10 points near spine
8) Palm press back down
9) Cobra, put hands behind your knees and pull them up 3X by their shoulders
10) palm press
11) Release feet and put your knees on their but leg junction and pull their arms back 3X
12) Feet below their but and pull 3X
13) Palm press
14) Grab both feet and put your foot across the small of their back and pull 3X
15) Put foot right above their hip bone pointing towards their head and pull the legs up. then down and pull then
toe on coccyx and pull
16) Drop leg of yours and grab an arm and pull the arm and the opposite leg 3X
17) Drop the arm and put your toe in the upper part of leg and pull, then higher and pull, then right leg pulling on
leg and arm 3X
in but and pull 3X in all
18) Other leg pulling on leg and arms 3X
19) But pull 3X other leg
20) Kneel and but shoulder stretch 3x circle first then stretch
21) Other side
22) Bring hands in to hip bone and middle of ribs and circle and stretch 3X
23) Other side
24) Kneed back, freelance back massage
25) Shake body out

DAY 17

1) Turn them on their back and pull their legs up straight against your body and pull up o their arms 3X
2) Find their legs adn pull them up 3X
3) Bring them to sitting positions and palm press their shoulders
4) Pressure points on the shoulders from neck to shoulders
5) Palm press shoulders again
6) Palm press the back
7) pressure points on the back from the but to the neck
8) Palm press again
9) Knock out the back
10) Stretch their arm back behind their back one time
11) Put your knee on their hand behind their back and grab their shoulder adn hook your forearm under their elbow and
massage their shoulder blade
12) 6 Points on shoulder blade down and up
13) Massage the shoulder blades
14) Bring their arm u and back adn put our elbow in their shoulder blade with your hands on their hands and pull back
as you pressure their shoulder 123 from bottom to top
15) Turn to their from side adn put your other elbow in three points from top of shoulder down
16) Massage bicep and tricep by bringing their arm up to their forehead adn hold their elbow with one hand and massage
with the other hand
17) Bring their hand behind their head adn stretch their arm back and massage their bicep and tricep and push the
head down
18) Other side

DAY 18

1) Put your right hand on their right hand through their bent arm adn put your other hnd on their left shoulder,
and pull o the shoulder and push down on the head and pull back with your forearm on the bent arm 3X your left
knee up , right down
2) Other side
3) Lock their hands behind their head adn put your hands on their hands through their bent arms and pull their
arms back 3X with your forearms.
4) Side twist. Put your right knee on their right thigh an keep their fingers locked and close their arms bringing their elbows together and grab their right elbow with your left hand and twist them to the left holding your right
hand on their right shoulder one time
5) Other side
6) Side circle, keep their hands locked and put your hands through their arms adn your right knee on their right
thigh and push them down and to the side and up sideways and back 3X
7) Other side 3X
8) Back pull 3X with knees in lower back adn hands in the same place.
9) Same position, push your right knee in and pull back on the right shoulder once
10) Other side
11) Back pull once
12) Chin pull 3X
13) Pull their arms back and put your feet in the small of their back adn pull 3X
14) Walk your feet to their shoulder and pull once
15) Walk back down to lower back and push with the right foot and pull back on their right arm once
16) Other side
17) Push on their lower back and pull on their arms once
18) Drop their arms and push them forward and palm press their back
19) Multi-shop all kinds of ways

DAY 19

1) Forearm in neck and role it adn push neck to the side
2) Stretch neck once
3) Interlock fingers and stretch 3X
4) 3 things other side
5) Head pull 3X with your hand on their chin.
6) Head twist
7) other side
8) Interlock fingers and squeeze neck
9) soften neck
10) 3 points
11) Soften
12) Temple point to right 12321
13) Other side
14) 10 Pts up head 7th point stand up
15) Face massage with the new 6 point move
16) Shampoo and scratch and pull hair
17) Knock and pat and multi-knock
18) Energy equalizer to head side
19) Energy over arms
20) Energy over stomach
21) Ear and eyes
22) Lay the down



1) No blood stop
2) 3 points in feet, not 6
3) palm press
4) Temple circle pull finish toes
5) 3 side points
6) Leg to side 3 press not back and forth
7) Push lock and stretch 12321
8) walk
9) Gyrate, knock
10) Butterfly up 12321
11) Interlock 12321
12) Thumb points on side 12321
13) Soften 1234
14) 4 points under thigh
15) Walk up
16) Calf pull 12321
17) Interlock 12321
18) Soften
19) Push knee to chest adn push on thighs 3X 12321
20) Hamstring push 12321
21) Side pull 12321
22) Push and stretch 12321
23) Charlie Chaplin 12321
24) Toe in ass 123
25) Bend leg and push 12321
26) Chop
27) Straighten and from knee adn circle caps
28) Leg out circle 3X
29) Blood stop
30) One hand press 12321
31) Pull leg back and push 12321 calf pull from front 12321 on thigh
32) Other leg
33) Legs back 3X
34) Fold leg down adn stretch
35) forearm foot
36) 6 points on foot
37) Roll again
38) Knock foot adn leg
39) leg fold and push 12321
No shoulder
40) Other leg
41) Knees in ass and push 3X
42) Namaste
43) Palm Press legs push them forward and back 3X
44) Stomach with circle
45) 9 Points
46) circle
47) 6 Points
48) circle
49) Circle to clavicle
50) Palm press the arm
51) no points inside arm
52) Your right hand on their left adn vice versa
53) B press back and forth come out other way
54) Other side
55) No neck or face or side straight to back
56) Foot walk, do heels
57) Push on feet 3X
58) Foot in knee 12321 on hamstring and push 12321
59) Pull up leg 3X
60) Pull whole leg 3X standing
61) other side
62) Slide in and same sequence
63) other side
64) Sit on feet and press
65) Tiger claw
66) palm press
67) 10 points
68) Palm Press
69) cobra 3X
70) kneel on butt and pull 3X
71) Palm press
72) lift legs 3X
73) leg arm pull 3X
74) other side
75) But shoulder stretch 3X
76) Back
77) 3 pull
78) Bend knees adn 3 pull
79) Palm press shoulder
80) Stretch
81) 3 points
82) Palm press down back
83) Chop
84) hand behind back adn blade massage with your hand not fingers
85) 3 points
86) Arm stretch back 3X
87) Bi-press
88) other side
89) Neck back 123
90) Lock hand 123 behind their head and 3 twist both sides
91) Knees in back and pull 123
92) Arms back adn walk up back and stretch once, no side
93) hug themselves and push 3X
94) Palm press
95) chop multi
96) Neck stretch with interlocked fingers 3X both sides
97) squeeze neck
98) 3 points
99) squeeze
100) 3 point on side of head
101) 10 points up head
102) Face massage without circling, no points under eye with finger pull do eyes
103) massage ear and eye close
104) Shampoo and beat and hands across adn all many X
105) Palm press back and rub shoulders
106) Chop
107) Energy clear once on back
108) Ear eye close
109) Sleepy time DONE8) Do the bustterfly, 1-2-3-2-1 and lift up.
19) Interlock fingers and press and circle, and push and pull 1-2-3-2-1. Use index fingers and thumbs to find
20) Pressure points with thums 1-2-3-2-1
21) The 1-2-3-2-1 palm walk ad back push on e side, then other in sequence
22) Interlock fingers and do squeeze-pull back to you leaning back
23) Loosen up leg thigh
24) 6 point underneath pressure point from knee to butt
25) Thumb walk back up to knee while squeezi ¡