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1 Charms to cure diseases & possession by demons of disease
2 Prayers for long life & health
3 Imprecations against demons, sorcerers, & enemies
4 Charms pertaining to women
5 Charms pertaining to royalty
6 Charms to secure harmony, influence in assembly, & like
7 Charms to secure prosperity in house, field, cattle, business, gambling, & such
8 Charms in expiation of sin & defilement
9 Prayers & imprecations in interest of Brahmans
10 Cosmogonic & Theosophic hymns
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1 Charm against fever & related diseases
2 Charm against fever
3 Charm against fever
4 Charm against fever
5 Prayer to kushtha-plant to destroy fever
6 Prayer to kushtha-plant to destroy fever & other ailments.
7 Prayer to lightning, conceived as cause of fever, headache, & cough
8 Charm against jaundice & related diseases.
9 Charm against disease balâsa.
Charm against cough.
Charm against excessive discharges from body.
Charm against excessive discharges from body, undertaken with spring-water.
Charm against excessive discharges from body.
Charm against constipation & retention of urine.
Charm against internal pain (colic), due to missiles of Rudra.
Charm against dropsy.
Charm against dropsy.
Dropsy, heart-disease, & kindred maladies cured by flowing water.
oblation to sun, conceived as one of 2 heavenly dogs, as a cure for paralysis.
Charm against kshetriya, hereditary disease.
Charm against kshetriya, hereditary disease.
Charm against kshetriya, hereditary disease.
Leprosy cured by a dark plant.
Charm for curing scrofulous sores called apakit.
Charm for curing scrofulous sores called apakit.
Charm for curing tumours called gâyânya.
Stanza sung at mid-day pressure of the soma.
Charm for curing scrofulous sores called apakit.
Charm to appease jealousy.
Prayer to Agni, lord of vows.
Urine as a cure for scrofulous sores.
Charm with plant arundhatî (lâkshâ) for cure of fractures.
Charm with the plant silâki (lâkshâ, arundhatî) for cure of wounds.
pepper-corn as a cure for wounds.
Charm to stop flow of blood.
Charm against worms.
Charm against worms in cattle.
Charm against worms in children.
Charm against poison.
Charm against poison.
Ants as and antidote against poison.
Charm against snake-poison.
Charm against snake-poison.
Charm against poison of serpents, scorpions, & insects.
Charm against ophthalmia.
Charm to promote growth of hair.
Charm with plant nitatni to promote growth of hair.
Charm to promote growth of hair.
Charm to promote virility.
Charm against mania.
Charm with plant agasringi to drive out Rakshas, Apsaras & Gandharvas.
Possession by demons of disease, cured by amulet of kinds of wood.
Charm against demons (pisâka) conceived as cause of disease.
Charm with plant prisniparnî against demon of disease, called kanva.
Charm for driving away demons (Rakshas & Pisâkas).
Charm with amulet derived from gangida tree, against diseases & demons.
Charm with amulet derived from gafigpida-tree, aoainst diseases & demons.
Charm with amulet derived from gangida-tree, against diseases & demons.
Exorcism of disease by means of amulet from varana-tree.
kîpudru-tree as a panacea.
healing properties of bdellium.
Barley & water as universal remedies.
Hymn to all magic & medicinal plants, used as a universal remedy.
Plants as a panacea.
Charm to secure perfect health.
Charm to procure immunity from all diseases.
Charm for obtaining long life & prosperity by transmission of disease.
1 Against sorcerers & demons.
2 Against sorcerers & demons.
3 Charm with lead, against demons & sorcerers.
4 soma-oblation directed against Demons
5 Charm against a variety of female demons, conceived as hostile to men, cattle, & home.
6 Against vishkandha & kâbava (hostile demons).
7 Charm with a certain plant (sadampushpâ) which exposes demons & enemies.
8 Charm with apâmârga-plant, against sorcery, demons, & enemies.
9 Charm with apâmârga-plant, against sorcerers & demons.
Mystic power of apâmârga-plant, against demons & sorcerers.
Charm with apâmârga-plant, against curses, & consequences of sinful deeds.
Charm to repel sorceries or spells.
Charm to repel sorceries or spells.
Charm to repel sorceries or spells.
Prayer for protection addressed to a talisman made from wood of sraktya-tree.
Praise of virtues of amulet derived from varana-tree
Praise of virtues of amulet of khadira-wood in shape of ploughshare
Prayer to Varuna for protection against treacherous designs.
Imprecation against enemies thwarting holy work.
Frustration of sacrifice of and enemy.
Charm against curses & hostile plots, undertaken with a certain plant.
asvattha-tree as a destroyer of enemies.
Oblation for suppression of enemies (nairbâdhyam havih).
Curse against one that practises hostile charms.
Charm to deprive enemies of their strength.
1 Charm to obtain a husband.
2 Charm for obtaining a husband.
3 Charm for obtaining a wife.
4 Blessing for a married couple.
5 Love-charm spoken by a bridal couple.
6 Charm pronounced by bride over bridegroom.
7 A bracelet as amulet to ensure conception.
8 Charm for obtaining a son (pumsavanam).
9 Charm for obtaining a son (pumsavanam).
incantation to make a woman sterile.
Charm to prevent miscarriage.
Charm for easy parturition.
Charm with licorice, to secure love of a woman.
Charm to secure love of a woman.
Charm to secure love of a woman.
Charm to secure love of a woman.
Charm to secure love of a woman.
Charm to the passionate love of a woman.
Charm to arouse passionate love of a woman.
Charm to secure love of a man.
Charm to arouse passionate love of a man.
Charm to arouse passionate love of a man.
Charm to arouse passionate love of a man.
Charm at and assignation.
Charm to cause the return of a truant woman.
Charm to allay jealousy.
Charm to allay jealousy.
woman's incantation against her rival.
Charm of a woman against a rival or co-wife.
Charm for depriving a man of his virility.
Charm to remove evil bodily characteristics from a woman.
Expiatory charm for a child born under and unlucky star.
Expiation for irregular appearance of 1st pair of teeth.
1 Charm to secure harmony.
2 Charm to allay discord.
3 Charm to allay discord.
4 Charm against strife & bloodshed.
5 Charm to allay discord.
6 Charm to appease anger.
7 Charm to appease anger.
8 Charm against opponents in debate, undertaken with the pâtâ-plant.
9 Charm to procure influence in the assembly.
Charm to bring about submission to one's will.
1 Prayer at building of a house.
2 Blessing during sowing of seed.
3 Charm for procuring increase of grain.
4 Exorcism of vermin infesting grain in field.
5 Charm to protect grain from lightning.
6 Charm for prosperity of cattle.
7 Charm for prosperity of cattle.
8 Prayer to plant arundhatî for protection to cattle.
9 Charm to secure attachment of cow to her calf.
Formula in expiation of birth of twin-calves
Charm to endow a horse with swiftness.
Charm for conducting a river into a new channel.
Charm to ward off danger from fire.
Shepherd's charm against wild beasts & robbers.
merchant's prayer.
Prayer for success in gambling.
Prayer to secure return of calves that have strayed to a distance.
Prayer for success at dice.
Exorcism of serpents from premises.
Charm against serpents, invoking horse of Pedu that slays serpents.
Prayer to Bhava & Sarva for protection from dangers.
Prayer to Bhava & Sarva for protection from calamities.
Charm for finding lost property.
Propitiation of weather-prophet.
Prayer for deliverance from calamity, addressed to entire pantheon.
1 Prayer against mental delinquency.
2 Charm to avert evil.
3 Expiatory formula for imperfections in sacrifice.
4 Expiatory formulas for sins.
5 Expiation for precedence of a younger brother over and older.
6 Expiation for certain heinous crimes.
7 Prayer for heaven after remission of sins.
8 Charm against pigeons regarded as ominous birds.
9 Charm against ominous pigeons & owls.
Expiation when one is defiled by a black bird of omen.
Exorcism of evil dreams.
Charm for removal of evil characteristics, & acquisition of auspicious ones.
1 Hymn to goddess Earth.
2 Prayer for sovereign power addressed to god Rohita & his female Rohinî.
3 Glorification of sun, or primeval principle, as a Brahman disciple.
4 Prâna, life or breath, personified as supreme spirit.
5 Prayer to love, personified as a primordial power.
6 Prayer to time, personified as a primordial power.
7 Prayer to time, personified as a primordial power.
8 Apotheosis of ukkhishta, leavings of sacrifice.
9 Hymn to honey-lash of Asvins.
1 Charms to cure diseases & possession by demons of disease (Bhaishagykni)
1 Charm against takman (fever) & related diseases

1 Ma Agn driv the takma awa from here ma Soma the press-stone and Varuna of trie skill ma the altar the stra (upo the altar) and the brightly-flamin fagot (driv hi away) Awa to naugh shal g the hatefu powers!
2 Tho that makes al me sallow inflarnin the lik searin fire eve now takman tho shal becom voi of strength d tho no g awa down aye int the depths!
the takma that i spotted covere Nvit spots lik reddis sediment hi thou ( plant of unremittin potency driv awa dow below!
4 Havin mad obeisanc to the takman cas hi dow below le him the champio of Sakambhara retur agai to the Mahâvrishas!
5 Hi hom i with the Mûgavants hi hom with the Mahâvrishas from the momen of the birt tho ar indigenou with the Balhikas.
takman vyãla ví gada vyánga hol of (th missile far See the gadabou slave-girl strik he with the bolt!
takman g to the Mûgavants of to the Balhika farthe away See the lecherou Sûdr female her takman giv goo shaking-up!
8 G awa to the Mahâvrisha and the Mûgavants the kinsfolk and consum them Thos (regions d w bespea for the takman of thes region her othe (tha ours).
9 (If i othe region tho dos no abide mayes tho that ar powerfu tak pit of us Takman now ha becom eager h wil g to the Balhikas.
Whe thou bein cold and the agai deliriousl hot accompanie b cough dids caus the (sufferer to shake then takman the missile wer terrible from thes surel exemp us!
B n mean all thysel with balâsa coug and spasm from ther d tho no retur hithe again that takman d as of thee!
takman alon with the brothe balâsa alon with the siste cough alon with the cousi pâman g to yonde foreig folk!
Destro the takma that return of (each thir day the on that intermit (each thir day the on that continue withou intermission and the autumna one destro the col takman the hot hi that come i summer and hi that arrive i the rain season!
to the Gandhâris the Mâgavants the Angas and the Magadhas w delive ove the takman lik servant lik treasure!

2 Charm agains takma (fever

1 A i from this Agn (fire) that burn and flashes (th takman comes Le hi then too a babblin drunkard pas away Le him the impiou one searc ou som othe person no ourselves Reverenc b to the takma with the burnin weapon!
2 Reverenc b to Rudra reverenc to the takman reverenc to the luminou kin Varuna Reverenc to heaven reverenc to earth reverenc to the plants!
3 to the here that burnes through and turnes al bodie yellow to the red to the brown to the takma produce b the forest d rende obeisance.

3 Charm agains takma (fever

1 Whe Agni havin entere the waters burned wher the (gods wh uphol the orde (o the universe rendere homag (t Agni) there the say i the origi of high d tho fee for us and spar us takman!
2 Whethe tho ar flame whethe tho ar heat of whethe from lickin chip (o wood tho bas arisen Hrûd b name ar thou go of the yellow d tho fee for us and spar us takman!
3 Whethe tho ar burning whethe tho ar scorching of whethe tho ar the so of kin Varuna Hrûd b name ar thou go of the yellow d tho fee for us and spar us takman!
4 to the col takman and to the deliriousl hot the glowing d rende homage to hir that return of the morrow to hi that return for two (successive days to the takma that return of the thir day homag shal be!

4 Charm agains takma (fever).

1 Homag (be to the deliriousl hot the shaking exciting impetuou (takman) Homag to the col (takman) to hi that i the pas fulfille desires!
2 Ma (th takman that return of the morrow h that return of two (successive days the impiou one pas int this frog!

5 Prayer to the kushtha-plan to destro takma (fever).

1 Tho that ar bor upo the mountains a the mos poten of plants com hither kushtha destroye of the takman to driv ou from her the takman!
2 to the (tha growest upo the mountain the brooding-plac of the eagle (and ar sprun from Himavant the com with treasures havin hear (th fame) for the kno (the to be the destroye of the takman.
3 the asvattha-tre i the sea of the god i the thir heaven from here Ther the god procure the kushtha the visibl manifestatio of amrit (ambrosia).
golde shi with golde tackl move upo the heavens Ther the god procure the kushtha the flowe of amrit (ambrosia).
5 the path wer golden and golde wer the oars golde wer the ships upo whic the carrie fort the kushth hithe (t the mountain).
6 this perso here kushtha restor for me and cur him Rende hi fre from sicknes for me!
7 Tho ar bor of the gods tho ar Soma' goo friend B tho propitiou to m in-breathin and m out-breathing and to this ey of mine!
8 Sprun i the nort from the Himavan (mountains) tho ar brough to the peopl i the east Ther the mos stiperio varietie of the kushth wer apportioned.
9 'Superior, kushtha i the name 'superior i the name of the father D tho driv ou al disease and rende the takma devoi of strength!
Pai i the head afflictio i the eye and ailmen of the body al that shal the kushth heal- divinel powerfu (remedy) forsooth

6 Prayer to the kushtha-plan to destro takma (fever) and othe ailments.

1 Ma the protectin go kushth com hithe from the Himavant destro tho ever takman and al femal spooks!
2 Thre name has thou kushtha (namely kushtha) na-ghâ-mâr ('forsooth-no-death') and na-ghâ-rish ('forsooth-no-harm') Veril n har shal suffe (n ghâ rishat this perso here for who bespea the mor and eve ay the (entire day!
3 the mother' name i gîvalâ ('quickening') the father' name i gîvant ('living') Veril n har shal suffe this perso here for who bespea the mor and eve ay the entir day!
4 Tho ar the mos superio of the plants a stee amon cattle a the tige amon beast of prey Veril n har shal stiffe this perso here for who bespea the mor and eve ay the entir day!
5 Thric begotte b the Sâmb Angiras thric b the Âdityas and thric b al the gods this kushtha universa remedy stand togethe with soma Destro tho ever takman and al femal spooks!
6 the asvattha-tre i the sea of the god i the thir heaven from here Ther cam to sigh the amrit (ambrosia) ther the kushtha-plan wa born.
golde shi with golde tackl move upo the heavens Ther cam to sigh the amrita ther the kushtha-plan wa born.
8 of the spo wher the shi glide down of the pea of the Himavant ther cam to sigh the ambrosia ther the kushtha-plan wa born this kushtha universa remedy stand togethe with soma Destro tho ever takman and al femal spooks!
9 (W know the who Ikshvâk kne of yore who the women fon of kushtha knew who Vâyas and Mâtsy knew therefor ar tho universa remedy.
the takma that return of eac thir day the on that cominue withou intermission and the yearl one a thou ( plant of unremittin strength driv awa dow below!

7 Prayer to lightning conceive a the caus of fever headache and cough.

1 the firs re bull bor of the (cloud-)womb bor of win and clouds come of thunderin with rain Ma he that cleavin move straigh on spar ou bodies h who singl force ha passe throug threefold!
2 Bowin dow to the that fastenes thysel with hea upo ever limb w woul reverenc the with oblations w woul reverenc with oblation the crook and hook of the that hast a seizer seize the limb of this person.
3 Fre hi from headach and als from cough (produce b the lightning that ha entere hi ever joint Ma the flashin (lightning) that i bor of the cloud and bor of the wind strik the tree and the mountains!
4 Comfor b to m uppe limb comfor b to m nether comfor b to m fou members comfor to m entir body!

8 Charm agains jaundic and relate diseases.

1 U to the sun shal g the heart-ach and the jaundice i the colou of the re bul d w eovelo thee!
2 W envelo the i re tints unt lon life Ma this perso g unscathed and b fre of vello colour!
3 the cow whos divinit i Rohini the who moreover ax (themselves re (róhinin)-(i their ever for and ever strengt w d envelo thee.
4 Int the parrots int the ropanâkâ (thrush d w pu the jaundice & furthermore int the hâridrava (yello wagtail d w pu the jaundice.

9 Charm agains the diseas balâsa.

1 the interna diseas that ha se in that crumble the bones and crumble the joints ever balâs d tho driv out that whic i i the limbs and i the joints!
2 the balâs of hi that i afflicte with balâs d remove a on geld lust animal It connectio d cu of a the roo of pumpkin.
3 Fl fort from here balâsa a swif foa (afte the mare) and even a the ree i ever year pas awa withou slayin men!

10 Charm agains cough.

1 A the-sou with the soul' desire swiftl to distanc flies thu d thou cough fl fort alon the soul' cours of flight!
2 A well-sharpene arro swiftl to distanc flies thu d thou cough fl fort alon the expans of the earth!
3 A the ray of the sun swiftl to distanc fly thu d thou cough fl fort alon the floo of the sea!

11 Charm agains excessiv discharge from the body.

1 W kno the fathe of the arrow Parg-anya wh furnishe bountifu fluid and wel d w kno hi mother Prithiv (earth) the multiform!
bowstring tur asid from us tur m bod int stone D tho firml hol ver fa awa the hostil power and the haters!
3 Whe the bowstring embracin the woo (o the bow) greet with whi the eaoe arrow d thou Indra war of from u the piercin missile!
4 A the poin (o the arrow stand i the wa of heaven and earth thu ma the muñga-gras unfailingl stan i the wa of sicknes and (excessive discharge!

12 Charm agains excessiv discharge from the body undertake with spring-water.

1 the spring-wate yonde whic run dow upo the mountain that d rende healin for thee i orde that tho mayes contai poten remedy.
2 The surely ye quit surely of the hundre remedie containe i thee tho ar the mos superio i checkin discharge and removin pain.
3 Dee dow d the Asura bur this grea heale of wounds that i the cur for discharges and that hat remove disease.
4 the ant brin the remed from the sea that i the cur for discharges and that hat quiete disease.
5 this grea heale of wound ha bee gotte ou of the earth that i the cur for discharges and
that hat remove disease.
6 Ma the water affor u welfare ma the herb b propitiou to u Indra' bol shal bea of the Rakshas fa (fro us shal fl the arrow cas b the Rakshas!

13 Charm agains excessiv discharge from the body.

1 the heaven hav stoo still the eart ha stoo still al creature hav stoo still the tree that slee erec hav stoo still ma this diseas of thin stan still!
2 of the hundre remedie whic tho hast of the thousan that hav bee collected this i the mos excellen cur for discharges the bes remove of disease.
3 Tho ar the urin of Rudra the nave of amrit (ambrosia) the name forsooth i vishânakâ (tho art arise from the foundatio of the Fathers remove of disease produce b the wind (o the body).

14 Charm agains constipatio and retentio of urine.

1 W kno the fathe of the arrow Parganya of hundredfol power with this (charm ma rende comfortabl the body mak the Outpourin upo the earth ou of the ma i com with the soun bâl!
2 W kno the fathe of the arrow Mitra &c.
3 W kno the fathe of the arrow Varuna &c.
4 W kno the fathe of the arrow Kandra &c.
5 W kno the fathe of the arrow Sûrya &c.
6 that whic ha accumulate i the entralls the canals i the bladder-thu le the urin b released ou completely with the soun bâl!
spli ope the peni lik the dik of lake--thu le the urin b released ou completely with the soun bâl!
8 Relaxe i the openin of the bladde lik the ocean the reservoi of water--thu le the urin b released ou completely with the soun bâl!
9 A a arro flie to distanc whe hurle from the bow-thu le the urin b released ou completely with the soun bâl!

15 Charm agains interna pai (colic) du to the missile of Rudra.

1 the arro that Rudr di cas upo thee int (thy limbs and int the heart this her d w no dra ou awa from thee.
2 from the hundre arterie whic ar distribute alon the limbs from al of thes d w exorcis fort the poisons.
3 Adoratio b to thee Rudra a tho castet (th arrow) adoratio to the (arrow whe i ha bee place upo (th bow) adoratio to i a i i bein hurled adoratio to i whe i ha falle down!

16 Charm agains dropsy.

1 this Asur rule ove the gods the command of Varuna the ruler surel com true from this (trouble) from the wrat of the might (Varuna) d I excellin i m incantation lea ou this man.
2 Reverence kin Varuna b to the wrath for al falsehood might one clos tho discover thousan other togethe d mak ove to thee this the (man shal liv hundre autumns!
3 from the untrut whic tho has spoken the abundan wrong with the tongue--fro king Varun releas thee whos law d no fail.
releas the from Vaisvânar (Agni) from the grea flood Ou rivals might one d tho censur here and giv hee to ou prayer!

17 Charm agains dropsy.

1 the golde chamber kin Varuna i buil i the waters Thenc the kin that maintain the law shal loose al shackles!
2 from ever habitatio (o thine) kin Varuna from her d tho fre us I that w hav said 'y waters y cows; i that w hav said ' Varuna, from this (sin) Varuna fre us!
3 Lif from us Varuna the uppermos fetter tak dow the nethermost loose the middlemost The shal we Âditya i the law exemp from guilt liv i freedom!
4 Loose from us Varuna al fetters the uppermost the nethermost and thos impose b Varuna Evi dreams and misfortun driv awa from us the ma w g to the worl of the pious!

18 Dropsy heart-disease and kindre maladie cure b flowin water.

1 from the Himavan (mountains the flo forth i the Sindh (Indus) forsooth i thei assembling-place ma the waters indeed gran m that cur for heart-ache!
2 the pai that hurt m i the eyes and that whic hurt i the heel and the fore-feet the waters the mos skille of physicians shal pu al that to rights!
3 Y river all whos mistres i Sindhu whos quee i Sindhu gran u the remed for that throug this (remedy ma w deriv benefi from you!

19 A oblatio to the sun conceive a on of the two heavenl dogs a cur for paralysis.

1 Throug the ai h flies lookin dow upo al beings with the majest of the heavenl dog with that oblatio woul w pa homag to thee!
2 the thre kâlakâñg that ar fixe upo the sk lik gods al thes hav calle for help to rende this perso exemp from injury.
3 I the water i the origin upo the heaven the home i the middl of the sea and upo the eart the greatness with the majest of the heavenl dog with that oblatio woul w pa homag to thee!

20 Charm agains kshetriya hereditar disease.

1 U hav rise the majesti twi stars the vikrita ('th two looseners') ma the loose the nethermos and the uppermos fette of the kshetriy (inherite disease)!
2 Ma this nigh shin (th kshetriya away ma sh shin awa the witches ma the plant destructiv of kshetriya shin the kshetriy away!
3 with the stra of the brow barley endowe with whit stalks with the blosso of the sesame--ma the plant destructiv of kshetriya shin the kshetriy away!
4 Reverenc b to the ploughs reverenc to the wagon-pole and yokes Ma the plant destructiv of kshetriya shin the kshetriy away!
5 Reverenc b to thos with sunke eye reverenc to the indicenou (evils?) reverenc to the lor of the field Ma the plant destructiv of kshetriya shin the kshetriy away!

21 Charm agains kshetriya hereditar disease.

1 from kshetriy (inherite disease) from Nirrit (th goddes of destruction) from the curs of the kinswoman from Dru (th demo of guile) from the fette of Varun d releas thee Guiltles d rende the throug m charm ma heaven and eart bot b propitiou to thee!
2 Ma Agn togethe with the water b auspiciou to thee ma Som togethe with the plant b auspicious Thu from kshetriya from Nirriti from the curs of the kinswoman from the Druh from the fette of Varun d releas thee Guiltles d rende the throug m charm ma heaven and eart bot b propitiou to thee!
Ma the win i the atmospher auspiciousl besto upo the strength ma the fou quarter of the heaven b auspiciou to thee Thu from kshetriya from Nirrit &c.
4 Thes fou goddesses the direction of space the consort of the wind the sun surveys Thu from kshetriya from Nirrit &c.
5 Withi thes (directions assig the to ol age fort to distanc shal g Nirrit and disease Thu from kshetriya from Nirrit &c.
6 Tho has bee release from disease from mishap and from blame ou from the fette of Druh and from Grâh (th demo of fits tho has bee released Thu from kshetriya from Nirrit &c.
7 Tho dids leav behin Arât (th demo of grudge) dids obtai prosperity dids ente the happ worl of the pious Thu from kshetriya from Nirrit &c.
8 the gods releasin the sun and the rita (th divin orde of the universe from darknes and from Grâhi di tak the ou of sin Thu from kshetriya from Nirrit &c.

22 Charm agains kshetriya hereditar disease.

1 Upo the hea of the nimbl antelop remed grows H ha drive the kshetriy (inherite disease i al direction b mean of the horn.
2 the antelop ha gon afte the with hi fou feet horn loose the kshetriy that i knitte int hi heart!
3 (Th horn that glisten yonde lik roo with fou wing (sides) with that d w driv ou ever kshetriy from the limbs.
4 the lovel twi stars the vikrita ('th two looseners' that ar yonde upo the sky shal loose the nethermos and the uppermos fette of the kshetriya!
5 the waters verily ar healers the water ar scatterer of disease the water cur al disease ma they reliev the from the kshetriya!
6 the kshetriy that ha entere int the from the prepare (magic concoction for that kno the remedy driv the kshetriy ou of thee.
7 Whe the constellation fad away and whe the daw doe fad away (then shal h shin awa from u ever evi and the kshetriya!

23 Lepros cure b dar plant.

1 Bor b nigh ar thou plant dark black sable D thou that ar ric i colour stai this leprosy and the gra spots!
2 the lepros and the gra spot driv awa from here--ma the nativ colou settl upo thee--th whit spot caus to fl away!
3 Sabl i the hiding-place sabl the dwelling-place sabl ar thou plant driv awa from her the speckle spots!
4 the lepros whic ha originate i the bones and that whic ha originate i the bod and upo the skin the whit mar begotte of corruption hav destroye with m charm.

24 Lepros cure b dar plant.

1 the eagl (suparna that wa bor a first hi gal tho wast plant the Âsurî havin conquere this (gall gav i to the tree for thei colour.
2 the Âsurî wa the firs to construc this remed for leprosy this destroye of leprosy Sh ha destroye the leprosy ha mad the ski of eve colour.
3 'Even-colour i the name of the mother 'Even-colour i the name of the father thou plant produces eve colour rende this (spot of eve colour!
4 the blac (plant that produce eve colou ha bee fetche ou of the earth D tho now pray perfec this construc ane the colours!

25 Charm for curing scrofulou sore calle apakit.

1 Fl forth y apaki (sores) a a eagl from the nest Sûry (th sun shal prepar remedy Kandramâ (th moon shal shin yo away!
2 On i variegated on i white on i black and two ar red hav gotte the name of al of them G y awa withou slayin men!
3 the apakit the daughte of the blac one withou bearin offsprin wil fl away the boi wil fl awa from here the galunt (swelling wil perish.
4 Consum the ow (proper oblatio with gratificatio i the mind whe her offe svâhâ i m mind!

26 A Charm for curing scrofulou sore calle apakit.

1 Y (sores fal easil from that whic fall easily y exis les that thos that d no exis (a all) y ar drie that the (par of the bod called sehu mor mois that salt.
2 the apaki (sores that ar upo the neck and thos that ar upo the shoulders the apaki that ar upo the vigâma (som par of the body fal of of themselves.

B Charm for curing tumour calle gâyânya.

3 the gâyâny that crushe the ribs that whic passe dow to the sol of the foot and whicheve i fixe upo the crow of the head hav drive ou ever one.
4 the gâyânya winged flies h settle dow upo man Her i the remed bot for sore no cause b cuttin a wel a for wound sharpl cut!
5 W know gâyânya the origin whenc tho dids spring Ho cans tho sla there i whos hous w offe oblations?

C Stanz sun a the mid-da pressur of the soma.

6 Drin stoutly Indra slaye of Vritra hero of the som i the cup a the battl for riches Drin the fil a the mid-da pressure Livin i wealth d tho besto wealt upo us!

27 A Charm for curing scrofulou sore calle apakit.

1 W hav hear i sai that the mothe of the blac Apaki (pustules i red with the roo (foun by the divin sag d strik al these.
strik the foremos on of them and strik als the middlemos of them this hindmos on cu of a flak (o wool).

Charm to appeas jealousy.

3 with Tvashtar' Charm hav sobere dow the jealousy als the anger lord w hav quieted.

C Prayer to Agni the lor of vows.

4 D thou lor of vows adorne with vows eve benevolentl her shine Ma w all adorin thee whe tho has bee kindled Gâtavedas b ric i offspring!

28 Charm agains scrofulou sore upo nec and shoulders.

1 the fiv and fift (sores that gathe togethe upo the nap of the neck from her the al shal pas away a the pustule of the (diseas called apakit!
2 the seven and sevent (sores that gathe togethe upo the neck from her the al shal pas away a the pustule of the (diseas called apakit!
3 the nin and ninet (sores that gathe togethe upo the shoulders from her the al shal pas away a the pustule of the (diseas called apakit!

29 Urin (gâlâsha a cur for scrofulou sores.

1 This verily i remedy this i the remed of Rudra with whic on ma Charm awa the arro that ha on shaf and hundre points!
2 with gâlâsh (urine d y was (th tumour) with gâlâsh d y sprinkl it the gâlâsh i poten remedy d tho (Rudra with i sho merc to us that w ma live!
3 Bot well-bein and comfor shal b ours and nothin whateve shal injur us to the groun the diseas (shal fall) ma ever remed b ours ma al remedie b ours!

30 Charm with the plan arundhatî (lâkshâ for the cur of fractures.

1 Rohan ar thou causin to hea (rohanî) the broke bon tho causes to hea (rohanî) caus this her to hea (rohaya) arundhatî!
2 that bon of thin which injure and burst exist i the person Dhâta shal kindl kni togethe again join with joint!
3 the marro shal unit with marrow and the join (unite with joint the par of the fles that ha falle off and the bon shal gro togethe again!
4 the marro shal b joine togethe with marrow the ski gro togethe with skin the blood the bon shal grow the fles gro togethe with flesh!
5 Fi togethe hai with hair and fi togethe ski with skin the blood the bon shal grow wha i cu joi tho together plant!
6 D tho her ris up g forth ru forth (as chario with soun wheels fir feloe and stron nave stan uprigh firmly!
7 I h ha bee injure b fallin int pit of i ston wa cas and hur him ma h (Dhâtar the fashioner fi hi together join to joint a the wagone (Ribhu the part of chariot!

31 Charm with the plan silâk (lâkshâ arundhatî for the cur of wounds.

1 the nigh i the mother the clou the father Aryama the grandfather Silâkî forsooth i the name tho ar the siste of the gods.
2 H that drink the lives (that perso tho dos preserve for tho ar the supporte of al successiv (generations) the refug of men.
3 Ever tre tho dos climb lik wenc lustin afte man 'Victorious, 'firml founded, 'saving, verily i the name.
4 the woun that ha bee inflicte b the club b the arrow of b fire of that tho ar the cure d tho cur this perso here!
5 Upo the nobl plaksha-tre (ficu infectoria tho growes up upo the asvatth (ficu religiosa) the khadir (acaci catechu) and the dhav (grisle tomentosa) (tho growes up upo the nobl nyagrodh (ficu indica banyan-tree) and the parn (bute frondosa) Com tho to us arundhatî!
gold-coloured lovely sun-coloured mos handsom (plant) mayes tho com to the fracture cure 'Cure, verily i the name!
gold-coloured lovely fier (plant) with hair stem tho ar the siste of the waters lâkshâ the win becam the ver breath.
8 Silâkî i the name tho that ar brow a goat the fathe i the so of maiden with the bloo of the brow hors of Yam tho has veril bee sprinkled.
9 Havin droppe from the bloo of the hors sh ra upo the trees turnin int winge brook D tho com to us arundhatî!

32 The pepper-cor a cur for wounds.

1 the pepper-cor cure the wound that hav bee struc b missiles i als cure the wound from stabs Anen i the god decreed 'Powerfu to secur lif this (plant shal be!'
2 the pepper-corn spak to on another a the cam out afte havin bee created 'H who w shal fin (a yet alive that ma shal no suffe harm!'
3 the Asura di di the int the ground the god cas the u again a cur for diseas produce b win (i the body) moreove a cur for wound struc b missiles.

33 Charm to sto the flo of blood.

1 the maiden that g yonder the veins clothe i re garments lik sister withou brother beref of strength the shal stan still!
2 Stan still tho lowe one stan still tho highe one d tho i the middl als stan still the mos tin (vein stand still ma the the grea arter als stan still!
of the hundre arteries and the thousan veins thos i the middl her hav indee stoo still A the sam tim the end hav cease (t flow).
4 Aroun yo ha passe grea sand dike stan y still pra tak you case!

34 Charm agains worms.

1 with Indra' grea mill-stone that crushe al vermin d grin to piece the worms a lentil with mill-stone.
hav crushe the visibl and the invisibl worm and the kurûru too hav crushed Al the algand and the saluna the worms w grin to piece with ou charm.
3 the algand d smit with might weapon thos that hav bee burned and thos that hav no bee burned hav becom devoi of strength Thos that ar lef and thos that ar no lef d destro with m song s that no on of the worm b left.
4 the wor whic i i the entrails and h that i i the head likewis the on that i i the ribs avaskav and vyadhvara the worms d w crus with (this charm.
5 the worm that ar withi the mountains forests plants cattle and the waters thos that hav settle i ou bodies al that broo of the worm d smite.

35 Charm agains worm i cattle.

1 the risin sun shal sla the worms the settin sun with hi ray shal sla the worm that ar withi the cattle!
2 the variegate worm the four-eyed the speckled and the white-- crus hi ribs and tea of hi head.
3 Lik Atri lik Kanva and lik Gamadagn d sla you y worms with the incantatio of Agasty d crus the worm to pieces.
4 Slai i the kin of the worms and thei vicero als i slain Slai i the worm with hi hi mothe slain hi brothe slain hi siste slain.
5 Slai ar the wh ar inmate with him slai ar hi neighbours moreove al the quit tin worm ar slain.
brea of the two horn with whic tho deliveres the thrusts cu that ba of thin whic i the receptacl for the poison.

36 Charm agains worm i children.

hav calle upo heaven and earth hav calle upo the goddes Sarasvatî hav calle upo Indr and Agni 'the shal crus the worm, ( said).
2 Sla the worm i this boy Indra lor of treasures Slai ar al the evi power b m fierc imprecation!
3 Hi that move abou i the eyes that move abou i the nose that get to the middl of the teeth that wor d w crush.
4 the two of lik colour the two of differen colour the two blac ones and the two re ones the brow one and the brown-eare one the (on lik a vulture and the (on lik a cuckoo ar slain.
5 the worm with whit shoulders the blac one with whit arms and al thos that ar variegated thes worm d w crush.
6 I the eas rise the sun see b all slayin that whic i no seen slayin the see and the unsee (worms) and grindin to piece al the worms.
7 the yevâsh and the kashkasha the egatka and the sipavitnuka--th see wor shal b slain moreove the unsee shal b slain!
8 Slai of the worm i the yevâsha slai furthe i the nadaniman al hav crushe dow lik lentil with mill-stone.
9 the wor with thre head and the on with thre skulls the speckled and the white-- crus hi rib and tea of hi head.
Lik Atri lik Kanva and lik Gamadagn d sla you y worms with the incantatio of Agasty d crus the worm to pieces.
Slai i the kin of the worms and thei vicero als i slain Slai i the worm with hi hi mothe slain hi brothe slain hi siste slain.
Slai ar the wh ar inmate with him slai ar hi neighbours moreove al the quit tin worm ar slain.
of al the mal worms and of al the femal worm d spli the head with the stone bur thei face with fire.

37 Charm agains poison.

1 the Brâhman wa the firs to b born with te head and te mouths H wa the firs to drin the soma that di rende poiso powerless.
2 A grea a heaven and eart ar i extent a fa a the seven stream di spread s fa from her hav proclaime fort this Charm that destroy poison.
3 the eagl Garutman did poison firs devou thee Tho dids no bewilde him dids no injur him yea tho dids tur int foo for him.
4 the five-fingere han that di hur upo the (th arrow eve from the curve bow--fro the poin of the tearin (arrow hav charme awa the poison.
5 from the poin (o the arrow hav charme awa the poison from the substanc that ha bee smeare upo it and from it plume from it barbe horn and it neck hav charme awa the poison.
6 Powerless arrow i the point and powerles i the poison Moreove of powerles woo i the powerles bow powerles (arrow)!
7 The that groun (th poison) the that daube i on the that hurle it and the that le i go al thes hav bee rendere impotent the mountai that grow poisonou plant ha bee rendere impotent.
8 Impoten ar the that di thee impoten ar thou plant Impoten i that mountai heigh whenc this poiso ha sprung.

38 Charm agains poison.

1 this wate (vâr i the (river Varanâvatî shal war of (vârayâtai) Amrit (ambrosia ha bee poure int it with that d war of (vâraye poiso from thee.
2 Powerles i the poiso from the east powerles that from the north Moreove the poiso from the sout transform itsel int porridge.
3 Havin mad the (th poison that come from horizonta directio int porridge ric i fat and cheering from shee hunge h ha eate thee that has a evi body d tho no caus injury!
4 the bewilderin qualit (madam) (plant? that ar bewilderin (madivati) w caus to fal lik reed A boilin po of porridg d w remov the b (our charm.
5 (Thee poison that art a i were heape abou the village d w caus to stan stil b (our charm Stan stil a tre upo it place d not tho that has bee du with the spade caus injury!
6 with broom-stra (?) garments and als with skin the purchase thee thin for barte ar thou plant D not tho that has bee du with the spade caus injury!
7 Thos of yo wh wer of yor unequalle i the deed whic the performed-ma the) no injur her ou men for this ver purpos d engag you!

39 Ant a a antidot agains poison.

1 the god hav given the sun ha given the eart ha given the thre Sarasvatîs of on mind hav give this poison-destroyin (remedy)!
2 that water ants whic the god poure for yo int the dr land with this (water) sen fort b the gods d y destro this poison!
3 Tho ar the daughte of the Asuras tho ar the siste of the gods Sprun from heaven and earth tho dids rende the poiso devoi of strength.

40 Charm agains snake-poison.

1 Varuna the sag of heaven veril lend (power to rne with might charm d dissolv the poison the (poison whic ha bee dug that whic ha no bee duo- and that whic i inherent hav hel fast A broo i the deser the poiso ha drie up.
2 that poiso of thin whic i no flui hav confine withi thes (serpents?) hol fas the sa that i i the middle the top and i the bottom too Ma (th sap no vanis ou of the from fright!
3 M lust shou (is a the thunde with the cloud the d smit the (sap with m stron charm with manl strengt hav hel fas that sa of his Ma the sun ris a ligh from the darkness!
4 with m ey d sla the eye with poiso d sla the poison serpent die d no live bac upo the shal the poiso turn!
kairâta speckle one upatriny (grass-dweller?) brow one liste to me y blac repulsiv reptiles (liste to me) D no stan upo the groun of m friend ceas with you poiso and mak i know (t people?)!
releas (thee from the fur of the blac serpent the taimâta the brow serpent the poiso that i no fluid the all-conquering a the bowstrin (i loosened from the bow a chariot (fro horses).
7 Bot Âligî and Viligî bot fathe and mother w kno you ki everywhere Deprive of you strengt wha wil y do?
8 the daughte of urugûlâ the evi on bor with the black--o al thos wh hav ru to thei hiding-plac the poiso i devoi of force.
9 the prickl porcupine trippin dow from the mountain di declar this 'Whatsoeve serpents livin i ditches ar here thei poiso i mos deficien i force.'
Tâbuva (or no tâbuvam tho ( serpent ar no tâbuvam Throug tâbuva the poiso i beref of force.
Tastuva (or no tastuvam tho ( serpent ar no tastuvam Throug tastuvar the poiso i beref of force.

41 Charm agains snake-poison.

1 A the sun (goe around the heaven hav surrounde the rac of the serpents A nigh (put to rest al animal excep the hams bird (thus d with this (charm war of the poison.
2 with (th charm that wa foun of yor b the Brahmans foun b the Rishis and foun b the gods with (th charm that was wil be and i no present with this d war of the poison.
3 with hone d mi the rivers the mountain and peak ar honey Hone ar the river Parushnî and Sîpalâ Prosperit b to the mouth prosperit to the heart!

42 Charm agains the poiso of serpents scorpions and insects.

1 the poiso infuse b the serpen that i stripe across b the blac serpent and b the adder that poiso of the kankaparva ('wit limb lik comb, scorpion this plan ha drive out.
2 this herb bor of honey drippin honey swee a honey honied i the remed for injuries moreove i crushe insects.
3 Whereve tho has bee bitten whereve tho has bee sucked from ther d w exorcis for the the poiso of the small greedil bitin insect (s that i be devoi of strength.
4 Tho (serpent here crooked withou joints and withou limbs that twistet the crooke jawsmayes thou Brihaspati straighte the out as
(bent reed!
5 the poiso of the sarkot (scorpion that creep lo upo the ground (afte he ha bee deprive of hi strength hav take away moreove hav cause hi to b crushed.
6 Ther i n strengt i the arms i the head no i the middl (o the body) The wh dos tho s wickedl carr smal (sting i the tail?
7 the ant devou thee pea-hen hac the to pieces Yea ever on of yo shal declar the poiso of the sarkot powerless!
8 Tho (scorpion that strikes with both with mout a wel a tail i the mout ther i n poison the wha ca ther b i the receptacl i the tail?

43 Charm agains ophthalmia.

âbayu (an eve if tho ar no âbayu stron i the juice âbayu W ea gruel compounde of thee.
2 Vihalh i the father' name Madâvatî the mother' name Tho ar veril no such a to hav consume the ow self.
Tauvilikâ d b quiet this howlin on ha becom quiet brow one and brown-eare one g away G out âla!
4 Alasâlâ tho ar first silâñgalâlâ tho ar the next nîlâgalasâlâ (tho ar third?)!

44 Charm to promot the growt of hair.

1 of thes thre earth (our eart veril i the highest from the surfac of thes hav no plucke remedy.
2 Tho ar the mos excellen of remedies the bes of plants a Som (th moon i the lor i the watche of the night a Varun (i king amon the gods.
y wealthy irresistibl (plants) y d generousl besto benefits and y strengthe the hair & moreover promot it increase.

45 Charm with the plan nitatn to promot the growt of hair.

1 A goddes upo the goddes eart tho was born plant W di the up nitatni that tho mayes strengthe (th growth of the hair.
2 Strengthe the ol (hair) bege the new that whic ha com fort rende mor luxurious!
3 that hai of thin whic doe dro off and that whic i broke roo and all upo i d sprinkl her the all-healin herb.

46 Charm to promot the growt of hair.

1 the (plant that Gamadagn du u to promot the growt of hi daughter' hair Vâtahavy ha brough her from the dwellin of Asita.
2 with rein the ha to b measured with outstretche arm the ha to b measure out Ma the hair gro a reeds ma the (cluster) black abou the head!
3 Mak fir thei roots dra ou thei ends expan thei middle. herb Ma the hair gro a reeds ma the (cluster) black abou the head!

47 Charm to promot virility.

1 Thee the plant whic the Gandharv du u for Varuna whe hi virilit ha decayed thee that causes strength w di up.
2 Usha (Aurora) Sûrya (th sun) and this Charm of mine the bul Pragâpat (th lor of creatures shal with hi lust fir arous him!
3 this her shal mak the s ver ful of lust strength that tho shalt whe tho ar excited exhal hea a thin of fire!
4 the fir of the plants and the essenc of the bull shal arous him D thou Indra controlle of bodies plac the lust forc of me int this person!
5 Tho ( herb ar the first-bor sa of the water and als of the plants Moreove tho ar the brothe of Soma and the lust forc of the antelop buck!
6 Now Agni now Savitar now goddes Sarasvatî now Brahmanaspati d tho stiffe the pasa a bow!
stiffe the pasa a bowstrin upo the bow Embrac tho (women a the antelop buc the gazell with eve unfailin (strength)!
8 the strengt of the horse the mule the goa and the ram moreove the strengt of the bul besto upo him controlle of bodie (Indra)!

48 Charm agains mania.

1 Releas for me Agni this perso here who boun and well-secured loudl jabbers The shal h hav du regar for the shar (o the offering) whe h shal b fre from madness!
2 Agn shal quie dow the mind i i ha bee disturbed Cunningl d prepar remedy that tho shal b free from madness.
3 (Whos mind ha bee maddene b the si of the gods of bee robbe of sens b the Rakshas (for him d cunningl prepar remedy that h shal b fre from madness.
4 Ma the Apsara restor thee ma Indra ma Bhag restor thee ma al the god restor thee that tho mayes b free from madness!

49 Charm with the plan agasring to driv ou Rakshas Apsara and Gandharvas.

1 with thee herb the Atharvan firs sle the Rakshas with the Kasyap sle (them) with the Kanv and Agasty (sle them).
2 with the d w scatte the Apsara and Gandharvas agasring (odin pinnata) goa (aga the Rakshas driv the al awa with the smell!
3 the Apsaras Guggulil I'lli Naladi Aukshagandhi and Pramandan (b name) shal g to the river to the for of the waters a i blow away Thithe d ye Apsaras pas away (since y hav bee recognised!
4 Wher gro the asvatth (ficu religiosa and the banyan-trees the grea tree with crowns thithe d ye Apsaras pas away (since y hav bee recognised!
5 Wher you gol and silve swing are wher cymbal and lute chim together thithe d ye Apsaras pas away (since y hav bee recog nised.
6 Hithe ha com the mighties of the plant and herbs Ma the agasring arâtak pierc with he shar hor (tîkshmasringî)!
7 of the creste Gandharva the husban of the Apsaras wh come dancin hither crus the two mushka and cu of the sepas.
8 Terribl ar the missile of Indra with hundre points brazen with thes h shal pierc the Gandharvas wh devou oblations and devou the avakâ-reed.
9 Terribl ar the missile of Indra with hundre points golden with thes h shal pierc the Gandharvas wh devou oblations and devou the avakd-reed.
Al the Pisâka that devou the avakâ-reeds that burn and sprea thei littl ligh i the waters d thou herb crus and overcome!
On i lik dog on lik a ape A youth with luxurian locks pleasan to loo upon the Gandharv hang abou the woman Hi d w driv ou from her with ou powerfu charm.
the Apsaras yo know ar you wives ye the Gandharvas ar thei husbands Spee away y immortals d no g afte mortals!

50 Possessio b demon of disease cure b a amule of te kind of wood.

(amulet of te kind of wood releas this ma from the demo (rakshas and the fi (grâhi whic ha seize upon.(gagrâha hi joints D thou moreover plant lea hi fort to the worl of the living!
2 H ha come h ha gon forth h ha joine the communit of the living and h ha becom the fathe of sons and the mos happ of men!
3 this perso ha com to hi senses h ha com to the citie of the living for h (now ha hundre physicians and als thousan herbs.
4 the god hav foun the arrangement ( amulet) the Brahmans moreover the plants Al the god hav foun the arrangemen upo the earth.
5 (Th god that ha cause (disease shal perfor the cure h i himsel the bes physician.
Le hi indeed the hol one prepar remedie for thee togethe with the (earthly physician!

51 Charm agains demon (pisâka conceive a the caus of disease.

1 Ma Agn Vaisvânara the bul of unfailin strength bur u hi that i evil-disposed and desire to har us and hi that plan hostil deed agains us!
2 Betwee the two row of teet of Agn Vaisvânar d plac hi that plan to injur us whe w ar no plannin to injur him and hi that plan to injur us whe w d pla to injur him.
Thos wh houn u i ou chambers whil shoutin goe of i the nigh of the ne moon and the othe flesh-devourer wh pla to injur us al of the d overcom with might.
4 with migh overcom the Pisâkas ro the of thei property al evil-dispose (demons d slay ma m devic succeed!
5 with the god wh vi with and measur thei swiftnes with this sun with thos that ar i the rivers and i the mountains d I alon with m cattle consort.
plagu the Pisâka a the tige the cattle-owners A dog wh hav see lion thes d no fin refuge.
7 M strengt doe no li with Pisâkas no with thieves no with prowler i the forest from the villag whic ente the Pisâka vanis away.
8 from the villag whic m fierc powe ha entere the Pisâka vanis away the d no devis evil.
9 The wh irritat m with thei jabber a (buzzing mosquitoe the elephant the regar a wretche (creatures) a smal vermi upo people.
Ma Nirrit (th goddes of destruction tak hol of this one a hors with the halter the foo wh i wrot with m i no free from (her snare.

52 Charm with the plan prisniparnî agains the demo of disease calle kanva.

1 the goddes Prisniparnî ha prepare prosperit for us misha for Nirrit (th goddes of destruction) for sh i fierc devoure of the Kanvas her the mighty hav employed.
2 the Prisniparnî wa firs begotte powerful with he d lo of the head of the evi brood a (th head of bird.
3 the blood-suckin demon and hi that trie to ro (our health Kanva the devoure of ou offspring destroy Prisniparnî and overcome!
4 Thes Kanvas the effacer of life driv int the mountain g tho burnin afte the lik fire goddes Prisniparnî!
5 Driv fa awa thes Kanvas the effacer of life Wher the dar region are ther hav mad thes flesh-eater go.

53 Charm for drivin awa demon (Raksha and Pisâkas).

1 D y wel offe withi the fir this oblatio with ghee that destroy the spook D thou Agni bur from afa agains the Rakshas (but ou house tho shal no consume!
2 Rudr ha broke you necks y Pisâkas ma h als brea you ribs y spooks the plan whos powe i everywher ha unite yo with Yam (death).
3 Exemp from danger Mitr and Varuna ma w her be driv bac with you flame the devourin demon (Atrin) Neithe aider no suppor d the find smitin on anothe the g to death.

54 Charm with a amule derive from the gangid tree agains disease and demons.

1 Unt lon lif and grea delights for eve unharme and vigorous d w wea the gangida a a amule destructiv of the vishkandha.
2 from convulsions from tearin pain from vishkandha and from torturin pain the gangid shal protec u of al sides--a amule of thousan virtues!
3 this gangid conquer the vishkandha and smite the Atri (devourin demons) ma this all-healin gangid protec u from adversity!
4 B mean of the invigoratin gangida bestowe b the god a a amulet d w conque i battl the vishkandh and al the Rakshas.
5 Ma the hem and ma gangid protec m agains vishkandha the on (gangida i brough hithe from the forest the othe (hemp from the sa of the furrow.
6 Destructio of witchcraf i this amulet als destructio of hostil powers ma the powerfu gangid therefor exten fa ou lives!

55 Charm with a amule derive from the gafigpida-tree aoains disease and demons.

1 Tho ar a Angiras gangida protecto ar thou gangida Al two-foote and four-foote creature that belon to u the gangid shal protect!
2 the sorcerie fifty-thre i number and the hundre performer of sorcery al thes havin los thei force the gangid shal rende beref of strength!
3 Beref of strengt i the gotten-u clamour beref of strengt ar the seven debilitatin (charms) D thou gangida hur awa from her poverty a a arche a arrow!
4 this gangid i destroye of witchcraft and als destroye of hostil powers Ma the the powerfu gangid exten fa ou lives!
5 Ma the greatnes of the gangid protec u abou of al sides (th greatness with whic h ha overcom the vishkandh (and the samskandha (overcomin the powerfu (disease with power!
6 Thric the god bego the that has grow u upo the earth the Brahmana of yor kne the her b the name of Angiras.
7 Neithe the plant of olde times no the of recen times surpas thee fierc slaye i the gahaida and happ refuge.
and when gangid of boundles virtue tho dids sprin u i the day of yore fierc (plant) Indr a firs place strengt i thee.
9 Fierc Indra verily pu migh int thee lor of the forest Dispersin al diseases sla tho the Rakshas plant!
of the breakin diseas and the tearin disease the balâsa and the pai i the limbs the takma that come ever autumn ma the gangid rende devoi of force!

56 Charm with a amule derive from the gangida-tree agains disease and demons.

1 Whil utterin Indra' name the seer bestowe (upo men the gangida whic the god i the beginnin ha mad int remedy destructiv of the vishkandha.
Ma that gangid protec u a treasure hi treasures h who the god and the Brâhmana mad int refug that put to naugh the hostil powers!
3 the evi ey of the hostile-minded (and the evil-doe hav approached D thou thousandeye one watchfull destro these refug ar thou gangida.
4 Ma the gangid protec m from heaven protec m from earth protec (me from the atmosphere protec m from the plants protec m from the past a wel a the future ma h protec u from ever directio of space!
5 the sorcerie performe b the gods and als thos performe b men ma the all-healin gangid rende the al devoi of strength!

57 Exorcis of diseas b mean of a amule from the varana-tree.

1 this divin tree the varana shal shu ou (vârayâtai) the gods too hav shu ou (avîvaran the diseas that hat entere int this man!
2 B Indra' command b Mitra' and b Varuna's b the comman of al the god d w shu ou the disease.
3 A Vritr di bol fas thes ever-flowin waters thu d shu ou (vâraye diseas from the with (th hel of Agn Vaisvânara.

58 the kîpudru-tre a panacea.

1 of the abscess of the balâsa of flo of blood plant of neuralgia herb tho shal no leav eve speck!
2 Thos two boil (testicles of thine balasa that ar fixe upo the arm-pits- kno the remed for that the kîpudru-tre take car of it.
3 the neuralgi that i i the limbs that i i the ear and i the eyes-w tea the out the neuralgia the abscess and the pai i the heart that unknow diseas d w driv awa downward.

59 the healin propertie of bdellium.

1 Neithe diseases no ye curse enter this person arundhatî! from hi that i penetrate b the swee fragranc of the healin bdellium disease fle i ever direction a antelope and a horse run.
2 Whether bdellium tho comes from the Sindh (Indus) of whethe tho ar derive from the sea hav seize the qualitie of both that this perso shal b exemp from harm.

60 Barle and wate a universa remedies.

1 this barle the di ploug vigorously with yoke of eigh and yoke of six with i driv of to fa distanc the ailmen from the body.
2 Downwar blow the wind downwar burn the sun downwar the co i milked downwar shal the ailmen pass!
3 the water veril ar healing the water chas awa disease the water cur al (disease) ma the prepar remed for thee!

61 Hym to al magi and medicina plants use a universa remedy.

1 the plant that ar brown and thos that ar white the re one and the speckle ones the sabl and the blac plants al (these d w invoke.
2 Ma the protec this ma from the diseas sen b the gods the herb whos fathe i the sky whos mothe i the earth whos roo i the ocean.
3 the water and the heavenl plant ar foremost the hav drive ou from ever lim the disease consequen upo sin.
4 the plant that sprea forth thos that ar busby thos that hav singl sheath thos that cree along d address cal i the behal the plant that hav shoots thos that hav stalks thos that divid thei branches thos that ar derive from al the gods the stron (plants that furnish
lif to man.
5 with the migh that i yours y might ones with the powe and strengt that i yours with that d ye plants rescu this ma from this disease!
no prepar remedy.
6 the plant givalâ ('quickening') na-ghâ-rishâ ('forsooth-no-harm') gîvant ('living') and the arundhatî whic remove (disease) i ful of blossoms and ric i honey d cal to exemp hi from injury.
7 Hithe shal com the intelligen (plants that understan m speech that w ma brin this ma int safet ou of misery!
8 The that ar the foo of Agn (th fire) the offsprin of the waters that gro eve renewin themselves the fir (plants that bea thousan names the healin (plants) shal b brough hither!
9 the plants whos wom i the avak (blyx octandra) whos essenc ar the waters shal with thei shar horn thrus asid evil!
the plant whic release exemp from Varun (dropsy) ar strong and destro poison those too that remov (th disease baldsa and war of witchcraf shal com hither!'
the plant that hav bee bought that ar righ potent and ar praised shal protec i this villag cow horse man and cattle!
Honie ar the root of thes herbs honie thei tops honie thei middles honie thei leaves honie thei blossoms the shar i honey ar the foo of immortality Ma the yiel ghee and food and cattl chie of all!
A man i numbe and i kin the plant her ar upo the earth ma they furnishe with thousan leaves releas m from deat and misery!
Tiger-lik i the amule (mad of herbs saviour protecto agains hostil schemes ma i driv of fa awa from u al disease and the Rakshas!
A i a the roa of the lio the star with fright a i (a the roar of fir the trembl befor the (plants that hav bee brough hither the disease of cattl and me hav bee drive ou b the herbs le the pas int navigabl streams!
the plant releas u from Agn Vaisvânara Spreadin ove the earth g ye whos kin i the tree!
the plants descende from Angiras that gro upo the mountain and i the plains shal b for u ric i milk auspicious comfortin to the heart!
the herb whic know and thos whic se with m sight the unknown thos whic w know and thos whic w perceiv to b charge with (power),--
Al plant collectivel shal not m words that w ma brin this ma int safet ou of misfortune,--
the asvatth (ficu religiosa) and the darbh amon the plants kin Soma amrit (ambrosia and the oblation ric and barley the two healing immorta childre of heaven!
Y arise i i thunderin and crashing y plants sinc Pargany (th go of rain i favourin you childre of Prisn (th spotte cloud) with (his see (water).
the strengt of this amrit (ambrosia d w criv this ma to drink Moreover prepar remedy that h ma liv hundre years!
the boa knows the ichneumo know the healin plant Thos that the serpent and Gandharva know cal hithe for help.
the plants derive from the Angiras whic the eagle and the heavenl raghat (falcons know whic the bird and the flamingo know whic al winge (creatures know whic al wil animal know cal hithe for help.
A man plant a the oxe and kine a man a the goat and the shee fee upon s man plants whe applied shal furnis protectio to thee!
A man (plants) a the huma physician kno to contai remedy s many endowe with ever healin quality d appl to thee!
Thos that hav flowers thos that hav blossoms thos that bea fruit and thos that ar withou fruit a i from the sam mothe the shal suc sap to exemp this ma from injury!
hav save the from dept of fiv fathoms & too from dept of te fathoms moreover from the foot-fette of Yama and from ever si agains the gods.

62 Plant a panacea.

1 the man plant of hundredfol aspect whos kin i Soma whic hav bee begotte b Brihaspati shal fre u from calamity!
2 Ma the fre u from (th calamity consequen upo curses and als from the (toils of Varuna moreover from the foot-fette of Yama and ever si agains the gods!
3 Wha law w hav infringe upon with the eye the mind and speech eithe whil awake of asleep-ma Som b hi (divine natur clea thes (sins awa from us!

63 Charm to secur perfec health.

1 from the eyes the nostrils ears and chin--th diseas whic i seate i the head--fro the brai and tongu d tea i out.
2 from the neck nap of the neck ribs and spine--th diseas whic i seate i the fore-arm--fro the shoulder and arm d tea i out.
3 from the heart the lungs viscera and sides from the kidneys spleen and live w d tea ou the disease.
4 from the entrails canals rectum and abdomen from the belly guts and nave d tea ou the disease.
5 from the thighs knees heels and the tip of the feet--fro the hip d tea ou the diseas seate i the buttocks from the botto the diseas seate i the buttocks.
6 from the bones marrow sinew and arteries from the hands fingers and nail d tea ou the disease.
7 the diseas that i i the ever limb the ever hair the ever joint that whic i seate i the skin with Kasyapa' charm that tear out to eithe sid w d tea i out.

64 Charm to procur immunit from al diseases.

1 Headach and sufferin i the head pai i the ear and flo of blood ever diseas of the head d w Charm fort from thee.
2 from the ears from the kankûsha the earpain and the neuralgia--ever diseas of the hea d w Charm fort from thee.
3 (Wit the charm throug whos agenc diseas hasten fort from the ear and the mouth-ever diseas of the hea d w Charm fort from thee.
4 (Th disease that render ma dea and blind--ever diseas of the hea d w Charm fort from thee.
5 Pai i the limbs feve i the limbs the neuralgi that affect ever limb-ever diseas of the hea d w Charm fort from thee.
6 (Th disease whos frightfu aspec make ma tremble the takma (fever that come ever autumn d w Charm fort from thee.
7 the diseas that creep alon the thighs and the enter the canals ou of the inne part d w Charm forth.
8 I from the heart from love of from disgust i arises from the hear and from the limb the balâs d w Charm forth.
9 Jaundic from the limbs diarrhoe from withi the bowels the cor of diseas from the inne sou d w Charm forth.
to ashe (âsa the balâs shal turn wha i disease shal tur to urine the poiso of al disease hav charme fort from thee.
Outsid the openin (o the bladder i shal ru off the rumblin shal pas from the belly the poiso of al disease hav charme fort from thee.
from the belly lungs navel and heart-th poiso of al disease hav charme fort from thee.
(Th pains that spli the crow (o the head) pierc the head withou doin injury withou causin disease the shal ru of outsid the openin (o the bladder)!
The that pierc the heart cree alon the ribs withou doin injury withou causin disease the shal ru of outsid the openin (o the bladder)!
The that pierc the sides bor alon the ribs withou doin injury withou causin disease the shal ru of outsid the openin (o the bladder)!
The that pierc crosswise burro i the abdomen withou doin injury withou causin disease the shal ru of outsid the openin (o the bladder)!
The that cree alon the rectum twis the bowels withou doin injury withou causin disease the shal ru of outsid the openin (o the bladder)!
The that suc the marrow and spli the joints withou doin injury withou causin disease the shal ru of outsid the openin (o the bladder)!
the disease and the injurie that paralys the limbs the poiso of al disease hav charme fort from thee.
of neuralgia of abscesses of inflation of o inflammatio of the eyes the poiso of al disease hav drive fort from thee.
from the feet knees thighs and bottom from the spine and the nec the piercin pains from the hea the ach hav removed.
Fir ar the bone of the skull and the bea of the heart A the rising sun tho dids remov the pain of the head quie the pang i the limbs.

65 Charm for obtaining lon lif and prosperit b transmissio of disease.

1 I the essenc of earthl bliss y gods i strengt of bod (ma h live) Ma Agni Sûrya Brihaspat besto upo hi life' vigour!
2 Giv lif to him Gâtavedas besto i additio progen upo him Tvashtar procure Savitar increas of wealt for him ma this one wh belong to thee liv hundre autumns!
3 Ma ou Prayer besto upo u vigour and possessio of sound progeny abilit and propert d y two ( heaven and earth) besto upo us! Ma he conquerin land with might (live) Indra subjectin the others hi enemies!
4 Give b Indra instructe b Varuna sen b the Maruts strong h ha com to us ma he i the la of y two heaven and earth no suffe from hunge and no from thirst!
5 Strengt ma y two that ar ric i strength besto upo him mil ma y two that ar ric i milk besto upo him Strengt heaven and eart di besto upo him strengt al the gods the Maruts and the waters.
6 with the graciou (waters d deligh the heart mayes thou fre from disease ful of force rejoice Clothe i the sam garmen d y two drin this stirre drink takin of a magi for the shap of the two Asvins!
7 Indra havin bee wounded firs create this vigour and this eve fres divin food that sam belong to thee B mean of that d thou ful of force liv ( hundred autumns ma i no flo ou of thee physician hav prepare i for thee!

2 Prayers for long life & health (Ayushyani)
1 Prayer for health & long life.
releas the unt lif b mean of (my oblation from unknow decline and from consumption I Grâh (seizure ha caugh hol (gagrâha of this perso here ma Indr and Agn fre hi from that!
2 I hi lif ha faded eve i h ha passe away i h ha bee brough to the ver vicinit of death snatc hi from the la of Nirrit (th goddes of destruction) hav free hi unt lif of hundre autumns.
hav snatche hi (fro death b mean of a oblatio whic ha thousan eyes hundredfol strength and -ensure hundredfol life i orde that Indr ma conduc hi throug the year acros to the othe sid of ever misfortune.
4 Liv thou thrivin hundre autumns hundre winters and hundre springs Ma Indra Agni Savitar Brihaspat (grant the hundre years hav snatche hi (fro death with a oblatio that secure life,o hundre years.
5 Ente ye in-breathiri and out-breathing a two bull stable Awa shal g the othe deaths of which i i said ther ar hundre more!
6 Remai y here in-breathin and out-breathing d no g awa from here d y ca ane to ol ag hi bod and hi limbs!
7 to ol ag mak the over int ol ag urg thee ma happ ol ag guid thee Awa shal g the othe deaths of which i i said ther ar hundre more!
8 Upo the (lif unto ol ag ha bee deposited a rop i tie upo bull that deat whic ha fettere the a the birt with fir rope Brihaspat with the hand of the trut di stri of from thee.
2 Prayer for lon lif pronounce ove boy.

1 for the alone (deat from ol age this (boy shal gro up the othe hundre kind of deat shal no har him Lik providen mothe i he la Mitr shal befrien him shal sav hi from misfortune!
2 Ma Mitr of Varuna the illustrious cooperating gran hi deat from ol age The Agni the priest wh know the ways promulgate al the race of the gods.
3 Thou ( Agni) rules ove al the animal of the earth thos whic hav bee born and thos whic ar to b born ma no in-breathin leav this one no ye out-breathing ma neithe friend no foe sla him!
4 Ma fathe Dyau (sky and mothe Prithiv (earth) co-operating gran the deat from ol age that tho mayes liv i the la of Adit hundre winters guarde b in-breathin and outbreathing!
5 Lea this dea chil to lif and vigour Agni Varuna and kin Mitra A mothe affor hi protection Aditi and al y gods that h ma attai to ol age!

3 Prayer for health and lon life.

1 the god ar fre from decrepitude thou Agni ar remove from the demo of hostility fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
2 (Vâyu) the purifyin (wind) shal fre the from misfortune Sakr (Indra from evi sorcery fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
3 the tam (village animal ar separat from the wil (fores animals) the wate ha flowe apar from thirst fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
4 heaven and eart her g apart the path g i ever direction fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
5 'Tvashta i preparin weddin for hi daughter, thu (saying doe this whol worl pas through fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
6 Agn unite (life's breaths the moo i unite with (life's breath fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
7 B mean of (life's breat the god arouse the everywher might sun fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
8 Liv tho b the (life's breat of the that hav life and that creat life d no die fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
9 Breath tho with the (life's breat of thos that breathe d no die fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
D tho (rise u with life unit thysel with life (rise u with the sa of the plants fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.
from the rai of Pargany w hav rise up immortal fre the from al evi and disease (and unit the with life.

4 Prayer for lon life.

1 When Brihaspati tho dids liberat (us from existenc i yonde worl of Yama (and from hostil schemes the di the Asvins the physician of the gods with migh swee deat from us Agni!
in-breathin and out-breathing g alon with the body d no leav it ma the b the allie here Liv and thriv hundre autumns Agn shal b the mos excellen shepher and overseer!
3 the vita forc that ha bee dissipate afar the in-breathin and the out-breathing shal com bac again Agn ha snatche the from the la of Nirrit (th goddes of destruction) and agai introduc the int the person.
4 Le no hi in-breathin deser him no hi out-breathin qui hi and depart commi hi to the seven Rishis ma the conve hi i healt to ol age!
5 Enter in-breathin and out-breathing lik two bull int stable this perso shal her flourish a unmoleste repositor for ol age!
6 Life' breat w d driv int thee diseas w d driv awa from thee Ma this excellen Agn endo u with lif from ever source!
7 Ascendin from the darknes of deat to the highes firmament to Sûry (th sun) the go amon gods w hav reache the highes light.

5 Prayer for exemptio from the danger of death.

1 to the 'Ender, to Deat b reverence Ma the in-breathin and the out-breathin remai here Unite her with (life's spiri this ma shal be sharin i the sun i the worl of immortalit (amrita)!
2 Bhag ha raise hi up Som with hi ray (ha raised hi up the Maruts the gods (hav raised hi up Indr and Agn (hav raised hi u unt well-being.
3 Her (shal be the (life's spirit her the inbreathing her the life her the mind W rescu the from the toil of Nirrit (destruction b mean of ou divin utterance.
4 Ris u hence man Castin of the footshackle of death d no sin down B no cu of from this world from the sigh of Agn and the sun!
5 the wind Mâtarisvan shal blo for thee the water shal showe amrit (ambrosia upo thee the sun shal shin kindl for the body Deat shal pit thee d no wast away!
6 Tho shal ascen and no descend man Lif and alertnes d prepar for thee Mount forsooth this imperishable pleasan car the i ol ag tho shal hol convers with the family!
7 the min shal no g thither shal no disappear D no becom heedles of the living d no follo the Fathers Al the god shal preserv the here!
8 D no lon afte the departed wh conduc (men afar Ascen from the darkness com to the light W la hol of the hands.
9 the two dog of Yama the blac and the brindle one that guar the roa (t heaven) that hav bee despatched shal no (g after thee Com hither d no lon to b away d no tarr her with the min turne to distance!
D no follo this path i i terrible spea of that b whic tho has no hithert gone Darknes i this man d no ente it Dange i beyond securit her for thee.
Ma the fire that ar withi the water gLiar thee ma (th fire whic me kindl guar thee ma Gâtaveda Vaisvânar (th fir commo to al men guar thee Le no the heavenl (fire togethe with the lightnin burn thee!
Le no the flesh-devourin (fire menac thee mov afa from the funera pyre heaven shal guar thee the eart shal guar thee the sun and moo shal guar thee the atmospher shal guar the agains the divin missile!
Ma the aler and the watchfu divinitie guar thee ma h that sleep no and nod no guar thee ma h that protect and i vigilan guar thee!
The shal guar thee the shal protec thee Reverenc b to them Hai b to them!
Int convers with the livin Vâyu Indra Dhâtar and savin Savita shal pu thee breat and strengt shal no leav thee the (life's spiri d w cal bac to thee.
Convulsion that dra the jaw together darkness shal no com upo thee no (th demon that tear ou the tongu (?) Ho shal tho the wast away the Âditya and Vasus Indr and Agn shal rais the u unt well-being!
the heavens the earth Pragâpati hav rescue thee the plant with Som thei kin hav delivere the from death.
Le this ma remai righ here y gods le hi no depar henc to yonde world W rescu hi from deat with ( charm of thousandfol strength.
hav delivere the from death the (powers that furnis strengt shal breath upo thee the (mournin women with dishevelle hair the that wai lugubriously shal no wai ove thee!
hav snatche the (fro death) hav obtaine thee tho has returne with renewe youth thou that ar (now soun of limb for the soun sight and soun lif hav obtained.
I ha shon upo thee ligh ha arisen darknes ha departe from thee W remov from the death destruction and disease.

6 Prayer for exemptio from the danger of death.

1 Tak hol of this (charm that subject to immortalit (life) ma the lif unt ol ag no b cu off brin to the ane breat and life no to mis and darkness d no wast away!
2 Com hithe to the ligh of the living rescu the unt lif of hundre autumns Loosin the band of deat and imprecation besto upo the lon lif extende ver far.
3 from the win the breat hav obtained from the sun thin eye the sou hol fas i thee b togethe with the limbs spea articulatin with the tongue!
4 with the breat of two-foote and four-foote creature blo upo thee a of Agn whe h i bor (a of fir whe kindled) hav pai reverence death to thin eye reverenc to the breath.
5 this (man shal liv and shal no die w rous this ma (t life) mak for hi remedy death d no sla the man!
6 the plan gîvalâ (quickening') na-ghâ-rishâ ('forsooth-no-harm') and gîvantî ('living) victorious might saviour-plan d invoke that h ma b exemp from injury.
7 Befrien him d no seiz him le hi go ( death) thoug h b the ver own le hi abid her with unimpaire strength Bhav and Sarva tak pity gran Protection misfortun driv away and lif bestow!
8 Befrien him death and pit him ma h from her arise Unharmed with soun limbs hearin perfectly throug ol ag carryin hundre years le hi ge enjoymen b himsel (unaided)!
9 the missil of the god shal pas the by pas the acros the mis (o death) from deat hav rescue thee Removin fa the flesh-devourin Agni barrie d se aroun thee that tho mayes live.
from the mist roa that canno b withstood death from this pat (o thine w guar this (man) and mak ou Charm protectio for him.
In-breathin and out-breathing d prepar for thee deat i ol age lon life and prosperity Al the messenger of Yama that roa about dispatche b Vivasvant' son d driv away.
Arât (grudge) Nirrit (destruction) Grâh (seizure) and the flesh-devourin Pisâka (d w drive awa to distance and hur al wicke Raksha awa int darknes a i were.
crav the life' breat from the immortal life-possessin Agn Gâtavedas that tho shal no tak harm shal b immorta i (Agni's company that d procur for thee and that shal b fulfille for thee!
Ma heaven and earth the bestower of happiness b auspiciou and harmles to thee ma the sun-shine and the win blo comfor to the heart ma the heavenl waters ric i milk flo upo the kindly!
Ma the plant b auspiciou to thee hav raise the from the lowe to the uppe earth ther ma bot the Âdityas the sun and the moon protec thee.
Whateve garmen for clothing of whateve girdl tho makes for thyself agreeabl to the bod d w rende it no roug to the touc shal i be!
Whe thou the barber sheares with the shar well-whette razo ou hai and beard d not whil cleansin ou face ro u of ou life!
Ric and barle shal b auspiciou to thee causin n balâsa inflictin n injury The two driv awa disease the two releas from calamity.
Whateve tho eates of drinkest the grai of the plough-lan of milk whateve i of i no to b eaten al that foo d rende for the fre from poison.
to da and to nigh bot d w commi thee from the demon that see to devour d y preserv this (man for me!
2hundre years te thousan years two three fou age (yuga d w allo to thee Indr and Agni and al the god withou ange shal favou thee!
to autum thee to winter sprin and summer d w commit the rain i whic gro the plant shal b pleasan to thee!
Deat rule ove bipeds deat rule ove quadrupeds from that death the lor of cattle d rescu thee d no fear!
Fre from har tho shal no die tho shal no die d no fear Verily the d no di there the d no g to the nethermos darkness;--
Verily ever creatur live there the cow the horse and man wher this Charm i performed a the (protecting barrie for life.
Ma i preserv the from sorcery from the equal and the kin Undyin be immortal exceedingl vital the spirit shal no abando the body!
from the on and hundre deaths from the danger that ar surmountable from that Aga Vaisvânar (th funera pyre? ma the god delive thee!
Thou the remed calle p6tudru ar the bod of Agni the deliverer slaye of Rakshas slaye of rivals moreove tho chases awa disease.

7 Prayer for exemptio from diseas and death.

1 from nea the vicinity from nea the distanc (d call) remai here d no follow d no follo the Father of yore Firml d faste the life' breath.
2 Whateve sorcer and kinsma of strange ha practise agains thee bot releas and deliveranc with m voic d declar for thee.
3 I tho has deceive of curse woma of ma i the folly bot releas and deliveranc with m voic d declar for thee.
4 I tho lies (ill i consequenc of si committe b the mothe of the father bot releas and deliveranc with m voic d declar for thee.
5 Figh sh of the medicin whic the mothe and the father the siste and the brothe le ou agains thee shal caus the to liv unt ol age!
6 Remai here man with the entir soul d no follo the two messenger of Yama com to the abode of the living!
7 Retur whe called knowin the outle of the pat (death) the ascent the advance the roa of ever livin man!
8 Fea not tho shal no die shal caus the to liv unt ol age hav charme awa from the limb the diseas that waste the limbs.
9 the diseas that rack and waste the limbs and the sicknes i the heart ha flow a a eagl to fa distance overcom b m charm.
the two sage Aler and Watchful the sleeples and the vigilant thes two guardian of the life' breath ar awak bot da and night.
Agn her i to b revered the sun shal ris her for thee ris tho from dee death ye from blac darkness!
Reverenc b to Yama reverenc to death reverenc to the Father and to thos that lea (t them death' messengers? that Agn wh know the wa to sav d engag for this man that h b exemp from harm!
Hi breat shal come hi sou shal come hi sigh shal come & too hi strength Hi bod shal collec itself the shal h stan fir upo hi feet!
Unit him Agni with breat and sight provid hi with bod and with strength Tho has knowledg of immortality le hi no no depart le hi no no becom dwelle i hous of clay!
the in-breathin shal no cease the outbreathin shal no vanish Sûry (th sun) the suprem lord shal rais the from deat with hi rays!
this tongu (o mine) boun (i the mouth yet mobile speak within with i hav charme awa disease and the hundre torment of the takma (fever).
this worl i mos dea to the gods unconquered for whateve deat tho was destine whe tho was born man that (death and w cal afte thee d no di befor ol age!

8 Salv (âñgana a protecto of lif and limb.

1 Com hither Tho ar the living protectin eye-ointmen of the mountain give b al the god a safeguard unt life.
2 Tho ar protectio for men protectio for cattle tho dids stan for the protectio of horse and steeds.
3 Tho art salve bot protectio that crushe the sorcerers and tho has knowledg of immortalit (amrita) Moreover tho ar foo for the living and tho art too remed aorains jaundice.
4 from hi ove whos ever lim and ever join tho passest salve tho dost a might intercepter driv awa disease.
5 Hi that bear thee salve neithe curse no sorcery no burnin pai doe reach no doe the,vishkandh com upo him.
6 from evi scheme from trouble dream from evi deed and als from foulness. from the evi ey of the enemy from this protec us salve!
7 Knowin this salve shal spea the truth avoi falsehood Ma obtai horse and cattle and the person serving-man!
8 Thre ar servant of the salve the takma (fever) the balâsa and the serpent the highes of the mountains Trikaku ('Three-peaks' b name i the father.
9 Sinc the salv of Trikaku i bor upo the Himavant i shal demolis al the wizard and al the witches.
Whethe tho ar derive from the (mountain Trikakud of ar sai to com from the (river Yamunâ bot thes name of thin ar auspicious with these salve protec us!

9 the pear and it shel a a amule bestowing lon lif and prosperity.

1 Bor of the wind the atmosphere the lightning and the light ma this pear shell bor of gold protec u from straits!
2 with the shel whic wa bor i the sea a the hea of brigh substances w sla the Raksha and conque the Atrin (devourin demons).
3 with the shel (w conquer diseas and poverty with the shell too the Saânvâs the shel i ou universa remedy the pear shal protec u from straits!
4 Bor i the heavens bor i the sea brough of from the rive (Sindhu) this shell bor of gold i ou life-prolongin amulet.
5 the amulet bor from the sea sun bor from Vritr (th cloud) shal of al side protec u from the missile of the god and the Asuras!
6 Tho ar on of the golde substances tho ar bor from Som (th moon) Tho ar sightl of the chariot tho ar brillian of the quiver Ma i prolon ou lives!
7 the bon of the god turne int pearl that animated dwell i the waters that d faste upo the unt life lustre strength longevity unt lif lastin hundre autumns Ma the (amulet of pear protec thee!

10 Gol a a amule for lon life.

1 the gol whic i bor from fire the immortal the bestowe upo the mortals H wh know this deserve it of ol ag die h wh wear it.
2 the gold (endowe by the sun with beautifu colour whic the me of yore ric i descendants di desire ma i gleamin envelo the i lustre Long-live become h wh wear it!
3 (Ma i envelop the unt (long life unt lustre unt force and unt strength that tho shal b the brillianc of the gol shin fort amon people!
4 (Th gold whic kin Varun knows whic go Brihaspat knows whic Indra the slaye of Vritra knows ma that becom for the sourc of life ma that becom for the sourc of lustre!

3 Imprecations against demons, sorcerers, & enemies
(Abhikarikani & Krityapratiharanani)
1 Against sorcerers & demons.
the sorcere (yâtudhâna that vaunt himse and the Kimîdi d thou Agni conve hither for thou god whe lauded becomes the destroye of the demon.
Partak of the ghee of the sesame-oil Agn Gâtavedas that standes of high conqueres b thyself Mak the sorcerer howl!
the sorcerer and the devourin (atrin Kimîdi shal howl D ye moreover Agn and Indra receiv graciousl this ou oblation!
Agn shal b the firs to seiz them Indr with hi (strong arm shal driv the away Ever wizard a soo a h comes shal proclai himself saying ' a he'!
W woul se the might Gâtavedas disclos to u the wizards tho that beholdes men Ma the all drive fort b the fire disclosin themselves com to this spot!
Seiz hold Gâtavedas for ou goo tho was born Becom ou messenger Agni and mak the sorcerer howl!
D thou Agni dra hithe the sorcerers boun i shackles the Indr with hi thunderbol shal cu of thei heads!
2 Agains sorcerer and demons.

Ma this oblatio carr hithe the sorcerers a rive (carries foam the ma of the woma wh ha performe this (sorcery) that perso shal her proclai himself!
this vauntin (sorcerer ha com hither receiv hi with alacrity Brihaspati pu hi int subjection Agn and Soma pierc hi through!
Sla the offsprin of the sorcerer soma-drinkin (Indra) and subjec (him) Mak dro ou the farthe and the neare ey of the braggar (demon)!
Wherever Agn Gâtavedas tho perceives the broo of thes hidde devourer (atrin) d thou mightil strengthene b ou charm sla them sla thei (brood) Agni piercin the hundredfold!

3 Charm with lead agains demon and sorcerers.

Agains the devourin demon who i the nigh of the full-moon hav arise i throngs ma Agni the strong the slaye of the sorcerers giv u courage!
to the lea Varun give blessing to the lea Agn give help Indr gav m the lead unfailingl i dispel sorcery.
this (lead overcome the vishkandha this smite the devourin demon (atrin) with this hav overwhelme al the broo of the Pisâkas.
I tho slayes ou cow i ou hors of ou domestic w pierc the with the lead s that tho shal no sla ou heroes.

4 the soma-oblatio directe agains Demon (rakshas).

Pres the soma y priests and rins i (for renewe pressing) i behal of Indr wh shal liste to the son of the worshipper and to m call!
D thou dought (Indra) who the drop of som ente a bird tree bea of the hostil broo of the Rakshas!
Pres y the som for Indra the soma-drinker wh wield the thunderbolt youthfu victo and rule i he praise b man men.

5 Charm agains variety of female demons conceive a hostil to men cattle and home.

Nissâlâ the bold the greed demo (?dhishana) and (th female demon with long-draw howl the bloodthirsty al the daughter of Kanda the Sadânvâ d w destroy.
W driv yo ou of the stable ou of the axl (o the wagon) and the bod of the wagon w chas you y daughter of Magundî from the house.
I yonde hous below ther the grudgin demon (arâyî shal exist ther rui shal prevail and al the witches!
Ma (Rudra) the lor of beings and Indra driv fort from her the Sadânvâs thos that a seate of the foundatio of the hous Indr shal overcom with hi thunderbolt!
Whethe y belon to (th demons of inherite disease whethe y hav bee dispatche b men of whethe y hav originate from the Dasyu (demon-lik aborigines) vanis from here y Sadânvâs!
Abou thei dwelling-place di swiftl course a i of race-course hav wo al contest with you vanis from here y Sadânvâs!

6 Agains vishkandh and kâbav (hostil demons).

of karsaph and visaph heaven i the fathe and eart the mother As y gods y hav brough of (th trouble) thu d y agai remov it!
Withou fastenin the) (th protectin plants? hel fast thu i ha bee arrange b Manu the vishkandh d rende impotent lik on wh geld cattle.
talisma tie to reddis threa the activ (seers the d faste on ma the fastening rende impoten the eager fier kâbava!
and since y eage (demons) y wal lik god b the wil of the Asuras the fastenin (o the amulet i destructiv to the kâbava a the ap to the dog.
revil thee the kâbava unt misfortune (and shal wor har for thee Accompanie with curse y shal g ou lik swif chariots!
hundre and on vishkandh ar sprea ou alon the earth for thes a the beginnin the brough ou thee the amulet that destroy vishkandha.

7 Charm with certain plan (sadampushpâ whic expose demon and enemies.

H see here h see yonder h see i the distance h sees--th sky the atmospher a wel a the earth al that goddess h sees.
the thre heavens the thre earths and thes si direction severally al creature ma se throug thee divin plant!
Tho ar veril the eyebal of the divin eagle tho dids ascen the eart a wear woma palanquin.
the thousand-eye go shal pu this plan int m righ hand with that d se ever one the Sûdr a wel a the Ârya.
Revea (all forms d no hid the ow self moreover d thou thousand-eye (plant) loo the Kimîdin i the face!
Revea to m the wizards and revea the witches revea al the Pisâkas for this purpos d tak hol of thee plant!
Tho ar the ey of Kasyapa and the ey of the four-eye bitch Lik the sun movin i the brigh day mak tho the Pisâk eviden to me!
hav dragge ou from hi retrea the sorcere and the Kimîdin Throug this (charm d se ever one the Sûdr a wel a the Ârya.
Hi that flie i the air hi that move acros the sky hi that regard the eart a hi resort that Pisâk d tho revea (t me)!

8 Charm with the apâmârga-plant agains sorcery demons and enemies.

W tak hold victoriou one of thee the mistres of remedies hav mad the thin of thousandfol strengt for ever) one plant!
Her the unfailingl victoriou one that ward of curses that i powerfu and defensive (he & al the plant hav assembled intendin that sh shal sav u from this (trouble)!
the woma wh ha curse u with curse wh ha arrange dir misfortun (for us) wh ha take hol of ou children to ro the of thei strengthma sh ea (he own offspring!
the magi spel whic the hav pu int the unburne vessel that whic the hav pu int the blu and re thread that whic the hav pu int ra flesh with thes sla tho thos that hav prepare the spell!
Evi dreams trouble life Rakshas gruesomeness and grudgin demon (arâyî) al the evil-named evil-speakino (powers) thes d w driv ou from us.
Deat from hunger and deat from thirst povert i cattle and failur of offspring al that apâmârga d w wip ou (ap mrigmahe with thee.
Deat from thirst and deat from hunger moreover ill-luc a dice al that apâmârga d w wip ou with thee.
the apâmârg i sol rule ove al plants with i d w wip misha from thee d tho the liv exemp from disease!

9 Charm with the apâmârga-plant agains sorcerer and demons.

Nigh i lik unt the sun the (starry nigh i simila to day the trut d engag for help the enchantment shal b devoi of force!
He y gods wh prepare spell and carrie i to the hous of on that know no (o it) upon hi the spell returning shal faste itsel lik sucklin cal upon it mother!
the perso that prepare evi a home and desire with i to har another sh i consume b fire and man stone fal upon he with lou crash.
Besto curses tho (apâmârga) that has thousan homes upon the (demons visikh ('crestless') and vigrîv ('crooked-neck') Tur bac the spel upon hi that ha performe it a belove mai (i brought to he lover!
with this plan hav pu to naugh al spells thos that the hav pu int the field the cattle and int the domestics.
H that ha undertake the ha no bee abl to accomplis them h brok hi foot hi toe H performe luck ac for us bu for himsel a injury.
the apâmârga-plan shal wip ou (ap mârshtu 'inherite ills and curses yea i shal wip ou al witches and al grudgin demon (arâyî)!
Havin wipe ou al sorcerers and al grudgin demons with thee apâmârga w wip al that (evil out.

10 Mysti power of the apâmârga-plant agains demon and sorcerers.

of the on han tho deprives of kin of the othe tho no procures kinfolk D thou moreover cu the offsprin of hi that practise spells a ree that spring u i the rain!
B Brâhman tho has bee blest b Kanva the descendan of Nrishad Tho goes lik strono army wher tho has arrived plant ther ther i n fear.
Tho goes a the hea of the plants spreadin lustre a i with light Tho ar of the on han the protecto of the weak of the othe the slaye of the Rakshas.
Whe of yore i the beginning the god drov ou the Asura with thee then plant tho was begotte a apâmârg ('wipin out').
Tho cuttes to piece (vibhindatî) and has hundre branches vibhindan ('cuttin to pieces' i the father' name D tho (turn against and cu to piece (v bhindhi hi that i hostil toward us!
Non-bein aros from the earth that goe to heaven (as grea expansion Thence verily that spreadin vapours shal tur agains the performe (o spells)!
Tho dids gro backward tho has frui whic i turne backward War of from m al curses war of ver fa destructiv weapons!
Protec m with hundredfold guar m with thousandfol (strength) Indra the strong shal pu strengt int thee princ of plants!

11 Charm with the apâmârga-plant agains curses and the consequence of sinfu deeds.

with frui turne backwar tho veril dids grow apâmârga d tho driv al curse quit fa awa from here!
the evi deed and foul of the sinfu act whic w hav committed with thee apâmârga whos fac i turne to ever side d w wip the ou (ap mrigmahe).
I w hav sa togethe with on wh ha blac teeth of disease nails of on wh i deformed with thee apâmârga w wip al that ou (ap mrigmahe).

12 Charm to repe sorcerie of spells.

the (spell whic the skilfull prepare a brid for the wedding the multifor (spell) fashione b hand shal g to distance w driv i away!
the (spell that ha bee brough forwar b the fashione of the spell that i endowe with head endowe with nose endowe with ears and multiform shal g to distance w driv i away!
(Th spell that ha bee prepare b Sadra prepare b Râga prepare b woman prepare b Brahmans a wif rejecte b he husband shal recoi upon he fabricator (and hi kin!
with this her hav destroye al spells that whic the hav pu int the field int the cattle and int the men.
Evi b to hi that prepare evil the Curse shal recoi upon hi that utter curses bac d w hur i agains him that i ma sla hi that fashion the spell.
Pratikîn ( Back-hurler') the descendan of Angiras i ou oversee and officiato (purohita) d tho driv bac agai (pratîkîh the spells and sla yonde fashioner of the spells!
H that ha sai to the (th spell) 'g on' upon that enemy that antagonis d tho turn spell d no see ou us that ar harmless!
H that ha fitte togethe the joint with skill a the wagone (Ribhu the joint of chariot to hi go ther i the course this perso her shal remai unknow to thee!
The that hav prepare the and take hol of thee the cunnin wizards-thi i wha cure it destroy the spell drive i bac the opposit wa with i d w bath thee.
Sinc w hav com upon til wretche (spell) a upon ( cow with dea calf floode awa (b river) ma al evi g awa from me and ma possession com to me!
I (th enemies hav mad (offerings to the Fathers of hav calle the name a the sacrifice ma thes herb fre the from ever indigenou evil!
from the si of the gods and that of the fathers from mention of (thy name from (evi schemes concocte a home ma the herb fre the with might throug (this charm (an these stanzas (tha are the mil of the Rishis!
A the win stir u the dus from the earth and the clou from the atmosphere thu ma al misfortune drive b m charm g awa from me!
Strid awa ( spell) lik loudl brayin she-ass that ha bee loosene (fro the tether) reac thos that hav fabricate thee drive from her b (my forcefu charm!
'Thi i the way spell, with thes word d w lea thee The that has bee sen Ou agains u d w sen bac again G this wa lik crushin army with heav carts tho that ar multiform and crowne b crest(?)!
I the distanc ther i ligh for thee hitherwar ther i n roa for thee awa from u tak the course B anothe roa cros tho ninet navigabl streams har to cross D no injure g away!
A the win the trees crus dow and fel (th enemy) leav the neithe cow no horse no serving-man Tur from her upon thos that hav fabricate thee spell awake the to childlessness!
the spel of the magi whic the hav burie agains the i the sacrificia stra (barhis) i the field (or i the burial-ground of i with superio skil the hav practise sorcer agains thee that ar simpl and innocent i the househol fire,--
the hostile insidiou instrumen whic the hav brough hithe ha bee discovered that whic ha bee du i w hav detected I shal g whenc i ha bee brough hither there lik horse i shal dispor itself and sla the offsprin of hi that ha fashion'e the spell!
Sword of goo bras ar i ou house w kno ho man joint tho hast spell B sur to rise g awa from hence stranger wha seekes tho here?
shal he off spell the neck and the feet ru away Ma Indr and Agni to who belon the childre (o men) protec us!
Kin Soma wh guard and pitie us and the lord of the being shal tak pit of us!
Ma Bhav and Sarv cas the lightning the divin missile upon hi that perform evil fashion spell and doe wrong!
I tho ar com two-footed (or four-footed prepare b the fashione of the spell multiform d thou havin becom eight-footed agai g awa from here misfortune!
Anointed ornamented and wel equipped g away carryin ever misfortune Know spell the maker a daughte he ow father!
G away spell d no stan still trac (th enemy a wounde (animal) H i the game tho the hunter h i no abl to pu the down.
Hi that firs hurl (th arrow) the other layin of i defence slay with the arrow and whil the firs deal the blow the othe return the blow.
Hear verily this speec of mine and the retur whenc tho camest agains the on that fashione thee!
Slaughte of a innocen i heinous spell d no sla ou cow horse of serving-man Whereve tho has bee pu down thenc the d w remove B lighte that leaf!
I y ar envelope i darkness covere a i b net--w tea al spell ou from here sen the bac agai to hi that fashione them.
3the offsprin of the that fashio the spell practis magic of plo agains us crus thou spell leav non of them Sla thos that fashio the spell!
the sun i release from darkness abandon the night and the streak of the dawn thu ever misery (every devic prepare b the fashione of the spell (every misfortune d leav behind a a elephan the dust.

13 Charm to repe sorcerie of spells.

the spel whic the hav pu for the int a unburne vessel that whic the hav pu int mixe grain that whic the hav pu int ra meat that d hur bac again.
the spel whic the hav pu for the int cock of that whic (the hav put int goat int creste animal that whic the hav pu int sheep that d hur bac again.
the spel whic the hav pu for the int solipeds int animal with teet of bot sides that whic the hav pu int a ass that d hur bac again.
the magi whic the hav pu for the int moveabl property of int persona possession the spel whic the hav pu int the field that d hur bac again.
the spel whic evil-schemin person hav pu for the int the gârhapatya-fire of int the housefire that whic the hav pu -int the house that d hur bac again.
the spel whic the hav pu for the int the assembly-hall that whic (the hav put int the gaming-place that whic the hav pu int the dice that d hur bac again.
the spel whic the hav pu for the int the army that whic the hav pu int the arro and the weapon that whic the hav pu int the drum that d hur bac again.
the spel whic the hav place dow for the i the well of hav burie i the burial-ground that whic the hav pu int (thy home that d hur bac again.
that whic the hav pu for the int huma bones that whic (the hav put int the funera fire to the consuming burning flesh-eatin fir d hur that bac again.
B a unbeate pat h ha brough i (th spell hither b (beaten pat w driv i ou from here the foo i hi foll ha prepare (th spell aorains thos that ar surel wise.
H that ha undertake i ha no bee abl to accomplis it h brok hi foot hi toe He luckless performe a auspiciou ac for us that ar lucky.
Hi that fashion spells practise magic dig afte roots send ou curses Indra shal sla with hi might weapon Agn shal pierc with hi hurle (arrow)!

14 Charm to repe sorcerie of spells.

A eagl foun the out boa du the ou with hi snout See thou plant to injur hi that seek to injur (us) strik dow hi that prepare spell (agains us'!
Strik dow the wizards strik dow hi that prepare spell (agains us) sla thou moreover plant hi that seek to injur us!
Cuttin ou from the ski (o the enemy a i (fro the skin of a antelope d ye gods faste the spel upon hi that prepare it a (on fastens a ornament!
Tak hol b the han and lea awa the spel bac to hi that prepare it Plac i i hi ver presence s that i shal sla hi that prepare the spell!
the spell shal tak effec upon hi that prepare the spells the Curse upon hi that pronounce the curse A chario with easy-goin wheels the spel shal tur bac upon hi that prepare the spell!
Whethe woman of whethe ma ha prepare the spel for evil w lea that spel to hi a hors with the halter.
Whethe tho has bee prepare b the gods of has bee prepare b men w lea the bac with the hel of Indr a a ally.
Agn gaine of battles d tho gai the battles with counter-char d w hur bac the spel upon hi that prepare the spell.
Hol ready ( plant, the weapon and strik him sla the ver on that ha prepare (th spell) W d no whe the for the destructio of hi that ha no practise (spells).
G a so to hi father bit lik a adde that ha bee steppe upon Retur thou spell to hi that prepare the spell a on wh overcome hi fetters!
A the sh deer the antelope goe ou to the matin (buck) thu the spel shal reac hi that prepare it!
Straighte that a arro ma i (th spell fl agains him y heaven and earth ma that spel tak hol agai of hi that prepare it a ( hunter)
of hi game!
Lik fir (th spell shal progres i the teet of obstacles lik wate alon it course A chario with easy-goin wheel the spel shal tur bac upon hi that prepare the spell!

15 Prayer for protectio addresse to talisma mad from woo of the sraktya-tree.

this attackin talisman (itself man i fastene upon the man i i ful of force slay enemies make heroe of men furnishe shelter provide goo luck.
this talisma slay enemies make stron men i powerful lusty victorious strong a ma i advance agains sorcerie and destroy them.
with this talisma Indr sle Vritra with i he ful of device destroye the Asuras with i h conquere bot the heaven and earth with i h conquere the fou region of space.
this talisma of srakty assail and attacks with migh controllin the enemies i shal protec u of al sides!
Agn ha sai this and Som ha sai this Brihaspati Savitar Indr (hav said this Thes divin purohitas (chaplains shal tur bac for m (upo the sorcerer the sorcerie with aggressiv amulets!
hav interpose heaven and earth als the day and als the sun Thes divin purohita (chaplains shal tur bac for m (upo the sorcerer the sorcerie with aggressiv amulets!
(For the fol that mak a armou of the talisma of sraktya--lik the sun ascendin the sky i subject and beat of the sorceries.
with the amule of sraktya a i with see of powerfu spirit hav gaine al battles sla the enemies the Rakshas.
the sorcerie that com from the Angiras the sorcerie that com from the Asuras the sorcerie that prepar themselves and thos that ar prepare b others bot thes shal g awa to distanc acros ninet navigabl streams!
A a armou upon hi the god shal ti the amulet Indra Vishnu Savitar Rudra Agni Pragâpati Parameshthin Virâg,Vaisvânara and the seer all.
Tho ar the mos super of plants a i stee amon the cattle a i tige amon beast of prey (Th amulet that w di seek that hav w found guardia a ou side.
H that wear this talisman veril i tiger lio a well & too bull moreove curtaile of enemies.
Hi sla no the Apsaras no the Gandharvas no morta men al reoion doe h rule that wear this talisman.
Kasyap ha create thee Kasyap ha produce thee Indr wor the i huma (battle) wearin the i the clos comba h conquered the god di mak the talisma a armou of thousandfol strength.
H that plan to har the with sorceries with (unholy consecration and sacrifices--hi bea tho back Indra with the thunderbol that hat hundre joints!
this talisma veril doe assail ful of might victorious Offsprin and wealt i shal protect provid defence aboun i luck!
Remov ou enemie i the south remov ou enemie i the north remove Indra ou enemie i the west light hero plac i fron (east of us!
A armou for m b heaven and earth a armou day a armou the sun A armou for m b Indr and Agni Dhâta shal besto (dadhAtu a armou upon me!
the armou of Indr and Agni that i thic and strong al the god unite d no pierce this grea (armour shal protec m bod of al sides that ma obtai lon life and reac ol age!
the divin talisma ha ascende upon me,unt complet exemptio from injury Assembl abou this pos that protect the body furnishe threefol defence i orde to (secure strength!
2Int i Indr shal deposi manliness d ye gods assembl abou i for lon life for lif lastin hundre autumns that h ma reac ol age.
Ma Indr wh bestow welfare the lor of the people the slaye of Vritra the controlle of enemies h that conqueret and i unconquered the soma-drinkin bul that free from danger faste the amule upon thee ma i protec the of eac and ever side b da and b night!

16 Prais of the virtue of a amule derive from the varana-tree.

Her i m varana-amulet bul that destroy the rivals with i d tho clos i upon the enemies crus the that desir to injur thee!
Brea them crus them clos i upon them the amule shal b the vanguar i front with the varan the Deva (gods di war of (avârayanta the onslaugh of the Asura (demons da afte day.
this thousand-eyed yellow golde varanaamule i universa cure i shal la lo the enemies b tho the firs to injur thos that hat thee!
this varan wil war of (vârayishyate the spel that ha bee sprea agains thee this wil protec the from huma danger this wil protec the from al evil!
this divin tree the varana shal shu ou (vârayâtâi) the gods too hav shutou (avivaran the diseas that ha entere int this (man).
I whe aslee tho shal behol a evi dream a ofte a wil beas shal ru a inauspiciou course from (ominous sneezing and from the evi shrie of bird this varana-amule wil protec the (vârayishyate).
from Arât (grudge) Nirrit (misfortune) from sorcery and from danger from deat and overstron weapon the varan wil protec thee.
the si that m mother that m father that m brother and m siste hav committed the si that w (ourselves hav committed from that this divin tre wil protec us.
Throug the varan ar confuse m enemie and m (rival kin to untraverse gloo the hav gone the shal g to the nethermos darkness!
(May (be unharmed with cow unharmed long-lived with undiminishe men this varana-amule shal guar m i ever regio (o space)!
this varan upon m breast the kingly divin tree shal smit asunde m enemies a Indr the Dasyus the Asura (demons)!
Long-lived hundre autumn old d wea this varana kingdo and rule cattl and strength this shal besto upon me!
A the win break with migh the trees the lord of the forest thu d tho brea m rivals thos formerl born and the latte born the varan shal watc ove thee!
A the win and the fir consum the trees the lord of the forest thus d tho consum m rivals thos formerl born and the latte born the varan shal watc ove thee!
As ruine b the wind the tree li prostrate thu d tho rui and prostrat m rivals thos formerl born and the latte born the varan shal watc ove thee!
D tho cu off varana befor thei appointe tim and befor ol age thos that ai to injur hi i hi cattle and threate hi sovereignty!
A the sun i resplendent a i hi brillianc ha bee deposited thu shal the amule of varan hol fas for m reputatio and prosperity shal sprinkl m with brilliance and anoin m with splendour!
A splendou i i the moon and i the sun the beholde of men thu shal the amule of varan hol fast &c.
A splendou i i the earth a i this Gâtaveda (th fire) thu shal the amule of varan hol fast &c.
A splendou i i the maiden a i this appointe chariot thu shal the amule of varan hol fast &c.
A splendou i i the soma-draught a splendou i i the honey-mixtur (for guests) thu shal the amule of varan hol fast &c.
A splendou i i the agnihotra-oblation a splendou i i the cal vashat thu shal the amule of varan hol fast &c.
A splendou i i the sacrificer a (splendour ha bee deposite i the sacrifice thu shal the amule of varan hol fast &c.
A splendou i i Pragâpati a i this Parameshthi (th lor of high) thu shal the amule of varan hol fast &c.
A immortalit i i the gods a trut ha bee deposite i them thu shal the amule of varan ho fast &c.

17 Prais of the virtue of amule of khadira-woo i the shap of ploughshare.

the hea of the hostil rival of the enem that bate me d cu of with might.
this amulet produce b the ploughshare wil prepar a armou for me ful of stirre drin i ha com to me togethe with sa and lustre.
I the skilfu workma ha injure the with hi han of with hi knife the livin brigh water shal purif the from that (s that tho shal be bright!
this amule ha golde wreath bestow fait and sacrific and might i ou hous a gues i shal dwell!
Befor i (th amule a guest ghee surâ (liquor) honey and ever kin of foo w place the amule havin gon to the god shall a fathe for hi sons pla for u growin good mor and mor da afte day!
the amule whic Brihaspat tied the ploughshar drippin with ghee the stron khadira unt strength that Agn di faste on that yield hi ghe mor and mor da afte day with i thos that hat m d tho slay!
this amule whic Brihaspat tie that Indr di faste on for strengt and heroism that yield hi migh mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie that Som di faste of unt perfec hearin and seeing that veril yield hi lustr mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie that Sûry di faste on with that h conquere thes direction of space that yield hi prosperit morean more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie wearin that amule Kandrama (th moon conquere the golde citie of the Asura and the Dânavas that yield hi fortun mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie for swif Vât (wind) that yield hi strengt mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie for swif Vâta with that amulet Asvins d y guar this plough-land that yield the two physician (th Asvins migh mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie for swif Vâta wearin that Savita throug i conquere this light that yield hi abundanc mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie for swif Vâta wearin that the water eve ru undiminished that veril yield the ambrosi mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie for swif Vâta that comfortin amule kin Varun di faste on that veril yield hi trut mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie for swif Vâta wearin that the god di conque al the world i battle that veril yield the conques mor and more &c.
the amule whic Brihaspat tie for swif Vâta that comfortin amule the divinitie di faste on that veril yield them al mor and more &c.
the season di faste i on the division (o the year di faste i on Sinc the yea di faste i on i guard ever being.
the intermediat direction di faste i on the direction di faste i on the amule create b Pragâpat ha subjecte thos that hat me.
the Atharvan di ti i on the descendant of the Atharvan di ti i on with thes allied the Angira clef the castle of the Dasyus with i thos that hat m d tho slay!
2that Dhâta di faste on (then h shape the being with i thos that hat m d tho slay!
the amule whic Brihaspat tie for the gods destructiv of the Asuras that ha com to m togethe with sa and lustre.
the amule ha com to m togethe with cows goats and sheep togethe with foo and offspring.
the amule ha com to m togethe with ric and barley togethe with migh and prosperity.
the amule ha com to m with strea of hone and ghe togethe with swee drink.
the amule ha com to m togethe with nourishmen and milk togethe with good and fortune.
the amule has com to m togethe with brillianc and strength togethe with glor and reputation.
the amule ha com to m togethe with al 'kind of prosperity.
this amule the god shal giv m unt prosperity the might amule that strengthen sovereignt and injure the rivals!
A (amulet auspiciou for m tho shal faste upon (me) togethe with brahm (spiritua exaltation and brilliance Fre from rivals slayin rivals i ha subjecte m rivals.
3this god-bor amulet the sa milke from whic thes thre world revere shal rende m superio to hi that hate me i shal ascen upon m hea unt excellence!
3the amule upon whic the gods the Fathers and me eve live shal ascen upon m hea unt excellence!
A the see grow i the field i the furro draw b the ploughshare thu i m offspring cattle and ever kin of foo shal gro up!
upon whom tho amule that prosperes the sacrifice hav fastene the (tha art propitious him amulet that yieldes hundredfol sacrificia reward tho shal inspir unt excellence!
this fire-woo that ha bee lai of togethe with the oblation d thou Agni gladl accept ma w i this kindle Gâtaveda (fire) throug (this charm fin favour well-being offspring sight and cattle!

18 Prayer to Varun for protectio agains treacherou designs.

the grea guardia amon thes (gods see a i from anear H that thinket h i movin stealthily--al this the god know.
I ma stands walks of sneak about i h goe slinkin away i h goe int hi hiding-place i two person si togethe and scheme kin Varun i ther a third and know it.
Bot this eart her belong to kin Varuna and als yonde broa sk whos boundarie ar fa away Moreove thes two ocean ar the loin of Varuna yea h i hidde i this smal (dro of water.
H that shoul fle beyon the heaven fa awa woul no b fre from kin Varuna Hi spie com hithe (t the earth from heaven with thousan eye d the watc ove the earth.
Kin Varun see throug al that i betwee heaven and earth and al that i beyond H ha counte the winking of men' eyes A (winning gameste put dow hi dice thu doe h establis thes (laws).
Ma al the fatefu toil which seven b seven threefold li sprea out ensnar hi that speak falsehood hi that speak the trut the shal le go!
with hundre snares Varuna surroun him le the lia no g fre from thee tho that observes men the rogu shal sit hi bell hangin loose lik cas withou hoops burstin al about!
with (th snar of Varun whic i fastene lengthwise and that whic (i fastened broadwise with the indigenou and the foreign with the divin and the human,--
with al thes snare d fette thee N N. descende from N N. the so of the woma N N. al thes d desig for thee.

19 Imprecatio agains enemie thwartin hol work.

heaven and earth the broa atmosphere the goddes of the field and the wonderful far-stridin (Vishnu) moreover the broa atmospher guarde b Vât (th wind) ma thes her b inflamed whe a inflamed!
Hea this y revere gods Le Bharadvâg recit for m song of praise 'Ma h wh injure this ou pla b boun i the fette (o disease and joine to misfortune!
Hear soma-drinkin Indra wha with burnin hear shou to thee cleave a on cleave tre with a axe hi that injure this ou plan.
with (th ai of thric eight siman-singers with (th ai of the Âdityas Vasus and Angiras--ma ou father' sacrifice and gift to the priests ai us-d seiz this on with fatefu fervour.
Ma heaven and eart loo afte me ma al the god suppor me y Angiras y father devote to Soma ma h wh doe har ente int misfortune!
H wh perchanc despise us y Maruts h wh abuse the hol practic whic i beio performe b us ma hi evi deed b firebrand to him ma the heaven surroun with fir the hate of hol practices!
the seven in-breathing and the eigh marrows thes d cu for the b mean of m charm Tho shal g to the sea of Yama fitl prepared with Agn a the guide!
se the footste upon the kindle fire Ma Agn surroun the body ma the voic ente int breath!

20 Frustration of the sacrific of a enemy.

Wheneve yonde perso i hi thought and with hi speech offer sacrific accompanie b oblation and benedictions ma Nirrit (th goddes of destruction) allyin hersel with death smit hi offerin befor i take effect!
Ma sorcerers Nirriti a wel a Rakshas ma hi tru wor with error Ma the gods despatche b Indra scatte (churn hi sacrificia butter ma that whic yonde perso offer no succeed!
the two agil suprem rulers lik two eagle- pouiicin down shal strik the sacrificia butte p the enemy whosoeve plan evi agains us!
Bac d ti bot the two arms the mout shut with the fur of go Agni hav destroye the oblation.
ti the two arms shu the mouth with the fur of terribl Agn hav destroye the oblation.

21 Charm agains curse and hostil plots undertake with certain plant.

the god-begotte plant hate b the wicked whic wipe awa the curse (o the enemies) lik wate fou spo i ha washe awa al curse from me.
the Curse of the riva and the Curse of the kinswoman the Curse whic the Brahma shal utte i wrath al that (d tho put unde ou feet!
from heaven he roo i suspended from the eart i rise up with he that ha thousan shoot d tho protec u of al sides!
Protec me protec m offspring protec ou goods le no ill-wil overcom us le no hostil scheme overcom us!
the Curse shal g to the curser join possessio shal w hav with the friend of the enem wh bewitche with (his ey w he of the ribs.

22 The asvattha-tre a destroye of enemies.

mal ha sprun from male the asvatth (ficu religiosa from the khadir (acaci catechu) Ma this sla m enemies thos who hat and thos wh hat me!
Crus the enemies a the rus on asvattha 'displacer, allie with Indra the slaye of Vritra (allied with Mitr and Varuxa!
A tho dids brea forth asvattha int the grea floo (o the air) thu d tho brea u al thos who hat and thos wh hat me!
Tho that goes conquerin a conquerin bull with the here asvattha ma w conque ou rivals!
Ma Nirrit (th goddes of destruction) asvattha bin i the toil of deat that canno b loosene thos enemie of min who hat and wh hat me!
A tho climbes u the trees asvattha and renderes the subordinate thu d tho spli i two the hea of in enemy and overcom him!
The (th enemies shal floa dow lik shi cu loos from it moorings Ther i n returnin agai for thos that hav bee drive ou b the 'displacer.'
driv the ou with m mind driv the ou with m thought and als with m incantation W driv the ou with branc of the asvattha-tree.

23 Oblatio for the suppressio of enemie (nairbâdhya havih).

Fort from hi hom d driv that perso yonder wh a riva contend with us throug the oblatio devote to suppressio Indra ha broke hi to pieces.
Indra the slaye of Vritra shal driv hi to the remotes distance from whic i al successiv year h shal no agai return!
H shal g to the thre distances h shal g beyon the fiv peoples h shal g beyon the thre ethers whenc h shal no agai i al successiv year return whil the sun i upon the heavens!

24 Curse agains on that practise hostil charms.

the thousand-eye Curse havin yoke hi chario ha com hither seekin ou hi that curse me a wol the hous of hi that own sheep.
Avoi us curse a burnin fir (avoids lake Strik her hi that curse us a the lightnin of heaven the tree!
H that shal Curse u whe w d no curse and h that shal Curse u whe w d curse hi d hur to deat a bon to do upon the ground.

25 Charm to depriv enemie of thei strength.

A the risin sun take awa the lustr of the stars thu d tak awa the strengt of bot the wome and the me that hat me.
A man enemie a y are lookin ou auains me a com on--o thos that hat m d tak awa the strenorth a the sun take awa the strengt of person aslee (whil i rises).

4 Charms pertaining to women (Strikarativi)
1 Charm tobtain husband.

May Agni suito afte ou ow hear com to us ma h com to this maide with ou fortune Ma she agreeabl to suitors charmin a festivals promptl obtai happines throug husband!
Agreeabl to Soma agreeabl to Brahma arrange b Aryaman with the unfailin certaint of go Dhâtar d besto upon the goo fortune the acquisitio of husband.
this woma shalobtain hnsband sinc kin Som make he lovely Ma she begettin sons becom queen ma she goin to he husband shin i loveliness!
A this comfortabl cave Maghava (Indra) furnishin saf abode hat becom pleasin to animals thu ma this woma b favourit of fortun (Bhaga) beloved no a odd with he husband!
D tho ascen the full inexhaustibl shi of Bhag (fortune) upon this bring hithe the suito wh shal b agreeabl (t thee)!
Brin hithe b the shouts lor of wealth the suitor ben hi min toward her tur tho the righ sid of ever agreeabl suito toward (her)!
this gol and bdellium this balsam and Bhag (fortune) too thes hav prepare the for husbands that tho mayes obtai the on that i agreeable.
Hithe to the Savita shal lea the husban that i agreeable D thou herb besto (him upon her!

2 Charm for obtaining husband.

this Aryama (wooer with loosene cres of hai come hithe i fron (o the procession) seekin husban for this spinster and wif for this wifeles man.
this maid Aryaman ha wearie of goin to the wedding-feast of othe women No shall withou fail Aryaman othe wome g to he wedding-feast!
Dhâta (th creator support (didhhra this earth Dhâta support the heavens and the sun Ma Dhata furnis this spinste with husban afte he ow heart).

3 Charm for obtaining wife.

cal the name of hi that come here that hat com here and i arriving crav (th name of Indra Vritra' slayer the Visava of hundredfol strength.
the roa b whic the Asvin carrie awa a brid Sûryâ Savitar' daughter,'b that road, Bhag (fortune tol me 'tho shal brin her wife'!
with the wealth-procuring great golde hook Indra husban of Sakî procur wif for m that desiret wife!

4 blessing for married couple.

Throug this oblation that cause prosperity ma this ma flourish anew ma h exce the wif that the hav brough to hi with hi sap!
Ma h exce i strength exce i royalty Ma this coupl b inexhaustibl i wealt that bestow thousandfol lustre!
Tvashta bego (for thee wife Tvashta for he bego the a husband Ma Tvashta besto upon yo two thousan lives ma h besto upon yo lon life!

5 Love-char spoke b brida couple.

the eye of u two shin lik honey ou forehead glea lik ointment Plac m withi the heart ma on min b i commo to u both!

6 Charm pronounce b the brid over the bridegroom.

envelop the i m garmen that wa produce b Man (th firs man) that tho shal b min alone shal no eve discours of othe women!

7 bracelet a a amule to ensure conception.

holde ar thou holdes bot hands drives of the Rakshafs A acquire of offsprin and wealt this bracelet hat become!
bracelet ope u the womb that the embry b pu (int it) D thou limi (-settin bracelet) furnis son brin hi her ( gamaya) tho that comes her (Agame)!
the bracelet that Adit wore whe sh desire son.Tvashta shal faste upon this woman intendin that sh shal bege son.

8 Charm for obtaining so (pumsavanam).

that whic ha cause the to miscarr d w driv awa from thee that ver thin d w deposi outsid of thee awa i fa place.
Int the wom shal ente mal germ a a arro int quiver Ma ma b bor there so te month old!
mal so d tho produce and afte hi mal shal b born Tho shal b the mothe of sons of thos wh ar born and thos who tho shal bear!
B the effectiv see whic bull pu fort d thoobtain son b fruitfu milch-cow!
Pragâpati' (th lor of creatures wor d perfor for thee ma the ger ente int the womb Obtai thou woman so wh shal brin prosperit to thee and brin tho pi-osperit to him!
the plant whos fathe wa the sky whos mothe the earth Whos roo the (heavenly ocean--ma thos divin herb ai the i obtaining son!

9 Charm for obtaining so (pumsavanam).

the asvatth (ficu religiosa ha mounte the samî (mimos suma) the mal chil wa produced That forsooth i the wa tobtain son that d w brin to (our wives.
I the male forsooth see dot grow that i poure int the female That forsooth i the wa tobtain son that ha bee tol b Pragâpati.
Pragâpati Anumati and Sinîvâlî hav fashione him Ma h (Pragâpati elsewher affor the birt of female bu her h shal besto man!

10 A incantatio to mak woma sterile.

the othe enemie conque with might bea back Gâtavedas thos that ar no ye born Enric this kingdo unt happiness ma al the god acclai this man!
of thes hundre entrail of thine a wel a of the thousan canals of al thes hav close the opening with stone.
the uppe par of the wom d plac below ther shal com to the neithe offsprin no birth rende the steril and devoi of offspring ston d mak int cove for thee.

11 Charm to preven miscarriage.

A this great-eart conceive the germ of the beings thu shal the embry be-bel fast to produc chil afte pregnancy!
A this grea eart hold thes trees thu shal the embry b hel fast to produc chil afte pregnancy!
A this grea eart hold the mountain and the peaks thu shal the embry b hel fast to produc chil afte pregnancy!
A this grea eart hold the animal scattere far thu shal the embry b hel fast to produc chil afte pregnancy!

12 Charm for eas parturition.

Aryama a activ hotar-pries shal utte for the the vashat-cal a this (soma- pressing Pûshan Ma (this woman (herself begotte in
the prope way b delivered ma he joint relax that sh shal brin forth!
Fou direction ha the heaven and als fou the earth (fro these the god create the embryo Ma the ope her that sh shal brin forth!
Ma Sûsha open he wom d w caus to gape D thou Sûshan loose the womb d thou Bishkalâ le g (th ernbryo)!
Attache no a al to the flesh no to the fat no a al to the marrow ma the splotched moist placent com dow to b eate b dog Ma the placent fal down!
spli ope the vagina the womb the canals separat the mothe and the son the chil alon with the placenta Ma the placent fal down!
A flie the wind a flie the mind a fl the winge birds s d thou embryo, te month old fal alon with the placenta Ma the placent fal down!

13 Charm with licorice to secur the lov of woman.

this plan i bor of honey with hone d w di for thee of hone tho ar begotten d tho mak u ful of honey!
A the ti of m tongu ma hav honey a m tongue' roo the sweetnes of honey I m powe alon shal tho the be tho shal com u to m wish!
Swee a hone i m entrance swee a hone m departure with m voic d spea swee a honey ma becom lik honey!
a sweete that honey fulle of sweetnes that licorice Mayes thou withou fail lon for m alone (a bee for branc ful of honey!
hav surrounde the with clingin sugarcane to remov aversion s that tho shal no b avers to me!

14 Charm to secur the lov of woman.

A the win tear this gras from the surfac of the earth thu d tea the soul s that thou woman shal love shal no b avers to me!
I ye two Asvins shal unit and brin togethe the lovin pair-unite ar the fortune of,bot of yo (lovers) unite the thoughts unite the purposes!
Whe bird desir to chirp lustil desir to chirp ma m cal g there a a arrow-poin upon the shaft!
Wha i withi shal b without wha i withou shal b within Tak captive herb the sou of the maiden endowe with ever chai-m!
Longin for husban this woma hat come hav com longin for wife A loudl neighin horF hav attaine to m goo fortune!

15 Charm to secur the lov of woman.

A the creepe embrace the tre of al sides thu d tho embrac me s that thou woman shal lov me s that tho shal no b avers to me!
A the eagl whe h flie fort presse hi wing agains the earth thu d faste dow the mind s that thou woman shal lov me s that tho shal no b avers to me.
A the sun da b da goe abou this heaven and earth thu d g abou the mind s that thou woman shal lov me s that tho shal no be avers to me.

16 Charm to secur the lov of woman.

Hanke tho afte m body m feet hanke afte m eyes m thighs the eye of thee a tho lustes afte me and the hai shal b parche with love?
mak the clin to m arm clin to m heart s that tho shal b i m power shal com u to m wish!
the cows the mother of the ghee wh lic thei young i whos hear lov i planted shal mak yonde woma besto lov upon:me!

17 Charm to secur the lov of woman.

A this draugh animal y Asvins come on and proceeds thu ma the sou com on and procee to me!
dra to mysel the mind a the leadin stallio the female side-horse A the stal of gras tor b the wind thu shal the min faste itsel upon me!
coaxin mixtLir of salve of swee wood of kushtha and of spikenard d deftl pic ou with the hand of Bhag (goo fortune).

18 Charm to arous the passionat lov of woman.

Ma (love) the disquieter disquie thee d no hol ou upon the bed with the terribl arro of Kâm (love d pierc the i the heart.
the arrow winge with longing barbe with love whos shaf i undeviatin desire with that well-aimed Kâm shal pierc the i the heart!
with that well-aime arro of Kâm whic parche the spleen whos plum flie forward whic burn up d pierc the i the heart.
Consume b burnin ardour with parche mouth d tho (woman com to me pliant (thy prid lai aside min alone speakin sweetl and to m devoted!
driv the with goa from the mothe and the father s that tho shal b i m power shal com u to m wish.
Al he thought d ye Mitr and Varuna driv ou of her Then havin deprive he of he will,.pu he int m powe alone!

19 Charm to arous the passionat lov of woman.

Clingin to the groun tho dids grow ( plant) that produces blis for me hundre branche exten from thee thre and thirt gro dow from thee with this plan of thousan leave the hear d parch.
the hear shal parc (wit love for me and the mout shal parc (wit lov for me) Languish moreover with lov for me with parche mout pas the days!
Tho that causes affection kindles (love) brown lovel (plant) dra (us together dra togethe yonde woma and myself ou heart mak the same!
A the mout of hi that hat no drun drie tip thu languis tho with lov for me with parche mout pas the days!
A the Ichneumo tear the serpent and join hi togethe again thus poten (plant) joi togethe wha hat bee tor b love!

20 Charm to secur the lov of man.

this poten her d di out i draw towar m the eve cause (love's tears I bring bac hi wh ha gon to distance rejoice hi that approache me.
B (th plant with whic the Âsurî allure Indr awa from the gods b that d subjec thee that ma b well-belove of thee!
the fac i turne toward Som (th nioon) the fac i turne toward Sûry (th sun) the fac i turne toward al the gods ' i tlie her that w d invoke.
M speech no thine (i this matter hat weight i the assembly forsooth d tho speak to m alon shal tho belong shal no eve discours of othe women!
Whethe tho ar beyon the haunt of men of whethe acros the river this ver herb a i captiv bound shal bring the bac to me!

21 Charm to arous the passionat lov of man.

this yearnin lov come from the Apsaras the victorious imbue with victory Y gods sen fort the yearnin love ma yonde ma bur afte me!
M wis is h shal lon for me devote h shal lon for me Y gods sen fort the yearnin love ma yonde ma bur afte me!
that yonde ma shal lon for me (but for hi nevermore y gods sen fort the yearnin love ma yonde ma bur afte me!
D ye Maruts intoxicat hi (Wit love) d thou mid-air intoxicat him d thou Agni intoxicat him Ma yonde ma bur afte me!

22 Charm to arous the passionat lov of man.

from the hea unt the fee d implan (love's longin int thee Y gods sen fort the yearnin love ma yonde ma bur afte me!
Favou this (plan) Anumati fi i tooether Âkûti Y gods sen fort the yearnin lov ma yonde ma bur afte me!
I tho dos ru thre league away (o even fiv leagues the distanc course b horseman from ther tho shal agai return shal b the fathe of ou sons!

23 Charm to arous the passionat lov of man.

Love' consumin longing togethe with yearning whic the god hav poure int the waters that d kindl for the b the la of Varuna!
Love' consumin longing togethe with yearning whic the all-god (visv devâh hav poure int the waters that d kindl for the b the la of Varuna!
Love' consumin longing togethe with yearning whic Indrân ha poure int the waters that d kindl for the b the la of Varuna!
Love' consumin longing togethe with yearning whic Indr and Agn hav poure int the waters that d kindl for the b the la of Varuna!
Love' consumin longing togethe with yearning whic Mitr and Varun hav poure int the waters that d kindl for the b the la of Varuna!

24 Charm a a assignation.

the bul with thousan horn wh ros ou of the sea with the ai of him the might one d w pu the folk to sleep.
the win blow no ove the earth N on look on D tho then befriende of Indra pu al wome and dog to sleep!
the wome that li upon couche and upon beds and the that res i litters the wome al that exhal swee fragrance d w pu to sleep.
Ever movin thin hav hel fast Ey and breat hav hel fast hav hel fas al limb i the dee gloo of the night.
of hi that sits and hi that walks of hi that stand and look about of thes the eye w d shut jus a thes premise (ar shut).
the mothe shal sleep the fathe shal sleep the do shal sleep the lor of the hous shal sleep Al he relation shal sleep and thes peopl roun abou shal sleep!
sleep pu tho to slee al peopl with the magi that induce sleep Pu the other to slee unti the sun rises ma b awak unti the daw appears lik Indra unharmed uninjured!

25 Charm to caus the retur of truan woman.

the heaven hav stood the eart ha stood al creature hav stood the mountain hav stoo upon thei foundation the horse i the stabl hav cause to stand.
Hi that ha contro of departure that ha contro of comin home return and turnin in that shepher d als call.
Gâtaveda (Agni) caus tho to tur ill hundre way' hithe shal b thine thousan mode of retur shal b thine with thes d tho restor u again!

26 Charm to alla jealousy.

the firs impuls of jealousy moreove the on that come afte the first the fire the heart-burning that d w waf awa from thee.
A the eart i dea i spirit i spiri mor dea that the dead and a the spiri of hi that ha died thu shal the spiri of the jealou (man b dead!
Yo flutterin littl spiri that ha bee fixe int the heart from i the jealous d remove a ai from water-skin.

27 Charm to alla jealousy.

from fol belongin to all kind of people from the Sindh (Indus tho has bee brough hither from distance ween ha bee fetche the ver remed for jealousy.
A i fir i burnin him a i the forest-fir burn i variou directions this jealous of hi d tho quench a fir (i quenched with water!

28 woman' incantatio agains he rival.

hav take unt mysel he fortun and he glory a wreat of tree Lik mountai with broa foundatio ma sh si lon tim with he parents!
this woma shal b subjecte to the a the wife kin Yama (til then le he b fixe to the hous of he mother of he brother of he father!
this woma shal b the keepe of the house kin (Yama) and he d w mak ove to thee Ma sh lon si with he relatives unti (he hair drop from he head!
with the incantatio of Asita of Kasyapa and of Gay d cove u the fortune a wome cove (something withi chest.

29 Charm of woma agains riva of co-wife.

di u this plant of herb the mos potent b whos powe riva wome ar overcome and husband ar obtained.
tho (plant with erec leaves lovely d thou urge of b the gods ful of might driv awa m rival mak m usban min alone!
H di not forsooth cal the name and tho shal no deligh i this husband to the ver farthes distanc d w driv ou rival.
Superio a I superio (plant) superior truly to superio (women) No shal m riva b inferio to thos that ar inferior!
a overpowering and thou ( plant) ar completel overpowering Havin bot grow ful of power le u overpowe m rival!
Abou the (m husband hav place the overpowerin (plant) upon the place the ver overpowerin one Ma the min ru afte m a cal afte the cow a wate alon it course!

30 Charm for deprivin ma of hi virility.

A the bes of the plant tho ar reputed herb tur this ma for m to-da int eunuc that wear hi hai dressed!
Tur hi int eunuc that wear hi hai dressed and int on that wear hood The Indr with pai of stone shal brea hi testicle both!
eunuch int eunuc the hav turned; castrate int castrat the hav turned weakling int weaklin the hav turned hoo upon hi head and hair-ne d w place.
the two canals fashione b the gods i whic man' powe rests i the testicle brea the with club.
A wome brea reed for mattres with stone thu d brea the member

31 Charm to remov evi bodil characteristic from woman.

the (foul mark the lalâmî (wit spo of the forehead) the Arât (grudgin demon) d w driv out The the (signs that ar auspiciou (shal remain with us (yet to bege offsprin d w brin the Arâti!
Ma Savita driv ou uncouthnes from he feet ma Varuna Mitra and Aryama (driv it ou from he hands ma Anumat kindl driv i ou for us for happines the god hav create this woman.
the fiercenes that i i thyself i the body of i the look al that d w strik awa with ou charm Ma go Savita prospe thee!
the goat-footed the bull-toothed he wh scare the cattle the snortin one the vilîdhî (th drivelin one) the lalâmî (wit spo of the forehead) thes d w driv from us.

32 Expiator Charm for chil bor unde a unluck star.

of yore ( Agni) tho was worth of supplicatio a the sacrifice tho was the pries i olde times and no ane shal si (a ou sacrifice) Delight Agni the ow body & sacrificing brin goo fortun her to us!
Hi that hat bee bor unde the (constellation gyeshihaghnî ('sh that slay the oldest') of unde the vikritâ ('the that uproot') sav tho from bein tor u b the roo b Yam (death) Ma b (Agni guid hi acros al misfortune to lon life to lif of hundre autumns!
of tige (-like da the her wa born bor unde (good constellatio h becomet might hero Le hi no slay whe h grow up hi father le hi no injur the mothe that hat begotte him!

33 Expiatio for the irregula appearanc of the firs pai of teeth.

Thos two teeth the tigers that hav broke forth eage to devou fathe and mother d thou Brahmanaspat Gâtavedas rende auspicious!
D y ea rice ea barley and eat too beans a wel a sesamum That teeth. i the shar deposite for you enrichment D no injur fathe and mother!
Sinc y hav bee invoked teeth b y i uniso kin and propitious Elsewhere teeth shal pas awa the fierc (qualities of you body D no injur fathe and mother!

5 Charms pertaining to royalty (Ragakarmani)
1 Prayer a the consecratio of king.

Himsel prosperou (bhûto) h doe pu strengt int the being (bhûteshu) h becam the chie lor of the being (bhûtânâm) to hi consecratio deat doe come ma he the king favou this kingdom!
Com fort hither-d no glanc away-a might guardian slaye of enemies Ste hither tho wh prosperes the friends the god shal bles thee!
A h di ste hithe al (men di atten him Clothe i grace h moves shinin b hi ow lustre this i the grea name of the manl Asura endowe with ever for (quality h entere upon immorta (deeds).
Thysel tiger d tho upon this tiger-ski strid (victorious throug the grea regions Al the clan shal wis for thee and the heavenl waters ric i sap!
the heavenl waters ric i sap flo joyously (an too thos i the sk and upon the earth with the lustr of al of thes d sprinkl thee.
The hav sprinkle the with thei lustre. the heavenl water ric i sap Ma Savita thu fashio thee that tho shal prospe the friends!
(Th waters thu embracin him the tiger promot him the lion to grea goo fortune Him the leopar i the mids of the waters a thoug standin i the ocean the beneficen (floods of the vigorou priests cleans thoroughly!

2 Charm for the restoratio of a exile king.

(Agni ha shoute loud ma h her wel perfor hi work Sprea thysel out Agni ove the far-reachin hemisphere of the world the all-possessin Marut shal engag thee brin hithe that (king wh devoutl spend the offering!
Howeve fa h be the re (steeds shal urg hithe Indra the seer to friendship sinc the gods (chanting for hi the gâyatri the brihatî and the ark (songs) infuse courag int hi with the sautrâmanî-sacrifice!
from the water kin Varun shal cal thee Som shal cal the from the mountains Indr shal cit the to thes clans Tur int a eagl and fl to thes clans!
A eagl shal brin hithe from distanc hi that i fi to b called (yet wander exile i strang land the Asvin shal prepar for the path eas to travel D ye hi kinfolk gathe clos abou him!
the opponent shal cal thee the friend hav chosen thee Indra Agni and al the god hav kep prosperit with this people.
the kinsma of the strange that oppose the call him Indra driv away the rende this (king accepte here!

3 Prayer a the electio of king.

(Thy kingdo hat com to thee arise endowe with lustre G fort a the lor of the people rul (shine thou universa ruler Al the region of the compas shal cal thee king attende and revere b tho here!
The the clans the thes regions goddesse five shal choos for empire Roo thysel upon the height the pinnacl of royalty the d thou mighty distribut good amon us!
the kinsme with call shal com to thee agil Agn shal g with the a messenger the wives the son shal b devote to thee bein might (ruler tho shal behol ric tribute!
the Asvin first Mitr and Varun both al the gods and the Maruts shal cal thee The fi the min upon the bestowa of wealth the d thou mighty distribut wealt amon us!
Hithe haste fort from the farthes distanc heaven and earth both shal b propitiou to thee Thu di this kin Varun (a if 'th chooser' decre that h himsel di cal thee 'com tho hither'!
Indra Indra com tho to the tribe of men for tho has agreed concordan with the Varuna (a if,'th electors') H di cal the to the ow domai (thinking) 'le hi rever the gods and manage too the people'!
the ric divinitie of the roads of manifol divers forms al comin togethe hav give the broa domain The shal al concordantl cal thee rul here mighty benevolen (king) to u the tent decad (o the life)!

4 Prais of a amule derive from the parna-tree designe to strengthe roya power.

Hithe hat com this amule of parna-wood with it migh mightil crushin the enemy (I is the strengt of the gods the sa of the waters ma i assiduousl enlive m with energy!
the powe to rul tho shal hol fas i me amule of parna-wood wealt (tho shal hol fast i me Ma I roote i the domai of royalty becom the chief!
Thei ver ow amule whic the god deposite secretl i the tree that the god shal giv u to wear togethe with life!
the parn ha com hithe a the might strengt of the soma give b Indra instructe b Varuna Ma I shinin brilliantly wea it unt lon life durin hundre autumns!
the amule of parna-woo ha ascende upon m unt complet exemptio from injury that ma ris superio (even to friend and alliances!
the skilfu builder of chariots and the ingeniou worker of metal the fol abou m all d thou parna mak m aids!
the king wh (themselves mak kings the charioteers and leader of hosts the fol abou m all d thou parna mak m aids!
Tho ar the body-protectin parna 'liero brothe of me the hero Alon with the brillianc of the yea d faste the on amulet!

5 Charm to secur the superiorit of king.

this warrior Indra d tho strengthe for me d tho instal this on a sol rule (bull of the Vi (th people) emasculat al hi enemies subjec the to hi i (their contests!
to hi apportio hi shar of villages horses and cattle depriv of hi shar the on that i hi enemy Ma this kin b the pinnacl of royalty subjec to him Indra ever enemy!
Ma this on b the treasure-lor of riches ma this kin b the triba lor of the Vi (th people) upon this one Indra besto grea lustre devoi of lustr rende hi enemy!
for hi shal ye heaven and earth mil ampl good a two milch-cow yieldin war milk Ma this kin b favoure of Indra favoure of cows of plants and cattle!
unit with the Indr wh ha supremacy throug who on conquer and i no (himself conquered wh shal instal the a sol rule of the people and a chie of the huma kings.
Superio ar thou inferio ar the rivals and whatsoeve adversarie ar thine king Sol ruler befriende of Indra victorious brin tho hithe the supplie of thos wh ac a the enemies!
Presentin the fron of lio d tho devou al (their people presentin the fron of tige d tho strik dow the enemies Sol ruler befriende of Indra victorious seiz upon the supplie of thos wh ac a the enemies!

6 Prayer for earthl and heavenl success.

1 upon this (person the Vasus Indra Pûshan Varuna Mitra and Agni shal besto good (vasu) the Âdityas & further al the god shal hol hi i the highe light!
Light y gods shal b a hi bidding Sûry (th sun) Agn (fire) of eve gold Inferio to u shal b ou rivals Caus hi to ascen to the highes heaven
with that mos poten Charm with which Gâtaveda (Agni) tho dids brin to Indr the (soma- drink with that Agni d tho her strengthe this one gran hi supremac ove hi kinsmen!
Thei sacrific and thei glory thei increas of wealt and thei thoughtfu plans hav usurped Agni Inferio to u shal b ou rivals Caus hi to ascen to the highes heaven!

7 Prayer for lustr and power.

the brillianc that i i the lion the tiger and the serpent i Agni the Brâhmana and Sury (shal b ours) Ma the lovel goddes that bor Indr com to us endowe with lustre!
(Th brilliancy that i i the elephant panther and i gold i the waters cattle and me (shal b ours) Ma the lovel goddes that bor Indr com to us endowe with lustre!
(Th brilliancy that i i the chariot the dice i the strenat of the bull i the wind Parganya and i the fir of Varun (shal b ours) Ma the lovel goddes that bor Indr com to us endowe with lustre!
(Th brilliancy that i i the ma of roya caste i the stretche drum i the strengt of the horge i the shou of me (shal b ours) Ma the lovel goddes that bor Indr com to us endowe with lustre!

8 Prayer for glor (yasas).

the oblatio that yield glory spe of b Indra of thousandfol strength wel offered prepare with might shal prosper Caus me that offer the oblation to continu lon beholdin (light) and to ris to supremacy!
(Tha h ma come to us le u honou with obeisanc glory-ownin Indra the gloriou on with glory-yieldin (oblations) D tho (th oblation gran u sovereignt spe of b Indra ma w i the favou b glorious!
Gloriou wa Indr born gloriou Agni gloriou Soma Glorious of al being the mos glorious a I.

9 Battle-charm.

Ma Indr chur (th enemy) he the churner Sakr (mighty) the hero that pierce the forts s that w shal sla the armie of the enemie thousandfold!
Ma the rotte rope waftin itsel agains yonde army tur i int stench Whe the enemie se from afa ou smok and fire fea shal the la int thei hearts!
Tea asunde thos (enemies) asvatth (ficu religiosa) devou (khâda them of khadir (acaci catechu i livel style Lik the tâgadbhang (ricinu communis the shal b broke (bhagyantâm) ma the vadhak ( certain kin of tree sla the with hi weapon (vadhaih)!
Ma the knott âhva-plan pu knot upon yonde (enemies) ma the vadhak sla the with hi weapons Boun u i (our grea trap-net the shal quickl b broke a a arrow-reed!
the atmospher wa the net the grea region (o space the (supporting pole of the net with thes Sakr (might Indra di surroun and scatte the arm of the Dasyus.
Great forsooth i the ne of grea Sakra wh i ric i steeds with i infol tho al the enemies s that no on of the shal b released!
Grea i the ne of thee grea Indra hero that ar equa to thousand and has hundredfol might with that (net Sakr sle hundred thousand te thousand hundre millio foes havin surrounde the with (his army.
this grea world wa the ne of grea Sakra with this ne of Indr infol al thos (enemies yonde i darkness,
with grea dejection failure and irrefragabl misfortune with fatigue lassitude and confusion d surroun al thos (enemies yonder.
to deat d han the over with the fetter of deat the hav bee bound to the evi messenger of deat d lea the captive.
Guid y thos (foes) y messenger of death y messenger of Yama infol them Le mor that thousand b slain ma the clu of Bhav crus them!
the Sâdhya (blessed g holdin u with migh on suppor of the net the Rudra another the Vasu another (Still anothe i uphel b the Âdityas.
Al the god shal g pressin from abov with might the Angira shal g of the middl (o the net) slayin the might army!
the trees and (growths that ar lik trees the plant and the herb a well two-foote and four-foote creature d impel that the shal sla yonde army!
the Gandharva and Apsaras the serpent and the gods hol me and (deceased Fathers the visibl and invisibl (beings) d impel that the shal sla yonde army!
Scattere her ar the fetter of death whe tho steppes upon the tho shal no escape Ma this hamme sla (th men of yonde arm b the thousand!
the gharm (sacrificia ho drink that ha bee heate b the fire this sacrific (shall sla thousands D ye Bhav and Sarva whos arm ar mottled sla yonde army!
Int the (snar of deat the shal fall int hunger exhaustion slaughter and fear Indr and Sarva d y with tra and ne sla yonde army!
Conquered foes d y fle away repelle b (our charm d y run of yonde host repulse b Brihaspati no on shal b saved!
Ma thei weapon fal from thei (hands) ma the b unabl to la the arro of (th bow) and the (our arrow shal smit them badl frightened i thei vita members!
2heaven and eart shal shrie a them and the atmosphere alon with the divin powers Neithe aider no suppor di the find smitin on anothe the shal g to death!
the fou region ar the she-mule of the god' chariot the purodâsa (sacrificia rice-cakes the hoofs the atmospher the sea (o the wagon) heaven and eart ar it two sides the season the reins the intermediat region the attendants Vâ (speech the road.
the yea i the chariot the ful yea i the bod of the chariot Virâg the pole Agn the fron par of the chariot Indr i the (combatant standin of the lef of the chariot Kandrama (th moon the charioteer.
D tho wi here d tho conque here overcome win hail Thes her shal conquer thos yonde b conquered Hai to thes here perditio to thos yonder Thos yonde d envelo i blu and red!

10 Battle-char agains arrow-wounds.

the piercin (arrows shal no hi us no shal the strikin arrow hi us Fa awa fron u Indra to eithe side caus the arrow-showe to fall!
to eithe sid of u the arrow shal fall thos that hav bee sho and shal b shot Y divin and y huma arrows pierc y min enemies!
B h ou own of b h strange the kinsman of the foreianer wh bea enmit toward us thos enemie of min Rudr shal pierc with showe of arrows!
Hi that rival us of doe no riva us hi that curse u with hate ma al the god injur m Charm protect m from within!

11 Battle-char for confusin the enemy.

Agn shal skilfull marc agains ou opponents burnin agains thei scheme and hostil plans Gâtaveda shal confus the arm of ou opponent and depriv the (o the use of thei hands!
Y Marut ar might i suc matters advanc ye crus ye conque y (th enerny) Thes Vasu whe implore di crus (them) Agni vily a thei vanauar shal skilfull attack!
Maghavan the hostil arm whic contend agains us--d ye Indra Vritra' slayer and Agni bur agains them!
the thunderbolt Indra wh has bee drive forwar swiftl b the two ba steeds shal advance crushin the enemies Sla the that resist pursue of flee depriv thei scheme of fulfilment!
Indra confus the arm of the enemy with the impac of the fir and the win scatte the to eithe side!
Indr shal confus the army the Miarut shal sla i with might Agn shal ro i of it sight vanquishe i shal tur about!

12 Battle-char for confusin the enemy.

Agni ou skilfu vanguard shal attack burning agains thei scheme and hostil plans Gâtaveda shal bewilde the plan of the enemy and depriv the (o the use of thei hands!
this fir ha confuse the scheme that ar i you mind i shal blo yo from you home blo yo awa from everywhere!
Indra bewilderin thei schemes com hithe with the (own plan with the impac of the fir and the win scatte the to eithe side!
y plan of theirs fl y away y schemes b y confused Moreover wha no i i thei mind d tho driv that ou of them!
D thou (goddess Apvi confusin thei plans g fort (t them) and seiz thei limbs Attac them bur with flame int thei hearts strik the enem with fits (strik our opponent with darkness!
that arm yonde of the enemy that come agains u fightin with might d ye Maruts strik with planles darkness that on of the shal no kno the other!

13 Battle-char of kin upon the ev of battle.

Superio i the sacrifice superio Agni superio Soma superio Indra to the en that shal b superio to al hostil armie d w thus offerin the agnihotra reverentl presen this oblation!
Hai be y wis Mitr and Varuna with hone swel y ou kingdo here (s that i shall aboun i offspring Driv fa to distanc misfortune stri of from u sin eve afte i ha bee committed!
with inspiratio follo y this stron hero clin close y friends to Indr (th king) wh conquer villages conquer cattle ha the thunderbol i hi arm overcome the hos arraye (agains him) crushin i with might!

14 Battle-char of kin of the ev of battle.

cal -upo thee Indra from afar upon the for protectio agains tribulation cal the stron avenge that ha man names and i of unequalle birth
Wher the hostil weapo no rise agains us,threatenin to slay ther d w plac the two arm of Indr roun about.
the two arm of Indra the protector d w plac roun abou us le hi protec us go Savitar and kin Soma rende m of confiden mind that ma prosper!

15 Prayer to Arbud and Nyarbud for hel i battle.

the arms the arrows and the migh of the bows the swords the axes the weapons and the artfu schem that i i ou mind al that Arbudi d tho mak the enemie see and spectre als mak the see!
Arise and ar yourselves friend ar ye divin folk Ma ou friend b perceive and protecte b you Arbud (an Nyarbudi)!
Aris (y two) and tak hol with fetter and shackle surroun y the armie of the enemy Arbud (an Nyarbudi)!
the go whos name i Arbudi and the lor Nyarbudi b who the atmospher and this grea eart ha bee infolded with thes two companion of Indr d pursu the conquere (king with m army.
Arise tho divin person Arbudi togethe with the army Crushin the arm of tli enemy encompas the with the embraces!
Thou Arbudi makes appea the sevenfol spectra brood D thou whe the oblatio ha bee poured ris u with all these togethe with the army!
(Th female mourner) beatin herself with tear-staine face with shor (mutilated? ears with dishevelle hair shal lament whe ma ha bee slain pierce b thee Arbudi!
Sh curve he spin whil longin i he hear for he son he husband and he kin whe ( man ha bee pierce b thee Arbudi!
the aliklava and the gâshkamadas the vultures the strong-winge hawks the crows and the bird (o prey shal obtai thei fill Le the mak eviden to the enemy whe ( man ha bee pierce b thee Arbudi!
Then too ever wil beast insect and wor shal obtai hi fil of the huma carcass whe ( man ha bee pierce b thee Arbudi!
Seiz ye and tea ou in-breathin and outbreathing Nyarbud (an Arbudi) deep-soundin groan shal arise Le the mak i eviden to the enemy whe ( man ha bee pierce b thee Arbudi!
Scar the forth le the tremble bewilde the enemie with fright with the broa embrace with the clas of the arm crus the enemies Nyarbudi!
Ma thei arms and the artfu schem that i i thei min b confused No thin shal remai of them pierce b thee Arbudi!
Ma (th mournin women beatin the selves ru together smitin thei breast and thei thighs no anointed with dishevelle hair howling whe ma ha bee slain ha bee pierce b thee Arbudi!
the dog-lik Apsaras and als the Rûpakâ (phantoms) the pluckin sprite that eacerl lick withi the vessel and he that seek ou wha ha bee carelessl hidden al thos d thou Arbudi mak the enemie see and spectre als mak the see!
(An als mak the see he that stride upon the mist the mutilate one wh dwell with the mutilated the vapour spook that ar hidden and the Gandharva and Apsaras the serpents and othe brood and the Rakshas!
(An also the spook with fourfol teeth blac teeth testicle lik pot blood faces wh ar inherentl frightful and terrifying!
Frighte thou Arbudi yonde line of the enemy the conquerin and the victoriou (Arbud and Nyarbudi) the two comrade of Indra shal conque the enemies!
Dissolved crushed slai the enem shal lie Nyarbudi Ma victoriou sprites with fier tongue and smok crests g with (our army!
of the enemie repulse b this (army) Arbudi Indra the spous of Saki shal sla eac picke man no singl on of thos yonde shal escape!
2Ma thei heart burst ma thei life' breat escap upward Ma drynes of the mout overtak (our enemies bu no (our allies!
Thos wh ar bol and thos wh ar cowardly thos wh tur (i flight and thos wh ar dea (t danger?) thos wh ar (like dar goats and those too wh blea lik goats al those d thou Arbudi mak the enemie see and spectre als mak the see!
Arbud and Trishamdh shal pierc ou enemies s that Indra slaye of Vritra spous of Sakî w ma sla the enem b thousands!
the trees and (growths that ar lik trees the plant and the herb a well the Gandharva and the Apsaras the serpents gods piou men and (departed Fathers al those Arbudi d tho mak the enemie see and spectre als mak the see!
the Maruts go Âditya Brahmanaspat di rul ove you Indra and Agni Dhâtar Mitra and Pragâpat di rul ove you the seer di rul ove you Le the mak eviden to the enemie whe ( man ha bee pierce b thee Arbudi!
Rulin ove al these ris y and ar yourselves Y divin fol ar (our friends wi y the battle and dispers to you variou abodes!

16 Prayer to Trishamdh for hel i battle.

Aris and ar yourselves y nebulou spectre togethe with fier portents y serpents othe brood and Rakshas ru y afte the enemy!
H know bo to rul you kingdo togethe with the re portent (o the heavens) the evi broo that i i the ai and the heaven and the huma (powers upon the earth shal b obedien to the plan of Trishamdhi!
the brazen-beake (bird of prey) thos with beak pointe a needle and those too with thorn beaks flesh-devouring swif a the wind shal faste themselve upon the enemies togethe with the Trishamdhi-bol (th bol with thre joints)!
Mak awa with Gâtaveda Âditya man carcasses this arm of Trishamdh shal b devote to m bidding!
Aris tho divin person Arbudi togethe with the army this tribut ha bee offere to yo (Arbud and Trishamdhi) a offerino pleasin to Trishamdhi.
this white-footed four-foote arro shal fette (?) D thou magi spell operate togethe with the arm of Trishamdhi agains the enemies!
Ma (th mournin woman with suffuse eye hurr on ma sh that hat shor (mutilated? ear shou whe ( man ha bee overcom b the arm of Trishamdhi Re portent shal b (visible)!
Ma the winge bird that mov i the ai and i the sk descend beast of pre and insect shal seiz upon them the vulture that fee upon ra fles shal hac int (their carcasses!
B virtu of the compac whic thou Brihaspati dids clos with Indr and Brahman b virtu of that agreemen with Indra d cal hithe al the gods of this sid conquer no ove yonder!
Brihaspati the descendan of Angiras and the seers inspire b (our song di fi the three-jointe (Trishamdhi weapo upon the sk for the destructio of the Asuras.
Trishamdhi b who bot yonde Âdity (th sun and Indra ar protected the god di destin for (our migh and strencth.
Al the world the god di conque throug this oblation (and b the bol whic Brihaspati the descendan of Angiras di moul int weapo for the destructio of the Asuras.
with the bol whic Brihaspati the descendan of Angiras did moul int weapo for the destructio of the Asura d I Brihaspati annihilat yonde army smit the enemie with force.
Al the god that ea the oblatio offere with the cal vasha ar comin over Receiv this oblatio graciously conque of this side no ove yonder!
Ma al the god com over the oblatio i pleasin to Trishamdhi Adher to the grea compac unde whic of yor the Asura were conquered!
Vây (th wind shal ben the point of the enemies bows Indr shal brea thei arms s that the shal b unabl to la of thei arrows Âdity (th sun shal sen thei missile astray and Kandrama (th moon shal ba the wa of (th enemy that ha no (a yet started!
I the hav com of a citadel of the gods i the hav constitute a inspire Charm a thei armour i the hav gathere courag throug the protection for the bod and the bulwark whic the hav made rende al that devoi of force!
Placin (our purohit (chaplain) togethe with the flesh-devoure (Agni and death i the train d thoti Trishamdhi g fort with the army conque the enemies advance!
Trishamdhi envelo tho the enemie i darkness ma no singl on of those drive fort b the speckle ghee b saved!
Ma the white-foote (arrow? fl to yonde line of the enemy ma yonde armie of the enemie b to-da pu to confusion Nyarbudi!
2the enemie hav bee confused Nyarbudi sla eac picke ma amon them sla the with this army!
the enem with coat-of-mail h that ha n coat-of-mail and h that stand i the battle-throng throttle b the string of thei bows b the fastening of thei coats-of-mail b the battle-throng the shal lie!
Thos it armou and thos withou armour the enemie that ar shielde b armour al those Arbudi afte the hav bee slain dog shal devou upon the ground!
Thos that rid of chariots and thos that hav n chariots thos that ar mounted and thos that ar no mounted al those afte the hav bee slain vulture and strong-winge hawk shal devour!
Countin it dea b thousands the hostil army pierce and shattere i the clas of arms shal lie!
Pierce i vita spot shriekin i concer with the bird of prey wretched crushed prostrate (th bird of prey shal devou the enem wh attempt to hinde this oblatio of our directe agains (him)!
with (th oblation to whic the god flock whic i fre from failure,-wit i Indra the slaye of Vritra shal slay and with the Trishamdhi-bol (th bol with thre joints)!

17 Hym to the battle-drum.

Hig sound the voic of the drum that act the warrior the woode (drum) equippe with the ski of the cow Whettin the voice subduin the enemy lik lio sur of victory d tho loudl thunde agains them!
the woode (instrument with fastene (covering ha thundere a lion a bul roar to the co that long to mate Tho ar bull the enemie ar eunuchs tho ownes Indra' foesubduin fire!
Lik bul i the herd ful of might lusty d thou snatche of booty roa agains them Pierc with fir the hear of the enemy with -broke rank the for shal ru and scatter!
I victoriou battle rais the roar Wha ma b captured capture soun i man places Favour drum (ou deeds with the divin voice brin to (us with strengt the propert of the enemy!
Whe the wif of the enem hear the voic of the drum that speak to fa distance ma she arouse b the sound distressed snatc he so to he arms and run frightene a the clas of arms!
D thou drum soun the firs sound rin brilliantl ove the bac of the earth Ope wid the ma a the enemie host resoun brightly joyously drum!
Betwee this heaven and eart the nois shal spread the sound shal quickl par to ever side Shou tho and thunde with swellin sound mak musi a the friend' victory having (chosen the goo side!
Manipulate with care it voic shal resound Mak bristl fort the weapon of the warriors Allie to Indr d tho cal hithe the warriors with the friend bea vigorousl dow the enemies!
shoutin herald followe b bol army spreadin new i man places soundin throug the village eage for success knowin the way d tho distribut glor to man i the battle!
Desirin advantage gainin booty ful mighty tho has bee mad kee b (my song and winnes battles A the press-ston of the gatherin ski dance upon the soma-sboots thu d thou drum lustil danc upon the booty!
conquero of enemies overwhelming foe-subduing eage for the fray victoriousl crushing a speake hi speec d tho carr fort the sound soun fort her strengt for victor i battle!
Shakin thos that ar unshaken hurryin to the strife conquero of enemies a unconquerabl leader protecte b Indra attendin to the hosts d tho that crushet the heart of the enemies quickl go!

18 Hym to the battle-drum the terro of the enemy.

Carr with the voice drum lac of heart and failur of courag amon the enemies Disagreement dismay and fright d w plac int the enemies bea the down drum!
Agitate i thei minds thei sight thei hearts the enemie shal run frightene with terror whe ou oblatio ha bee offered!
Mad of wood equippe with the ski of the cow a hom with ever clan pu tho with the voic terro int the enemies whe tho has bee anointe with ghee!
A the wil animal of the fores star i fea from man thu d thou drum shou agains the enemies frighte the away and bewilde thei minds!
A goat and shee ru from the wolf badl frightened thu d thou drum shou agains the enemies frighte the away and bewilde thei minds!
A bird star i fea from the eagle a b da and b nigh (the start a the roa of the lion thu d thou drum shou agains the enemies frighte the away and bewilde thei minds!
with the dru and the ski of the antelop al the gods that swa the battle hav scare awa the enemies.
A the nois of the bea of the fee whe Indr disport himself and a hi shadow ou enemie yonder that com i successiv ranks shal tremble!
the whirrin of the bowstrin and the drum shal shou a the direction wher the conquere armie of the enemie g i successiv ranks!
sun tak awa thei sight rays ru afte them clingin to thei feet faste yourselve upon them whe the strengt of thei arm i gone!
Y stron Maruts Prisni' children with Indr a a ally crus y the enemies Som the kin (shal crus them) Varun the king Mahâdeva and
als Mrity (death) and Indra!
Thes wis armie of the gods havin the sun a thei ensign shal conque ou enemies Hail!

6 Charms to secure harmony, influence in the assembly, & the like (Sammanasyani)
1 Charm to secur harmony.

Unit of heart and unit of mind freedo from hatred d procur for you D y tak deligh i on another a co i he (new- bor calf!
the so shal b devote to hi father b of the sam min with hi mother the wif shal spea honied sweet word to he husband!
the brothe shal no hat the brother and the siste no the sister Harmonious devote to the sam purpose spea y word i kindl spirit!
that Charm whic cause the god no to disagree and no to hat on another that d w prepar i you house a mean of agreemen for you folk.
Followin you leader of (th same mind d y no hol yourselve apart D y com here co-operating goin alon the sam wagon-pole speakin agreeabl to on another rende yo of the sam aim of the sam mind.
Identica shal b you drink i commo shal b you shar of food yok yo togethe i the sam traces d y worshi Agni joinin together a spoke aroun abou the hub!
rende yo of the sam aim of the sam mind al payin deferenc to on (person throug m harmonisin charm Lik the god that ar guardin the ambrosia ma h (th leader b welldispose toward you nigh and day!

2 Charm to alla discord.

Hithe shal com Varuna Soma Agni Brihaspat with the Vasu shal com hither Com together y kinsme all of on mind to the glor of this might guardian!
the fir that i withi you souls the schem that hat entere you minds d frustrat with m oblation with m ghee deligh i m shal y take kinsmen!
Remai righ here g no awa from us (th roads a distanc Pûsha shal mak impassabl for you Vistoshpat shal urgentl cal yo back deligh i m shal y take kinsmen!

3 Charm to alla discord.

Ma you bodie b united ma you mind and you purpose (b united) Brahmanaspat her ha brough yo together Bhag ha brough yo together.
Harmon of min ( procure for you and als harmon of heart Moreove with the ai of Bhaga' exertion d caus yo to agree.
A the Âditya ar unite with the Vasus a the fierc (Rudras) fre from grudge with the Maruts thus three-name (Agni) withou grudge d tho rende thes peopl her of the sam mind!

4 Charm agains strif and bloodshed.

Ma w b i harmon with ou kinfolk i harmon with strangers d ye Asvins establis her agreemen amon us!
Ma w agre i min and thought ma w no struggl with on another i spiri displeasin to the gods M no the di of frequen battle-carnag arise ma the arro no fl whe the da of Indr ha arrived!

5 Charm to alla discord.

D y agree unit yourselves ma you mind b i harmony jus a the god of ol i harmony- sa dow to thei share!
Sam b thei counsel sam thei assembly sam thei aim i commo thei thought the 'same oblatio d sacrific for you d y ente upon the sam plan!
Sam b you intention sam you hearts Sam b you mind s that i ma b perfectl i commo to you!

6 Charm to appeas anger.

A the bowstrin from the bow thu d tak of the ange from the heart s that havin becom of the sam mind w shal associat lik friends!
Lik friend w shal associate- tak of the anger Unde ston that i heav d w cas the anger.
ste upon the ange with m hee and m fore-foot s that beref of will tho shal no speak shal com u to m wish!

7 Charm to appeas anger.

this darbha-gras remove the ange of bot kinsma and of stranger and this remove of wrath 'appease of wrath i i called.
this darbha-gras of man roots that reache dow int the ocean havin rise from the earth 'appease of wrath i i called.
Awa w tak the offensivenes that i i the jaw awa (th offensiveness i the mouth s that beref of will tho shal no speak shal com u to m wish!

8 Charm agains opponent i debate undertake with the pâtâ-plant.

Ma the enem no wi the debate Tho ar might and overpowering Overcom the debat of thos that debat agains us rende the devoi of force plant!
A eagl foun the out boa du the ou with hi snout Overcom the debat of thos that debat agains us rende the devoi of force plant!
Indr place the upon hi ar i orde to overthro the Asuras Overcom the debat of thos that debat agains us rende the devoi of force plant!
Indr di ea the pâtâ-plant i orde to overthro the Asuras Overcom the debat of thos that debat agains us rende the devoi of force plant!
B mean of the shal conque the enemy a Indr (conquered the Sâlâvrikas Overcom the debat of thos that debat agains us rende the devoi of force plant!
Rudra whos remed i the urine with blac cres of hair performe of (strong deeds,overcom tho the debat of thos that debat agains us rende the devoi of force plant!
Overcom tho the debat of hi that i hostil to us Indra Encourag u with the might Rende m superio i debate!

9 Charm to procur influenc i the assembly.

Ma assembl and meeting the two daughter of Pragâpati concurrentl ai me Ma h with who shal mee co-operat with me ma I y Fathers spea agreeabl to thos assembled!
W kno the name assembly 'mirth, verily i the name ma al thos that si assemble i the utte speec i harmon with me!
of the that ar sittin togethe tak to mysel the powe and the understanding i this entir vatherin render Indra m successful!
I you min ha wandere to distance of ha bee enchaine her of there the d w tur i hither ma you min tak deligh i me!

10 Charm to brin abou submissio to one' will.

You minds you purposes you plans d w caus to bend Y person yonder that ar devote to othe purposes w caus yo to comply!
with m min d seiz you minds d y with you thought follo m thought plac you heart i m control com ye directin you wa afte m course!
hav calle upon heaven and earth hav calle upon the goddes Sarasvatî hav calle upon bot Indr and Agni ma w succee i this Sarasvatî!

7 Charm to secur prosperit i house field cattle business gambling and such
1 Prayer a the buildin of house.

Righ her d erec fir house ma i stan upon (good foundation drippin with ghee The ma w inhabit house with heroe all with stron heroes with uninjure heroes!
Righ here d thou house stan firmly ful of horses ful of cattle ful of abundance Ful of sap ful. of ghee ful of milk elevat thysel unt grea happiness!
supporte ar thou house with broa roof containin purifie grain to the ma the cal come to the the child to the the milch-cows whe the retur i the evening!
Ma Savitar Vâyu Indra Brihaspat cunningl erec this house Ala the Alarut sprinkl i with moistur and with ghee ma kin Bhag le ou ploughin tak root!
mistres of dwelling a shelterin and kindl goddes tho was erecte b the god i the bealrinina clothe i grass b tho kindl disposed giv us moreover wealt alon with heroes!
D thou cross-beam accordin to regulatio ascen the post d thou mightil ruling hol of the enemies Ma the that approac the reverently house no suffe injury ma w with al ou heroe liv hundre autumns!
Hithe to this (house hat com the tende child hithe the cal alon with (th other domesti animals hithe the vesse (full of liquor togethe with bowl of sou milk!
Carr forth woman this ful jar strea of ghe mixe with ambrosia D tho thes drinker suppl with ambrosia the sacrific and the gift (t the Brahmans shal i (th house protect!
Thes waters fre from disease destructiv of disease d carr forth the chamber d ente i upon togethe with the immorta Agn (fire).

2 blessing durin the sowin of seed.

Rais thysel up gro thic b the ow might grain Burs ever vessel the lightnin i the heaven shal no destro thee!
Whe w invok thee go grain and tho dos listen the d tho rais thysel u lik the sky b inexhaustibl a the sea!
Inexhaustibl shal b thos that atten to thee inexhaustibl the heaps Theywhogivethe a presen shal b inexhaustible the wh ea the shal b inexhaustible!

3 Charm for procurin increas of grain.

Ma this bounteou Nabhasaspat (th lor of the cloud preserv for u (possessions withou measur i ou house!
D thou Nabhasaspati kee strengthenin foo i ou house ma prosperit and good com hither!
bounteou god tho dos comman thousandfol prosperity of that d tho besto upon iis of that d tho giv us i that ma w shar with thee!

4 Exorcis of vermi infestin grai i the field.

Sla y the tard ('borer') the samank ('hook') and the mole Asvins cu of thei heads and crus thei ribs Shu thei mouths that the shal no ea the barley fre ye moreover the grai from danger!
H tard ('borer') h locust h gabhy ('snapper') upakvasa A Brahma (eat not a uncomplete sacrifice d ye no eatin this barley withou workin injury ge out!
husban of the tardâ (-female) husban of the vaghâ (-female) y of the shar teeth liste to me the vyadvara ( rodents' of the forest and whateve othe vyadvara (ther are) al thes w d crush.

5 Charm to protec grai from lightning.

with the broa thunder,wit the beacon elevate b til god that pervad this all with the lightnin d tho no destro ou grain god no d tho destro i with the ray of the sun!

6 Charm for the prosperit of cattle.

Hithe shal com the cattl whic hav straye to distance whos companionshi Vây (th wind enjoys (Th cattle whos structur of for Tvashta knows Savita shal hol i plac i this stable!
to this stabl the cattl shal flo together Brihaspat skilfull shal conduc the hither Sînîvâlî shal conduc hithe thei van d thou Anumati hol the i plac afte the hav arrived!
Ma the cattle ma the horses and ma the domestic flo together ma the increas of the grai flo together sacrific with a oblatio that causet to flo together!
pou togethe the mil of the cows pou togethe strengt and sa with the ghee Poure togethe shal b ou heroes constan shal b the cow with m the owne of the cows!
brin hithe the mil of the cows hav brough hithe the sa of the grain Brough hithe ar ou heroes brough hithe to this hous ar ou wives.

7 Charm for the prosperit of cattle.

with firml founded stable with wealth with well-being with the name of that whic i bor of luck da d w unit yo ( cattle)!
Ma Aryama unit you ma Pûshan Brihaspati and Indra the conquero of booty unit you D y prospe m possessions!
Flockin togethe withou fear makin ordur i this stable holdin hone fi for soma fre from disease y shal com hither!
Righ her come y cows and prospe her lik the sakâ-bird and righ her d y bege (you youn(y) Ma y b i accor with me!
Ma you stabl b auspiciou to you prospe y lik the sâri-bird and parrots and righ her d y bege (you young) with u d w unit you.
Attac yourselves cows to m a you possessor ma this stabl her caus yo to prosper upon you growin numerous and living ma we increasin i wealth alive attend!

8 Prayer to the plan arundhatî for protectio to cattle.

the foremos protection Arundhatî d tho besto upon stee and milch-kine upon (cattl of the ag whe weane from thei mother upon (all four-foote creatures!
Ma Arundhatî the herb besto protectio alon with the gods rende ful of sa the stable fre from diseas ou men!
the variegated lovely life-givin (plant d invoke Ma sh carr awa for us fa from the cattle the missil hurle b Rudra!

9 Charm to secur the attachmen of co to he calf.

A meat and liquor and dic (abound a the gambling-place a the hear of thf lust mal hanker afte the woman thu shal the heart cow hanke afte the calf!
A the elephan direct hi step afte the step of the female a the hear of the lust mal hanker afte the woman thu shal the heart cow hanke afte the calf!
A the felloe and a the spokes and a the nav (o the whee i joined to the felloe a the hear of the lust mal hanker afte the woman thu shal the heart cow hanke afte the calf!

10 formula i expiatio of the birt of twin-calves

Throug on creatio a tim this (cow wa born whe the fashioner of the being di creat the cow of man colours (Therefore) whe co dot bege twin portentously growlin and cros sh injuret the cattle.
this (cow dot injur ou cattle flesh-eater devourer sh hat become Henc to Brahma h shal giv her i this wa sh ma b kindl and auspicious!
Auspiciou b to (our men auspiciou to (our cow and horses auspiciou to this entir field auspiciou b to u righ here!
Her b prosperity licr b sap B tho her on that especiall give thousandfold Mak the cattl prosper tho mothe of twins!
Wher ou piou friend liv joyously havin lef behin the ailment of thei bodies to that world the mothe of twin di attain ma sh no injur ou me and ou cattle!
Wher i the world of ou piou friends wher the world of ther that sacrific with the agnihotra to that world the mothe of twin di attain ma sh no injur ou ime and ou cattle!

11 Charm to endo hors with swiftness.

Swif a the win b thou steed whe joine (t the chariot) a Indra' urgin go flee a the mind the Maruts the all-possessing shal harnes thee,Tvashta shal pu fleetnes int the feet!
with the fleetness runner that ha bee deposite i the i secre place (wit the fleetness that ha bee mad ove to the eagle the wind and move i them with that steed stron with strength d tho wi the race reachin the goa i the contest!
the body steed leadin (our body shal run pleasur to ourselves deligh to thyself god no stumbling for the suppor of the great h shall a i upon the heaven foun hi ow light!

12 Charm for conductin rive int ne channel.

Becaus of yore whe the (cloud- serpen wa slai (b Indra) y di rus fort and shou (anadatâ) therefor i you name 'shouters (nadya rivers') that i you designation y streams!
Because whe sen fort b Varuna y the quickl di bubbl up the Indr me (âpnot you a y went therefor ano ar y 'meeters (âpa waters')!
Whe reluctantl y flowed Indra forsooth di with migh choos (avîvarata yo a hi own y goddesses Therefor 'choice (vâ 'water' ha bee give yo a you name!
On go stoo upon you a y flowe accordin to will U breathe (u ânishuh the wh ar know a 'th great (mahîh) Therefor 'upbreather (udaka 'water' ar the called!
the water ar kindly the water i trut were ghee Thes waters truly d suppor Agn and Soma Ma the readil flowing stron sa of the honey-drippin (waters com to me togethe with life' breat and lustre!
The d se the and als d hea them thei sound thei voic dot com to me When y golden-coloured hav refreshe mysel with you the ween ambrosi (amrita a tasting!
Here y waters i you heart her i you calf y righteou ones Com ye might ones b this wa here b whic a conductin yo here!

13 Charm to war of dange from fire.

Wher tho comest ( fire) and wher tho goes away the bloomin dûrvâ-plan shal grow well-sprin ther shal ris up of lotus-lade pool!
Her (shal be the gatherin plac of the waters her the dwelling-plac of the sea I the mids of pon ou hous shal be turn ( fire) awa the jaws!
with coverin of coolnes d w envelo thee house coo a pon b tho for us Agn shal furnis the remedy!

14 Shepherd' Charm agains wil beast and robbers.

Thre hav gon awa from here the tiger man and wolf Ou of sight forsooth c the rivers ou of siah (grow the divin tre (th banyan-tree?) ou of sigh the enemie shal retreat!
the wol shal tlea distan path and the robbe on stil mor distant of distan pat shal mov the bitin rop (th serpent) of distan pat the plotte of evil!
the eye and the ja w crush tiger and als al the twent claws.
W crus the tiger the foremos of animals arme with teeth Next too the thief and the the serpent the wizard and als the wolf.
the thie that approachet to-day crushe to piece h goet away Wher the path ar precipitat h shal go Indr shal sla hi with hi bolt!
the teet of the wil beas ar dulled and broke ar hi ribs Ou of the sigh the drago shal go dow shal tumbl the hare-huntin beast!
the (jaw beast, that tho shuttes together tho shal no ope up that whic tho openes up tho shal no shu together!--Bor of Indra bor of Soma thou (m charm) ar Atharvan' crushe of tigers.

15 merchant' prayer.

Indra the merchant d summon ma h com to us ma h b ou van drivin awa the demo of grudge the waylayers and wil beasts ma he the possessor besto wealt upon me!
Ma the man paths the road of the gods whic com togethe betwee heaven and earth c,ladde m with mil and ghee s that ma gathe i wealt from m purchases!
Desirou d I Agni with firewoo and ghe offe oblation (t thee) for succes and strength accordin to abilit praisin (thee with m prayer d sin this divin song that ma gai hundredfold!
(Pardon Agni this si of our incurre upon the fa roa whic w hav travelled! Ma ou purchase and ou sale b successfu for us ma wha ge i barte rende m gainer Ma y two (Indr and Agni i accor tak pleasur i this oblation Ma ou transaction and the accruin gai b auspiciou to us!
the wealt with whic g to purchase desiring y gods to gai wealt throug wealth ma that gro more no less Driv away Agni i retur for the oblation the god wh shu of gain!
the wealt with whic g to purchase desiring y gods to gai wealt throug wealth ma Indra Pragâpati Savitar Soma Agni plac lustr int i for me!
W prais with reverenc thee pries (Agni Vaisvdnara D tho ove ou children selves cattle and life' breat watch!
Daily neve failing shal w brin (oblation to thee) Gâtavedas (a i fodder to hors standin (i the stable) I growt of wealt and nutrimen rejoicing ma we Agni the neighbours no tak harm!

16 A Prayer for succes i gambling.

the successful victorious skilfull gamin Apsarâ that Apsarâ wh make the winning i the gam of dice d cal hither.
the skilfull gamin Apsarâ wh sweep and heap u (th stakes) that Apsarâ wh take the winning i the gam of dice d cal hither.
Ma she wh dance abou with the dice whe sh take the stake from the gam of dice whe sh desire to wi for us obtai the advantag b (her magic Ma sh com to u ful of abundance Le the no wi this wealt of ours!
the (Apsarâs wh rejoic i dice wh carr grie and wrath-tba joyfu and exultin Apsarâ d cal hither.

17 B Prayer to secur the retur of calve that hav straye to distance.

The (th cattle wh wande alon the ray of the sun of the wh wande alon the floo of light the whos bul (the sun) ful of strength from afa protecting with the da wander abou al the worlds-ma h (th bull) ful of strength delightin i this offering com to u touethe with the atmosphere!
Togethe with the atmosphere tho wh ar ful of strength protec the whit (karkî calf tho swif stee (th sun) Her ar man drop (o ghee for thee com hither Ma this whit cal (karkî of thine ma the mind b here!
Togethe with the atmosphere tho wh ar ful of strength protec the whit (karkî calf tho swif stee (th sun) Her i the fodder her the stall her d w ti dow the calf Whateve (ar your names w ow you Hail!

18 Prayer for succes a dice.

A the lightnin a al time smite irresistibl the tree thu woul to-da irresistibl bea the gamester with m dice!
Whethe the b alert of no alert the fortun of (these folks unresisting shal assembl from al sides the gai (collect withi m hands!
invok with reverenc Agni wh ha hi ow riches her attache h shal bea u gai for us procur (wealth for myself a i with chariot that wi the race Ma accomplis auspiciousl the son of prais to the Maruts!
Ma w b the ai conque the (adversar s troop hel u (t obtain ou shar i ever contest Mak for us Indra goo and ampl road crush Maghavan the lust powe of ou enemies!
hav conquere and cleane the ou (?) hav als gaine the reserve A the wol pluck to piece the sheep thu d pluc the winnings.
Eve the stron han the bol playe conquers a the skille gamble heap u hi winning a the prope time upon hi that love the gam (th god) and doe no spar hi money (th game the god veril bestow the delight of wealth.
Throug (th possessio of cattl w al woul suppres (our wretche poverty of with grai ou hunger tho of implore (god) Ma w foremos amon rulers unharmed gai wealt b ou cunnin devices!
Gai i deposite i m righ hand victor i m left Le m becom conquero of cattle horses wealth and gold!
dice yiel play profitabl a co that i ric i milk Bin m to strea of gain a the bo (i bound with the string!

19 Exorcis of serpent from the premises.

Ma the serpent y gods no sla u alon with ou childre and ou men the close (jaw shal no sna open the ope on no close Reverenc (be to the divin folk!
Reverenc b to the blac serpent reverenc to the on that i stripe across to the brow svag reverence reverenc to the divin folk!
cla the teet upon the teeth and als the ja upon the jaw pres the tongu agains the tongue and clos up serpent the mouth.

20 Charm agains serpents invokin the hors of Ped that slay serpents.

to Indr belong the firs chariot to the god the secon chariot to Varuna forsooth the third the serpents chario i the last i shal hi post and com to grief!
the youn darbha-gras burn (th serpents?) the tai of the horse the tai of the shagg one the sea of the wago (burn the serpents?).
Strik down whit (horse) with the forefoo and the hind-foot A timbe floatin i water the poiso of the serpents the fierc fluid i devoi of strength.
Neighin loudl h dive down & agai divin up said 'A timbe floatin i water the poiso of the serpents the fierc fluid i devoi of strength.'
the hors of Ped slay the kasarnîla the hors of Ped slay the whit (serpent) and als the black the hors of Ped cleave the hea of the ratharvî the adder.
hors of Pedu g tho first w com afte thee Tho shal cas ou the serpent from the roa upon whic w come!
Her the hors of Ped wa born from her i hi departure Her ar the track of the serpent-killing powerfu steed!
Ma the close (serpent' jaw no sna open ma the ope on no close the two serpent i this field ma and wife the ar bot beref of strength.
Withou strengt her ar the serpents thos that ar near and thos that ar far with clu d sla the vriskik (scorpion) with staf the serpen that ha approached.
Her i the remed for bot the aghâsv and the svaga Indr (and Pedu' hors hav pu to naugh the evil-plannin (aghâyantam serpent.
the hors of Ped d w remember the strong with stron footing behin he starin forth thes adders.
Deprive ar the of life' spirit deprive of poison slai b Indr with hi bolt Indr hat slai them w hav slai them.
Slai ar the that ar stripe across crushe ar the adders Sla tho the on that produce hood (slay the whit and the blac i the darbha-grass!
the maide of the Kirâta-tribe the littl on dig u the remedy with golde spades of the mountain' back.
Hithe ha com youthfu physician h slay the speckle (serpent) i irresistible He forsooth crushe the svag and the vriskik both.
Indr di se a naugh for m the serpent (an s did Mitr and Varuna Vât and Pargany both.
Indr di se a naugh for m the serpent the adder mal and female the svaga (th serpent that i stripe across the kasarnîla and the dasonasi.
Indr sle the firs ancestor serpent and sinc the ar crushed wha strength forsooth ca b theirs?
hav gathere u thei heads a the fisherma the karvar (fish) hav gon of int the river' midst and washe ou the serpent' poison.
the poiso of al serpent the river shal carr off Slai ar the that ar stripe across crushe ar the adders!
skilfull cul the fibr of the plants a guid the mares (thus) serpent shal the poiso g away!
the poiso that i i the fire i the sun i the earth and i the plants the kândâ-poison the kanaknaka the poiso shal g forth and come!
the serpent that ar sprun from the fire that ar sprun from the plants that ar sprun from the water and originat from the lightning the from who grea broo ha sprun i man ways thos serpent d w rever with obeisance.
Tho art ( plant) maiden Taudî b name. Ghritâkî forsooth i the name Underfoo i the place tak i han wha destroy the poison.
from ever lim mak the poiso start shu i ou from the heart No the forc that i i the poiso shal g dow below!
the poiso ha gon to distance h ha shu i out h ha fuse the poiso with poison Agn ha pu awa the poiso of the serpent Som ha le i out the poiso ha gon bac to the biter the serpen i dead!

21 Prayer to Bhav and Sarv for protectio from dangers.

Bhav and Sarva b merciful d no attac (us) y lord of beings lord of cattle reverenc b to yo twain Discharg no you arro eve afte i ha bee lai of (th bow) and ha bee drawn Destro no ou biped and ou quadrupeds!
Prepar no ou bodie for the dog of the jackal for the aliklavas the vultures and the blac birds the greed insects lor of cattl (pasupate) and the bird shal no ge u to devour!
Reverenc w offer Bhava to the roaring to the breath and to the injuriou qualities reverenc to thee Rudra thousand-eyed immortal!
W offe reverenc to the from the east from the north and from the -south from (every domain and from heaven Reverenc b to the atmosphere!
to the face lor of cattle to the eyes Bhava to the skin to the form the appearance (an to the aspect from behind reverenc be!
to the limbs to the belly to the tongue to the mouth to the teeth to the smel (nose) reverenc be!
Ma w no conflic with Rudra the arche with the dar crest the thousand-eyed powerfu one the slaye of Ardhaka!
Bhav shal stee clea from u of al sides Bhav shal stee clea from us a fir from water Ma h no bea malic toward us reverenc b to him!
Fou times eigh times b reverenc to Bhava te time b reverenc to thee lor of cattle to the (charge hav bee assigne thes fiv (kind of cattle cows horses men goat and sheep.
Thine stron go (ugra) ar the fou regions thin the sky thin the earth and thin this broa atmosphere thin i this al that ha spiri and ha breat upon the earth.
Thin i this broad treasure-holdin receptacl withi whic al world ar contained D tho spar us lor of cattle reverenc b to thee Fa from u shal g the jackals evi omens dogs fa shal g (th mournin women wh bewai rnisfortun with dishevelle hair!
Thou creste (god) carries i (th hand) that smite thousands yellow golde bo that slay hundreds Rudra' arrow the missil of the gods flie abroad reverenc b to it i whateve directio from her (i flies)!
the adversar wh lurk and seek to overcom thee Rudra upon hi tho dos faste thysel from behind a (th hunter that follow the trai of wounde (animal).
Bhav and Rudra unite and concordant bot stron (ugrau) y advanc to deed of heroism reverenc b to bot of them i whateve directio (the are from here!
Reverenc b to the coming reverenc to the going reverence Rudra b to the standing and reverence also to the sitting!
Reverenc i the evening reverenc i the morning reverenc b night,reverenc byday hav offere reverenc to Bhav and to Sarva both.
Le u no with ou tongu offen Rudra wh rushe on thousand-eyed overseein all wh hurl (hi shafts forward wh i manifoldl wise!
W approac firs the (god that ha dar horses i black sable destructive terrible wh cast dow the ca of Kesin reverenc b to him!
D no hur a u the club the divin bolt b no incense a us lor of cattle Shak ove som othe that u the celestia branch!
Injur u not interpos for us spar us b no angr with us Le u no conten with thee!
no cove ou cattle ou men ou goat and sheep Ben the cours elsewhere stron go (ugra) sla the offsprin of the blasphemers!
H whos missile feve and cough assail the singl (victim) a the snortin of stallion wh snatche awa (hi victims on b one to hi b reverence!
H wh dwell fixe i the atmosphere smitin the blasphemer of the go that d no sacrifice to hi b reverenc with te sakvarî-stanzas!
for the the wil beast of the fores hav bee place i the forest flamingoes eagles bird of prey and fowls the spirit lor of cattle i withi the waters to strengthe the the heavenl water flow.
the dolphins grea serpent (boas) purîkaya (water-animals) sea-monsters fishes ragasa a whic tho shootest-ther exist for thee Bhava n distance and n barrier A glanc tho lookes aroun the entir earth from the easter tho slayes i the norther ocean.
D not Rudra contaminat u with fever of with poison of with heavenl fire caus this lightnin to descen elsewher that upon us!
Bhav rule the sky Bhav rule the earth Bhav ha fille the broad atmosphere Reverenc b to hi i whateve directio from her (h abides)!
kin Bhava b mercifu to the worshipper for tho ar the lor of livin beasts H wh believe the god exist to hi quadrupe and bipe b merciful!
Sla neithe ou grea no ou small neithe thos of u that ar riding no thos that shal ride neithe ou father no ou mother Caus n injury Rudra to ou ow persons!
to Rudra' howlin dogs wh swallo thei foo withou blessing wh hav wid jaws hav mad this obeisance.
3Reverence god b to the shoutin hosts reverenc to the long-haired reverenc to the reverenced reverenc to the devourin hosts Ma well-bein and securit b to us!

22 Prayer to Bhav and Sarv for protectio from calamities.

Bhav and Sarva a devote to you Tak not of that y unde whos control i al this whic shine (th visibl universe) Y wh rul al thes two-foote and four-foote creatures delive u from calamity!
Y to who belong al that i nea by yea al that i far y wh ar know a the mos skilfu archer amon bowmen y wh rul al thes two-foote and four-foote creatures delive u from calamity!
the thousand-eye slayer of Vritr bot d invoke g praisin the two stron god (ugrau whos pasture exten far Y wh rul al thes two-foote and four-foote creatures delive u from calamity!
Y who united di undertak man (deeds of old & moreover di visi portent upon the people y wh rul al thes two-foote and fourfoote creatures delive u from calamity!
Y from whos blow n on eithe amon god of me escapes y wh rul al thes twofoote and four-foote creatures delive u from calamity!
the sorcere wh prepare spell of manipulate the root (o plants agains us agains him y stron gods launc you thunderbolt Y wh rul al thes two-foote and four-foote creatures delive u from calamity.
Y stron gods favou u i battles brin int contac with you thunderbol the Kimîdin prais you Bhav and Sarva cal ferventl upon yo i distress delive u from calamity!

23 Charm for findin los property.

of the distan pat of the path Pûsha wa born of the distan pat of heaven of the distan pat of the earth upon the two mos lovel place bot h walk hithe and away knowin (th way).
Pûsha know thes region all h shal lea u b the mos dangerles (way) bestowing well-being of radian glow keepin ou heroe undiminished h shall aler and skilful g befor us!
Pûshan unde the la ma w neve suffe harm a praiser of the ar w here!
Pûsha shal from the eas plac hi righ han abou us shal brin agai to u wha ha bee lost w shal com upon wha ha bee lost!

24 Propitiatio of the weather-prophet.

Whe the star mad Sakadhûm thei kin the bestowe goo weathe upon him 'Thi shal b hi dominion, the said.
Le u hav goo weathe a noon goo weathe a eve goo weathe i the earl morning goo weathe i the niyht
for da and night for the stars for sun and moon and for u prepar goo weather kin Sakadhûma!
to thee Sakadhûma rule of the stars that gaves u goo weathe i the evenin i the night and b day le ther eve b obeisance!

25 Prayer for deliveranc from calamity addresse to the entir pantheon.

to Agn w spea and to the trees to the plant and to the herbs to Indra Brihaspati and Sûya the shal delive u from calamity!
W spea to kin Varuna to Mitra Vishn and Bhaga to Ams and Vivasvan d w speak the shal delive u from calamity!
W spea to Savitar the god to Dhâtar and to Pûshan to first-bor Tvashta d w speak the shal delive u from calamity!
W spea to the Gandharva and the Apsaras to the Asvin and to Brahmanaspati to the go whos name i Aryaman the shal delive u from calamity!
No d w spea to da and night to Sûry (sun and to Kandrama (moon) the twain to al the Âditya w speak the shal delive u from calamity!
W spea to Vât (wind and Parganya to the atmospher and the direction of space and to al the region d w speak the shal delive u from calamity!
Da and night and Usha (dawn) too shal delive the from curses Som the god who the cal Kandrama (moon) shal delive me!
to the animal of the eart and thos of heaven to the wil beast of the forest to the winge birds d w speak the shal delive u from calamity!
No d w spea to Bhav and Sarva to Rudr and Pasupati thei arrow d w kno well thes (arrows shal b eve propitiou to us!
W spea to the heavens and the stars to earth the Yakshas and the mountains to the seas. the rivers and the lakes the shal delive u from calamity!
to the seven Rishi no d w speak to the divin water and Pragâpati to the Father with Yam a thei head the shal delive u from calamity!
the god that dwel i heaven and thos that dwel i the atmosphere the might (gods that ar fixe upon the earth the shal delive u from
the Âdityas Rudras Vasus the divin Atharvan i heaven and the wis Angiras the shal delive u from calamity!
W spea to the sacrific and the sacrificer to the riks the sâmans and the healin (Atharvan charms w spea to the yagus-formula and the invocation (t the gods) the shal delive u from calamity!
W spea to the fiv kingdom of the plant with som the mos excellen amon them the darbha-grass hemp and might barley the shal delive u from calamity!
W spea to the Arâya (demon of grudge) Rakshas serpents piou men and Fathers to the on and hundre deaths the shal delive u from calamity!
to the season w speak to the lord of the seasons and to the section of the year to the halfyears years and months the shal delive u from calamity!
Come y gods from the sout and the west y god i the eas com forth from the east from the nort the might gods al the god assembled the shal delive u from calamity!
W spea her to al the god that hol to thei agreements promot the orde (o the universe) togethe with al thei wives the shal delive u from calamity!
spea to being to the lor of being and als to hi that control the beings to the being al assembled the shal delive u from calamity!
the fiv divin regions the twelv divin seasons the teet of the year the shal eve b propitious to us!
the amrit (ambrosia) bough for the pric of chariot whic Mâtalî know a remedy that Indr store awa i the waters that y waters furnis y a remedy!

8 Charm i expiatio of si and defilemen
1 Prayer agains menta delinquency.
Pas fa away si of the mind Wh dos tho utte thing no to b uttered Pas away lov the not to the trees the forest g on with the house the cattle i m mind.
Wha wrong w hav committe throug imprecation calumny and fals speech eithe awake of asleep--Agn shal pu fa awa from u al offensiv evi deeds!
What Indr Brahmanaspati w d falselyma Praketa ('care-taker' Ângiras protec u from misfortune and from evil
2 Charm to avert evil.

Le m go evil bein powerful tak tho pit of us Se me evil unharmed int the world of happiness!
If evil tho dos no abando us the d w abando the a the for of the road Ma evi follo afte anothe (man)!
Awa from u ma thousand-eyed immorta (evil dwell Hi who w hat ma i strike and hi who w hat d tho surel smite!

3 Expiator formula for imperfection i the sacrifice.

the god-angerin (deed) y gods that we the (Brahman gods hav committed from that d ye Âdityas releas us b virtu of the orde of the universe!
B virtu of the orde of the univers d ye reveren Âdityas releas u here if y carrier of the sacrifice thoug desirou of accomplishin (th sacrifice) w di no accomplis (it)!--
(If) whe sacrificin with the fa (animal) whe offerin oblation of ghe with the spoon whe desirin to benefi you al y gods w hav contrar to desire no succeeded!

4 Expiator formula for sins.

from the sin whic knowingl of unknowingl w hav committed d ye al gods of on accord releas us!
I awake of i asleep to si inclined hav committe sin ma wha ha been and wha shal be a i from woode post releas me!
A on release from woode post a on i swea b bathin (i cleansed of filth a ghe i clarifie b the sieve ma al (th gods clea m from sin!

5 Expiatio for the precedenc of younge brothe ove a older.

Ma this (younge brother no sla the oldes on of them Agni protec hi that h b no tor ou b the root D tho her cunningl loose the fette of Grâh (attac of disease) ma al the god giv the leave!
Fre thes three Agni from the thre fetter with whic the hav bee shackled D tho cunningl loose the fetter of Grâhi releas the all father sons and mother!
the fetter with whic the olde brother whos younge brothe ha married befor him ha bee bound with whic h ha bee encumbere and shackle lim b limb ma the b loosened sinc fi for loosenin the are Wip off Pûshan the misdeed upon hi that practiset abortion!

6 Expiatio for certain heinou crimes.

of Trit the god wipe of this sin Trit wipe i of of huma beings henc i Grâh (attac of disease ha seize thee ma thes god remov he b mean of thei charm!
Ente int the rays int smoke sin g int the vapours and int the fog Los thysel of the foa of the river 'Wipe off Pûshan the misdeed upon hi that practiset abortion!
Deposite i twelv place i that whic ha bee wipe of Trita the sin belongin to humanity Henc i Grâh ha seize thee ma thes god remov he b mean of thei charm!

7 Prayer for heaven afte remissio of sins.

I air of eart and heaven i mothe of father w hav injured ma this Agn Gârhapaty (househol fire withou fai lea u ou from this (crime)
to the world of well-doing!
the eart i ou mother Adit (th universe ou kin the ai ou protecto from hostil schemes Ma fathe sk brin prosperit to u from the world of the Fathers ma com to m (departed kin and no los heaven!
I that brigh world wher ou piou friend liv i joy havin cas asid the ailment of thei ow bodies fre from lameness no deforme i limb ther ma w behol ou parent and ou children!

8 Charm agains pigeon regarde a ominou birds.

y gods i the pigeon despatche a the messenge of Nirrit (th goddes of destruction) hat com her seekin (u out) w shal sin hi praises and prepar (our ransom Ma ou two-foote and four-foote creature b prosperous!
Auspiciou to u shal b the pigeo that ha bee despatched harmless y gods the bir shal b to ou house the sag Agn shal veril tak pleasur i ou oblation the winge missil shal avoi us!
the winge missil shal no d u injury upon ou hearth ou fireplac h (th pigeon take hi steps Propitiou h shal b to ou cattl and
ou domestics ma not y gods the pigeo her d har to us!

9 Charm agains ominou pigeon and owls.

1 upon thos person yonde the winge missil shal fall I the ow shrieks futil shal this be of i the pigeo take hi step upon the fire!
to the two messengers Nirriti wh com here despatche of no despatched to ou house to the pigeo and to the owl this shal b n plac to ste upon!
H shal no fl hithe to slaughte (our men to kee (our me soun h shal settl here Charm .hi ver fa awa unt distan region that (people shal behol yo (i.e him i Yama' hous devoi of strength that the shal behol yo beref of power!

10 Expiatio whe on i defile b blac bir of omen.

Wha this blac bir flyin fort toward (me ha droppe here--ma the water protec m from al that misfortun and evil!
Wha this blac bir ha brushe her with the mouth Nirtit (goddes of misfortune)-ma Agn Gârhapaty (th go of the househol fire fre m from this sin!

11 Exorcis of evi dreams.

Tho wh ar neithe aliv no dead the immorta chil of the god ar thou Sleep Varunânî i the mother Yam (death the father Arar i the name.
W know Sleep the birth tho ar the so of the divin women-folk the instrumen of Yam (death) Tho ar the ender tho ar death Thu d w kno thee Sleep d thou Sleep protec u from evi dreams!
A on pay of sixteenth a eighth of a (entire debt thu d w transfe ever evi drea upon ou enemy.

12 Charm for the remova of evi characteristics and the acquisitio of auspiciou ones.

Fl fort from here evi mark vanis from here fl fort to yonde place upon hi that hate u d w faste the with braze hook.
the unsavour mar whic flyin ha alighte upon me a creepe upon tree that mayes tho pu awa from us awa from here golden-handed
(golden-rayed Savita (th sun) bestowing good upon us!
Togethe with the bod of the mortal from hi birth on and hundre mark ar born Thos that ar mos fou d w driv awa from here the auspiciou ones Gâtaveda (Agni) d tho hol fas for us!
Thes (marks her hav separated a cow scattere upon the heather the pur mark shal remain the fou one hav mad to disappear!

9 Prayer and imprecation in the interes of the Brahman
1 Imprecatio agains the oppressor of Brahmans.
the gods king di no giv to the this (Cow to eat D not prince see to devou the co of the Brâhmana whic i unfi to b eaten!
the prince beguile b dice the wretche on wh ha los a stak hi ow person h may perchance ea the co of the Brâhmana (thinking) 'le m liv to-da (if no to-morrow'!
Envelope (i she i he skin a a adde with evi poison d not prince (ea the cow of the Brâhmana sapless unfi to b eaten i that cow!
Awa doe (th Brâhmana tak rega power destroy vigour lik fir whic ha caugh doe h bur awa everything H that regard the Brâhman a fi foo drink of the poiso of the taimâta-serpent.
H wh think hi (th Brahman mild and slay him h wh revile the gods lust afte wealth withou thought i hi hear Indr kindle fire hi bot heaven and eart hat whil h lives.
the Brâhman mus no b encroache upon and mor that fire b hi that regard hi ow body for Som i hi (th Brâhmana's heir Indr protect hi from hostil plots.
H swallow he (th cow) bristlin with hundre hooks (but i unabl to diges her he the foo who devourin the foo of the Brahmans thinks ' a eatin lusciou (morsel).'
(Th Brahman's tongu turn int bow string hi voic int the nec of a arrow hi windpipe hi teet ar bedaube with hol fire with thes the Brahma strike thos wh revil the gods b mean of bow that hav the strengt to reac the heart discharge b the gods.
the Brâhmana hav shar arrows ar arme with missiles the arro wh c the hur goe no i vain pursuin hi with thei hol fir and thei wrath eve from afar d the pierc him.
The wh rule ove thousand and were themselve te hundred the Vaitahavya whe the devoure the co of the Brâhmana perished.
the co herself whe slaughtered cam dow upon the Vaitahavyas wh ha roaste for themselve the las she-goa of Kesaraprâbandhâ.
the on hundre and on person who the eart di cas off becaus the ha injure the offsprin of Brâhmana were ruine irretrievably.
A revile of the god doe h liv amon mortals havin swallowe poison h become mor bon (tha flesh) H that injuret Brâhmana whos ki ar the gods doe no reac heaven b the roa of the Fathers.
Agn i calle ou guide Som ou heir Indr slay thos wh Curse (us) that the stron (sages know.
Lik poisone arrow king lik -a adder lor of cattle i the terribl arro of the Brâhmana with that h smite thos wh revil (th gods)
2 Imprecatio agains the oppressor of Brahmans.

Beyon measur the waxe strong jus fel shor of touchin the heavens Whe the infringe upon Bhrig the perished the Sriñgay Vaitahavyas.
the person wh pierce Brihatsâman the descendan of Angiras the Brâhmana-- ra with two row of teeth shee devoure thei offspring.
The wh spa upon the Brâhmana wh desire tribut from him the si i the middl of poo of blood chewin hair.
the co of the Brahman whe roasted a fa a sh reache doe sh destro the lustr of the kingdom n lust her i bor (there).
crue (sacrilegious dee i he slaughter he meat whe eaten i sapless whe he mil i drunk that surel i accounte crim agains the Fathers.
Whe the king weenin himsel mighty desire to destro the Brâhmana the roya powe i dissipated wher the Brâhman i oppressed.
Becomin eight-footed four-eyed four-eared four-jawed two-mouthed two-tongued sh dispel the rul of the oppresso of the Brahman.
that (kingdom surel sh swamps a wate leakin ship misfortun strike that kingdom i whic the injur Brâhmana.
the tree chas awa with the words 'd no com withi ou shade, hi wh covet the wealt that belong to Brâhmana Nârada!
Kin Varun pronounce this (t be poison prepare b the gods n on wh ha devoure the co of Brâhman retain the charg of kingdom.
Thos ful nin and ninet who the eart di cas off becaus the ha injure the offsprin of Brâhmana were ruine irretrievably.
the kûdî-plan (Christ' thorn that wipe awa the trac (o death) whic the faste to the dead that ver one oppresso of Brahmans the god di declar (t be the couch.
the tear whic hav rolle from (th eye of the oppresse (Brahman) a h laments thes ver ones oppresso of Brahmans the god di assig to the a the shar of water.
the wate with whic the bath the dead with whic the moiste hi beard that ver one oppresso of Brahmans the god di assig to the a the shar of water.
the rai of Mitr and Varun doe no moiste the oppresso of Brahmans the assembl i no complacen for him h doe no guid hi frien accordin to hi will.

3 Prayer to appeas Arâti the demo of grudg and avarice.

Brin (wealth to us d no stan i ou way Arâti d no kee from u the sacrificia rewar a i i bein take (t us) Adoratio b to the powe of grudge the powe of failure adoratio to Arâti!
to the advisin minister who thou Arâti dids mak the agent d w mak obeisance D no brin failur to m wish!
Ma ou wish instille b the gods b fulfille b da and night W g i ques of Arâti Adoratio b to Arâti!
Sarasvatî (speech) Anumat (favour) and Bhag (fortune w g to invoke Pleasant honied word hav spoke of the occasion whe the god were invoked.
Hi who implor with Vâ Sarasvatî (th goddess-o speech) the yoke-fello of thought fait shal fin to-day bestowe b the brow soma!
Neithe ou wis no ou speec d tho frustrate Ma Indr and Agn bot brin u wealth D y al wh to-da desir to mak gift to u gai favou with Arâti!
G fa away failure the missil d w avert kno the (t be oppressiv and piercing Arâti!
Tho dos eve transfor thysel int nake woman and attac thysel to peopl i thei sleep frustrating Arâti the thought and intentio of man.
to he who great and of grea dimension di penetrat al the regions to this golden-locke Nirrit (goddes of misfortune) hav rendere obeisance.
to the gold-complexioned lovel one wh rest upon golde cushions to the grea one to that Arât wh wear golde robes hav rendere obeisance.

4 The necessit of givin awa steril cow to the Brahmans.

' give, h shal surel say,'th steril co to the beggin Brahmans'--an the hav note her--tha bring progen and offspring!
with hi offsprin doe h trade of hi cattl i h deprived that refuse to giv the co of the god to the beggin descendant of the Rishis.
Throug (th gif of co with broke horn hi (cattle break down throug lam on h tumble int pit throug mutilate on hi hous i burned throug one-eye on hi propert i give away.
Flo of bloo attack the cattle-owne from the spo wher he dun i deposited this understandin ther i abou the vasâ (th steril cow) for tho (steril cow ar sai to b ver difficul to deceive!
from the resting-plac of he fee the (disease calle viklind overtake (th owner of the cattle) Withou sicknes break dow (th cattle whic sh sniff upon with he nose.
H that pierce he ear i estrange from the gods H thinks ' a makin mar (upo her), (but h diminishe hi ow property.
I and on for whatsoeve purpos cut he tai the d hi colt die and the wol tear hi calves.
I cro ha injure he hair a lon a sh i with he owne the d hi childre die declin overtake the withou (noticeable sickness.
I the serving-mai sweep togethe he dung that bite a lye ther arise from this si disfiguremen that passet no away.
the steril co i he ver birt i bor for the god and Brâhmanas Henc to the Brahman sh i to b given that the say guarantee the securit of one' ow property.
for thos that com requestin he the co ha bee create b the gods Oppressio of Brahman i i called i h keep he for himself.
H that refuse to giv the co of the god to the descendant of the Rishi wh as for it infringe upon the gods and the wrat of the Brâhmanas.
Thoug h derive benefi from this steril cow anothe (cow the shal h seek Whe kep sh injure (his folk i h refuse to giv he afte sh ha bee aske for!
the steril co i a treasur deposite for di Brâhmanas the com her for her with whomsoeve sh i born.
the Brâhmana com her for thei own whe the com for the steril cow the refusa of he is a thoug h were oppressin the i othe concerns.
I& I sh herd u to he thir year and n diseas i discovere i her and h find he to b steril cow Nârada the mus h loo for the Brâhmanas.
I h denie that sh i sterile treasur deposite for the gods the Bhav and Sarva both com upon him and hur thei arro upon him.
Thoug h doe no perceiv upon he eithe udder of tits ye bot yiel hi milk i h ha prevaile upon himsel to giv awa the steril cow.
Har to cheat sh oppresse him if whe aske for h refuse to giv her Hi desire ar no fulfilled i h aim to accomplis the withou givin he away.
the god di as for the steril cow makin the Brâhman thei mouthpiece the ma that doe no giv (her enter int the wrat of al of these.
2Int the wrat of the cattl enter h that give no the steril co to the Brâhmanas i he the mortal appropriate the shar deposite for the gods.
Eve i hundre othe Brâhmana be the owne for the steril cow ye the god di sa anen her 'Th co belong to hi that knowet thus.'
H that refuse the steril co to hi that knowet thus and give he to others difficul to dwel upon i for hi the eart with he divinities.
the god di be the steril co of hi wil who sh wa bor a first that ver on Nârad recognise and drov fort i compan with the gods.
the steril co render childless and poo i cattle hi that ye appropriate her whe sh ha bee begge for b the Brâhmanas.
for Agn and Soma for Kâma for Mitra and for Varuna for thes d the Brâhmana be her upon thes h infringes i h g ve he not.
A lon a the owne doe no himsel hea the stanza referrin to (th givin awa of her sh ma her amon hi cattle (only i h ha no hear (them ma sh pas the nigh i hi house.
H that ha listene to the stanzas ye ha permitte he to her amon the cattle hi lif and prosperit the angr god destroy.
the steril cow eve whe sh ramble freely i treasur deposite for the gods Mak eviden the tru natur whe tho desires to g to the (proper stable!
Sh make eviden he natur whe sh desire to g to he (proper stable The indee the steril co put i int the mind of the Brahman to be (for her).
3Sh evolve i i he mind that (thought reache the gods The d the Brahman com to be for the steril cow.
3the cal svadhâ befriend hi with the Fathers the sacrific with the gods Throug the gif of the steril co the ma of roya cast incur no the ange of (her) hi mother.
the steril co i the mothe of the ma of roya caste thu wa i from the beginning I i sai to b n (real deprivatio i sh i give to the Brahmans.
A i h were to ro the ghe ladle u for Agn (th fire from the (very spoon thus i h give no the steril co to the Brahmans doe h infring upon Agni.
the steril co ha the purodas (sacrificia cake for he calf sh yield plentifu milk help i this world and fulfil al wishe for hi that give he (t the Brahmans).
the steril co fulfil al wishe i the kingdo of Yam for hi that give her Bu the sa that hel fall to the lo of hi that withhold her whe sh ha bee begge for.
the steril cow eve i sh shoul becom fruitful live i ange a he owner 'sinc h di regar m a steril (withou givin m to the Brahmans) h shal b boun i the fetter of death!'
H wh think that the co i sterile and (yet roast he a home eve hi childre qn grandchildre Brihaspat cause to b importune (for her).
Fiercel doe the (supposed steril co bur whe sh herd with the cattle thoug sh b (fruitful cow Sh verily too milk poiso for the owne that doe no presen her.
I please the cattl whe sh i give to the Brahmans moreover the steril co i pleased whe sh i mad a offerin to the god (Brahmans).
4from the steril cow whic the gods returnin from the sacrifice created Nârad picke ou a (most terribl the viliptî.
referenc to he the god reflected 'I sh steril cow of not? and Nârad i referenc to he said 'O steril cow sh i the mos sterile!'
4'Ho man steril cow (ar there) Nârada whic tho knowes to b bor amon men? Abou thes d as thee that knowest 'O whic ma the non-Brâhman no eat?'
of the viliptî of he that ha bor steril cow and of the steril co (herself) the non-Brâhmana that hope for prosperity shal no eat!
Reverenc b to thee Nârada that knowes thoroughl whic steril co i the mos terrible b withholdin whic (fro the Brahmans destructio is.incurred.
the viliptî Brihaspati he that has begotte steril cow and the steril co (herself) the non-Brâhmana that hope for prosperity shal no eat!
Thre kinds forsooth of steril cow ar there the viliptî sh that ha begotte steril cow and the steril co (herself) Thes h shal giv to the Brahmans (then doe h no estrang himsel from Pragâpati.
'Thi i you oblation Brâhmanas, thu shal h reflect i h i supplicated i the as hi for the steril cow terribl i the hous of hi that refuse to giv her.
the god animadverte i referenc to Bhed and the steril cow angr becaus h ha no give her i thes verses-an therefor h (Bheda perished.
Bhed di no presen the steril cow thoug requeste b Indra for this si the god crushe hi i battle.
5the counsellor that advis the withholdin (o the steril cow) they the rogues i thei folly conflic with the wrat of Indra.
5The wh lea the owne of cattl aside the sa to him 'd no give, i thei foll the ru int the missil hurle b Rudra.
5and i h roast the steril co a home whethe h make sacrific of her of not h sin agains the god and Brâhmanas and a chea fall from heaven.

5 The preparatio of the brahmaudana the porridg give a fe to the Brahmans.

Agni com int being Adit her i he throes longin for sons i cookin the porridg for the Brahmans the seven Rishis that di creat the beings shal her chur thee alon with progeny!
Produc the smoke y lust friends unharme b wile g y int the contest Her i the Agn (fire wh gain battles and command powerfu warriors with who the god di conque the demons.
Agni to grea heroi dee tho was aroused to coo the Brahman' porridge Gâtavedas the seven Rishis that di creat the beings hav produce thee Gran he (th wife wealt togethe with undiminishe heroes!
Burn Agni afte havin bee kindle b the firewood brin skilfull hithe the god that ar to b revered Causin the oblatio to coo for thes (Brahmans) d tho rais this (sacrificer to the highes firmament!
The threefol shar whic wa of yor assigne to yo (belongs to the gods the (departed Fathers and to the mortal (th priests) Kno you shares divid the for you the (share of the god shal protec this (woman)!
Agni possesse of might superior tho dos withou fai prevail Ben dow to the groun ou hatefu rivals!--Thi measure that i bein measured and ha bee measured ma constitut the ki int (people that rende the tribute!
Mayes tho togethe with the ki b endowe with sap Elevat he (th wife to grea heroism Ascen of hig to the bas of the firmament whic the cal 'th world of brightness'!
this grea goddes earth kindl disposed shal receiv the (sacrificial skin The ma w g to the world of well-doin (heaven)!
La thes two press-stones wel coupled upon the skin crus skilfull the (soma- shoot for the sacrificer Crus down ( earth) and bea down thos wh ar hostil to he (th wife) lif u high and elevat he offspring!
Tak int the hands man the press-stone that wor together the god that ar to b revere hav com to the sacrifice Whateve thre wishe tho dos choose shal her procur for the unt fulfilment.
This ( winnowing-basket) i the purpose and this the nature ma Aditi mothe of heroes tak hol of thee Winno ou thos wh ar hostil to this (woman) affor he wealt and undiminishe heroes!
D ye ( grains) remai i the (winnowing- basket whil (th wind blow ove you b separated y wh ar fi for the sacrifice from the chaff Ma w i happines b superio to al ou equals ben dow unde ou fee thos that hat us.
Retire woman and retur promptly the stabl of the water (water-vessel ha settle upon thee that tho mayes carr it of thes (th waters tho shal tak suc a ar fi for sacrifice havin intelligentl divide the off tho shal leav the res behind!
Thes brigh women (th waters) hav com hither Arise tho woman and gathe strength to thee that ar rendere b the husban tru wife (and b the childre ric i offspring the sacrific ha come receiv the (water- vessel!
the shar of foo that belong to yo of yor ha bee se asid for you Instructe b the Rishi brin tho (woman hithe this water Ma this sacrific wi advancemen for you wi prAection wi offsprin for you ma i b mighty wi cattle and heroe for you!
Agni the sacrificia po ha settle upon thee d tho shining brightl glowing hea i with the glow Ma the divin descendant of the Rishis assemble abou thei shar (o the porridge) ful of fervour hea this (pot a the prope time!
Pur and clea ma thes sacrificia women the water bright flo int the pot The) hav give u abundan offsprin and cattle Ma h that cook the porridg g to the world of the piou (heaven)!
Purifie b (our prayer and clarifie b the ghe ar the soma-shoots (and thes sacrificia grains Ente the water ma the po receiv you Whe y hav cookec this (porridge g y to the world of the piou (heaven)!
Sprea ou fa unt grea extent with thousan surfaces i the world of the pious Grandfathers fathers children grandchildren-- a the fifteent on that di coo thee.
the porridg ha thousan surfaces hundre streams and i indestructible i i the roa of the gods lead to heaven Yonde (enemies d plac upon thee injur the and thei offspring (but to m that bring gift tho shal b merciful!
2Ste upon the alta (vedi) mak this woma thriv i he progeny repe the demons. advanc her Ma w i happines b superio to al ou equals ben dow unde ou fee al thos that hat us.
Tur toward he with cattle (tho pot) fac toward her togethe with the divin powers Neithe curse no hostil magi shal reac thee rul i the dwellin fre from disease!
Properl built place with care this alta (vedi ha bee arrange of yor for the Brahman porridge Pu it woman upon the purifie amsadhrl plac ther the porridg for the divin (Brâhmanas)!
Ma this sacrificia ladl (sruk) the secon han of Aditi whic the seven Rishis the creator of the beings di fashion ma this spoon knowin the limb of the porridge hea i upon the altar!
the divin (Brâhmanas shal si dow to thee the cooke saerfice d tho agai descendin from the fire approac them Clarifie b som settl i the bell of the Brâhmanas the descendant of the Rishi wh ea the shal no tak harm!
kin Soma infus harmon int the goo Brâhmana wh shal si abou thee Eagerl d invit to the porridg the Rishis descende from Rishis that ar bor of religiou fervour and gladl obe the call.
Thes pur and clea sacrificia wome (th waters pu int the hand of the Brâhmana severally with whateve wis pou this upon you ma Indra accompanie b the Marut gran this to me!
this gol i m immorta light this rip frui of the fiel i m wish-grantin cow this treasur presen to the Brâhmanas prepar for mysel roa that leads to the Father i the heavens.
Scatte the spel int Agn Gâtaveda (th fire) swee awa to fa distanc the chaff this (chaff w hav heard i the shar of the rule of the hous (Agni) and w know too wha belono to Nirrit (destruction a he share.
Note ( porridge) hi that take pains and cook and presse the soma lif hi u to the heavenl road upon which afte h ha reache the fulles age h shal ascen to the highes firmament the suprem heavens!
3Anoin (wit ghee) adhvary (priest) the surfac of this sustainin (porridge) mak skilfull plac for the melte butter with ghe d tho anoin al it limbs prepar for mysel roa that lead to the Father i the heavens.
sustainin (porridge) cas destructio and strif amon suc a ar sittin abou thee and ar no Brâhmanas (But the descendant of the -Rishis that ea thee bein ful of substance spreadin forth shal no tak harm!
to the descendant of the Rishi mak the over porridge thos wh ar no descende from Rishi hav n shar i it Ma Agn a m guardian ma al the Maruts and al the god watc ove the cooke food!
The (th porridge that milkes the sacrifice ar evermor abundant the mal milch-cow the sea of wealth w beseec for immortalit of off-sprin and lon lif with abundanc of wealth.
Tho ar lust male penetrates heaven g tho to the Rishis descende from Rishis Dwel i the world of the pious ther i well-prepare (place for u two!
Pac thysel up g forth Agni prepar the roads that lea to the gods B these well-prepare (roads ma w reac the sacrifice standin upon the firmamen (tha shines with seven rays!
with the ligh with whic the gods havin cooke the porridg for the Brâmanas ascende to heaven to the world of the pious with that woul w g to the world of the pious ascendin to the light to the highes firmament!

6 The preparatio of the brahmaudana the porridg give a fe to the Brahmans.

(Thyself male ste tho upon the hid of the mal (steer) go cal thithe al that i dea to thee A whateve ag y two formerl di firs unit (i marriage) ma that ag b you commo lo i Yama' kingdom!
You sigh shal b a clea (a formerly) you strengt a abundant you lustr a great you vitalit a manifold Whe Agni the (funeral- pyre fasten himsel upon the corpse the a pai ye.shal ris from the (cooked porridge!
Com y togethe i this world upon the roa to the gods and i Yama' realms B purification purifie cal y togethe the offsprin that ha sprun from you!
Aroun the wate united si y down children aroun this livin (father and the water that refres the living Partak of thes (waters) and of that porridg whic the mothe of yo two cooks and whic i calle amrit (ambrosia)!
the porridg whic the fathe of yo two and whic the mothe cooks unt freedo from defilemen and foulnes of speech that porridg with hundre stream (o ghee) leadin to heaven ha penetrate with migh bot the hemisphere of the world.
I that on of the two hemisphere and the two heavenl worlds conquere b the pious whic especiall abound i light and i ric i honey i that d y i the fulnes of tim com togethe with you children!
Kee eve of i a easterl direction this i the regio that the faithfu clin to Whe you cooke porridg ha bee prepare of the fire hol together ma and wife that y ma guar it!
Whe y shal hav reache the southerl direction tur y to this vessel I that Yama associate with the fathers shal giv abundan protectio to you cooke porridge!
this westerl directio i especiall favoured i i Som i rule and consoler to this hold attac yourselve to the pious the a pai y shal ris from the cooke porridge!
the northerl directio shal mak ou real the ver uppermost i offspring uppermost the purush i the metr pahkti with al (ou kin) endowe with al thei limbs ma w b united!
this 'firm directio (nadir i Virâ (brilliancy) reverenc b to her ma sh b kin to m childre and to me Mayes thou goddes Aditi wh boldes al treasures a a aler guardia guar the cooke porridge!
A fathe hi childre d thou ( earth) embrac us ma gentl wind blo upon u her of earth The the porridg whic the two divinitie (th sacrifice and hi wife ar her preparin for u shal tak not of ou religiou fer~ou and ou truth!
Whateve the blac bird that ha com hithe stealthily ha touche of that ahic ha stuc to the rim of whateve the wet-bande slavegir doe pollute-ma ye waters purif (that morta and pestle!
Ma this sturd press-stone with broa bottom purifie b the purifiers bea awa the Rakshas Settl upon the skin affor fir protection ma ma and wif no com to grie i thei children!
the (pestl of woo ha com to u togethe with the gods i drive awa the Raksha and Pisâkas U i shal rise shal le it voic resound
throug i le u conque al the worlds!
the cattl clothe itsel i sevenfol strength thos amon the that ar slee and thos that ar poor the thirty-thre god atten the mayes thou ( cattle) guid u to the heavenl world!
to the brigh world of heaven tho shal lea us (there le u b unite with wif and children tak he hand ma sh follo m there neithe Nirrit (destruction) no Arât (grudge) shal gai master ove us!
Ma w ge pas the evi Grâh (seizure) Castin asid darknes d thou ( pestle) le the lovel voic resound d not woode tool whe raised d injury d no mutilat the grai devote to the gods!
All-embracing abou to b covere with ghee enter ( pot) a co-dwelle this space!--Tak hol of the winnowing-basket that ha bee grow b the rain the spel and the chaf i shal sif out!
Thre region ar constructe afte the patter of the Brâhmana yonde heaven the earth and the atmosphere.--Tak the (soma- shoots and hol on another ( ma and wife) The (th shoots shal swel (wit moisture) and agai g bac int the winnowing-basket!
2of manifol variegate colour ar the animals on colou has thou ( porridge) whe successfull prepared.--Pus thes (soma- Shoot upon this re skin the press-ston shal purif the a the washer-ma hi clothes!
Thee the (po of earth plac upon the earth you substanc i the same thoug thine ( pot) i modified Eve thoug blo ha cracke of scratche thee d no therefor burst with this vers d cove that up!
Gentl a mothe embrac the son unit thee (po of earth with the earth Mayes thou the hollo pot no totte upon the altar whe tho ar presse b the tool of sacrific and the ghee!
Ma Agn wh cook the protec the of the east Indr with the Marut protec the of the south Ma Varun of the wes suppor the upon the foundation ma Som of the nort hol the together!
Purifie b the purifiers the (waters flo pur from the clouds the reac to the space of heaven and of the earth The ar alive refres the livino and ar firml rooted ma Agn hea them afte the hav bee poure int the vessel!
from heaven the come int the eart the penetrate from the eart the penetrat int the atmosphere Ma they no pure ye purif themselve further ma the conduc u to the heavenl world!
Whethe y ar over-abundan of jus sufficient y ar surel clear pure and immortal cook y waters instructe b the husban and wife obligin and helpful the porridge!
Counte drop penetrat int the earth commensurat with the breath of lif and the plants the uncounte golde (drops) that ar poure int (th porridge) have (themselves pure establishe complet purity.
the boilin water ris and sputter cas u foa and man bubbles Unite y waters with this grain a woma wh behold he husban i the prope season!
Sti u (th grains a the settl a the bottom le the mingl thei inmos part with the waters the wate her hav measure with cups measure wa the grain s a to b accordin to thes regulations.
3Han ove the sickle with hast brin promptl (th gras for the barhis) withou givin pai le the cu the plant a the joints The whos kingdo Som rules the plants shal no harbou ange agains us!
3Stre ne barhi for the porridge pleasin to it heart and lovel to it sigh i shal be upon i the god togethe with the goddesse shal enter settl dow to this (porridge i prope order and ca it!
(instrumen of wood settl dow upon the strew barhis i keepin with the divinitie and the agnishlom rites Wel shaped a i b carpente (Tvashtar with hi axe i the form Longin for this (porridge the (gods shal b see abou the vessel!
I sixt autumn the treasure (o the porridge shal fetc it b the cooke grai h shal obtai heaven the parent and the childre shal liv upon it Brin tho this (man to heaven int the presenc of Agni!
(Thyself holder ( pot) hol of to the foundatio of the earth thee that ar immoveabl the god (alone shal move Ma and wife alive with livin children shal remov the from the heart of the fire!
Tho has conquere and reache al worlds a man a ar ou wishes tho has satisfie them Di y in stirrin stic and spoon Plac i (th po idge upon singl dish!
La (ghee upon it le i sprea forth anoin this dis with ghee A the lowin co he youn that crave the breast y god shal gree with sound of satisfactio this (porridge)!
with ghe tho has covere it has mad this plac (for the porridge) ma it peerless sprea afa to heaven upon i shal res the might eagle god shal offe i to the divinities!
Whateve the wif cook asid from thee ( husband) of the husban (cooks unbeknow of thee wife mi that together to bot of yo i shal belong brin i togethe int singl place!
A man of he childre a dwel upon the earth and the son that hav bee begotte b him al thos y shal cal u to the dish of shal com the youn knowin thei nest!
4the goodl streams swellin with honey mixe with ghee the seat of ambrosia al thes doe h obtain ascend to heaven I sixt autumn the treasure (o the porridge shal fetc it!
4the treasure shal fetc this treasure al outsider roun abou shal no contro it the heaven-directe porridge that ha bee presente and deposite b us i thre division ha reache the thrt heavens.
4Ma Agn bur the ungodl Rakshas the flesh-devourin Pisâk shal hav nothin her to partak of W driv hi away hol hi afa from us the Âditya and Angira shal sta nea it!
to the Âditya and the Angira d offe this (foo of honey mixe with ghee D y two (ma and wife) with clea hands withou havin injure Brâhmana performin piou deeds g to that heavenl world!
woul obtai this highes par of i (th porridge) the plac from whic the highes lor permeate (th all) Pou butte upon it anoin i with plentifu ghee this her i ou share fi for the Angiras!
for the sak of trut and hol strengt d w mak ove this porridg a hoarde treasur to the gods i shal no b los to u i gamin of i the assembly d no le i g to and othe perso befor me!
cook and giv (t the Brahmans) and so too m wife a m religiou rit and practice.--Wit the birt of so the world of childre ha arise (for you) d y two hol of to lif that extend beyon (you years)!
I that plac exist n guilt and n duplicity no eve i h goe conspirin with hi friends this ful dis of our ha her bee deposited the cooke (porridge shal com bac agai to hi that cook it!
kin deed w shal perfor for ou friends al that hat u shal g to darknes (hell)!--A (fruitful cow and (strong steer the (ma and wife shal during ever successiv perio of thei live driv awa man-besettin death!
the fire (all kno on another that whic live i plants and live i the waters and al the (light- god that glo upon the heaven the gol (here become the ligh of hi that cook (th porridge).
5this (nake skin amon the hide i bor upon ma (alone) al othe animal ar rio naked Cloth yourselves (y Brahmans) i shelterin garments (even the fac of the porridg i homespu garment!
5Wha falsehoo tho shal spea a pla and i the assembly of the falsehoo that tho shal spea throug lus for gain--pu of together ( ma and wife) this sam garment deposi upon i ever blemish!
5Produc rain g to the gods le smok aris from (thy surface all-embracing abou to b covere with ghee ente a co-dwelle this place!
man way heaven assume withi itsel differen form accordin to circumstances I (th heaven ha lai asid it blac form purifyin itsel to brigh (form) the re for d sacrific for the int the fire.
The her w han ove to the easter direction to Agn a sovereig lord to the blac serpen a guardian to Âdity a bowman d y guar i for us unti w arrive to the goa her h shal lea us to ol age ol ag shal han u ove to death the shal w b unite with the cooke (porridge)!
The her w han ove to the souther direction to Indr a sovereig lord to the serpen that i stripe acros a guardian to Yam a bowman d y guar i for us unti w arrive to the goa here &c.
The her w han ove to the wester direction to Varun a sovereig lord to the pridâku-serpen a guardian to foo a bowman d y guar i for us unti w arrive to the goa here &c.
The her w han ove to the norther direction to Som a sovereig lord to the svaga-serpen a guardian to the lightnin a bowman d y guar i for us unti w arrive to the goa here &c.
The her w han ove to the directio of the nadir to Vishn a sovereig lord to the serpen with black-spotte nec a guardian to the plant a bowmen d y guar i for us unti w arrive to the goa here &c.
The her w han ove to the directio of the zenith to Brihaspat a sovereig lord to the light-coloure serpen a guardian to the rai a bowman d y guar i for us unti w arrive to the goa here &c.

7 Removal of hous that ha bee presente to pries a sacrificia reward.

the fastening of the buttresses the supports and als of the connectinc beam of the house that abound i treasures d w loosen.
(house ric i al treasures the fette whic ha bee boun abou thee and the kno whic ha bee fastene upon thee that with m Charm d undo a Brihaspat (undid Vala.
(Th builder ha draw the to,,ether presse the together place fir knot upon thee Skilfully a the pries wh butcher (th sacrificia animal) d w with Indra' ai disjoin the limbs.
from the beams the bolts the frame and the thatch from the sides ( house aboundin i treasures d w loose the fastenings.
the fastening of the dove-taile (joints) of the ree (-covering) of the frame-work d w loose her from the 'mistres of dwelling.'
the rope whic the hav tie withi the for comfort thes d w loose from thee b tho propitiou to ou persons mistres of dwelling afte tho has (again bee erected!
receptacl for Soma hous for Agni sea for the mistresse (o the house) sea (for the priests) sea for the god ar thou goddes house!
the coverin of wicker-work with thousan eyes stretche ou upon the crown fastene dow and lai on d w loose with (this charm.
H wh receive the a gift house and h b who tho has bee built bot these mistres of dwelling shal liv attainin ol age!
Retur to hi i the othe world firml bound ornamented (tho house) whic w loose lim b limb and join b joint!
H wh buil thee house brough togethe (thy timbers he Pragâpat of high di construc thee house for hi progen (pragâyai).
W rende obeisanc to hi (th builder) obeisanc to the giver the lor of the house obeisanc to Agn wh serve (th sacrifice) and obeisanc to the (attendant man!
Reverenc to the cattl and the horses and to that whic i bor i the house Tho that has produced ar ric i offspring the fetter d w loosen.
Tho dos shelte Agn within (and the domestic togethe with the cattle Tho that has produced ar ric i offspring the fetter d w loosen.
the expans whic i betwee heaven and earth with that d receiv a gif this hous of thine the middl regio whic i stretche ou from the sky that d mak int receptacl for treasures with that d receiv the hous for this one.
Ful of nurture ful of milk fixe upon the earth erected holdin foo for all house d tho no injur the that receiv the a gift!
Envelope i grass clothe i reeds lik nigh doe the hous lodg the cattle erecte tho dos stan upon the earth lik she-elephant fir of foot.
the par of the that wa covere with mat unfoldin d loosen The that has bee enfolde b Varun ma Mitr uncove i the morning!
the hous buil with piou word buil b seers erected--ma Indr and Agni the two immortals protec the house the sea of Soma!
Ches i crowde upon chest baske upon basket ther morta ma i begotte from who al thing spring.
the hous whic i buil with two facades fou facades si facades i the hous with eigh facades with te facades i the 'mistres of dwelling. Agn rest a i i the womb.
Tuirnin toward the that ar turne toward me house com to the that injures m not for Agn and the waters the firs doo to divin order ar within.
Thes waters fre from disease destructiv of disease d brin here the chamber d ente i upon i compan with the immorta Agn (fire).
D tho no faste fette upon us thoug heav load becom tho light A brid d w carr thee house whereve w please.
from the easterl directio of the hous reverenc (be to greatness hai to the god wh ar to b addresse with hail!
from the southerl directio of the house &c.!
from the westerl directio of the house &c.!
from the northerl directio of the house &c.!
from the fir directio (nadir of the house &c.!
from the uprigh directio (zenith of the house &c.!
from ever directio of the hous reverenc (be to greatness hai to the god wh ar to b addresse with hail!

8 Brahmanica Prayer a the receip of gifts.

the varie foo whic consum i man places m gold m horses & too m cows goats and sheep everythin whatsoeve that hav receive a gift--ma Agni the priest rende that a auspiciou offering!
the gif that ha com to m b sacrifice of withou sacrifice bestowe b the Fathers grante b men throug whic m heart a i were light u with joy--ma Agni the priest rende that a auspiciou offering!
the foo that I gods improperl consume (th food promise intendin to giv of i (t the Brahmans) of no to giv of it b the migh of might Vaisvânar (Agni ma (that foo b for m auspiciou and ful of honey!



Listen y folks to this ( song i prais of her shal b sung Si thousan and ninet (cows di w ge (whe w were with Kauram amon the Rusamas,--
Whos twic te buffaloe mov righ along touethe with thei cows the heigh of hi chario jus misse the heaven whic recede from it touch.
this on (Kaurama presente the see with hundre jewels te chaplets thre hundre steeds and te thousan cattle.


Dispor thyself chanter dispor thysel a bir upon flowerin tree the tongu glide quickl ove the lip a razo ove the strop.
the chanter with thei piou son hurr of blithel a cows a hom ar thei children and a hom the cow d the attend.
Brin hither chanter the poem that whic earn cattl and earn goo things Amon the god (kings plac the voic a manl arche hi arrow!


Liste y to the hig prais of the kin wh rule ove al peoples the go wh i abov mortals of Vaisvânar Parikshit!
'Parikshi ha procure for u secur dwellin whe he the mos excellen one wea to hi seat. (Thus the husban i Kuru-land whe h found hi household converse with hi wife.
'Wha ma brin to thee curds stirre drink of liquor? (Thus the wif ask he husban i the kingdo of kin Parikshit.
Lik ligh the rip barle run ove beyon the mout (o the vessels) the peopl thriv merril i the kingdo of kin Parikshit.


Indr ha awakene the poet saying 'Arise mov about and sing of me the strong verily sin the praises ful ever piou on shal offe the (sacrificia reward)!'
Here cattle y shal b born here y horses here y domestics and Pûsha also wh bestow thousan (cows a sacrificia reward settle dow here.
Ma thes cattle Indra no suffe harm and ma thei owne no suffe harm ma the hostil folk Indra ma the thie no gai possessio of them!
W shou to the her with hym and son w (shout with pleasin song Tak deligh i ou songs ma w no eve suffe harm!

10 Cosmogoni and Theosophi hymn
1 Hym to goddes Earth.
Truth greatness universa orde (rita) strength consecration creativ fervou (tapas) spiritua exaltatio (brahma) the sacrifice suppor the earth Ma this earth the mistres of that whic wa and shal be prepar for u broa domain!
the eart that ha heights and slopes and grea plains that support the plant of manifol virtue fre from the pressur that come from the mids of men sh shal sprea ou for us and fit hersel for us!
the eart upon whic the sea and the river and the waters upon whic foo and the tribe of me hav arisen upon whic this breathing movin lif exists shal affor u precedenc i drinking!
the eart whos ar the fou region of space upon whic foo and the tribe of me hav arisen whic support the manifol breathing movin thinas shal affor u cattl and othe possession also!
the eart upon whic of ol the firs me unfolde themselves upon whic the god overcam the Asuras shal procur for u (all kind of cattle horses and fowls goo fortune and glory!
the eart that support all furnishe wealth the foundation the golden-breaste resting-plac of al livin creatures sh that support Agn Vaisvânar (th fire) and mate with Indra the bull shal furnis u with property!
the broa -earth whic the sleeples god eve attentivel guard shal mil for u preciou honey & moreover besprinkl u with glory!
that eart whic formerl wa wate upon the ocea (o space) whic the wis (seers foun ou b thei skilfu devices whos hear i i the highes heaven immortal surrounde b truth shal besto upon u brillianc and strength (an plac us i suprem sovereignty!
that eart upon whic the attendan water jointl flo b da and nigh unceasingly shal pou ou mil for u i ric streams & moreover besprinkl u with glory!
the eart whic the Asvin hav measured upon whic Vishn ha steppe out whic Indra the lor of might ha mad friendl to himself she the mother shal pou fort mil for me the son!
the snow mountai heights and the forests earth shal b kin to us the brown the black the red the multi-coloured the fir earth that i protecte b Indra hav settle upon no suppressed no slain no wounded.
Int the rniddl se us earth and int the navel int the nourishin strengt that ha grow ti from the body purif thysel for us the eart i the mother and the so of the earth Paro-any i the father he too shal sav us!
the eart upon whic the (th priests inclos the alta (vedi) upon whic they devote to al (holy works unfol the sacrifice upon whic ar se up i fron of the sacrifice the sacrificia posts erec and brilliant that eart shal prospe us hersel prospering!
Hi that hate us earth hi that battle agains us hi that i hostil toward u with hi min and hi weapons d tho subjec to us anticipatin (ou wish b deed!
the mortal bor of the liv of thee tho supportes bot biped and quadrupeds Thine earth ar thes fiv race of men the mortals upon who the risin sun shed undyin ligh with hi rays.
Thes creature al togethe shal yiel mil for us d thou earth giv u the hone of speech!
upon the firm broa earth the all-begettin mothe of the plants that i supporte b (divine law upon her propitiou and kind ma w eve pass-ou lives!
grea gathering-plac thou grea (earth) has become grea haste commotion and agitatio ar upon thee Grea Indr protect the unceasingly D thou earth caus u to brighte a i a the sigh of gold no and on shal hat us!
Agn (fire i i the earth i the plants the water hol Agni Agn i i the stones Agn i withi men Agni (fires ar withi cattle withi horses.
Agn glow from the sky to Agni the god belong the broa air the mortal kindl Agni the beare of oblations that lovet ghee.
2the earth clothe i Agni with dar knees shal mak m brillian and alert!
upon the eart me giv to the god the sacrifice the prepare oblation upon the eart morta me liv pleasantl b food Ma this eart giv u breat and life ma sh caus m to reac ol age!
the fragrance earth that ha arise upon thee whic the plant and the water hold whic the Gandharva and the Apsara hav partake of with that mak m fragrant no and on shal hat us!
that fragranc of thin whic ha entere int the lotus that fragrance earth whic the immortal of yor gathere u a the marriag of Sûryâ with that mak m fragrant no and on shal hat us!
that fragranc of thin whic i i men the lovelines and Charm that i i mal and female that whic i i steed and heroes that whic i i the wil animal with trunk (elephants) the lustr that i i the maiden earth with that d tho blen us no and on shal hat us!
Rock stone dus i this earth this eart i supported hel together to this golden-breaste eart hav rendere obeisance.
the earth upon who the forest-sprun tree eve stan firm the all-nourishing compac earth d w invoke.
Risin of sitting standin of walking ma w no stumbl with ou righ of lef foo upon the earth!
to the pur eart speak to the ground the soi that ha grow throug the brahm (spiritua exaltation) upon thee that holdes nourishment prosperity food and ghee w woul settl down earth!
Purifie the water shal flo for ou bodies wha flow of from u that d w deposi upon hi w dislike with purifier earth d purif myself!
3the easterl regions and the northern the southerl (regions) earth and the western shal b kin to m a wal (upo thee) Ma that hav bee place int the world no fal down!
no driv u from the west no from the east no from the north and no from the south Securit b tho for us earth waylayer shal no fin us hol fa awa (their murderou weapon!
A lon a loo ou upon thee earth with Sûry (th sun a m companion s lon shal m sigh no fall a yea followet upon year!
When a lie tur upon m righ of lef side earth whe stretche ou w li with ou rib upon the pressin agains (us) d not earth that lies clos to everything ther injur us!
What earth di ou of thee quickl shal that gro again ma not pur one pierc the vita spot (and no the heart!
the summer earth the rain season the autumn winter earl spring and spring the decree yearl seasons the day and night shal yiel u milk
the pur eart that start i frigh awa from the serpent upon who were the fire that ar withi the waters sh that deliver (t destruction the blasphemou Dasyus sh that take the sid of Indra no of Vritra (tha earth adhere to Sakr (might Indra) the lust bull.
upon who rest the sacrificia hu (sadas and the (two vehicle that hol the som (havirdhâne) i who the sacrificia pos i fixed upon who the Brâhmana prais (th gods with rik and sâmans knowin (also the yagur-formulas upon who the serving-priest (ritvig ar employe s that Indr shal drin the soma;--
upon who the seer of yore that create the beings brough fort with thei song the cows the the seven activ (priests) b mean of the satra-offerings the sacrifices and (their creativ fervou (tapas);--
Ma this eart poin ou to u the wealt that we-crave ma Bhag (fortune ad hi help ma Indr com her a (our champion!
4the eart upon who the nois mortal sin and dance upon who the fight upon who resound the roarin drum shal driv fort ou enemies shal mak u fre from rivals!
4to the eart upon who ar food and ric and barley upon who liv thes fiv race of men to the earth the wif of Parganya that i fattene b rain b reverence!
4the eart upon whos groun the citadel constructe b the god unfol themselves ever regio of he that i the wom of all Pragâpat shal mak pleasan for us!
the eart that hold treasure manifol i secre places wealth jewels and gol shal sh giv to me sh that bestow wealt liberally the kindl goddess wealt shal sh besto upon us!
the eart that hold peopl of manifol varie speech of differen customs accordin to thei habitations a reliabl milch-co that doe no kick shal sh mil for m thousan stream of wealth!
the serpent the scorpio with thirst fangs that hibernatin torpidl lie upon thee the worm and whateve livin thing earth move i the rain season shall whe i creeps no cree upon us with wha i auspiciou (o thee b graciou to us!
the man path upon whic peopl go the track for chariot and wagon to advance upon whic bot goo and evi me proceed this road fre from enemies and fre from thieves ma w gain with wha i auspiciou (o thee b graciou to us!
the eart hold the foo and hold the wise endure that goo and ba dwel (upo her) sh keep compan with the boar give hersel u to the wil hog.
the fores animals the wil animal home i the woods the man-eatin lions and tiger that roam the ula the wolf mishap injur (rikshikâ) and demon (rakshas) earth driv awa from us!
the Gandharvas the Apsaras the Arâya and Kimîdins the Pisâka and al demon (rakshas) these earth hol from us!
5the eart upon who the bipe bird fl together the flamingoes eagles bird of prey and fowls upon who Mâtarisvan the wind hastens raisin the dust and tossin the trees-a the win blow fort and bac the flam burst after;--
5the eart upon who da and nigh jointly blac and bright hav bee decreed the broa eart covere and envelope with rain shal kindl plac u int ever pleasan abode!
5Heaven and earth and ai hav her give m expanse Agni Sûrya the waters and al the god togethe hav give m wisdom.
5Might a I 'Superior (uttara b name upon the earth conquerin a I all-conquering completel conquerin ever region.
A that time goddess when spreading. (prathamânâ forth name (prithivî 'broad' b the gods tho dids exten to greatness the prosperit di ente thee (and tho dids fashio the fou regions.
I the village and i the wilderness i the assembly-hall that ar upon the earth i the gatherings and i the meetings ma w hol fort agreeabl to thee!
A dus stee di she a soo a sh wa born scatte thes people that dwel upon the earth sh the lovel one the leader the guardia of the world that hold the tree and plants.
the word speak honie d spea them the thing se the furnis m with Brillian a and alert the other that rus (agains me d bea down.
Gentle fragrant kindly with the swee drin (kîlâla i he udder ric i milk the broa eart togethe with (her mil shal giv u courage!
Sh who Visvakarma (th creato of all di searc ou b mean of oblations whe sh ha entere the surgin (floo of the atmosphere she the vesse destine to nourish deposite i secre place becam visibl (t the gods and the (heavenly mothers.
6Tho ar the scattere of men the broadl expandin Adit that yield mil accordin to wish Wha i wantin i the Pragâpati first-bor of the divin orde (rita) shal suppl for thee
6the laps earth fre from ailment Fre from disease shal b produce for us Ma w attentively throuo ou lon lives b bearer of bali-offering to thee!
mothe earth kindl se m dow upon well-founde place with (father heaven cooperating tho wis one d tho plac m int happines and prosperity!
2 Prayer for sovereig powe addresse to the go Rohit and hi female Rohinî.

Ris up steed that ar withi the waters ente this kingdom ric i libera gifts Rohit (th re sun wh ha begotte this all shal kee the well-supporte for sovereignty!
the stee that i withi the water ha rise up ascen upon the clan that ar sprun from thee Furnishin soma the waters plants and cows caus tho four-foote and two-foote creature to ente here!
D ye stron Maruts childre of Prisn (th cloud) allie with Indra crus the enemies Rohit shal hea you that giv abundan gifts the thric seven Maruts wh tak deligh i swee (nourishment)!
Rohit ha climbe the heights h ha ascende them he the embry of women (ha ascended the wom of births Closel unite with thes wome the foun ou the si broa (directions) spyin ou roa h ha brough hithe sovereignty.
Hithe to the Rohit ha brough sovereignty h ha disperse the enemies freedo from dange ha resulte for thee to the heaven and eart togethe with the revatî and sakvarî-stanza shal yiel gift a will!
Rohit produce heaven and earth ther Parameshthi (th lor of high extende the threa (o the sacrifice) Ther Ag Ekapâd (th one-foote goat the sun di fi himself h mad fir the heaven and eart with hi strength.
Rohit mad fir heaven and earth b hi the (heavenly ligh wa established b hi the firmament B hi the atmospher and the space were measure out throug hi the god obtaine immortality.
Rohit di ponde the multifor (universe whil preparin (his climbing and advances Havin ascende the heaven with grea might h shal anoin the royalt with mil and ghee!
Al the climbings advances and al the ascent with whic thou (Rohita the sun) filles the heaven and the atmosphere havin strengthene thysel with thei brahm and paya (spiritua and physica essence d tho kee awak (d tho watc over amon the peopl i the kingdo of the (earthly Rohit (th king)!
the people that hav originate from the tapa (heat of creativ fervour) hav followe her the calf the gâyatri The shal ente the with kindl spirit the cal Rohit with it mothe shal com on!
Hig of the firmamen Rohit ha stood youth sage begettin al forms A Agn h shine with piercin light i the thir spac h di assum lovel (forms).
bul with thousan horns Gâtaveda (fire) endowe with sacrifice of ghee carryin som upon hi back ric i heroes h shall whe implored no abando me no ma abando thee abundanc i cattl and abundanc i heroe procur for me!
Rohit i the generato of the sacrifice and it mouth to Rohit offe oblation with voice ear and mind to Rohit the god resor with gla mind h shal caus m to ris throug elevatio derive from the assembly!
Rohit arrange sacrific for Visvakarman from i thes brilliant qualitie hav com to me Le m announc the origi ove the exten of the world!
upon the hav ascende the brihatî and the pankt (metres) upon the the kakub with splendour Gâtavedas upon the the vashat-call whos syllable mak a ushnihâ ha ascended upon the Rohit with hi see ha ascended.
this on clothe himsel i the wom of the earth this on clothe himsel i heaven and i the atmosphere this on a the statio of the brow (sun di attai unt the world of light.
Vâkaspat (lor of speech) the eart shal b pleasan to us pleasan ou dwelling agrecabl ou couches Righ her life' breat shal b to ou friend thee Parameshthin Agn shal envelo i lif and lustre!
Vâkaspati the fiv season that w have whic hav com abou a the creatio of Visvakarman riali her (the & life' breat shal b to ou friend thee Parameshthin Rohit shal envelo i lif and lustre!
Vâkaspati goo chee and spirit cattl i ou stable childre i ou womb bege thou Righ her life' breat shal b to ou friend thee Parameshthin envelo i lif and lustre.
Go Savita and Agn shal envelo thee Mitr and Varun surroun the with lustre Treadin dow al power of grudg com tho hither tho has mad this kingdo ric i libera gifts.
2Thou Rohita who the brindle cow harnesse a the side carries goes with brilliance causin the water to flow.
Devote to Rohit i Rohinî hi mistress with beautifu colou (complexion) great and lustrous throug he ma w conque boot of ever description throug he wi ever battle!
this seat Rohinî belong to Rohita yonde i the pat of whic the brindle (female goes He the Gandharva and the Kasyapa lea forth he the sage guar with diligence.
the radian ba steed of the sun the immortal eve dra the delightfu chariot Rohita the drinke of ghee the shinin god di ente the variegate heavens.
Rohita the sharp-horne bull wh surpasse Agn and surpasse Sûrya wh prop u the eart and the sky ou of hi the god fram the creations.
Rohit ascende the heaven from the grea flood Rohit ha climbe al heights.
Creat (th cow that i ric i milk drip with ghee sh i the milch-cowo the god that doe no refuse Indr shal drin the Soma ther shal b secur possession Agn shal sin praises the enemie d tho driv out!
Agn kindled spread hi flames fortifie b ghee sprinkle with ghee Victorious all-conquerin Agn shal sla the that ar m rivals!
H shal sla them shal bur the enem that battle agains us with the flesh-devourin Agn d w bur ou rivals.
Smit the down Indra with the thunderbolt with the (strong arm The hav overpowere m rival with Agni' brillian strengths.
Agni subjec ou rival to us confuse Brihaspati the kinsma that i puffe up Indr and Agni Mitr and Varuna subjecte the shal be unabl to ven thei wrat agains us!
thou go Sûry (th sun) whe tho risest bea dow m rivals bea the dow with stone the shal g to the nethermos darkness!
the cal of Virâg the bul of prayers carryin the brigh (soma upon hi back ha ascende the atmosphere son accompanie b ghe the sin to the calf himsel brahm (spiritua exaltation the swel hi with thei brahm (prayer).
Ascen the heavens ascen the eart sovereignt ascen thou and possession ascen thou Offsprin ascen thou and immortalit ascen thou unit the bod with Rohita!
the god that hol sovereignty wh g abou the sun with thes allied Rohita kindl disposed shal besto sovereignt upon thee!
the sacrifice purifie b Prayer lea the forth the ba steed that trave upon the roa carr thee tho shines acros the swellin ocean.
I Rohit wh conquer wealth conquer cattle and conquer booty heaven and eart ar fixed of the that has thousan and seven births le m announc the origi ove the exten of the world!
Gloriou tho goes to the intermediat direction and the direction (o space) gloriou (i the sight of animal and the tribe of men gloriou i the la of the earth of Aditi ma lik Savita b lovely!
Bein yonde tho knowes (wha take place here bein her tho beholdes thes things Her (men behol the inspire sun that shine upon the sky.
go tho praises the gods tho moves withi the flood The kindl (him) universa fire hi the highes sage know.
4Belo the superio (region) abov the inferio (region here the co ha arise supportin (her cal b the foot Whithe i sh turned to whic hal (o the universe) forsooth ha sh aon away where forsooth doe sh beget Veril no i this herd!
4One-footed two-footed four-foote i she eight-footed nine-foote becam she the thousand-syllable (consistin of thousan elements pankt (quinar stanza of the universe the ocean from he flo fort upon (th world).
4Ascendin the heaven immortal receiv kindl m song the sacrifice purifie b Prayer lea the forth the ba steed that trave upon the roa carr thee.
that d kno of thee immortal wher the marc i upon the sky wher the habitatio i i the highes heaven.
Sûry (th sun survey the sky Sûry the earth Sûry the waters Sûry i the singl ey of being h ha ascende the grea heavens.
the broa (directions wher the fagot that fenc i (th fire) the eart turne itsel int fire-altar Ther Rohit lai of for himsel thes two fires col and heat.
Layin of col and heat usin the mountain a sacrificia posts the two fire of Rohit wh know the (heavenly light int whic (th fires rai (flowed a ghee carrie ou the sacrifice.
the fir of Rohit wh know the (heavenly ligh i kindle b prayer from i heat from i cold from i the sacrific wa produced.
the two fire swellin throug prayer increase throug prayer sacrifice int with prayer the two fire of Rohit wh know the (heavenly light kindle throug prayer carrie ou the sacrifice.
On i deposite i truth the othe i kindle i the waters the two fire of Rohit wh know the (heavenly light kindle throug prayer carrie ou the sacrifice.
5the fir whic the win brighten up and that whic Indr and Brahmanaspat (brighte up) the two fire of Rohit wh know the (heavenly light kindle throug prayer carrie ou the sacrifice.
5Havin fashione the eart int a altar havin mad the heaven (his sacrificia reward the havin mad hea int fire Rohit create al that ha breat throug rai (serving a ghee.
5Rai fashione itsel int ghee hea int fire the eart int a altar The Agn b (his song fashione the hig mountains.
5Havin fashione b mean of song the hig (mountains) Rohit spak to the earth I the al shal b born wha i and wha shal be.
the sacrific first (an then wha i and wha shal b wa born from that this al wa born and whateve her appears brough hithe b the sag Rohita.
H wh kick co with hi foot and h wh micturate toward the sun--o the d tea ou the root tho shal hencefort no cas shadow!
Tho that passes acros me castin the shado agains me betwee m and the fire--o the d tea ou the root tho shal hencefort no cas shadow!
He go Sûrya that to-da passe betwee the and me upon hi ou evi dream ou foulness and ou misfortune d w wip off.
Ma w no mis ou way ma w not Indra mis the sacrific of hi that presse the soma the power of grudg intercep us!
the (guiding threa stretche ou amon the gods that accomplishe the sacrifice that b pourin oblations ma w attain!

3 Glorificatio of the sun of the primeva principle a Brahma disciple.

the Brahmakâri (Brahmanica disciple move incitin bot hemisphere of the world i hi the god ar harmonised H hold the heaven and the earth h fill the teache with creativ fervou (tapas).
the fathers the divin folk and al the god severall follo the Brahmakârin the Gandharva di g afte him si thousan thre hundre and thirty-three H fill al the god with creativ fervour.
Whe the teache receive the Brahmakâri a disciple h place hi a foetu insid (o hi body) H carrie hi for thre night i hi belly whe h i bor the god gathe abou to se him.
this eart i (hi first piec of firewood the heaven the second and the atmospher als h fill with (th third piec of firewood the Brahmakârin fill the world with hi firewood hi girdle hi asceticism and hi creativ fervour.
Prio to the brahm (spiritua exaltation the Brahmakâri wa born clothe i heat b creativ fervou h arose from hi sprun the brâhmana (Brahmani life and the highes brahma and al the god togethe with immortalit (amrita).
the Brahmakâri advances kindle b the firewood clothe i the ski of the blac antelope consecrated with lon beard Withi the da h passe from the easter to the norther sea gatherin togethe the world h repeatedl shape them.
the Brahmakârin begettin the brahma the waters the world Pragâpat Parameshthi (h that stand i the hiahes place) and Virâg havin becom a embry i the wom of immortality havin forsooth becom Indra pierce the Asuras.
the teache fashione thes two her sphere of the world the broa and the deep eart and heaven Thes the Brahmakâri guard with hi creativ fervou (tapas) i hi the god ar harmonised.
this broa eart and the heaven the Brahmakâri firs brough hithe a alms Havin mad thes int two stick of firewoo h revere the upon the al being hav bee founded.
On i of the hithe side the othe of the farthe sid of the bac of the heavens secretl ar deposite the two receptacle of the brâhmana (Brahmani life) Thes the Brahmakâri protect b hi tapa (creativ fervour) understandingl h perform that brahm (spiritua exaltation solely.
On of the hithe side the othe awa from the earth d the two Agni com togethe betwee thes two hemisphere (o the world) to the adher the ray firmly the Brahmakâri b hi tapa (creativ fervour enter int the (rays).
Shoutin forth thundering red whit h carrie grea peni alon the earth the Brahmakâri sprinkle see upon the bac of the earth throug i the fou direction live.
Int fire the sun the moon Mâtarisva (wind) and the waters the Brahmakâri place the firewood the light from thes severall g int the clouds from the com sacrificia butter the purush (primeva man) rain and water.
Deat i the teacher (and Varuna Soma the plants milk the cloud were the warriors b thes this ligh ha bee brough hither.
Varuna havin becom the teacher a hom prepare the ghe solely Whateve h desire from Pragâpati that the Brahmakâri furnished a Mitr ( friend from hi ow Atma (spirit of person).
the Brahmakâri i the teacher the Brahmakâri Pragâpati Pragâpat rule (shine forth v râgati) Virâ (heavenl power of light becam Indra the ruler.
Throug hol disciplehood (brahmakâryam) throug tapa (creativ fervour) the kin protect hi kingdom the teache b (hi own brahmakârya (hol life seek (finds the Brahmakârin.
Throug hol disciplehoo the maide obtain youn husband throug hol disciplehoo the steer the hors seek to obtai fodder.
Throug hol disciplehood throug creativ fervour the god drov awa death Indrajorsooth b hi hol disciplehoo brough the ligh to the gods.
the plants that whic wa and shal be da and night the tree the yea alon with the seasons hav sprun from the Brahmakârin.
2the earthl and the heavenl animals the wil and the domestic the wingles and the winge (animals) hav sprun from the Brahmakârin.
Al the creature of Pragâpat (th creator severall carr breat i thei souls Al thes the brahma whic ha bee brough hithe i the Brahmakârin protects.
This that wa se int motio b the gods that i insurmountable that move shining from i ha sprun the brâhmana (Brahmanica life) the highes brahma and al the gods togethe with immortalit (amrita).
the Brahmakâri carrie the shinin brahma int this al the god ar woven Producin in-breathin and out-breathing a wel a through-breathing speech mind heart brahma and wisdom d tho furnis u with sight hearing glory food semen blood and belly!
Thes thing the Brahmakâri fashione upon the bac of the (heavenly water H stoo i the se kindle with tapa (creativ fervour) He whe h ha bathed shine vigorousl upon the earth brow and ruddy.

4 Prâna lif of breath personifie a the suprem spirit.

Reverenc to Prâna to who al this (universe i subject wh ha becom the lor of the all of who the al i supported!
Reverence Prâna to the roarin (wind) reverence Prâna to the thunder reverence Prâna to the lightning reverence Prâna to the rain!
Whe Prân call alou to the plant with hi thunder the ar fecundated the conceive and the ar produce abundan (plants).
Whe the seaso ha arrived and Prân call alou to the plants the everythin rejoices whatsoeve i upon the earth.
Whe Prân ha watere the grea eart with rain the the beast rejoice (the think) 'strength forsooth w shal no obtain.'
Whe the ha bee watere b Prâna the plant spak i concert 'tho hast forsooth prolonge ou life tho has mad u al fragrant.'
Reverenc be Prâna to the coming reverenc to the going 'reverenc to the standing and reverence too to the sitting!
Reverenc b to thee Prâna whe tho breatbes i (primate) reverenc whe tho breathes out Reverenc b to the whe tho ar turne away reverenc to the whe tho ar turne hither to thee entire reverenc b here!
of the dea form Prâna of the ver dea form of the healin powe that i thine giv unt us that w ma live!
Prân clothe the creatures a fathe hi dea son Prâna truly i the lor of all of al that breathes and doe no breathe.
Prân i death Prân i fever the god worshi Prana Prân shal plac the truth-speake i the highes world
Prân i Virâ (power lustre) Prân i Deshtrî (th divinit that guides) al worshi Prâna Prân veril i sun and moon The cal Prân Pragâpati.
Ric and barle ar in-breathin and outbreathing Prân i calle steer In-breathin forsooth i founded upon barley ric i calle out-breathing.
Ma breathe ou and breathe i whe withi the womb Whe thou Prâna quickenes him the i h bor again.
The cal Prân Mâtarisva (th wind) Prâna forsooth i calle Vât (th wind) the pas and the future the all veril i supporte upon Prâna.
the hol (âtharvana plants the magi (ângirasa plants the divin plants and thos produce b men sprin forth whe thou Prâna quickenes them.
Whe Prân ha watere the grea eart with rain the the plant sprin forth and als ever sor of herb.
Whoever Prâna know this regardin thee and (knows of wha tho ar supported to hi al shal offe tribut i yonde highes world.
A al thes creatures Prâna offe the tribute s the shal offe tribut (i yonde world to hi wh hear thee far-fame one!
H move a a embry withi the gods havin arrived and bein i existence h i bor again Havin arise h enter with hi might the presen and the future a fathe (goe to hi son.
2Whe a swa h rise from the wate h doe no withdra hi on foot I i trut h were to withdra it ther woul b neithe to-day no to-morrow n nigh and n day neve woul the daw appear.
with eigh wheels and on fello h moves containin thousan sound (elements) upwar i the east downwar i the west with (his hal h produce the whol world wha i the visibl sig of hi (other half?
H wh rule ove this (all derive from ever source and ove everythin that movesreverenc b to thee Prâna that wieldes swif bo agains other (th enemies)!
Ma Prâna wh rule ove this (all derive from ever source and ove everythin that moves (ma he unwearied stron throug the brahma adher to me!
Erec h watche i thos that sleep no doe li li dow across N on ha hear of hi sleepin i thos that sleep.
Prâna b no turne awa from me tho shal no b othe that myself A the embry of the water (fire) thee Prâna d bin to me that ma live.

5 Prayer to Kâm (love) personifie a primordia power.

to the bul that slay the enemy to Kâma d rende tribut with ghee oblation and (sacrificial melte butter D thou sinc tho has bee extolled hur dow m enemie b the grea might!
the evi drea whic i offensiv to m min and eye whic harasse and doe no pleas me that (dream d le loos upon m enemy Havin praise Kâm ma prevail!
Evi dreams Kâma and misfortune Kâma childlessness ill-health and trouble d thou stron lord le loos upon hi that design evi agains us!
Driv the away Kâma thrus the away Kâma ma the that ar m enemie fal int trouble Whe the hav bee drive int the nethermos darkness d thou Agni bur u thei welling places!
that milch-cow Kâma who the sage cal Vâ Virâ (ruling of resplenden speech) i sai to b the daughter b he driv awa m enemies breath cattle and lif shal giv the wid birth!
with the strengt of Kâma Indra kin Varuna and Vishnu with the impellin forc (savena of Savitar with the priestl powe of Agni d driv fort the enemies a skille steersma boat.
M sturd guardian stron Kâma shal procur for m ful freedo from enmity Ma the god collectivel b m refuge ma al the god respon to this m invocation!
Takin pleasur i this (sacrificial melte butter and ghe d ye ( gods) of who Kâm i the highest b joyfu i this place procurin for m ful freedo from enmity!
Indr and Agni and Kâma havin forme a alliance d y hur dow m enemies whe the hav falle int the nethermos darkness d thou Agni bur u afte the thei dwellin places!
Sla thou Kâma thos that ar m enemies hur the dow int blin darkness Devoi of vigour Withou sa le the al be the shal no liv singl day!
Kâm ha slai thos that ar m enemies broa spac ha h furnishe m to thriv in Ma the fou direction of spac bo dow to me and the si broa (regions carr ghe to me!
The (th enemies shal floa dow lik boa cu loos from it moorings Ther i n returnin agai for thos wh hav bee struc b ou missiles.
Agn i defence Indr defence Som defence Ma the gods wh b thei defenc war of (th enemy) war hi off!
with hi me reduced drive out the hate (enemy shal go shunne b hi ow friends and dow upon the eart d the lightning alight ma the stron go crus you enemies!
this might lightnin support bot moveabl and immoveabl things a wel a al thunders Ma the risin sun b hi resource and hi majest hur dow m enemies li the might one!
with that triple-armoure powerfu coverin of thine Kâma with the Charm that ha bee mad int a Invulnerat armou sprea (ove thee) with that d tho driv awa thos wh ar m enemies ma breath cattle and lif giv the wid berth!
with the weapo with whic the go drov fort the Asuras with whic Indr le the Dasyu to the nethermos darkness with that d thou Kâma driv fort fa awa from this world thos wh ar m enemies!
A the god drov fort the Asuras a Indra force the demon int the nethermos darkness thu d thou Kâma driv fort fa awa from this world thos wh ar m enemies!
Kâm wa bor a first hi neithe the gods no the Fathers no me hav equalled to thes ar tho superior and eve great to thee Kâma d veril offe reverence.
A grea a ar the heaven and eart i extent a fa a the water hav swept a fa a fire to thes ar tho superior &c.
2Grea a ar the direction (o space and the intermediat directio of eithe side grea a ar the region and the vista of the sky to thes ar tho superior &c.
A man bees bats kurûru-worms a man vagha and tree-serpent a ther are to thes ar tho superior &c.
Superio ar tho to al that wink (lives) superio to al that stand stil (i no alive) superio to the ocea ar thou Kâma Manyu to thes ar tho superior &c.
Not surely doe the win equa Kâma no the fire no the sun and no the moon to thes ar tho superior &c.
with thos auspiciou and graciou form of thine Kâma throug whic wha tho wils becomet rea with thes d tho ente int us and elsewher sen the evi thoughts!

6 Prayer to Kâl (time) personifie a primordia power.

Time the steed run with seven rein (rays) thousand-eyed ageless ric i seed the seers thinkin hol thoughts moun him al the being (worlds ar hi wheels.
with seven wheel doe this Tim ride seven nave ha he immortalit i hi axle H carrie hithe al thes being (worlds) Time the firs god no hasten onward.
ful ja ha bee place upon Time him verily w se existin i man forms H carrie awa al thes being (worlds) the cal hi Tim i the highes heaven.
H surel di brin hithe al the being (worlds) h surel di encompas al the being (worlds) Bein thei father h becam thei son ther is verily n othe force highe that he.
Tim bego yonde heaven Tim als (begot thes earths that whic was and that whic shal be urge fort b Time spread out.
Tim create the earth i Tim the sun burns I Tim ar al beings i Tim the ey look abroad.
I Tim min i fixed i Tim breat (i fixed) i Tim name (ar fixed) whe Tim ha arrive al thes creature rejoice.
I Tim tapa (creativ fervour i fixed i Tim the highes (bein i fixed) i Tim brahm (spiritua exaltation i fixed Tim i the lor of everything h wa the fathe of Pragâpati.
B hi this (universe wa urge forth b hi i wa begotten and upon hi this (universe wa founded Time truly havin becom the brahm (spiritua exaltation) support Parameshthi (th highes lord).
Tim create the creature (pragâh) and Tim i the beginnin (created the lor of creature (Prâgapati) the self-existin Kasyap and the tapa (creativ fervour from Tim were born.

7 Prayer to Kâl (time) personifie a primordia power.

from Tim the water di arise from Tim the brahm (spiritua exaltation) the tapa (creativ fervour) the region (o spac di arise) Throug Tim the sun rises i Tim h goe dow again.
Throug Tim the win blows throug Tim (exists the grea earth the grea sk i fixe i Time I Tim the so (Pragâpati bego of yor that whic was and that whic shal be.
from Tim the Rik arose the Yagu wa bor from Time Tim pu fort the sacrifice the imperishabl shar of the gods.
4 upon Tim the Gandharva and Apsarase ar founded upon Tim the world (ar founded) i Tim this Angira and Atharva rul ove the heavens.
Havin conquere this world and the highes world and the hol (pure world (and thei hol divisions havin b mean of the brahm (spiritua exaltation conquere al the worlds Time the highes God forsooth hasten onward.

8 Apotheosi of the ukkhishta the leaving of the sacrifice.

I the ukkhisht ar deposite name (quality and form i the ukkhisht the world i deposited Withi the ukkhisht Indr and Agni and the al ar deposited.
I the ukkhisht heaven and earth and al beings ar deposited i the ukkhisht ar deposite the waters the ocean the moon and the wind.
I the ukkhisht ar bot bein and non-being death strengt (food) and Pragâpati the (creatures of the world ar founded upon the ukkhishta (also that whic i confine and that whic i free and the grac i me.
H wh fasten wha i firm the strong the leader the brahma the te creator of the all the divinities ar fixe of al side to the ukkhisht a the (spoke of the whee to the nave.
Rik Sâman and Yagus the singin of the sâmans thei introductions and the stotra ar i the ukkhishta the soun 'him i i the ukkhishta and the modulation and the musi of the sâman that i i me.
the Prayer to Indr and Agn (aindrâgnam) the cal to the soma a i i bein purifie (pâvamâmam) the mahânâmnî-verses the singin of the mahâvrata (these division of the servic ar i the ukkhishta a the embry i the mother.
the ceremon of the consecratio of the kin (râgasûya) the vâgapeya the agnishtoma and the cattle-sacrific belongin to it the ark and the horse-sacrifice and the mos delightfu (sacrifice for whic fres barhi i strewn ar i the ukkhishta.
the preparatio of the sacre fir (agnyâdheyam) the consecratio for the soma-sacrific (dikshâ) the sacrific b whic (special wishe ar fulfilled togethe with the metres the sacrifice that hav passe out and the extende sacrifice (satra) ar lounde upon the ukkhishta.
the agnihotra faith the cal vashat vow and asceticism sacrificia rewards wha i sacrifice (t the gods and give (t the priests ar containe i the ukkhishta.
the (soma-sacrifice that last on nigh (ekarâtra) and that whic last two night (dvirâtra) the (condense soma-sacrific called sadyahkrî and
(tha whic i called prakrî the (Song called ukthya ar wove and deposite i the ukkhishta (als the parts of the sacrific subtl throug (higher knowledge.
the soma-sacrific that last fou night (katûrâtra) fiv night (pañkarâtra) si night (shadrâtra) and alon (wit them thos that las doubl the time the sixteenfol stotr (shodasin) and the soma-sacrific that last seven night (saptarâtra) al the sacrifice whic wer founded upon immortalit (amrita) were begotte of the ukkhishta.
the pratihâra-passage (i the sâman-songs) and thei fina syllables the (soma-sacrifice called visvagi and abhgit the soma-sacrific that ends
with the da (sâhna) and that whic last int the nex da (atirâtra) ar i the ukkhishta--th soma-sacrific als that last twelv days that i i me.
Liberality accomplishment possession the cal svadhâ nurture immortalit (amrita) and might al inne desire ar satisfie accordin to wis i the ukkhishta.
the nin earths oceans heavens ar founded upon the ukkhishta the sun shine i the ukkhishta and da and nigh also that i i me.
the (soma-sacrific called upahavya the offerin of the middl da of sacrific lastin yea (vishûvant) and the sacrifice that ar secretl presented Ukkhishta the sustaine of the universe the fathe of the generato (Pragâpati) supports.
Ukkhishta the fathe of the generator the grandso of the spiri (asu) the prima ancesto (grandfather) the rule of the universe the lust bul dwell upon the earth.
Orde (rita) trut (satya) creativ fervou (tapas) sovereignty asceticism la and works past future strength and prosperity ar i the ukkhishta-forc i force.
Success might plans dominion sovereignty the si broa (regions) the year libatio (idâ) the order to the priest (praisha) the draught of som (graha) oblation (ar founded upon the ukkhishta.
the (liturgie called katurhotârah the âpri-hymns the triennia sacrifices the (formula called nîvid the sacrifices the priestl functions the cattle-sacrific and the soma-oblation connecte with it ar i the ukkhishta.
the half-month and months the division of the yea togethe with the seasons the resoundin waters thunder the grea Vedi cano (sruti ar i the ukkhishta.
2Pebbles sand stones herbs plants grass clouds lightning rain ar attache to and ar founded upon the ukkhishta.
Success attainment accomplishment control greatness prosperity suprem attainment and wellbein res upon res in hav bee deposite i the ukkhishta.
Whateve breathe with breath and see with sight al god i the heavens founded upon heaven were bor of the ukkhishta.
the rik and the sâmans the metres the ancien legend (purânam togethe with the yagus al god i the heavens founded upon heaven were bor of the ukkhishta.
In-breathin and out-breathing sight hearing imperishablenes and perishableness al god i the heavens founded upon heaven were bor of the ukkhishta.
Joys pleasures delights jubilatio and merriment al god i the heavens founded upon heaven were bor of the ukkhishta.
the gods the (deceased Fathers men Gandharva and Apsaras al god i the heavens founded upon heaven were bor of the ukkhishta.

9 Hym to the honey-las of the Asvins.

from heaven from earth from the atmosphere from the sea from the fire and from the wind the honey-las hat veril sprung This clothe i amrit (ambrosia) al the creature revering acclai i thei hearts.
Grea sa of al form (colours i hath-the cal the moreove the see of the ocean Wher the honey-las come bestowing gifts ther life' breath and ther immortalit ha settle down.
Me severally contemplatin i profoundly behol it actio upon the earth from the fir and from the win the honey-las hat veril sprung the stron chil of the Maruts.
Mothe of the Âdityas daughte of the Vasus breat of lif of create beings nav of immortality the honey-lash golden-coloured drippin ghee a grea embryo move amon mortals.
the god' bego the las of honey from i cam a embry havin al form (colours) This a soo a born (whil yet youn it mothe nourishes this a soo a born survey al the worlds.
Wh know i and wh perceive it the inexhaustible soma-holdin cu that ha com from the hear of i (th honey-lash) 'Ti the wis priest h shal deriv inspiratio from it!
H know them and h perceive them the inexhaustibl breast of i (th honey-lash) that yiel thousan streams Nourishmen the pou ou -withou recalcitration.
the grea (cow that loudl give fort the soun 'him, that bestow strength and goe with lou shout to the hol act bellowin with lus for the thre (male gharma (fires) sh lows and drip with (streams of milk.
Whe the waters the might bulls self-sovereign wai upon (th cow) swolle with milk (then they the waters pou nourishmen (upo her) and caus he to pou nourishmen a wil for hi that knowet this.
the thunde i the voice Pragâpati a bul tho hurles the fir upon the earth from the fire and from the win the honey-las hat veril sprung the stron chil of the Maruts.
A the som a the mor ing-pressur i dea to the Asvins thu i m ow person Asvins lustr shal b sustained!
A the som a the secon (mid-day pressur i dea to Indr and Agni thu i m ow person Indra and Agni lustr shal b sustained!
A the som a the thir pressur (evening i dea to the Ribhus thu i m ow person Ribhus lustr shal b sustained!
Ma bege hone for myself ma obtai hone for myself Bringin milk Agni hav come: endo m with lustre!
Endo me Agni with lustre endo m with offsprin and with life Ma the god tak not of this (prayer of mine ma Indr togethe with the Rishi (tak not of it)!
A bee carr togethe hone upon honey thu i m ow person Asvins lustr shal b sustained!
A the bee pil this hone upon honey thu i m ow person Asvins lustre brilliance strength and forc shal b sustained!
the hone that i i the mountains i the heights i the cows and i the horses the hone whic i i the surâ (brandy a i i bein poure out that shal b i me!
Asvins lord of brightness anoin m with the hone of the bee that ma spea forcefu speec amon men!
the thunde i the speech Pragâpati a bul tho hurles the fir upon eart and heaven Al animal liv upon i (th earth) and sh with i (Pragâpati' fire fill nourishmen and food.
2the eart i the staff the atmospher the embryo the heaven the whi (itself?) the lightnin the whip-cord of gol i the ti (o the whip?).
H that knowet the seven honie of the whi become ric i honey (t wit) the Brâhmana the king the cow the ox rice barley and hone a the seventh.
Ric i hone become he ric i hone becom hi appurtenances world ric i hone doe h win h that knowet thus.
Whe i brigh sk i thunders the Pragâpat manifest himsel to (his creature (pragâh) Therefor d stan with the sacre cor suspende from the righ shoulde (prâkinopavita) saying ' Pragâpati watc ove me! the creature (pragâh watc ove him Pragâpat watche ove him that knowet thus.