Bike Touring with Kyle
My Irish route if I go
My Scottish route
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
Kathmandu leaving for the Annapurna circuit
Outside Santiago, Chile

Welcome to Kyle Pounds bike touring page. My plan for bike touring is to be as entertaining to me as possible. I think I can have a fun six months of riding. The tour I want to do starts in Amsterdam, Netherlands and then goes through Germany, Switzerland, Leichenstein, Austria, Check, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, China, Mongolia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark for 39 countries and 37 new ones for me.

Starting on April 15th and ending September 15th I have to average 113.33333 Miles a day to do the 29,510 kilometers, 18,296 mile loop in five months. If I have time I will include a ride through Scotland and Ireland in a 1,151 mile trip.



I'm designing this tour around speed because I want to feel like I'm flying. The faster I go and the more miles I do in a day, the funnier it will be for me because I'll feel strong and I get to see the terrian go by faster. I think my bike weighs around 45 lbs loaded down so maybe I can get my bike and I together under 200 lbs.

Keeping it interesting

With all of this cool new technology, even though I'm spending all of my time riding, eating and sleeping, I can still do many other interesting activities at the same time. The excersizing and traveling activity and the making philosophy and documenting the trip with videos, writting, and listening to mp3's actitivy compliment each other perfectly. Now it no longer takes too much time to read, travel, or excersize because you do all of them at the same time!


Youtube videos - I'm going to make videos every day so I can think about what to say on my next video while I'm riding.
Twitter - I'll have internet on my phone so I can twitter whenever I want, like when I get up, go to bed, fill up my water bottles, and eat.
Excersizes - I'll see if I can get into the habit of doing excersizes every day and if I do that I'll film it and keep track of how many I did.
Time trials - I have the times for 10 miles, 16.8 miles, 12 hours, 24 hours on the road, and mountain for a lot of people who I will compare my times to. I will keep track of how I get faster and continue to break my records.
Full moon 24 hour rides - I'll do a 24 hour bike ride on the full moons. Taking the day off the day before.
Riding and sleeping with mp3s - I'll never get bored while I listen to my mp3s and test out the effectiveness of learning while riding.
Riding with music - I love riding with music because it motivates me. I have three mirrors to see the cars and I can hear them anyways. I won't listen to the mp3 if there are a lot of cars.

My gear


1) Jersey
2) Sleeveless Jersey
3) Bike shorts
4) Running shorts
5) Arm covers
6) Leg covere
7) Jacket
8) Rain Jacket
9) Rain pants
10) Two pairs of socks
11) Gloves for warm weather
12) Gloves for cold weather
13) Helmet
14) Glasses
15) Bike shoes
16) Waisteband
17) Sunglass covers
18) Contacts
19) Sleeping bag
20) Tent


1) Two mp4 players
2) Computer and extra battery
3) Cell phone
4) Video camera
5) Still camera
6) Solar charger

Bike gear

1) 1984 Pinnarelo steel road bike with tri spoke carbon fiber wheels.
2) Handlebar mounted bag
3) Seatpost mounted rear rack
4) Backpack
5) Chain tool
6) Three tire irons
7) Three patch kits
8) A leatherman
9) Alan wrenches
10) Extra tire
11) Two pumps
12) Grease
13) Toothepaste
14) Toothe brush
15) Sun screen
16) Four water bottles
17) Passport
18) Credit cards
19) Cash
20) Helmet mounted mirror, glasses mounted mirror and bike mounted mirror
21) Front and rear lights
22) Bike computer
23) Altitute watch
24) Balance thing
25) Livestrong bracelet
26) Ring

Typical plane fares

Amsterdam round trip $677
Amsterdam to Edinburbgh $174
Glasgow to Belfast $74
Dublin to Amsterdam $114
$362 Total
$1040 total
London to Amsterdam $80
Dublin to London $47laren



16,000 mile europe tourPlanned 16,000 mile European Tour 2010

European Tour
Australian outback

Australian outback
Bolivian Antiplano
Bolivian Antiplano. Daniel, Kyle and Sebastian.