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  Cappellan Abarzua, Bellavista
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24 This is my first Journal in Santiago. I want to try to do this every day if I can. This is a time of new beginnings so I want to start the journal along with the other things I am starting. I am finally done with my English Teaching web site and will advertise it in the Mercurio tomorrow. For twenty thousand pesos ($30) a month I can put it in the paper and keep my site on their web site.
Yesterday I started lifting weights and stretching again. I feel in the worst shape of my life. I also organized the other room. I will stay in that room as much as I can from now on doing my exercises. If I am writing strangely its cause I'm stoned. Saul went out and bought me some weed the other night so I could be high when I finish my site. I am very happy about my site. I feel like I can keep improving on it, and I am now excited about figuring out and setting in place the things I need to get my personal site off the ground...hence I begin my journal.
I was watching some videos last night on the web about Ramtha and ufo researchers and people filming ufos. I want to start watching videos on the web more and more, I find it relaxing.
I slept well last night and got up at about two today and finished my site. Later on I finished my business cards with Paola. I did some exercises today also. Ok, see you tomorrow!
25Last night I let the child sleep with his mother and watched a little tv in his room with Saul. I was looking at various videos in the net also, and actually never got to sleep until they got up at six thirty. Paola needed to borrow my bike as Saul came with none, and they were to go on errands together today; so I couldn't do my errands. I felt down with motivation so I just slept until they came back at about four. Then I bought the paper for my business cards and made a few. So today was a very uneventful one. I really need to get work. I am losing my motivation to do anything.
I was doing weight training and stretching with Saul for a couple hours today. I am doing a different technique now that is more relaxed. Before I was using the sand clock and my stop watch to time my stretches, and when I lost those I was kind of lost. But last night I saw a video about Bruce Lee, and he was saying you need to be the water and flow and forget about structure and style. Before when I was lifting weights I was doing it like the bodybuilders, very slowly. But after watching Bruce's speech I thought to do it the way I did if before, where it's just throwing the weights around. So today I was just screwing around and it was fun, I could do it all day every day now. Ok, I'm out.
26 I got up at nine this morning and went to the post office to mail the computer, router, and cds back to my mom. Then I went to the Mercurio to place the ad for English teaching, but the predictable happened, the women working there didn't know their job. They told me it would be cheaper to just place an add in the internet than in the newspaper also, but to do that I had to place the add through the internet. So I went home and tried to place an add, but there was a problem with the word count so I called the Mercurio. The woman I talked to told me that it is impossible to just place an add on the web, I have to place an add in the paper also, and it is %10 cheaper to pay in cash. So I went all the way back to the center and told the woman there about the misinformation she gave me and how she wasted my time, and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, 'ok'. So I hope she remembers to tell the next person.
Today was rather stressful for the house because Grisella, Jimis wife (Jimi is Paola's brother) supposedly got kicked out of the house and Paola's mom had an apparent heart attack. And then when they where having a house meeting with the whole family about kicking her out there was a fire two houses down where the woman killed her mother and buried her in the back yard last year and Paola was interviewed for it and was on TV.
I did some more exercises with Saul today. I am really sore from yesterday so it wasn't much. I also watched a little TV for the first time in what seems like a couple weeks, Two and a Half men and Smallville.
Oh yeah, I forgot, I also went to Business City to talk to the Human Resources director, but she was in a meeting. The receptionist gave me her number, but I wrote it on the business card that I gave to him, so I will get dressed up and go there tomorrow, then go to other places. Paola talked me into getting a liter and a half of wine, I hope I will be ok tomorrow. The bottle of Pisco I drank last night gave me the worst headache today, I really sucked, really painful for a couple hours, I still have some of it. OK, I'm outy.
2Hee haw, I remembered to do the blog thing today. I'm tired so I'll have to make it quick. I was really tired yesterday because the night before I obliged Paola and got some wine and got drunk, then the next day which was yesterday I rode 72 kilometers getting around, and rode way up to my new class which is the second highest house in alto Manquegue up the steepest rode imaginable. I remember going up it and being in pain and wondering how the bike racers do it as a job. I showed up 20 minutes late and then was 20 minutes late to Saulo's class after that but he was cool even though he had to go early. Last night I was tired as if I had ridden a hundred miles and slept in today until three. Then I talked to my mom and did some web work for her and then got the stuff to fix the pool and then did my class with Josepha. So that's what I did today.
9Last Saturday I couldn't get up to do the ride so I wanted to punish myself by just laying in bed all day. Unfortunately it wasn't a good day to do that because Claudio was there with his friends Daniel and Gabriel and having a temper tantrum after he talked to Paola on the phone, apparently because he didn't want to go to his fathers house because he wanted to play with his friends. That didn't make any sense because there was nobody at the house to make him go to his fathers house, but that didn't stop him from throwing stuff all over the living room and yelling and banging on the walls. Then I didn't let him call Paola again because he had already yelled at her for like five minutes and I didn't want to hear it again and have to pay for it, so he said that this house was pure shit and kicked the Styrofoam wall in. I didn't get mad at him like I normally would because I was depressed, and I know him well enough now that all of that was mainly just a show to impress or entertain his friends. I didn't get any sleep that day because Claudio and his buddies kept walking through my room even though I told them not to. When Paola came back and said her mother told her I had a fight with Claudio because he was angry when he left, but I told her that I didn't say anything to him, I just didn't let him call her on the cell phone.
Paola told me that to avoid any more problems like that we should move into his room in the back that I made for him a couple months ago. Until then I had never thought about doing that, I had always been perfectly happy having an open bedroom right next to the living room. But after I thought about it for a couple hours, I suddenly had to move immediately. Before I started I bought some weed and two 40s of beer as I like to party it up when I do monotonous work like that. Paola went out to the discos or something that night, so I got to feel the excitement of moving all by myself, which is good because I don't think she was totally into the idea yet because Claudito told her over the phone that he didn't want to move out.
Paola was telling me something funny tonight. Apparently her mom is in a bad mood and is accusing Jerry of not having ever payed anything for utilities but he says he pays her every time, so Paola told him to write down every time he pays her so he can show her later. Last night Paola borrowed her moms phone for an hour and she came tonight accusing her of steeling her phone and replacing it with another one. Paola's dad is on a drinking binge. He has been singing all day long for the last few days. Last night he was arguing with himself in his shed next to my room. I was going to go out there and listen to him but Jerry went out and found out he was talking to himself and then I forgot. Claudio's still at his fathers, which is cool. This is the first time he has been with his father for a week since like a year. Paola wanted me to get some wine so I got a liter for like six hundred pesos.

I took the metro and roller blades to my class tonight, but I feel perfect now. I think tomorrow I might feel alright. Maybe I can even go on a ride tomorrow. My shoulder is heeled also. On Wednesday I pumped my tire but the air just poured right out of the nozzle, which is weird because when I came home it was perfect. I had to take Paola's bike and the front brake wasn't working and the rear brake barely worked. When I was in the center and passing cars who had stopped at a light, a guy opened his door and I couldn't stop and rode right into it and it broke skin but didn't bleed. It hurt like hell, and for the rest of the day and most of the day after that I couldn't raise my arm in certain angles from the pain. I could just hang out here though and fix the links on my site.

12I wasn't sick anymore on Saturday but I needed a day to sleep to get my energy back. On Saturday night Paola had a party in the living room with Lorena and Miriam. She played rap and then some techno. I think I figured out Emenim He's less about talking shit, and more about just expressing free speech.

I got to bed at about three but I could still hear Paola's music so I put on my jukebox and listened to music for a couple hours. I got up late the next day and was still drowsy. I did manage to take off on a ride at two in the afternoon to Lagunillas. It took me an hour and a half to get into cajon del Maipu, and I vowed to never do that again. From now on I will take the metro and the bus up into the cajon. I only had an apple and a couple bananas to eat that day, so I had a few hamburgers when I got to the dirt road that goes to the ski resort. Then I took off up the road at about five. I got to Lagunillas at 7:45 and then got home at about 10:50. I did 152 kilometers and climbed from my house at 1,700 up to Lagunillas at 7,300 ft. I barely made it, but I did because I took it steady.

Today I got up at about 2:00 and spent the afternoon writing my mission statement for my website.

16Group class I had a pretty uneventful week. I was unmotivated from the end of the year coming up. Mario told me Wordpress is the best blog program to make my forums, but I can't get it to work so Guess I will just wait till I see him again on Wednesday.

Last night I went with Paola, Claudio, and Jerry to Daniela's seamstress graduation ceremony at her high school and then we went to her house and her mom cooked us up a meal. A guy was singing a song and then they named the graduates and they shook hands with the principal. The school was pretty small. Then we came back and Jerry went and got some dubbie and we smoked and drank wine and saw Scary Movie 4 until three but I passed out before it was over. It wasn't nearly as good as the first three, it must have had different producers.

Today I did my group class and then picked up 40 g at the agency from the commercial way back when. I wasted most of the day banging my head against the wall about this Wordpress thing and sleeping.

20I was going to go mountain biking on Saturday and had just gotten out of the shower and was about to go to bed so I could get up early, but Jerry showed up with Matias and his bong and they wanted to get stoned with me. Matias is a high school kid who lives across the street and wanted to hear about my traveling and wanted to travel a lot too. He got the travel bug when he went to Spain to visit his father for a month. His father is the same guy who paid for Paola to go a couple years ago. They were there until almost two and I couldn't get up on time on Saturday, so I spent the day reading about coppermine online photo gallery program, adsense, and wordpress blog software.
On Sunday I went with Tony and Julius is Julius' new Subaru Outback to Yerba Loca to ride 17 kilometers to the Glacier but we forgot to bring extra clothes and got cold and had to turn back after a few kilometers. I don't know if we would have been able to do it anyway though, because we still had a long way to go and they were really tired afterwards. The ride back down was a blast as we tried to ride through the difficult sections of the really technical trail.
When I got back I really wanted to get stoned for some reason so I tried to get Paola to go to the ''poblacion'' (government housing slum) that is three blocks away and get me some dubbie, but she didn't want to so she told Jerry I had something to ask him so I asked him and we went and got me some weed and we got stoned with Daniela. Jerry did some free-style rapping to his beat songs. He's really good. I think about half of what he raps is actual free styling. I'm impressed because he's really fast and he rhymes well. I tried to do it but I am the worst ever. I think I'm so bad and slow that it is funny; I want to put a recording of myself trying to freestyle on my site one day. I asked Daniela if she freestyled but she said only when she argues with Jerry; she said she would show me next time. I think she's full of shit but at least she tried to tell me she's a rapper, that's amusing enough.
Today Jerry was at work and stole Hugo's car and crashed it into a Telefonica pole and drove it into a store and freaked out and fled the scene. So the store owner called the cops and they tracked down Hugo and he found out about his car from them. Meanwhile Jerry ran off to Puente Alto and then was hiding in our living room from his mother for about an hour.
I tell these stories about Paola's family because although they are sad to the people involved, they are fucking hilarious to me. Not like I'm the kind of person who takes pleasure in other peoples pain, I'm just not superstitious about the karma of laughing about stuff like that, and I've already done so much for this family I don't owe them any sentimentality just for the sake of sentimentality. The best way for me to cope with the craziness around me is to just talk about it and tell it as a type of comical story.
Today I got up late and spent the day reading about Coppermine and blog stuff. I was telling Paola about how I just found out that my server doesn't support php and my sql and that my moms server does, so she said I should just use my moms server and I was like, duh, so this week I will switch over.
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
6 Mom deposits $1,000, All right. well my sites been up for a couple weeks now after it took forever to get the registrar and server changed for my sites. So much happened I don't even want to write about it. I'll just let that part of my life stay in my mind for now.
As far as what I'm up to now. I think I have my head wrapped around Agora, so all I have to do about that is wait for my mom to get her side of things in order. Until then I think i'll start mountain biking again.
I've got another weird problem going on though. The other day my 60 GB hard drive died and so I installed my backup 10 GB hard drive, but then that seems to have died so I put my big one in again just for the hell of it and voiala it works again. So I'll wait to take that computer into the store until it dies again which it probably will. I have a disk drive that died and came back to life also. So some weird shit is going on with my computer. I'm gonna get another backup to the backup hard drive as soon as I can. I'll call Ken later.
Well, now that I'm writing in my journal again. I should also start exercising again. So I think I'll take Paola up to the roof.
8Took out $200 K, Drop computer off at shop, see dave at office.
Yesterday I got up and started to work on the computer but ten minutes later the electricity went out so i dropped my computer off at the shop and then visited Dave at his new office at plaza de armas. Then i went home and the electricity was still not up so i went to the roof for a bit but wasn't very motivated to work out so i started packing up stuff to do a two day bike ride but the electricity went on again so i stayed and did my computer work.

I set up a date applet on my home page. Then i put up a countdown timer. I set the date at midnight on the first of may which is date i told paula and my mom when we would go back to the states when they demanded i set one. when i looked at the timer on my home page lo and behold it said t- 420 days and three hours! I have a pretty cool relationship with 420. when my dad died my mom looked at her watch and said, ''well he died at about 4:20''. and i was like ''wow''. I remember another time i was riding my bike in australia and i looked at my watch for the first time in about three hours, and what do you know it said 4:20:00, i even took my eyes off the watch before it hit 4:20:01. Swear to god. I also reorganized the google adsense on my home page and put up the google search bar and the google promo button.

Paola dragged me out of bed at about 10:30 this morning to go to the embassy to get the visa papers she ripped up last week when she had a hissy because i was acting too relaxed about getting her a visa. Then we paid the internet and phone bill and went to mcdonalds.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
7Took out $200 K. Since the last time I wrote in here I got the idea to make my own statistics page which has been taking much of my time. My classes have basically picked up again and the temperature is down pretty much all of a sudden so it looks as though were back in teaching season. That happens a lot actually here in Chile and it has never ever happened out of chile as far as I remember. Its harder to come across good food here, pretty much the only places I eat here are American fast food places like Mcdonalds because everywhere else takes too long, is too expensive, and tastes like shit (ie, Churasco). 

I was thinking about the holocaust today and looking at pictures of Auschwitz and spent a few minutes pretty much realizing the fact that the Nazis were only warming up with the Jews due to the fact that German Jews look just as white as they do, and if they were doing that to them they surely must have been planning the extermination of all non white races from the face of the earth forever. Its crazy to think about why people would think like that so strongly. Then I opened up yahoo and saw the headline saying that they were planning it in Palestine. Kind of crazy Psychic shit going on there. I am hoping I can start writing pretty soon, unless of course I get the idea of doing some other time consuming project for the site. I don't really want to be in that mode anymore though because I'm neglecting a balanced life such as lifting weights and stretching and preparing better for my classes....and eating. However that would be awesome if I got the motivation to do something great for the site.

10OK so Kyle blogy blog is back. I went up to the roof and did 20 pushups and twenty curls and stretched for a half hour or so, so I'm back in business on the exercise front. Last weekend I managed to start writing my opinions about reincarnation too so I'm rocking it in the part of the web site that is interesting. 

My brother got back from a year and a half in Nepal and my moms moving back into her town house from our apartment and my brothers are moving into our apartment so I'll start getting some rent from them which is cool. I missed a class today because Paola took my keys with here somewhere and I couldn't unlock my bike. I didn't have their number so I couldn't call them and they didn't call me, so we'll see if they call me again. I guess I'll have to make copies and hide them somewhere. 

14Here I am doing spell check on my entire site. Apparently I forgot to do it before when I put it up, so I went and bought weed to help me through this monotonous shit. It's Easter and they were giving away two for ones down in the projects which is cool, although they weren't actually two for ones because they were smaller than normal. 

After I did the 20 pushups the other day I slept until two in the afternoon from the shock to my body. A couple days later I did some exercises and yesterday I did some for almost an hour and I already grew some muscles back and I feel great. My lungs really hurt this week but were getting better until I bought some more weed for this spell check bullshit. I'm so sick of this monotonous stuff I swear to God I'm only going to write from this point on. No more time consuming projects where I have to get stoned to get me through. 

19Oh I didn't realize it's weed day. If I had of known maybe I would have bought some. Today wasn't my day. I just slept all day, drifting in and out of dreams until about three. I think I may be coming down with a fever or something. I couldn't think or anything and I don't even feel like writing now, but it's cool to be in the habit of keeping a journal entry so here we are.

  Saul came over today but just sat around doing nothing; which is a common past time in developing countries like this one. Paola was pissed off today because supposedly people don't help her around the house, but she's fine now. I had a class today at 8:30, which went fine. I have a little bit of a temperature now.

As far as world news goes, I was thinking about that Masouri guy who helped with 9-11. He's clearly mentally ill and I don't think he should get the death penalty. I think he can be rehabilitated if he's locked up somewhere making license plates for the rest of his life. And working he can help out with the economy.

20got new front derailer for bike and water bottle cage and rear tire. group class, oscar, saul comes over.

So today's weed day. I was mistaken yesteday. I was kind of tired today. After my morning class I took my bike to the shop to get a new front derailer, rear tire, and water bottle cage put on it. Then I went home to work on the computer but couldn't keep my eyes open so I took a nap. I guess I'm just tired; I don't know what for, I haven't done anything and I got plenty of sleep last night. Maybe I just needed to sleep to stave off a flu. After I picked up my bike I rode way up to the top of alto Manquegue for the first class of the year up there for the Oscar, Lawer Marcela's son. Tonight I'm just going to put together my calender for 2006. Peace out.

Paola's dad is completely wasted and babling non-sense. I think I'm going to take advantage of it and record him so I can put it on my site.

21 I got up at 1:30 this afternoon. I did the laudry and Paola got some chinese take out. I was looking at my site and erasing the stuff i wrote in college because it is just incomplete thoughts like i wrote them stoned. But then I realized they work well as prototypes for songs so I got some weed and I'm doing that.

I have some new stupid Chilean stories: Jimi and Jerry got arrest warrants today for being drunk in public and vandalizm. Her dad was in jail just last month for forgetting to fix an old warrent. Paola's been trying to get Claudio to sign a paper for the last couple months so she can take her son out of the country, but he says he is always too busy. She offered to meet him at his place about a month ago so they could go together but when she got there he had already left. Today she went to a notary to see if they can go to where the person is to sign the paper and they can do it for a extra 18 thousand pesos, which is more than thirty bucks. But it looks like she'll have to do that. It's ridiculous. A couple weeks ago Paola went to the disco with Juan Pablo, Eva's 'boyfriend' and when they came back he forced himself on her and grabbed her tits under her bra, so she got pissed and keyed his car and took his winsheild wipers off.

22Cool making entrances four days in a row. Maybe this will become a habit. I had a bit of a crisis last night. I couldn't decide if I wanted to put the stuff I wrote in college in with the songs to try to transforme them later, or erase them. I decided in the end to transform a few of them and erase most of them. then I coulnd't decide if I wanted to change the homoe page or not, I finally decided to go ahead and change it after fiddling around a lot. Now all I want to do is write. For some reason I keep finding something other to do other than writing. I was going to read what I wrote about reincarnation but I decided against that and just keep writing rought drafts to everything and then go back and look at them when they are all done. that way everything on my site is on the same wavelength. so here goes. If I can actually stick to writing and not get myself distracted with something monotonous it will be a fucking miracle. before I was thinking that I should write sober but now that I'm stoned I'm thinking maybe I should do it stoned. I was thinking maybe they would be too hard to proofread like the stuff I wrote ten years ago. But maybe the problem was that I wrote it ten years ago and I just not on the same wavelength anymore. The main difference is I want to write with logic and save the emotion for the songs, and writing pure emotion but no rhyming is in some kind of limbo place that I don't want anything to do with and I don't think I write like that anymore. I wonder if that makes any sense... I'll check later.

Later. So I finally did it. I figured out how to actually start writing the arcticles that I set out to write. All I had to do was just do it. Write them out and leave them to be fixed at a later date. I don't know if I will be able to understand what I wrote when I am sober looking at them, but they serve their place anyway. It is much harder than I thought to place all of my ideas into a solidified truth. You really have to think about a concept to put it down on paper, or to crystalize it onto the world medium.

I came up with brilliant idea about a half hour ago after I downed a bottle of Pisco and got all crazy. Over the last couple of months I came up with the idea of setting up a solar panel energy system on my apartment in Boulder, but it is harder to set up with solar power in an apertment because you are more hooked up with a system involving other people, and the real benefit of setting up a solar power system involves people who live in houses. So I came up with the idea tonight of setting up a solar system on my house here in Santiago. So I called a solar panel place and now I am determined to get a solar system going here on my house here in Santiago. I am rather excited about the whole proposition. I will be sure to keep you posted.

24Robinson cancels.

I feel like my personal web site is starting to take form. During the weekend and today I have decided what I need to write about. I created new pages to write about various Christian and Muslim denominations as they are the most populated religions and I added a couple more religions. I also created my own religion. To write about all of this will be incredibly time consuming but possible, and when I am done I will have expressed the thought forms of the worlds of the world thoughoughly enough to be able to distinguish exactly what is good and bad about all of them in terms of the world we live in today and create my own complete and up to date religion. I also began writing about the issues. It was hard yesterday because I was stoned and it was hard today. Now that I am at a place on my site that I will be mainly writing I hope I will be able to access my thoughts easily enough to continue and have a rough draft of all of my pages within a month or so. 

I spent a lot of today responding to emails people wrote me because I was featured in an article about English in the Mercurio yesterday. I also got an email from Larry Brown, or ''Pound". That is the guy I met in the Embassy when I was there last month with Paola and then went on the mountain bike ride a couple weeks ago. He is coming down here to get married with his Argentinean girlfriend and wants to teach English. 

26I ordered another computer from Ken last night because it looks as if my other one I sent back got lost in the mail. 

I lifted some weights in my room and stretched yesterday which made me feel sick, and then I slept until one today from exhaustion. I guess I'm out of shape. 

The house got flooded yesterday because Paola left the faucet on, and last night her dad got drunk and passed out on the kitchen floor, so Jerry and I carried him to his room and put him on bed. I didn't know how hard it is to pick up fat people. He wasn't actually passed out though, I think he was just playing with us because he was winking at me and shook my hand. 

We are fixing Paola's site www.paulapounds.com because she has a new found interest in doing something with this Yesoterapia business with Aromatherapy. She had a treatment yesterday. 

I think I will spend the day writting. 

28I did about an hour of weights and stretching today. Paola wanted to drink Pisco sours with me last night but just wanted to fight so I took the bottle and got drunk and lifted weights. About 20 seconds after I left Grisella ran in sobbing because Francia had been taken home from a friends house an hour ago but didn't show up yet so she thought she got kidnapped or raped. She totally went nuts and half a dozen people were standing outside listening to her scream at her parents to get out so she could hit Francia for getting in the car. 

After all that we watched the first part of the 10 commandments. We bought 55 bootlegged movies the other day from the neighbor. I feel likes its Christmas. 

I got two new students and am starting to do classes on saturdays now, so the money situations going to get better. I gave Paola her first class yesterday. and it looks like we are ready to start doing them. I feel like my lifes finally coming together after just over four years here. I didn't realize that my four year anniversary my arrival in chile was on 4-20.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
3 Sam Soto, Rubi Mera.

Man its already May. Time is flying. Last weekend we went to Pichilemu and stayed at Andrea's house with Tony and Andrea, Julius and Macareda, and David and Sandra. We stayed there Saturday and Sunday night because Monday was a holiday, and Andrea and I worked on Saturday. I started taking classes on Saturdays, now I have two back to back on Saturday. 

The trip was fun. Paola and I went surfing on Sunday for about 15 minutes until she got tired. She said she was hung over. Hopefully next time she will actually go into the water beyond where the waves break. Then we went horse back riding but Paolas horse wasn't cooperating, but we were lucky enough to find a nice man who knew how to ride horses to ride it back for us. Horses are cool. All eight of us piled into Julius' Subaru Outback and checked out Punta de Lobos, which looked totally awsome to surf. I would like to go there one day if my car is ever ready. 

The problem with my car is I had it taken to a mechanic in a town called San Fernando which is about two hours south of here in August to get the engine installed but the guy decided to not do it. I have been waiting for the guy who sold us the engine to go pick it up, but he is procrastinating also. I have been thinking about sending it back up here myself, but it will be expensive.

I have a new class starting today. That's cool. As far as my websites going, I'm working on the opinions of other countries pages. 

11I was riding strong as hell for the first time today. It surprised me. For the last two weeks I have been doing nothing other than looking at videos on www.metacafe.com which is the dopest ass site for videos. Last night I was doing that until like four in the morning and then had a class at nine this morning and came back and got my hair cut and highlighted and Paola got her hair dyed black. Then I went home and tried to fix some lessons but fell asleep so I thought I would be weak for the bad ass ride to my class up in alto manquegue. Their house is literally the third highest house in Santiago, about a thousand feet higher than my house and just 11.5 K away. I totally hammered it even though I was having a total asma attack. I maintained 10 k/h up the last part of the long steep part no problem, I remember before I could barely even hit 10 k/h. This is the first time in my life that I hit fitness and burn out at the same time. I got officially burnt out yesterday. I went to a class stoned and it went bad. All I did was take one hit from a couple of tiny peices of resin on my can, and it turned my brain off. So im burnt out, and my lungs are totally trashed. They hurt and I have constant asthma. I even have a constant runny nose and cough from smoking so much. Its just so cool to smoke shit loads of weed and watch those videos. But I gots to stop. Unfortunatelly Tony called me and wants me to buy him some weed in the projects, maybe I can steer clear. 

Then on my ride to the class with the Peruvians I was hammering. This week I finally got into the habit of riding at 90%. Last year I was going at 100% but that's too painful and exhausts me. When I go 90% I can feel my lungs get played out (which doesn't take long now), and my legs get burnt a little bit; and it feels great. I watched all the Top Gear videos on metacafe, and now I feel like a super car riding around. I start off the line with a sprint and get up to like 45 k/h in like 5 seconds and then cruise at like 40 until I burnt out and then settle into like 30-35. It's so fun just knocking down those gears like I'm switching gears in a Ferrari. One guy pulled up to me in a car today and told me it must be cool to not worry about gridlock and that he envied me and I smilled at him and then took of running the red light. Tony called a little bit ago and wants to go mountain biking tomorrow. Last weekend we went over to Dave and Sandra's house for the first time and played some game like Poker called Lyer with them and Tony and Andrea. Peace out.

13Yesterday Tony and I went mountain biking up to the waterfall I did the other month with Larry. To my surprise it was a different waterfall than the one he did before, which was cool because that makes another little adventure for me that we can do in the winter. When we got back I went into the Ghetto and got some weed for Andrea and we went back and had some dinner and then Andrea came over and we got stoned. This morning I barely got up because I was exhausted from the biking, but managed to get to my classes. When I got home Tony came over for his bike and we did like 20 minutes of weight lifting on the roof. 

I started a discussion about the kayak trip I want to do from Miami to Caracas. People are saying pretty much what I expected them to. Some people think its cool but others think its too dangerous. Unfortunately the people who think its too dangerous can't give a good reason. Maybe what they're trying to say is that the ocean waves can get really big and capsize you, but I seriously doubt that, especially if I have a couple of outriggers. I'm just going to have to go ahead and do the trip. It will be kind of cool to be the first if in fact I am. I just hope the currents are too strong for it to be worth it, but there is only one way to find out about that. The fact of the matter is though that if you bring a shit load of water and food and the currents end up taking you way out into the ocean, you just keep paddling until you get to where it is you want to get.

16Today was pretty monumental for me. It was the first time I have had three classes in a row since I started working for myself. They were spaced thirty minutes apart and I barely made it to them in time. Right now I am totally exhausted. I was lifting weights last night while Paola was hogging the computer, and I feel that a little bit too. I have that class way the fuck up in alto manquegue tomorrow. I feel like I´m training for the freaking olympics. I got a new class for three times a week yesterday, thats cool. Wyndham and mom asked me to pay four fifty to get my car fixed. I told them not to even borrow my car and now I have to pay to get it fixed. Thats unfair, but if Wyndham can't pay for it I have to help out. I went to the first casting for a long time today. Ok peace out. I hope I can get to sleep soon as I have to get up early tomorrow.
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
4Ok so I'm back. After a couple of weeks of having computer problems I got me another one! The other computer went bad because the cable connection broke and the battery died so I couldn't use it. For a couple weeks before that I could use the computer but only sitting up at a desk because I couldn't move it so I didn't have any motivation to use the computer beyond looking a porn. But now I got me another one so I can lay back in bed and just type away!! I just got caught up on all the Naral petitions. I especially like the ones where you can write a blib on what you think about the issue, and the ones where they invite you to share a personal story. I have been getting a lot of abortion ones lately, and I never have a lack of stuff to say about that.

I have been teaching more English lately and thusly been riding my bike around more, and my belly is getting small! It's so cool. However I overdosed on weed and candy last weekend and got sick and have been having bad asthma problems lately so I'm gonna have to take in easy with that now. Ok Peace out!

14So here I am it seems as though I have been slacking on the journal entries lately. To sum up what I have been up to, last wednesday I started meeting with Mario again and he is helping me learn Flash so I can make the Kayak web site. Last Wednesday after I had the class with Mario my rim broke on the way home so I had to cancel my last two classes of the day. That night was Paolas birthday and she wanted to go out to Bellavista with Anna Maria and Myriam and we went to the crazy bar where a guy was singing cover songs. They had a special where you get two drinks for one so I ordered a couple of Margaritas. The first one tasted like lemon juice so I told the waiter to spike up the second one and bragged that I was going to do the yoga move the tree when I left and I showed him, so he made the second one a little stronger but it was still lemon juice and I told him it was weak. I didn't want to get drunk because I had a class at nine the next morning but he seemed to thing that was what I wanted so he told me that I should order a long island ice tea. I didn't know what that was, its like four different kinds of liquor mixed together in a way that they don't tasted like alcohol. I knew after the first one that I was going to be in trouble, because I had a few glasses of wine before we went there and I was getting drunk. That's the last thing I remember before waking up the next morning in a pool of puke on my bed. Paola and Ana Maria said I finished the second drink the guy brought me and was totally smashed, and when we got home Claudio got pissed that she was drunk and got her parents to come over and yell at her. When they got there she said she freaked out on theme and told them she was dying of Cancer. For some reason whenever she gets drunk she says shes dying of cancer. Needless to say I didn't make it to class the next day, but when Paola called to tell them I wasn't going to make it nobody had even arrived yet because it was raining. Chileans treat rainy days like days off or slacker days.

That afternoon I took my bike to the shop to get the wheel fixed. The people at the shop didn't want to give me a new wheel for free even though it was only like a week and a half old. There was nothing I could do about it anyway becaue I didn't have the reciept. I just won't ever go there again, their loss. They took too long to fix it so I missed my class with Cristobal, but I made it to Jorjes class.

Then on Saturday night we had Paolas dad, Hugos birthday party which actually wasn't that bad. I didn't get drunk because I was still hurting from Wednesday night. Magali got drunk and was babling on about how she comes from the Campbell clan in Scotland which is interesting because the Kyles are related to the Campbell clan. It's interesting how family legends go, she says there's a legend that three brothers came here from Scotland a hundred and fifty years ago and their decendants got scattered since then. She said she met an old man who said he was a Campbell also.

This week has been pretty mellow, I have been collecting photos to put on the kayak site and trying to learn Flash, but I am far from the learning curve still. OK I think thats enough for now.

17 Stoned Journal. I just quit trying to work on flash. I got stuck in two different things, moving the masks over the lines and making an image map withought filling in the selection. I don't want to search in a forum and so I'll just not touch it until I meet with Mario on Wednesday. I want to get into a rythem where doing this site is more of a hobby instead of an obsession. I would like to have the time to do other things. There, now that its in my journal, I will do it. I have been having some lung problems lately and I'm beginning to beleive it could actually be from the air. A couple of weeks ago there was a feature on the news about the bad pollution and that bikers and even motorbikers should wear masks. And then I noticed how a lot of bikers and even motorbikers are riding around with masks on. Before I though they were just paranoid, but lately I have been noticing how bad the air is. A couple weeks ago when I got home in a white collar shirt that was clean in the morning, the collar was totally black. My lungs hurt and I always get asthma when I ride, before I thought it was the weed I was smoking, but I think tomorrow I will buy a mask and at least try it out. I think I bought one when I first got here but I can't remember. Paola went out for Miriams birthday party. I have two classes tomorrow. I thought I would have more to say, usually I have plenty to say but I am too emersed in something else. I will go and write that petition about whale huntintg.
19 On Saturday morning I barely made it to my class because I forgot to set the alarm again after it went off the first time. Maybe I won't do that again. I do that so it isn't as difficult to get up because I never go completely back to sleep after the first snooze goes off. I like to space them about 30 minutes apart. Luckily for me I naturally got up at 8:04 and raced to get ready and to the class which started at 8:30. Luckily I was on time and it went alright. Then I had class with Cristian Cruz and then came home and watched the US verses Italy match where the US kicked ass and tied Italy. That night Dave and Sandra came over for a barbecue party. I invited Julius and Maracena and Tony and Andrea too but Julius and Macarena are in the states and Andrea was sick. It was fun, I got pretty drunk but didn't have a hangover the next day. Dave was into Claudios car racing game on the play station and got me into it so I played some by myself on Sunday after we got back from donating blood for Paolas aunt. Today I had two classes starting at 5. I slept until like one even though I didn't have to. I have been really lazy lately for some reason. Oh well.
21 This morning I had my first class with Lareto or whatever at my house. That was my first class at my house this year. I wanted to lift some weights but I was tired even though I got plenty of sleep last night so I went back to bed and slept with Paola. When I got up at noon we had sex for the first time in about three weeks. We took some time off because the birth control shots she was taking disapeared from the shelves because supposedly women were using them to administer abortions. A few days ago she found another brand of birth control shots that she got on. Hopefully these ones will make her tits big like the other ones did.

Then I rode up to the casting. I felt imediately that I was still weak from the blood draining two days ago. It was only 450 mls, but I feal totally deflated. I can't even sprint because my legs just burn. Yesterday after I passed this kid he challenged me. Chileans are weird, when I pass them they catch up to me, but instead of passing me they right right beside me, which he did for awhile. I wasn't in the mood to up the pace and challenge him and let off and drafted off him until the climb up La Pyramid started. Today a little bit after the start of the climb I looked back and noticed somone behind me. The guy was a little old Indian dude on a hundred dollar road bike that didn't even have rear brakes, and was riding in just sneakers. He was hammering, and I tried to stay with him but I coundn't for more that a few seconds. I would really like to get my strength back. I remember donating blood when I was in High School and College and never felt losing strength. But then again I probably didn't get on a bike for a few days, or maybe it was I was just younger and more resilient; I sure hope that wasn't the reason.

The casting was the most interesting one I have had yet. It was for a comercial that is supposedly in Germany, or actually I think to be made here but shown in Germany. They needed skiers to ski in the commercial. There was this totally stunning super model in there posing away for the camera. I felt like I was in the presence of a goddess because of how hot she was and how she was working the camera like a pro. Then they had me flirt with her. Supposedly we had just come back from the slopes and I was her ski instructor and we are in the bar flirting. After the first take they said I was too serious and to act like I was flirting. She said I should act like I was drunk, which was the perfect advice. I think I did an OK job on the second take. I'm not a trained actor, so I don't think I'm particularly good at improvising. Then they had me strip down to underwear for some filming. The cameraman gave me some good advice to flex my muscles a little as I stand there. I never did that before and its a good idea because you look a lot more fit if you flex it a little. I should start lifting weights and call the agency to tell them I can audition for shirtless photos because I have been burning excess fat away, but I am so obsesses with projects I only lift like once ever couple months. I know if I lifted on a regular basis I could get some underwear modeling jobs.

Then I met with Mario, I was like 45 minutes late, but we had enough problems to get me unstuck on Flash. I will try now to implement what I learned in case I forget by tomorrow. Then I had class with Samuel and went home because Jorje cancelled. Peace out.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
11Today I had class with the group and then cashed a couple of checks, one being the income tax return check which finally came. Then went to pick up my computer but it was disasembled. Then I went home and did some stretching for the first time in a long time and listened to Laura Lee. That was the first time in a long time I have gotten any excersize besides riding my bike. I really needed it to because my back and neck have been hurting. Then I had class with Sam Soto. Today was the first time this year when I had to ride in the rain. It was ok but the mp3 doesn't last more than a minute no matter what battery I put in it which is bothersome. Then I went home and did some more stretching and lifted some weights for the first time in a long time. Right now I'm not very interested in lifting weights or even riding hard, I just want to stretch myself into a prettzle.
13Today I went to the Kepler class and we finished the 500 question conversation questions page. Then I went to Felipes class but he couldn't make it so I went home for a bit and then went to do the class with Luisa where I helped her with pronunciation and recorded myself reading an article for her so she could listen to it later. Jorje cancelled so I only had two classes today. After I went home I stretched and lifted a little weights, but not before I called mom and talked to her about the Visa stuff for Paola and Claudio, then I called the state department to ask about some stuff about the Visa and then I called about getting a credit card. I was pleased to find that I can get a card and not have to pay interest for a year. I hope the credit limit is at least a thousand bucks, because I will probably need that if I want to do a cool road trip thoughout the east when we fly back in January. Peace out.
14Today I got up for Laurtaros class but he called just at nine to tell me he couldn't make it. At least he called this time, the last three times he hasn't called. Then I went to do Felipes class. After that I went down to pick up my computer at the shop and brought it home and transplanted the CD burner and burned a bunch of Larouse and Friends CDs with both of the computers. I spent the majority of the day doing that and stretching and lifting weights.

I got out of shape between drinking too much on Paolas birthday, having a smoking and drinking benge, and giving blood. I consider myself out or in shape depending on if I feel physically good or bad when I excersize. I don't know if I am getting more seceptible to getting out of shape or getting more in touch with my body, probably a mix of the two. I am kind of burning out on being here, ever since I gave up on the Mini I don't have driving up into the mountains to look forward to anymore. That's cool though, when the snow thaws I'll start mountain biking again, and until then just do classes and work on my web sites. Maybe I can get into a stretching and weight lifting routine. I feel really motivated to do that, and for the first time actually in my life, I feel like I can balance everything together without getting over driven in any of it and be satisfied with my output. That I learned from being here in Chile, and I think that quality will come in great benefit when I go back home.

16The last couple days have been pretty monumental because Paola finally got a job as a typist after about more than two years of being unemployed, and two and a half years since being employed by someone else. Now that she's working I have considered her to have officially given up on the Aromatherapy business; at least its cool that she likes Aromatherapy and has been using the oils on herself and has become familiar with them, so she can have a basis for a relationship with my mom when we come back. I want Paola to spend a lot of time with my mom because I think they will get along well and my mom doesn't speak Spanish so Paola will learn English faster; as apposed to her hanging out with her Mexican work mates and speaking Spanish with them and me and Claudio all the time. So now that she if over with the Aromatherapy I have taken upon myself to take up where she left off... or rather take up where I left off because she didn't do anything. That was more than two years ago.

So yesterday after my class in the morning I started to take an enventory of what we have which took a while because we have a lot. Paola left at like ten at night for a get together at Ana Maria's moms house.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
17OK so its been a long time since i've written here so obviously that's because I've had a motivation crisis; in fact the biggest motivation crises that I have had since last summer. I think I get these motivation crises because i'm one of those attention deficite disorder types who are either super motivated or super unmotivated. When I was young and this happened I got depressed, but now I understand it's just a cyclical thing and so I just enjoy being lazy; something I've learned here from the lazy ass chileans. I had to bust out of that last week since i got some new classes and now have like a 26 hour a week schedule which makes me like a million pesos a month which is close to two thousand dollars. That is cool, and much needed as I will need to save the money to bring Paula and Claudio to America in February. The last month has been pretty uneventful. I climbed a mountain a couple weekends ago with Julious and Tony and got a bad rash all over my body because i wiped my ass with this bush leaf that turned out to be like poison ivy; it sure was nice to burn the fuck out of myself in the shower thow - thats like ten times better than sex, however a fleeting sensation.

Actually now I can't think of anything to say. We might climb a mountain this sunday which would be cool. I am looking forward to going to the states next year. I offered tony to teach andrea if he teaches english to paola - we'll see about that. Paola doesn't want to learn from me because she says i patronize her but thats not entirely true; I think she is mainly just too chileanly lazy and looking for an excuse to not do work. She did get a job though which is cool but she only makes like seven thousand a day which is pitance. I would like to sell the aromatherapy stuff but now the time is a factor. maybe I will quit teaching and deal with that in the summer. I want to do some specific epic trips before i leave like Acancagua, find the tail of the uraguayan plane, and do the plomo bike ride and climb plomo. I hope the credit limit they give me is at least a thousand dollars. I made a mistake and said my household income is only 8k when it is really like three times that. I don't know why I did that. hopefully they won't give me a ridiculous credit limit. OK thats it for now. I have a new class starting today. chow chow.

19I was going to climb a mountain with Julius and Tony tomorrow but those guys backed out so I'm just going to be here again. Paola's going up Cajon del Maipu with some workmates which made me wish I had a car bur whatever I get plenty of mountain experience in the summer and I could always use the time to catch up on stuff at home. It is Francias birthday today and Paola told me Jimi was going to have a party and told me to not take part, and I wouldn't want to anyway, but Emilia told me that was off because nobody has any money.

I've been teaching more lately which means more bike riding. I have been going to bed exhausted lately, and at first I thought it was from all the teaching and not enough sleep, but I have been getting like 8 hours and so it must be the riding. It doesn't seem like I ride that much though, but I guess it adds up after like five classes a day, that would be like at least a couple hours a day of pure riding which makes sense seeing that I haven't been riding much lately. If this keeps up I will be pretty strong for the summer where I will try to have as many cool adventures as I can before going back in like January.

Today I'm just going to work on my Chilean journal. I'm up the the point of when I moved in here from Capellan Abarzua which is a subject I have thought a lot about of as an unlikely pivotol point in my life, or acually I guess it is a pretty likely pivital point now that I think about it. I'm stoned. OK here I go.

24I am here with some problems with the computers. On this one whenever I try to execute an antivirus the window dissapears. I think this virus is from the time before I reinstalled the os, so I need to take the chip out of the computer or whatever that was Mario was talking about.

I have been working more lately which means that I have been riding my bike more also and getting strong. This week I got to a burn out on my legs for the first time in I think the whole year and even got behind on sleep so I slept until one this afternoon with Paola after my morning class. I am caught up now. I think I am riding pretty strong, and an looking forward with curiosity to see how strong I will be when I recover from the present burn out I have now. Yesterday I rode as slowly as I could as to not kill my legs. It is hard to keep from sprinting though because there are always buses, cars, and red lights to outrun. The day before yesterday I tried to outrun a car that was merging onto the highway and got hit and broke my bike rack and knocked my rear wheel out of alignment. Luckily there was already a broken spoke that I was going to get fixed, even though I got two broken spokes fixed like three days beforehand, so I was going to take it to the shop anyway. I need to take it easy on that because if I had been hit closer to the center of the bike the car could have pushed me into traffic where I could have gotten run over. Yesterday I was taking it easy and a spandex leg shaven guy on a nice rode bike passed me and I asked him at the red light about races and he said there were mountain bike races every weekend. If I ever do a race this spring would be the time because all of this speed riding around town is making me fast. Maybe even close to as fast as I have ever been. I put on a new white shirt on Tuesday and by the end of the day it was totally dirty.

I finally met with Mario yesterday and he got me unstuck from the Flash. Hopefully I will be able to actually do something now; but now I have less time so we'll see.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
24 So its almost November wow only one more month of working and then I'm gonna sell all the computers and the car and everything else and just mountain bike my brains out. I don't even want to work that much anymore. I was supposed to go to the first class with the owner of the bike shop yesterday but I forgot and today decided not to call her. She didn't call me when I forgot so maybe she forgot too. I didn't do much today. I am trying to get into the flash after so long of just watching the videos and then drawing the site with colored pencils. I called Mario today to get together tomorrow. I need to figure out how to do the zoom tween. You would think that would be one of the first things people would want to learn but the tutorial isn't on the web. But I know you can do it.

Dave and Sandra came over last weekend. That makes like 6 weeks in a row or something that I have been hanging with the homies. We went to Dave and Sandras engagement party, then to Sandras dads birthday party. Those guys were cool. All these singers from the 70's taking turns singing all night. I got to sing happy birthday in English. I told them I could sing but we left kind of early at 4. Sandra said last year they partied till noon. There was a presenter who was presenting people and talking almost non stop. This old drunk indian guy grabbed my dick though telling me how to say dickhead in mapuche. He tried to do that with Dave too but I warned him and he was able to block. He left pretty soon after that.

It was pretty cool but I was exhausted because I had only gotten like 4 hours of sleep the night before and was working the whole day. We started a weird movie about aliens with morgan freeman but I went to bed towards the beginning at like two so I could get up for my class at 8:30 the next morning. That was daylight savings time and so I was an hour late. I already knew about that but I needed the extra sleep and Rolondo didn't say anything.

29So here i am at 3:53 in the morning. i haven't been writting in my journal lately because my computer busted in the plug in area and i have been too lazy to take it into the shop, plus i don't have the money to get it fixed right now. I will deal with that next week. i figured i could still write in my journal on this computer and switch it over later. 

I have been trying to get flash into my head. I have been banging my head against the wall for the last couple days. i couldn't seem to be able to get anything to work. Now I feel like I can actually make enough progress on the various things i am trying to do that i don't have to stop and wait for the next time i see mario. It took a couple days, but i think i can enjoy myself trudging away. 

I went into daves office the other day because i wanted to see if i could hang out there and get his flash guy to get me unstuck from stuff, but he went to venazuela. I gave dave marios number and they met last week. that would be cool if mario works there and i could hang out and use him to get me unstuck. i can't wait until im at the point where i can cruise along without getting confused all the time. when i get home im going to sign up for an online mentor deal. I wonder how that will work out. i only have like four or five more weeks of work. That is so crazy. claudio went to his fathers and paola is working so im all alone. peace out.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
2I haven’t griten much lately because both of my computers have been out of comision. My computer went to the shop because the plug in was loose and the guy wanted to buy my busted computer so I changed the keyboard out but then the computer didn't work so I had to give him all of the computers. I got this one back today and apparently there was nothing wrong with it. All I had to do was put in 1234 on the startup. Whatever. Now I'm gonna go and pick up my computer. When I don't have a computer (which seems to happen all the time even though I have two working ones) I got depressed so on Tuesday I slept until 4. On Tuesday night I remembered that Wendesday is a holiday so I decided to take advantage of the extra sleep I had and go on my first bike ride of the year. I left at 12:45 and totally lollygagged it up through the city to Santuario naturaleza and had dinner at a gas station on the way. It was Halloween so I saw tons of kids all over the place. Getting my bike over the gate wasn't that big of a deal, and the ride up that trail was awsome. I hadn't done that awsome wide single track for a while and it was a moonless night so I had no idea where I was. I got tired and drowsy from the altitude and had a little nap thinking I was below the saddle and was kind of disapointed in my bad form, but after the sun came up I noticed I was way farther that I thought when I saw that that little farm was right around the bend. That lifted my spirits and I decided to not just go down at the saddle. Not long after the farm I had to start walking through mud and snow fields for a couple hours. I noticed up ahead somebody was plowing the road so next time I go up there it will be clear. I saw from the saddle I was at there was a little single track with some motorbike tracks on it so I followed that down into some of the coolest smoothest single track I have ever seen. I was at the top of some awsome terraced cliffs and saw a couple foxes and a huge three meter condor flew like ten feet from my head. That trail let out at that country club Tony Julious and I went to a while back, so I have to do that ride in reverse this summer. Anyway. 1600ft to 9100 feet is a pretty good way to start out the year. I don't know if I will go on any more rides this month though because I am hooked on this kayak flash movie. But when December comes I swear to god I'm gonna sell these godam computers and everything else and do some serious mountain biking.
14OK so I'm back bloggy blogging it again. The other computer hit the crapper so I downloaded dreamweaver on this computer and back on the blogging circuit. Hopefully this computer works for a couple more weeks so I can sell it and forget about godam computers for a while. The other computer had a loose power input so I paid like 80 bucks to get that fixed even though I provided the new part; and when I got it back from the shop the keyboard didn't work and they said the motherboard was busted but it wasn't their fault. I didn't press the issue because they have no reason to fuck up my computer and I know how these things serindipitously just stop functioning at inauspicious times. I guess its better for that to happen to me than some poor Chilean who just bought it and then gets fucked; especially if I'm still in town for them to complain to. When I sell these computers I have to make sure to be double clear that once those fools give me my money the computers are theirs and thats that.

Last week Tony and I tried to do that ride I did a few days beforehand. He showed up at my house at 3:30 in the morn but it was raining so we looked at the weather on the internet and amongst a whole week of cloudless sky this day was a chaparon which meant heavy rain storm, so we got drunk and climbed cerro Blanco in the drizzle with Toby when the sun came up. I can't beleive it is still raining. It better not on the trip in December cause we ain't gonna have no tent.

For the last three or so days I've had reverse sleep. I just stay up all night and then go to my class in the morning and then go home and crash out at like noon and stay up all night again. Today I'm sure will be the same thing. I am rocking the kayak movie now. I will have a cool place to start off again from in a few months when I get another computer in Boulder. So I'm good to go and fiddle with the flash again. chow chow.

16OK so here I am typing on the blog. My mom didn't answer the phone, I wanted to ask her if she could tell me what size label the ones she sent me were so I could match it with one of the labels from this program I got so I can use them on these bottles im making. I have so much to sell in not very much time but the holidays are coming up and aromatherapy stuff makes good holiday presents. I had my last morning class with Pablo today so next weeks going to be lite, then one week after that and im off with tony to the mountains for like a couple weeks. I have to get a sleeping bag still. Last year I froze my ass off when I camped at 14,100 feet in that ripped open 30 dollar sleeping bag. I should just go up to las condes and by one.

I was at marios yesterday and the problem with the flash was that flash files can't hold 54 megas so i will divide all those scenes into their own files. he showed me a better zoom tween than the one i was doing. All you have to do is plop a shrunken photo onto the island that you are zooming up to to keep the resolution, duh. Maybe i'll work on that now.

I found this totally awsome website called learnoutloud.com. You can hear just about anything you want. This has been what I have been waiting for. I can't wait to get home and just listen to stuff I get on that site all day long. This has been the biggest year ever for the internet. I found out about wikipedia, wikimapia, you tube, and now this incredible site this year. I can't even imagine the internet now without those sites. Thats wick to the wack.

18I made a few hundred some odd essential oil bottles today. I'm gonna go ahead and make materials out of the rest of the oils I have and then sell it. I have to wait on my moms email on how to make the cream again or wait till paola comes back. I don't feel like researching it. Maybe thats paola the bells ringing...

1:35 OK I'm exhausted and ready for bed. I was up since like 6:30 this morning. I just got up I don't know why. A couple days ago after staying up all night I did my class and went home and stayed busy before I went to Marios and then did the class at aduana and was passing out in class from the lack of sleep. But when I went home and ate I wasn't sleepy anymore and stayed up late again. Every since then I have been magically getting insomnia right at sunrise. That has been what I have been praying for, or what I have prayed for alot.

The cats have been being a pain lately. Belen bit me when I picked her up by the scruff of her neck and drew blood in two places so I kicked her out, but she sneeked in through the reja and pooped right next to me at like 6:30 am when I was printing something. Then the next day one of them pucked in two places in the house. Saul was going to take Belen off our hands the other day; he must have forgotten.

I started filling up the little bottles with all the oils I have so I can see what I have and play with them some more. I have rashes on my arms and face from rubbing them off on me so much. I want to make product out of everything I have before I sell any of it so I can take a photo of it. I'm curious to see how much its going to be.

I gave up on the Flash. I'm in a good place to stop after the main movie file mysteriously dissapeared and the zoom one needs to be redone because marios way is better. I totally have my work cut out for me with this aromatherapy. I hope Paola helps me at least make it. The other night after Paola and Saul said no to helping me Claudio offered to make 50 bottles which was the first time he'd ever done anything like that.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
5 Day five, mountainside shelter - We headed straight towards the pussy to get up to the top of the mountain we saw in the distance. Tony lagged a little until the beginning of the steep section, but after we had lunch at the beggining of the steep section we was able to keep up with me because I was kicking in large foot holds into the hard snow. Not long after getting to the top of the pussy and hiking up the less gradient rock for a hundred meters or so we found a cool looking ridge near a sandy area. Tony was kind of tired and wanted to camp so we decided to make a nice shelter from the strong wind coming from the West and leveling the steep sand. After about 1:40 we had a great shelter made that was comfortable and completely sheltered us from the wind. We had a little time left to cook up some dinner before we went to sleep.
6Day six, ridgetop shelter - We felt great that day as we hiked up along the snow line towards the top of the pass we could see from the camp site. Only 50 meters or so from where we were we could see a gigantic crevase that I forgot to get a direct photo of. When we got to the top I was surprised to see a much narrower valley than the one I was expecting, but I did recognize the distinctive signal cliff rock in the middle of the valley on the North side. We hiked up a little bit to the top of the ridge that formed such a perfectly flat top that we felt enough desire to go ahead and built another shelter at that magical place. We spent about four hours hauling big rocks from 10 meters down the moutain to the top and created a giant U shaped wall that did a great job blocking the wind that came from all directions. We also did a good job in making the floor of the shelter a nice layer of sand that was exquisite to camp on.
7 Day seven, descent into Argentina - We started that day hiking up the ridge to a couple of stone towers near the base of the glacier that leads up to the top of the 15,500 ft mountain that loomes over the area. I couldn't go on any higher because I thought my sunglasses had blown away the night before (they were in the soup bag), and we didn't want to risk any crevases. On the way down we saw a little Kierin and a plastic bag under it with some names of some Argentinians where where there just one year and two days before. After we hicked back down to camp we packed up everything and hicked down to the pass which was the lowest point in the pass that we could see and then slid down the Argentinean side of the top and then hicked down the snow to the bottom. I failed to remember the lesson I learned from hiking down into the valley in February and followed the river to the bottom and we were presented with a cliff that we had to climb down. At a difficult point on the cliff I passed Tonys bag to him and he tried to bring it down with him but dropped it into the river and I watched it float down the river towards the glacier. I thought it was going to get swept under but at the entrance it got stuck and Tony was able to retrieve it. After that we wised up and I lowered my pack with the rope and climbed down. Tonys bag was sopping wet but luckily for him his sleeping bag was still dry.
8 Day eight, hike up to the memorial - We hicked up a little bit to a camp site that had a nice little shelter next to a couple of pretty little lakes and left the bags and hiked up to the memorial and hung out there for a couple hours. The memorial is built on a dirt patch near where the plane rested and had about four crosses built out of plane parts. There was a small pile of plane parts about two meters by one meter that included part of a wing, a window, a radio, an electrical switchboard, and various metal bars. We spent about an hour reading the sign in book, and from the look of it there had only been people visiting the site since about 2003. Only in March did they put a Marbol plated black pyramid with the names of the dead and the survivers etched on it. After we hiked down to the camp site we had some time to relax and I sowed up my back pack.
11 Day eleven, back to Termas del Flaco - The hike down the valley past the rock field was much easier on the way down than the way up. One time I stopped to weight for Tony and noticed that there were four Condors flying overhead enjoying the breezes that were created by the narrowing of the valley. Not long after I noticed them they seemed to notice me and took turns swooping down three meters over my head and circling back again for a few minutes until we started hiking down again. The river was much bigger this time around. I guess a week and a half can make a difference in the size of a river at the beginning of the Summer; it was also later in the day this time. I got accross the river fine, but Tony had trouble and eventually had to strap up to the harness and have me pull him accross with the rope. He got accross OK, but slipped and lost his pole. We decided to come back the next morning and see what the river looked like then, so we hiked down to Termas del Flaco and soaked while I ate a whole quarter kilo of salt soaked Charchi (deliciouse dried horse meat). When we got back to the hotel we camped behind the people there gave us a bowl of beans and pasta and invited us to stay in a room for free.
12Day twelve, back to Santiago - I set my cell phone to get us up at six but I forgot to turn it on. Luckily Tony had insonmia and got up naturally at 6:20 and we took off running toward the river about five kilometers up the valley after we hid the bags. When we got to the river the Sun wasn't showing yet but we didn't have time to wait so I crossed it and we set up a rope and Tony tested it and it worked fine and he was happy, so we ran back and had time to have a free breakfast at the hotel before leaving. Tony still wasn't totally confident about his river crossing abilities so he wanted to go back there with his wet suit and practice crossing and set up more ropes so he won't run into any problems when he comes back with his groups. Tony wants to created his own mountain guiding operation to get him through the Summer and maybe even make enough so he can get into teaching on his own next year (fmee.org). The ride down the valley was nice because we were the only people in the back of the van and the seats were pointed towards each other like a Limo. We had some fried chicked and french fries for lunch in San Fernando which was delicious and noticed on the TV that Pinoche had died. There was another interesting episode illustrating the stupidity Chileans again. I was in the train station and put in a hundred pesos and the machine took it and didn't give me my candy. There was a phone number there to call to complain, but it was a false number. I explained that to a boy who was manning a candy stall next to the machines that he should tell his boss about their competition ripping people off and he told me it had nothing to do with him. I explained to him that he would make less money from people going to the machines and finally got him to admitt that it did have something to do with him and that he should tell his boss after a couple minutes, but he still didn't seem to care. I just hope the owner of the stall he was working at wasn't his dad.

I got home at like 5:30 and Jerry and Gato were there hanging out. I asked Jerry if he had a job and he said he lost his job because his boss wouldn't let him take time off for the birth of his son Vincent so he went anyway and they fired him and Paola hired him to take care of our house. He made me a bowl of pasta which was awful and hand't hardly any sauce in it.

That night I went to see a soccer game at a soccer clubhouse place a couple houses down for the first time with Jimmi. It was Colo Colo in the final against Pachoco, a Mexican team, for the final of the Nissan South America cup, which is according to Jimmi the second biggest cup in Latin America. Colo Colo got the first goal, but lost in the end 2-1.

7 Finishing up sacred text pages
  Links pages on the site
  Statistics page
  Working on the site
  Pickilemu with the clan
  Discovering Metacafe
  Playing with Flash
  Aromatherapy site
  Sandra and Dave come over
  Trip to crash site with Tony
  First trip to the crash site
  With Paola
  Living at Paolas
  Summer break
  Paola working
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13 Youtube: red zinger mini classic 1985 15 boys denver The 15 year old boys in the Denver stage of the 1985 RZMC.

red zinger mini classic 1985 hanging out Hanging out after the Denver race. Added: July 13, 2007, 08:58 PM

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1985 10-11 boys Denver Red Zinger Mini Classic 1985 10-11 boys at Meridian Park in South Denver. Neck and neck with Eric Owen. Lots of rolling hills so not my kind of race.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1985 10-11 boys Longmont I manage to finish with the lead group in this one.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1985 10-11 boys Boulder Mall Third race. I got my assed kicked in the race before this so I don't know how I could have still been in third place overall, but that was cool. I lead once through the start and finish area.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1985 7-9 mixed Boulder Mall Wyndham wins his first Boulder Mall Criterium in a tie with Chad Corzine, brother of my teamate Kevin Corzine. He won it again in '88. Our LERT nordic ski teamate Nicolai Frant gets third. Darcy Zimmerman

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1985 10-11 boys Morgul Bismark Pops and bro watch Bret Zimmerman beat me up the Hump. Only stage Chris Wherry doesn't win.

14 Red Zinger Mini Classic 1985 10-11 boys NCAR hillclimb I took off flat out from the beginning and got enough of a head start to get on Chris Wherry's wheel before he attacked, Mike Hegarty and Ray Brown barely make it on but I get dropped. I managed to hold on to fourth, my best ever stage in the Zinger except for the prologue time trial when I got third just six seconds behind Chris. Thanks to this race and the hill climb time trail I manage to finish ahead of Bret Zimmerman in the overall standings even though he beat me in every other stage.

Red Zinger Mini Classic Practice Race at NBS boys 10-11 1985 Neck and Neck with Eric Owen. Too close to call.

Red Zinger Mini Classic The great peppi Schwinne team Hanging out at Chitaqua after the prologue time trail from 13th and College to Chitaqua. That was my best stage ever in the Zinger. I got third only six seconds after Chris Wherry.

Shaving my legs for the 1985 Red Zinger Mini Classic Shaving my legs for the first time for the 1985 Red Zinger Mini Classic. Mom and Wyndham watch.

Red Zinger Mini Clas 1985 boys 10-11 Team Time Trail We went out there a couple days before to practice where Chris Wherry's parents told us the strategy. Chad was to sprint in the front until the first corner and let us go because they took the time of the third place

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1985 10-11 boys awards ceremony 1) Chris Wherry 2) Mike Hegarty 3) Ray Brown 4) Mike Constantino 5) Matt Dewese 6) Mike Turley 7) Eric Owen 8) Kyle Pounds 9) Brett Zimmerman 10) Jason Cook

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 15 awards ceremony RZMC boys 15 awards ceremony

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 awards ceremony 1) Heath Sandal 2) Mike Creedy 3) Arrian Wheeler 4) Dave Alongi 5) Wyndham Pounds

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 team awards ceremony I think Wyndhams team got third.

Groovy Granny's 85th birthday party at the house part 1 Grannys 85 birthday at larrys house

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 12 Gunbarrel First Gunbarrel criterium. The NBS course was better but this one had a cool corner right at the start finish area.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 10-11 Gunbarrel Criterium Wyndham sports Hawaian shorts and leads the pack around the corner once. Seth Richardson edges him in the end.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 12 Morgul Bismark Wyndham and Seth cheer on Dax and I. I get 13th.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 10-11 & 12 time trail Wyndham and I starting the zinger at the time trial from the Green Scene to to Left Hand Canyon.

Groovy Granny's 85th birthday party at the house part 2 Granny's 85th birthday

Groovy Granny's 85th birthday party at the house part 3 In 1996

Groovy Granny's 85th birthday party at the church part 2 What fun

Groovy Granny's 85th birthday party at the church part 2 Granny just sat there and let the people come up and pay homage or whatever.

Groovy Granny's 85th birthday party at the church part 3 Groovy Granny is groovy.

Groovy Granny's 85th birthday party at the church part 4 I actually haven't seen this yet so I can't comment on it. I remember some 90 year old lady playing the piano really well.

Groovy Granny's 85th birthday party at the church part 5 I did the dishes. You can see my nasty dreads. This took place right on main street in Blacksburg Virginia in Aprilish 1996

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Fort Collins Mike Mcreedy wins.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Meed part 1 Filmed by Mike Mcreedy's mom. Stage two. Wyndham attacks on the first lap.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Meed part 2 Stage two. This was a cool race car course. You can see the whole course from the start finish area. Mike Mcreedy wins. Wyndham rides into the ditch.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Morgul Bismark Heath Sandall wins, Wyndham gets fourth with Arrian right behind him.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Gunbarrel crit part 1 From Mike Creedy's family. Mike Mcreedy wins I think. Wyndham wins a prime and then crashes at 7:23. Jeff Buchheister does a wicked BMX slid into him, but does in his wheel. Even though he gets a free lap he somehow losses contact with the pack and losses his 2nd place overall to Mike Mcreedy. The same thing happened last year when he locked handlebars with Arrian Wheeler and crashed. Arrian got back on the pack but Wyndham became a straggler and lost his second place overall to Heath Sandall. That's me in the straw hat putting his chain back on. That's David and Ingrin Alongi's dad Emmanuel Alongi running up in the white T-Shirt with the bike shorts under the normal shorts. He played the bike double for the Russian in American Flyers. David won the stage after this.

15Youtube upload:

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Boulder Mall part 1 It rained and kids were crashing all over the place. The pack got completely strung out. On the first corner somebody tries to pedal around a corner and hits the pavements and his wheel almost takes Wyndham out. After that he got a case of the post traumatic stress disorder and was afraid to push it around the corners because of his crash a couple days before. Dave Alongi goes around the corners like a formula one racer and gets second to Mike Mcreedy.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Boulder Mall part 2 Wyndham gets 17th and losses his third overall to Arrian Wheeler and Dave Alongi, but doesn't crash again.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Jamestown Dave Alongi wins in a solo breakaway. Fred Owen announcing and Stephanie Owen giving out the ribbons. 1) Dave Alongi 2) Mike Mcreedy 3) Heath Sandall 4) Wyndham Pounds 5) Mike Genevese

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 Gunbarel crit part 2 Mike Mcreedy wins.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 NCAR time trail Filmed by Mike Mcreedy's dad. Wyndham won last year three seconds ahead of Heath. This year Heath wins by 16 seconds. JP gets 5th.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 10-11 Meridian Park Denver Wyndham gets top ten. Arrian beats Greg Shaddy.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 12 Meridian Park Denver This was an awsome course. I'm the little kid in the neon pink socks.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 team time trail Wyndham They get second.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 12 diagonal This race was only four miles, so everybody knew it was going to be an all out sprint. I pulled my friend and teammate Mark Farewell all the way to the end. I thought he was going to pass me but he didn't. Sadly he was killed a couple years later by a sleeping trucker while riding on the Morgul Bismark.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 13? Boulder Mall Criterium The winner. Maybe the 13 or 14 year old boys.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 12 Boulder Mall Criterium My teamate Mike Hegarty wins. That little chunky kid from California almost beats Chris Wherry. This was the first year the start finish was in front of Boulderado. I liked it better in front of the Boulder Theater like it was in 85 and 88 the years Wyndham won it.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1989 boys 13 stage 1 East Boulder Filmed by Mike Mcreedy's mom. Wyndham has a three lap solo breakaway, gets caught with two laps left and then wins the field sprint.

Red Zinger Mini Classic 1986 boys 10-11 Diagonal Wyndham is happy about finishing right behind the leaders.

  Bored & can't wait to leave
  Paola and Claudio in America. Living in the ap
  Scanning family photos
  Start uploading videos to youtube in the US
  With Paola
  Kayak website
  Living at Paola's &
Washing Windows
  Paula in Mexico
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
3I can't believe it's been a month since I wrote in this last. I had some ftp problems. Tony called last night and wants to make his own ukt site, so mine will be the backup in case nobody wants to sponsor us his way. Wyndhams coming over to help me put his photo albums together. Since I wrote in here last I finished the timelines, or at least took the loose links out of them, then I was working on what I think about the first amendment because I wanted to finish at least one issue that I have an opinion about, but when I was getting started wyndham came over with the photos that he cropped and so off I went uploading 18,000 photos to flickr. I had to privatize all of them but my own though. Now I'm putting them back in their albums. Needless to say its a huge job. I also have to fix a bunch of stuff on my mom's websites. I came up with the idea of making my own youtube show called kyle's gym, but I have to get a video camera for that. Maybe later. Got's to go. hope it ftps this time. I hate writting in my journal if I can't ftp it right away. I get superstitious like my computer will crash or something.
12So it's two in the morning and I just woke up. Last night I didn't get any sleep. I just layed in bed for the last couple hours of the night with ensonmia and so I was like a zombie all day yesterday. Yesterday I finally finished putting the photo albums together and went over to scrape my brothers pipe to celebrate. Then went down to the County Clerk to finally sign the divorce papers and then made a money order for the Chilean Consulate. I need to mail that off tomorrow. Then I'm done and can email Paola. She'll be relieved. Now I can email her with instructions on what to say on the UKT video. I hope she gets internet soon, or a cell phone. After I got home I mounted my pullup bar on my walk in closet and then called IPower so see why I can't ftp. While I was waiting for tech support I fell asleep, and when the guy woke me up when he answered I had to tell him I forgot why I called and to give me some time to remember. After about ten seconds I remembered but I was still half concious. It did'nt ftp because they changed the security and I had to change the password and forgot to change it on the ftp settings. Then I crashed again and just woke up now. I had a dream about my dad, very vivid dream. I don't remember all the details now cause I got stoned yesterday, but we were visiting a foreign country and I was with my dad. I remember looking at him and being under the impression he was dying but he looked perfectly healthy. I remember looking at him and I started to feel my face crunch up as I began to cry. I was thinking I had to remember how I crunched up my face just in case I ever wanted to act it out. I don't think you know how to crunch your face up to cry the right way unless you have really done it, and this was real. I also remember when we got in the plane I looked over the landscape and saw a neighborhood sett up as a mosaic of Bob Marley's face. I was with a group of tourists who I was at the back end of and getting lost in the airport and that's where I met up with my dad. I was getting kind of lost. Just before leaving the first airport to get on the bus to go to the other airport they lined up and shot all these students who were apparently involved in a coup. I don't remembe the details of it. I guess there always has to be drama in dreams even if you avoid the TV. That's pretty much all I remember that I care to include here. I should start a dream journal again. Didn't think about that.

I'm so glad I finally finished the photo project. I found this new site called bodybuilding.com where I set up a profile and can upload photos of me flexing and all my data to keep track of. I can even upload videos of me working out. I'm gonna try that. It's great to get the motivation together. It's also kind of a social networking site, were people can talk about their workouts together. I want to share my home gym method with people. I plan on lifting in ten minute segments where I just go for ten minutes strait with various excersizes that I film and upload. Then I do about that much stretching; obviously I won't film that. I think I'm motivated enough to make getting into shape a priority for me. I really need it. I can't sit up strait without my back hurting because of lying in bed and slumping for so many year. Day before yesterday I was on the ladder in a narrow section between the wall and a huge window and I had to put one hand behind me on the wall to balance while I washed the window with the other, and I got a cramp in my shoulder from it and could barely do it. That would have never happened ten years ago. I wasn't even leaning back. The beginning part fo working out is going to be difficult so I'm just going to take it easy. I will also start running and riding. Hopefully there are wintertime group rides I can join in on on the weekends or something. I really want to get my assed kicked by a girl in one of those. That would be so sexy and will motivate me more to get into shape. I'm gonna start running every day on the trail outside of my house too. I hope I don't get asma everytime. But if I do I'm sure it will go away after a couple weeks. I just have to keep up with it every day. I will still have extra time to do projects on the computer, I just have to remember to keep the getting into shape a priority which has been hard because I get so obsessed with my projects. It will work this time though, I'm confident about that.

Some of the new projects I want to do now are completing the geneology. I need to get my mom to get a membership with ancestry tomorrow, or at least see if I can. I coulnd't before because they weren't sending me my password from the other time I had apparently signed up for it which I don't remember. I also want to finish the ukt site, but I have till August to do that. I have also been having urges lately to write my entire life story down. That will be fun. It's so weird that I can type way better when I'm not looking at the keyboard. I guess I'll just close my eyes when I type. There we go. I hope I will be able to sleep tonight. Maybe there's some kind of cosmic thing going on right now that is affecting my sleep. I'm going to look into what's going on astrologically and with the sun spots I think.

13 I went to the gym today with Mike Chapin and figured out how strong I am for the site. I did the barbell rows wrong but I think it was more or less what I could do if I did it right. It’s interesting how I’m stronger than people is some things and way weaker in others. I did the squat for the first time ever and did like ten reps trying to figure it out on the free squat. Then I noticed the fixed squat machine and tried it there and did 215. I probably could have done more if I had been fresh. After I did it I could barely squat even with no weight and my ass and upper hams were totally torn up. I will definitely feel it tomorrow. I’m psyched Mike wants to start running and lifting with me. He’s a chucky lifter but I bet he will be a good runner even though he’s a smoker. In high school he did a 5k in 16:43 and he still has 9.7% bodyfat, plus I think his lungs are in better shape than mine. I really need to start running everyday to get all the pot resin out, and NEVER smoke weed ever again. Well not ever, but…I hope I get the point. I won’t start running or lifting until I download Adobe Premier and figure out how to upload videos to youtube so I can film myself working out. That will motivate me. I’m really regimental like that. Maybe it has something to do with being a Capricorn.
I cleaned my room for the first time since I moved in with my mom in June. I was too busy with other things to bother. It's nice to have a clean room. I also helped clean my mom's house today. Then I set my attention to figuring out how to get videos on youtube and discovered what I have to do is buy adobe premier, so tomorrow when their office is open I will buy it, but will download it first so I can film myself working out. I will set up ten minute work outs to do because that's the video limit for youtube. I will do as many of those a day as I can. Tomorrow I will go to the gym with Mike Chapin and find out how strong I am for my profile on the bodybuilding.com website.
18I have been really sick lately. I am excited about finally starting to work out and also to finally start writting. I want to write philosophical stuff and about my life. I will just write about my life now because I don't want to overheat my brain while I'm still sick. I need to clean up my thoughts on my website though. I never fixed the stuff I wrote while I was stoned and living in crazy Chile which fogged my mind. It was hard to think clearly in Chile but now I can here in my peaceful room. I had to turn a job down today because I'm sick. That's the first time I had to do that. I hate it when I have to do that. I heard this flue can last up to three weeks from my mom who has it too. I think I'm going to switch to a normal blog pretty soon. I just had a big philosophical discusion with my mom and now my head hurts and I feel sick again. I'm at 100 now. At least I'm improving from yesterday when I was at 103.
I had a 103 degree fever all day today so that’s my excuse for not working out. I will start working out though I can smell it. I’m so hungry, hungry to work out like six hours every day.
19 I had a hell of a night last night. For like an hour or something I was in agonizing pain, like my fever spiked or something. I had some interesting dreams. I had a dream that I was riding my road bike up Flagstaff and the road leading up to the canyon was ridiculously steep, like 45 degrees. I had to ride zig zag up it in the lowest gear. I had a dream about that part of the road being that steep before which is interesting. Then I went higher up and it was the scene of a campus and various other activity as I was going up the switch backs until it was closed. Then I had a dream that I was in a plains town with some people and then I got separated and asked a girl if she know where so and so was and she led me to a parking lot and thought it was over there. Then I was sitting at a table in a restaurant talking to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen who was carving various mandalas into the wooden table we were sitting at. She asked me if I was hanging out with a girl and gave me the name which I forgot and I said yes, as the conversation continued and she kept asking me questions about this girl I finally admitted that I didn't know the girl she was talking about, but she didn't seem to care. On my left was Jared Price, a kid I was working with last year and he told me someone had given him acid, extasy, and mushrooms the night before in a disco and had a great time and I was thinking that was an awefully lot of drugs to be taking at the same time but I didn't say anything. Thats all I remember.

When I got up this morning I felt like hell. My mom made me a meal and made me eat even though I didn't have any appetite. When I was done I felt a lot better and went back to bed. I just got up now. My mom said someone told her at the bank that one of the workers there has been sick for three weeks. I hope I won't be sick that long. I haven't been this sick for four years, and I can't remember the time before that that I have been sick like this; like since I was a kid. I think I will go watch a movie now that my headache is gone. My mom seems to be getting better so that's encouraging.

21I slept well last night for the first time since I got sick. I slept till noon today which was nice, and woke up feeling pretty good. I just might be well tomorrow...or the next day. My mom can barely speak though even though, but I think she's getting better physically too. I had some interesting dreams last night. I had a dream about hanging out in Boulder at some outdoor event at CU with my mom and Shano. Then I had a dream about really fast bright green monsters that would kill everybody in their site and the only way to hide from them was to go above because they couldn't look up. Then I had a dream that I was hanging out with a blonde girl and a guy and I would keep waking up screaming holding onto the ceiling. One time I was way up at the tip of an A frame looking way down. Then I realized I was scitzophrenic hiding from the monsters and they were my caretakers and their presence would bring be back to reality. It's interesting what kinds of dreams I can have when my brain in a degree above normal. I don't think all these zombie movies do much good, they should stop making them. I saw I am Legend the other week. That was freaky.

I got my first response from a country concerning ports of entry today, but I think the best way to really research that would be to call because most of these people don't return their emails. Today I think I'll just type all day. I don't want to move too much and trigger a relapse. This influenza virus is weird like that.

I just looked at my philosophy page and all the links were dead. I don't know how that happens. I lost all of my photos the other month too. I think spirits enter the computers and tamper with them. That's the only explanation I can think of.

22 My mom gave me some codine cough syrup last night and a trazodone and it knocked me out and right now a day later I can still feel it. I think I must be allergic to it. I filmed the first episode of Kyle's gym today. I was out of breath and my lungs hurt and I had no strength because I was on that codine shit with the trazodone. I think I remember taking this stuff some other time and it had the same effect. I need to stay the hell away from it. I'm psyched I'm officially working out now though. I'm an athlete again! yay! I slept most of the day though thanks to the drugs, or no thanks. I took my car into the emisions today. I pucked like seven times today after working out on that crap. My mind is kind of gone also. I also had no appetite today. Gonna read about atlantis now. out...

First Kyle's gym workout session.

Youtube upload: Kyle's Gym - 1-1 break apple w/ 1 bicep, 15 pullups, 5 squat militaries w/ 45's, 10 curls w/ 25's, 5 militaries w/ 45's and 5 w/ 25's. 10 rows w/ 45's. I was jacked on codine and trazedone for this. My mom gave me them last night for a cough and a flu and I woke up totally out of it. I felt healthy though and was eager to get started with kyles gym so i did it. Little did I know the apple was rotten. I guess I did ok considering I feel like passing out anyway, now i feel like puking, but at least i tried. booya! ---- I passed out for a half hour after this and when I woke up I puked about seven times. I'm not familiar with Trazedone and Codine. Now I know better.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
2I just found out I lost all the shit I wrote about what I know and think about all the worlds religions. It disapeared from my computer and my server. I lost all my photos from my server too, luckily I had most of those backed up, but not this. It sucks because I had like a whole month full of research into it. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about that now. I guess I'll start over in a few years when the inspiration comes, if it comes again. I worked today, that was cool, three places too. Jordan said he wants to work out with me, that's cool. I don't feel like saying anything else now. I just found out I also lost everything I wrote about what I think about other countries too, luckily I never did that much with it, but it sucks that if I leave my site alone shit just disapears from it. I really have to stay on top of things and have it always backed up in muliple places because a server isn't good enough. I think it must be spirits or aliens or something. Has to be. I never did anything. Whatever...
4 It’s so cool to be lifting regularly. I’m gonna get totally into it I can just tell. I’m not going to push it too much in the beginning though cause it takes a while to recover when you’re just starting out. I went swimming with my mom today. I was holding my breath and trying to swim the length of the pool today. Thats a new goal for me, swim the length of the pool underwater. Then we went to the sauna and did some Tibetan breathing excersizes where you inhale as much as you can, and then inhale more and then do five head rolls, I almost passed out. I might lift today if I figure out how to work my video camera that I just bought. Maybe I’ll go over to mikes house and work out with him. Out….

It’s so cool to be lifting regularly. I’m gonna get totally into it I can just tell. I’m not going to push it too much in the beginning though cause it takes a while to recover when you’re just starting out. I went swimming with my mom today. I was holding my breath and trying to swim the length of the pool today. Thats a new goal for me, swim the length of the pool underwater. Then we went to the sauna and did some Tibetan breathing excersizes where you inhale as much as you can, and then inhale more and then do five head rolls, I almost passed out. I might lift today if I figure out how to work my video camera that I just bought. Maybe I’ll go over to mikes house and work out with him. Out….

5I worked out for 45 minutes last night with Mike and today I'm blown in a lot of muscles and didnt work out. Could have though. I ran 4 miles today; not much better than last time. I haven't gotten to the point where I recover easily yet. I work tomorrow. I figured out how to transfer the video from the camera to the computer and splice it and upload it to you tube. I let a bunch of people know about the UKT. Tomorrow I want to start with the philosophy videos.

I pumped it with mike last night and Windham filmed. I ran 4 miles today in 40:46.5 (in snow) and did a lot of stretching. I still feel like I weigh 300 pounds when I run and my lungs are bad but they improve enough so that by the time I get half way through my legs slow me down more than my lungs. I think my legs were lagging from being sore from the stretching. Might do some lifting tonight on muscles that aren’t sore. I would be a warrior if I did.

Youtube: Kyle's Gym 5-1 part 2 Situps: Kyle - 25 25# Mike - 15 6# Iron Cross: Mike - 5 25#, 15 8#, 5 25# Kyle - 10 25# 20 8# 5 25#

Kyle's Gym - 5-1 part 3 Iron Cross, Backups: Mike - 10 25#, 15 8# Kyle - 15 25#, 15 8#

Kyle's Gym 5-1 Part 4 Dumbell Press: Mike - 25 25#, Kyle - 15 45# 20 25#?

Kyle's Gym - 5-1 Part 1 Curls: Mike - 20 w/ 25's Kyle - 15 45's & 20 25# Sitting Curls: Kyle - 10 25# Mike 10 25# Arm Circles: Mike - 15 8# Kyle - 5 25# & 35 8# (more)

10 I ran four miler #5 today in 40 minutes as always. I was playing call of duty 4 last night and was smoking weed for the second night in the row (not my weed). So today I couldn’t breath too good today. No matter though. I needed to take it easy anyway as my whole body was kind of sore. No lifting today. Gonna do it tomorrow. I am a little dismaye with how long it’s taking me to get to the point where I recover, but my stomach muscles are sort of coming in a little.

Ran up Sanitas with Wyndham today. Did a pullup pushup routine that I learned from an Italian dude antokindness on youtube. Get beat me.

Youtube: Kyle's gym - 8-1 I tried to beat antokindess in his pullup pushup workout. He does good pullups and illigitimate pushups so I did it like him. I did 12 pullups, then 25 pushups then 12 pullups and then 20 pushups then 5 pullups then 10 pushups, then 3 pullups then 10 pushups, in almost 4:20 which is how long antokindness took. You win this round antokindness, we'll see about next round. Then I did 10 curls w/ 25's, then 5 military w/ 45's, then 10 w/ 25's. I can kind of see muscles coming in. That's cool.

11 Been hanging out a lot with Windham. Played a game called call of duty for the last two nights. That game is amazing, now I understand why those shoot em up games are so popular. I told my mom and her friend about it though and they were giving me the third degree telling me it puts violent thoughts in my mind. Been running with Wyndham two times this week. He says he wants to go every day. I'm still only needing 10 minutes a day of working out. I hope to be able to do more than that, but my body is still staying sore. The calves are taking a while to kick into gear. I had a lot of feedback from a kayak forum and haven't had a chance to check out all of my other responses. Got a lot of good info I need to process now. I need to buy a lot of books and start reading them. Been working too. That's cool it's starting up again.
I only got like two or three hours of sleep last night because of insomnia and woke up tired today. Then I had to work. I tried to go running but a mile into the run my right calf suddenly had a shart pain so I had to turn around. I don’t think I will lift anything today because I am not rested. I really need to make sure to get enough sleep tonight.
13I had an interesting day at work today. I had to climb all over a steep house holding onto a rope attached to the top of the house. Then we lifted but I forgot to film myself. Woops. Then Wyndham and Mike came over for a few hours. Then I saw Elizabeth. Tomorrow I don't work. I hope to do more than 10 minutes of weight lifting. I ran up Green mountain from Gregory canyon with Wyndham yesterday. He fell on his ass five times. I can't weight to run around this summer. Want to do the biggie this summer. I google mapped it and it looks to be about as long as a marathon. I want to do it in both directions hopefully with Mike on at least one. I need to get his ass into gear. I'm glad I've turned Wyndham onto running and Jordan and Mike into lifting. Even Mike P wants in. I'm gonna buy him a pullup bar and dumbells and staight up go to his apartment and lift right in front to him to show him how much of a sissy he is if he doesn't join in. That'll do it. Played Call of Duty with Windham again last night. I hope I don't have insomnia again tonight. I need to get it into my head that if I'm excersizing every day I need ten hours of sleep a night instead of seven.
Youtube: Kyle's gym 9-2 # 10 10 lunges w/ 45's (didn't like it, bad on the knees), 10 situps w/ 25# & 10 w/ 0#, 20 bent arm dumbell pulls w/ 2 25#, & 20 w/ 1 45#. 20 reverse flyes w/ 8's, 20 lying supine curls w/ 8's?, 20 forearm curls palms up w/ 25's, & 20 w/ palms down w/ 8's. I also did a bicep set in this put doesn't fit so I put it in 9-1. I cut out the transisition parts because I was stoned and getting confused and taking too long, hee hee. It's all one continuous workout though. * I did 40 curls with 25's after but lost the video of that.
14 It’s my tenth day working out and now as expected I can work out for more than one ten minute set a day. The other day I did two. Today I did four 10 minutes sets, so I worked out 40 minutes. No running because of snow, but I did a couple hours of stretching.

Youtube: Kyle's gym 7-1 I done went and smoked some mutherfuckin weed over at a friends house and those losers went outside ot smoke a cigarette so instead of freezing my ass off and inhaling toxic fumes I decided to do like 30 pushups, like 30 culs w/ 25s and like 30 situps. Those situps my back aint touchin the floor yo. The pushups I'm touchin my chest to the floor. No fuckin around.

Youtube: Kyle's gym - 10-1 20 zottman curls w/ 25's & a few w/ 8's. (don't like that), 10 tate press w/ 45's, 20 w/ 25's, 20 calf raises w/ 45s, 20 db incline curl w/ 25s,

24 14-1 I was having some energy problems yesterday but I decided to go ahead and try to do this super bad ass crossfit exersize. I saw a girl do it with 45s like I am here. She did 5 sets although I don't know in how much time because they cut it. She was with a guy who was doing it with 70s! I only did 2 sets. The other day I did 5 sets but I lost the video before I could upload it. Here I do 5 squats, 5 bring the weights up and then squats, then 5 militaries and then 5 overhand squats, and 5 sets of that. I will try that again later when I feel better. I like this one because it's good for the legs and the ass. The first time I trie it my legs suffered, but this time my legs were fine but my arms suffered. I know on a good day I should have no problem with the arms so I'm psyched to go for it again later. Maybe one day soon I could do all five sets within ten minutes. Youtube: Philosophy with kyle I forgot to say that these videos aren't just for arguments but mainly to encourage putting your ideas out there for everyone to see. Whether you're "qualified" to talk about it or not is beside the point. We are all qualified. Philosophy Show Mission Statement The internet is so cool!!! You can monitor the news, see cool videos of all kinds, and keep in contact with all kinds of people all over the world. The coolest thing about the internet though, is that we can now use it to figure out what truth is. Once we know the truth, we will have the ability to make the best decisions as a society to become self sustainable and move gracefully forward in our development. My belief is the best way to arrive at the truth is for everybody to have their very own philosophy show. If we all shared what we believe in all the philosophical and political issues, we would would eventually arrive at the truth. It doesn't matter what you beleive as long as you express what you beleive Everybody should share what they believe, regardless of what they believe. Everybody deserves to be heard and have their beliefs seriously commented on. My favorite thing to do is discuss an idea with someone who disagrees with me, because it stimulates my mind the most. When I have to think hard to convince someone who doesn't believe the same as I do, I feel like I am excersizing my humanness the most and living life to the fullest. The things we can do with our bodies are amazing, but it is our minds that truly set us apart from the animal world and will set us free. It is in this vain that I would be more interested in watching a video of a person selling an idea that I disagree with than seeing someone rehash an idea that I already believe. I wouldn't be interested in watching their video just so I could argue with them. I would try to imagine for a moment that what they are saying is the truth, and then I would come up with questions for them. They could answer my questions and in so doing they could explore and develop what they believe, and I could understand them more. Then I could explain why I believe in riencarnation and they could ask me some specific questions to clarify what I said to them. Then we could try to point out the weaknesses in each others logic and perhaps even arrive at some kind of cohesive agreement that is somewhere in between. As time goes on and people watch more videos of people expressing what they believe about the issues, the debates will become more and more intelligent until we inevitibally arrive at the truth! I imagine people of all walks of life sharing their ideas on youtube and then receiving responses from people who mostly agree with them with some added comments along with people who completely disagree with them. One persons video could create a big youtube battle between two or more people that could go on and on until one person gives up, and in doing so concedes defeat. Or the winner in the debate could be decided upon by the people who make comments on the statements of the debators. When enough people participate in the debates in all issues both political and philosophical, the truth will eventually be arrived at. Gone are the days when people merely preach to their choirs and only manage to reafirm what they already believe. This is the way of the past when people were perfectly satisfied to agree to disagree and keep themselves stuck in conflicting paradigms. Saying we should agree to disagree sounds to me like saying that we shouldn't bother to debating the issues, because the very definition of debating an issue is trying to convince the other person to beleive as you do. I don't like the culture of non-discussion just because you know you disagree. It just perpetuates the confusion when people avoid expressing their beleifs. People even refuse to discuss issues with their own family members and this is wrong. There is only one way for the citizens of our world to arrive at one cohesive truth, and that is to discuss all of the issues, especially the controversial ones. The truth must be revealed We are taught is schools too much that we have arrived at all the answers in the universe, when in reality we are far from figuring the world out. Even the most common views on relatively simple sciences like geology and astronomy are still hotly debated, yet in school we are just told the currently popular idea and not encouraged to second guess it, when we should be encouraged to second guess just as much as the top scientists do. I beleive that we could fix all the problems in the world by searching for the truth. How to find truth We have always been told by our great sages that the truth shall be revealed. My theory on how truth shall be revealed is to identify what exactly are the enemies of truth and what are the friends of truth. Then we kill the enemies of truth and bolster the friends of truth, and bada bing! We have truth!
27 Youtube: 15-2 What a pain in the rear end this videoing myself working out is turning out to be. Godam premier! I ain't gonna give up though. There has to be a way that it will go through on the first time and not the 50th. Anyway, I think I did like 80 of those legs ups like a few days ago. I worked my stomach to failure on that cause it came right after the situps. I filmed it with the camcorder stead of the webcam cause premier wasn't working. then I did 20 curls w/ 25s. My arms were tired from a big work week.

15-3 Tried that crossfit workout but could only do two sets cause my shoulders were still weak from last weeks working. That's my excuse anyway for that little girl being stronger than me. When I finally do it I'll include the link to her doing five sets w/ 45s. Then I did 10 pullups then 20 pushups, by then my arms were blown but I went ahead and did five militaries w/ 45s, then 10 w/ 25s.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
7 Ok i think I’ll start using this blog again purely for my workouts. I finished my kyle’s gym site. I only decided to write it yesterday because I was making exercises.

Youtube: Getting Ready to go to Work in Santiago Paola filming me in the early morning

Claudio in Boulder Claudio and his Boulder buddies in the car and then jamming and probably getting stoned.

Paola giving a tour of our apartment in Boulder Paola gives a tour of our place in Boulder in February 2007 for her family in Chile.

A tour of Paola's house in Santiago Chile Where I lived with Paola and Claudio at her parents house in Recoleta with Jimmi and his wife and kids and Jerry and Gato.

Paola dancing Paola dancing by herself and with family members.

Paola dancing with her mom and son Paola dancing with her mom Emelia and son Claudio and friends with her dad in there.

Paola walking around her place of work in Boulder Paola taking sights and sound of her place of work in Boulder at Valmont and Foothills in March and April of 2007.

Paola walking home from work and around the neighborhood Paola walking home from work and around the neighborhood in the snow around 30th and Valmont and Foothills in March April 2007.

19 I did a little pumpage today. the first time i did more than a couple minutes for weeks. I love pumping. I really need to find the time. I really hope people post videos beating me at stuff. Specially the ladys. I went running today too!

Youtube: max legimate pushups 40 1st time I managed to do 40 of the legitimate pushups today. My first try

29-1 Max incine situps 40 I managed to do 40 incline situps today on my first try.

29-3 Max rows with 45s 50 reps kylepounds.info I can do 50 rows with 45s now. How many can you do? I hope you can do more so I can try to be as cool as you.

29-5 Back ups no weight first try 40 So I did 40 on my first max test for the back ups. I hope a chick can beat me. That would be so sexy! That would be cool if a dude could beat me too though, I'm not racialist.

29-6 Max reps for standing curls 45#. 10x1st time I was pretty blown before this so I could only do ten but that's fine for the first time. don't bust my chops for having bad form. A workout is a workout is a workout is a workout is a workout.

29-7 Shoulders and back workout kylepounds.info My first try at the shoulders and back workout that I created. I think I'll modity it a little more. I did 40 pushups, 20 presses w/ 45s (i think) 20 w/ 35s and 20 w/ 25s. Then i think 10 notch three presses with 35s then 25s I think (i need to take notes when I do it) and 30? fly's with 8's, then the yoga routine which can be found on kylepounds.info

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
6Youtube: DB ground to standing curls 45# 10x first try Back in business with the ground to standing curls with 45s listening to Richard Hoagland.

DB pushup row 45# 15X first try My first try on the db pushup row. I can't remember where I got the idea from. Maybe it was i want abs in six weeks dot com or something.

DB ground to sky 45# 10X first try first try on the db ground to sky. I like it. I'll have better form on the 25s.

DB standing curls 35# 20X first try My arms were kind of tired from working Added: May 06, 2008, 04:50 PM

DB squat overhead press 45# 15X first try I don't know if I did it right. Gonna have to see I think the six pack in six weeks video to make sure.

Max Chair Dips 20 first time I could do 20 chair dips on my first try. My butt touched the floor each time.

Standing rows 45# 20X first try My arms were kind of sore. kind of surprised I could only do 20 because I did 50 with the bench. I was only using one arm though.

28Youtube: Mike Pullup Hold 29" 1st time Mike Chapin

Pullup Hold 40" Isometric

Mike Chinup Hold 50" Mike Chapin

Chinup Hold 1st time 40" Mike beat me

Mike Handstand Hold 1st time 11" Mike Chapin

Mike Leg Up Hold 1st time 10" Mike Chapin

Handstand Hold 1st time 60" Good one

Mike Ring Dip Hold 1st time 55" Mike Chapin

Dip Hold 1st time 60" Nice

Mike Bodyweight Row Hold 1st time 43" Mike Chapin

Mike Air Situp Hold 1st time 20" Mike Chapin

Leg Up Hold 1st time 20" I don't know. This might be bad for my back. What do you think? My lower back is over the edge of the bench. There is an easier whay where the pelvis is on the edge which would be less dangerous

Bodyweight Row Hold 1st time 40" Cool

Extended Dip Hold 1st time 60" Pretty good

Mike Air Situp Hold 1st time 60" Mike Chapin

Air Situp Hold 1st time 60" hard

Mike Extended Row Hold 1st time 60" Mike Chapin

Mike Backup Hold 1st time 1"20" nice

Mike Ring Dips 1st time 3X Mike Chapin

Mike One Leg Squats 1st time 4X Mike Chapin

Mike Chair Dips 1st time 25X Mike Chapin

One Leg Squats 1st time 4X Good. Bad balance cause I'm stoned.

Body Bend Hold 1st time 20" Hard

Pushup Hold 1st time 1' Good

Backup Hold 1st time 1'30" Good

29Youtube: Hands Together Pushups 1st time 15X good stuff

One Arm Pushups 1st time 2 right 0 left I suck

Bench Situps 1st time 20X Good exersize. Maybe bad for the lower back??? Definitely not for the old timers. What you do is you touch your fingers to the ground every time doggy style!

Arms Back Ring Stretch 1st time 58" This one is interesting. Not as hard as I though it would be. Maybe I could find a way to make it harder. The stretch comes in the bicep not the pec after about a minute. Its an ominous stretch, like you're tearing the ligament. Don't fuck around with this one!

Ring Fly 1st try 5x It's harder than it looks. Once I get strong I'm really gonna love this one!

Backwards Handstand Pushups 1st time 5X Good one

Bench Situp Hold 1st time 30" Good one

Claping Behind Back Pushups 1st time 3X Weak

Toe Touch 1st time 42 I tried to do them in a minute but then realized that it would work just as well as a maximized exersize too. I was touching my toes. will film at another angle next time

One Arm Standing Military Press 1st time 25# 30X I was kind of burnt

Rows 1st time 25# 40X Weak burnt

Standing Curls 25# 1st time 40X I'm burnt

Front Step Dumbell Squat 1st time 20X This is a good ass pump

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
25Rode like 55 miles today.

I came home kind of tired today but went riding right away after smoking some dope. I was going to ride up to Ward and back on the Peak to Peak but I saw the time trial people there and remembered that today is time trial day so I rode to Lyons to ride back with some of the time trialists. I came down the road and saw a couple girls go by so I turned around and rode after them. I managed to pass them but it took a little while. During that time a couple guys passed by me on the cimb like I was standing still. Then at the top of the climb a girl passed me like I was standing still. It was at the top of the climb so I managed to keep her a little in front of me for a bit before she rode off into the distance and disapeared. When I got to the town limit I turned around to watch more riders go by. I saw three girls blow by and rode after them but they were long gone after a minute or so. I need to practice my leg speed so I can get on the wheels of these strong people when they blow by me.

I hope I can run for the stroke n stride tomorrow. My calf was a little sprained today.

26tired Kim gave me ten bucks this morning and told me to get a coffee so I did that and had it and it killed me. I had already had a cup which I never do and it was just toxic. After work I went to Corona to do the windows there and clean up and take stuff back. Chuck was there putting in the new faucets and mom and mike were there cleaning. I am impressed with how much mom is taking charge just like she always does. She still manages the coorporation for us for gods sake. It's crazy. Whatever though. I guess if she wants to do that I'll just let her.

I came home and slept for the afternoon and when I woke up I had a dinner which took hours to complete. I watched a little Batman returns while munching on my gigantic salad.

I was going to do the stroke n stride today but my calf is still injured. I would have been too tired anyway. I haven't exactly had boundless energy the last couple weeks. I guess the sudden exersizing and burnedoutness are conjuncting and kicking my asse. We had out last smoke out today and so I think I'm sober now. It's been fun these last few months but It's time to come back to Earth.

I saw Mike Chapin while I was doing Kasa this morning and he called me this afternoon and I invited him to go running or riding this weekend. I doubt he'll be down for that. That's cool though because I'm loving going out at my own pace. I really want to do the flatiron trail running though. That's what I'm most excited about this summer so I really hope my calf comes around.

28hanging out in my room today After work yesterday I went to the apartment and did speckling and cleaning and vacuming and hauling stuff out and such.

Then we surprised mike at his new house in Broomfield but we weren't there long.

I woke up at like noon tired today with my liver hurting me. I guess that means it's time I decide if I'm going to be a burnout stoner or an athlete for the rest of the summer. I'll probably chose athlete. I'm not running or riding today because yesterday my calf was in worse shape than the day before; so I want to make su it heals. I just hope good muscle will grow in there instead of useless scar tissue. I am super excited about trail running this summer. way more than the biking. It's just so darn beautiful up in those flatirons. I spend the day today just cleaning the house cause mom doesn't want me to help her at the apartment today. She has ken to help her out. She's grumpy as hell too so I'm glad.

I mentioned to mom the other day that I was going to make business cards about my gym and pass them out to chicks on the street and he said I should just put an add on craigs list, so I'll do that. I've been spending time responding to adds of chicks on that site and a couple emailed me back but reffered me to paid sites so they probably don't exist. I actually did get a subscription to fitness singles and wrote all those chicks I think but I must be too hard core for any of those bitches. Someone needs to make a freakssingles site.

I think I'll do some pumpage today if I have the time. I am feeling like I might be addicted to writting chicks all day long. I wish I started a tally when I started writting girls a few months back. That would be cool to know how many of them I've emailed. I must be up to around a thousand now. Most of those emails were done late at night when I have insomnia though. This is the first time ive done it in the day time. I just don't have any energy today. I should probably eat more, I don't know. Whatever.

I had a rest day today I had a day off today. I got up at like 12 and felt like I could have slept all day if I wanted to. I did some house work and amoma didn't...hold on did i already write a post today?

Thats all for today.

29 Had another day off today I got up kind of tired at like 12:30 today. I had a weird dream until then but I can't remember it now. I went to the apartment to paint the heaters and so now it's ready for the new tenants. I spent the whole day writting chicks on those two new sites I got a membership at and that other athlete social networking site. I must have written like 500 women this weekend. At least now don't have to worry about doing anything like that for like another year. One girl wrote me back and said something about having drinks with me or something. That would be cool I guess. I sure hope she wants to work out. I may need the motivation for that.

I'm a little worried about my calf. It doesn't seem to be getting any better. Oh well. At least I can use the extra time to lift instead of ride or run if it takes forever for this calf to mend itself. It's a little dismaying that I could rip the hell out of my calf on a half hour run. But whatever. At least I can still use my arms and midsection.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
1 Youtube: Back Straight Overhead Presses 45# 10 1st time Those are hard and good for back posture.

What I look like on my road bike I wanted to see what I look like. I've got some spindy legs and big arms compared to those Tour de France guys. My wheels look cool. The bike too. I think those wheels go well with that bikes when it comes to looks.

Shrugs forward 45# 1st time 50 X These are a good burn if you keep good form until the end.

Standing One Arm Overhead Presses 45# 1st time 15X Fun stuff.

Incline Curls 45# 1st time 15X Good one

Standing One Arm Rows 45# 1st time 20X Good Exersize. Good to watch the physique.

Tricep Extension 45# 1st time 0X Can't do it. I wonder who can?

Arm Lock 90 degrees 57 sec 1st time OK for the first time. I want to get a better angle next time.

Camel 1st time 2:08 Really good for the thighs. And the back.

Beggining of Cobra 1st time 1:12 I didn't touch my knees or anything else to the ground the whole time. I didn't rest my elbows on my side at all either. I should have worn tighter shorts so it's more beleivable.

Standing Forward Extension 45# 1st time 3X I don't how if I'll continue this one with this weight. I could do it if I swing my arms but not if I just use my arm strength.

Ring Chest Stretch 1st time 52 Seconds My hands went numb. I don't know if this is a good one to go as long as I can with.

Downward Dog Yoga 1st time 1:51 Almost two minutes

The Wheel Yoga 1st time 33 seconds Not bad

Warrior 4 1st time 1:28 L :50 R It's harder on the second side because both legs are already tired

Warrior Pose 1st time 1:02 L 30 R A very good thigh pump

Warrior 3 Yoga 1st time L 44 R 31 A little harder on the second side

2 Did the biggest house today I did the biggest house I've ever done today. 1260 or something like that. Yesterday I got like 750 bucks worth of UKT stuff. I went to the place that's near my house and then another place that I didn't know existed. All I need now are skirts and the bent paddles and the filter. I will check out the solar stuff too and I still want to try it with hammocks.

Yesterday I didn't work and Mike Chapin came over in the morning and we went to the bsr but they didn't have kayak stuff so I went to that other place. The day before yesterday I went to Mikes house to drop off some bike stuff I gave him and we saw 10,000 bc. I liked it.

Yesterday when I came home I decided to start the yoga videos and did a bunch of postures. A few of them make my hands go numb. I hope it ends up helping my hands. Or maybe I shouldn't try those ones as long as I can.

5Moma left and i went riding I was thinking about doing the Evans ride today but I didn't get to sleep untill midnight and had to get up at four to take mom to the park n ride for her two week meditation vacation. I went home and crashed untill ten thirty when Duncan woke me up. He called because I was uploading his videos to a youtube account I made for him called dialogueswithduncan but I abruptly abandoned the project right after I started it because I got a stony vision to create my kyle's gym website. He had some indian dude named raznish or something to take it over from me.

I didn't go back to sleep although I probably should have. Instead I went on a 70 mile ride up past Ward to Brainard lake and tried to come back via jamestown but got lost and did some big circle on a dirt road and popped back on peak to peak in the rain and got the shivers coming down in the rain without a jacket. I almost brought one today but decided that if I get rained on today I would make sure to take one with me everytime I go up there. I past a girl and a guy on the way up and they caught up to me and were just behind me for like a half hour on the way to ward. I checked them out when they got to the store and the dude looked dumpy and the girl looked like 45. I was really struggling today. It's not exactly fun to ride when you're not in riding shape. It's just a battle. I didn't have my climbing wheel with me today though because it exploded on me this morning and I didn't feel like fixing it again.

When I got to Ward I was wasted so I got twelve bucks worth of power food but that old Hippie chick who was checking me out said they don't take cards but I could just mail her the check later. That's so cool! I was chatting with a biker dude while I was eating and I saw he was muscular so I told him about my site and he said his wife can squat way more than him and that girls have stronger legs and I was like "Yeah". I tried to talk him into getting spd shoes. It pains me to see people still riding around in clips. So unecessary.

It's weird because a totally suck on the bike because I only have 600 miles on my legs this year, but when I go trail running (which I have even less experience with) I feel like a superstar. I'm gonna go trail running tomorrow and I bet my calf will do ok, although my left one one was twitching on me today. It's weird that I am having so many problems with my calves. When I was a mountain bike racer my calves were the best muscle in my body. I raced junior once in Steamboat and took a wrong turn and went up a trail that was so steep that everybody had to push their bikes and I passed the entire expert feild and a pro teamate of mine all because my calves were stronger than everybody elses. I was passing people like they were standing still. I even passed Jimi Killin who was the junior world mountain bike champion at the time and won the expert race the next day so I must have been up there. Maybe I would have won the race if I had started with the experts instead.

I rode on these credit agricole shorts today for the first time that my brother got from John Vaughters and I thought they were going to cut off the circulation to my legs, but they stretched all the way to my knees and turned out to be the most comfortable shorts I've ever worn. I have a weird looking tan line from it though.

I was totally shot when I came home. It was so bad that it was painful to just lay there. I don't know what's wrong. I must just be on not enough sleep or something.

I talked to Wyndham for the last time for three and a half years yesterday and he sounded content. Crazy. I went seven and a half years without seeing him until a couple months ago.

I called John today to confirm that I will leave at the end of the month and he sounded bummed, but I told him that I would train the new guy at my place or something. Looks like I'm a gonna live in Austin for the next ten months.

After laying in bed for a little I went to watch a little of the volleyball championship and saw Kerry Walsh play. That 6'3" girl is one of the hottest chicks on the planet. Then I dropped Mikes bike at his house that he forgot at my house the other day. I called Mikey three times to take his stuff over and he didn't answer.

I'm getting excited about going to Austin. How many people get paid good money for doing nothing? I'm so lucky. I am getting psyched about finally putting together timeline tutorials and making my philosophy videos as well as doing logistics for the kayak trip and working on all my sites as well as hanging around the house all day and getting super buff. I think Windham and I will have fun together.


6ran and cleaned today Yeah so I got up all late today. It was awesome. Then I went to Chataqua to run but that only lasted about five minutes. I saw a girl turn off on Mesa trail and and then saw her again on the next straightaway and she was about the same distance away from me so she would have been fun to try and catch up with but my calf was fucked and I had to turn around. So it looks like no running for me this summer perhaps.

I was a little too depressed to go riding instead so I spent the rest of the day cleaning the wheels on moms car and cleaning my care. Then I cleaned the garage from all the leftover confusion from Mikes move. I called mike and offered to bring him the last of his stuff and get the grime and rust off his car and he said he'd be down tomorrow.

That's about all for today. Had no time to pump it like always. Whatever I'll have plenty of time for that when I'm in Austin. This girl wrote me today who I wrote on myspace a few months back because she said she was 6'5" and she said she was lieing but had invented her own religion called Uchanism and so I invited her to send me the synopsis, so we'll see about that.

My computer is so fucked up it's hard to type because the word don't appear for a second or two, sometimes ten or twenty seconds. I have to figure something out. I have already gone through all the dell connect and everyting else so I'm at a loss. Maybe it's all the energy coming out of my hands.

Whatever, I'll just typity type on my moms computer.

7 totally shot today Jay done got me high this morning. I don't know if that had much to do with the fact that I had no energy today. I had bad insomnia last night because I ate a huge salad at midnight maybe. But today after work I could barely walk I was so totally exhausted. I bought a car stereo today after work and will have it installed tomorrow. When I came home today I just crashed for the rest of the day.

Mcloud done felled out of the upstairs window today breaking through the screen and still done hasn't come in yet. All the neighborhood ladies have been freaking out and my mom called twice today about it. There's nothing I can do about it though because he's a bengal cat. Seqoia has been meaowing all day trying to get him to come back in. That's all for now.

I think this will be my last blogity blog on myspace cause they don't let you keep your blogs and I want to save my blogs for when I'm an old guy or for future reference. It doesn't make any sense to me that they wouldn't let you keep blogs, it's not like it takes much space. Especially because of the fact that nobody keeps blogs anyway.

10I think I’ll start using bodyspace as my blog. I stopped with myspace because they only let you can like ten blogs up there and erase the rest. I lost like six months of blogging because I didn’t know that. Pisses me off. I thin with this site I can have as many blogs as I want and most of what I blog about is related to fitness anyways. That’s all for now.

Ok so this is going to be the place where I keep my daily blog because myspace erased the last six months of my bloging and I’m so sad about that.? So many memories down the tubes.

I had a day off today because I’ve been sick. Yesterday I had jay do the ladder work because I was sick.? I don’t know with what though. Some kind of chronic fatigue thing, maybe from too much cronic, ha ha.

Today I slept in and had planned on just laying around all day to make sure I get my energy back.? I did add a yoga?video page to my site and did some yoga moves and lifting but took it kind of easy. If I feel fine tomorrow I will go riding or lifting after work.?

There was an old hippie?chick yesterday who had a giant box filled with the same amount of grains of sand as people in the world and she had it rigged so it dropped new sand from the top representing new births and let old sand fall out the bottom representing deaths and then she would put the old sand in water and watch it disolve. It was a kind of meditation that she did for it.? The box was like 5 feet by 5 feet and filled 65%.? Another lady the day before was telling us about orbs she photoed in a spiritual place in Norway.?

Youtube: Bridge 1st time 1:47 Not bad. I'm kind of sick today so that's why I didn't push myself like Rocky Balboa.

Yoga Boat 1st time 1:15 Pretty good. Didn't totally push myself. Figured I'd give the girls a chance to beat me, you know, make them feel good about themselves and stuff.

Yoga Bent Knee Boat 1st time 2:51 Not bad. I'm skinnier than before. Gotsta remember to eat!

Yoga Back Bend Twist 1st time R 37 L 54 This is really good for the shoulders and stretches the FUCK out of the hands and forearms all the way up to the upper arms. Shnap does it stretch the hands and the forearms!!! Made my hand numb too but I think that's just cause of my arthritis from cracking my knuckles so many times in my life. Alas, if I only smoked nuggets as a child...

Back Extension 45# 10X 1st time I know it's bad form but 45# is a lot of weight to have on your neck and press with your back. I don't even know what to make of this excersize. Is it effective?

Yoga Eagle (lazy chair) 1st time L 34 R 34 Vaya both sides 34"! I'll be diggity dogged! Good calf and leg and ass pump, but mostly calf.

Yoga Ballerina Pose 1st time Right 1:32 Left 1:27 Good stretch for the side, and I mean GOOD stretch.

Yoga Airplane 1st time L 44 R 48 first time the second side did better than the first side. Did I do that one correctly?

Ground to Sky Dumbell 45# 7X 1st time I think this is a good excersize. I hurt my right shoulder on it though. Not in any bad way.

Ground to Standing Curl 45# 20X 1st time That was easy. I only stopped because I got up this morning planning on taking it easy today because I've been sick. Good back workout. With good form it would be good but much harder. Good forms for the lighter weights.

Iron Cross 45# 0X 1st and probably only try Can YOU do it?! Non swinging allowed.

Standing Curls to Overhead Press 45# 16X 1st time I don't know why I chose that random number to stop at. I like this excersize.

Fly 45# 0X 1st and probably only time Can YOU do it? No cheating.

DB Pushup Lateral Raise 45# 0X 1st and probably only time Can YOU do it?

Fly 45# 0X 1st and probably only time Can YOU do it? No cheating.

DB Pushup Lateral Raise 45# 0X 1st and probably only time Can YOU do it?

DB Pushup Raise 45# 20X 1st time Good one.

15I didn’t do much exersize last weekend. Saturday I helped Mike move his records too late and had bad insomnia because I got stoned and?so I couldn’t get up early to do the Evans ride like I wanted. Instead I went mountain biking at Betaso with Mike Chapin and then we drove up to Sugarloaf mountain and did some riding around the Switzerland trail.

Today after work I went riding up North and just by luck I intercepted a six oclock ride?that left from there that had at least 60 guys in it. There were no women in there though. They were all racers decked out in their team outfits and were averaging 28 mps, even going up the st vrain river. I was hanging out at the back of the pack and noticed that I was totally out of breath because I had bad asthma from getting ripped right before the ride, so I let them go. Three other guys got dropped before me though.? When the little road hit the road to Estes I went straight to see where the road continued and it went along some awesome rocks for a bit before it turned to dirt. I came back on 76th and slowly krept up on a guy I saw from the distance ahead.?

That would be cool to go on some rides this summer where I don’t have asthma and can hammer. I think I’m getting stronger.?

25ok so i figure i should write a post since i aint wrotened shnitzy in like forever.? I’ve been really listless lately, probably because Ima gonna blaze pretty soon and I don’t have?all the motivation in the world on the eve of big transitions. I had a pretty good bike week last week though. Went to Betaso three times and did seven laps the last time I was there. On sunday Ima gonna go there with mike chapin for one last kickit with him.? this week I can’t remember if I even rode once. All i remember is just coming home and crashing. like today I came home and was out like a light all day.? My liver has been inflamed all week and hurting me and making me tired, probably from all the dope I’ve been smoking.? Jay’s been hooking me up every day at work and he or she who wishes to not be named done goved me a big ol bag of weed out of the blue and that rocked my world for a couple weeks.? I guess at this age you can’t smoke all day every day and be in elite form without having a liver rebellion.? Whatever.? I probably should make sure to drink tons of water.? Betaso has been fun.? Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow if I feel up to it.? That’s all for now.? I’m excited for Austin.? That will be so dope if it actually happens.?
27So I went riding today even though I felt bonked since the morning because of some reacurring liver problems that are also screwing up my lungs.? I didn’t ride at all last week and my legs were burnt today anyways because of that. I shouldn’t have ridden and only plan on riding from now on when I feel good. I should have stayed home and lifted weights all day today because that would have been easier on my body and I haven’t done that in forever.? I rode to Jamestown today and then came home and got on my bike and did a lap on Betaso.? It was fun enough though.? Last week I ran up to the royal arch and made it back ok. I couldn’t have run any more though because my right calf acted up on me again and made it so I had to kind of limp the last ways. There was a dumpy old guy who was running like a superstar though who I had to pass so that made me push it a little.? I rode and ran awesome last week.? Next week I will work with Mike so no dopage so maybe I’ll have the energy to ride after work.? Maybe I could run to if my calf feels up to it.? I won’t lift anymore though until I go to Austin next Sunday. I’m so excited to go to austin because I’ll be able to work out in the air conditioned house all day long!
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
18Youtube: Pushup Row 25# 1st time 30X Better that I thought I could do considering the circumstances.

Locust Yoga Pose 1st time 30s I must have been tired when I did this.

Crow Yoga Pose 1st time 14 Seconds Major concentration

Bow Yoga Pose 1st time 2:00 Cool

Extended Side Angle 2 yoga pose 1st time 1:00 each side Hows my form?

Crossed Knee Twist Yoga Pose 1st and only time 1:30 each si I won't film myself doing it again because it's too easy.

Half Moon Yoga Pose 1st time 1:00 That's a good asse pump pose. I love those. Plus it's good for concentration and strength. Two thumbs up!

Handstand 1st time one second. Wow I suck. My brother could do it for 30 seconds withoug even moving his hands. I'll have to try that one.

Extended Side Angle Pose 1 1st time 1:00 I LOVE this one. Good for balance and stength.

King Dancer Yoga Pose 1st time 20 seconds and 30 That's a good one.

Hand on Knee Splits Yoga Pose 1st time 1:00 I could do this one for a long time, maybe ten minutes.

Firefly yoga pose 1st time .5 seconds I did it! I am inspired this one is hard!

Bound Extended Side Angle Pose 1st time 1:30 Holly crap I look nuts! I should be an actor cause I've got that look down pat. This excersize kicks asse for the torso

Bound Extended Side Angle Pose 1st time 1:30 Holly crap I look nuts! I should be an actor cause I've got that look down pat. This excersize kicks asse for the torso

20 Youtube: Revolved Triangle yoga pose 1st time 30 seconds My feet need to be farther apart.

Flying Crow yoga pose 1st time 15 seconds If I can do it for 15 seconds my first time I should be able to do it for a minute soon.

Pidgeon yoga pose 1st time 0 Can't do it just yet. Actually I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it. I'll have to see guys do it.

Straight Leg Twist yoga pose 1st time one minute I like it

Headstand 1st time one minute You need to keep your concentration consistent for this one

Pyramid 2 yoga pose 1st time 30 seconds This is one of my worst ones.

Scorpion yoga pose 1st time .25 seconds Yeah I did it! If you freeze frame it for a second when I left my head it looks like a legitimate scorpion! yay

Ring Dips with 25s 1st time 3x Fun

Triangle yoga pose 1st time 30 seconds You need to keep your balance on this one

Bent Arm Pull with 45s 1st time 0x I could probably have done it if I was fresher. If you can do it your stronger than me.

Bent Arm Pull 35# 1st time 15x I like this one

Bent Arm Pull 25# 1st time 20x Alright

Ground to Standing Curls 35# 1st time 20x After this my lower back was hurting me so I'm not totally sure it's good for me. It didn't hurt right away.

One Legged Dumbell Squats 35# 1st time 15X I like these because they are good for balance and the back and butt once you get into the higher reps (that is when I get stronger). My asse was like "What's going on?!" and my back was like "Finally I get a workout here."

One Dumbell Swinging Squat 25# 1st time 100x This is a good one for the back.

One Dumbell Squat Swing 45# 1st time 20x Me likey.

One Dumbell Swinging Squat 35# 1st time 50x I like it

Split Squat Dumbell Jump 25# 1st time 20x I like it

Split Squat Dumbell Jump 35# 1st time 15x Goodness

Split Squat Dumbell Jump 45# 1st time 10x Doozie

One Leg One Arm Dumbell Squat 45# 1st time 10x What fun

Two Dumbells Ground to Sky 25# 1st time 20x fun

Two Dumbells Ground to Sky 35# 1st time 10x cool

Incline Situps 45# on chest 1st time 20x I like this one a lot, although it's difficult to determine where to place the weight.

22I am lifting again. I didn’t yesterday but I did two days before that and my body is still totally sore. I haven’t filled my 1st time excersizes yet but I’m closing in. I wonder how long it will take to fill up my excersizes on the site. I will strong when I do. Then I can try and break the records. Cool Beans. I think I’ll lift today too although I still feel a little tired. My body has to get used to the weight lifting thing and I like taking it easy in the beginning too so maybe I’ll take it easy today.

Youtube: Incline Two Arm Dumbell Curls 25# 1st time 20x I was a little tired today.

Incline Dumbell Curl 35# 1st time 15x Maybe I should keep my head up

Standing Dumbell Side Bend 45# 1st time 30x I like it

Standing Side Bend Dumbell Curl 35# 1st time good

Standing Dumbell Side Bend 25# 1st time 50x Good

Tate Press Highest Notch 25# 1st time 20x I'm kind of tired today because I screwed up my diet yesterday (had a beer and candy for dinner). Plus my muscles are sore.

Tate Dumbell Press 2nd Highest Notch 25# 1st time 20x Good. Someone said thats not a tate press so if not what is it?

Sitting Tate Dumbell Press 25# 1st time 20x Good

Standing Tate Dumbell Press 25# 1st time 20x Good

Sitting One Arm Dumbell Press 25# 1st time 20 cool

Dumbell on Shoulders Squat 25# 1st time 40x Good enough for the first time.

Dumbell Ground to Standing curl 25# 1st time 20x That will be easy to beat

27Youtube: Sitting One Arm Overhead Press 25# 1st time 30x I'm not firing all of my cylinders right now for some reason. I got some more suppliments today so hopefully I'll be back in form tomorrow or something.

Tate Dumbell Press 2nd Notch 25# 1st time 50x I love tate press.

Two Arm Dumbell Squat Swing 25# 1st time 50x This is a good excersize.

Situps in 5 minutes 1st time 108x Listen up all you whipper snappers. This is what happens when you're 34 if you don't work out. If you don't use it you lose it!

Tate Dumbell Press 2nd Notch 35# 1st time 20x I love the tate press.

Jump Dumbell Squat 25# 1st time 30x I know my form is bad. The rules state that you can have bad form on your first try.

One Arm Standing Dumbell Row 35# 1st time 30x This is a good full body excersize.

Dumbell Fly 35# 1st time 0x I wonder if anyone out in youtube land is strong enough to do this one.

Tate Dumbell Press 1st time 35# 30x I looove the tate press!!!

Dumbell Press 2nd Notch 35# 1st time 20x I love the db press!

Dumbell Pushup Row 35# 1st time 10x I can't believe I was out of breath from a frickin db excersize! Maybe I should buy those creatine pills.

Stability Ball Squats 45# 1st time 20x My legs will feel this tomorrow. I was surprised how hard on the back this is. I guess there's no escaping a back pump with squats.

Overhand Dumbell Squat 35# 1st time 30x I like this one because it's a good full body workout.

Sitting Dumbell Curl to Overhead Press 25# 1st time 20x I've been doing way too many shoulder excersizes lately.

Standing Dumbell Overhead Press 25# 1st time 30x ouch

Stability Ball Dumbell Squats 25# 1st time 20x Good stuff. Good stuff I say.

Powerball Dumbell Squats 35# 1st time 30x yawzers capowzers.

29Youtube: Stability Ball Scissors 1st time 50x This looks cool speed up.

Stability Ball Bridge Curl Hold 1st time 52 seconds This is good for the hams. I have been lamenting the supposed fact that you can't get a good ham pump at home and so today I was estatic to find out about this one.

Stability Ball Bridge Curls 1st time 48x I was rolling along just fine set to do 100 but I pulled my left hamstring and had to stop.

Hanging Leg Extension 1st time 38" Good one.

Stability Ball Pushups 1st time 40x I think next time I'll make sure to touch my chest to the ground.

Hanging Leg Extension 1st time 20x I was having trouble keeping from swinging because my bar is loose. I can figure it out though and still get a pump.

One Leg Side Squats 1st time 40x If you do these right you get a pump. You have to thrust your pelvis forward as far as you can and put your foot as far back as you can and keep all the weight on the bent leg and go down as far as you can and don't stay up too long, go back down right away and keep the rythm up. If you cheat it looks exactly the same on the camera so I'm not sure this one would work for an internet challenge but it's great to have this excersize because good non equipment home leg pumps are not in great supply.

Overhead Dumbell Press 2nd Highest Notch 35# 1st time 30x That's ok

Standing Dumbell Back Ups 25# 1st time 100x Good

Full Extension Pull Ups 1st time 13x That's ok for a first time. I need to put lock tight on my bar.

One Hand Chin Ups 1st time R7 L1 It's interesting how my right hand is stronger than my left hand. I need stronger hands. Maybe I should get a hand squeezer.

Mike Curls 85#? 15x at the gym I think that's 85 but I'm not sure it was a long time ago and I just found tghe video

30I took a much needed day off today. Heck maybe I’ll take tomorrow off too cause I was really sore today and so I might be tomorrow also.

I decided yesterday to do the Austin Triathlon. I wasn’t going to do it because I tore my calf like four or five months ago in a half hour run and tried running twice since then and couldn’t; but I figure if I can’t run at least I will have fun on the swim and bike. I also didn’t want to do it because it’s $110 which is ridiculous because $110 really isn’t that much money for a day of excitement like that so I’m glad I made the right decision because I would be kicking myself in the future if I decided to not do it. I’ve never done an olympic distance triathlon before so I have no idea what to expect. Will the sports compliment each other or hurt each other? I’ve only done one triathlon before this back in college which was super short. Out of 800 people, barring calf problems, I hope to get top 100 because I’m not in bad shape now even though I haven’t been on a ride for over a month, a run in five or swimming in over a decade. I do have the wet suit though. I hope it fits me though because it felt a little tight in the store. I hope my muscles will be ready by then. Last week I did some more lifting and it made my whole body sore.

I emailed a couple hundred girls last night on myspace, plentyoffish and match. One girl wrote me back telling me I wasn’t her match but good luck. She was the only girl who I sent a personal message to so from now on I think I’ll add a little blurb about how they look. I can’t beleive how hot Austin girls are. It seems like ALL of them on all those sites are super fitness models!

I hope I can get to sleep for the triathlon though because it starts at seven in the morning and I’ve been staying up until that time for the last few days.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
1Yesterday I went to the Hyatt to register for the Triathlon and talked to a girl who was clearly a pro because she had bulging biceps and viens popping out and 22" legs. I asked her how many energy packets I should take with me on my bike ride and she told me you go through 250 calories an hour and a packet is like 100 calories or something like that. In th end we decided that I should take three packets with me. The triathlon was $120 to do but they had free massages there. I got one from a black bodybuilder dude who dug into my hamstring pretty good. He used some pretty good stretches similar to Thai massage only I was on my stomach instead of my back. He told me I was limber which is cool. I had to leave my bike there so I walked back accross the river and saw a bunch of people in red shirts walking around. I saw one ultra hot young girl in one and asked her if there was a race and she told me it was at 6th and Congress at 6:30 so I decided to go down there and check it out.

I stood on the side and saw Lance Armstrong finish the 10K in 34:51 and Matthew Macanahey finish is 43:41 which is two minutes ten seconds faster than the time I got in the Bolder Boulder. I got a burrito on the way home and ate it at like nine. I couldn’t eat it right away. My appetite hasn’t kicked in yet and I guess my body is satisfied with just the protein shakes I’m taking now because at like seven pm I had to force feed myself two peices of pizza even though the only thing I had to eat that day was a bowl of cereal. Did that make sense??? Ha ha. anyways I had some serious ensomnia last night. I hope the triathlon next year isn’t on a full moon or I’ll have to figure something out. The polarized light from the moon shines a light into my penial gland and makes my mind spin a million miles an hour and jack up my heart rate to over a hundred. The only thing I can do to keep it under a 100 is try to stop thinking. The last few days my strategy has been to just stay up all night. I set the alarm for 4:30 and even plugged it into the othe side of the room to make sure it goes off because last week it didn’t and I figured if was because it came unplugged and halfway through the night I made sure the volume was turned up. I turne the face down though because I didn’t want to stare at it all night and the goddam thing didn’t go off this morning. I should have bought a back up alarm so I guess on one level I didn’t want to do the triathlon. I’ll get another alarm today. I surely was awake at 4:30 though today so I would have done it on no sleep. It would have been so fun though. I ran down to the site to get my bike and watch the finishers. I ran down Congress while the thickest part of the pack was riding along the road. They were going slow though and I thought to myself how I don’t want to be one of the slow people any time soon. I got to the finish in time to see the finishers. The winner finished in 1:52. 11th and 12th overall were girls. The third girl was the one I was talking to the day before. I went to a booth with fruit and talked to a girl named Susan who works for the Austin Hill Country store which has groups that do triathlon sports together for 75$ a month so maybe I’ll do that.

I didn’t get to race but I got another free massage. The guy said my ham injury isn’t that bad, but he said me overstretching it won’t result in it healing stronger than before which was a bummer. I got a free pizza too and drank seven free beers. When I was done I saw the awards ceremony and got my bike and staggered home. A dude told me there’s another triathlon in Octorber here in Austin so maybe I’ll do that one if it’s not too expensive and I think I’ll be able to get up in time for it. I think today I’ll just mope around. Maybe I’ll do some excersizes.

2I found out that I put my alarm clock on pm when it went off.? I was sure that the pm light was the alarm light.? It’s weird that I didn’t miss a day the whole time I was in boulder and I do here.? I have to face it I’m ill.? I definitively decided today on? my eight mile lolligag out to frys electronics to get an mp4.? I’m totally energyless and feel very toxic and uncomfortable and on the point of vomiting.? I haven’t had an appetite for the last couple days either. All I had to eat today was a half bowl of cereal and its?seven thirty and I’m not hungry at all.? I think my body is telling me loud and clear that it’s totally into this whole getting into shape thing but I have to do one thing and there are no exceptions. That’s life I guess. Se La Vie. Que Sera Sera.

I was going to ride out and get the car but I didn’t feel right and decided I wanted an mp4 player more.? I want to put all these videos of strong women working out and take it to the gym and see if I can do that. I saw a video of Rebecca Roberts lifting 120 lbs incline bench press 2nd notch 20x.? I looked in my video collection and when I did that excersize with 45s I did it 20x which makes her stronger than me.? That’s crazy because she’s really hot too.? I think I’ll be able to do that pretty soon though.? I think I have one of a girl standing overhead pressing 185 like five times.? That would be a good challenge for me to try to work up to.?

?I want to start running every day too for this triathlon coming up.? I ran down to the river yesterday to get my bike which was like five miles and was too sore to run today.? The run in the triathlon is 13 miles so as soon as I run 13 miles I’ll sign up for that triathlon.? I figure that I should be able to run day after tomorrow about five to ten miles. I’ll just do it until my calfs start hurting and then take time off until my calves heal.? In the end I would like to continue running as far as I can because I found a perfect huge field of nice grass a couple of blocks from home and the loop is 1.3 miles so ten laps would be the length of the triathlon run. That’s not so daunting.?

4I implemented that special thing I had to do for my body today and had a little bit of acknowledgement for it and so I was able to do a couple minutes of lifting today. Running or riding was out of the question though.? I think within the next two or three days I’ll be clean enough to start lifting again… and so I guess THAT will be when I really start getting into shape.

?I love this new mp4 player that i got. Now I’m glad my ipod died, because I wouldn’t have bought this cool thing.?

Youtube: Preacher Curls 25# 1st time 18xL 17xR This is a great excersize if you feel like shit which I did because I haven't eaten in three days (don't want to talk about that). I thought I would be stronger. My 13.5s must be too small. If you think you can beat me shut the fuck up and just SHOW me cause I wanna see. Especially if you're a girl.

Stiff Leg Dumbell Pull 45# 1st time 45# 50x I thought this would be a back pump but it's a shoulder and side pump so there you go.

Tate Press 45# 1st time 25X I suppose that's good. Is that good? Throw me a bone here!

Sitting Two Arm dumbell Curls 1st time 25# 30x This is how you do it with superior technique. With superior technique you get superior results, and with superior results, that's what comes from superior technique and that's why I have superior physique.

7I figured out what was wrong with me and it has nothing to do with weed, although I will still quit cause my lungs should be in better shape and it does take the blood sugar away from my blood.? I found out my physical problems are coming from the Cytomax weight gainer power. When I take it I can’t eat for the rest of the day.? Yesterday I had some along with my breakfast and then began my 60 mile journey out to the farm for the car and I was feeling toxic and was dry heaving in the 100 degree heat for a while. I finally got sick of that and went behind a dumpster behind a gas station and barfed five times and had to tasted that vile drink for the last time as it came out of my mouth.? Then I got a Gatorade and replenished myself with it. It tasted sooo good. I was still dry heaving after that but it was way better. I was concentrating too much on not puking that I didn’t see a rock and got a snake bite and then after delighting myself with another Gatorade from another gas station I got another flat when my tire burst open, possibly because it’s a ten year old tire.? Not long after that it got dark and I turned off on a road with no shoulder and there were some cars that weren’t giving me any room even though there was no oncoming traffic.? I had no light because for some stupid reason I look the lights off my bike. I will certainly put them back on today.? I had to take off my music and even get off the road for some of the cars. Texans are nicer than Coloradans but they aren’t as good of drivers. I even got cut off yesterday by a lady. If you do that if Boulder you’ll get your ass beat AND get a huge fine. That happened to one of my brothers friends anyway.? I saw a cowboy in a pickup and asked him for a ride to the next town and he didn’t want to do that even though he was going there because he said "I’m getting a ride there" whatever that means, but he did give me three flashlights. I strapped one of my back bag and held the other one in my hand and gave the third back to him and I was back in business. While I was strapping my light up a Mexican lady drove up and started arguing with him about something.? I finally got to the farm at like ten or ten thirty and Juan asked me why I didn’t just call him to pick me up and I told him because I’m a warrior and he said he was a warrior too because he didn’t eat for two days as he hiked accross the desert to get to America.? They gave me a sandwich but even though the only thing I had eaten that day was a bowl of cereal all I could eat was half of it because that god damn protein powder anihilated my appetite. I went to a Denny’s on the way home and force fed myself an omlette.

?So no more CYTOMAX that’s for sure!!!!? I’m going to go to the 24 hour fitness place and discuss it with the people there soon.

I ran 5.2 miles today. If I can run tomorrow I will be very happy because I will be on my way towards getting myself into running shape. I didn’t lift today because I was borderline feverish from the unhealthy experience from yesterday.? Maybe I’ll do a set of something later on.

Youtube: Tate Press 2nd Highest Notch 45# 1st time 14x I couldnt do 15. Worked to failure on my first attempt!'

Incline Situps 2ndx PR 45x Up from 40

Tate Press Highest Notch 45# 1st time 6x Hard but delightful

Sitting One Arm Overhead Press 45# 1stx 15x Bidness!

One Arm Bench Preacher Curls 45# 1stx 0x I wonder if anyone my size can do this

Shrugs 2ndx PR 25# 100x Easy

Shrugs 1stx 35# 70x Good

Tate Press 2nd Notch 2nd time PR 35# 30x good

Preacher Curls 15# 1st time 50x Awesome easy painless one.

Preacher curls 10# 1stX 70x that will be easy to beat next time

Tate Press Highest Notch 1stx 35# 20x great

9I was sick yesterday. I was sick day before yesterday too but I went running anyway and yesterday I felt just as feverish as before so I figured I would take a day off from excersize. I didn’t have any appetite yesterday either. I just called the place I bought Cytogainer and told him what was happening to me and he said he had never heard of anything like that before and that it is really popular but that it is animal based, so I’m figuring that I’m just having some kind of allergic reaction to the road kill in there or something; or maybe I just can’t handle high amounts of protein at the same time seeing how I’m an ectomorph who’s always been a quasi vegetarian.? I think I’ll give soy based protein powder a try but I’ll be very careful with it and just give this stuff away. I’ll see if Lindsey wants it.

?It seems as though Lindsey wants to come over and work out with me, so I’m excited to have a pretty six foot 25 year old fit girl to work out with.? I hope she gets into in and comes over all the time and gets super super fit and hot which she could easily.?

I feel good today. At least I feel like I can eat. I think my calfs are ok today too. They weren’t good to run yesterday but I think I may be able to run ten miles today.? I felt like could have the other day. The only reason I only ran 5 miles was my energy; it wasn’t my calves even though they were totally ruined yesterday and I was walking like a duck.?

I sent my 365$ I owed to the irs today and I think I offically have forgotten Paola.? I think it’s inexcusable for her to not give me her social security number or even tell me whether she has it or not. It seems like she wants me to have to pay that money.? So **** Paola! I don’t ever want to know anything from her again.? I just found out my car is ready so I’m going to pick it up. I guess this means I get to drive the loaner car out and ride my bike back. I get to redeem myself on the Texas roads.

I had insomnia last night until what seemed like until sunrise although I didn’t look at the clock. I got up at nine when Underground called me to tell me my bus was ready. They replaced the cat and the muffler and now it runs way faster than I ever remember.? I had that lack of sleep feeling but I didn’t go back to sleep because Windham was up and I think we played some video games but I don’t remember exactly what I did today. All I remember is I was busy until like three fifteen I think doing various computer stuff and went running.

My goal was to run 13 miles and that’s what I did.? It went really well. I though I would start to hurt towards the end but I didn’t. I wasn’t going very fast though, a 75 year old looking hunched over guy who looked like he was about to have a heart attack kept pace with me for the last lap.? I saw some other people running out there but nobody doing my route. I should write that runner girl back who said she would go running with me. The outside of my right knee was splintering sharp pain for a while today and now it hurts so I think I’ll skip the pretzel stretches from now on. I think I’m going to go ahead and sign up for the Triathlon next month now that I know I can run 13 miles. I think I’ll run a marathon before the years out just to see how it is. That would be twice as far as I ran today and shouldn’t be too much trouble for me as long as I don’t injure myself which I don’t think I will. I feel a little feverish now so I’m kind of deciding if I should do any lifting now.? It’s 11:20 so my my schedule it’s not too late. The lack of sleep feeling I’ve had since morning isn’t really with me now.

I think I’ll start taking Soy Protein powder from now on and give the animal based stuff to Lindsey but I’ll take it in small doses untill my metabolism kicks into gear which it hasn’t even begun to yet. I only had two meals today.?

11 I was totally shot today for absolutely no reason at all so I think I will go ahead and quit the nuggets for shezzy because that’s the only thing that I can think of that’s wrong with me.? I sure hope I’m not one of these physically bi polar people with some kind of glandular problem.? My calves felt %100 today the day after running 13 miles. So alls I had to do was do two 5 mile runs and a 13 miler and I’m back in business. Pretty cool. I think I’ll run 13 miles tomorrow if I do some lifting beforehand. I think from now on I will only run if I’ve already done tons of lifting because I’m afraid if I run first I won’t lift later. That’s what happened yesterday. I was kind of feverish from the running. Paola wrote me today and thanked me for writing her yesterday asking her one last time for her soc. but she wrote some gibberish I didn’t understand asking me for something?so I wrote her back and asked her to write me back.?Knowing her that’s probably the last I’ll hear from her?forever. ?I don’t get her. I hope she’s satisfied with her new man because any last feelings I had for her officially died yesterday, but nevertheless I would hate for her come whining to me that she’s starving to death and needs money or some shit like that; like her baby is actually mine. Why am I writing this on here??

My brain hasn’t been working today, or lately, either. I was staring at my poster for like an hour before I figured out what I wanted to do with it, but it’s bomber now and I won’t have to hack into my computer to know what excersizes to do.? I think my computer will be tied up for another week or two. Why the hell did I give my other computers to Paola after we broke up?? Silly me.?If I had two computers I could get so much more done.? I hope Lindsey decides to go ahead and come over to work out with me.? I just had an opiphany. Maybe I should store my blogs on my personal site again. I’d hate to lose all my journal info in case this site goes under. I think I’ll have two blogs from now on. A personal one and an excersize one, that way I’ll be more motivated to write about both.

13 I’m still trying to calibrate my sensitive body to all these suppliments that are wreaking havoc on me.? I had a bad reaction to the animal based protein powder and so now I’m only on the soy based stuff. Today I realized I have to be VERY careful with this caffeine based no explode stuff because I can’t take caffeine. Last night I spent all night organizing my videos for my mp4 because my computer is tied up and I can’t remember my excersizes because I have so many of them so I’m going to but them on my hand held and look at them before I go for another record. So lesson for the day, stay away from caffeine! Man it’s taking me forever to get into the groove.? I think Lindsey may have gotten spooked and skidattled. I’ll just write her again when I get my kayak going and continue looking for more girls to pump it with.? I’m getting pretty limber and so that’s cool.

Youtube: Ring Pushups 1stx 25x First I must say that animal based protein powders are road kill and will kill you if you're sensitive like me. Stick to the vegetable based ones unless you want to eating anus. Besides did you know the average hamburger has like 150 different animals in it? I think 25 of these is good enough for the first time considering I've not been able to eat latey due to the ground up flesh powder.

Tate Press Highest Notch 35lb 1stx 20x Hmm I wonder why I did more of these at a steeper setting? I must have been weak this day.

Ring Pushups 1stx 25x First I must say that animal based protein powders are road kill and will kill you if you're sensitive like me. Stick to the vegetable based ones unless you want to eating anus. Besides did you know the average hamburger has like 150 different animals in it? I think 25 of these is good enough for the first time considering I've not been able to eat latey due to the ground up flesh powder.

Tate Press Highest Notch 35lb 1stx 20x Hmm I wonder why I did more of these at a steeper setting? I must have been weak this day.

Inclune Curls 35# 1stx 25x Good nuff

Bench Preacher Curls 35# 1stx L0 R1 I think my bi's are the weakest part of my body

Situps in 5 min 2ndx PR 158x Up from 108x. Muscles get strong fast!

Tate Press 2nd Notch 45lb 2ndx 20x I cheated a bit and lifted my butt off the bench to get it. Whoops I already this this one at 20x. If I knew that I would have gone for 21x. I wonder why I didn't get any stronger?

Bench Preacher Curls 15lb 2ndx PR 60x I love these easy high rep ones that are easy to beat the PR

14Youtube: Ring Dips 35lb 1stx 6x Hm I must be getting stronger cause I did more with 35 than 25 before.

Sitting Tate Dumbell Press 35lb 1stx 10x Good enough for the first time I say.

Squat Hold 1stx 1 minute That was pretty easy which is good because I won't be scared to go and beat my record in it.

Double Arm Tricep Dumbell Extension 2 arms 25lb 1stx 14x Dang I couldn't get that 15th one. I should get my arms caught up with my shoulders.

Stiff Leg Dumbell Lift 35lb 1stx 70x Good enough for the first time. I felt a little burn there.

Dumbell Press 25lb 2ndx PR 110x My goal is to eventually make this an excersize where I see how many I can do in five minutes once I get to the point where I can do as many as I want.

Bench Preacher Dumbell Curls 15lb 3rdx PR 70x I keep coming back to this one because it's so easy.

Sitting Tate Press 45lb 1stx 4x Dang looks like someone needs to do a little work on the triceps.

Bench Preacher Curls 25lb 2ndx PR 20x Up from 18L 17R

Plyo Pushups 2ndx PR 30x This is a good full body workout.

Full Extension Chinups 1stx 13x Almost 14

Dumbell Rows 25lb 2ndx PR 50x Up from 40x.

One Arm Dumbell Tricep Extension 15lb 1stx 25x Good burn. I should film it from the other angle so I'm not accused of having bad form.

Dumbell Press 35lb 2ndx PR 65x Up from 60

Bench Peacher Curls 10lb 2ndx PR 100x Up from 70. This will turn into a max reps one minute pretty soon.

15Today I burnt my body for the first time since I started lifting like a month ago which is cool.? I attempted a record breaker and failed for the first time today. That’s not because I’m weaker though, it’s because I burned my back yesterday on another excersize and it hadn’t recovered enough by today.? I am really looking forward to when all my muscles start recovering within one day so I can workout all day long without worrying about over training. I think my appetite is starting to kick in a little, but it’s still kind of hard to tell.? Today was the first day that I felt alright since the Cytogainer fiasco.?

I ran 13 miles last night and my calves and right knee were a little sore today, so I don’t know maybe if I wait too long between runs my calves get weak again because they weren’t sore the last time I ran 13 miles which was only a couple days after I ran five. I went to the triathlon site to register for the half Ironman they will have here next month but found it was sold out!?

I had absolutely no idea that a triathlon could sell out. At least I’m $255 richer and someone else got to take my place because of my tardiness. Next year I’ll be sure to register earlier. When I got up this morning I felt that my body was crying uncle a little bit so I decided to not do anything today.? That’s understandable because yesterday was the first day that I actually burned out myself.? Tomorrow I’ll be back on track and surely break some records.

17 I did ten lifting excersizes today and then ran 14 miles. I was going to do some more after the run but was totally shot so I’m not going to run that far anymore. I was only running that far in the first place because I was training for the triathlon next month but it’s sold out so I don’t see any point anymore. I’ve figured out that I have to decide if I want to be an enduro guy or a muscle guy but I can’t be both because the long distance stuff will just negate everything I do with the weights. I will keep running but keep the runs to six miles and under. Someone stole my three extra gues from behind a tree so I won’t put anymore there. I probably won’t have to anyways since I won’t run far anymore. Besides my knees are killing me.

I’m surpised that my appetite hasn’t kicked in yet. All I could eat today was an Enchalada, a bowl of vegetable soupe, a glass of soy protein powder, a couple of plums and a packet of gu.

Youtube: 1 Arm Bench Preacher Curls Highest Notch 15lbs 1stx 50x I love these ones because they don't hurt.

Stiff Leg Dumbell Lift 45lbs 1stx 50x This is good for the hands, shoulders and butt as well as the lower back.

Leg Up Isometric Hold Mix 1stx 40x You start with five leg ups then hold it 12" up for five seconds then go to 10 and hold it and increase in increments of five until you can't go anymore. Strong12345 told me if you get past 35 your strong so I went to 40 on my first try. I love this one because it causes a huge burn for the hold. Thanks strong12345!!!

1 Arm Bench Preacher Curl Highest Notch 10lbs 1stx 100x I like this one because it doesn't hurt.

18I had a good day of lifting today and feel like I’m well on my way towards getting cut and strong. I did an interesting ab workout that someone suggested on youtube and I like it, although it was easier than I thought it was going to be. It mixes isometric holds with leg ups. When you mix the two you can extend the excersize longer because they act as rest breaks for each other. I like it a lot. I pretty much worked my body as much as it could go today. Lindsey wrote and wants to go kayaking but didn’t mention lifting. That’s cool though. I shattered my clap pushups today from 20 to 40 which is interesting. Doing 40 was easy. I wonder if it’s because I’m really that much stronger or I was sore the first time I did it. I did some new excersizes today also.

Youtube: Backside Pullup 1stx 10x That wasn't so hard. Next time when I'm fresh I'll do more. I like how it feels. Is that what it's called? Backside pullup?

Hands Together Pushups 2ndx PR 20x Up from 15x

Clapping Pushups 2ndx PR 40x Up from 20. I could have done many more but I shattered my record so I figured I'd done my duty. I wonder why I only did 20 the first time? I love these power thrust excersizes.

Body Row 2ndx PR 15x I totally cheated and didn't do it all the way but whatever. I won't upload the next one if I can't get it right AND break 15.

Fly 15lb 1stx 50x I got a burn. I wonder how many I'll be able to do when I'm stronger? These high rep ones are good because you actually feel a burn instead of just get muscle failure. No pain no gain right?

Situp Hold 2ndx PR 1:20 Up from 1:14. I was tired so I didn't go for 1:30. At least I did my job and broke the PR

Lying Tricep Dumbell Extension 15lb 1stx 50x Good burn. I kind of chinced it a little towards the end to get to 50. Better form next time as long as I can still beat my PR.

Lying Tricep Dumbell Extension 10lb 1stx 60x Good burn. These high rep ones are easier on the mind than the low rep ones for some reason.

Side Dumbell Bend 45lbs 2ndx 40x Up from 20. Burn on the left but not the right which is weird.

Knee Pushups 1stx 50x I realized I'm a little burned out with this one. I want to see if I can do 300 of these soon. A soldier from bodyspace named Elijah told me he did 337 pushups non stop so if I can do 300 girly ones maybe I can imagine doing 300 normal ones one day.

Invisible Chair 2ndx PR 4:00 Up from 3:00. That was easy. It was easy because my back stuck to the wall which was an accident but what the hey I say at least it made my day anyway wouldn't you say?

Leg Up Isometric Hold Excersize "Hard" vers. 1stx 40x Strong1235 corrected me and said the correct way to do this is increasing the hold by five seconds each time too. I made a mistake and counted wrong and my 40 second one was actually only 23 seconds which I will adjust next time. I counted too fast because a month or so ago I was drunk and some friends asked me to count to a minute and it was a 1:53 so I thought I wasn't in danger or counting too fast. I'll just count slower next time. Only problem is this excersize will take more than ten minutes though. It's actually not any harder than the easier version of this though so maybe I won't do this one again. The longer holds actually rest my legs for the leg ups so maybe the origional one with 5 seconds for each hold is better.

Arm Lock Yoga Pose 2ndx PR 1:00 Up from 55? seconds

Airplane Yoga Pose PR 2ndx 1:00 Up from 55 seconds

1 Arm Bench Preacher Dumbell Curls 15lbs PR 80x Up from 75 I think. I love how my bis are getting strong so fast! They recover 100% overnight! I can't weight until my other muscles recover overnight too! Then I can really start pumping it!

Calf Raise 2ndx PR 35x Up from 30. Great burn!!!

21Youtube: Jump Squat 45lb 1stx 15x I was afraid to do this one because it's so hard but I finally did it to 15. I pulled my left Ham on this because I put all my weight on my left leg. Nicole from Crossfit does the overhead squat 31x with this weight and I figure that excersize is about as diffcult as this one so I have to get this up to past 31x in order to be stronger than her which I really want to because she's only 135lbs and I'm 170.

Two Arm Dumbell Squat Swing 35lbs 1stx 20x Good fun.

Lying One Arm Tricep Dumbell Extension 35lbs 1stx 10x Twist the shoulder a little so you can get it.

Jump Dumbell Squat 35lbs 1stx 20x I'll do more next time.

Dumbell Ground to Sky 25lbs 1stx 15x Good.

Chinup Hold 2ndx PR One Minute Up from 40 seconds.

Backup Hold 2ndx PR 1:40 Up from 1:30.

Sitting Dumbell Kick 1stx 100x This will be a great how many can you do in five minutes excersize.

Sitting Leg Extension 1stx 3 Minutes This is good for when your sitting around waiting.

Kipping Pullups 2ndx PR 15x Up from 14. Last time my hand slipped off and this time I plum get tired. Kind of having a little trouble with the technique. I'll be doing 30 pretty soon.

Squat Hold 2ndx PR 1:10 Up from one minute. Don't touch your elbows to your legs.

Dumbell Fly 15lbs 2ndx PR 60x Up from 50

One Arm Ground to Standing Overhead DB Press 25lbs 1stx 100x This will be a good how many can you do in five minutes excersize. I will do it that way next time. I forgot to time myself so I couldn't do it like that this time.

Chair Dips 2ndx PR 30x Up from 20

Dumbell Situps 25lbs 2ndx PR 20x Up from 15

Bench Pushups 1stx 20x I was burned out. That's why I could only do 20.

Side Bend 1stx 50x Good.

23Youtube: Stretch Routine 1 of 4 This is my normal stretch routine that I've had since the beginning of time. I don't to the pretzel streches any more though because of my knees.

Stretch Routine 2 of 4 This is my normal stretch routine that I've had since the beginning of time. I don't to the pretzel streches any more though because of my knees.

Stretch Routine 3 of 4 This is my normal stretch routine that I've had since the beginning of time. I don't to the pretzel streches any more though because of my knees.

Stretch Routine 4 of 4 This is my normal stretch routine that I've had since the beginning of time. I don't to the pretzel streches any more though because of my knees.

Talking about the Jews in Palestein I accidentally pushed the record button on my camcorder while I was having a Margarita and found out later that I spilled the beans about what I think about the Jews and I figured I should share it with the world cause I ain't no sissy. Don't get me wrong. I still LOVE the jews. Plus those Israeli chicks are sooo hot. They've got big tits.

What I think about The Course in Miracles The Course in Miracles is a book written by Jesus and channeled through a lady. It's main premis is that we should be friends with everybody and not try to develop loyalties to certain types of people.

What I think about the Urantia Book The Urantia Book is a cult book and one of the most important books in my life. I'm not a racist though!!! Black man just as good as white man.

24 I didn’t work out for the last two days because I wasn’t eating right, candy and bear to be excact. Today I did 20 sets though. Didn’t manage to record one though. I figure if I do at least 20 sets a day I’ll be super fit by the end of the year. I am looking forward to getting the fat down so I can see my stomach muscles better. I did a lot of stetching today too. I hope the kink in my left hamstring goes away soon. I was getting some spam from this site but it went away so maybe someone fixed it.

Youtube: Where did the different races of human come from? I said the five races. I guess what I mean are: white, Black, Yellow, Red, and Aborigional with the other races sort of mixes between those ones. I don't know I guess Eskimo and Polynesian could be their own races too.

Why people think the aliens are bad I don't like these movies that make the aliens look bad. Aliens good, peoples imaginations bad.

How do Flying Saucers Fly? My reasonings for how the aliens fly around with anti gravity and such.

Talking about my diet Diet is important. With a bad diet you have bad to no energy but with a good diet, holy shit mother of GOD you have some serious ass energy!

My opinion on abortion Abortion good, uber control bad. Freedom good, restriction bad. I think you have to beleive in reincarnation to fully comprehend that which I speak.

What does the fact that the aliens are here mean? Rambling on about what it means that the aliens are here and contemplating the future with them.

We should all be vegetarian Lets just all be vegetarian like yesterday.

The Aliens are here! Part 2 of 2 Man I hate breaking up the videos

The Aliens are here! Part 1 of 2 I should have timed myself cause I hate splitting the videos cause it wastes time.

Why I believe in Reincarnation Part 2 of 2 Whoopsie daisy I should have timed myself, but I guess two videos on this one is good because it was seventeen minutes.

Why I believe in reincarnation Part 1 of 2 Riencarnation good, eternal Hell bad.

25I had a good lifting day today. It might not be done yet. We’ll see. I don’t really have anything else to say. I did a lot of shoulder excersizes today and felt great, although a little tired from yesterday.

Youtube: 2 arm ground to overhead dumbell press 45lbs 1stx 12x This is good for the lower back, if your not old and out of shape that is, and it makes you sweat a little

Bench Curl 25lbs 3rdxpr 30x Up from 20 so cool I'm definitelly getting stronger FAST

Bench Pushups 2ndxpr 25x I was blown but not as much as the first time I tried it so I broke the pr. I'm so bad!

double side pullup Is that what it's called? My pecs were squeezed and hurting which felt good. I did more than I thought I was going to do.

2 arm ground to overhead dumbell press 45lbs 1stx 12x This is good for the lower back, if your not old and out of shape that is, and it makes you sweat a little

double side pullup Is that what it's called? My pecs were squeezed and hurting which felt good. I did more than I thought I was going to do.

Bench Pushups 2ndxpr 25x I was blown but not as much as the first time I tried it so I broke the pr. I'm so bad!

kipping pullups 3rdxpr 21x My hands slipped off. I should have bought a bigger bar because one inch is too thin

Sitting Two Arm Curl 1stx 45lbs 10x I know my forms bad and I don't give a fuck so don't bother.

One Arm Preacher Curl 35lbs 2ndxpr L0 R7 At least my right arm is getting stronger with this one. Up from one on the right. It's weird because I'm left handed. Someone said once it's because that arm has to overcompensate

ground to ohead dumbell press 45lbs 1stx 25x Good for the lower back

one arm ground to ohead press 35lbs 1stx 50x each arm Good sweat

One Arm DB Bench Curl Highest Notch 25lbs 1stx 25x Cool I'm getting stronger

standing tate press 45lbs 1stx 15x Groovy.

standing one arm db tricep extension 1stx 35lbs L0 R2 I should have been fresher for this. As least I got two on one arm.

one leg side squat 2ndxpr 45x I got a sweat.

Dumbell press 25lbs 3rdx 130x Good warm down excersize

two arm one leg dumbell squat 1stx 35lbs 20x Good ass pump, and good for the balance also.

sitting 2 arm curl to o head dumbell press 35lbs 1stx 15x what fun

sitting one arm curl to o head press 45lbs 1stx 10x I like these momentum excersizes

sitting one arm curl to o head press 35lbs 1stx 15x cool beans

standing one arm curl to o head press 35lbs 1stx 20x cool

How fast can I do 500 sit ups 1stx 3 of 3 23:17 I like these high rep excersizes because you sweat like a pig. Make sure you wear thin shorts though because my ass got chaffed. Next time I think I'll do the 1000 situp challenge.

How fast can I do 500 situps? 23:12 Part 1 of 3 I like these high rep excersizes because you sweat like a pig. Make sure you wear thin shorts though because my ass got chaffed. Next time I think I'll do the 1000 situp challenge.

How fast can I do 500 situps. 1stx 2 of 3 23:17 I like these high rep excersizes because you sweat like a pig. Make sure you wear thin shorts though because my ass got chaffed. Next time I think I'll do the 1000 situp challenge.

Squat Dumbell Swing 45lbs 1stx 15x I really like this one. I want to do many of them at once one day.

2 Arm Tricep Extension 45lbs 1stx 0x Maybe I could do this one day.

Lying 2 Arm Dumbell Tricep Extension 35lbs 1stx 12x I like it.

Sitting Dumbell Curl to Overhead Press 45lbs 1stx 10x I like it.

Standing Tate Press 35lbs 1stx 20x I like this excersize. Can't weight to do it again!

1 Arm Dumbell Ground to Overhead Press 45lbs 1stx 25x I did this yesterday but didn't manage to film it so I did it again today. It's good for the back.

Standing One Arm Overhead Dumbell Press 35lbs 1stx 20x Good fun.

Sitting One Arm Overhead Dumbell Press 35lbs 1stx 20x I chinced that last one out but I'll do better next time.

Front Raise Forward Extension 35lbs 1stx 10x Hmmmm.... It's fun to hold it a little at the end.

Sitting 2 Arm Curl 35lbs 1stx 20x Next time I'll go for 21x with better form.

Lying 1 Arm Tricep Extension 35lbs 1stx 12x Good isolator.

Lying 2 Arm Tricep Extension 35x 1stx 12x Good isolator.

Squat Dumbell Press 25lbs 1stx 20x My shoulders gave out on this one. My legs were fine.

Dumbell Press 35lbs 3rdxpr 70x Up from 65. I didn't think I could do it because I was beat but I did!

Kyle's Gym Mission Statement 2 of 2 This is my mission statement how I motivate to work out and make internet friends and all that!

Kyle's Gym Mission Statement 1 of 2 This is part of a playlist called Kyle's Gym Mission Statement. That's the only way I can help in finding where part two is. I finally made a mission statement for my gym, Kyle's Gym! Dun Dunnununuuuuu!!!

26I woke up exhausted today and wasn’t going to do anything but I got a second wind and realized that my firsts on most of my 25s were ridiculously easy and so would be easy to set a pr so I went ahead and did some excersizes. Tomorrow we’re going to see the Marfa lights but I’ll bring my shnitzy with me in case I get the motivation to do some shnitzy. I am still injured from the situp excersize and have yellow stains all over my sheets from it. That kind of bites too because that was the day that I changed my sheets oh well. Next time its situps with running shorts.

Youtube: Tate Dumbell Press 2nd Highest Notch 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20. I know that's not the official tate press. You have to put your elbows out. Maybe I'll do that one later.

Dumbell Ground to Overhead Press 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x That was easy.

Incline Dumbell Preacher Curls 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20.

Bent Arm Dumbell Pull 25lbs 2ndx 30x Up from 20.

Tate Dumbell Press 25lbs 2ndxpr 70x Up from 50

Dumbell Fly 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20

2 Arm Ground to Standing DB Curl 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20. I don't know why I did so few the first time. Oh well at least I'll be more motivated to do it next time because it's so easy.

Dumbell Side Bend 25lbs 2ndxpr 70x Someone told me that putting my hand on my head would make it harder. I think he was right because there is less weight on the other side to help me pull the dumbell up.

Bench Preacher Curl High Notch 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 25. I love the curls!

Front Dumbell Raise 25lbs 2ndxpr 15x Up from 10.

Lying 2 Arm Tricep Dumbell Extension 10lbs 2ndxpr 70x Up from 60. These high reps ones burn when you do them tired.

What I think about the educational system 2 of 2 I forgot a lot, actally some of the most important stuff so maybe I'll do another one specifically dedicated to that other thing I had to say...

What I think about 2012 1 of 2 This Urantia dude Michael something or another told me he wanted to know what I thought about 2012 so here goes.

What I think about 2012 2 of 2 A dude asked me what I though about 2012 so here goes.

What I think about the educational system 1 of 2 I don't like the educational system and I have some ideas about how to fix it. I forgot a lot so maybe I'll do another one later on when I get some feedback on this one.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
2I had a pretty good day working out today and I feel beat and all that so that’s cool. It’s getting a little harder to break my PR. It will be cool when it is really hard to break my PR and I don’t have to upload so many videos every day. I worked with 25s today.

Youtube: Tate Press Highest Notch 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20

Overhead Dumbbell Press Highest Notch 25lbs 2ndxpr 55x Up from 50

Sitting Two Arm Dumbbell Curls 25lbs 2ndxpr 35x Up from 30

Two Arm Standing Dumbbell Curls 25lbs 2ndxpr 40x Up from 30

Lying 1 Arm Tricep Dumbell Extension 25lbs 1stx 15x Good

Sitting Overhead Dumbell Press 25lbs 2ndxpr 35x Up from 30. At least I broke the PR

Standing 1 Arm Dumbell Rows 25lbs 2ndxpr 80x Up from 70

Lower Incline Situps 1stx 100x These aren't much harder than normal situps but for now I think I'll stick to the max reps with this one. I don't really like them though because I kept slipping off and it distracted me. You have to keep in in the middle and not rotate elbows.

Split Squat Dumbell Jump 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20. These are easy but I still got an ass rip so I like it. It will keep getting better.

Lying 2 Arm Tricep Dumbell Extension 25lbs 2ndxpr 15x Up from 10

Grounded Bodyweight Rows 1stx 15x I like it.

Dumbell Fly 25lbs 3rdxpr 40x Up from 30

Flat Bench Situps 3rdxpr 40x Up from 30. Not so hard

Side Bend 2ndxpr 60x Up from 50. My shoulders were killing me.

Standing Tricep Dumbell Extension 25lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 15. This is great when you do it burned and hold it up there. I has a great squeezing feeling.

Stiff Leg Dumbell Extension 25lbs 2ndxpr 110x Up from 100. It's a good sweat anyways. Better with the 45s.

Dumbell on Soulder Squat 25lbs 2ndxpr 50x Up from 40. Pretty easy but I got a sweat. I wonder if it will get harde.

Stability Dumbell Squats 25lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20. They are kind of hard if you do them right. They will get harder as the reps and speed go up. I just don't want to tear my ass up too much for now.

One Arm Standing Dumbbell Curls 25lbs 2ndxpr 50x Up from 40

Standing Dumbell Tricep Extension 35lbs 1stx 10x Good bidness

Tate Press 2nd Notch 35lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20

Dumbell Pushup Row 35lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 10

Bent Arm Dumbell Pull 35lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 15

Dumbell Side Bend 35lbs 2ndxpr 50x Up from 40

2 Arm 1 Leg Dumbell Deadlift 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20

4I didn’t work out or do anything else today. I went to the bar last night and ingested three different drugs which made me not have the physical feeling nor the mental motivation to work out. I started to run but my gps watch ran out of batteries in the beginning so I came back.? My body was kind of sore anyways. Tomorrow I’ll surely break some records and do new excersizes. I ran day before yesterday but was struggling to run an eight and a half minute mile because of my trashed lungs. I really should keep the running up just to remind myself how ****ed up my lungs are so I don’t ever smoke a single thing again.

Youtube: Dumbell Preacher Curls 35lbs 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20. I know I cheated a little bit. It's called "Lifters license"

1 Arm Bench Dumbell Curls 10lbs PR 150x Up from 100. Easy shit.

5I did a 1000 situps in a row today and some other stuff. I felt beat afterwards so I’m coming along alright.

Youtube: What I think about the Seth Books channelled by Jane Roberts I don't think I'll catch any shit from the Sethites because they're probably pretty cool. If I have a different take on it than you I'm soooooo sorry! Maybe you could take the time to fix my confusion.

Girl Pushups 2ndx 55x Up from 50. I got a good burn.

Overhead Dumbell Press 2nd highest notch 35lbs 2ndxpr 35x Up from 30

Incline Dumbell Curls 35lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 25.

Max Pushups 2ndxpr 66x Up from 60. I have another video for the legitimate ones that go all the way down.

Dumbell Ground to Sky 35lbs 2ndxpr 15x Up from 10

Tate Dumbell Press 35lbs 2ndxpr 40x Up from 30

Standing 1 Arm Dumbell Row 35lbs 2ndxpr 50x Up from 30

Standing 2 Arm Dumbell Row 2ndxpr 40x Up from 30

Dumbell Ground to Standing Curl 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20

Split Squat Dumbell Jump 35lbs 2ndxpr 15x Up from 7

Swinging 2 Arm Dumbell Squat Swing 35lbs 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20

1000 situp speed 1stx 1:00:23 1 of 7 Gosh darnet I barely didn't make it in under an hour.

1000 situps speed 1stx 1:00:23 2 of 7 Just over an hour! If I only had known!

1000 situps speed 1stx 1:00:23 5 of 7 Just over an hour

1000 situps speed 1stx 1:00:23 4 of 7 Just over an hour

1000 situps speed 1stx 1:00:23 7 of 7 Just over an hour!

1000 situps speed 1stx 1:00:23 6 of 7 Just over an hour!

1000 situps speed 1stx 1:00:23 3 of 7 Just over an hour

7I had the first of four eye surgeries today so I’m not getting any excersize today to allow my eye to recover. Tomorrow I’ll be back on the horse.? I’m too depressed to work out or run anyways because I’m five grand poorer from this eye work.? Now I have no money and my cars in the shop to boot.

Youtube: Dumbell Pushups 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20

dumbell fly 45lbs 1stx 15x Playing around. I can't do the normal fly I do with the 35s and 25s so I did this modified version that I've seen some other people do. I could do more but I was burnt. Next time...

Backside Pullups 2ndxpr 12x Up from 10

What I think about the Rapture Talking out of my ass just like any true red white and blue american, you know...

Sitting Leg Hold 2ndxpr and last time ten minutes I did this again and did ten minutes easy. I broke a sweat though so it's definitely worth it if you'r sitting around bored. I could do this as long as I want though so I'm not going to do it again. I made it to ten minutes so on to the next challenge...

Dumbell on Shoulder Squats 35lbs 2ndxpr 40x Up from 30. I'm easing up with these.

1 Arm 1 Leg Dumbell Deadlift 35lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20

Low Dumbell Incline Situps 35lbs 1stx 30x It's good to have as many abdominal excersizes as possible

Sitting Straight 2 Arm Dumbell Curls 2ndxpr 21x Up from 20. Bad form but I wanted to break the record. I don't think I'll compromise form for breaking a record again though. It's just so hard!

What I think about conspiracy theories 1 of 3 Sorry if I didn't get all of them. If anyone wants me to back up anything I said just ask and I'll do it. I may not want to because it's time consuming but I'll probably do it. I didn't talk about the NASA conspiracy because that's another subject unto itself and I plum forgot.

Bench Side Bend 1stx 30x Taken from Elijah

1 Arm Bench Dumbell Curl 15lbs pr 110x Up from 100

8Youtube: What I think about where Christianity went wrong 1 of 2 I REALLY don't like control freaks who try and condemn everyone else to Hell for eternity. Bad stuff!

What I think about where Christianity went wrong 2 of 2 I like God and Jesus and all that but I hate control freaking and Hell condemnation. Look me in the eye and tell me I'm going to burn in Hell for eternity! Ha ha!

Why Rich Countries are Rich and Poor Countries are P 1 of 3 I left out a lot. Maybe somone could motivate me to make a follow up video. I did this at four in the morning with ensomnia which wasn't a good idea and so that's why I had some trouble finding words.

Why Rich Countries are Rich and Poor Poor 3 of 3 The root causes

Why Rich Countries are Rich and Poor Countries are P 2 of 3 I was groggy. Come on and battle me! I love fighting! Arguing is what this great country was founded on.

Flexing my stomach I definitely have some more fat to lose and muscle to build but I think I can get away with saying that I have a six pack now. Hoorah!

Two Arm Incline Curls 35lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 15. Kind of chinced the form so maybe I'll modify the excersize as i go up in reps or just not upload the video unless the form is better. Haven't decided yet.

Backups 2ndxpr 45x Up from 40

Clap Pushups 2ndxpr 50x Up from 40.

Grounded Bodyweight Row 2ndxpr 20x Up from 15

Sitting Straight Overhead Dumbell Press 35lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 15

Bench Side Bend 2ndxpr 35x Up from 30

9I woke up kind of tired today even though I didn’t excersize yesterday. I ran six miles today and did some excersizes. I did 500 leg ups today.

I’m depressed today because I found out I need a new engine for my car and so I don’t have the motivation to work out or run. I did 16 full extension pullups today though which broke my record of 13. I will probably do some stretching later on.

Youtube: dumbell Shrugs 35lbs 2ndxpr 80x Up from 70

1 Arm Standing Curls 35lbs 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20

Dumbell Rows 35lbs 2ndxpr 50x Up from 40

2 Arm Sitting Dumbell Curl to Overhead Press 25lbs pr 25x Up from 20

One Arm Bench Dumbell Curls 25lbs pr 35x Up from 30

Leg ups 3rdx 500 pr 1 of 2 Up from 220. Next time 1000!

Leg Ups 500 pr 2 of 2 Up from 220

What I think about The War is Iraq We shouldn't have gone in there but now that we're there we should stay until the job is done.

A successful society needs to beleive in God We need to believe in God and have faith. Aliens aren't Athiests or Agnostics.

My Upper Body Stretch Routine It's good to do some upper body stretching between sets

420 Celebration in Boulder 2008 10,000 University of Colorado students got together on Ferrand field to smoke weed together at 4:20 on 4/20 2008. You could see the smoke rise like there was a fire

What I think about homosexuality I like girls but Homosexuality is good and homophobality is bad and that's my final offer!

11I think I did my share of pumping today. That’s all I have to say right now. I hope to go running tomorrow.

Youtube: Full Extension Pullups 2ndxpr 16x Up from 13

Legitimate Clap Pushups 1stx 20x Good. Not so hard.

Pushup Hold 2ndxpr 1:10 Up form 1:00

Hanging Leg Extension Hold 2ndxpr 50 Seconds Up from 38 seconds

Indian Pushups 1stx 20x Not so hard.

Leg Up Hold 3rdxpr 2:30 Up from 1:00. Maybe I could do five minutes next time.

Bodyweight Row Hold 2ndxpr 1:00 Up from 38 seconds I think

Towel Pullups 2ndxpr 12x Up from 9

Double Sided Pullups 2ndxpr 12x Up from 9

Stability Ball Bridge Curls 2ndxpr 60x up from 48. They are harder than they look

Dumbell Fly 15lbs 2ndxpr 70x Up from 60

Preacher Curls 15lbs 1stx 50x Was tired beforehad

Suicide Should be Legal Even though there are psychos out there with brain chemistry imbalances I want freedom on all fronts. Affirmative action for freedom I say! Freedom to do with your body what you want. YOU own your body not the state!

100 legitimate pushups speed 1stx 5:38 I was burned out before this

Sitting Curl to Overhead Press 35lbs 2ndxpr 18x Up from 15. Slowly but shurly getting to my 150x goal.

Where Buddhism went wrong I want God.

Peacher Curl 10lbs 1stx 60x I'm soo badas! Show me anyone and I destroy them in arm wrestle like a rabbid street dog! And I only have 14s!

What I think about Heaven and Hell Hell is NOT eternal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I think about Racism Racism bad, one human race good. The aliens can't land until we realize this because they are OTHER races all together!

What I think about Gun Control I don't like gun control. We need guns to kill the bad guys.

Normal Bench Situps 2ndxpr 110x Up from 100. It was rough but I did it

15 Youtube: Hands Up Dumbell Squat 45lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20. What is this called?

One Arm Swinging Dumbell Squat 35lbs 2ndxpr 30x Each Hand That's 60x with both hands.

Dumbell Squat Clean (Jump Squat) 45lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 15.

Two Arm Dumbell Ground to Overhead Press 35lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 10

Bench Situp Hold 2ndxpr 40" Up from 30

Air Situps 2ndxpr 35x Up from 32

Leg Up Hold pr 5:00 Up from 2:30

Bodybend Hold 2ndxpr 30" Up from 20

Toe Touch 2ndxpr 50x Up from 42. I like it

High Sitting Leg Kick 1stx 20x Cool. Harder than the other one.

Hanging Leg Ups 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20

Standing Kick 1stx 100x 100x each side.

Pullup Hold 2ndxpr 45" Up from 40"

Overhead Reach Yoga Posture 2ndxpr 2:30 Up from 2:00

Downward Dog Yoga Posture 2ndxpr 2:00 Up from 1:51

Front Dumbell Raise 35lbs 2ndxpr 15x Up from 10

Sitting One Arm Curl to Overhead DB Press 35lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 15

Legitimate Clap Pushups 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20

Air Situp Hold 2ndxpr 1:10 Up from 1:00

One Arm Dumbell Squat Swing 35lbs 2ndxpr 30x 30x each side

Indian Pushups 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20

16I came up with the idea to include a kung fu routine in my excersizes. I did my share of excersizing today.

Youtube: Two Arm Standing Dumbell Curls 35lbs 2ndxpr 21x Up from 20

One Arm Standing Dumbell Rows 45lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20

Jump Dumbell Squat 35lbs 2ndxpr 30x Up from 20

Incline Dumbell Situps 45lbs 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20

Powerball Dumbell Squats 35lbs 2ndxpr 35x Up from 30

Sitting Tate Press 35lbs 2ndxpr 15x Up from 10

Sitting Tricep Dumbell Extension 35lbs 2ndxpr 4x Up from 1 and 0

Two Arm Standing Dumbell Row 45lbs 2ndxpr 25x Up from 20x

Split Squat Dumbell Jump 45lbs 2ndxpr 10x Up from 5

Pyramid 2 Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 1:00 Up from 30". The weight lifting is empeding on my flexibility.

Hands Together Girl Pushups 1stx 20x Fun. Good to do when your tired.

Pushup Dumbell Row 45lbs 2ndxpr 20x Up from 15

1 Arm Dumbell Squat Swing 45lbs 2ndxpr 15x Up from 10

1 Arm Bench Preacher Dumbell Curls 25lbs pr 35x Up from 30

Knee Clap Pushups 1stx 20x Fun

Dumbell Press 2nd Nortch 2ndxpr 25lbs 100x Up from 90

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
25 Youtube: Ring Pullups 2ndxpr 12x Up from 10

Extended Ring Dip Hold 2ndxpr 1:10 Up from one minute

Kung Fu Squats 1stx 30x Like? How many YOU do?!

Kung Fu Squat Hold 1stx 1:00 Cool

Frog Jumps 1stx 20x Pretty good for a 1st effort. Next time I'll see if I can do 21.

The Ultimate Kayak - The UK1 1 of 4 I finally put the UK together, the UK1. Now I can start paddling. Suggestions welcome. This is for the Ultimate Kayak Trip. Ultimatekayaktrip.com.

The Ultimate Kayak - The UK1 2 of 4 Explaining my boat. Suggestions welcome.

The Ultimate Kayak - The UK1 3 of 4 I am very excited about my new boat for I think it will work splendidly.

The Ultimate Kayak - The UK1 4 of 4 The card filled up right about when I was done with my kayak presentation. Pretty cool kayak, huh? Maybe I'll put a mini parachute on top of my pipe as a sail.

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
19I tried to kayak to marble falls on the full moon. I went down three false arms and then I remembered that I still hadn’t used the hammock so I stopped and slept just before sunrise but I could’nt sleep. I realized that I had underhydraded and ate which was weird because I felt like I was doing enough of that and peeing all the time. I will buy a cathater for the next time. I tried to kayak back the next morning but 50 mph wind pushed me up river at like 5 mps on big rapids without paddling so I stopped and saw a mexican dude who drove me back to my car.

I think next time i try this i’ll go upriver in the day and maybe sail a little. but I want to go to lake travis on the next windy day and play around in it. I just did windows on four houses and i’m beat. I haven’t down that in a while and was rusty. I still haven’t fully recovered since getting a membership at 24 hour fitness. I think I’ll do that tomorrow when I fly to boulder.

29 I'm here at the airport talking about my recent time in Austin. I arrived there on August sixth. It was hell going down there because my car broke down twice. The first time it just stopped at like three in the morning so I coasted to the side and waited until the morning when it drove again. Then it started giving off oil pressure alarms and profusely leaking oil and so I kept filling it up. At one point I put too much in and it was smoking so I had to pull over for 45 minutes to let the engine to cool enough to drain the oil. When I did it was still scalding my hands but it was manageable. The car was only going 40 mph for most of the way down but the last day it had a second wind and cruised at 60. After I arrived in Austin I promptly drove it to the nearest VW shop called Underground Mystical VW repair. The guy Toby took a momth and a half to fix the car so Windham and I were riding our bikes everywhere for a bit when it was still warm. We had their loaner car for a couple days before my car was ready. I rode out to the farm to get it because I was beginning to think that it would be a long time before my car was ready.

The ride out to the farm was an oddessy. I had a bunch of animal based protein powder which made me sick. I had had a similar reaction to it a few weeks before when I got sick riding my bike accross town after buying my work out mats. The first time I thought it was just from undereating and bonking. But this time I realized that my lethargy on the way to the farm was from this protein power. I felt toxic. I had no energy and felt completely dehydrated even though I had been drinking water. I pulled into a gas station and pucked six times behind it's dumpster. Then bought a Gatorade which was the most deliciouse thing I have ever had. After that I felt a little better but I got two flats which held me up and... oh woops I just remembered I already wrote about this.

30 Youtube: Extended Side Angle Pose 2ndxpr 1:10 Up from 1:00. I need to split my legs more.

Extended Side Angle 2 Yoga Pose 2ndx 1:10 Up from 1:00

Reverse Warrior Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 2:00 Up from 1:30

Revolved Side Angle Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 1:05 Up from 1:00

Revolved Triangle Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 1:00 Up from 30 seconds.

Side Plank Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 45 seconds Up from 30

Plank Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 2:00 Up from 1:30

Crow Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 16 seconds Up from 14

Beginning of Cobra Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 1:16 Up from 1:12.

What I think about the Theory of Relativity Did I get it right broh?

What I think about the String Theory Pretty trippy. Bashar the alien talks about this too with infinite multiple universes.

What I think about the future 2 of 3 I'm optimistic.

What I think about the future 3 of 3 I'm optimistic

What I think about the future 1 of 3 I'm optimistic.

What I think about Capital Punishment I'm against it. Too expensive and it's barbaric. Plus we can make the prisoners work in prison.

What I think about Immigration I forgot to talk about the deportation of Mexican illegals. I think it's fine if we can't handle them and our citizens need jobs. Deport em! I'm not up on the details of deporting them so I can't delve any deeper right now. I didn't think the "we didn't build a fence on purpose" comment through real well. I don't really believe that.

31I got back a couple days ago and have been to the gym three times. I worked out pretty good yesterday and woke up tired today. We went to the gym today but I just steamed.

Youtube: What I think about Intelligent design verses Evolutionism I forgot to mention another cause of mutation and that is solar flares; which in themselves are part of the cascading influence of a heigher intelligence.

What I think about Affirmative Action It's just basic ideas.

What I think about the economy and how to fix it We need to transition from consumerism to tourism, education and infrastructure overhall.

What I think about the economy and how to fix it 2 of 2 Let's not be so consumeristic.

The Unified Field Theory 1 of 2 It's L=MI squared. That's Life = The Matrix times Intention squared. I was listening to techno in the gym and... Holly Sally smokin crack in the alley Batman! I think this is it. Now mathmeticians make it make sense mathematically but remember that M is for Matrix and not Mass.

The Unified Field Theory 2 of 2 L=MI squared. Yeah so here it is. I figured I wouldn't sit on it any more because it was getting kind of annoying watching those scientists pull all their hair out. Just kidding.

The story of the Universe 1 of 2 I didn't do ANY preperatory video watching or number reviewing so don't quote me on any of my numbers. If Jupiter was 13 times bigger it would be a star and if the sun was three times bigger it could be a black hole. That's what an English dude said in a video I just watched.

The story of the Universe 2 of 2 Stay tuned for Black Holes and the end of time...

9 Sick
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  Trip to see Marfa lights
  Visiting home
  Kayak trip up Colorado river
  Working out at home
  Log entry
  Washing windows
  Living in Austin
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  Drive to Austin
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7So I had some bad news today that will take a little to recalibrate my mind. I blew my engine and need a new one. So no lasik. Oh well.

I talked to my mechanic today and he thinks I need a new engine so no Lasik for me. I was victim to a VW boobie trap. The antifreeze showed full but the real anti freeze container next to it which you can’t see from behind the license plate was emtpy from a weired leak and because the engine had like 50 miles on it, it was strong enough to ruin itself. He said in 15 years he saw half a dozen people with bad luck as bad as mine. So yippyy I made the top six! I guess the two anti freeze tanks can’t suck water from between the two when one is empty and so it just sucked itself dry. Whatever.

So no kayaking for me for now.

I’m tired from yesterday. I blew my shoulders to hell in a way that I haven’t done to a body part for a while. I did that because I was doing all these girls from diymuscle.com’s work outs and they were all doing shoulder routines for some reason so I kept doing that even though I was already burnt. They were doing light enough weight that I could keep going. I like working it like that. Supersetting over and over again. I was beat though at the end of the day because I got like five hours of sleep the night before. I will go in and work out with, or rather to, this super strong chinese girl who’s name I can’t remember. She benched 135# 28x and so I will see if I can beat her or make it to 30. That would be cool. My arms might be too beat though. I weigh 180 now. That’s cool. I don’t think I’ve ever weighed that much before. I was lifting weights ten years ago in Korea and I think the most I got there was like 174.

11Youtube: No drop setting videos from me Sad news. Whatever. I sent them a letter though... Hi Dana, Thanks for getting back with me and explaining that it is a legal matter. You are afraid that someone who accidentally got filmed there will sue you. I get it. However I suggest that 24 Hour Fitness consult with the lawers again because there are a LOT of people filming themselves in the gym. There are web sights dedicated to filming people in the gym such as diymuscle.com, herbiceps.com, female-bodybuilders.org, hdphysiques.com, and those are only the ones I know about. Maybe there are more with guys. Take a look at all the youtube videos of people filming themselves in gyms. This proves that it is possible to allow filming. Just get better lawers or something I don't know... Whoever is the head honcho at 24 hour fitness needs to get a bodybuilding.com bodyspace page or something and notice how many people are filming themselves. If 24 Hour Fitness wants to be on the cutting edge with fitness you really should take that into consideration. Look into the future. Pretty soon everybody and their dog literally witll have their own I phone with a built in video camera and high speed internet to youtube and will be watching videos at the gym while they work out, AND filming themselves. I said in my initial request that I made a youtube video explaining my intentions of filming myself drop setting and all the reasons why. I did that, due to the fact that so many other people film themselves in the gym, because the thought never crossed my mind that my BRILLIANT idea would be rejected by a business that claims to be on the cutting edge of the "wholeistic" fitness aproach. You could put a big sign up on the wall saying that between one and three in the morning is the designated time to be allowed to film in the gym. I'm not trying to change your minds right now, but I am explaining that it is entirely possible to make it work for people like me whose numbers will only continue to grow. I hope you change your minds sooner than later. Other than that I really like the business. I love being able to go to the gym in the wee hours of the morning and use all those good machines. Good luck, Kyle

Plank Yoga Pose 2ndxpr 3:00 Up from 1:30.

Origional Excersizes "Only butt touch ground" 1stx 4:00 The first of my origional excersizes. This is the stoney cousin to the Lazy Boat yoga pose.

12I worked out for like four hours today but most of that was watching the videos ha ha. Fiona Von Bachus squated 205 lbs four times and this guy who has been taunting me on youtube did that six times but I could only do it once. It’s hard for me because my calves can’t stretch that far or something. A trainer named Chuck who I’d never talked to before offered to give me a core workout tomorrow. He said I should lift dumbells on my medicine ball which is something I could do at home. He’s a skinny Asian guy who weights 160 but can bench 245 and he says its because he works his core which are all the little muscles. Maybe I could get him to help me find out how much I can bench tomorrow. I benched 200 for the first time in my life today. I did it twice without a spotter and I felt like I could do more and it was at the end of my bench workout too. I did the Heather Lee today where she benched 135 15x and then 185 eight times. I didn’t try to beat her so I’ll have to do it again only go for ten reps at 185. I need to ask Chuck tomorrow if I can squat with my legs out and not hurt my knees. I tried Fiona’s deadlifting routine too where she did 225 five times which I did and then 285 four times but I could only do it once because my hands slipped off even though I had the straps. I can’t even do it once without the straps. I guess my hands are still weak because I just started lifting. I should buy those hand squeezers. I couldn’t finish this one girls routine at the end where she does six reps at 145 curling the barbell and I couldn’t do it but that was at the end and I had already done like three girls before her with curling.

I can’t run at all anymore. I only ran a half mile the other day before I pulled my left calf again and had to limp around all day. It was still pulled today and got pulled and hurt after my squatting and leg pressing today. I need to find a girl to do an impressive leg press routine. So far the only girl who can beat me is lindsey cope where she did 1010 lbs which I didn’t try but I’m sure I couldn’t do that. I nearly popped out my eyeballs at 650 and I pushed it up with my hands. I don’t think I could have done it without pushing my legs. I’m only really interested in the 10 reps or more sets.?

I need to start working out only at home soon so I can get caught up on work.

15 I worked out for four hours today. I did some calf pumping and I think in a week or so I’ll try and start running again. I really want to run because I want to burn my belly fat away. I’m risking overtraining my arms and shoulders again because that’s what the girls do so much of. I showed a video of Melissa Dettwiller curling 80 lbs dumbells to a couple guys at the gym today. This Hispanic dude said he got a "chubby" and this huge black dude was like, "Man dat dus ain’t lady like, I don’t like it". She was totally curling it too. I can’t believe it. I haven’t tried it fresh yet but I know I can’t do it. She’s way stronger and she’s not even that big. This other huge chick pressed 100 lbs dumbells five times yesterday and I tried it and couldn’t get close. I will try it fresh pretty soon but I know I can’t do it. That will be one of my goals. I’m still neglecting my legs because I’m running out of time and energy after four hours. It wastes time to lift like I am watching videos of girls first but it’s fun and it keeps me going. I wonder if I’m the only one who does that.

I worked out for three hours today. I was going to go for five but my earphones got sweaty and started working with one ear and it drove me crazy so I left. I thought they were broken but they just got sweaty. I’ll just bring back up earphones and switch them out when the first ones get sweat logged. I’ll also try to dry them and my ears out and see if that works. I did a squat drop set I saw this little 16 year old girl do on youtube. She does 10 reps with ten plates and then 21 reps with 8 plates and then 20 reps with 6 plates and then 10 reps with 8 plates and ten more with ten plates all in a row. I had to stop to switch the plates but I made up for it by going all the way down and she didn’t. Still I’m not sure if I’m as strong as that little tyke. Sexy! Next time I’ll see if I can do 20 reps with ten plates which is what this 49 year old woman does on youtube. I ran through a few girls today but not as many as I would? have if my godam earphones didn’t blow on me. I ran a mile and a half today. I stopped when my calf started to get sore. I pulled it a little on the leg presses today. I’ll try and go for two miles tomorrow and then four and then hopefully I’ll be able to run regularly again. I guess I’m just getting too heavy for my calves to handle running. I’m up to 185 but naked now. My belly fat is still there but whatever. It’s cool to get heavier and stronger. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

17I went into the gym today for a few minutes and did 25 reps of leg presses with 10 plates but I didn’t go down all the way. I’ll have another look at that 49 year old lady’s effort where she did 20 reps and see if I went down as far as she did. I wish these chicks who do the leg presses went down all the way so it’s clearer who is strongest. I think at the end of the day I’m stronger these weight lifter girls in high rep leg presses. Not the case for all the way down squating though because of my un limber calves. I did ten reps at 225 squating today because I saw this 17 year old basketball girl do them. I’ll see if I went down as far as she did. I didn’t go to horizontal thigh but I don’t think she did either. I’ll try that soon enough once my body gets a little more used to the squating. I did squat 185 ten reps going to horizontal today though. That wasn’t so rough.? Then I tried this crossfit workout and then this other one where nicole does the Linda where you do 1.5 your bodyweight so she did 185 dead 10x then 9 and on down. Right after the dead you do that squat clean thing with 115 lbs and bench with 120. I did the first set. I’ll try it and see how much I can beat her by. she took like 25 minutes or something. I couldn’t come close to doing what she does pound for pound though because I outweigh her by 50 pounds. Maybe I’ll see if I can do it with more weight later.

?Then Windham came and so I left. That’s good though because I think any more lifting today would be destructive. I was sweating like a pig and having trouble cleaning or half military or whatever it’s called with 135 lbs 7x and even benching 125 lbs 10x.?? I was totally beat yesterday but went out and got drunk anyway. I wanted to see what 6th street looked like. To my amazement a bunch of blocks were closed to traffic and were packed with people. The whole street was lined with packed bars playing dance music. I went in and had a beer and went into the other one. I was in one bar and this hot girl starts dancing all funky right in front of me and then this dude rammed into me with another dude in a headlock so I grabbed him and told him to let go and he looked at me and goes, "step the **** back", and looked sober so I let him go and he proceeded to through the guy out. I asked the dude next to me if he was the bouncer and he said "bar tender" and so I got embarrassed and finished my beer in the corner and then went into this black club where there were three girls doing the doggy style dance with each other and I saw this dude walk past me and jiggle his head back and forth to the beat and this other little guy dancing all funky with his big gold chain in front. Black people are funny.

I went into this other bar on the corner that had a cool dance place on the corner and plenty of space until they all closed at two. That would be fun to go down there and dance at that place if it isn’t too crowded, but not drink. I’m wasted again today because of that.

I hope I’ll be fresh tomorrow.

18I went into the gym today and did ten reps with 225 squat to a couple inches above the safety bar line. About as good as that 17 year old girl, although I think she was lying about the weight because of another video I saw her do and claiming a different weight for the plates but whatever I like to pretend she’s telling the truth because if she is she’s ****ing strong. After that I did ten reps of full squats at 135. I like full squats. I’ll start doing them every time starting out with 135 at like 20 reps.? I need to make sure to take it easy with the squats in the beginning though because my lower lumbar feels totally confused and I don’t want to hurt myself. I did some more squats with 185 but that was about it because I felt totally lethargic and my arms felt pumped up all day so I figured it would be smart to not do too much today.

?Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel good. I’ll eat a lot tonight. I don’t really care about my belly anymore.

20 I got up this morning feeling ill and exhausted so I went back to bed until like three and ordered an $800 desalinator and got like $420 of protein powder, vegetable soup and fish oil pills. Then I went to the gym for five hours, although it didn’t seem that long. I think I was futsying around with my videos a lot today. This big dude named David who works there came up to me and was all, "Why do you lift with girls, you should lift the man weights". And I was thinking like yeah maybe. Although I was beaten by two chicks today. First Nicole Bass benched on the vertical bench machine like ten reps with 135 then like ten with 185 and then eight with 225 and then four at 285. I kept up with her until the end where I could only do one at 285. I’ll have to practice that one when I’m fresh. Then she did ten military press with the smith machine with 185 and then another ten and I could only do the first ten.? Her strength is definitely within my grasp if I keep lifting. Maybe like a month more, if I keep lifting. I have to get caught up on the UKT again some time soon. Then I did some more girls and then Sheila Burgess who did all these weird tempo (slow movement) excersizes and then closed handed bench presses with 135 lbs 6 reps and then 6 reps with 185. I tried the 185 but it pegged to my chest?and this big black dude ran up to me and was like "oh I’ll help you out with that" and I was?all, "I’m good! I’m good! I’m good!" and he was like "oh you’re doing some kind of excesize like that". And then I realized that it would have been easier to let him take the bar but I had already decided to help myself and he startled me. I felt kind of embarrassed about snapping at him and after I put it back on I gave him the thumbs up and he gave me one". I did normal bench presses instead while sheila did 2 sets of six at 135 and two at 185 closed handed. Then we moved to the half squats and she did a ten at 135 and then ten at 185 and then ten at 225 and then two sets of ten at 285. I picked up the 285 but didn’t feel like I could squat it so I skipped her two sets there and then did her tempo leg presses with four plates where you take ten seconds to go down and five to go up four times. She did two sets of those and I felt like I could beat her at those, although I sat out on her two sets of squating. I should have just done it with 225. I need to do more squating. I forgot to do the full squats today.

?I ran for a little, one mile. I had a rough time maybe because I had been squating or maybe because I was feeling under the weather all day.

?Maybe I’ll take the day off tomorrow to get caught up on kayak stuff. I’ll go in late at night instead.

21I went into the gym with Windham today and had an hour to do the Crossfit excersize the Linda I think it’s called.? Nicole deadlifted ten reps of 185, ten squat clean with 95, ten bench with 120 and then nine down to one. I made it to four before I ran out of time. I wasted time getting started by eating and then had to change the weights because it was too busy to hog it all. I’ll come back at night and do it right. I love this excersize though! I’m very interested in seeing how much I can beat Nicole by.? That would be wild if she ends up beating me!?? I also did a set of that guys sit up challenge but it may not be valid because I think I accidentally touched my legs.

I didn’t go back today though because I’m feeling behind with the UKT. I bought an IPIRB today and called about a sat phone. I think I’ll get it tomorrow for $1500 including the solar panels. I painted my boat and outriggers with black stripes today and will finish tomorrow. I have three grand now and I want to blow it all on all the stuff I don’t have yet and get the shopping phase out of the way. I like spending all my money at once anyways.

?Barbie Barbell made friends with me on this site today! That’s the first time a girl has made friends with m. I must have sent her a message before. Maybe she’ll try one of my challenges. ha.

22I did good today. I went in for an hour with Windham and did three sets of 30 leg presses with six plates going all the way down. I saw this tall blond trainer doing the ones next to me with four plates and two 25s and then went to do box jumps right next to me and goes "Don’t put your knees together, put them shoulder width and dig your heels in," and I’m like, "Thanks".?? I think I did a couple set of 20 squats with 135. I really like full squats. I can’t beleive I’ve never done them before. I can’tg remember what else I? did.

? ?I came back later in the day and forgot to see when I arrived but was there a long time. I did a bunch of girls stuff today that was easy. I finished with Wendy Lindquist who had some interesting excersizes I’mve never done before. Before that I did all these super sets for my stomach. I should do my stomach more. It’s not so bad after you start. It’s actually quite enjoyable. My muscles haven’t come in yet and I still have a spare tire. I weight 183 so I’ve stopped gaining weight. Maybe because I’m starting to lose fat, hopefully.

I worked out for an hour today because my body is burnt enough and I have stuff to do. I ten ten squats of 135 on the smith machine and then six with 225 because that’s what I saw this girl on my mp4 do.? I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it but it wasn’t that bad. It’s way easier on the smith machine. Maybe if I do it enough on the smith machine I’ll be able to do it for real. I’ll go for ten next time and see if I can do 20 soon. These are full squats I’m talking about. I love full squats. I should remember to do them every time I’m in the gym.? I’m just starting out with them. Then I did 20 leg presses with six plates and some arm stuff from the mp4 and did a couple arm nautilaus drop sets and that was my hour. ? Psyched to go in tomorrow!

23I got like three hours of sleep last night. I’m just too into the book and scanning I guess. I woke up this morning from an asthma attack. Come to think of it that’s the whole reason I’ve been getting three or four hours of sleep a day. I’ve been getting asthma attacks at the crack of dawn like a half hour after I get to sleep and then I’m just laying there. The other day I went to Wallgreens at like four in the morning?because both of my inhalers disapeared and theirs had been stolen and weren’t going to stock more and today I went to two places and neither of them had them, however they said as the supermarket that they will restock them tomorrow.

?I felt debilitatively under rested today but had a brief spell of feeling OK at like ten so I went to the gym.? I have a new method now. Instead of watching girls on my mp4 I?watch them on youtube and write down what they do and then do it the next day. It saves a lot more time that way and the girls?on youtube are generally stronger than the ones I downloaded off of?herbiceps.com and those other sites.?

I was going to see if I could beat Nicole in the?Crossfit?Linda but after I set up the weights this kid poached me. That was at eleven so I guess if I want to do that excersize I have to come in after midnight.?

?I started with?19 year old Jessica’s squats where she does ten front squats and ten dead lifts with 235 without touching the ground. The front squats are harder than I though they would be. You need good form. When I first got a membership I asked that super hot trainer Nikki to rate