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3 oh shnootz. looks like it’s been a while since i was at the gym. I took some time off because I got way into the ultimate power of ten web page. i was at the gym yesterday and started out with 26 bench presses with 135 which isn’t bad considering it was the first bit of excersize I’ve done for a while with all the ****ed up holiday diet. I benched 135 100x in sets of ten and decline benched 50x in sets of ten and inclined 135 10x. I didn’t do 50 though. I forgot. started out with stretching a half hour. I jogged 5k. drop setted the bicep and tricep machines from 110 lbs sets of ten. 30 shoulder flys with 10 lbs, 40 cruches with 20 lbs on my chest. what else? I can’t remember, it was yesterday. I was in there for three and a half hours. oh yeah I hand bike drop setted for 15 minutes 1.9 miles. i deep squated 240 lbs for the first time and barely got it up and I had a headache the whole day today and when I went in there to squat today I had the headache and realized it was from overdoing the squating. I should have warmed up or something. squating isn’t my thing and after all that time not doing anything it was a little much. I did it cause I saw this super hot chick fiona von bachus do that 3x with that weight. she had a belt on though. I felt like i wasn’t so far from throwing my back out too so I need to work my way up with that. 50 calf raises with 115 lbs.

tonight I did the half hour of stretching and hand bike drop setted 15 minutes 2.8 miles. I closed my eyes. from now on i will close my eyes so I can pump it harder. I was sweating afterwards. drop setted the cable ab crunches sets of 30 lbs from 200 lbs. tried some squating and leg pressing but had a headache so I stopped. I did some tricep and bicep machine. what else? can’t remember. I lost my interest after about an hour because I wanted to go home and watch some movies. I’m still lazy from the holiday time. tomorrow I’ll be good to go for four hours….

4 I did my four hours today. started with 30 minutes of stretching and then b lined it for the squating because I suddenly got interested in it since I saw fiona von bachhus, who’s suuuuuper hot, deep squat 240 3x. I reeeeaaaallly injoyed it and am hooked. deep squating isn’t so much harder than normal squatting I’ve found out and seems to work my quads longer than normal leg extensions. I did 3 sets of 3 at 225, then the same with 205, 185, and like one or two with 155 but this dude was staring at me so I let him have it. A Polish dude ran up to me and told me to take the shoulder pad off because real powerlifters don’t use them so I did that and it wasn’t so bad. Fiona Von Bacchus didn’t use the either. People at my gym can be bossy. I tried to show a guy a video of a naked female bodybuilder liftting and a girl turned around and is all "no way you are doing that here that is so unapropriate! I’m serious!" I was all "you can barely see her nipples though", and she’s all I don’t care stop!" I was only doing it for scientific purposes to see if he thought she was on steroids or if the weights were fake.

I wondered around a lot so it’s hard to remember exactly what I did. 3 sets of 10 sitting leg curl 175, 170, 165, two sets of ten lying leg curl with 110 lbs, three sets of 50 with 125 lbs, hand bike 2.7 miles drop set in 15 minutes, ran four miles. I signed up for the marathon on February 18th so I guess that means I should train for it. I wanted to run 10k but got chaffed after four, then did the last half hour on that weird curcular stair climber thing while I watched Heroes. I did the ab drop cable pulldown drop set 20 reps from 200lbs to like 100. after like 140 I did 50. then 60 leg ups, and like three sets of ten complete ab machine with 100lbs then one with 120 lbs 15x. shoulder extension with 10lbs 30x. I was a little sore on that for some reason. my chest was sore today so I didn’t do any chest stuff. It’s nice to be back in the groove again. I got two big jugs of protein powder. I did 20 backups with 35 lbs, 25 lbs, 10 lbs and no lbs. a couple or three sets of ten leg abduction out and in with 170 lbs. That’s all I remember. Tomorrow I need to remember to buy some runners creme or put bandaids between my legs for the running. Sarah said she ran 12 miles on the treadmill so I said I’d do that but she said I should work up to it so I’ll do six miles, then nine and then 12. Then I’ll do a marathon just so I can tell the girls that I did that. I asked her if she did but she said that would be crazy. She said I should join the runners club rogue runners but that’s a little too social for me. I would prefer to be a hermit in this town. Sarah’s so pretty. It looks like she really keeps her mouth clean. She says the Austin marathon is really hilly and she did it in four hours. So my goal is to do it in under four hours. That could be a chore since I weigh 190 and my achilles tendons are not that strong. I can’t remember any more lifting I did. I should be good for four hours tomorrow. I love this squatting I’m flabergasted as to why I didn’t do this before. I want to deep squat 250 for reps in a couple months.

5I was only in the gym for a couple hours today. I really wanted to run 10k on the treadmill because I’m doing the marathon in five weeks but i forgot my tape and the take they gave me didn’t cut it. I shaved my inner thighs in the shower and will get the chaffing creme tomorrow at the runners store. Then I’ll be able to start running 10k a day. I was kind of tired today so I went home early. I did the ab cable pulldown drop set, 60 leg ups, 30 min of stretching, a few bi and tri sets of ten on those machines, 50 calf raises with 115 lbs, 50 side ups standing with 45 lbs. I started out with benching 135 and had arm burn after 20 so I stopped. That means I was tired today. I did the 15 minute arm bike drop set 20-15-10 2.7 miles though. I can’t remember what else I did. Oh well. I rode my bike a few miles today because my car is in the shop. I rode it a few yesterday too from the shop. I’ll ride it tomorrow too to get the chaffing creme. I’m totally fired up about running big tomorrow with the proper allocatement of creme.
6 i did three hours today and feel totally overcooked. I hope i’ll feel ok tomorrow. I didn’t really eat enough last night. I could be tired from a combination between the deep squats I did a couple days ago and the ten kilometers I ran today. My legs have been sore since those deep squats I did. I really like them. It’s interesting that I’m becoming interested in deep squatting heavy and training for a marathon at the same time.

I started with a half hour of stretching, then went to the bench to see how many I can do with 135 and it was 27. I felt fresh today so I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve hit a wall. I did 29 like six months ago. I’m interested to see now that I’ve started to specifically train for that. I did three more and then ended up doing a hundred in sets of ten and a couple more sets of ten on the decline bench. I did ten slow full pullups on the pullup machine aided with 10 lbs. hand bike drop sets 20-15-10 resistence in 2.5 so that wasn’t so bad. It’s kind of hard for me to concentrate on that one. for some reason I’m drawing a blank on what i did. I did 10 deep hack squats with four plates and did a bench set and went over and deep leg pressed six plates with two 25’s 25 times for time because I saw a girl on youtube do it in 50 seconds. My legs were burning because they were sore and i did it in 1:07 and was like "wow she’s strong!", but I see now that they started the video at her 14th rep so I actually beat her. see this is why i don’t get people and their youtube excersize videos. I’m like the only person who includes the whole workout from solid angles listing the reps and weight. You have to be a scientist. I ran ten K in like 53 minutes after liberally applying anti chaffing creme and it kept me pain free. I was feeling a little tired though. After running I did 50 12 lbs ball side to sides with the legs up, 50 leg ups followed by 10 slow knee ups, the decline benching, a couple sets of 15 preacher curling 30 lbs dumbells. that’s all i remember. by then I was feeling a little ill. Like my body just wanted to stop so i did even though it was only three hours. I feel a little feverish now. I’ll make sure to have a good dinner and at least run tomorrow. I want to increase my running on the treadmill by five K a day until I actually run a marathon on the treadmill just because. Today I ran ten K, so tomorrow I’ll do 15 K.

K out….

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11 My body was still ill from the binge drinking so I bought an endurorush even though my credo says not to because of all the chemicals, but I wasn’t confident that I could hang on for my four hours without it. I ended up being in there for like four and a half hours I think. I started with a half hour of stretching and then was going to deep squat 225 but didn’t feel confident so I deep leg pressed ten plates three sets of ten instead, then eight and then six. Hand bike drop setted 2.1 or 2.3 miles in 15 minutes barely breaking a sweat and then benched 135 27x which made me happy considering the circumstances. I drop setted tricep bicep machine from 110 lbs sets of ten, was in the sauna for about fifteen minutes and then ran nine miles. That’s all I remember. That’s weird because I was in there for so long and I was busy the whole time. Where did the time go? Was I abducted by aliens? My body feels adequadely worked now. Tomorrow I’ll run 12 miles. I don’t want to be in the gym more than four or four and a half hours so I guess I will be cutting back on the lifting until after the marathon on the 14th. After the run I was 186.6 lbs. I was pretty dehydrated though because all I had was the Endurorush to drink and felt way too jacked on the caffeine. I almost drank all of it for the first time and you’re not supposed to drink more than half a bottle in a 12 hour period, and your not even supposed to drink it at all if your under 18 and over like 38. That stuff is hard core. I even had problems seeing from the high I got off it and my piss was flourescent yellow. No joke. Maybe that’s why I can’t even remember what I did. I think it kept me going though, even though I felt like **** from the toxicity when I walked out of the gym. I feel better now though after I got some food and drink into me. I think that weight loss is from muscle loss from the time I took off from the lifting from the power of ten and the audio encyclopedia problem and not burning away fat. I have a big belley now and would really like to get rid of it already. It would make me feel young. I think I made a strategical error taking time off from lifting to delete stuff off my site. I should have just randomly deleted stuff until I was at proper size and delt with the re-uploading later instead of surgically doing it the way I did. I should not take any more time off. It really throws a wrench in my fitness and rythm. The key to being fit once you get older is CONSISTENCY with diet and excersize. If your consistent your ok, if not your ****ed.
12I didn’t do much today. I only got like five hours of sleep last night and that ruined me. I didn’t get to sleep until like five in the morning and had a meeting in the morning and didn’t have a nap until I went to the gym. I did a half hour of stretching and then ran ten K and hand biked like 2.3 miles in 15 minutes drop set and then benched 135 25 x then 5x then 10x and calf raised 115 lbs 50x but that was it. I was out of energy. I was having a really bad asthma attack the whole time running too which sapped me. I had a blister too. If I get plenty of sleep tonight I’ll be ok for tomorrow.

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15 I did my four hours today. I didn’t sleep at all last night again because I can’t ****ing breath for ****. I couldn’t even breath right at the gym today. I guess if I drink a little alcohol I can’t breath right for a week. At the gym I did the stretching for a half hour, benched 135 20x. I don’t know what the deal with that is. Maybe the running is ****ing up my benching from burning away fat or something. I told Sarah that but she said that was crazy. She’s not a trainer though. She’s just the desk girl. But she’s hot as **** so everything she says must be true. It must be something else. She said I should do intervals set to 10 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off ten times. I did four because my left knee started giving me sharp pains. After the benching 20x I benched it 10 more times. I deep squated 225 three sets of three. the same thing with 205 and then 185 but I stopped after that because my left knee was shooting sharp pains. I don’t know what the deal with that is. Maybe I should ask someone if I’m doing it right. People there are friendly. A muscular mexican dude came up to me and told me I look like a decathalete gold medalist and that was a compliment. I think he said Dan Janson. I’ll go see. Then I did a set of ten leg extension at 200 lbs, then 195, 190, 185. I think that was it. Then I curled 50 lbs dumbells a set of ten. And then ran seven miles in an hour. I couldn’t do any more than that. I’m just too heavy, although I am losing weight. When I went in I was 190.6 and after the running I was at like 186. I still have a big belly though. I think the running is burning fat away. If you don’t want to lose fat don’t run for than an hour a day. I did 10 dumbell curls with 47.5, then 45 and then 40. Leg abduction in 10 at 170, stretched for like 15 minutes and then ran five more miles. Then I did 10 leg abduction in 10 reps at 170 lbs. I was going to do more but I think I was in there for four hours and didn’t want to overdo it since I’ve been tired lately and I think even a little sick as I’ve been having such back asthma problems, so I went home. As I was walking out this dude bailed sooooooo frickin hard on the treadmill right in front of me?I felt so bad for him. I saw the treadmill there at 7.5 and was wondering if someone left it there and was contemplating turning it off, but then this dude walks up to it holding all this stuff in his hands like his cell phone, water bottle, mp3 player and towel?and he must have been looking at one of his gadgets or something because instead of stepping on the side part he steps right on the treadmill and face plants right on the rubber smacking his head so hard with his glasses on and got spit out the back with all his stuff all over the place. The crash was so loud everbody could hear it. A couple people walked up to him wondering if he was ok and then he went back into the locker room. He probably wanted to see if he had a gash in his head. Sarah said that was her big nightmare; now it’s mine too. Just don’t **** with those treadmills. I’ve had quite a few close calls myself getting too fixated on the TV and then the next thing I know I’m stepping on the side part and almost go down. Anyways, I hope I’ll be good for four hours tomorrow. The marathon will be interesting. I don’t know if I’ll be able to run the whole thing since I haven’t really trained for it and I weigh so much. This running is certainly making me lighter though and oh man I’m gonna look so ****ing hot if I burn this spare tire away because I have muscle tone now. Oh man I can’t weight.

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16I did my four hours today. 40 minutes of stretching. Two sets of 20 bench press 135 and then six more sets to make 100 reps. Two sets of 15 concentration curls with 30 lbs dumbells and two or three?sets of 10. Two sets of 50 standing oblique lifts with a 45 lbs plate. 30 standing flys with 10 lbs, 50 calf raises with 115 lbs, 10 sets of 10 full ab crunch machine at 120 lbs, 20 high leg ups, 30 back ups with 35 lbs, then with 25, 10, 5. 2.5 and 0 lbs.?I mixed the sets up though. Ran 10 Kilometers. Hand bike drop set 20-15-10 2.3 miles in 15 minutes. Three sets of 10 machine curls with 110 lbs. I forgot to say that yesterday I did the ab cable pulldown dropset from 210 lbs sets of 20 all in a row. 10 leg abduction out and in at 170 lbs, 10 leg extension at 200 lbs. 15 minutes of stretching at the end. That’s all I remember.

Tomorrow if I’m not fresh for lifting I’ll spend the whole four hours running and stretching. I’ll be in the gym for four hours a day without fail until the marathon because running doesn’t overtrain you. My asthma has been horrible lately though. I suffered badly the whole time in the gym and I?feel like?it’s been reducing my energy about %30. I sure hope the bike touring cures that. If I ever drink alhocol or smoke anything ever again, well I’m a monkey’s uncle. A true peckerhead.

25Did 2.5 hrs at the gym today. I'm so shot to shit it isn't even funny. I could barely keep my eyes open and could barely stand up or walk without a stagger. It's because I haven't slept for like the last four nights. I got some sleep this afternoon, like four hours or something, but that's not enough, especially since that's about how much sleep I got last ni.. or yesterday afternoon. I had a huge asthma attack on the way to get my car today. It drives soo awesomely now!!! I almost feel like that $4535 I spent on it this time was actually worth it. Oh well that's the first time I've had the transmission replaced in 180,000 miles and 20 years. I'm also not eating enough. I had like one burrito for food yesterday and three burritos nada mas today before going into the gym at 10:30 pm. I feel under fed now but I'm too tired to cook something up so I'm eating a peanut butter sandwich. I also made the mistake of going into the sauna before my workout the last two nights which sucked ALL the energy out of me. It was like kryptonite for superman. I stretched a half hour, then did ab drop set cable pulldown sets of 20 from the top at 200 lbs down to 120 lbs. Did the sauna for like 15 minutes and sweat like a pig, then finished that drop setting. Benched 135 20x, then 10x. Hand biked .85 miles in 10 minutes at like 9-19 watts. One set of ten tricep pushdown at 110 lbs and curl machine at 110 lbs. Stretched for like 15 minutes and then was like "fuck this bs". I don't even feel like I lifted at all. This is what happens to me when I get sucked into a project. But oh well whatever that calendar is fucking awesome! I'll try to pig out tomorrow and hopefully at least to better tomorrow than I did today. K dawg out...
27 I did my four hours today. i didn't go into the gym yesterday because I wanted to get caught up on sleep. I got up at 7:30 but still felt like I could get some extra sleep so I stayed in bed and slept. I felt great today. I'll be good tomorrow too. I barely feel like I worked out at all.

I got a half hour of stretching in, then did two sets of 20 bench press with 135 lbs and six more sets of 10 for 100. Then five sets of 10 decline bench at 135 lbs, 3 sets of 50 calf raises with 125 lbs, 3 sets of leg extension with 250 lbs, 3 sets of sitting leg curls with 175 lbs, 50 oblique standing, 30 standing fly with 10 lbs, 50 shrugs with 45 lbs each side, 2.8 miles of hand bike drop setting 20-15-10 in 15 minutes, 3 sets of machine curls with 110 lbs, ab cable pulldown drop set 20 reps from 210 lbs down to 100 lbs, ran 6.1 miles in 57 minutes. That's all I remember.

I'm jazzed for tomorrow. My arm is healed to be able to swim again. Maybe I'll do that.

31I took the last few days off because I got carried away with finishing my calendar again. Now I feel like I have to start from scratch. I was in the gym yesterday and stretched for a half hour and did 20 benches with 135 and then 10 and then five minutes on the hand bike but had to stop there because I was totally sleep deprived and needed to crash. I had like an hour of sleep the night before and couldn't get back to sleep in the morning. I got to sleep great when I went home. It's 3:45 AM now after I woke up because I had to pee and now I can't get back to sleep again but I feel rested so I think I'll get some breaky at jack and the box and go do my four hours now. Sleep is important. I haven't been eating much either. I hardly eat anything when I'm not excersizing. Yesterday I had some eggs and then a sandwich and that was all, apart from a couple of protein drinks.

I'm starting to remember my dreams again, finally. I had a dream that I was in some small town in another state and did a kayak trip with my sea kayak and it's outriggers down a small river that went through the center of the town to the next town down with some dude. He said it was illegal but we wouldn't be caught. There were some rapids and the river was barely big enough for our boat to fit on but it never snagged. We saw another old dude doing it too. When we finished my buddy dissapeared and I was docked at a place in the pitch black with some people who he knew who had been expecting us who put me in another little boat and paddled to the edge of the river to their backyard, as the river was running through a neighborhood. I went in their house briefly and the guy was like a rastaman type who was about to smoke a bowl. I remembered that I would get asthma if I smoked it but I took a hit anyway and I think I remember getting high. When we went back to the river the flood had subsided and it was day so we just walked to my kayak. I was wondering where my friend went and asked someone there how far it was to the town we left from where my car was and he said 50 miles. I asked him how long he though it would take me if I went there alone and he said 6.5 hours but it was illegal. I asked him if he thought it would be easier if two people did it together, implying I wanted him to help me paddle it up and he said I should get my kayak off of their property and on the front of the house which I did. I should have just kayaked up the river. He helped me lug my stuff to the front and there were a bunch off kids just hanging around on the front driveway and I was thinking again about kayaking up the river and asked them about it. They said I would probably not get caught and a girl said the fine was nine "duckets". I asked how much that was and someone said nine thousand dollars. That sounded risky to me so I picked up a book and looked up taxi numbers and was about to call around and see if I could just strap my kayak to the top of a taxi and get a ride back up that way. That's when I woke up.

I just came back from 3:45 at the gym. Did 45 minutes of stretching, iso lateral benched two 45 lbs plates and two 25s 18x because I saw Annie Riviero and some other big girl do it 20, so that's my new goal. Then of course I benched 135 10 sets of 10, decline benched 5 sets of ten and incline benched 2 sets of ten and 5 sets of 5, so that's 200 benches. Did ab pulldown drop set from 210 lbs sets of 20 down to 100, with sets of 50 from 120. I'll stop at 120 from now on. Hand bike drop setted 20-15-10 2.3 miles in 15 minutes after the benching. Sat in the Sauna for a few minutes. Did like 20 more minutes of stretching. Three sets of 10 machine curl 110 lbs, three sets of 15 preacher curl with 15 lbs, oblique standing raises 50x with 45 lbs, three sets of 50 calf raises with 125 lbs, three sets of 10 leg extension with 250 lbs, three sets of leg abduction in and out with 190 lbs, one set of leg curl sitting with 175 lbs, two sets of 30 standing flys with 10lbs followed by 20 front flys, 50 shrugs with 45 lbs. That's all I remember. I came home because I want to work on the calendar. I'll go back tonight for some more lifting and running. I got fat from the time I've been taking off.

went back to the gym today and did 30 slow crunches with my feet on the wall and a 20 lbs dumbell on my chest 2 sets, 10 slow full pullups, 10 20 lbs aided pullups, 20 slow leg ups. I felt tired so I stopped there and ran four miles on 6.5. I felt super wasted after that so I went home. Now I'm wasted. I should have remembered I need to take it easy on my first day back after taking time off.
P of 10, Cal, rid gig
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2 I just came back from 3.5 hours at the gym and I feel sick. I usually I feel worked, but today I feel sick just like for the last two nights. I didn’t eat well today. i had two coffees, and eclair and two bags of candy. My car broke down again today and I deal with stress with eating candy and drinking coffee. At least I didn’t drink alcohol. My car has been in the shop in the last 16 months than it’s been out of the shop, and that’s not an exageration. About 5/1 ratio. It’s ridiculous. About $20,000 worth of work too.
 I had a pretty good workout though. After my half hour of stretching I benched 135 28x which isn’t my record but isn’t bad. Then two more. Then a set of 20, and then five sets of ten for 100. 30 standing flys with 10lbs, 50 shrugs with 25 forward and 25 back. 50 oblique lifts standing each side, 20 oblique lifts with 45 on the angled backup machine, 20 with 35, 20 with 25, 20 high leg ups where you bring the legs all the way up vertical, 3 sets of 15 cable rows with 200 lbs, 3 sets of 10 machine tricep with 130 lbs. 15 minutes 20-15-10 drop set hand bike for 2.7 miles. that’s all I remember but I have a feeling I did more. Then I ran 5k and then did like an hour of the leg spin stair climber thing at 153 bpm and 195 watts. I stopped running and did that because I wanted to watch lost and I just ran out of energy to run because I had asthma and war sickly feeling. I had asthma because I ate so much sugar and caffeine today. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be good to go for like four hours. Maybe I should start out with running since I’m supposed to be training for a marathon. I predict I’ll do the marathon between 4.5 and 5 hours. Probably more like five hours.
My car broke down today. I worked on my world history timeline.
12 Bustin caps not much to say. I got my car back today. Like $380. Cleaned the throtle lever. Were going to fix the fan but when they opened it it was fixed but now it's broken again. That's my car for you. I'll call them tomorrow and see what to do. Today is my last day full time on the alien pages project. I got sucked in again what can I say. I was just deenergized from having my car in the shop and it was raining and I got waaaay jazzed about doing this to the point that I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier. Like, I wanted to do the audion encyclopedia before this?? Now I HAVE to get my own server and get that audion encyclopedia up there after spending so much dang time on the dang thing. Tomorrow I have a bunch of web work to do for my mom and excersize a little to warm up for the marathon and get to sleep early so I can do that marathon. That will be interesting.
26So I'm going home in a couple of days. These last few days have been intense with Windham and the next couple could be quite interesting as well. I hope Josh comes by tomorrow so he can jump start my car so I can park it out back and load it up and get ready to blaze. I'm really looking forward to moving back in with mom in Boulder. She says I can only stay there for two months. If she sticks to her guns on that I don't care I'll just live out of my car. I am so fired up to bust out these alien pages I can hardly contain myself. I haven't done anything other than that for like a month now and pretty much have been busting my ass on my site for the last couple months. I have a feeling I'll be jazzed about getting my audio encyclopedia going after after which means making my own server. I really need to make sure to keep up with the excersize though, but I don't think that will be a problem living in Boulder. I'm going to run all the time in the foothills and ride and contintue to pump iron at 24 hour fitness. I got a membership at match.com and will email all of tose girls until I can find some ckick to at least pump iron with me. Also see if I can get a dude to pump it with me occasionally. Mike said something about trying to lose weight so I'll see if I can get him motivated. I'll see if I can get a job washing windows but if that doesn't pan out I'll just work for mom. I really want to have a lot of spare time to bust out these alien pages. that's all I care about now. I sure hope Tony doesn't back out on me for next year, although I had an ominous dream about sea kayaking last night. I was in a boat in the middle of the ocean and these people took me out there to drop me off all by myself to kayak to an island a pretty long ways away. The water was REALLY frickin choppy and I was terrified and didn't want to do it anymore but was thinking about how much time and money I have spent preparing for it. The problem was I was alone. The last thing I want to do is that trip alone. That would scare the piss out of me. I have two serious irrational phobias, heights and deep water, but with the water I'm OK as long as I'm with someone else. I love dreams. It's kind of a bummer I don't remember them anymore. I used to remember them all the time. I wonder what happened. Did I smoke myself retarded? Hmmm....
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18i had some fucked up ensomnia last night, didn't get to sleep till like four. Got up this motherfuckin morning and did spot cleaning and vaccuming with the new vaccuum which is way better. Then I put the door spring on. I rode like 27 miles or something. did the 16.8 mile time trial in 1:05. I didn't hammer. I can't in the state I'm in now. I decided I'm going to make the next full moon on the 29th a full moon 24 hour bike ride though. Gonna see if I can beat that chick who rowed accross the atlantics record of 230 miles. Mine is 200 on the road bike. I did 300 on my mountain bike once but road is another category, so she is still winning. bitch. Then I did like an hour at the gym. i'm still a little tired from starting up again the other day so I took it easy. this chick at the desk there said she squated 265 so I did that. I don't know if I went as far down as she did though. she said her roomate did 280 so I'll have to try that. man cheerleaders are badass!
19It snowed today so i went into the gym. I thought about going into the mountains but that's a lot of gear to dig up and I don't plan on staying here long enough for that to be worth it. I was in the gym for like a couple hours. did a half hour of stretching, benched 135 20x, then 10x three more times, shoulder fly with 10 lbs 30x, incline situps 30x, 10x machine full situps with 100 lbs, full rack ab pull downs 20x, full rack leg abduction in and out 10 and 15 x. four sets of 10 leg extension with 210 lbs. I'm still not totally recovered from the other day at the gym and my body is extra taxed from this biking i've been doing plus i'm just not in the mood to hammer today so I went home which was probably better for my body in the first place. I'm starting to realize that I'm out of shape more or less which makes sense seeing that it's been a couple months since I've done anything. I'm going to work on my site now for the first time since I've been back. I'm finally caught up on all the moving in and fixing up the house stuff.
22I was tired today but went on a ride anyways after I got my keys copied and something else and then took off up lee hill road and down into left hand canyon and south down 36. I person appeared behind me and was closing in fast and then I saw a fast looking girl coming north so I followed her and paste her and she didn't get on my wheel. She was on a steady pace and eventually passed me again a couple of times after I rested drafting off of her until she went down Nelson and I turned around and rode a little until I saw a fast looking girl passing north so I turned around and sprinted up to get on her wheel, but a couple seconds later she sprinted away from me because this old guy passed her and maybe she tried to get on his wheel or at least keep up with her. When he passed me I was like "wow that guys like an ex pro 55 year old dude baddass" because he passed so fast. I sprinted after her and him a little but my legs were hurting and I felt like it would be a bad idea so I decided to try to catch up to her again but she gradually rode away from me. It was cool to chase someone. I kept her in my sights for a while and noticed that that guy was just in front of her, so when he passed me he was just sprinting to get ahead of me. Bikers here are weird. They can't just pass you, they have to attack you. I'm going to chase after girls every day now. I was averaging 27-28 mph going east from Lyons. We went south on 75th until hygene and even though I was out of water I kept after he but shortly afterwards I pretty much cracked and sat up and the guy who was right behind me since lyons just blew by me and this other guy who I passed passed me again. I passed a girl and then she caught up to me for a little bit. I got to the diagonal and went into niwot for some gatorade because I was about to bonk. I saw a man and woman ride buy me as I turned onto the diagonal but by the time I caught up to them they were turning off at that last light before boulder. so that was 46 miles climbed from 5430 up to past 7000 feet. My left knee was hurting me a lot today. I guess I must really be out of riding shape. I will start noting my odometer in my journal. I should definitely not go riding tomorrow. I'll swim and work out instead or take the day off. Odometer 148.5 miles.
31I went riding today for the first time since the 23 that's more than a week my god. I was helping mom and getting myself situated and working on the diet book and making a web page for it. I can't beleive it I have to make a big ass page on everything I do now. I've got web site itis. I rode 42 miles today involving some climbing up left hand and up that other hill. It was cold but I had leggies and armies and was just about right. I rode up highway 36 towards lyons and saw three girls turn north on it from left hand canyon just ahead of me so I tried to catch up with them but they rode away from me. I managed to keep them in my sites until a little after turning south on 75th from Nelson. I came back to 36 via neva and sat on the side of the road for like a minute and this pack of riders came north so I rode up the hill and they caught me and I joined them. It was five women and like ten guys going like 21 mph. They turned on left hand and I went with them but they stopped after crossing the road so I continued. Then a few minutes later three guys sprinted past me and then one of the girls so I got on her wheel and she looked back and stopped pedaling so I past her and got away a little but then she attacked and dropped me with this other dude and then the other girl past me and then this dude and then two more girls and this guy and they rode out of sight. One of the girls had a big butt. I can't beleive a girl with a big butt is a better climber than me. That's fucked up. I was having an asthma attack during it. I turned around and went up that other hill just after this old dude but he rode away from me. I feel good. My legs are a little sore but I am excited about running and riding tomorrow. I'm going to take it easy while I'm here in Boulder. Odometer 192


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1I got up late because I had ensomnia until like four and took my computer to the computer place to make it faster and she showed me some things. I had too many start up programs running. He said it would be easier to get ipower to be my server for the encyclopedia instead of make my own server. I won't be finished with that for a while anyways. I have like two more months solid work on it where I'll need an internet connection. I got some nuts and bolts and stuff for my bike and went into the gym for a little bit but I wasn't in the mood so I only stretched. I did try the reclining bike to test my wattage. Last night I read about a girl named evelyn stevens who was a 26 year old stockbroker in New York and bought a bike and started racing and tested at 310 watts for five minutes at 120 lbs so I tried that and was riding at like 324 for 1:40 until I had to stop because I was asthmatically out of breath. My legs felt fine though. I am in really bad cardiovascular shape right now. Then I went to go hang out with mike at his house and Evan had a recliner bike there that had a watt meter on it and I tried riding at like 320 watts but was out of breath after like 20 seconds. In the past it would have been my legs just not having the strength but now I slow down because I'm out of breath. I really need to start riding. Secret. I've been smoking sooooooooo much weed that's why I'm so out of breath. Evelyn Stevens is pretty amazing. After a year of racing she got second in the national time trial championships by one second, won the cascade classic and this other race that is the biggest race in america and I think like redlands and then was 15th in the world road championships. She gives me hope.
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6When i got up i could tell that my knee is not going to work so i think i'll just take the train to prague but i'll ride 30 miles to the next town just to make sure that my knee is blown. i know it is though because the other days when my knee went out i got up with the knee feeling fine and today i'm starting out with a screwed up knee. i'm at the pizza place i was at last night waiting on something that I couldn't identify on the menu other than it has french fries. "pommes frites". it rained all night last night and i was stupid and had the ventilation flaps closed and so my tent got wet inside and my sleeping bag got wet. i think i'm good for anotehr night on it though but i might stay at a camp site on the outskirts of prague where i can put it in a dryer. i have a feeling none of these hundreds of girls i wrote on couchsurfers.org are going to let me stay at their place or have a shower. i just don't think women are into the audio encyclopedia and aliens mp3 thing. we'll see though.
To my pleasant surprise my knee felt fine and I rode 99.5 miles and camped at a lakeside which stank of rotten fish from some previous campers. It rained hard for a but but was mostly flat and dry. The campsite was 85 km south of Prague.
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
  1/1-2 2 Power of Ten project
  1/7-10 3 Getting rid of gigs on Ipower, Albania, Denmark 0
  1/17-30 13 Personal calendar project, Macedonia 0
2/3-26 23 Aliens pages, Bosnia 0
  3/1 - 4/7 36 Living with mom
  4/8-13 5 Netherlands
  4/14-22 8 Germany
  4/23-25 3 Switzerland, LeichtensteinRomania 0
  , Austria, Moldova 0
  Czech Republic, Finland 0
  Poland, Norway, Moab 0
  Slovakia, Estonia 0
  Hungary, Latvia 0
  Croatia, Romania, Tucson 0
  Serbia, Ukraine, Boulder 0
  Slovania, Lithuania 0
  6/3-4 Kosovo 0
  6/16 - 7/10 Greece 0
  8/24-31 7 Sweden 0
  7/11-13 3 Bulgaria 0
  24 Hours of Moab, Montenegro 0
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24Got the $1,885 tax return
walked 5 miles on the treadmill. stopped when blisters came on the outsides of my heals. i'll be good to go tomorrow though.
climbed 200 floors on the stairmaster at 5
concentration curl 27.5 lbs 15x then 10x 2 sets
Overhead BB press 95 lbs 8x
standing dumbell flys 15 lbs 10x 3 sets
matrix prone leg curls 100 lbs 10x 3 sets
freemotion lat 100 lbs 10x 10 sets
technogym leg press 200 lbs 10x
i stopped because i was exhausted from not eating a big enough of a breakfast and sitting in the hot tub and steam room after the stairmaster. from now on i'll do the weights and rowing machine before the treadmill and stairmaster cause i need more energy for lifting and racing the hot chicks on the rower than walking on treadmills and stairmasters.
watched 1516.
got the tax refund!!! oh yeah! paid off a credit card. yeah boiii!
29the car wouldn't start again. so paying $250 for a new alternator last week didn't help the phantom problem I have. now I have a new battery and new alternator but the battery still doesn't charge or hold a charge and the car passed the perisitic drain test too. i can't get the whole thing rewired becauese that costs $7000 dollars. i'll call someone else and see how much it is to just get the wires from the alternator to the batery and the one from the ignition to the battery replaced. or i'll get a battery splicer and battery with the highest crank, if the one I have now doesn't have that, and connect the two batteries to each other and the inverter so I have a battery that I can at least jump start myself with. I couldn't jump myself this morning because my rv battery was dead because i used it up watching movies at night. so now the cable is connected from the rv battery to the car battery hopefully charging it. i couldn't do anything there because my computer battery was dead and i couldn't plug it to the car and there was someone parked next to me so i couldn't get jumped by someone else so i walked to the starbucks until my computer battery charges. i had to get jump started by someone else day before yesterday too so i definitely have to do something about this phantom mystery problem. what a bummer. i have the car that refuses to go.
Stretched for about an hour
did 202 floors on the stairmaster from 7 to 5 speed.
Benched 135 lbs 10x 7 Sets, Concentration Curls 25 lbs 10x 3 Sets, Matrix Calf Presses 205 lbs 20x 3 Sets.
I didn't want to do any more because i'm not eating protein powder and i don't want to waste a work out. i feel like i can't recover without it. it took me like a week to recover from the sit ups i did last week. day after tomorrow i'll get four giant tubs of protein powder because gnc has the sales on the first week of every month so from now on i'll make sure to not run out of protein powder anymore. ate at chipoltle, got a drink at starbucks, lunch at a thai restaurant, drink at subway.
my appetite is kicking back in so i need to make sure to each a lot of oatmeat and bananas now so i don't go broke eating too much from more expensive places and food.
30i got up at five which was the first time early since i've been in sacramento but my battery was dead and i couldn't jump myself because the rv battery was dead from watching too many movies so i slept until like nine and then went to the pizza place and worked on my site for a couple hours and then went back to the car to work on the site some more and make videos until the computer and camera batteries died and then was able to jump myself and go to the store where the battery tested ok so now i have to go to the god damn car electronicist to fix this mysterious phantom perisitic drain. it's a bummer too because now that means that getting a new alternator for $250 was unnecesary. i feel like an idiot for not taking it to the mechanic before but i figured it was the alternator since it passed the perisitic drain test before, but the alternator did too. at this point i'm willing to go broke again though anyways if it means that my fucking car starts in the morning because this shit is getting sooo annoying. i had to get jumped like two days ago for fuck sakes.
i didn't have time to work out at the gym so much because i got a free admission to the club, district 30 at the gym and wanted to be there from the beginning which was a good thing because they were having one dollar drinks for the first hour. I had four drinks and got wasted off that.
in the gym i did three sets of calf presses at 205 20x, three sets of the hard incline situps 15 then 10 two times and 45 degree backups three sets of 15, drop setted arm curl machine from 75 10x in increments of 5 down to 10, barbell curled 60 three sets of 10 alternating with three sets of barbell skull crussers 60 for 10x. i lost my note pad but i think that was all. i did like 20 minutes of stretching after that. it's taking me forever to become limber.
there are some super tall girls here in sacramento, super buff chicks at the gym too, but tall too. there's this 6'5" super hot girl at my gym. she opened the door for the the other week and here eyes were above this sign that is a couple inches above the top of my head. then at the club there were three 6'5" girls last night, and a 6'2" girl. first the super tall white girl came in and then these two super tall black girls came in with some other black girls and danced next to me. one of the shorter ones, who was about my height put her ass right up against my dick and started rubbing it the way black girls do and i grabbed her waste for a few minutes and then she torned around and i think she said "thanks you" and then left and i didn't see her for the rest of the night.
those super tall girls, who weren't related but they looked like they were like six five had either come in with their boyfriends or had already hooked up because one of them was with this dude and the stocky one was with this punjabe dude. i know he's punjabe because he's a dingle dingle with a towel on his head. not a raghead like the ones you fight on call of duty four but a hooka smoking towel head. i know he's punjabe because i saw one in my gym with a tee shirt that said something like: "I'm the last one stanting, i do what i want, i'm totally badass, i'm punjabe". those guys are all over the place here and they put towels on their kids heads too. i saw this other six two girl in there who was dancing with all these dudes and she went up to the stocky tall black girl and was doing this height compare thing with her saying something like "you're tall too".
i was kind of gawking at the tall stocky black girl when she walked by and a couple times when she walked by she ruffled my hair. then at like 1:30 she was with the punjabe dude and she walked right up to my face and started rubbing my head and playing with my hair and she went behind me and played with my hair and then came to my front side again and did it and that punjabe dude was standing right there staring at us and i pretended like i didn't see him.
she asked me if i was having a good time and i said i was now since i was with the tallest girl there and asked how tall she was but she didn't answer me. i grabbed her waist when she was turning around and accidentally brushed my hand against where her butt cheeks came together at the top and she was totally jacked. i asked her how tall she was again and she said "like six four six five, i don't know. then she left saying she wanted to find her friend and would be back but i didn't see how that would be possible because she was with that dude, and she didn't, but that was hard core i danced with a six five girl.
i drove home at like 2:10 and was sober by then and got up early the next day. when i drink sometimes i get up early the next day. man this 6'3" girl and then a 6'2" girl just walked in starbucks. crazy. i got up early and took the car to the electric place but had to make an appoinment for tuesday. i'll just make sure to keep my rv battery charged so i can jump myself because it's fucking annoying to not be able to start my god damn car.
it's the first so i can finally buy some protein powder at gnc at the discount and start working out again.
i wasn't so hippity hype about pumping iron without protein powder because i want to feel like i'm getting bang for my buck work out wise and not just waste muscle fibers that can't replenish. it's mainly a psychological thing. whatever, i used the time getting my feet going for the glove shoes. hopefully the time of blisters is over.
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
2i spend all morning and most of the afternoon making my gym diet page figuring out the money to calorie ration for the powder and different food to see what is the best thing to eat. oatmeal and bananas are way cheap, but hard to eat. oatmeal is really filling and takes time to cook, but if you need to save money it's great. i'm gonna do the figuring for pasta too soon as well as lots of different kinds of fruits and veggies.
i worked out as long as i could but it turned out to be enough cause i was tired the next day.
concentration curl 27.5 lbs 15x 3 sets
TG arm extenson 100 lbs 15x 2 sets 10x 2 sets
precor hack slide 603 4 plates 10x 3 sets
tricep cable pull 100 bls 10x 10 sets
matrix calf press 220 lbs 20x 3 sets
20 incline sit ups
freemotion squat 200 lbs 10x 7 sets
freemotion cable cross for bicep 100 bls 10x 10 sets with 15" rests
lifefitness pec fly 160 lbs 10x 5 sets
standing side extension 45 lbs 50x each side
watched 1st disc of band of brothers.
5got up at seven thirty because i had an appointment to get my electrical system fixed but i mentioned to the dude that i only drive my car like five minutes a day and he said that wasn't enough to charge the battery and those other people who told me that it was enough were wrong so luckily for me all i have to do now is let it run longer to charge and not pay to get stuff fixed that aint brocken. turns out i didn't need a new alternator after all and i spent that two fifty for nothing. oh well.
351 floors on the stairmaster
benched 135 10x
total gym leg curl 90 lbs 10x 3 sets
i realized i was wasted from only eating strawberries for breakfast and only getting six hours of sleep the night before so i got a six inch sub and went to the library to work some
the library closed at six so i went back to the gym and did freemotion overhead tricep extension 100 lbs 10 sets
freemotion lift for biceps 100 lbs 10 sets
total gym 150 lbs leg abductor 10x 5 sets.
stretched (and worked of course). stopped at eight thirty.
my free movies have expired which i'm sort of glad about because i was spending a lot of time watching them.
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
29 worked out.
stretched 30 min
lf cable crunch ds 100-50
lf cable pulldown 10x 170-100 ds
lf cable row 10x ds 150-60.
hammer srenth hands closed bench press 10x 225,205,185,155,135
hs bench press 10x 225 205 185 155 135
hs bench press 225 205 185 155 135
lf cable curl 10x ds 50-10
lf cale tricep extension 20x 50-20 ds.
fm cable chest press 10x 150-20 ds
fm leg ext 10x 150-110 ds
freemotion abdominal 10x ds 150 140 130 20x 120 110 100
hs bicep curl 10x 50-15 ds by 5
hs ab crunch ds 80-10 by 5
lf bicep curl 50 40 10x 30 20 20x
hs shoulder press 10x DS 85-10 by 5.
LF hip adductor 150 140 10x 130 120 20x
lf hip abductor 140 10x 6 sets
lf pec fly (elbow) 10x DS by 15. 105-30
lf rear delt 10x 120 45 by 15 ds. lf pec fly hand 10x ds 120-30 by 15
lf pec fly hand 10x 120-30 by 15 ds
lf low back ext 10x 300 - 165 by 15 ds
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
5stretched 30 min
leg press 350 20x
leg press 360 10x
leg press silivas exersize 8 plates 10x, 6 plates 21x, 4 plates 20x, 6 plates 9x, 8 plates 10x
leg press 790 lbs 4x (not going parralel), dead lift 185 lbs 5x (couldn't hold on), low hand roll
high hand roll one way
box squat max 200 lbs, front squt max 155 lbs, dumbell curl 25 lbs 10x 3 sets
skull crushers 50 lbs 10x 3 setshs seated leg curl 10x ds 70-10 by 10
lf leg extension ds 10x 150-10 by 5
walked total 8.1 miles
lf pulldowns ds 150-45 by 5
precor 2 cable arm curls ds 50-15 by 5
precor tricep pulldown 10x 150-60 50 , 45 20x
precor cable squat 75 lbs 20x 3 sets
cable row 150 lbs 10x
calbe ab crunch 150-120 by 10 20x
precor back extension 20x 280-160 ds by 20
hs tricep extension ds 50-20 10x
bench situp hi 10x medium 10x, low 10x
leg ups 20x 5 sets
precor camber amr curl 50-20 ds 20x
precor sitting leg curl 100-30 by 10 20x
standing side bencs oblique 30x
butt blaster 20x 70 lbs 3 sets
lf hip abductor 150-100 by 5 20 ds
lf hip adduction 20x 150-115 by 5
14 bls ball side to sides legsu up 20x
concentration curl 25 10x 3 sets.
13 Got up late at like 10. didn't have any energy from not eating enough the day before. stupid me. talked to windham wallace for 21 minutes.
went to a coffe place and had a beer and uploaded one video
weighted 192.5 lbs
stretched 30 min
front squat 165 8x almost through out my left calf. beat girl number one at university
incline #2 DB press 70 lbs 10x beat monical mollica ha ha little bitch
rowed 1500 meters in 5:59.4 PR
seated row 262.5 lbs 5x beat girl
front curl 65 lbs 10x
standing BB curl 45 lbs 20x beat girl
DB curl 35 lbs 10x
SGTanding BB curl 75, 95 lbs 10x, 105 8x
standing military press press 155 lbs 1x tied girl
pull ups 8
dips 10x. monica mollica did 21
pushups 30. beat topless girl
diamond pushups 10x beat girl
slept 1-2 hours in the car due to bonking from not eating enough
seated arm curl 65 lbs 10x
leg press 8 plates 10x 3 sets
bench press 135 lbs 10x 3 sets
hammer strength AB crunch drop set 150 140 130 lbs 10x
stopped from bonking from not eating enough. whoops my bad.
14 spend 0$. only second time in my year of van living.
oatmeat for breakfast with raisins
150 grams of protein.
ate the protein bars they were giving away.
green letuce for lunch.
my appetite hasn't kicked in yet. i'm kind of getting stronger though.
started lifting 3:07
stretched 30 min
turkish get up 50 lbs both arms highest weight there
precor leg abductor 150 10x 5 sets interval of 10 seconds
precor leg adductor drop set 140-60 lbs 10x by 10 lbs
standing oblique lift 45 lbs 50x 3 sets
concentration curls 30 lbs 10x 3 sets
barbell skull crushers 60 lbs 15x 3 sets
pulldown drop set 120 110 100 90 80 100 100 100 10x. trouble holding on. need gloves
precor seated leg curl 100 lbs 10x 5 sets 10 second rest between sets
precor tricep extension drop set 100-60 10x 50 20x
dumbbell shrugs 50 lbs 30x
pulldown hands together 120 10x 5 sets 10 second rest
precor shoulder overhead press 35 lbs 10x 3 sets
walked 4 miles at 3 mph. stopped from pain in the feet because i was stupid and used the glove shoes. never again
smith machine barbell overhead press 165 lbs (assumming the bar is 45 lbs, i think it is 25) 5x
smich machine barbell squat 135 lbs 15x
hammerstrenght diaganal backups 20x 3 sets
ended at 8:00. did stretching between sets.
weighted 201 lbs. gained 6.5 lbs since yesterday. weird.
I feel like my belley is going but it still looks huge in the mirror. i should do a fat percentage test.
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
10 it was 43 degrees at 4:30 in the morning.
spend: 5.5 on a burrito. had veggies for breakfast. oatmeal for dinner with veggies. 8 on wine, 4 on boulder chips, 5 on orange juice total like 22 bucks. WINE GAVE ME ASTHMA ALL MORNING FROM LIKE 2 - 7 AM. NEVER AGAIN PLEEAASEEE!!!!!
saved yale wrightson england videos and did some work on my site.
- Stretched during transporter 2 in the theater.
- DB snatch 45 10x (cause a girl did it)
- LF back extentsion DS 200-125 by 5 10x, 120 20x
- LF row read deltoid 100 10x 3 sets
- nautilus pex fly 10x 100-20 by 5
- Nautilus rear deltoid 80-20 by 5 10x, 40 and 35 20x
- concentration curl 25 10x 3 sets
- standing oblique lifts 45 20x
- cybex abdomninal 200 - 170 by 5 10x
- back ups 30x 4 sets
- leg extension 10x 200-180 by 5
- cable flex curl 30 10x 96-65 by 5
- concentration curl 25 15x 2 sets
- LF calf extension DS 200-170 by 5 10x
- Walked 3 miles
13 worked on the site all day.
paul murphy donated 8 bucks and a woman gave me a ten dollar starbucks gift card at starbucks.
ate oatmeal and veggies
spent: 49 on fruit and veggies at kfc and 4.5 on an energy drink at golds and like 3 bucks on coffee.
- Front deep squat 185 4x
- back squat 185 10x
- bench press 135 10x 3 S
- deadlift 185 10x 3 s
- precor leg press 8 plates 20x 3 s
- precor leg extension 150-10 by 10 10x
- walked 4.4 miles
- standing DB curls 35 20x 2 s
- Standing DB OHP 35 15x 2 s
- cable crunch 50-90 50x by 10
- hack squat 4 plates 10x 2 s
- concentration curls 25 10x
- hammerstrenght arm ext 50 15x 2 s
- HS arm curl 50 15x 2s
- stretched an hour
- HS seated bicep curl 70 15x 2s
- cable tricep ext 65-10 by 7.5 10x
- cable flex curl 35-5 by 7.5 10x, 20x on 5
- prec. back ext 300 20x
- stopped at 10:16 cause it got late. i felt great though
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  Phoenix, Olympic pen.
  Joshua Tree
  Las Vegas
  Death Valley
  Lassen volcanic National Park
  Mount Shasta
  Redwood and Crater Lake National Parks
  Seattle, Washington
  Mount saint Helens
  Mount Hood
  Bellingham, Washington
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
3 Living with Mom
  Drive to Dallas

in H

  In A
  Friend's house
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Hours Slept: 11
Hours Worked: 0
Website: 4:00 Condensing Kindle Ebook Chapters
Audiobook: Alexander the Great by Jacob Abbott. History of the Revolt of the
Netherlands. Autobiography of a Yogi
Did: Added seven planks to the bike trainer table and glued and stained it.
Money Spent: $28: $22.5 Wood, Wood Glue, Nails, Wood Finish, $5 Subway Sandwich
Weight: 190
Waking Heart Rate: 92
Freshness 1-5: 3
Breakfast: 4 Waffles 400 + Can of Fruit 210. 25 G Protein Powder. Scoop Protein
Powder 140 Brunch: Subway Sandwich 650
Lunch: 4 Waffles 400 + 2 Can of Fruit 210
Snack: Shoestring Beets Can 140 Pinto Beans Can 385 Potato Chips 150
Dinner: Scoop Protein Powder 140, Mixed Veggies Can 160 Corn Can 280
Total Calories: 2600
Road Bike: 0
Mountain Bike: 0
Trainer: 72 Km 44.6 Mi http://tinyurl.com/dydw5wv & http://connect.garmin.com/activity/307079240#
Run: 0
Time: 4:30
Dumbbells: 0
Bodyweight: 0
Stretching: 0
Powerbars: 0
VIDEOS: Living in Lafayette Vlog 5-2-2013
Hours Slept: 11
Hours Worked: 0
Website: 0
Audiobook: Alexander the Great by Jacob Abbott. History of the Revolt of the Netherlands. Autobiography of a Yogi
Did: Added seven planks to the bike trainer table and glued and stained it.
Money Spent: 0
Weight: 189
Waking Heart Rate: 84
Freshness 1-5: 2
Breakfast: 4 Waffles 400 + Applesauce 50?. 25 G Scoop Protein Powder 140
Brunch: Mixed Fruit Can 210 Cal, Mixed Veggie Can 158 Cal
Lunch: Corn Can 280 Cal
Snack: Pinto Bean Can 375 Cal
Dinner: Protein Powder 140 Cal
Total Calories: 1753
Road Bike: 0
Mountain Bike: 0
Trainer: 1.1 KM PR 1:50 http://app.strava.com/activities/52167518
Run: 0
Exercise Time: 0
Dumbbells: Press 25 lbs 140X, DB Curls 25 lbs 55X
Bodyweight: 0
Stretching: 20 Min
Powerbars: 0
VIDEOS: Living in Lafayette Vlog 5-3-2013
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) - Request
Pre getting back into shape flexing 5-3-2013 - 189 lbs 85 Kg
Dumbbell Presses 25lbs PR 140X
1 KM Roller 1stX PR 1:50 Youtube record! (right?)
Standing Dumbbell Curls 25 lbs PR 55X
You don't have to be anti-hero to believe in God + Religious Fanaticism & Communism are similar
Hours Slept: 12
Hours Worked: 0
Website: 10 hours condensing the kindle ebook page
Audiobook: Autobiography of a Yogi
Money Spent: $8 $6.5 battery for bike computer $1.30 Chasing Mavericks movie at Redbox
Weight: 189
Waking Heart Rate: 75
Freshness 1-5: 1
Breakfast: 4 Waffles 400 + can of mixed fruit 210. 25 G Scoop Protein Powder 140
Brunch: 4 Waffles 400 + can of mixed fruit 210.
Lunch: Can of Tomatos 122, can of corn 280
Snack: Pinto Bean Can 375, pinto bean can 420
Dinner: Mixed Veggies 157 Protein Powder 140 Cal
Total Calories: 2854 (may have included too many cans, i'll fix the system tomorrow)
Road Bike: 0
Mountain Bike: 0
Trainer: Half Hour (computer didn't work)
Run: 0
Exercise Time: 0
Dumbbells: 0
Bodyweight: 0
Stretching: 20 Min
Powerbars: 0
VIDEOS: Living in Lafayette Vlog 5-4-2013
Hours Slept: 8
Hours Worked: 2 moving for mom
Website: 2 Kindle Ebook condensing
Audiobook: 1919 History of the American Negro by William Allison Sweeney 1851--1921
Did: Organized, put new chain on mountain bike, calibrated helmet camera, sewed bike bag, figured out video editor, collected google map videos
Money Spent: 0
Weight: 189
Waking Heart Rate: 75
Freshness 1-5: 5
Breakfast: Cup of Oatmeal 300 + can of mixed fruit 210. 25 G Scoop Protein Powder 140
Brunch: two enchiladas at moms ?
Lunch: big meal at moms ?
Dinner: protein powder. 140
Total Calories: ? most of the food was from moms cooked veggies, chicked & rice.
Road Bike: 0
Mountain Bike: 0
Trainer: 25 K 15 M http://app.strava.com/activities/53181030
Run: 0
Exercise Time: 2
Dumbbells: 0
Bodyweight: 0
Stretching: 0
Powerbars: 0
VIDEOS: 0, Living in Lafayette Vlog 5-8-2013
Hours Slept: 9
Hours Worked: 0
Website: 0
Audiobook: History of the American Negro
Did: Vacuumed moms house and organized there and helped here figure out my kindle and buy one for herself. 1st trainer ride/vlog
Money Spent: $400 gopro helmet video camera
Weight: 189
Waking Heart Rate: 84
Freshness 1-5: 4
Breakfast: Cup of Oatmeal 300 + can of mixed fruit 210. 25 G Scoop Protein Powder 140 = 750
Brunch: footlong veggie subway sandwich 650
Lunch: 0
Snack: can of kidney beans 375 1 cup of rice 150
Dinner: 2 cans of mixed veggies 316 cup of rice 300 protein powder. 140
Total Calories: 2481
Road Bike: 0
Mountain Bike: 13.5 K 8 M 1:58 http://app.strava.com/activities/53902027
Trainer: 32.9 KM 20 M 1:37 http://app.strava.com/activities/53916910
Run: 0
Exercise Time: 2
Dumbbells: 0
Bodyweight: 0
Stretching: 0
Powerbars: 0
Total: 46.6 K 30 M 3:35
VIDEOS: 0, Response #2 to Hardcore Muslim about God, Muslim Immigration, Living in Lafayette Vlog 5-12-2013 (1st day riding & Vlogging!)
Hours Slept: 10
Hours Worked: 0
Website: 0
Audiobook: 1941 Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former aves Administrative Files Selected Records Bearing on the History of the Slave Narratives
by Work Projects Administration 9,395W Did: wasted drive to betasso, rode around town filming, figured out gopro
Money Spent: $55 window cleaning squeegies, $7.5 burrito, $30 helmet strap and head strap for go pro, total: $92.5
Weight: 187
Waking Heart Rate: 84
Freshness 1-5: 4
Breakfast: Cup of Oatmeal 300 + can of mixed fruit 210. 25 G Scoop Protein Powder 140 = 750
Brunch: burrito 300?
Lunch: 0
Snack: chease and ham w/ lettuce and tomato sandwich at moms
Dinner: can of corn and two cups of rice and scoop of protein powder
Total Calories: 2000ish
Road Bike: 0
Mountain Bike: 20k 1:27 http://app.strava.com/activities/54091412
Trainer: 13k 1hr http://app.strava.com/activities/54091404
Run: 0
Exercise Time:
Dumbbells: 0
Bodyweight: 0
Stretching: 0
Powerbars: 0
Total: 33.1 k 2:30
VIDEOS: 0, Selected Slave Narratives Book Review, Living in Lafayette Vlog 5-13-2013, Autobiography of a Yogi Book Review + Insights on Kriya Yoga, Why Marijuana is Illegal - Request, Narrative of Frederick Douglas Book Review
Hours Slept: 5
Hours Worked: 0
Website: 0
Audiobook: 1903 Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Dubios
Did: Rode Betasso Preserve 2x filming for the 1st time with my gopro and then edited the video.
Money Spent: $26 $6.4 gas, $9 copying keys, $5.5 beer, $4.5 candy and chips
Weight: 187
Waking Heart Rate: 84
Freshness 1-5: 4
Breakfast: Cup of Oatmeal 300 + can of mixed fruit 210. 25 G Scoop Protein Powder 140 = 750
Brunch: banana, 2 cans of black beans
Lunch: 0
Snack: potatos and cheese
Dinner: 2 beers, nerds, skittles, small bag of kettle chips
Total Calories: 2000ish too complicated today to calculate exactly
Road Bike: 0
Mountain Bike: 32.2k 987meters 20 miles http://app.strava.com/activities/54216574
Trainer: 0
Run: 0
Exercise Time:
Dumbbells: 0
Bodyweight: 0
Stretching: 0
Powerbars: 0
Total: 32.2k
VIDEOS: 0, Living in Lafayette Vlog 5-14-2013, Bicycle Trainer (Roller) Table Demonstration - Request
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