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0 Organized by size 1,160
1 Subjects 10 290/88,808
2 Countries 986 1,119/408,662
1 USA 331 313/125,417
2 UK 154 245/63,334
3 Italy 92 94/34,895
4 Greece 81 48.9/30,136
5 India 35 36.36/28,016
6 France 41 74.5/25,395
7 Germany 41 25.26/14,394
8 Israel 32 51.2/9,399
9 Spain 15 32.5/7,992
10 Egypt 16 11/7,293
11 Canada 15 8/6,294
12 Mexico 12 22.6/6,082
13 Russia 13 10/4,794
14 Iraq 9 9.33/4,599
15 Australia 9 7.85/4,120
16 China 15 6.36/4,097
17 Ireland 8 4.14/4,010
18 Japan 11 8.5/3,727
19 Iran 13 7.75/3,338
20 Netherlands 5 19.6/2,953
21 Philipinnes 6 32.5/2,794
23 South Africa 5 2.4/1,609
24 Cuba 1 19.5/1,473
25 Sudan 2 .83/1,100
26 Congo 1 .95/1,019
27 Turkey 2 1/807
28 Indonesia 1 2.75/803
29 Norway 3 1.42/759
30 Brazil 1 .34/754
31 Czeck Republic 1 1.48/701
32 Denmark 1 .6/666
33 Equador 1 1.4/490
34 Iceland 1 1.08/490
35 Haiti 1 1.4/468
36 Zimbabwe 1 .63/350
37 New Zealand 1 .9/346
38 Afghanistan 1 .57/304
39 Thailand 1 .95/304
40 Tunisia 1 .54/301
41 Liberia 1 .85/83
6 1912 Making of Nation by Jenks 307 5:06:08.
10 1948 With Turks in Palestine by AARONSOHN 115 1:54:49.
11 1926 Pictures of Jewish Homelife by Trager 97 1:36:06.
12 1664 Curtezan Unmasked, Whoredoms of Jezebel by Anonymous 58 57:11.
2 Jesus 11.
20 1906 Quest of Historical Jesus by Sweitzer 1,279 21:18:04.
21 1904 When King Came, Stories From 4 Gospels by Hodges 435 7:14:53.
22 Truth About Jesus by Mangasarian 341 5:40:24.
24 1894 Trial & Death of Jesus Christ, Devotional History of our Lord's Passion by Stalker 299 4:59.
25 King Nobody Wanted by Langford 211 3:30:26.
26 444 That Christ Is One By CYRIL OF ALEXANDRIA 181 3:00:31.
400ish Scholia on the Incarnation of the Only-Begotten 74 2:14:31
29 1922 Jesus Nazareth by Mark 102 1:41:57.
30 1882 Jesus Fulfils Law by Society of Friends 74 1:14.
31 1821 Village in Mountains: Conversion of Peter Bayssiere: & History of Bible by Society of Friends 74 1:14.
1 60 Christian Holy Bible by Various 768,767W 3,075 51:15
1 Old Testament 591,198W 2,365 39:25
1 5 Books of Moses
1 Genesis
2 Exodus
3 Leviticus
4 Numbers
5 Deuteronomy
2 Historical Books
1 Joshua
2 Judges
3 Ruth
4 1 Samuel
5 2 Samuel
6 1 Kings
7 2 Kings
8 1 Chronicles
9 2 Chronicles
10 Ezra
11 Nehemaiah
12 Ester
3 Wisdom Books
1 Job
2 Psalms
3 Proverbs
4 Ecclesiastes
5 Song of Solomon
4 12 Minor Prophets
1 Hosea
2 Joel
3 Amos
4 Obadaiah
5 Johah
6 Micah
7 Nahum
8 Habakkuk
9 Zephanaiah
10 Haggai
11 Zecharariah
12 Malachi
5 Major Prophets
1 Isaiah
2 Jeremaiah
3 Lamentation
4 Ezekiel
5 Daniel
2 New Testament 177,569W 711 11:51
14 Gospels
1 Mark
2 Mat w
3 Luke
4 John
2 Acts
3 Pauline Epistles
1 Romans
21 Corinthians
32 Corinthians
4 Galatians
5 Ephesians
6 Philipeans
7 Colosians
8 1 ssalonians
9 2 ssalonians
10 Philemon
4 General Epistles
1 James
21 Peter
32 Peter
4 Jude
5 Pastoral Epistles
11 Timothy
22 Timothy
3 Titus
6 Revelation.
4 1842 History of Knights Templars, Temple Church, & Temple by Addison, Charles G. 136,518W 546 8:46
1 Origin of Templars
2 pilgrimages to Jerusalem
3 dangers to which pilgrims were exposed
4 formation of bro rhood of poor fellow-soldiers of Jesus Christ to protect m
5 ir location in Temple
6 description of Temple
7 Origin of name Templars
8 Hugh de Payens chosen Master of Temple
9 Is sent to Europe by King Baldwin
10 Is introduced to Pope
11 assembling of Council of Troyes
12 formation of a rule for government of Templars
1 most curious parts of rule displayed
2 confirmation of rule by Pope
3 visit of Hugh de Payens, Master of Temple, to Engl&
4 His cordial reception
5 foundation of Order in this country
6 L&s & money granted to Templars
7 ir popularity in Europe
8 rapid increase of ir fraternity
9 St. Bernard takes up pen in ir behalf
10 He displays ir valour & piety
1 de Payens returns to Palestine, His death, Robert de Craon made Master, Success of Infidels, 2nd Crusade
2 Templars assume Red Cross
3 ir gallant actions & high discipline
4 L&s, manors, & churches granted m in Engl&
5 Bernard de Tremelay made Master
6 He is slain by Infidels
7 Bertr& de Blanquefort made Master
8 He is taken prisoner, & sent in chains to Aleppo
9 Pope writes letters in praise of Templars
10 ir religious & military enthusiasm
11 ir war banner called Beauseant
12 rise of rival religio-military order of Hospital of St. John
1 contests between Saladin & Templars
2 vast privileges of Templars
3 publication of bull, omne datum optimum
4 Pope declares himself immediate Bishop of entire Order
5 different classes of Templars
6 knights
7 Priests
8 Serving brethren
9 hired soldiers
10 great officers of Temple
11 Punishment of cowardice
12 Master of Temple is taken prisoner, & dies in a dungeon
13 Saladin's great successes
14 Christians purchase a truce
15 consecration of Temple Church at London
16 Master of Temple & Patriarch Heraclius proceed to Engl& for succour
1 Temple at London
2 vast possessions of Templars in Engl&
3 territorial divisions of order
4 different preceptories in this country
5 privileges conferred on Templars by kings of Engl&
6 Masters of Temple at London
7 ir power & importance
1 Patriarch Heraclius quarrels with king of Engl&
2 He returns to Palestine without succour
3 disappointments & gloomy forebodings of Templars
4 y prepare to resist Saladin
5 ir defeat & slaughter
6 valiant deeds of Marshal of Temple
7 fatal battle of Tiberias
8 captivity of Gr& Master & true Cross
9 captive Templars are offered Koran or death
10 y choose latter, & are beheaded
11 fall of Jerusalem
12 Moslems take possession of Temple
13 y purify it with rose-water, say prayers, & hear a sermon
14 Templars retire to Antioch
15 ir letters to king of Engl& & Master of Temple at London
16 ir exploits at siege of Acre
1 Richard Cœur de Lion joins Templars before Acre
2 city surrenders, & Templars establish chief house of ir order within it
3 Cœur de Lion takes up his abode with m
4 He sells to m isl& of Cyprus
5 Templars form van of his army
6 ir foraging expeditions & great exploits
7 Cœur de Lion quits Holy L& in disguise of a Knight Templar
8 Templars build Pilgrim's Castle in Palestine
9 state of order in Engl&
10 King John resides in Temple at London
11 barons come to him at that place, & dem& Magna Charta
12 exploits of Templars in Egypt
13 letters of Gr& Master to Master of Temple at London
14 Templars reconquer Jerusalem
1 conquest of Jerusalem by Carizmians
2 slaughter of Templars, & death of Gr& Master
3 exploits of Templars in Egypt
4 King Louis of France visits Templars in Palestine
5 He assists m in putting country into a defensible state
6 Henry 2, king of Engl&, visits Temple at Paris
7 magnificent hospitality of Templars in Engl& & France
8 Benocdar, sultan of Egypt, invades Palestine
9 He defeats Templars, takes ir strong fortresses, & decapitates six hundred of ir brethren
10 Gr& Master comes to Engl& for succour
11 renewal of war
12 fall of Acre, & final extinction of Templars in Palestine
1 downfall of Templars
2 cause reof
3 Gr& Master comes to Europe at request of Pope
4 He is imprisoned, with all Templars in France, by comm& of king Philip
5 y are put to torture, & confessions of guilt of heresy & idolatry are extracted from m
6 Edward 2 king of Engl& st&s up in defence of Templars, but afterwards persecutes m at instance of Pope
7 imprisonment of Master of Temple & all his brethren in Engl&
8 ir examination upon 87 horrible & ridiculous articles of accusation before foreign inquisitors appointed by Pope
9 council of church assembles at London to pass sentence upon m
10 curious evidence adduced as to mode of admission into order, & of customs & observances of fraternity
1 Templars in France revoke ir rack-extorted confessions
2 y are tried as relapsed heretics, & burnt at stake
3 progress of inquiry in Engl&
4 curious evidence adduced as to mode of holding chapters of order
5 As to penance enjoined rein, & absolution pronounced by Master
6 Templars draw up a written defence, which y present to ecclesiastical council
7 y are placed in separate dungeons, & put to torture
8 2 serving brethren & a chaplain of order n make confessions
9 Many o r Templars acknowledge mselves guilty of heresy in respect of ir belief in religious authority of ir Master
10 y make ir recantations, & are reconciled to church before south door of Saint Paul's ca dral
11 order of Temple is abolished by Pope
12 last of Masters of Temple in Engl& dies in Tower
13 disposal of property of order
14 Observations on downfall of Templars
1 restoration of Temple Church
2 beauty & magnificence of venerable building
3 various styles of architecture displayed in it
4 discoveries made during recent restoration
5 sacrarium
6 marble piscina
7 sacramental niches
8 penitential cell
9 ancient Chapel of St. Anne
10 Historical matters connected with Temple Church
11 holy relics anciently preserved rein
12 interesting monumental remains
1 monuments of crusaders
2 tomb & effigy of Sir Geoffrey de Magnaville, earl of Essex, & constable of Tower
3 His life & death, & famous exploits
4 Of William Marshall, earl of Pembroke, Protector of Engl&
5 Lord de Ross
6 William & Gilbert Marshall, earls of Pembroke
7 William Plantagenet, 5th son of Henry 3
8 anxious desire manifested by king Henry 3, queen Eleanor, & various persons of rank, to be buried in Temple Church
1 Antiquities in Temple
2 history of place subsequent to dissolution of order of Knights Templars
3 establishment of a society of lawyers in Temple
4 antiquity of this society
5 Its connexion with antient society of Knights Templars
6 An order of knights & serving brethren established in law
7 degree of frere serjen, or frater serviens, borrowed from antient Templars
8 modern Templars divide mselves into 2 societies of Inner & Middle Temple
1 Temple Garden
2 erection of new buildings in Temple
3 dissolution of order of Hospital of Saint John
4 law societies become lessees of crown
5 erection of magnificent Middle Temple Hall
6 conversion of old hall into chambers
7 grant of inheritance Temple to 2 law societies
8 ir magnificent present to his Majesty
9 ir antient orders & customs, & antient hospitality, ir gr& entertainments
10 Reader's feasts
11 Gr& Christmasses & Revels
12 fox hunt in hall
13 dispute with Lord Mayor
14 quarrel with custos of Temple Church.
2 1916 History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy
by Husik, Isaac
210,975W 844 14:04
1 Isaac Israeli
2 David ben Merwan Al Mukammas
3 Saadia ben Joseph Al-Fayyumi
4 Joseph Al-Basir & Jeshua ben Judah
5 Solomon Ibn Gabirol
6 Bahya Ibn Pakuda
7 Pseudo-Bahya
8 Abraham Bar Hiyya
9 Joseph Ibn Zaddik
10 Judah Halevi
11 Moses & Abraham Ibn Ezra
12 Abraham Ibn Daud
13 Moses Maimonides
14 Hillel ben Samuel
15 Levi ben Gerson
16 Aaron ben Elijah of Nicomedia
17 Hasdai ben Abraham Crescas
18 Joseph Albo
19 List of Biblical & Rabbinic Passages.
3 1909 Legends of Jews
by Louis Ginsberg
207,750W 831 13:50:26 380M
1 Creation of World
2 Adam
3 Death of eve
4 Noah
5 Abraham
6 Jacob.


5 1883 Jewish Children
by Sholem Aleichim
114,250W 457 7:36:12 208M
1 page from song of songs
2 Passover in a Village
3 Elijah Phrophet
4 getzel
5 Lost ''Ag beomer
6 Murdereres
7 3 Little Heads
8 Greens for Shevuous
9 Ano r page from song of songs
10 Pity for Living
11 Tabernacle sukah
12 Dead Citron
13 Isshur Beadle
14 Boaz teacher
15 spinsnsingn top
16 Ess r
17 Pocket-knife
18 On Fiddle
19 This Night.
7 1907 Ten Days in the light of Acca
by Julia M. Grundy b. 1874
57,500W 230 3:49:47 105M
1 from beginning to what we carry out
2 He has cut himself from world
3 Love, soul & spirit, house of justice
4 Heaven, manifestation
5 Spiritual Development
6 Return of Spirit, Obedience, spiritual relationship
7 Women in Bahai revelation
8 Mount Carmel & Syria, heavenly springtime, faith
9 2nd coming
10 Visit to tomb, visit to rizwan
11 Acca, in household, afternoon before feast, at feast
12 heavy sustenance, from badi ullah
13 From mo r of household
14 From beginning to will be given to you
15 Sometimes in America in your heavenly Crown
16 Crimson hearted flowers
17 more you see abdul baha of blessed perfection
18 3 stories told by abdul baha.
9 Jewish History, an essay in philosophy of history
by Dubnow, S. M. Simon Markovich 1860-1941
30,545W 123 2:03
- Charles enters London.
6 1912 Making of Nation by Jenks & Kent 76,750W 307 5:06:08 140M
1 Man's place in world
1 Different ories of Creation
2 Priestly Story of Creation
3 Early Prophetic Story of Creation
4 Comparison of 2 accounts of creation
5 Man's conquest & rulership of world
6 Man's responsibility as Ruler of world
2 Man's Responsibility for his acts
1 Nature of sin
2 Origin of Sin According to story in Genesis
3 Different ories Regarding Origin of Sin
3 Criminal & his relation to Society
1 Meaning of story of cain
2 Making of a criminal
3 Criminal's attitude toward society
4 Way sin which society deals with criminal
5 How to deal with Criminals
6 Prevention of Crime
4 Survival of fittest
12 biblical Accounts of flood
2 Corresponding Babylonian flood stories:
3 History of biblical flood stories
4 Aim of biblical writers in recounting flood stories
5 Survival of fittest in natural world
6 Social & Political life
5 Pioneer's influence on nation's ideals
1 Prophetic stories about Abraham
2 meaning of early prophetic stories about Abraham
3 prophetic portrait of Abraham
4 Tendency to Idealized national heroes
5 reasons for Migration
6 Permanent value & influence of Abrahamic narratives
6 power of Ambition
12 bro rs, Jacob & Esau
2 man with a wrong ambition
3 Jacob's training in school of Experience
4 Invincible Power of Ambition & Perseverance
5 different types of Ambition
6 Development of Right Ambition
7 successful man of affairs
1 qualities essential to success
2 limitations & temptations of Joseph's early life
3 Call of a great opportunity
4 Temptations of success
5 St&ards of real success
6 Methods of success
8 Training of a Statesman
1 Egyptian Background
2 Making of a loyal patriot
3 School of wilderness
4 Moses' call to public service
5 education of public opinion
6 training of modern statesmen
9 origin of growth of law
1 needs that give rise to law
2 growth of customary law
3 authority underlying all law
4 Moses' relations to old testament laws
5 Development of modern law:
6 attitude of Citizens toward Law
10 foundation of good citizenship
1 history of prophetic decalogie
2 Obligations of individual to god
3 social & ethical basis of Sabbath Law
4 Importance of childrens loyalty to parents
5 Primary obligations of man to man
6 present day authority of 10 comm&ments
11 early training of a race
1 Wilderness environment
2 Influence of Nomadic Life upon Israel's character & ideal's
3 Influence of wilderness life upon Israel's faith
4 significance of East-Jordan conquest
5 Significance of Moses' work
6 Early stages in training of human race
12 nation's struggle for a home & freedom
1 Ways by which Hebrews won ir homes
2 Deborah's rally of Hebrews:
3 Final stage in making of Hebrew nation.
8 1912 Making of a Nation Beginnings of Israel's History by Kent, Charles Foster, Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple 46,371W 186 3:06
1 Rediscovery of Bible
2 Object of se Studies
3 Plan of Work
4 Books of Reference
2 MAN'S PLACE IN WORLD Story of Creation, Gen 1, 2
1 Different ories of Creation
2 Priestly Story of Creation
3 Early Prophetic Story of Creation
4 A Comparison of 2 Accounts of Creation
5 Man's Conquest & Rulership of World
6 Man's Responsibility as Ruler of World
1 Story of Garden of Eden, Gen 3
2 Nature of Sin
3 Origin of Sin According to Story in Genesis 3
4 Different ories Regarding Origin of Sin
5 Effects of Sin upon Wrong-doer
6 God's Attitude toward Sinner
7 Effect of Sin upon Society
1 Meaning of Story of Cain
2 Making of a Criminal
3 Criminal's Attitude toward Society
4 Ways in which Society Deals with Criminal
5 How to Deal with Criminals
6 Prevention of Crime
1 Story of Great Flood
22 Biblical Accounts of Flood
3 Corresponding Babylonian Flood Stories
4 History of Biblical Flood Stories
5 Aim of Biblical Writers in Recounting Flood Stories
6 Survival of "Fittest" in Natural World
7 In Social & Political Life
6 PIONEER'S INFLUENCE UPON NATION'S IDEAL: Abraham, Traditional Fa r of Race
1 Reasons for Migration
2 Prophetic Stories about Abraham
3 Meaning of Early Prophetic Stories about Abraham
4 Prophetic Portrait of Abraham
5 Tendency to Idealize National Heroes
6 Permanent Value & Influence of Abraham Narratives
1 POWER OF AMBITION: Jacob Persistent
1 Two Bro rs, Jacob & Esau
2 Man with a Wrong Ambition
3 Jacob's Training in School of Experience
4 Invincible Power of Ambition & Perseverance
5 Different Types of Ambition
6 Development of Right Ambitions
7 SUCCESSFUL MAN OF AFFAIRS: Joseph's Achievements
1 Qualities Essential to Success
2 Limitations & Temptations of Joseph's Early Life
3 Call of a Great Opportunity
4 Temptations of Success
5 St&ards of Real Success
6 Methods of Success
8 TRAINING OF A STATESMAN: Moses in Egypt & Wilderness
1 Egyptian Background
2 Making of a Loyal Patriot
3 School of Wilderness
4 Moses' Call to Public Service
5 Education of Public Opinion
6 Training of Modern Statesmen
9 ORIGIN & GROWTH OF LAW: Moses' Work as Judge & Prophet
1 Needs that Give Rise to Law
2 Growth of Customary Law
3 Authority Underlying all Law
4 Moses' Relations to Old Testament Laws
5 Development of Modern Law
6 Attitude of Citizens toward Law
1 History of Prophetic Decalogue
2 Obligations of Individual to God
3 Social & Ethical Basis of Sabbath Law
4 Importance of Children's Loyalty to Parents
5 Primary Obligations of Man to Man
6 Present-day Authority of 10 Comm&ments
11 EARLY TRAINING OF A RACE: Israel's Experience in Wilderness & East of Jordan
1 Wilderness Environment
2 Influence of Nomadic Life upon Israel's Character & Ideals
3 Influence of Wilderness Life Upon Israel's faith
4 Significance of East-Jordan Conquests

5 Significance of Moses' Work

6 Early Stages in Training of Human Race
12 NATION'S STRUGGLE FOR HOME & FREEDOM: Israel's Victories over Canaanites
1 Crossing of Jordan
2 Canaanite Civilization
3 Capture of Outposts of Palestine
4 Ways by which Hebrews Won ir Homes
5 Deborah's Rally of Hebrews
6 Final Stage in Making of Hebrew Nation.
10 With Turks in Palestine
by Alex&er AARONSOHN 1888 - 1948
28,750W 115 1:54:49
1 Zicron-Jacob
2 Pressed into Service
3 German Propag&a
4 Road-making & Discharge
5 Hidden Arms
6 Suez Campaign
7 Fighting Locusts
8 Lebanon
9 Robber Baron of Palestine
10 Rash Adventure
11 Escape.
11 1926 Pictures of Jewish Homelife
by Hannah Trager
24,250W 97 1:36:06 44M
1 Arrival in Jerusalem
2 Welcome
3 Celebration of Purim
4 Baking of Matzos
5 Lag B'Omer
6 Sabbath in Palestine
7 succah
8 How Charity is Given
9 Fa r Frost in Jerusalem
10 Engagement & Wedding ceremonies.
12 1664 Curtezan Unmasked, Whoredoms of Jezebel
by Anonymous
14,500W 58 57:11 26M
1 Strange woman
2 Curtezan Unmasked.
13 75 Wars of Jews
by Flavius Josephus 37-100
351,500W 1,406 23:25:48 634M
1 Taking of Jerusalem by antiochus epiphanes to death of Herod great
2 Death of Herod till Vespasian was sent to subdue Jews by Nero
3 Vespasian's coming to subdue Jews to taking of Gamala
4 Siege of Gamala to coming of Titus to besiege Jerusalem
5 Coming of Titus to besiege Jerusalem to great extremity to which Jews were reduced
6 Great extremity to which Jews were reduced to taking of Jerusalem by Titus
7 Taking of Jerusalem by Titus to Sedition of Jews at Cyrene.
15 Minor Works of Josephus
By Flavius JOSEPHUS 37 - 100
109,250W 437P 7:17:01
1 Against Apion
2 Discourse on Hades
3 Life of Josephus.
14 94 Antiquities of Jews by Flavius Josephus 37-100 171,750W 687P 11:27:00 314M
1 Containing Interval Of 3,833 yrs From Creation To Death Of Isaac.
1 Constitution Of World & Disposition Of Elements
2 Posterity Of Adam, & 10 Generations From Him To Deluge
3 Flood: & After What Manner Noah Was Saved In An Ark, With His Kindred, & Afterwards Dwelt In Plain Of Shinar
4 Concerning Tower Of Babylon, & Confusion Of Tongues
5 After What Manner Posterity Of Noah Sent Out Colonies, & Inhabited Whole Earth
6 How Every Nation Was Denominated From ir 1st Inhabitants
7 How Abram Our Forefa r Went Out Of L& Of Chaldeans, & Lived In L& n Called Canaan But Now Judea
8 That When re Was Famine In Canaan, Abram Went nce Into Egypt: & After He Had Continued re A While He Returned Back Again
9 Destruction Of Sodomites By Assyrian Wall
10 How Abram Fought With Assyrians, & Overcame m, & Saved Sodomite Prisoners, & Took From Assyrians Prey y Had Gotten
11 How God Overthrew Nation Of Sodomites, Out Of His Wrath Against m For ir Sins
12 Abimelech: & Concerning Ismael Son Of Abraham: & Concerning Arabians, Who Were His Posterity
13 Isaac Legitimate Son Of Abraham
14 Sarah Abraham's Wife: & How She Ended Her Days
15 Nation Of Troglodytes Derived From Abraham By Keturah
16 Isaac Took Rebeka To Wife
17 Death Of Abraham
18 Sons Of Isaac, Esau & Jacob: Of ir Nativity & Education
19 Jacob's Flight Into Mesopotamia, By Reason Of Fear He Was In Of His Bro r
20 Meeting Of Jacob & Esau
21 Violation Of Dina's Chastity
22 Isaac Died, Buried In Hebron
22 20 Years: Death Of Isaac To Exodus Out Of Egypt
1 Esau & Jacob, Isaac's Sons Divided ir Habitation: & Esau Possessed Idumea & Jacob Canaan
2 Joseph, Youngest Of Jacob's Sons, Envied By His Brethren, When Certain Dreams Had Foreshown His Future Happiness
3 Joseph Was Thus Sold By His Brethren Into Egypt, By Reason Of ir Hatred To Him: & How He re Grew Famous & Illustrious & Had His Brethren Under His Power
4 Signal Chastity Of Joseph
5 What Things Befell Joseph In Prison
6 Joseph When He Was Become Famous In Egypt, Had His Brethren In Subjection
7 Removal Of Joseph's Fa r With All His Family, To Him, On Account Of Famine
8 Death Of Jacob & Joseph
9 Afflictions That Befell Hebrews In Egypt, During 400 Years
10 Moses Made War With Ethiopians
11 Moses Fled Out Of Egypt Into Midian
12 Burning Bush & Rod Of Moses
13 Moses & Aaron Returned Into Egypt To Pharaoh
14 10 Plagues Which Came Upon Egyptians
15 Hebrews Under Conduct Of Moses Left Egypt
16 Sea Divided Asunder For Hebrews, When y Were Pursued By Egyptians, & Gave m An Opportunity Of Escaping
3 Containing Interval Of 2 Years: Exodus Out Of Egypt, To Rejection Of That Generation.
1 Moses When He Had Brought People Out Of Egypt Led m To Mount Sinai: But Not Till y Had Suffered Much In ir Journey
2 Amalekites & Neighbouring Nations, Made War With Hebrews & Were Beaten & Lost Great Part Of ir Army
3 Moses Kindly Received-His Fa r-In-Law, Jethro, When He Came To Him To Mount Sinai
4 Raguel Suggested To Moses To Set His People In Order, Under ir Rulers Of Thous&s, & Rulers Of Hundreds, Who Lived Without Order Before: & How Moses Complied In All Things With His Fa r-In-Law's Admonition.
5 Moses Ascended Up To Mount Sinai, & Received Laws From God, & Delivered m To Hebrews
6 Tabernacle Which Moses Built In Wilderness For Honor Of God & Which Seemed To Be A Temple
7 Garments Of Priests, & High Priest
8 Priesthood Of Aaron
9 Manner Of Our Offering Sacrifices
10 Festivals: & How Each Day Of Such Festival Is To Be Observed
11 Purifications
12 Several Laws
13 Moses Removed From Mount Sinai, & Conducted People To Borders Of Canaanites
14 How Moses Sent Some Persons To Search Out L& Of Canaanites, & Largeness Of ir Cities: & Fur r That When Those Who Were Sent Were Returned, After 40 Days & Reported That y Should Not Be A Match For m, & Extolled Strength Of Canaanites Multitude Were Disturbed & Fell Into Despair: & Were Resolved To Stone Moses, & To Return Back Again Into Egypt, & Serve Egyptians
15 Moses Was Displeased At This, & Foretold That God Was Angry & That y Should Continue In Wilderness For 40 Years & Not, During That Time, Ei r Return Into Egypt Or Take Possession Of Canaan
4 Containing Interval Of 38 Years: Rejection Of That Generation To Death Of Moses
1 Fight Of Hebrews With Canaanites Without Consent Of Moses: & ir Defeat
2 Sedition Of Corah & Multitude Against Moses, & Against His Bro r, Concerning Priesthood
3 Those That Stirred Up This Sedition Were Destroyed, According To Will Of God: & How Aaron, Moses's Bro r Both He & His Posterity, Retained Priesthood
4 What Happened To Hebrews During 38 Years In Wilderness
5 Moses Conquered Sihon & Og Kings Of Amorites, & Destroyed ir Whole Army & n Divided ir L& By Lot To 2 Tribes & Half Of Hebrews
6 Concerning Balaam Prophet & What Kind Of Man He Was
7 Hebrews Fought With Midianites, & Overcame m
8 Polity Settled By Moses: & How He Disappeared From Among Mankind
5 Containing Interval Of 476 Years Death Of Moses To Death Of Eli.
1 Joshua, Comm&er Of Hebrews, Made War With Canaanites, & Overcame m, & Destroyed m, & Divided ir L& By Lot To Tribes Of Israel
2 After Death Of Joshua ir Comm&er, Israelites Transgressed Laws Of ir Country, & Experienced Great Afflictions: & When re Was A Sedition Arisen, Tribe Of Benjamin Destroyed Excepting Only 600 Men
3 Israelites After This Misfortune Grew Wicked & Served Assyrians: & How God Delivered m By Othniel, Who Ruled Over 40
4 Our People Served Moabites Eighteen Years, & Were n Delivered From Slavery By One Ehud Who Retained Dominion 80 Years
5 Canaanites Brought Israelites Under Slavery For 20 Years: After Which y Were Delivered By Barak & Deborah, Who Ruled Over m For 40 Years
6 Midianites & O r Nations Fought Against Israelites & Beat m, & Afflicted ir Country For 7 Years, How y Were Delivered By Gideon, Who Ruled Over Multitude For 40 Years
7 Judges Who Succeeded Gideon Made War With Adjoining Nations For A Long Time.
8 Concerning Fortitude Of Samson, & What Mischiefs He Brought Upon Philistines
9 Under Eli's Government Of Israelites Booz Married Ruth, From Whom Came Obed Gr&fa r Of David
10 Concerning Birth Of Samuel: & How He Foretold Calamity That Befell Sons Of Eli
11 Herein Is Declared What Befell Sons Of Eli, Ark, & People & How Eli Himself Died Miserably
6 32 Years: Death Of Eli To Death Of Saul
1 Destruction That Came Upon Philistines, & Upon ir L&, By Wrath Of Go On Account Of ir Having Carried Ark Away Captive: & After What Manner y Sent It Back To Hebrews
2 Expedition Of Philistines Against Hebrews & Hebrews' Victory Under Conduct Of Samuel Prophet, Who Was ir General
3 Samuel When He Was So Infirm With Old Age That He Could Not Take Care Of Public Affairs Intrusted m To His Sons: & How Upon Evil Administration Of Government By m Multitude Were So Angry, That y Required To Have A King To Govern m, Although Samuel Was Much Displeased reat
4 Appointment Of A King Over Israelites, Whose Name Was Saul: & This By Comm& Of God
5 Saul's Expedition Against Nation Of Ammonites & Victory Over m & Spoils He Took From m
6 Philistines Made Ano r Expedition Against Hebrews & Were Beaten
7 Saul's War With Amalekites, & Conquest Of m
8 Upon Saul's Transgression Of Prophet's Comm&s, Samuel Ordained Ano r Person To Be King Privately, Whose Name Was David, As God Comm&ed Him
9 How Philistines Made Ano r Expedition Against Hebrews Under Reign Of Saul: & How y Were Overcome By David's Slaying Goliath In Single Combat
10 Saul Envies David For His Glorious Success, & Takes An Occasion Of Entrapping Him, From Promise He Made Him Of Giving Him His Daughter In Marriage: But This Upon Condition Of His Bringing Him 600 Heads Of Philistines
11 How David, Upon Saul's Laying Snares For Him, Did Yet Escape Dangers He Was In By Affection & Care Of Jonathan & Contrivances Of His Wife Michal: & How He Came To Samuel Prophet
12 How David Fled To Ahimelech & Afterwards To Kings Of Philistines & Of Moabites, & How Saul Slew Ahimelech & His Family
13 How David, When He Had Twice Opportunity Of Killing Saul Did Not Kill Him. Also Concerning Death Of Samuel & Nabal
14 Saul Upon God's Not Answering Him Concerning Fight With Philistines Desired A Necromantic Woman To Raise Up Soul Of Samuel To Him: & How He Died, With His Sons Upon Overthrow Of Hebrews In Battle
7 40 Years: Death Of Saul To Death Of David.
1 David Reigned Over One Tribe At Hebron While Son Of Saul Reigned Over Rest Of Multitude: & How, In Civil War Which n Arose Asahel & Abner Were Slain
2 Slaughter Of Ishbosheth By Treachery Of His Friends, David Received Whole Kingdom
3 David Laid Siege To Jerusalem: & When He Had Taken City, He Cast Canaanites Out Of It, & Brought In Jews To Inhabit rein
4 David Had Conquered Philistines Who Made War Against Him At Jerusalem, He Removed Ark To Jerusalem & Had A Mind To Build A Temple
5 David Brought Under Philistines, & Moabites, & Kings Of Sophene & Damascus, & Syrians As Also Idumeans, In War: & How He Made A League With King Of Hamath: & Was Mindful Of Friendship That Jonathan, Son Of Saul, Had Borne Him
6 War Waged Against Ammonites & Happily Concluded
7 David Fell In Love With Bathsheba, & Slew Her Husb& Uriah, For Which He Is Reproved By Nathan
8 Absalom Murdered Amnon, Who Had Forced His Own Sister: & How He Was Banished & Afterwards Recalled By David
9 Insurrection Of Absalom Against David & Concerning Ahithophel & Hushai: & Concerning Ziba & Shimei: & How Ahithophel Hanged Himself
10 Absalom Was Beaten, He Was Caught In A Tree By His Hair & Was Slain
11 David, When He Had Recovered His Kingdom, Was Reconciled To Shimei, & Ziba: & Showed Great Affection To Barzillai: & How, Upon Rise Of A Sedition, He Made Amasa Captain Of His Host, In Order To Pursue Seba: Which Amasa Was Slain By Joab
12 Hebrews Delivered From Famine When Gibeonites Had Caused Punishment To Be Inflicted For Those Of m That Had Been Slain: As Also, What Great Actions Were Performed Against Philistines By David, & Men Of Valor About Him
13 David Had Numbered People, y Were Punished: & How Divine Compassion Restrained That Punishment
14 David Made Great Preparations For House Of God: & That, Upon Adonijah's Attempt To Gain Kingdom, He Appointed Solomon To Reign
15 What Charge David Gave Tohis Son Solomon At Approach Of His Death, & How Many Things He Left Him For Building Of Temple
8 163 Years: Death Of David To Death Of Ahab
1 Solomon, When He Had Received Kingdom Took Off His Enemies
2 Wife Of Solomon: His Wisdom & Riches: What He Obtained Of Hiram For Building Of Temple
3 Building Of This Temple
4 Solomon Removed Ark Into Temple How He Made Supplication To God, & Offered Public Sacrifices To Him
5 Palace, Very Costly & Splendid: & How He Solved Riddles Which Were Sent Him By Hiram
6 Solomon Fortified City Of Jerusalem, & Built Great Cities: & How He Brought Some Of Canaanites Into Subjection, & Entertained Queen Of Egypt & Of Ethiopia
7 Solomon Grew Rich, & Fell Desperately In Love With Women & How God, Being Incensed At It, Raised Up Ader & Jeroboam Against Him. Concerning Death Of Solomon
8 Death Of Solomon People Forsook His Son Rehoboam, & Ordained Jeroboam King Over 10 Tribes
9 Jadon Prophet Was Persuaded By Ano r Lying Prophet & Returned To Be l & Was Afterwards Slain By A Lion. As Also What Words Wicked Prophet Made Use Of To Persuade King, & reby Alienated His Mind From God
10 Rehoboam, & How God Inflicted Punishment Upon Him For His Impiety By Shishak King Of Egypt
11 Concerning Death Of Son Of Jeroboam. Jeroboam Beaten By Abijah Who Died A Little Afterward & Was Succeeded In His Kingdom By Asa. & Also How, After Death Of Jeroboam Baasha Destroyed His Son Nadab & All House Of Jeroboam
12 Zerah, King Of Ethiopians, Beaten By Asa: & How Asa, Upon Baasha's Making War Against Him, Invited King Of Damascens To Assist Him: & How, On Destruction Of House Of Baasha Zimri Got Kingdom As Did His Son Ahab After Him
13 Ahab When He Had Taken Jezebel To Wife Became More Wicked Than All Kings That Had Been Before Him: Of Actions Of Prophet Elijah, & What Befell Naboth
14 Hadad King Of Damascus & Of Syria, Made 2 Expeditions Against Ahab & Was Beaten
15 Jehoshaphat King Of Jerusalem & How Ahab Made Expedition Against Syrians & Was Assisted rein By Jehoshaphat, But Was Himself Overcome In Battle & Perished rein
9 157 Years: Death Of Ahab To Captivity Of 10 Tribes
1 Jehoshaphat Again: How He Constituted Judges & , By God's Assistance Overcame His Enemies
2 Ahaziah: King Of Israel: & Again Concerning Prophet Elijah
3 Joram & Jehoshaphat Made Expedition Against Moabites: As Also Concerning Wonders Of Elisha: & Death Of Jehoshaphat
4 Jehoram Succeeds Jehoshaphat: How Joram, His Namesake, King Of Israel, Fought With Syrians: & What Wonders Were Done By Prophet Elisha
5 Wickedness Of Jehoram King O Jerusalem: His Defeat & Death
6 Jehu Was Anointed King, & Slew Both Joram & Ahaziah: As Also What He Did For Punishment Of Wicked
7 Athaliah Reigned Over Jerusalem For 5 Years When Jehoiada High Priest Slew Her & Made Jehoash, Son Of Ahaziah, King
8 Hazael Makes Expedition Against People Of Israel & Inhabitants Of Jerusalem. Jehu Dies, & Jehoahaz Succeeds In Government. Jehoash King Of Jerusalem At 1st Is Careful About Worship Of God But Afterwards Becomes Impious & Comm&s Zechariah To Be Stoned. When Jehoash [King Of Judah] Was Dead, Amaziah Succeeds Him In Kingdom
9 Amaziah Made An Expedition Against Edomites & Amalekites & Conquered m: But When He Afterwards Made War Against Joash, He Was Beaten & Not Long After Was Slain, & Uzziah Succeeded In Government
10 Jeroboam King Of Israel & Jonah Prophet: & How After Death Of Jeroboam His Son Zachariah Took Government. Uzziah, King Of Jerusalem, Subdued Nations That Were Round About Him: & What Befell Him When He Attempted To Offer Incense To God
11 Zachariah Shallum, Menahem Pekahiah & Pekah Took Government Over Israelites: & How Pul & Tiglath-Pileser Made An Expedition Against Israelites. How Jotham, Son Of Uzziah Reigned Over Tribe Of Judah: & What Things Nahum Prophesied Against Assyrians
12 Upon Death Of Jotham, Ahaz Reigned In His Stead: Against Whom Rezin, King Of Syria & Pekah King Of Israel, Made War: & How Tiglath-Pileser, King Of Assyria Came To Assistance Of Ahaz, & Laid Syria Waste & Removing Damascenes Into Media Placed O r Nations In ir Room
13 Pekah Died By Treachery Of Hoshea Who Was Little After Subdued By Shalmaneser: & How Hezekiah Reigned Instead Of Ahaz: & What Actions Of Piety & Justice He Did
14 Shalmaneser Took Samaria By Force & How He Transplanted 10 Tribes Into Media, & Brought Nation Of Cu ans Into ir Country [In ir Room]
10 182 1/2 Years: Captivity Of 10 Tribes To 1st Year Of Cyrus.
1 Sennacherib Made An Expedition Against Hezekiah: What Threatenings Rabshakeh Made To Hezekiah When Sennacherib Was Gone Against Egyptians: How Isaiah Prophet Encouraged Him: How Sennacherib Having Failed Of Success In Egypt, Returned nce To Jerusalem: & How Upon His Finding His Army Destroyed, He Returned Home: & What Befell Him A Little Afterward
2 Hezekiah Was Sick, & Ready To Die: & How God Bestowed Upon Him 15 Years Longer Life, & Secured That Promise By Going Back Of Shadow 10 Degrees
3 Manasseh Reigned After Hezekiah: & How When He Was In Captivity He Returned To God & Restored To His Kingdom & Left It To [His Son] Amon
4 Amon Reigned Instead Of Manasseh: & After Amon Reigned Josiah: He Was Both Righteous & Religious. As Also Concerning Huldah Prophetess
5 Josiah Fought With Neco [King Of Egypt.] & Was Wounded & Died In A Little Time Afterward: As Also How Neco Carried Jehoahaz, Who Had Been Made King Into Egypt & Delivered Kingdom To Jehoiakim: & [Lastly] Concerning Jeremiah & Ezekiel
6 Nebuchadnezzar, When He Had Conquered King Of Egypt Made An Expedition Against Jews, & Slew Jehoiakim, & Made Jeholachin His Son King
7 King Of Babylon Repented Of Making Jehoiachin King, & Took Him Away To Babylon & Delivered Kingdom To Zedekiah. This King Would Not Believe What Was Predicted By Jeremiah & Ezekiel But Joined Himself To Egyptians: Who When y Came Into Judea, Were Vanquished By King Of Babylon: As Also What Befell Jeremiah
8 King Of Babylon Took Jerusalem & Burnt Temple & Removed People Of Jerusalem & Zedekiah To Babylon. As Also, Who y Were That Had Succeeded In High Priesthood Under Kings
9 Nebuzaradan Set Gedaliah Over Jews That Were Left In Judea Which Gedaliah Was A Little Afterward Slain By Ishmael: & How Johanan After Ishmael Was Driven Away Went Down Into Egypt With People Which People Nebuchadnezzar When He Made An Expedition Against Egyptians Took Captive & Brought m Away To Babylon
10 Daniel & What Befell Him At Babylon
11 Nebuchadnezzar & His Successors & How ir Government Was Dissolved By Persians: & What Things Befell Daniel In Media: & What Prophecies He Delivered re
11 253.5 Years:
Cyrus 1 - Death Of Alex&er Great
1 Cyrus, King Of Persians, Delivered Jews Out Of Babylon & Suffered m To Return To ir Own Country & Build ir Temple, For Which Work He Gave m Money
2 Death Of Cyrus Jews Were Hindered In Building Of Temple By Cu ans, & Neighboring Governors: & How Cambyses Entirely Forbade Jews To Do Any Such Thing
3 After Death Of Cambyses & Slaughter Of Magi But Under Reign Of Darius, Zorobabel Was Superior To Rest In Solution Of Problems & reby Obtained This Favor Of King, That Temple Should Be Built
4 Temple Built While Cu ans Endeavored In Vain To Obstruct Work
5 Xerxes Son Of Darius Well Disposed To Jews: As Also Concerning Esdras & Nehemiah
6 Es r & Mordecai & Haman: & How In Reign Of Artaxerxes Whole Nation Of Jews In Danger Of Perishing
7 John Slew His Bro r Jesus In Temple: & How Bagoses Offered Many Injuries To Jews: & What Sanballat Did
8 Sanballat & Manasseh, & Temple Which y Built On Mount Gerizzim: As Also How Alex&er Made His Entry Into City Jerusalem, & What Benefits He Bestowed On Jews
12 Containing Interval Of 170 Years: Death Of Alex&er Great To Death Of Judas Maccabeus.
1 Ptolemy Son Of Lagus Took Jerusalem & Judea By Deceit & Treachery, & Carried Many nce, & Planted m In Egypt
2 Ptolemy Philadelphus Procured Laws Of Jews To Be Translated Into Greek Tongue & Set Many Captives Free, & Dedicated Many Gifts To God
3 Kings Of Asia Honored Nation Of Jews & Made m Citizens Of Those Cities Which y Built
4 Antiochus Made A League With Ptolemy & How Onias Provoked Ptolemy Euergetes To Anger: & How Joseph Brought All Things Right Again, & Entered Into Friendship With Him: & What O r Things Were Done By Joseph, & His Son Hyrcanus
5 Quarrels One Against Ano r About High Priesthood Antiochus Made An Expedition Against Jerusalem, Took City & Pillaged Temples. & Distressed Jews' As Also How Many Of Jews Forsook Laws Of ir Country: & How Samaritans Followed Customs Of Greeks & Named ir Temple At Mount Gerizzim Temple Of Jupiter Hellenius
6 Upon Antiochus's Prohibition To Jews To Make Use Of Laws Of ir Country Mattathias, Son Of Asamoneus, Alone Despised King, & Overcame Generals Of Antiochus's Army: As Also Concerning Death Of Mattathias, & Succession Of Judas
7 Judas Overthrew Forces Of Apollonius & Seron & Killed Generals Of ir Armies mselves: & How When, Little While Afterwards Lysias & Gorgias Were Beaten He Went Up To Jerusalem & Purified Temple
8 Judas Subdued Nations Round About: & How Simon Beat People Of Tyre & Ptolemais: & How Judas Overcame Timo us, & Forced Him To Fly Away, & Did Many O r Things After Joseph & Azarias Had Been Beaten
9 Death Of Antiochus Epiphane. How Antiochus Eupator Fought Against Juda & Besieged Him In Temple & Afterwards Made Peace With Him & Departed: Of Alcimus & Onias
10 Bacchides, General Of Demetrius's Army, Made An Expedition Against Judea, & Returned Without Success: & How Nicanor Was Sent A Little Afterward Against Judas & Perished, Toge r With His Army: As Also Concerning Death Of Alcimus & Succession Of Judas
11 Bacchides Was Again Sent Out Against Judas: & How Judas Fell As He Was Courageously Fighting
13 82 Years: Death Of Judas Maccabeus To Death Of Queen Alex&ra
1 Jonathan Took Government After His Bro r Judas: & How He, Toge r With His Bro r Simon, Waged War Against Bacchides.
2 Alex&er [Bala] In His War With Demetrius, Granted Jonathan Many Advantages & Appointed Him To Be High Priest & Persuaded Him To Assist Him Although Demetrius Promised Him Greater Advantages On O r Side. Concerning Death
3 Friendship That Was Between Onias & Ptolemy Philometor: & How Onias Built A Temple In Egypt Like To That At Jerusalem.
4 Alex&er Honored Jonathan After An Extraordinary Manner: & How Demetrius, Son Of Demetrius, Overcame Alex&er & Made A League Of Friendship With Jonathan.
5 Trypho After He Had Beaten Demetrius Delivered Kingdom To Antiochus Son Of Alex&er, & Gained Jonathan For His Assistant: & Concerning Actions & Embassies Of Jonathan
6 Jonathan Was Slain By Treachery: & How reupon Jews Made Simon ir General & High Priest: What Courageous Actions He Also Performed Especially Against Trypho
7 How Simon Confederated Himself With Antiochus Pius, & Made War Against Trypho, & A Little Afterward, Against Cendebeus, General Of Antiochus's Army: As Also How Simon Was Murdered By His Son-In-Law Ptolemy, & That By Treachery
8 Hyrcanus Receives High Priesthood, & Ejects Ptolemy Out Of Country. Antiochus Makes War Against Hyrcanus & Afterwards Makes A League With Him
9 After Death Of Antiochus, Hyrcanus Made Expedition Against Syria, & Made League With Romans. Concerning Death Of King Demetrius & Alex&er
10 Quarrel Between Antiochus Grypus & Antiochus Cyzicenus About Kingdom Hyrcanus Tooksamaria, & Utterly Demolished It: & Hyrcaus Joined Himself To Sect Of Sadducees, & Left That Of Pharisees
11 Aristobulus, When He Had Taken Government 1st Of All Put A Diadem On His Head, & Was Most Barbarously Cruel To His Mo r & His Brethren: & How, After He Had Slain Antigonus, He Himself Died
12 Alex&er When He Had Taken Government Made Expedition Against Ptolemais, & n Raised Siege Out Of Fear Of Ptolemy Lathyrus: & How Ptolemy Made War Against Him, Because He Had Sent To Cleopatra To Persuade Her To Make War Against Ptolemy, & Yet Pretended To Be In Friendship With Him, When He Beat Jews In Battle
13 Alex&er, upon League of Mutual Defense Which Cleopatra Had Agreed with Him, Made an Expedition Against Coelesyria, & Utterly Overthrew City of Gaza: & How He Slew many of 10K Jews That Rebelled Against Him.
14 How Demetrius Eucerus Overcame Alex&er & Yet In A Little Time Retired Out Of Country For Fear: As Also How Alex&er Slew Many Of Jews & reby Got Clear Of His Troubles. Concerning Death Of Demetrius
15 Antiochus, Who Was Called Dionysus, & After Him Aretas Made Expeditions Into Judea: As Also How Alex&er Took Many Cities & n Returned To Jerusalem, & After A Sickness Of Three Years Died: & What Counsel He Gave To Alex&ra
16 Alex&ra By Gaining Good-Will Of Pharisees, Retained Kingdom 9 Years, & n, Having Done Many Glorious Actions Died
14 Containing Interval Of 32 Years: Death Of Queen Alex&ra To Death Of Antigonus.
1 War Between Aristobulus & Hyrcanus About Kingdom: & How y Made Anagreement That Aristobulus Should Be King, & Hyrcanus Live A Private Life: As Also How Hyrcanus A Little Afterward Was Persuaded By Antipater To Fly To Aretas
2 Aretas & Hyrcanus Made An Expedition Against Aristobulus & Besieged Jerusalem: & How Scaurus Roman General Raised Siege. Concerning Death Of Onias
3 Aristobulus & Hyrcanus Came To Pompey In Order To Argue Who Ought To Have Kingdom: & How Upon Plight Of Aristobulus To Fortress Alex&rium Pompey Led His Army Against Him & Ordered Him To Deliver Up Fortresses Whereof He Was Possessed
4 Pompey When Citizens Of Jerusalem Shut ir Gates Against Him Besieged City & Took It By Force: As Also What O r Things He Did In Judea
5 Scaurus Made A League Of Mutual Assistance With Aretas: & What Gabinius Did In Judea, After He Had Conquered Alex&er, Son Of Aristobulus
6 Gabinius Caught Aristobulus After He Had Fled From Rome, & Sent Him Back To Rome Again: & Now Same Gabinius As He Returned Out Of Egypt Overcame Alex&er & Nabateans In Battle
7 Crassus Came Into Judea, & Pillaged Temple: & n Marched Against Parthians & Perished, With His Army. Also How Cassius Obtained Syria, & Put Stop To Parthians & n Went Up To Judea
8 Jews Become Confederates With Caesar When He Fought Against Egypt. Glorious Actions Of Antipater, & His Friendship With Caesar. Honors Which Jews Received From Romans & A nians
9 Antipater Committed Care Of Galilee To Herod, & That Of Jerusalem To Phasaelus: As Also How Herod Upon Jews' Envy At Antipater Was Accused Before Hyrcanus
10 Honors That Were Paid Jews: & Leagues That Were Made By Romans & O r Nations, With m
11 Marcus, Succeeded Sextus When He Had Been Slain By Bassus's Treachery: & How, After Death Of Caesar, Cassius Came Into Syria, & Distressed Judea: As Also How Malichus Slew Antipater & Was Himself Slain By Herod
12 Herod Ejects Antigonus, Son Of Aristobulus Out Of Judea, & Gains Friendship Of Antony, Who Was Now Come Into Syria, By Sending Him Much Money: On Which Account He Would Not Admit Of Those That Would Have Accused Herod: & What It Was That Antony Wrote To Tyrians In Behalf
13 Antony Made Herod & Phasaelus Tetrarchs, After y Had Been Accused To No Purpose: & How Parthians When y Brought Antigonus Into Judea Took Hyrcanus & Phasaelus Captives. Herod's Flight: & What Afflictions Hyrcanus & Phasaelus Endured
14 Herod Got Away From King Of Arabia & Made Haste To Go Into Egypt & nce Went Away In Haste Also To Rome: & How, By Promising Great Deal Of Money To Antony He Obtained Of Senate & Of Caesar To Be Made King Of Jews
15 Herod Sailed Out Of Italy To Judea, & Fought With Antigonus & What O r Things Happened In Judea About That Time
16 Herod, When He Had Married Mariamne Took Jerusalem With Assistance Of Sosius By Force: & How Government Of Asamoneans Was Put An End To
15 18 Years: Death Of Antigonus To Finishing Of Temple By Herod.
1 Pollio & Sameas. Herod Slays Principal Of Antigonus's Friends, & Spoils City Of Its Wealth. Antony Beheads Antigonus
2 Hyrcanus Was Set At Liberty By Parthians, & Returned To Herod: & What Alex&ra Did When She Heard That Ananelus Was Made High Priest
3 Herod Upon His Making Aristobulus High Priest Took Care That He Should Be Murdered In A Little Time: & What Apology He Made To Antony About Aristobulus: As Also Concerning Joseph & Mariamne
4 Cleopatra, When She Had Gotten From Antony Some Parts Of Judea & Arabia Came Into Judea: & How Herod Gave Her Many Presents & Conducted Her On Her Way Back To Egypt
5 Herod Made War With King Of Arabia, & After y Had Fought Many Battles, At Length Conquered Him, & Was Chosen By Arabs To Be Governor Of That Nation: As Also Concerning A Great Earthquake
6 Herod Slew Hyrcanus & n Hasted Away To Caesar, & Obtained Kingdom From Him Also: & How A Little Time Afterward, He Entertained Caesar In A Most Honorable Manner
7 Herod Slew Sohemus & Mariamne & Afterward Alex&ra & Costobarus, & His Most Intimate Friends, & At Last Sons Of Babbas Also
8 10 Men Of Citizens Of Jerusalem Made A Conspiracy Against Herod, For Foreign Practices He Had Introduced, Which Was Transgression Of Laws Of ir Country. Concerning Building Of Sebaste & Cesarea, & O r Edifices Of Herod
9 Famine That Happened In Judea & Syria: & How Herod, After He Had Married Ano r Wife, Rebuilt Cesarea, & O r Grecian Cities
10 Herod Sent His Sons To Rome: How Also He Was Accused By Zenodorus & Gadarens, But Was Cleared Of What y Accused Him Of & Withal Gained To Himself Good-Will Of Caesar. Concerning Pharisees, Essens & Manahem
11 Herod Rebuilt Temple & Raised It Higher & Made It More Magnificent Than It Was Before: As Also Concerning That Tower Which He Called Antonia
16 12 Years: Finishing Of Temple By Herod To Death Of Alex&er & Aristobulus.
1 Law Of Herod's About, Thieves. Salome & Pheroras Calumniate Alex&er & Aristobulus, Upon ir Return From Rome For Whom Yet Herod Provides Wives
2 Herod Twice Sailed To Agrippa: & How Upon Complaint In Ionia Against Greeks Agrippa Confirmed Laws To m
3 Great Disturbances Arose In Herods Family On His Preferring Antipater His Eldest Son Before Rest, Till Alex&er Took That Injury Very Heinously
4 During Antipater's Abode At Rome, Herod Brought Alex&er & Aristobulus Before Caesar & Accused m. Alex&er's Defense Of Himself Before Caesar & Reconciliation To His Fa r
5 Herod Celebrated Games That Were To Return Every 5th Year Upon Building Of Cesarea: & How He Built & Adorned Many O r Places After A Magnificent Manner: & Did Many O r Actions Gloriously
6 Embassage In Cyrene & Asia To Caesar, Concerning Complaints y Had To Make Against Greeks: With Copies Of Epistles Which Caesar & Agrippa Wrote To Cities For m
7 Herod's Going Down Into David's Sepulcher, Sedition In His Family Greatly Increased
8 Herod Took Up Alex&er & Bound Him: Whom Yet Archelaus King Of Cappadocia Reconciled To His Fa r Herod Again
9 Revolt Of Trachonites: How Sylleus Accused Herod Before Caesar: & How Herod, When Caesar Was Angry At Him, Resolved To Send Nicolaus To Rome
10 Eurycles Falsely Accused Herod's Sons: & How ir Fa r Bound m, & Wrote To Caesar About m. Of Sylleus & How He Was Accused By Nicolaus
11 Herod, By Permission From Caesar Accused His Sons Before An Assembly Of Judges At Berytus: & What Tero Suffered For Using A Boundless & Military Liberty Of Speech. Concerning Also Death Of Young Men & ir Burial At
17 14 Years: Death Of Alex&er & Aristobulus To Banishment Of Archelaus.
1 Antipater Was Hated By All Nation For Slaughter Of His Brethren: & How, For That Reason He Got Into Peculiar Favor With His Friends At Rome, By Giving m Many Presents: As He Did Also With Saturninus, President Of Syria & Governors Who Were Under Him: & Concerning Herod's Wives & Children
2 Zamaris, Babylonian Jew: Concerning Plots Laid By Antipater Against His Fa r: & Somewhat About Pharisees
3 Enmity Between Herod & Pheroras: How Herod Sent Antipater To Caesar: & Death Of Pheroras
4 Pheroras's Wife Is Accused By His Freedmen, As Guilty Of Poisoning Him: & How Herod, Upon Examining: Of Matter By Torture Found Poison: But So That It Had Been Prepared For Himself By His Son Antipater: & Upon An Inquiry By Torture He Discovered Dangerous Designs Of Antipater
5 Antipater's Navigation From Rome To His Fa r: & How He Was Accused By Nicolaus Of Damascus & Condemned To Die By His Fa r, & By Quintilius Varus, Who Was n President Of Syria: & How He Was n Bound Till Caesar Should Be Informed Of His Cause
6 Disease That Herod Fell Into & Sedition Which Jews Raised reupon: With Punishment Of Seditious
7 Herod Has Thoughts Of Killing Himself With His Own H&: & Little Afterwards He Orders Antipater To Be Slain
8 Herod's Death, & Testament, & Burial
9 People Raised Sedition Against Archelaus, & How He Sailed To Rome
10 Sedition Against Sabinus: & How Varus Brought Authors Of It To Punishment
11 Embassage To Caesar: & How Caesar Confirmed Herod's Testament
12 Spurious Alex&er
13 Archelaus Upon 2nd Accusation, Was Banished To Vienna
18 Containing Interval Of 32 Years. Banishment Of Archelus To Departure From Babylon
1 Cyrenius Was Sent By Caesar To Make Taxation Of Syria & Judea: & How Coponius Was Sent To Be Procurator Of Judea: Concerning Judas Of Galilee & Concerning Sects That Were Among Jews
2 Now Herod & Philip Built Several Cities In Honor Of Caesar. Concerning Succession Of Priests & Procurators: As Also What Befell Phraates & Parthians
3 Sedition Of Jews Against Pontius Pilate. Concerning Christ, & What Befell Paulina & Jews At Rome
4 Samaritans Made A Tumult & Pilate Destroyed Many Of m: How Pilate Was Accused & What Things Were Done By Vitellius Relating To Jews & Parthians
5 Herod Tetrarch Makes War With Aretas, King Of Arabia, & Is Beaten By Him As Also Concerning Death Of John Baptist. Vitellius Went Up To Jerusalem: Toge r With Some Account Of Agrippa & Posterity Of Herod Great
6 Navigation Of King Agrippa To Rome, To Tiberius Caesar: & Now Upon His Being Accused By His Own Freed-Man, He Was Bound: How Also He, Was Set At Liberty By Caius, After Tiberius's Death & Was Made King Of Tetrarchy Of Philip
7 Herod Tetrarch Was Banished
8 Concerning Embassage Of Jews To Caius: & How Caius Sent Petronius Into Syria To Make War Against Jews, Unless y Would Receive His Statue
9 What Befell Jews That Were In Babylon On Occasion Of Asineus & Anileus, 2 Brethren
19 Containing Interval Of 3 1/2 yrs Departure Out Of Babylon To Fadus, Roman Procurator.
1 How Caius Was Slain By Cherea
2 Senators Determined To Restore Democracy: But Soldiers Were For Preserving Monarchy, Concerning Slaughter Of Caius's Wife & Daughter. Character Of Caius's Morals
3 Claudius Was Seized Upon & Brought Out Of His House & Brought To Camp: & How Senate Sent An Embassage To Him
4 What Things King Agrippa Did For Claudius: & How Claudius When He Had Taken Government Comm&ed Murderers Of Caius To Be Slain
5 Claudius Restored To Agrippa His Gr&fa rs Kingdoms & Augmented His Dominions: & How He Published An Edict In Behalf
6 What Things Were Done By Agrippa At Jerusalem When He Was Returned Back Into Judea: & What It Was That Petronius Wrote To Inhabitants Of Doris, In Behalf
7 Concerning Silas & On What Account It Was That King Agrippa Was Angry At Him. How Agrippa Began To Encompass Jerusalem With A Wall: & What Benefits He Bestowed On Inhabitants Of Berytus
8 What O r Acts Were Done By Agrippa Until His Death: & After What Manner He Died
9 What Things Were Done After Death Of Agrippa: & How Claudius, On Account Of Youth & Unskilfulness Of Agrippa, Junior, Sent Cuspius Fadus To Be Procurator Of Judea, & Of Entire Kingdom
20 Containing Interval Of 22 Years From Fadus Procurator To Florus.
1 Sedition Of Philadelphians Against Jews: & Also Concerning Vestments Of High Priest
2 Helena Queen Of Adiabene & Her Son Izates, Embraced Jewish Religion: & How Helena Supplied Poor With Corn, When re Was Great Famine At Jerusalem
3 Artabanus, King of Parthia out of Fear of Secret Contrivances of His Subjects Against Him, Went to Izates, & Was By Him Reinstated in His Government: as Also How Bardanes His Son Denounced War Against Izates
4 Izates Was Betrayed By His Own Subjects, & Fought Against By Arabians & How Izates, By Providence Of God, Was Delivered Out Of ir H&s
5 Concerning udas & Sons Of Judas Galilean: As Also What Calamity Fell Upon Jews On Day Of Passover
6 re Happened A Quarrel Between Jews & Samaritans: & How Claudius Put End To ir Differences
7 Felix Is Made Procurator Of Judea: As Also Concerning Agrippa, Junior & His Sisters
8 After What Manner Upon Death Of Claudius, Nero Succeeded In Government: As Also What Barbarous Things He Did. Concerning Robbers, Murderers & Impostors, That Arose While Felix & Festus Were Procurators Of Judea
9 Concerning Albinus Under Whose Procuratorship James Was Slain: As Also What Edifices Were Built By Agrippa
10 Enumeration Of High Priests
11 Concerning Florus Procurator, Who Necessitated Jews To Take Up Arms Against Romans. Conclusion.
16 1882 Bible Myths & ir Parallels in o r Religions Being a Comparison of Old & New Testament Myths & Miracles with those of Hea n Nations ... Considering also ir Origin & Meaning
by Doane, T. W.
298,671W 1,195 19:55
1 Eva Kharisma List of Authorities, & Books Quoted from
2 Creation & Fall of Man
3 Deluge
4 Tower of Babel
5 Trial of Abraham's Faith
6 Jacob's Vision of Ladder
7 Exodus from Egypt
8 Receiving 10 Comm&ments
9 Samson & his Exploits
10 Jonah Swallowed By A Big Fish
11 Circumcision
12 Conclusion Of Part 1st
13 Miraculous Birth Of Christ Jesus
14 Star Of Bethlehem
15 Song of Heavenly Host
16 Divine Child Recognized, & Presented with Gifts
17 Birth place of Christ Jesus
18 Genealogy of Christ Jesus
19 Slaughter of Innocents
20 Temptation, & Fast Of Forty Days
21 Crucifixion of Christ Jesus
22 Darkness at Crucifixion
23 "He Descended into Hell."
24 Resurrection & Ascension of Christ Jesus
25 2nd Coming of Christ Jesus, & Millennium
26 Christ Jesus as Judge of Dead
27 Christ Jesus as Creator, & Alpha & Omega
28 Miracles of Christ Jesus, & Primitive Christians
29 Christ Crishna & Christ Jesus
30 Christ Buddha & Christ Jesus
31 Eucharist or Lord's Supper
32 Baptism
33 Worship of Virgin Mo r
34 Christian Symbols
35 Birthday of Christ Jesus
36 Trinity
37 Paganism in Christianity
38 Why Christianity Prospered
39 Antiquity of Pagan Religions
40 Explanation.
17 Legends of Genesis
by Hermann GUNKEL 1862 - 1932, translated by William Herbert CARRUTH 1859 - 1924
88,750W 355 5:54:58
1 Significance & Scope of Legends
2 Varieties of Legends
3 Literary Form of Legends
4 History of Development of Legends in Oral Tradition
5 Jahvist, Elohist, Jehovist, Later Collections
6 Priestly Codex & Final Redaction.
19 1890 Studies in Old Testament History
by Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman
29,901W 120P 2:00
1 Introduction
1 Chronological Table 9
2 Hints to Students 11
3 Hints to Teachers 13
4 Course Divided Into Lessons 14
2 Studies
1 Beginnings of Bible History 17
2 W&ering in Wilderness 25
3 Conquest of Canaan 34
4 Age of Heroes 41
5 Rise of Israelite Empire 49
6 Golden Age of Israel 56
7 Rival Thrones, Israel 63
8 Rival Thrones, Judah 71
9 Captivity of Judah 77
10 Jewish Province 88.
20 Quest of Historical Jesus
by Sweitzer
319,750W 1,279P 21:18:04 585M
1 Problem
2 Herman Samuel Reimarus
3 Lives of Jesus of Earlier Rationalism
4 Earliest Fictitious Lives of Jesus
5 Fully Developed Rationalism - Paulus
6 Last Phase of Rationalism - Hase & Schleirmacher
7 David Freidrich Strauss - Man & His Fate
8 Strauss's First Life of Jesus
9 Strauss's Opponents & Supporters
10 Marcan Hypo sis
11 Bruno Bauer
12 Fur r Imaginative Lives of Jesus
13 Renan
14 Liberal Lives of Jesus
15 Eschatalogical Question
16 Struggle Against Eschatalogy
17 Questions Regarding Aramaic Language, Rabbinic Parallels & Buddhistic Influence
18 1890s Position of Subject
19 Thoroughgoing Eschatology & Thorgoughgoing Eschatology
20 Results.
21 1904 When King Came, Stories From Four Gospels
by Hodges
108,750W 435 7:14:53 199M
1 Preface & Year One
2 Herald of King
3 Shepherds & Singing Angels
4 King's Name
5 King is Taken to Temple
6 Visit of Wise Men
7 Carpenter's House
8 At Age of 12
9 Herald Speaks
10 Heaven & River
11 3 Temptations
12 12 Friends
13 King Goes to a Wedding
14 King Among His Neighbors
15 Day of King's Life
16 Broken Roof
17 Pool of Angel
18 King Stops a Funeral
19 Stilling of a Storm
20 Wild Man of Gergesa
21 Minister's Little Daughter
22 Sermen on Mount
23 Sermon of 7 Stories
24 Herald's Head
25 12 Baskets of Pieces
26 Why King was Hated
27 In L& of Tyre & Sidon
28 What a Blind Man Saw
29 Rock for Corner Stone
30 King in His Beauty
31 Lad at Foot of Hill
32 Good Samaritan
33 Prodigal Son
34 Rich Man & Beggar
35 At Grave of Lazarus
36 On Way to Jerusalem
37 In Streets of Jericho
38 Psalms & Psalms
39 3 Days of Holy Week
40 Pharisees & Sadusees & Wedding Guests
41 Last Supper
42 In Garden of Gethsamane
43 Christ Before Caiaphas
44 Christ Before Pilate
45 Crucified, Dead & Buried
46 Empty Tomb
47 King Walks with 2 Disciples
48 Vision of 7 Fishermen
49 King Returns to Heaven.
18 500 AD 1st book of Adam & eve by Various Translated by Ru rford platt 83,000W 332 3:11:14 87.5M
1 crystal sea, God comm&s Adam, expelled from Eden, to live in Cave of Treasures
2 Adam & Eve faint when y leave Garden. God sends His Word to encourage m
3 Concerning promise of great 51/2 days
4 Adam mourns over changed conditions. Adam & Eve enter Cave of Treasures
5 Eve makes a noble & emotional intercession, taking blame on herself
6 God's reprim& to Adam & Eve in which he points out how & why y sinned
7 beasts are appeased
8 "Bright Nature" of man is taken away
9 Water from Tree of Life. Adam & Eve near drowning
10 ir bodies need water after y leave garden
11 recollection of glorious days in Garden
12 How darkness came between Adam & Eve
13 fall of Adam. Why night & day were created
14 earliest prophesy of coming of Christ
15 Adam & Eve grieve over suffering of God to save m from ir sins
16 1st sunrise. Adam & Eve think it is a fire coming to burn m
17 Chapter of Serpent
18 mortal combat with serpent
19 Beasts made subject to Adam
20 Adam wishes to protect Eve
21 Adam & Eve attempt suicide
22 Adam in gracious mood
23 Adam & Eve streng n mselves & make 1st altar ever built
24 vivid prophecy of life & death of Christ
25 God represented as merciful & loving. establishing of worship
26 beautiful prophecy of eternal life & joy v. 15. fall of night
27 2nd tempting of Adam & Eve. devil takes on form of a beguiling light
28 Devil pretends to lead Adam & Eve to water to ba
29 God tells Adam of Devil's purpose. v. 4
30 Adam receives 1st worldly goods
31 y make mselves more comfortable in Cave of Treasures on 3rd day
32 Adam & Eve go into water to pray
33 Satan falsely promises "bright light."
34 Adam recalls creation of Eve. He eloquently appeals for food & drink
35 God's reply
36 Figs
37 43 days of penance do not redeem one hour of sin v. 6
38 "When 5500 years are fulfilled
39 Adam is cautious, but too late
40 1st Human hunger
41 1st Human thirst
42 promise of Water of Life. 3rd prophecy of coming of Christ
43 Devil attempts arson
44 power of fire over man
45 Why Satan didn't fulfil his promises. Description of hell
46 "How many times have I delivered you out of his h&
47 Devil's own Scheming
48 5th apparition of Satan to Adam & Eve
49 1st prophecy of Resurrection
50 Adam & Eve seek to cover ir nakedness
51 "What is his beauty that you should have followed him?
52 Adam & Eve sew 1st shirt
53 prophecy of Western L&s & of great flood
54 Adam & Eve go exploring
55 Conflict between God & Satan
56 chapter of divine comfort
57 " refore I fell
58 "About sunset on 53rd day
59 8th apparition of Satan of Satan to Adam Eve
60 Devil appears like an old man. He offers "a place of rest
61 y begin to follow Satan
62 2 fruit trees
63 1st joy of trees
64 Adam & Eve partake of 1st earthly food
65 Adam & Eve acquire digestive organs. Final hope of returning to Garden is lost
66 Adam does his 1st day's work
67 " n Satan began to lead astray Adam & Eve
68 How destruction & trouble is of Satan when he is master. Adam & Eve establish custom of worship
69 12th apparition of Satan to Adam & Eve, while Adam was praying over offering on altar: when Satan beat him
70 13th apparition of Satan, to trick Adam into marrying Eve
71 Adam is troubled by thought of marrying Eve
72 Adam's heart is set on fire. Satan appears as beautiful maidens
73 marriage of Adam & Eve
74 birth of Cain & Luluwa. Why y received those names
75 family revisits Cave of Treasures. Birth of Abel & Aklia
76 Cain becomes jealous of Abel because of his sisters
77 Cain, 15 years old, & Abel 12 years old, grow apart
78 Jealousy overcomes Cain. He makes trouble in family. How 1st murder was planned
79 wicked plan is carried to tragic conclusion. Cain is frightened. "Am I my bro r's keeper?" 7 punishments. Peace is shattered.
23 1916 Jesus of History by Glover, T. R. 75,653W 303 5:03
1 Modern study of religion
2 Historicity of Jesus
3 gospels as historical sources
4 Canons for study of historical figure
5 caution against antiquarianism here
1 References in Gospels
2 Utilisation of parables to reconstruct domestic life Nature.
3 city
4 talk of market
1 Words & looks, as recorded in gospels
2 Playfulness of speech
3 Movements of feeling
4 Habits of thought: e.g. Quickness.
5 Feeling for fact. Sympathy. Imagination His use of Old Testament
1 Hardness of human life in those times
2 Uncertainness as to God's plans for nation
3 specially as to His purposes for Messiah
4 Uncertainty as to immortality of soul, & its destinies Re-action of all this upon life
1 To induce people to try to re-think God
2 To secure re-thinking of life from its foundations in view of new knowledge
1 His personality, & his genius for friendship disciples
2 type he prefers Intimacy,
3 real secret of his method
4 His ways of speech
5 His seriousness
6 transformation of disciples
1 Nearness of God
2 God's knowledge & power God's throne
3 Jesus emphasizes mostly God's interest in individual
4 love of God
6 discovery of God
7 Parables of treasure finder & pearl merchant
8 Faith in God Prayer
9 Life on basis of God
1 Jesus' sympathy with men & ir troubles
2 His feelings for suffering & distressed
3 His feeling for women & children
4 His emphasis on tenderness & forgiveness
5 characteristics which he values in men
6 value of individual soul
7 Jesus & wasted life Zacchaeus.
8 woman with alabaster box.
9 penitent thief
1 problem of sin John Baptist on sin Jesus' psychology of sin more serious
1 outst&ing types of sin which, according to Jesus, involve for a man utmost risk
1 Want of tenderness
2 impure imagination
3 Indifference to truth
4 Indecision Jesus' view of sin as deduced from this teaching
5 Implication of a serious view of redemption
1 What cross meant to him
1 kingdom of heaven
2 call for followers
3 His announcement of purpose in his life & death
4 What he means by redemption
1 His sense of human need
2 His realization of God
3 His recognition of his own relation to God His prayer life
1 Resurrection
2 new life of disciples
3 taking away of sin of world
1 As it bears on problem of pain & of sin & on God
2 How a man is to underst& Jesus Christ
1 One rule of many races General peace & free intercourse world over Fusion of cultures, traditions, religions " marriage of East & West"
1 strength: in its ancient tradition in its splendour of art, architecture & ceremony in its oracles, healings & ophanies in its adaptability in absorbing all cults & creeds
2 weakness: No deep sense of truth No association with morality Poly ism fear of grave
3 defence: Plutarch, Stoics, Neo-Platonism, Eclectics
1 characteristics
2 Persecuted because it refused to compromise
3 Christian "out-lived" pagan "out died" him "out-thought him"
14 JESUS IN CHRISTIAN THOUGHT: impulse to determine who he is, & his relation to God records of Christian experience Study of personality of Jesus Christ
1 Gospels
2 Christological ory guide to experience
3 new experience of Reformation period Knowledge gained by experiment comes before explanation
1 forgiveness of sin, & ories to explain it Is a ology of Redemption possible which shall not be mainly metaphor or simile?
1 approach is to be "a posterioria" In fact, God & man are only known to us in & by Jesus Only in Christ is love of God as taught in N.T. tenable To know Jesus in what he can do, is antecedent to ory about him
2 APPENDIX Suggestions for study circle discussions.
22 Truth About Jesus
by Mangasarian
85,250W 341 5:40:24 155M
1 Parable
2 In Confidence
3 Is Jesus a Myth
4 Problem Stated
5 Christian Documents
6 Virgen Births
7 Origin of Cross
8 Silence of Contemporary Writers
9 Jesus Story a Religous Drama
10 Jesus of Paul not Jesus of Gospels
11 Is Christianity Real
1 Is World Indebted to Christianity
2 Christianity & Paganism
1 Some Modern Opinions about Jesus
2 Ano r Rhetorical Jesus
3 A Liberal Jew Praises Jesus.
2 4 1894 Trial & Death of Jesus Christ A Devotional History of our Lord's Passion
by Stalker, James
74, 749W 299 4:59
1 - 4 Matt, Mark, Luke, John
5 Luke 5-12.
1 Matt, Mark, Luke, John
1 Matt, Mark, Luke, John
1 Matt, Mark, Luke, John
1 Matt, Acts
1 Matt, Mark, Luke, John
1 Luke
1 Matt, Mark, Luke, John
1 Matt, Mark, Luke, John
1 Luke
1 Luke
1 John 25-27.
1 Matt. 46-9: Mark 34-6.
1 John 28.
1 John 30.
1 Luke 46.
1 Matt, Mark, Luke
1 John
1 Matt, Mark, Luke, John.
25 King Nobody Wanted
by Norman F. Langford
52,750W 211 3:30:26 96.3M
1 Waiting
2 King is Born
3 Growing
4 Jesus Goes to Work
5 Busy Time
6 Friends & Foes
7 Slow to Underst&
8 Jesus is Strong
9 Refusing a Crown
10 Way to Jerusalem
11 Nearing City
12 In Jerusalem
13 Last Night
14 Last Day
15 Victorious King.
26 344 That Christ Is One
45,250W 181 3:00:31.
27 1908 In Galilee
by Thorton Chase
31,250W 125 2:04:58 57.2M
1 Quotes: Arrival: haifa
2 Holy l&: Mount Carmel tomb of Bab
3 Way of Sea
4 Welcome, Abdul-baha mid day meal
5 Universal Love, Dawn in acca sabbath visit
6 Lessons of Humility, incidents, a heavenly atmosphere
7 Servant of God: law of love, unity of love & service
8 Feast of Fellowship: world's maturity
9 Parting: community & rizwan.
28 1926 Odes of Solomon
by Anonymous
26,750W 107 1:46:36 48.8M.
29 Jesus of Nazareth
by John Mark
25,500W 102 1:41:57 28.5M
11 HE THAT Come in name of God
12 Scribes & Pharasees
13 Jerusalem Kills Phrophets
14 Rejected by all
15 Crucified, Dead & Buried
16 Rises from Dead.
3 0 1882 Jesus Fulfils Law
by One of Society of Friends
18,602W 74 1:14
1 How Jesus fulfilled Law
2 Provisions for Pardon of Sin, & Reconciliation under Law
3 Hebrew Sacrifices from Christian Point of View. Sacrifice of Christ ir true Complement
4 Testimony of Old Testament Prophecies to Jesus Christ as Messiah.
31 1821 Village in Mountains: Conversion of Peter Bayssiere: & History of a Bible
by N/A
18,468W 74 1:14.
32 100 Didache
by Unknown
5,000W 20 20:00 9.6M.