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Wind, Bile, Flame
Wind- lung rough translation, rough, coarse, ligth, badd concentration, HeAVY FOODIS GOOD FOR THIS, COld,
good to be warm, sublte, unstable, emotional.

5 Winds
Life sustaining wind
Ascendment, ascending
Perverse, spreading wind, everywhere
Oppostie of fire
Descending wind, in belly, brings energy down
Nature of wind-type- Nature of person comes from the mothers havitsin pregnancy
Location of wind- Below belly button between navel aand heart, lungs large intestive, hip joint, bones joints,
ears-sounds in ears
Wind Feelings- Sounds in ears
Functions- Inhalation adn exhilation, all action movements of the body, expells all waste, clearifies senses 5,
sense organs, sustains life energy of body, chi
Ascending wind- All have specific functions-greed
Symptoms of increas of wind- Thin, Dark complection, bad complection, gets cold, shivers, constipation, loss of
strenght, bonking, dullness of senses, talkative of nonsense, dizzyness
Decreasing of wind- Low energy, not talkative, physical discomfort, undlear memory, rising of fleme, iregular
pulse, if blood is thin adn returns quicklym clear urine in moringn, sighing bad concentration dizzyness, sound,
dry, white tongue. Astringent taste in mouth, shivering, joint pain, always hungry feeling sensitive, like feeling
things with yur hear, hair stickingup bad sleep, stretching helps you irritated fourht vertivra, brotruding one is
sore. Between nipples in middle of chest is a good pressure point for this. Hot water on back is good for dry
heaving. Down is worst times, much spit and fleme.

* 80 classified kinds of spirits can possess you you can tell from the pulse do Puja

* Spirits make you hickup in a weird way

WIND PROBLEMS- Gurgling and growling intestines, worst at dawn and dusk. Diseas gets worse after empty
Diet- Brown sugar, tibetan beer-chang sheep for food eat parts of animal corpses, butter, marmots, horses,
donkey, onion, garlic, heavy, oily, smooth food, warm heavy nutritius, dairy be warm, donÕtexpose to cold wind,
stay with dear people
Wind People- Be agreable to them, sleep, mild food, nuts
Potatoes are eath and water



I had some interesting dreams last night, one was I was watching a married with children episode first hand,
not on T.V., I was in their house and was watching Bundy in the backyard repeatedly cutting someone's head off, adn
he was really excited about it, then é went to him to realize it was his own head he kept soaking in a tub of water
that was attached to a guillotine. Then I looked inside to see the boy working on the computer and the girl writing
on a desk next to him, she wasn't Christian Applegate, she was a brown haired girl named Amanda Berg, which is a girl
I went to high school with. Before that I had an episode that I was driving my van with my brother Wyndham and I had
been traveling the world or something for a long time so I haven't been behind the wheel for a long time. I was in
Durango and think waiting to merge into main street and it was rainy and I couldn't see a turn on the right very
well or something or I ran a red light or something but I know I did something slightly but not very wrong and merged
into the road because there weren't any cars on the road, then right as I merged, a car speed down the road from
the bend and almost hit me but didn't then I saw a cop car behind me and I knew it was going to pull me over. The
cop was a black man and was being rude and had me step outside then wanted to search my car. Then i got mind
and "Your a fucking asshole, do as much as you can to me I don't care, I'm as nice to you as I can be you fucking
I was kind of tense because I knew I had a lot of acid somewhere (I wasn't too sure where, which is true) in the
car. Then I changed dreams. The next dream I had I was an agent in an office somewhere and Steffano was there but
he was like 65 and I was thinking, "I didn't know he was that big", then I mentioned it to someone and he said "He
ain't 65, he's as tall as me (5-9), he's a little weak man".
A dream I had before that I was in the airport after a long vacation and was weighting in the terminal, and a
lot want on but I cannot remember
Another dream I had I was one of five boys, I was the oldest. and we were dressed like women with sex changes
and all and we were taking the bus across town and a cop pulled us over after we got out of the bus and said "What
are you?" and we said (different boys speaking at different times) we were tasting transsexuals and the cop said
"What, fasting is illegal" But I said when I had breakfast this morning but I don't eat anything after that" Then
the cop, who was young and confused said to the youngest boy 14-15, "Well you all fast don't you?" and the boy said
"Well actually, I have cereal every morning but after that I fast all day long". The cop didn't know what to do so
he let us go. Before all of these dreams I had one that i was on an island doing some weird project with people a
and traveling around the world before that. The whole dream sequence was crazy and I only remember a small amount
of it. But the energy was different and strong and good adn funny and real emotionally.


I had a dream last night that I was in Japan with my mom and she had a joint and we smoked it, when,
we went down stairs to the subway and i had a box so I slid down and her too, I slid down a metal part and came down
do fast I almost slid out into the tracks then she came and slid past the place at the bottom where you are supposed
to show your ticket and I was weighting at the tracks to catch her so she doesn't go into the tracks. But the guards
saw her and so we went to court, but while we were there a blond 35 year old man took me to his office nearby because
he said I was stoned and Pam was there because she was stoned with me at the train station.


Holistic- Takes everything into account, weather etc.
- Related to Buddhism and astrology
- Medicine from herbs, no side effect
- History- Lengthy textbook. very old, comes from lord Buddha


1) Root Tantra- Houses basics of everything, 2, 3, and 4 explains everything from root tantra.
Causes of diseases- 1) Ignorance. Everything comes from ignorance, the root cause.
* We are all sick- Because we are ignorant. Too much in the mind, the bird isn't separate from the shadow
2) Attachment- Wind
3) Hatred- Bile
4) Close mindedness- Phlegm

5 Elements


* Everything effected by everything


4 Secondary causes
Spirit, unseen forces, religious, other people energy, spirits


* Plant certain plants on certain days
Fire- Heat in body, food in our body
Wind- phlegm, bile.
* Wind and fire counter act each other
- Mind and body communicate with wind, the vehicle for everything
-Hot water is good for indigestion


Done by 1) Checking pulse, 2) Urine testing of color, smell, taste, shake urine, and see thickness
3) Tongue

* Aruvedic medicine affects the urine
Spleen- main ckakra, filter
- Liver related to kidney and nerves, and ear through nerves
Kidney- flame
Energy- wind
Pulse reading- With three fingers near thumb, good doctors will know your disease by touching pulse, and looking at
you. Best in morning
Depression and stress are related to lung disease, wind
* In Tibet High lamas and doctors are often the same people
Bladder- flame, Liver-bile, Gall bladder- wind, Heart-wind, Stomach- Earth
Testing by Posture- Wind problem is stooping, thinness, dark complexion talkative, loud joints, poor, short life,
light sleep, short like music, jogging, games, sports, sweet food, sour food, spicy. Worst to be
Flame- Best person
Wind-Phlegm-Fire- Best to have all three humors
Phlegm- thirsty, hungry, yellow skin, yellow hair (among Tibetans) intelligent, aggressive, sweaty, stinky, medium
wealth and lengthiness of life. Like sweet food, astringent food. lemony bitter rhubarb and cold food. Middle goodness
medicines decrease and increase certain humors
Bile person- Always
Flame Person- Big and strong adn good looking, tall, light complexion, stable mind, cannot influence them, average
long life, and wealthy, deep sleep, average intelligence, kind hearted, like hot food, spicy astringent, big appetite
All three best, W-B fest combo, F-F second best F-W is worst combo
* You get sick by expecting to get sick
3 HOUR MASSAGE- Same as one and a half hour massage with side


7 Rays
1) Politics
2) Education
3) Comm and phil intelect
4) Arts
5) Science
6) Religious
7) Economy, ceremony, finance

1895- Ernest good, 7 rays
Helena Blovotski
Tibetan master 1949
Aztecs, Atlantans, Egyptians, Mayans Mental and emotional and consiousnes
Create 7 activities, feilds

Energies, consciousness can use them
come from enter of galaxy magnetically, and to sirius and pleides and here each star has own ray strength
-You include whole galaxy and earth awareness to understand
-We have whole macrocosm in us
Reaction- Feel energy and can't assimilate and get agitation adn sicknes
Response- Transformation it within and grow
1) Will- power to aries Leo, and Capricorn, Transformed by sun, Mars, Mercury adn Saturn
-Liberator, lord of deal, finger of God, plan adn intent of father, manifest material experience
Red and orange , through head cernter and touch
-Can develop hatred, jelousy, and greed
death- elimination of spiritual obstacles
Essence- goes through from until becomes crystalized passion ray can become
*Can be negative if given too soon, can give too much will power if hits bad person politicians have it too much
*7 colors- all equally important 7 notes, and pos or neg or flat or sharp, makes symphony
2) Love-wisdom-Sirius Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Venus, Pluto, Moon, and earth
'Cosmic Christ, eternal love, cosmic magnet, sun aspect unfold consiousness with 3rd ray
-monodic plane cosmos and man
-indigo-blue intuition, heart nature
Wisdom- light (solar system) love (2nd)
1st ray 1st solar system
2nd ray 2nd solar system
created wisom, ray
High-education-brings inner potential to humans
low- for personal interest, dest or const
-must align with oterh rays to be used proberly
*We are now in middle stage now
1st, 2nd, 3rd rags connected
Intelect-love and actions togetehr
3rd- active intelligence, Sirius- cancer, bubra, capricorn, sun, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn
18 names, lord of space, universacitect, activity of god Vital energy. overshadow matter blends spitit and matter
and shares experience focus Black and green, sight and throught center
philosophy , comomunication, actualization
*1st purpose 2 to plan 3 to actualized plan
takes idea dn puts it to manifestation
purpuse to bring purpose to manifestation
Abstract think must respond to divine plan or else will distort it for themselves
Unites physical, emotional, to abstract ideas to communication
abstract to concrete
spirit to matter, hight to low
3 rays- great invocation
synthesized from plan of light from plan fo God, let light Òdescend on earthÓ
Christ- brought 2nd ray here
1st ray made 3rd solar system
2nd to 2nd
3rd to 1st
-will must be here for it to manifest
3 rays destroy evil- limitation, crystalization, obstacles prevent expansion
4th Harmony through conflict
-Taurus, Scorpio, sagitarious, vulcan, mars, another, 14 names, hand of god, perceiver on way master
perfect rythem
coordination balance green, yellow, smell, base of spine
spirit concious physical
Art- Creates conflict and harmony exposions and gives vision of how to harmonize
bridge for 7 rays
1st ray becomes 7th
2 becomes 6th
3rd to 5th
4 is light that emerges from all rays
has nature of all rays
Directs high rays to home
brings high rays to lower to merge
5th science- leo, sag, aquar, sun, Jup, and others.
Rose of God, keeper of secret, dispencer of knowledge
-produces forms expresing purpose Yellow, indigo
Through ajna, and intellect
either save us or destroy us universalism and persomal interest
3rd contracts high vision and 5th acutalized it 3rd is seen, 5th is plant
6th devotion-idealism
-virgo, sag, pisces, sun, pluto, moon other.
negator of reality
expresson of God
atteives equalibrium of time and space
astral- emotions of man
light vermillion silvery rose
taste, solar plexus
religious ray-faith, makes connection relationship, realiation to higher level
can become political- low road
7th economy ceremonial order
aries, cancer, capricorn, sun, mercury, neptune, saturn
Creator of form, fiery unifier. revealer of beauty
express of God in physical form, turns light to order
white, violet, hearing, and sacral center
organized process, sharing wealth
physical and emotional nature share in economy
expand consiousness to utilize 7 rays, use emotions, menal, and spiritual interests
understand then communicate with energy to use it, focus consciousness in gloval interest, not own self or else
techniques- observation
purify yourself and organize each component and use them
to use rays too soon before boddhichita aligns, can cause probems and ego and such
sacrificial service- purifies you and prepares you, uses energy and pulls it into you and organies your body, to
make relationship service, purifies all centers
-heart problems caused by medidating on heart center only for own benefit with out service
mind used 1st ray
'Be perfect as your fatehr in heavan is perfect'
'Thinking is only assimilating 7 rays'




1) if some one has a pain in the body you use the Elbow point to distrat teh pain, hold ut one minute, then bring
frearm on perpendicular to the ground, an hold poit three times, medium, medium, strong.
* Pain only burts when you pay attention to it.
* Sometimes when you are sick you just need to move
- This technique only works if the headache is mind creaded.
2) Another point is to squeee the peck muscle also good for breast cancer
3) Another point is one inche down from tendons vetween small and second and beg and second toes. 3x
4) Big toes and second are about an inch up, 3x, good to make you fart
*Sun, hot water, is not good for migraine
* When you do pressure points for headahe do the ones in the body before the head. Do the oes away fro the point
5) Next point milk the toes, but donÕt make it hurt
* Different headaches come from different places.
* Sometimes touching person makes it disapear
6) 1 or2 inches above groin point is good for intestine caused, adn period related headaches. it is ticlish so
go in slowly, one minute thre times on pelvis point.
- Good if period blood doesnÕt come out completely, and good for male urin problems.
7) Soft bone on tip of chest- mother chakra, push up to it slowly, you can push very hard good for, diabetes,
gastric, constiption
8) Belly button, you cna touch their spine. Good for constipatio, Go in cirlcing. If there is pain there is
bacteria in stomach. Som times you can knock worm loose.
9) Put both palms on top of chest for a few minutes. If you are good they will strt having a hard time breating.
Then come to second shoulder point, go slowly and circle coming out. The one right on toop of sholder muscle.
10) Right above where the arm comes in on the back, push slowly.
11) on either side of cervic #7, the protruding one on the meck one minute three times, thirst hardest.
12) Right under skull on top of muscle, and out on top of skull. Pull the head slightly towards you, and rock
their head side to side, shake with all the fingers, then slide out to op fo the heaad slowly nd hard
13) Push palms against the side of the head starting with the back and to forhead, then with fingers. Then
finger the forhead, then squeee from brow to eye brows =, then open the forhead with palms form inside to
outside. then cirlce the head. *make sure to pull the hair, releases energy. Then shampoo an pull hair gently.
then tap forhead with tips of fingers.
14) put palm on brow and push fingertips up on tearducts one inute, three times
15) Corner outside of eyes on bone towards head
16) Temple point clockwise then anticlockwise gently
17) Then directly above 1-2 inches on muscle, then 1/2 thumb down
18) Then one half thumb down right above ear. most sensitive point.


* Below ribs, between blades, (driving) middle back (lifting heavy things)
* Never work directly on plain cold water for headache, never tiger balm
1) To help yourself, line 12 bottles adn put wet hot towel over it and lay down on your back on it, heart muscles
near spine
2) Role on your back, * accidents in childhood can cause problems in far future
3) Sit on their hamstrings for their own back
4) * 3 minutes on Cyrix calms lower back
5) * 2 paints right above hip bone, 2 points under bone
* 2 points up and out push one minute, 2 points slightly higher 12321
6) a) pressurize lower back, forward and backward, b) little higher
7) 30 seconds on all points in back
8) Points on top of the muscle
9) 3 points from in to out on top of hip bone
10) Elbows on lower back and then straight out, hold one minute on each
11) Hip-rib stretch straight out and towards spine from each other and back


1) Stand %50 on it
2) Stand on hamstring under butt
3) Stand on upper back with both feet
4) Move one foot to lower back and back and forth
5) One foot on butt and other foot on one side of spine on upper back, then other side
6) Both feet on either side of spine on lower back
7) Foot on spine facing forward between blades adn pull arms back
8) Knees on lower back in different places and pull the arms up knees starting under butt.
9) Slide in with both legs and pull them back with the arms
10) Pull arms up with one foot on grounds and one on spine walking up
11) Butterfly spine muscle squeeze

Emotional cleansing

1) They lay on back
2) Rub hands together from head to solar plexus and back and top of head both times
3) Rub hands to your head and spread arms to bring energy up and out
4) Do Reiki and ask them telepathically to control their breathing
27) knuckle crack
28) Sexy finger massage all around the outside of the foot
29) Push toes down while pulling heel toward you
30) Push toes down and push down on toes knuckles
31) Pull foot apart and go to other side

1-24-98 Pregnancy

-Sleep on right side 1-4, and left side 5-9
-Never sit cross legged, it blocks oxygen, don't sit up right, keep bottom of spine above ground
- Baby moves clockwise
-No anger after 3rd month
-Important after 7th month
-After 5th month massage baby clockwise, no medicine tiger balm, a lot of fruit, better than heavy food
-Swimming pools are great
- To make child breath push their heart meridian on their butt
-Don't stretch or compress the belly
- Keep child next to mother for two hours after birth.
-Sometimes woman find out they are pregnant by fainting, after 6 days
- No love making after 4th month of pregnancy
- From 2nd to 3rd month woman realized what the body needs
-No coke or coffee or toxic
-Don't use forceps to squeeze head and pull baby out
- Never have a sex scan to find out sex
- Be active when you are pregnant
-Give child sunshine during pregnancy, and full moon, bear stomach
- boy and girls with same blood type shouldn't have a child. Is like inbreeding not always


1) Sweep relax them
2) Invoke power with palms up and arms up starting with namaste position
3) Calm them with stone
4) Position over eyes
5) Position over chest
6) Close ears and eyes and hold them there the whole time
7) Have the imagine a color
8) Have the imagine a peaceful place
9) Have them turn around and find an old woman.
10) Bring them to the old woman
11) Merge them with the old woman and ask them various questions about their past and deep stuff.
- Start out by maintaining eye contact with the person for a while
- One person closes their eyes and the other person looks at their 3rd eye, and vise versa
- Hand movements, one hand above the other
1) Eyes 2) cheeks, 3) ears, 4) back of head s5) chest 6) back of shoulder 7) Solar plexus, 8) Stomach (mother chakra)
Sunday- Knees calm the down when panicking take a deep breath
What you see? A blank screen, a dot, a tree, something near a tree.
* Hug a tree to clear energy
Monday- On back positions 5 minutes each
1) On blades on back
2) Hands on spine one above the other on upper back
3) Kidneys on lower back
4) Coccyx with one hand
5) Knees
6) Knees and feet, both sides
7) Equalize energy, head to foot
8) Pull energy from feet to head adn knot and cut and done
Steps- 1) Find cold spots first and wake them up
2) Press on the cold spots
White- Color of protection
Green and blue- Receive and give
Red- Protection, and burning unwanted things
* Candles and incense- Burn out all unwanted energy, good for treatment
Black- Sucks everything
Pink, yellow- love, hard to heal
Black, Maroon- Healing colors
Ages in life- 6-10: Belly, can attract people, powerful, no love makes them cry when you care. They need attention
Jealousy, will have good children
13-18- Everything develops. People want you always if they didn't get attention
In taking treatment you must always have something to say

-Abortion before 3 weeks is fine
- After one month don't abort because the mother child connection is there