Filocalus, Chronography of 354
Chronography of 354
Furius Dionysius Filocalus

According to Frontinus, the aqueducts served 591 lacus (or major delivery points), and each, on average, delivered cubic meters of water per day. Bruun estimates that each delivery point served, on average, 900 individuals. This computes to a per capita water use of liters per day.

1,2cisterns total

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Total 1,601 6.4 5:
Chapters 16
Pages per chapter .:41
1 Porta Capena.

Temple of Honour and Virtue,
A fountain dedicated to the muses,
Lake of Prometheus,
Baths of Torquatus and Vespasian,
Severian and Commodian hot baths,
Parks of Apollo and Splenis,
District connected with cloth-making,
Place where imperial carriages were kept,
Baths of T. Flavius Abascantus (freedman of Domitian) and S. Petronius Mamertinus (praetorian prefect, 139-1AD),
A public square where private carriages might be left (banned in Rome itself),
Temples of Mars and Minerva and Tempest,
The river Almo,
Arches of the deified Verus Parthicus and deified Trajan and Drusus,

Streets 10,
Shrines 10,
Vicomagistrates 48,
Curatores 2,
Apartments 3,250,
Houses 120,
Grain warehouses 16,
Bath houses 86,
Cisterns 81/87,
Bakeries/mills 20,
Circumference in paces 12,211/12,.74=9.0Km 5.18.

2 Caelimontium.

temple of Claudius
The great food-market
cave of the Cyclops
5th cohort of watchmen
barracks of soldiers temporarily in Rome
the Head of Africa
the sacred tree
the house of Philip
Victilian house
gladiators' pre-morning warm-up area
place where armour of dead gladiators was removed (Seneca Ad Lucil. 93:1Hist. August. Commodus 18:19:.
gladiator first-aid station
The Golden Flake (= a lodge of Nero's Golden House)

Streets 7
Shrines 7
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 3,600
Houses 127
Grain warehouses 27
Bath houses 85
Cisterns 65
Bakeries/mills 15
Circumference in paces 12,200.

3 Isis and Serapis.

amphitheatre with 87,000 seats
House of Brutius Praesens (AD 180)
the principal supplier of theatrical goods
the lake of the shepherds
schools of quaestors and caplatores (olive-press labourers).
Titian and Trajanic hot bathhouses
Portico of Livia 
barracks of sailors detached from the fleet at Misenum to work in the amphitheatre

Streets 12
Shrines 12
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 2,757
Houses 60/160
Grain warehouses 
Bath houses 80
Cisterns 65
Bakeries/mills 16
Circumference in paces 12,350

4 Templum Pacis.

Apsidal gate containing spoils of Jerusalem
park of Vulcan
golden trumpet
Statue of Apollo in the Sandalarian vicus
temple of Earth
Chartarian grain warehouse
Possibly a gate with two altars 
The colossal statue, feet high.  On its head are 7 rays each feet long.
sweating cone
temple of Rome and Venus
temple of Jupiter Statoris
sacred way
new/Constantinian basilica
 temple of Faustina
 basilica of Paul
market of passers-through
bath-house of Daphne

Streets 8
Shrines 8
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 2,757
Houses 88
Grain warehouses 18
Bath houses 65/75
Cisterns 71/78
Bakeries/mills 15
Circumference in paces 13,000

5 Esquiliae.

1 Orpheus Lake
2 Livian food-market
3 nympheum of the deified Alexander
4 2nd cohort of watchmen
5 temple of Hercules Sulla
6 Palatine gardens
7 Military theatre (amphitheatrum castrensem)
8 temple of Minerva the healer
9 temple of patrician Isis

Streets 15
Shrines 15
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 3,750
Houses 180
Grain warehouses 22
Bath houses 75
Cisterns 74
Bakeries/mills 15
Circumference in paces 15,600

6 Alta Semita.

temple of Safety and Serapis
 temple of Flora
 ancient Capitol
statue of Mamurus
temple of the god Quirinus
 wicked Carthaginian
Salustian gardens
 temple of the Flavian gens
The Diocletian and Constantinian hot bath house 
3rd cohort of watchmen / The praetorian barracks
 Ten Taverns
white hens
white park

Streets 17
Shrines 17
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 3,403
Houses 146
Grain warehouses 18
Bath houses 75
Cisterns 73
Bakeries/mills 16
Circumference in paces 15,700

castra praandoria

7 Via Lata.

 lake of Ganymede
1st cohort of watchmen
new arch
nympheum of Jupiter
 Caprarian shrine
Park of Agrippa
temple of the Sun, and barracks for the urban cohort
Gypsian and Constantinian portico
 temple of the two new Hopes and Fortunes
horse of Tiridates, king of Armenia
Swine market
Largian gardens
Tame animals
perforated stone

Streets 15
Shrines 15
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 3,805
Houses 120
Grain warehouses 25
Bath houses 75
Cisterns 76
Bakeries/mills 15
Circumference in paces 13,300

8 Forum Romanum vel Magnum.

golden statue of the Genius of the Roman people.
golden equestrian statue of Constantine
name given in late antiquity to the 'Chalcidicum' of Augustus; a courtyard.
Fora of Augustus, Nerva and Trajan Caesar
Temple of Trajan, and the spiral pillar 1paces high, it has 1steps inside, windows.
6th cohort of watchmen
basilica of the bankers' exchange
 temple of Concord
 navel of Rome
temples of Saturn, and Vespasian, and Titus
golden milestone
Street from the forum to the Carmentalian gate, taking its name from an altar of Juno Iuga.
basilica Julia
temples of Castor and Minerva
 temple of Vesta
Agrippian and Germanician grain warehouses.
Courtyard of Cacus
pearl portico
elephant herbarium

Streets 34
Shrines 34
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 3,480
Houses 130
Grain warehouses 18
Bath houses 85/86
Cisterns 120
Bakeries/mills 20
Circumference in paces 14,067

atrium Minervae: 

9 Circus Flaminius.

stables, 4 in number, of the 6/8 factions
portico of Philip
Two old Minucian porticos holding foodstuffs (after M. Minucius 1BC).
Covered porch of Balbus
3 theatres, firstly that of Balbus which takes 11,5places
that of Pompey takes 17,5places
that of Marcellus takes 20,500 places
Odium takes 11,600 places
Stadium takes 30,0places
campus Martius (=field of Mars)
 place where the 'trigae' exercised for chariot-racing.
Probably a large square where wines were disembarked
basilica of Neptune, Matidies and Marcian
The temple of the deified Antoninus and ?? column 1paces high, it has 203 steps inside and windows
Alexandrian and Agrippian hot baths
Portico of the Argonauts and Meleager
 temple of Isis and Serapis
 temple of Minerva Calcidica
 temple of the gods
 Insula Felicles (= a Roman skyscraper)

Streets 35
Shrines 35
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 2,777
Houses 140
Grain warehouses 25
Bath houses 63
Cisterns 120
Bakeries/mills 20
Circumference in paces 32,500 x .= 24,06.78

temple Herculis Gelenius

theatra Pompei and Marcelli) stadium capit  33,88

The Palace.

house of Romulus
 temple of the Mother of the gods and Apollo Ramnusis
5-arched entrace (to the temple of Jove Ultor)
house of Augustus and Tiberius
Palatine area
temple of Jupiter Victor
 house of Dion
old senate-house
statue of fortune
Septizonium of the deified Severus
 temple of German Victory

Streets 20
Shrines 20
Vicomagistrates 48
Curatores 2
Apartments 2,642/2,742
Houses 89
Grain warehouses 48
Bath houses 44
Cisterns 89/90
Bakeries/mills 20
Circumference in paces 11,.= 8,5meters

Circus Maximus 485,000 places.

Temple of the Sun and the Moon,
temple of the Mother of the gods and Jupiter arboratoris,
 temple of Ceres,
 temple of Mercury,
 temple of Dis Pater,
 temple of Ceres,
Trigeminal gate in the Servian wall,
 temple of Apollo Heavengazer,
 temple of Hercules of the olive-oil traders,
 velabrum district, the industry and trading centre,
 temple of Fortune,
Arch of the deified Constantine,

Streets 21,
Shrines 21,
Vicomagistrates 48,
Curatores 2,
Apartments 2,600,
Houses 88/89,
Grain warehouses 16,
Bath houses 15,
Cisterns 20,
Bakeries/mills 16,
Circumference in paces 11,500,

Public Pool.

Radicarian park,
new road,
statue of Isis by the Greek sculptor Athenodorus,
 temple of the Good goddess at the cliff-foot,
Antonine hot baths,
Seven houses of the Parthians,
Field of the cattle-merchants,
house of L. Fabius Cilo, consul in 204 AD,
4th cohort of watchmen,
house of Annia Conficia Faustina, sister of Marcus Aurelius,
Hadrian's private house when first adopted by Trajan,

Streets 17,
Shrines 17,
Vicomagistrates 48,
Curatores 2,
Apartments 2,487,
Houses 113,
Grain warehouses 27,
Bath houses 63,
Cisterns 80/81,
Bakeries/mills 20,
Circumference in paces 12,000.


Public square at the top of the hill where the purification of arms was celebrated,
 temple of Diana and Minerva,
Three Nymphea,
Licinius Sura and Decian hot bath houses,
 temple of Jupiter Dolichenus,
Private house of Trajan when he was adopted by Nerva,
golden map,
Plantations (probably a street or district),
grain warehouse of Galba and the Anici,i
Fabarian portico (vegetable-market),
 ladders of Cassius,
marketplace of the millers,

Streets 18,
Shrines 17/18,
Vicomagistrates 48,
Curatores 2,
Apartments 2,487,
Houses 130,
Grain warehouses 35,
Bath houses 44/60,
Cisterns 89,
Bakeries/mills 20,
Circumference in paces 18,000.

14 Trans-Tiber.

The Gaianum (=a field for horse-racing created by Caligula) and the Phrygianum (=temple of Magna Mater, Cybele),
The 5 (or Vatican and Augustean sea-battle sites,
(The five sea-battle sites),
 gardens of Domitius,
 bath house of Ampelis, Priscus and Diana,
 Valerian statue,
7th cohort of watchmen,
head of the Gorgon,
Hercules sleeping under the centre of the earth, under whom much gold has been put,
Temple of Fors Fortuna (goddess of accidental fortune),
College of the Septimian leather-workers,
Hercules sleeping,
 Bruttian and Codetanum fields,
Gardens of Geta (son of Septimus Severus),
Barracks of the state litter-bearers,

Streets 78,
Shrines 78,
Vicomagistrates 48,
Curatores 2,
Apartments 4,405,
Houses 150,
Grain warehouses 22,
Bath houses 86,
Cisterns 180,
Bakeries/mills 24,
Circumference in paces 33,388.