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Bike School is the new educational model where teachers and students go on bike rides with each other while they both listen to audio books and talk. All we need to do to ingite this brave new world is by starting small and growing in popularity by the merit of the participants. It is an eight year program for children between the ages of 15 and 22 to become "History Literate" so that they can go on and become positive members of society because of their knowledge and fortitude.

This new educational model will start in Boulder, Colorado because this is the best place for it and because I live here. Bike School is a better educational model than what we have now because it is better at utilizing our modern technology to motivate and guide the youth into becoming the best citizen.

Bike School is designed to not just teach but aid in the transformation of our society from the ridiculously ineficient and impossible to sustain economy of overbuerocracy, consumerism and fear based punishment that we now have, into a sustainable economy that keeps people employed in the healthiest way, and in a way that uses the least amount of the Earth's resources.

There are plenty of jobs that could exists if we only had the money, and the best way to create the money for these new jobs is by eliminating the current jobs that don't serve any purpose. We spend too much money Policing the world and each other. If we eliminated this money we would have enough to fund anybody in America who wants to partake in my new economic plan, Bike School.

Bike School completely reverses a lot of the concepts we have about the world. Instead of having an educational system that doesn't allow people to study what and how they want to because they have to do it the way the system tells them to, you put the process intirely in the hands of the student and use the teacher as an example and a guide.

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Bike School videos
1 World is a playground
2 There is room for everybody in New Age
3 Talking about jobs in new age
4 What it's like living in a utopian society
Book pages to time chart for Macintosh fast & Natural Reader App level 5. 52 seconds per page.
1 1 Minute 1.2 Pages
2 2 2.4
3 3 3.6
4 4 4.8
5 5 6
6 6 7.2
7 7 8.4
8 8 9.6
9 9 10.8
10 10 12
11 15 18
12 20 24
13 25 30
14 30 36
15 40 48
16 50 60
17 1 Hr 72
18 1:15 90
19 1:30 108
20 1:45 126
21 2 Hrs 144
22 2:30 180
23 3 Hrs 216
24 3:30 252
25 4:00 288
26 4:30 324
27 5:00 360
28 6:00 432
29 7:00 504
30 8:00 576
31 9:00 648
32 10:00 720
33 11:00 792
34 12:00 864
35 13 936
36 14 1,008
37 15 1,080
38 16 1,152
39 17 1,224
40 18 1,296
41 19 1,368
42 20 1,440
43 21 1,512
44 22 1,584
45 23 1,656
46 24 1,728
47 25 1,800
48 30 2,160
49 35 2,520
50 40 2,880
51 45 3,240
52 50 3,600
53 3 Days 5,184
54 4 6,912
55 5 8,640
56 6 10,368
57 7 12,096
58 8 13,824
59 9 15,552
60 10 17,280
61 11 19,008
62 12 20,736
63 13 22,464
64 14 24,192
65 15 25,920
66 16 27,648
67 17 29,376
68 18 31,104
69 19 32,832
70 20 34,560
71 21 36,288
72 22 38,016
73 23 39,744
74 24 41,472
75 25 43,200
76 26 44,928
77 27 46,656
78 28 48,384
79 29 50,112
80 30 51,840
81 31 53,568
82 32 55,296
83 33 57,024
84 34 58,752
85 35 60,480
86 36 62,208
87 37 63,936
88 38 65,664
89 39 67,392
90 40 69,120
91 41 70,848
92 42 72,576
93 43 74,304
94 44 76,032
95 45 77,760
96 46 79,488
97 47 81,216
98 48 82,944
99 49 84,672
100 50 86,400
1 Concept - Bike School Reverses our Educational Paradigm
Educational Concept Reversal
1 Way it is
1 THEY tell you what, when, where, how, & why to study.
2 They decide if you pass.
3 They decide how good you are based on how well they like you on a scale from A-F from unstandardized tests.
4 You live your life as a frustrated person working a job you don't like because you know it doesn't need to exist, but you have an inadequate interest and knowledge of things to know the difference between right and wrong to the degree that you are unable to help create a society that can survive.
Bike School reverses concepts so you either understand Bike School or you don't. There is no inbetween. You either understand the concept of taking it upon yourself to educate yourself for yourself, or you don't. A lot of people are simply not interested in learning anything beyond reading and writing and knowing things like the difference between right and wrong and the law and how to take care of themselves. A lot of people are not interested in spending all day sweating in a lot of physical pain as they share the road with a lot of potentially dangerous cars. A lot of people are only interested in riding their bikes.

Those simple people are taken care of fine in our present system. What we need to do is create a pathway to unfettered success for the ambitious people instead of creating road blocks from all of the needless requirements such as attendance, test taking on certain dates and unnecesary class taking. For example, instead of requiring people to be certified in things by going through training programs, we should create various levels of accomplishment that the people achieve by the merit of what they have actually done on their own, so there is nothing they can blame their lack of success on other than themselves. The way it is now people can fail out of programs and be denied their certificates and sent packing just because the teachers don't like them. I know because it happened to me with the Education Department at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. When we design a system that only puts requirements on a students Standardized Test scores and publicly displayed achievements YouTube and their Personal Websites, than people will be motivated by their own egos that drive their desires to be as good as they can on the physical and academic scales in the program.

Educational Concept Reversal
2 Way it should be
1 YOU decide what, when, where, how, & why to study.
2 You pass by participating.
3 Your standardized test results and personal website decides how good you are as well as a varaity of competition websites such as Strava.
4 You spend your adulthood knowing how to make a living for yourself being a productive member of society, and you know how to identify and correct trends that aren't healthy to society.
2 How Bike School Functions
Bike School Evaluation
1 Cycling Ability
1 Mountains
2 Tours
3 Eight Distances
4 Race Results
2 Historical Knowledge
1 Timeline Test
2 YouTube Videos
3 Personal Website
3 Teacher's Responsibilities
3 Student's Responsibilities
1 15 - 16
2 17 - 18
3 19 - 22
1 Structure of the Classroom / Ride

During the rides the teachers and the students will listen to the same audio book. When the student has a question or comment about a certain section of the audio book, they pause it so the student and teacher can have a discussion about it. The books are chosen in terms of how relevant they are to what is being studied at the time, how closely they match in length to the ride and how closely they match in relation to the ride in terms of the geographical similarities. For example, if you want to go on a ride that climbs a mountain 60 miles away, then it would be interesting to listen to a book that discussed a battle 60 miles from Rome where they were relaying messages back and forth to Rome on horseback, so you can relate to the messangers. Another example is listening to a book that has a city state as it's subject that is the same size as a town that you are riding your bike through. The best case scenario of an audio book that matches a ride would be to ride to a hill top town that is both the same size and distance away from your home as a town in a book you are listening to that is the same distance from Rome as the town is from your home as well as the same size, and is also a hill top town.

2 Teacher Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Teachers are to motivate their Students to go on rides with them and learn from the list of audio book son this website. The teacher's schedule will be Monday to Friday all day with weekends off unless they want bonuses. The best rides happen in the summer so instead of having summer vacation, the students of Bike School stop spending time with their Bike School teachers and join their regular classmates at school between December and March 1st.

The Physical Requirements of the teacher needs to be in the same riding range as the student, so the teacher needs to be within three mph faster or slower than the student. It is prefferable for the teacher to be stronger than the student, but it is sufficient for the teacher to be within three miles per hour slower than the student. The teacher must ride at least 30,000 miles per year and 20 rides of at least 8 hours per month with at leat one student.

The Academic Requirements of the teacher must be available to answer any questions the student will ask and comment on any comment the student will have, as well as be available by phone whenever the student calls with a question or comment. To be on salary each teacher must have at least 12 official students with at least eleven successfully accomplishing the Physical and Academic requirements.

3 Student Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the student are to go on the rides with the teachers and learn from the audio books that they listen to. The student should ask the teacher questions when they have them as well as give the teacher their input as soon as they have anything to share. When the student goes home they must review the Complete History Timeline and practice the Timeline Test, make YouTube videos talking about what they learned, and work on their personal websites sharing what they know and believe with the objective to be as original as possible in a way that is purely honest. If a student doesn't feel original than they should use templates to make their websites as a tool to showcase what they have accomplished and share what their opinions are about everything.

The Physical Requirements of the Student must be to be within the riding range of the Teacher, which is three miles per hour.

The Academic Requirements of the Student must be to 1 score at the minimum or above of the required levels on the Complete History Timeline Test for their age, 2 Have the required number of YouTube videos uploaded for their age, and 3 have the required number of Political and Phylosophical Opinions on their Personal Websites for their ages. The chart for the students requirements can be seen in the side columns.

4 Evaluation

There are two grading criteria in Bike School, 1. Cycling Ability and 2. Historical Knowledge. Both of these grading criteria follow the do it yourself model.

The Cycling Ability is measured according to a person's Strava abilities according to four criteria: 1. Mountains, 2. Tours, 3. the eight distances, and 4. Race results.

The Historical Knowledge is measured by three criteria: 1 The Complete History Timeline Test (CHTT), 2 Voted quality and extensiveness of YouTube videos and 3 Voted quality of originality of the Personal Website.


4 12 Race Distances
1 Power F250M 9 - 30 S
2 Aenarobic Speed 500 - 1K 1 - 5M
3 Functional Aenarobic 3 - 4 5 - 20M
4 Aerobic 20 20 - 45M
5 Functional Aerobic 40 45 - 60M
6 Glyco-Lipolitic 90 2 - 4H
7 Endurance 180 4 - 7H
8 Ultra Endurance 360 7 - 12H
9 Adventure 720 12 - 24 H / .5 - 1D
10 Trip1,440 1 - 2D
11 Tour 2,880 2 - 7D
12 Expedition 5,760 7 - 30D
10 Cyclists Categories
1 Hour / 40K
1 I Pro 30 - 33 45:35 - 49:35
2 D Pro 29 - 30 49:35 - 51:35
3 C1 28 - 29 51:35 - 53:15
4 C2 27 - 28 53:15 - 55:10
5 C3 25 - 27 55:10 - 59:40
6 C4 22.5 - 25 59:40 - 1:06:15
7 C5 20 - 22.5 1:06:15 - 1:14:30
8 FC 17.5 - 20 1:14:30 - 1:25
9 AC 15 - 17.5 1:25 - 1:41
10 SC 10 - 15 1:41 -3:48
3 Funding
1 Why Billionaires
Should fund Bike School
2 Wealth Discrepancy Figures
3 Examples of Programs Funded by Billionaires that Help the Rich and Hurt the Poor

Bike School is to be funded by Billionaires. The professors of BV will be on a salary with the responsibilities to go on rides with their students every day and make sure they fullfill their cycling and historical knowledge, YouTube and Website requirements so they can be good role models for the rest of society when they graduate from the program at the age of 22.

Why Billionaires should be the ones to Fund Bike School

Billionaires have enough money to the point that they have enough to spend on pet projects to improve society. Our country is in a state of extreme wealth discrepancy and there's not enough money for anything. There is a group of people who do have enough money though, the Billionaires. The problem is the Billionaires need to be convinced that programs that help the common person is what is good for society instead of programs that preserve the wealth discrepancy and waste money.

You improve the economy by putting money into circulation, but not by printing more money because that just creates inflation and preserves the wealth discrepancy because the new money that is printed is given to the people who already have the money. Instead of improving the economy by printing money, creating more jobs just for the sake of creating jobs in economies that don't help, such as the prison system and security, and material things such as holiday shopping just for the sake of buying something; we should improve the economy by throwing the money that the Billionaires horde into the system and kickstart it that way. That is how we came out of the Great Depression. The people four score and twelve years ago, which means 92 years ago threatened the government with a revolution that would force the rich to give up their money unless the goverment peacefully take the money from the rich and use it on public projects.

The new economy we need is not of a fear based nature that requires us to waste money, and not of a consumerist nature that requires us to wate money and resources on stuff we don't have time to use and don't have the room for; but a service economy that utilizes the interaction between the old and young of our society so that we are a world of adequately educated free individuals.

2 List of Educational Foundations I have sent my Fundraising
2 Others