World Origin Stories  
We should all have all of the World's Origin Stories memorized because the stories are very interesting and it is possible for the human brain to remember pretty much all of the events in the all of the stories so we will know the entire history of the world from the time when every 500 miles people looked different racially and had completely different customs and languages.
I currently I have origin stories from countries containing
The way that I have my Origin Stories organized on my website is the best design the world over if you want to have the computer read to you. There are two reasons, 1 because I have the largest amount of text on one page so you can hightight the whole page and have it read to you for an hour instead of having to click to the next page and hit read text every thirty seconds.
Pages 2 Time 0
1 Asia 26 15,498
1 India 24 15,396
1 Mahabharata 18 12,829
3 Upanishads 66
4 Ramayana 75
6 Middle East 1 139
7 South America 2 75
1 Peru 75
1 Incan Creation Story 75