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Altun Ha Culture 200 - 900 700
Monte alban Zapotec Civilization 3 200 - 900 700
Monte alb 4 900 - 1350 450
Zapotec civilization 400 - 1521 1121
Palenque 100 BC - 800 AD 900
Toltec 800 - 1000 200
Dos Pilas 629 - 762 133
Bomanpak Culture 580 - 800 220
Chitzen Itza 600 - 1000 400
El Tajin 600 - 1200 600
Uxmal 500 - 1200 700
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700 Mount Edziza volcanic complex erupts in northern British Columbia, Canada.
600 - 1300 700 Mesa Verde National Park
600 - 1400 800 Cahokia Monks Mound
900 - 1150 250 Chaco Culture National Historical Park
900s Golden age of Ancestral Puebloans (Pueblo 2)
900s Mississippian culture begins in present day Southern United States
200 - 600 400 Early Classic Maya
250 - 900 650 Classic Maya
500 Calakmul
580 - 800 300 Bonampak
600 - 900 300 Late Classic Maya
683 Emperor Pacal dies at age of 80 & is buried in Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque.
600s Height of Classic period in preColumbian Maya civilization history.
600s Teotihuacan is sacked. political & religious buildings are burned.
600 - 750 150 Lambityeco City Apogee
600 - 1200 600 El Tajin
681 - 742 61 Yaxchilan Height
700s Classical Maya civilization begins to decline.
700 - 900 200 Xochicalco City
700 - 1000 300 Uxmal Pyramid of Magician
750 - 1521 771 Mitla Palace Apogee
770 - 840 70 Ek Balam Height

800s An unknown event causes decline of Maya Classical Era.
800 - 900 100 Maya collapse
800 - 1000 200 Terminal Classic Maya
875 - 900 25 Uxmal dominant
899 Tikal is abandoned.
862 Labna Palace
900 Classic Period of Maya history ends, with collapse of southern lowland cities. Maya cities in northern Yucatan continue to thrive.
900 - 1519 619 Post Classic Maya
987 Topiltzin Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, Toltec King, moves to Chitzen Itza
900s Earlist known occurrence in Mexico of Lostwax casting.
900s Topiltzin Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, semilegendaric Toltec ruler, (exact years of his life are unknown)
900s Collapse of central lowland Maya civilization. End of Classic Maya period, begin PostClassic Maya.
900s Rise of Toltecs in Mexico
900 Sayil Palace
909 Tonina Pyramid
980 Tula Pyramid
600 An unknown event destroys civilization at Teotihuacan, along with empire it supported. Tikal becomes largest citystate in Mesoamerica, with as many as 500,000 inhabitants within city & its hinterland.
Chitzen Itza
600 - 1000
200 - 900 700 Altun Ha Culture
Bomanpak Culture
580 - 800 220
Dos Pilas
629 - 762