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Ancient - 500A 700s Future
Meghalayan Age 2250 BC - Present 4269
Holocene Epoch 9,650 -  Present 11,679
Building of Danevirke 737 - 1160 423
Viking Age 793 - 1066 273
Age of Chivalry
Age of Roman Catholic Religious Omnipower 755 - 1529 774
Extensive slave trade from sub - Saharan Africa to Mediterranean 600 - 1500 900
Arab Empire Baghdad 630 - 1258 628
Early Classic Maya
Late Classic Maya 600 - 900 300
Post Classic Maya
Brahmagupta 598 - 668 70
C Africa
Chad Country FlagCameroon Country FlagCentral African Republic Country FlagSao Tome and Principe Country FlagGabon Country Flag
Congo Country FlagDemocratic Republic of Congo Country FlagRwanda Country FlagBurundi Country FlagAngola Country Flag
S Africa
Zambia Country FlagNamibia Country FlagCountry FlagZimbabwe Country Flag
Mozambique Country FlagMadagascar Country FlagSouth Africa Country FlagLesotho Country FlagSwaziland Country Flag
Ancient - 500A 700s Future
Anno Domini system
Backgammon (nard) in Persia by Burzoe
Chess, as chaturanga, entered Persia from India and was modified to shatranj.
Breaststrap horse harness in use in Frankish kingdom
Byzantine Empire acquires silk World from China
Vaghbata, Indian medical books
537  Hadropithecus stenognathus EXTINCT  Madagascar
540  Mesopropithecus pithecoides EXTINCT   Madagascar
570  Alopochen sirabensis  EXTINCT  Madagascar
stirrup introduced to Persia from China, late 7th century
598 - 668 70 Brahmagupta
685  lava shearwater  EXTINCT 
Heavy plow in use in Rhine valley
horsecollar in use in Northern Europe in 8th or 9th century
papermaking introduced from China to Arabs
770 iron horseshoes come into common use
Pattadakal, Chalukya Architecture
730  Pachylemur insignis  EXTINCT  Madagascar
731 rodent Heteropsomys insulans EXTINCT   Puerto Rico
800s Vulgar Latin begins to devolve into various Romance languages
843 rotary grindstone in Europe (Utrecht Psalter)
Invention of gunpowder by Chinese Taoist Alchemists
836  coastal moa  EXTINCT 
885  Daubentonia robusta  EXTINCT  Madagascar
Hop (plant) first mentioned in connection with beer brewing
900 Europe was beginning to take shape as it is today. France, Austria and Germany grew strong.
912 Chivalry commenced. knights swore to be true to their trusts as champions of God and ladies. Chivalry flourished from eleventh to fifteenth century.
900  nene-nui  EXTINCT 
915  Plesiorycteropus  EXTINCT 
950  Sinoto's lorikeet & conquered lorikeet  EXTINCT
996  New Zealand owlet-nightjar  EXTINCT