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1 1973 DOB
2 1977 Moved from Rock Creek to West Lake Hills
3 1980 Moved from Austin to Boulder
4 1980 - 82 Vidya Elementary
5 1983 Uni HIll Elementary
6 1984 Vidya Elementary
7 1985 Waldorf Elementary
8 1986 Uni Hill Elementary
9 1987 Moved from Mariposa to Balsam
10 1987 - 89 Baseline Junior High
11 1990 - 92 Boulder High
12 1992 - 7 Fort Lewis College
13 1997 - 99 Travel Europe, Asia, Australia
14 1999 - 2000 Living with Mom
15 2000 - 2002 Travel Latin America
16 2002 - 2007 Chile & Teaching English
17 2007 - 8 Living with Mom
18 2008 - 2010 Austin
19 2010 Travel Europe
20 2010 - 2012 Living in the Van
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22 2012 Living in the Van
23 2013 Living with Mom
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New Ager
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2 Communist
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5 Life's Mission
1 Power Individual
2 Aliens & Atlantis you know...
3 Artistically show how everything is related with my Education pages in my Rainbow Crystal Internet Language with this Website
4 Getting people to share themselves
5 Get people to confront each other
6 Redesign Education & Political system with Information Maps & Tests
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My life story, I was born at 8:20 PM at the city hospital in Austin, Texas on December 27th 1973 as Kyle Krishnaia Pounds because my parents were Sufi Yoga teachers in the Oscar Chazo cult. I spent my first three years or so on Rock Creek street near the river before moving up to Canyon View in West Lake Hills. I went to a Pre-school up in the woods named Montessory school, which was a one (very large) room cabin. I went there for a year and then my brother showed up for the following year and was in the little kids section which I wasn't allowed to venture into for some reason. Then I went to a school named Lamp and Lighter, which was a super large multi buildinged school with all kinds of activities. We had outdoor kalithenics classes, our own school doctors room, our own ampitheater, our own race track with a go cart to race around in with the guy driving it of course. We had a pool that was always empty that we played inside of a couple of times, a twisty slide, a cafeteria, it was quite large.

We spent time in our summers in Tyler, Texas where my father grew up and his mother lived, and went up to the Buddhist Rocky Mountain Dharma Center (RMDC) for a couple weeks each summer for Buddhist meditation retreats for my parents while having fun romping around the hills with other kids my age. When I was around three my parents decided to become Buddhist and follow the teachings of Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche who had moved to Boulder, Colorado from Tibet. They were part of the Buddhist church in Austin that rented a building from my father. I remember a house where the church was centered in that we would go to often. In the summer of 1980 we moved up to Boulder, Colorado to be more in touch with the Buddhist community up there and because my parents liked Boulder.

My father spent some time in his earlier years the CU Boulder. We spent six months in a nice house with a stream flowing through it on 6th street before moving into a giant house on Mariposa that was near the flatirons. We lived in that house for around seven years before moving into a nice house with a huge back yard on Balsam street in North Boulder because the Mariposa house was too large and difficult to keep clean and pay for.

In Boulder, I went to a Buddhist grade school called Vidya along with all of the same kids who I spent time with in the summers up at RMDC, so it was like one big happy family. It was fun. All of the kids parents were friends with each other and we all seemed to have the same religious views. We all dressed up. The boys in suits and ties and the girls in special dress outfits. I had to take the bus practically all the way accross town every day because the school was in North Boulder in the middle of a field (at the time) and my house was way down south of the 40th parrelel that is Baseline road, and kids were always asking us why we dressed up and we got to tell them it was because we went to a Buddhist school and didn't believe in God and Jesus. I think we'd say we believed in riencarnation also. I had fun at school there at Vidya where I went for first, second and fourth grade. We had a gang of boys in my class run by the tallest kid Jonothan Mckeever who would lead us around on projects building forts. We built a really big one once against a tree shaped like a tee pee but the teachers made us take it down because it started festering bugs. My parents put my brother and I in University Hill grade school for my third grade and his second for some reason which I enjoyed. It was a lot closer to home. Just a few blocks up the road. We went back to Vidya for my fourth grade when I was part of the Buddhist kids soccer team. I think they made me a midfielder because I was a good runner but I never actually made contact with the ball because as nobody told me you are supposed to call out for the ball if you want them to pass it to you and I never did because I felt like it was rude to call out for a ball when another kids was doing it also. I felt like it would be good enough to just get yourself into position and wave your arms, but that never worked. I think I only did that one year. I made a pretty cool goal once in a school game though. All the kids swarmed around the ball in this tightly woven mass of confusion and I was the only kid who didn't even try to go in there. I was just standing outside watching, and the next thing I know the ball bounces right at me and I kicked it over everybody and made a goal. Once I won musican chairs in a battle between the boys team and the girls beating out Cara Baker and I was loudly applauded.

Because of my year away though, and absence from some of the Buddhist Shambala Sun camps, I wasn't quite as popular as I was a couple years beforehand and had some problems being shut out by the other kids, or at least that is how I remember feeling at the time, so my parents took my brother Wyndham and I out of Vidya and put us into another private school called Waldorf at the end of fourth grade. We went to Waldorf for my fifth grade which was housed in a big church next to a lake in east Boulder. There were a few other Buddhist kid defectees from Vidya there also for some reason. We were only there one year though and I went back to University Hill for my sixth grade. Back in 1982 or 83 when I was eight or nine my parents bought me a three speed banana bike that I rode all over town in on the bike path. I would brag to my friends that my parents let me ride wherever I wanted because it seemed like their parents made them stick around the neighborhood.

When I was ten though, this girl in my fourth grade class at Vidya, the same girl who I beat in the musical chairs competition, Kara Baker, started riding around the campus in her new ten speed bike that she got for her birthday that was one day before mine, so I had to tell my parents it was time for me to get a ten speed. We went into the Schwinn store on 30th street and they bought me the same bike that she had only red and I also signed up for the Red Zinger Mini Classic bike races, which is a two week or so staged bike race around Boulder. I figured I'd do well at that because I rode so far around town. I did pretty good too. I got 16th, which didn't make me one of the weekest kids. I wasn't even the slowest on my team. My teamate Dax Richardson gor 17th and he was older than me. I had a whole lot of fun that year and decided I wanted to be one of the strong kids for the next year so every day after school at Waldorf I rode my bike from school two times around the Morgul Bismark race course for the Coors Classic stage bike race and back home. So that was 36 miles pretty much every day, or like 200 miles a week. I had a new really nice Schwinne bike and was fired up. That year after fifth grade in 1985 there were two three stage two day races before the Red Zinger. One in Fort Collins and one in Denver which I did pretty well in. Like fifth. I got third in the first time trial in the Red Zinger that went from the Hill to Chataqua park and ended up in eight. I was one of the strongest climbers but didn't do so well in the sprints because I was the smallest kid. I raced the Red Zinger four years from '84 to '87 and my brother did it from '86 to 89' or something like that. My other brother did it a couple years also.

We had three cabins on 38 acres of land for like three or four years at the base of Longs Peak that we would spend our weekends at and go skiing at Hidden Valley ski resort above Estes Park that is now defunct. I had fun riding around our land on my BMX bike with my brother and hiking down the river on our land to the confluence with another river with my mom. Once we had a huge Buddhist party there with hundreds of people and a huge bonfire. I got drunk there and threw a wine bottle at my mom. I was only like eight years old. We had fun hanging out in that cabin there and having fires but we sold that place after a couple years and got a trailer four miles outside of Breckenridge, Colorado and season passes at Copper Mountain ski resort. A lot of kids started skiing before me.

There was a ski day once at Vidya that I didn't go on for some reason, and I had never been at that point. So all the kids at my school went before me. I was eight the first time I went skiing at Eldora where my aunt Barbara was my designated ski instructor. She made sure that I knew how to side step with skiis before I got on the lift. I remembe that first day. It was so fun. I shot down the hill so fast hardly turning. After that we started skiing all the time at Hidden Valley. We skied every weekend for a couple years at Copper Mountain where I was on the slalom race team. We would go on group skiing runs every once in a while and do the races. I didn't do well at the races though because I was too light. My favorite part was skiing around with my teamate friend Reed. Our trailer was fun to spend the weekends at because there was a club room where we could hang out at and play pool and watch cable TV, a hot tub and a pool to swim at.

In Sixth grade, I joined the Lake Eldora Nordic Ski team and went cross country skiiing every day after school with the races on the weekends. We still did downhill skiing wheen there were no races. Up at Eldora we would ski with the whole team and race each other on different couses the coaches made for us. It was so fun because the woods up there were like a huge laborinthine maze that seemed so huge. I did LERT for two years. Sixth and Seventh grade.

I dropped out of ski racing and bike racing after seventh grade though, because I developed a knee disease called Asgood Schlaughter and was told that it was a good idea to not run or ride or ski for a few years and had to go for the ultrasound every day after school to quell the inflamed knee that I had. My brother did that too. Taking time away from those sports wasn't neccessary in retrospect but I don't mind becuase it saved my parents money. I started mountain bike racing in 87' which was the last year that I did the Red Zinger.

In the summers, my dad took my brother and I around Colorado doing all of the mountain bike races from '87 to '91. '91 was my last year doing that. I went to Junior High school at Baseline. It was called Baseline because it was right on the road called Baseline that in the 40th parralel. I was on the track team in seventh grade and was the fastest mile runner at my school in my grade behind another Red Zinger racer named Cedric Hustved. I remember I got a 5:40 time in the mile, and my schools fastest ninth grader Pete Vordenburg ran a 4:40 mile. I heard he did the Olympics twice for nordic skiing. I didn't do any school sports, or clubs for that matter until fall of my senior year in high school when I did cross country because of the knee problem. Cross Country was fun though. We did well. The boys and girls got second at state. I think my best time was 17:07 for the 5K but I think that was on a hilly course. I continued to ski in the winter. One winter I didn't ski though because my skiis were stolen on the first day and I kind of lost my motivation after that. After graduating high school in '92 I went.

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Liberal on social Issues. Socialist. Anti-War. Ron Paul for President. Nuggets.
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Winston Pounds. Leo. (1928-1997 Cancer) Banking, Real Estate
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youtube, Ultimate Timeline, Ultimate Kayak Trip, Rainbow Crystal Internet Language
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1 Musician in Atlantis
2 Rama teacher
3 Preacher in Egypt
4 Wizard in the Castle by the sea shore in England
5 Hopi
6 Sioux horseback messenger in the Indian wars
7 Sojourn in the space ship

The Rock Creek house. Austin
The West Lake Hills house

Father with two brothers
Fox Creek house with Longs peak in the background
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Tiger Run trailer in Breckenridge


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2 Black Elk Speaks
3 The Education of little Tree
4 The Bean Trees
5 Stranger in a Strange Land
6 Bringers of the Dawn
7 Book on how to be Psychic
8 The Crystal Stairs
9 Crystal Stair sequel
10 The Millennium (channeled)
11 Bible
12 Esoteric Healing
13 Koran
14 Celestine prophecy
15 Tibetan book of living and dying
16 Men are from Mars, women from Venus
17 Another roadside attraction
18 Healing power of dreams
19 C.C. Eagles gift
20 Sri Baba book
21 Desert solitaire
22 Tom Brown Jr. "The quest"
23 Way of the Peaceful Warrior
24 Way of peaceful warrior 2,
25 100 years of solitude (1/2 of it)
26 Tao Te Ching
27 J Krisnamurti "Awaking" intelligence.

Father and mother early 70's
All Five
Three Brothers
Brother Wyndham and brother Michael
Mother and I

Father, mother's mother Goovy Granny and I


3 Strengths and Weaknesses

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5 Lessons I've learned in Life



It behoeves us to share the stories of the miracles we have experienced for reasons which I will explain later. I have had two, and they were within three days of each other:

1) I had a crack in my windshield that had been growing for a few years and went almost all the way accross the window. I was a paper boy at the time and one morning I got in my van and the crack was gone!

2) I used to have a gape in my two front teeth. It wasn't totally bad, but was bad enough that I got meet stuck in there and I put rubber bands to try to make it close. Three days after the crack in the windshield disapeared I felt the gum between the two front teeth had been ripped and came off. I looked in the mirror and lo and behold, my teeth had come competely together!


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Complete Universal History Timeine
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Ultimate Kayak Trip
The Route


Comprehensive Personal Website Design


2 Life's Mission
1 Empower the individual
1 Old Paradigm
1 Say what other people (Pope, King, parents, teacher) tell you to say
2 Watch what you say because your life will be in danger if you don't
3 Only talk to people who are like you so you don't have to argue and instead reaffirm what you were told to believe.
4 When you talk with someone who is not like you, win the argument by destroying everything the other person says until you don't want to talk to each other anymore
5 If you feel you need to complain about something, do it to people who believe the same as you so you can reassure yourself that you really believe it
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Once we truly understand that all the worlds problems can be fixed if we all act responsibly as individuals, than a pandoras box of possibilities will open up, and we will never be bored, cynical, or feel helpless again, because we will all be powerful as individuals.

The best way for you to exersize your power is to express yourself, and the most intelligent way to express yourself is to share what you beleive about all the political and philosophical issues. Most people won't share what they believe because they think they are unqualified to do so. I contend, however, that we are all qualified to express what we beleive, just as we are qualified to vote for who we think would be the most appropriate policitian.

The interesting thing is that the people who control the world right now grew up in a world that was still divided in terms of information access to the other people in the world, so they are in effect living in a world that is no longer relevant. Think about that for a moment. That the old people who control the world right now are obsolete because their minds are out of date. This happens every time a planet makes the transition from division to unity, and it is my belief that the transition from the old paradigm being the dominant paradigm to the new paradigm being the dominant paradigm takes place in about 50 years. I predict this time frame as being between 1968 to 2018. I chose 1968 as the beginning year because it was the first explosion of the new way of thought with the summer of love and all that. I believe the knowledge of ourselves will be strong enough by 2018 because by then the world will be pretty much ravaged, we will be able to see how we can actually live here sustainably, and most people will have PWS up so that we will all know how to actually communicate and understand each other.

3) How to communicate - To know how to communicate correctly we need to understand the two opposite paradigms, the old and the new; and understand how they are opposite. Once we see how they are opposite, all we have to do is take the simple and easy step across the line into the new paradigm and adhere to its laws. The best way to show how they are opposite is with this graph.

Under the old paradigm a PWS would never be possible, not only because they would be illegal, but because nobody would actually write what they believe if they know everybody in the world can read it. They would think that anything they write could be used against them in some way, however which way they wouldn't know, and wouldn't want to know. Only when people are not afraid to say what is really on their mind will a PWS be interesting enough to be readable and will the people be able to communicate with each other.

Once people reach out and try to convince each other of what they believe, and show each other who they are and where they come from, the truth will be revealed because the truth will win over the people who haven't made up their minds about things yet.

Once enough people have a PWS that expresses their beliefs about everything, and the search engines have become developed enough to catalogue them and show us the statistics about what we all believe in an undeniably truthful way, we will be ready to act on it.

4) After deliberation comes action - After we have communicated to each other enough through our own little sites, we will be able to use those same sites to network and create the best ways to go about saving the planet and in turn, bada bing, saving ourselves.

The destiny of PWS's after we have saved ourselves from imminent destruction

Apart from using the PWS to communicate with each other so we can find a way to save the planet, we will use them to promote products that we think are cool and sell them to each other through our sites. The more creative of us will use them to create pay sites that offer all kinds of services. Everything from products, to services, to downloadable programs and videos.

1 New Paradigm
1 Say what you want
2 Say whatever you want because nobody can kill you and you will never starve to death
3 Seek out people who believe differently from you so you can express yourself and hear what they have to say about it so you can develop your own beliefs and educate others on yours.
4 When you talk to someone who is not like you, express your opinions and then listen to what the other person says about them until you both reach a new level of understanding
5 If you feel you need to complain about something, do it to people who have influence to change it because you have already decided you know that you think you know.
2 Aliens
Blue alien


The Ancient's idea of God
3 Show how everything is integrated and related


The five blind men are so sure they have the big picture
4 Getting People to Share Themselves


5 Redesign the Educational & Political system


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