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Zapotec civilization 400 - 1521 1121
Uxmal 500 - 1200 700
Early Post Classic Maya 900 - 1200 300
Late Post Classic Maya 1200 - 1519 319
Post Classic Maya 900 - 1500 600
El Tajin 600 - 1200 600
Aztec Empire 1325 - 1521 196
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1000 05 Leif Eiriksson makes his voyages to Vinland (America), attempts made to settle there are prevented by opposition from Natives.
1,000 Ovayok Territorial ParkOvayok
1100s L'Anse aux Meadows, recreated long house
1450 - 1550 100 Southwold Earthworks / Southwoldvillage
1070 Serpent Mound
1210s Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
Kingdom of Uxmal
500 1200
Kingdom of El Tajin
600 1200 600
900 1500 600 Post Classic Maya
Tlaxcallan Confederation
1000's 1521 521
Confederation of four kingdoms each took turns providing a rule:
1) altepetl, Ocotelolco
2) Quiahuiztlan
3) Tepeticpac
4) Tizatlan 
Mayapan Maya
1002 1492 490
1000 Temple of Seven Dolls Dzibilchaltun
1000 Xlapak
1100 Aztecs left homeland in search of new home. 
1195 Aztecs arrived in Valley of Mexico. 
1492 Discovery of Americas by Christopher Columbus
Foundation of Tenochtitlan, Aztec capital city, in valley of Mexico.
1130 - 80 50 Fiftyyear drought in American Southwest.
1140 - 50 10 Collapse of Ancestral Puebloan culture at Chaco Canyon
1001 Vikings, led by Leif Eriksson, establish small settlements in and around Vinland in North America
1200 Toltec Empire collapses.
1325 Forced out of previous locations, Mexica found city of Tenochtitlan in
1440 - 69 29 Under Moctezuma 1, Aztecs become dominant power in Mesoamerica.
Eight Deer Jaguar Claw, ruler of Mixtecs in Mesoamerica
1100 - 1521 Zaachila City fl
1200 Northern Maya cities begin to be abandoned.
1200 1519 319 Late Post Classic Maya
1224 city of Chichen Itza is abandoned by Toltecs. A people known as Uicilabnal, which later takes name Itza, settles in desolate city.
1244 Itza abandon Chichen Itza for reasons unknown.
1250 Aztecs settled near Lake Texcoco. 
1263 Itza begin building city of Mayapan.
1283 Mayapan becomes capital of Yucatan.
1200 - 1450 Tulum lithograph by Catherwood 1844
1200 - 1450 tulum
1250 - 1521 Yagul Remains
1299 - 1507 Tenayuca Pyramid Construction

1325 Tenochtitlan was founded. First temple built by Aztecs. 
Aztec Empire
1325 1521
 1350 Aztec Causeways built with canals. 
1370 Tenoch, Aztec PriestRuler, died. Aztecs ruled by Tepanecs. 
1375 Acamapichtli becomes first ruler of Aztecs.  
1300 Tlatelolco Temple (archaeological site)
1325 - 1521 Templo Mayor
1325 - 1521 Tenochtitlan City
1400 Tepanecs defeated.
1400 Aztecs expand and rule whole valley. 
1428 Aztecs joined forces with Texcoco & Tlacopan formed Triple Alliance. Atzcapotzalco conquered. 
1440 Moctezuma started rule. 
1441 There is a rebellion within Mayapan, Mexico and city is abandoned by 1461. Shortly after this, Yucatan degenerates from a single united kingdom into sixteen rival statelets, each anxious to become most powerful.
1452 Tenochtitlan destroyed by flood
1452 - 4 Famine. 
1458 Moctezuma sent armies to conquer lands. 
1469 Moctezuma 1 died. 
1486 Ahuizotu became ruler. 
1487 Great Temple at Tenochtitlan dedicated.
1487 Aztecs expanded southward into Mayan territories. 
1400s Tizatlan JeroglificodeTizatlan Town
1400s - 1521 Santa Cecilia Acatitlan
1427 Teopanzolco_Morelos Conquered by Aztecs