Age of Pisces 100 BC - 2680 AD
Medieval Warm Period 950 - 1250
Wolf minimum
Little Age Age 1350 - 1850 500
Oort min
S Min
Tom Aquinas
Da Vinci
Middle Ages 500 - 1700 1200
Extensive slave trade from subSaharan Africa to Mediterranean 600 - 1500 900
N Europe
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500 - 1700 Middle Ages
600 - 1500 Extensive slave trade from subSaharan Africa to Mediterranean
950 - 1250 Medieval Warm Period
982 - 1054 Atisha
1023 First paper money printed in China.
1045 Movable type printing by Bi Sheng in China
1010 - 50 Oort Minimun of Solar Activity.
1050 Crossbow invented in France.
1075 - 1220 Mapungubwe Kingdom
1000 - 1500 500 Consolidation of states

1114 - 1185 71 Bhaskara
1118 Report of nakedeye sunspot by Chinese
1128 First sketch of sunspot sighted in England
1138 Report of nakedeye sunspot by Chinese
1154 The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built. It reached 188 feet high. A cathedral was built nearby.
1157 The Bank of Venice was established.
1182 Magnetic compass invented.
1185 First sighting of solar prominence by Russians
1200 Clothing buttons invented.
1202 The HinduArabic numbering system introduced to the west by Italian mathematician, Fibonacci.
1220 The Westminster Abbey was built.
1249 Rodger Bacon invented his gunpowder formula.
1250 Gun invented in China.
1268 - 89 21 Invention of eyeglasses.
1280 Mechanical clocks invented.
Roger Bacon invented spectacles, glass mirrors and magnifying glasses.
1280 - 1350 70 Wolf minimum of solar activity
1285 - 90 5 Windmills invented.
1290 Wolf Sunspot minimum and vanishing of aurora
1295 Modern glassmaking begins in Italy.

1300 Chimneys and window glass began to be introduced in London.
1308 Cannons were used at Gibraltar.
1320 M. Schwarts invented gunpowder.
1326 First mention of a handgun.
1328 First sawmill.
1348 The oldest clock known was put up in this year. It is now in Dover Castle.
1350 - 1850 500 Little Age Age
1366 Scales for weighing invented. 
1381 Report of nakedeye sunspot by Chinese

1400 First golf balls invented.
The first piano called the Spinet invented.
Air guns and muskets invented.
1411 Trigger invented.
1420 Oil painting invented.
The first saw mill began to operate. Initially they were violently opposed to it in England.
1421 In Florence, hoisting gear invented. 
1436 Report of nakedeye sunspot by Chinese
1440 Sporer Sunspot Minimum
1448 Gutenberg invented the printing press.
1452 - 1519 Da Vinci
1455 Johannes Gutenberg invents printing press with metal movable type. 
1460 - 1550 90 Sporer Minimum of solar activity
1465 In Germany, drypoint engravings invented.
1475 Muzzleloaded rifles invented in Italy and Germany. 
1477 Printing was introduced in England.
The first watch was introduced in Nuremberg.
1485 Leonardo DaVinci designed the first parachute.
1486 In Venice, the first known copyright granted.
1487 Bell chimes invented.
1492 Leonardo da Vinci first to seriously theorize about flying machines.
Martin Behaim invented the first map globe.
1492 Columbus discovered the America
Christopher Columbus 1949 1992
1492: Conquest of Paradise 1992
1492 Spanish Inquisition begun
1494 Whiskey invented in Scotland.
1498 Columbus discovered the main continent.