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Republic of China 1911 49
Chinese civil war
1928 37
Japan vs China
37 45
Qing Dynasty 1644 1911
Peoples Republic of China 1911 1944
Rep Ch
B & I
Jap vs US
CCP growth
1903 - 4 1 British expedition to Tibet United Kingdom Tibet
1904 Battle of Port Arthur 9 February Spetznazogovitch fortress, Manchuria, China; start of RussoJapanese War
1904 Battle of Nanbuttttn, Manchuria, China. 25 May26 Japanese defeat Russians in a pitched battle outside of Port Arthur
1904 Battle of Dairen, Manchuria, China. 30 May Japanese defeat Russians
1904 Battle of TeliSsu, Manchuria, China. 14 June15 Russian attempt to relieve Port Arthur smashed by Japanese
1904 Battle of Shaho River, Manchruia, China. 11 October15 Russian counteroffensive in Manchuria is checked with heavy losses by Japanese
1904 Battle of Liaoyang, China. 24 August4 September Japanese defeat Russians in first major battle of RussoJapanese War.
1905 Siege of Port Arthur, China. (ended 2 January) Japanese attack on Port Arthur.
1905 Battle of Sandepu, China. 25 January29 Another failed Russian counteroffensive in Manchuria
1905 Battle of Mukden, China. 20 February7 March Largest battle of all time when fought, a glorious Japanese victory
Dhali Llamas
1876 - 1933 Thubten Gyatso
1935 - Present Tenzin Gyatso
1911 Chinese revolution 2.4 million deaths
Last Emperor 1987
1912 Qing dynasty never really recovered from humiliations of 1900 finally collapses in 1912. Sun Yatsen, who has spent decades travelling world to raise funds campaign against Qing, founds Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) takes control of new Republican government. In an effort to avert civil war he offers Presidency to Yuan Shikai, former head of Qing armies, warlord in control of Northern China.
1913 Yuan Shikai, who clearly has ambitions to found a new dynasty, dissolves new Republican government sends Sun Yatsen into exile once again.
1916 Yuan Shikai’s sudden death sends Northern China into civil war, while Sun Yatsen returns to take control of a Kuomintang government in South China.
Republic of China
1911 - 49
Soong Sisters 1997
Shanghai Triad 1995
1911 - 2 1 Xinhai Revolution
1911 Revolution Tongmenghui Qing Empire of China
1916 - 7 1 National Protection War AntiMonarchy War Republic of China Empire of China
1920 - 1 1 Guangdong-Guangxi War Old Guangxi clique Chinese Revolutionary Party
1920 Zhili-Anhui War, China. Zhili clique Fengtian clique vs Anhui clique
1922 First Zhili-Fengtian War Zhili clique Fengtian clique
1924 Second Zhili-Fengtian War Fengtian clique Zhili clique
1921 CCP is formed. Early members include Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai Li Dazhao, a Beijing University librarian. At behest of Soviet Union, they join KMT fight Northern warlords.
1925 Sun Yatsen dies. Chiang Kaishek is now in control of KMT.
1926 Civil war in China
Sand Pebbles 1966
1927 After jointly defeating Northern warlords, CCP organise a strike against Chiang KMT. They are brutally suppressed, around 5,000 people are killed, including Yang Kaihui, Mao’s second wife, Li Dazhao, who is executed by slow strangulation.
1928 - 37 Chinese civil war 2 million deaths deaths
1926 - 8 2 Northern Expedition Republic of China Beiyang Government
1927 - 49 22 Chinese Civil War Communist Party of China Republic of China
1929 SinoSoviet conflict Soviet Union Republic of China
1932 Mukden Incident, China. 18 September Japanese forces create a pretext to invade Manchuria, start of Second SinoJapanese War.
1932 Jan. 28 Incident, China.
1932 First Battle of Shanghai, China. (28 January 3 March) Battle halted by a ceasefire, leads to demilitarization of city.
1933 Defense of Great Wall, China. (1 January 31 May) Chinese forces forced back from Great Wall, results in another truce.
1933 Battle of Rehe, China. (21 February 1 March) Japanese forces capture Chinese town.
1937 - 45 8 Second SinoJapanese War Part of World War II Republic of China Communist Party of China United States from 1941 British Empire from 1941 Empire of Japan Manchukuo
1937 Battle of Lugou Bridge, China. 7 July Japanese victory triggered outbreak of SinoJapanese War
1937 Marco Polo Bridge Incident,
1937 Battle of Beiping-Tianjin, China. (25 July 31 July) China vs. Japan.
1937 Second Battle of Shanghai, China. (13 August 9 November) Japanese forces invade Chinese city, forcing a Chinese evacuation.
1937 Battle of Pingxingguan, China. 25 September Japanese blunders result in Chinese victory.
1937 Battle of Xinkou, China. (13 September 8 November) Japanese forces defeat National Revolutionary Army of China.
1937 Battle of Taiyuan, China. (1 September 9 November Japanese victory ends largescale resistance in Northern China.
1937 Battle of Nanjing, China. early November to 13 December Japanese victory after 2 months siege of capital of Republic of China.
1938 Battle of Xuzhou, China. (24 March 1 May) Japanese victory, Chinese forced to destroy Yellow River dikes.
1938 Battle of Taierzhuang, China. 27 March Chinese claim strategic moral victory over Japanese
1938 Battle of Wuhan, China. (11 July 27 October) Chiang Kaishek leads Chinese forces. Result is Japanese pyrrhic victory.
1938 Battle of Lake Khasan,
1939 Battle of Khalkhin Gol,
1939 Battle of Nanchang, China. (17 March 9 May) Japanese forces defeat Nationalist Chinese.
1939 Battle of Suixian-Zaoyang, China. 24 May Chinese counterattack successful.
1939 First Battle of Changsha, China. (17 September 6 October) Chinese forces successfully defend city. Heavy Japanese casualties.
1931 Japanese occupation of Manchuria. Japanese Manchurian War 1.1 million deaths
1932 Japan invades Manchuria (Northern China)
1934 Long March – encircled outnumbered, Communists must fight or flee. They flee, marching almost 10,000km crossing more than a dozen mountain ranges. Many die, but succeed in regrouping establishing a base in Yan’an, Sha’anxi. 170,000 deaths
1936 Chiang said that ‘The Japanese are a disease of skin, Communists are a disease of heart’ wants to focus on defeating Communists first. His General Zhang Xueliang disagreed kidnapped him, forcing him to agree to a United Front with Communists against Japanese.
1937 SinoJapanese War starts. In an event known as Rape of Nanjing, Japanese troops rape, mutilate, torture kill at least 200,000 civilians.
1930 Central Plains War Part of Chinese Civil War Forces of Chiang Kaishek Forces of coalition of Yan Xishan, Feng Yuxiang, Wang Jingwei, Li Zongren
1930 2 2 SinoTibetan War Republic of China Tibet
1931 2 1 Japanese invasion of Manchuria Empire of Japan Republic of China
1934 Soviet Invasion of Xinjiang Republic of China Soviet Union Russian Empire
1939 Battle of Khalkhin Gol Soviet Union Mongolia Empire of Japan Manchukuo
1932 Shanghai War Republic of China Empire of Japan
1931 - 4 3 Kumul Rebellion Republic of China First East Turkestan Republic
1940 Battle of South Henan, China. Chinese Nationalists led by Li Zongren defeat Japanese.
1940 Battle of Hundred Regiments, China. 20 August 5 December Major engagement of Red Army against Japanese Imperial Army.
1940 Battle of Taranto,
1941 Battle of Hong Kong, China. (8 December 25 December) Japanese drive British forces from their Chinese territory.
1941 Battle of Changsha, China. 24 December 1941 - 15 January 1942 Chinese forces battle Japanese back during another Japanese attack on that city claim victory over Japanese.
1941 Battle of Shanggao, China. (14 March 9 April) Chinese victory.
1941 Battle of South Shanxi, China. (7 May 27 May) Japanese victory in China.
1941 Second Battle of Changsha, China. (6 September 8 October) Failed Japanese attempt to take city.
1942 Battle of Zhejiang Jiangxi, China. 18 April Chinese Japanese forces search for surviving Doolittle Raiders.
1943 Battle of West Hubei, China. (12 May 3 June) Chinese forces under Bai Chongxi defeat Japanese.
1944 Battle of Central Henan, China. (April December) Marginal Japanese victory in China.
1943 Battle of Changde, China. (2 November 20 December) Chinese victory, Japanese use biological chemical weapons.
1944 - 9 5 Ili Rebellion Republic of China Soviet Union Second East Turkestan Republic
1944 Fourth Battle of Changsha, China. (August) Japanese capture nearby town, but unable to continue fighting afterward.
1944 Battle of Guilin-Liuzhou, China. (16 August 24 November) Japanese victory in China.
1945 Battle of West Hunan, Chinese. (April June) Chinese victory in final battle to expel Japan.
1945 Soviet invasion of Manchuria, Russia, North Korea, China, Japan. August 9 August 20 decisive Russian victory over Japan.
1945 Battle of West Henan North Hubei, China. (21 March 11 May) Indecisive battle between China Japan. Japan controls airbases after battle.
1949 - 50 Mainland China vs Tibet 1,200,000 deaths
1942 Battle of Guningtou,
1937 - 45 Japanese invasion of China 500,000 deaths. United Front ends when Chiang stops distributing US arms to Communists. During war KMT retreat westwards while KMT retreat to countryside, away from lines of transport communication both Japanese KMT rely on.
1941 Fall of Hong Kong
1945 - 49 By end of WW2 KMT had bankrupted China whilst CCP had built themselves a strong, national following from their countryside bases.
1946 - 49 Chinese civil war 1.2 million deaths
1949 Mao took Beijing declared foundation of People’s Republic of China.
1949 - Present China turns Communist becomes Peoples Republic of China
1949 - Present China turns Communist becomes Peoples Republic of China
1949 China invades Tibet
Seven Years in Tibet 1997 Kundun 1997
1939 Battle of Khalkhin Gol, Mongolia. (11 May 1939 - 16 September 1939)
1904 Battle of Yalu River, Uiju, North Korea. 2 May First Japanese land victory against Russians
1942 USS Pueblo, Tokyo.
1904 Battle of Yellow Sea, Japan. 10 August Russian naval breakout attempt from Port Arthur defeated by Japanese fleet
1904 Battle of Japanese Sea, Japan. 14 August Japanese forces force Russians to scuttle cruiser Ryurik.
1904 05 Japan vs Russia 150,000 deaths
1905 Battle of Tsushima, Japan. 27 May28 Admiral Togo's decisive victory over Russian Baltic fleet in Straits of Tshushima
Japan Expands
1905 - 1945
Fall of Eagles 1974
Sisters of Gion 1936
Memoirs of a Geisha 2005
Zi Hudi (Purple Butterfly) 2003
1910 Japan annexes Korea
1942 Doolittle Raid, Tokyo.
1942 Doolittle Raid, Japan. 18 April U.S. Aircraft bomb Tokyo, crashland in China.
1945 Battle of Iwo Jima, Japan. 26 March After a month, U.S. Forces take main offshore Japanese island.
1945 Battle of Okinawa, Japan. 21 June US takes Japanese Island in Ryūkyūs; many casualties to both sides.
War in Pacific
1941 - 1945
1941 Fall of Singapore, Malaya Burma
Merrill's Marauders 1962
Battle of Coral Sea
Battle of Coral Sea 1959
Thin Red Line 1998
1944 - 45 Fall of Philipines
MacArthur 1977
Raiders of Leyte Gulf 1963
Walls of Hell 1965

Battle Stations 1956
Midway 1976
Fermi builds Nuclear reactor
Fat Man Little Boy 1989
Iwo Jima
Sands of Iwo Jima 1949
Flags of Our Fathers 2006

1944 Battle of Saipan
Battle Cry 1955
Makin Atoll battle
Gung Ho 1943
Tawara beach battle
Tarawa Beach Head 1958
Windtalkers 2002
Outsider 1961

Okinawa 1952
Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima Nagasaki; End of War
Hiroshima 1995
Winds of War 1983
1942 Fall of Singapore, Malaya Burma;
1942 Midway;
1944 Burma recaptured
1945 Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima Nagasaki; End of War;
1944 Battle of Saipan, Taiwan. (15 June 9 July) American forces capture island.
1947 Taiwan's uprising against Kuomintang 30,000 deaths
1949 Battle of Kuningtou, Taiwan. Nationalist victory establishes Taiwan as Nationalist refuge. Communists left in control of mainland China.