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1944 Battle of Peleliu, Palau. 15 September A fight to capture an airstrip on a speck of coral in western Pacific.
1944 Battle of Anguar, Palau. 17 September 30 September Volcanic island captured by Americans.
1944 Battle of Tinian, Micronesia. 24 July 1 August) Japanese, realizing they will lose, launch a suicidal charge against Americans.
1918 Battle of Hailstone Micronesia
1918 Battle of Eniwetok Micronesia
1944 Battle of Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. (31 January 3 February) American victory in Marshall Islands, several Korean laborers captured.
1944 Attack on Truk, Marshall Islands. (17 February 18 February) Successful American air raid in Marshall Islands.
1944 Battle of Eniwetok, Marshall Islands. (17 February 23 February) American victory allows U.S. forces to set up for an attack on Mariana Islands.
1943 Battle of Tarawa, Kiribati. 20 November 22 November First contested amphibious landing of World War II.
1943 Battle of Makin, Kiribati. (20 November 24 November) United States forces defeat Japanese in Gilbert Islands.
1942 First Battle of Rabaul, New Guinea. 23 January Japanese victory.
1942 - 3 Battle of BunaGona, New Guinea. (16 November 1942 22 January) Americans Australians defeat Japanese.
1942 Battle of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. (25 August 7 September) Australians defeat Japanese. First clear Allied victory over Japanese land forces
1943 Attack on Rabaul, New Guinea. (1 November 11 November) Allies launch successful raids.
1943 Battle of Bismarck Sea, New Guinea. 2 March U.S. sinks Japanese transports
1943 Battle of Empress Augusta Bay, New Guinea. (1 November 2 November) Japan suffers a naval defeat.

1942 Battle of Eastern Solomons, Solomon Islands. 24 August Japanese aircraft carrier Ryūjō sunk
1942 Battle of Cape Esperance, Solomon Islands. 11 October near Guadalcanal
1942 Battle of Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands. 25 October near Guadalcanal, USS Hornet sunk, but Japanese withdraw victorious
1942 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. 12 November U.S. defeats Japan. Turning point of Pacific War.
1942 Battle of Tassafaronga, Solomon Islands. 30 November off Guadalcanal
1942 Battle of Coral Sea, Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands. 4 May US loses USS Lexington; Japanese win tactically but lose strategically to U.S/Australian navies. First naval battle in history in which opposing ships neither sighted nor directly fired on one another; all offensive action was carried out by carrierbased aircraft.
1943 Battle of Cape St. George, Solomon Islands. 27 November Japanese convoy suffers heavy damage.
1943 Battle of Rennell Island, Solomon Islands. 29 January30 Japanese bombers sink a cruiser
1943 Battle of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. 7 August 1942 - 9 February 1943 Allies finally take island after a six month battle.
1943 Battle of Blackett Strait, Solomon Islands. 6 March Two Japanese destroyers sunk.
1943 Battle of New Georgia, Solomon Islands. (20 June 25 August) American victory in Solomon Islands.
1943 Battle of Kula Gulf, Solomon Islands. 6 July Indecisive naval battle in Solomons.
1943 Battle of Kolombangara, Solomon Islands. (12 July 13 July) American ships damaged while pursuing Japanese.
1943 Battle of Vella Gulf, Solomon Islands. (6 August 7 August) Japanese lose three destroyers.
1943 Battle off Horaniu, Soloman Islands. (17 August 18 August) Japanese naval retreat, subsequently evacuation of 9,000 Japanese men.
1943 Naval Battle of Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands. 6 October Japanese win, both sides lose one destroyer.
1943 Battle of Treasury Islands, Solomon Islands. (25 October 12 November) New Zealand defeats Japan in Solomon Islands.
1929 Uprising of Mau in Samoa
1901 Federated Commonwealth of Australia formed
1908 Universal adult suffrage in Australia
1914 Battle of Cocos, Australia. 9 November Australia defeats Germany in a naval battle.
1920 Australian Aborigines
RabbitProof Fence 2002
1928 Flying Doctor service in Australia
1933 Australian Antarctic Territory established
1942 Darwin Air Raids, Austalia.19 February Darwin, Australian hit by Japanese aerial attacks.
1942 Battle of Savo Island, Solomon Islands. 9 August Japanese sink four US cruisers
1942 Attack on Sydney Harbour, Australia. (31 May 8 June) Japanese submarines attack Australian cities.