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Joseph Stalin in Power 1922 53
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) 1922 1991

1914 Battle of Tannenberg, Poland. 23 August 2 September Samsonov's Russian Second Army encircled destroyed by German Eighth Army
1914 First Battle of Masurian Lakes, Poland. 9 September14 German Eighth Army defeats Rennenkampf's Russian First Army
1914 Siege of Przemyśl, Poland. (24 September 1914 - 22 March 1915) Russians initially unsuccessful, but second siege attempt succeeds.
1914 Battle of Vistula River, Poland. (29 September 31 October) Russians defeat Germans under August von Mackensen.
1914 Battle of Łódź, Poland. 11 November Russians take city, lose it on 6 December
1914 Battle of Cracow, Poland. 16 November heavy casualties to Austria Russia
1914 Battle of Łowicz, Poland. 30 November17 December Russians take city
1915 Battle of Bolimov, Poland. 31 January Cold weather thwarts German gas attack against Russians.
1915 Second Battle of Masurian Lakes, Poland. 7 February22 Initial German attack is highly successful, but further attacks are repulsed
1918 - 9 1 Greater Poland Uprising Poland German Empire
1918 - 9 1 Polish-Ukrainian War Poland West Ukrainian People's Republic
1919 Polish-Czechoslovak War Czechoslovakia Second Polish Republic
1919 - 21 2 Polish-Soviet War Republic of Poland Ukrainian People's Republic Russian SFSR Ukrainian SSR
1920 Battle of Radzymin, Poland. 12 August 15 August Town changes hands twice during PolishBolshevik War.
1920 Battle of Nasielsk, Poland. 14 August 15 August Minor Polish victory as part of action around Warsaw.
1920 Battle of Warsaw, Poland. 13 August 25 August Poles defeat Red Army
1920 Battle of Raszyn, Poland. (August)
1920 Battle of Giby, Poland. (August)
1920 Battle of Deblin & Minsk, Poland. (August)
1920 Battle of Komarow, Poland. 31 August Decisive Polish victory.
1920 Polish-Lithuanian War Part of Lithuanian Wars of Independence Poland Lithuania
1939 Blitzkrieg Attack on Poland. 1 September 6 October Start of World War II in Europe, German victory. See also List of World War II battles
1939 Battle of Bzura River, Poland. 9 September 19
1939 Battle of Hel, Poland. 9 September 2 October
1939 Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland. 17 September 26
1939 Siege of Warsaw, Poland. 8 September 28
1939 Battle of Kock, Poland. 2 October 5
1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Poland. 18 April 5000 Jews 5000 Germans die, Jews confined
1944 Warsaw Uprising, Poland. 1 August 3 October 20,000 armed Poles against 55,000 Wehrmacht SS. City destroyed in 90%, more than 250,000 casualties.
Holocaust 1938 - 1945
Conspiracy 2001
Anne Frank Remembered 1995
1919 Hungarian-Romanian War Romania Hungarian Soviet Republic
1919 20 1 Hungarian Revolutionary War Little Entente: Czechoslovakia Kingdom of Romania France Hungarian Soviet Republic Slovak Soviet Republic
1939 Hungarian Invasion of CarpathoUkraine Kingdom of Hungary CarpathoUkraine
1939 Slovak-Hungarian War Kingdom of Hungary Slovak Republic
1944 Battle of Debrecen, Hungary. (6 October 29 October Germans able to hold back Soviets.
1919 Battle of Bereza Kartuska, Belarus. 14 February Polish victory during PolishBolshevik War
1920 Battle of Niemen river, Belarus. 15 September 25 September Poles defeat reserves of Red Army
1941 Battle of BiałystokMinsk, Belarus. (22 June 29 June) German victory in Belarus.
1944 Operation Bagration, Belarus, Check Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia. 22 June Eastern Front Soviet offensive destroys German Army Group Center.
1914 Battle of Galicia, Ukraine. (26 August 11 September) Russia defeats AustriaHungary.
1916 Brusilov offensive, Ukraine. 4 June 20 September Russia nearly collapses Austria but losses are staggering
1917 Battle of Zborov, Ukraine. 1 July2 July part of Kerensky Offensive
1917 - 21 4 Ukrainian War of Independence Part of Russian Civil War
1918 Battle of Bakhmach, Ukraine. 8 March 13 March Czechoslovak Legion escaped German encirclement
1918 Battle of Przemyśl, Ukraine. (11 November 12 November) Polish forces capture town from Ukrainians.
1918 Battle of Lemberg, Ukraine.
1919 Battle of Lwów, Ukraine. (1 November 1918 30 May 1919) Polish city besieged by Ukrainian forces.
1920 Battle of Wołodarka, Ukraine. 29 May 31 May Polish victory during PolishBolshevik War.
1920 Battle of Bystrzyk, Ukraine. 31 May Polish victory by surprise attack.
1920 Battle of Boryspol, Ukraine. 2 June Polish capture Russian supplies.
1920 Battle of Zadwórze, Ukraine. 17 August Polish army defeated by Red Army forces of Semyon Budennyi
1941 Battle of Brody, Ukraine. 26 June 30 June One of largest tank battles of World War II
1941 Battle of Kiev, Ukraine. 7 July 26 September largest encirclement battle of World War II
1941 Battle of Uman, Ukraine. 8 August German victory over Soviet Union.
1942 Second Battle of Kharkov, Ukraine. (12 May 28 May) Soviet counterattack thwarted.
1943 Fourth Battle of Kharkov, Ukraine. 23 August Soviets liberate town.
1943 Third Battle of Kharkov, Ukraine. (16 February 15 March) Nazi victory.
1942 Battle of Sevastopol, Ukraine. 2 July Captured by Germans after eight month siege
1942 Belgorod-Kharkov Offensive,
1944 Battle of Korsun Pocket, Ukraine. (24 January 16 February) Decisive Soviet victory.
1944 Battle of Hube's Pocket, Ukraine. (25 March 15 April) Germans victorious, but have to retreat afterward.
1907 Romanian Peasants' Revolt Kingdom of Romania
1912 Battle of Kirk Kelesse, Bulgaria. 24 October Bulgarians defeat Ottomans in E. Thrace
1913 Battle of Kresna Gorge, Bulgaria. 8 July 18 July Inconclusive ten day battle between Bulgaria Greece
1915 Ottoman empire slaughters Armenians 1.2 million deaths
1900 Russia annexes eastern Pamirs.
1904 - 5 1 RussoJapanese War Empire of Japan Russian Empire Principality of Montenegro
1905 Russian Revolution Russian Empire Revolutionaries
1905 1905 Russian Revolution.
1905 RussoJapanese War.
1906 completion of OrenburgTashkent Railroad, linking Turkestan to European Russia.

1914 Operation Tanne Ost Russia
1914 Battle of Stalluponen Russia
1914 Battle of Gumbinnen Russia
1914 1st Battle of Masurian Lakes Russia
1915 Battle of Masurian Lakes Russia
1915 Battle of Malazgirt. Turkey Russia 22 710 VS Ottomans 40 6C
1916 Battle of Koprukoy. Turkey Russia 75 12 VS Ottomans 65 20
1916 Battle of Erzincan. Turkey Russia VS Ottomans 17X 17C
1916 Brusilov Offensive.
1917 Battle of Sarikamish. Turkey Russia 100 30 16X 12W VS Ottomans 118 60 32X 15W
1914 Battle of Stalluponen. Nesterov, Russia. 17 August First battle on Russian Eastern Front in World War I
1914 Battle of Gumbinnen. Gusev, Russia. 19 August20 Russians defeat German Eighth Army, advance deeper into East Prussia
1916 Kyrgyz revolt against Russia 120,000 deaths
1917 Bolshevik Party affirms it support of right of all nations within Russia to separate form independent states.
1917 First Central Asian Muslim Congress in Tashkent demands cessation of Russian colonization return of confiscated lands.
1917 Bolshevik "October" Revolution in Russia, resulting in Tashkent Soviet seizing power from Tashkent Committee.
1917 Third Regional Congress of Soviets in Tashkent decides to exclude Muslims from local government.
1917 Fourth Central Asian Muslim Congress in Kokand results in creation of Muslim Provisional Government of Autonomous Turkestan.
1917 Russian February Revolution Russian revolutionaries Russian Empire
1917 Russian October Revolution Bolsheviks Russian Provisional Government
1917 23 6 Russian Civil War Communist Forces: Russian SFSR Ukrainian SSR Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine Russian Empire Central Powers (until 1918): AustroHungarian Empire German Empire (including German colonial forces) Ottoman Empire Allied Forces (from 1918): Czechoslovakia China Estonia Finland France Kingdom of Greece Kingdom of Italy Empire of Japan Latvia Lithuania Poland Kingdom of Romania Kingdom of Serbia United Kingdom Australia Canada United States
1917 - 8 1 SovietTurkish War Part of Russian Civil War Ottoman Empire Russian SFSR
1918 Muslim government in Kokand is crushed by Tashkent Soviet Red Army, resulting in slaughter of many Muslims.
1918 Russian Civil War begins.
Russian revolution
1917 - 21
5 million deaths
Strike 1924
Nicholas Alexandra 1971
Rasputin 1996 1985
Agony: Life Death of Rasputin 1975
I Killed Rasputin 1967
Rasputin  Mad Monk 1966
Nights of Rasputin 1960
Rasputin Empress 1932
Fall of Eagles 1974 (TV miniseries) 
Reds 1981
Dr. Zhivago 1965
October 1928
End of St. Petersburg 1934
Red White 1967 
Anastasia 1956 1997
Anastasia: Mystery of Anna 1986
1919 - 21 Poland vs Soviet Union 27,000 deaths
1920 Reds emerge victorious in Russian
1920 Soviet troops capture Khiva, resulting in abolition of Khanate of Khiva end of Kungrat dynasty.
1920 Alash Orda government gives up resistance to Bolsheviks.
1920 Soviet troops capture Bukhara, resulting in abolition of Khanate of Bukhara end of Mangit dynasty.
1922 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is created, with Turkestan Kirghiz (Kazakh) ASSRs included as parts of Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (RSFSR).
1922 USSR formed
Stalin 1922 - 53
Utomlyonnye solntsem (Burnt by Sun) 1994
Inner Circle 1991
Csend és kiáltás (Silence Cry) 1967 soldiers
A Tanú (The Witness) 1969
Animal Farm 1955 1999
East/West 1999
1921 2 1 East Karelian Uprising Russian SFSR Finnish East Karelian rebels
1924 August Uprising Soviet Union Committee for Independence of Georgia
1924 death of Lenin subsequent rise of Stalin to full power in USSR.
1927 Stalin comes to power
1928 Soviet antiIslamic campaign launched, resulting in disbanding of Islamic courts waqfs.
1928 - 30 Latin script replaces Arabic alphabet in Soviet Central Asia.
1928 - 33 forced collectivization of Soviet Central Asians.
1938 Battle of Lake Khasan, Russia.
1939 First Battle of Summa, Russia. 16 December 22 December Finnish attack thwarted during Winter War.
1932 - 33 Soviet Union vs Ukraine 10 million deaths
1930 completion of TurkestanSiberian Railroad.
1936 37 Stalin's purges 13 million deaths
1937 - 38 Stalin purges Muslim Communist leaders.
1937 Xinjiang War Soviet Union Russian Empire Republic of China
1938 Battle of Lake Khasan Soviet Union Manchukuo Empire of Japan
1939 Battle of Tolvajari.
1939 - 40 Battle of Summa.
1940 Battle of Honkaniemi.
1939 - 40 Cyrillic script replaces Latin Alphabet in Soviet Central Asia.
Trotsky Assasination
Assassination of Trotsky 1972
Frida 2000
1940 Second Battle of Summa, Russia. 1 February 15 February Finnish attack thwarted during Winter War.
1941 Operation Barbarossa, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. 22 June German invasion of Soviet Union
1942 Battle of Moscow, Russia. 17 January Soviet defenders drive back German Army Group Centre
1941 Battle of Smolensk, Russia. 6 July 5 August Soviet attempt to block Wehrmacht's advance on Moscow
1941 Battle of Borodino, Russia. July 7 day battle between Soviet German armies
1941 Siege of Leningrad, Russia. (8 September 1941 - 27 January 1944) City endures threeyear Nazi siege.
1941 Battle of Rostov, Russia. 27 November Germans forced to withdraw despite Hitler's orders, but Soviets suffer over 140,000 casualties.
1943 Battle of Velikiye Luki, Russia. (19 November 1942 16 January) Germans clash with Soviets.
1943 Battle of Komandorski Islands, Russia. 26 March U.S. naval victory, USS Salt Lake City damaged.
1942 Convoy PQ17 27 ships leave Iceland on 17 June for Murmansk, Russia. - on 5 10 July ships reach Murmansk
1943 Battle of Kursk, Russia. (19 November 1 Russia. (4 July 23 August) Germans attack Kursk salient at Orel Belgorod, but are stopped by heavy Russians defences; arguably largest tank battle ever fought. Heavy losses.
1944 Battle of TaliIhantala, Russia. (25 June 9 July) Finnish stop Soviet offensive
1942 Soviet government grants Islam official legal status in USSR establishes four Spiritual Directorates.
1944 forced evacuation of Crimean Tatars, Meskhetian Turks, other Caucasian Muslims to Soviet Central Asia.
1944 - 53 9 Guerilla War in Baltic states Soviet Union Forest Brothers

1939 - 40 Winter War. East Finland USSR, Russian Finland 998.1 126.9XM 188.7W 5.6C 2.56.5T 3.5 3.9 261515 323CaVS Finland, Swedish V, Danish V, Norwegian V 337346.5 25.9XM 43.6W 1C #957Ci32T 2030 114 62 70Ca
Moscow Peace Treaty
1941 Operation Barbarosa. Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia USSR 2.9MPres 5.5M 465.4X 101.5XfmW 235.3NCX 2.3MM 3.13MTX 1.26MW 66.1S 13.6FB 1.3MTW 500C 125T(FL) 20.5 3540 21.2 VS Germany, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Finland 5.5M 220.6X 56.3M 261.8W 1M+CaT 4.3T 2.8 46A 4.4 2
1941 Battle of BiałystokMinsk. Poland, Belarus Germany 750 276 ?VS USSR 675 341XC 76.7W 417.8Cas 4.8T 9.4G 1.7
1941 Operation Arctic Fox. North Finland Germany 1Div 2PTDiv, Finland 3Div 2Bat VS Russia 4RiDiv 1Bri 1TDiv
1941 - 2 Battle at Borodino Field . Russia Germany 1Div 1PTDiv 2PTBri VS USSR 2RiDiv 1ATReg 1MCReg
1941 Defense of Brest Fortress . Russia Germany 1720 #414X VS USSR 9+ 2+ 56C
1942 Convoy PQ 17. Arctic Ocean Germany 9U(w/X) 33To 6B 5 VS UK, USA, USSR, Nerlands, Panama 6D 2AntAi 2Sub 11Sm 35M 24 #154 6Au
1943 - 4 Battle of Berlin. Germany USSR, Poland 156200 196Div 2.5M (1.5 in Berlin) 81.1XM 280.2W 2.3T&G 2 41.6A 2.1, 7.5 917 VS Germany 50Div 767 (+45So 22 40Ci 22 in Berlin) 92100X 220W 480C, 1.5AFV 9.3A 2.2
1944 Operation Overlord. France USA, UK, Canada, Free French, Poland, Czechloslovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Nerlands, Free Belgians, Greece, Luxembourg 1.5 n 2M 226Cas 4.1 4T VS Germany 380 n 1M 2.3T&AG 2.2, 210450 2.1 13.619.9CivCas
1944 Invasion of Normandy. France UK, USA, Canada, Free French, Poland, Australia, Free Belgians, New Zealand, Nerlands, Norway, Free Czechloslovak, Greece 1.3M 120 VS Germany 380 113
1944 Bobruysk Offensive. Belarus USSR ? VS Germany 90 50X 20C
1944 Battle of Bay of Viipuri. Gulf of Finland Finland, Germany VS USSR Soviets capture main Viborg Bay islands
1944 Belostock Offensive. Poland USSR VS Germany 30X 1C
1945 Battle of Bautzen . Germany Germany 5090 6.5X 300T 620A VS USSR 20 ?, Poland 90 4.9X 2.8M 10.5W 500T 250 110
1945 Siege of Breslau . Germany USSR 87.3 6 VS Germany 50 30So&Ci
1941 Battle of Brody . Ukraine Germany 800T 200 VS USSR 2.5T 800
1941 Battle of Bryansk . Russia Germany 50thArm VS USSR 1TDiv 1TReg 1MecCor 80X 50C Inspired invention of AK47
1944 - 5 Budapest Offensive . Hungary USSR VS Germany 49X 110C 269TC
1944 - 5 Siege of Budapest . Hungary USSR, Romania 170 in city 500+T 80XM 240WS VS Hungary, Germany 90 in city 180T 99150XWC 40CiX
1942 Case Blue . Russia USSR 1.7So 1RS 2.7T 2.2 1.1MXM 1.1W3.7T 1.7 VS Germany 1M, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Croatia 300Allies 1.3M 1Ca 1.9T 1.6
1942 4 2 Battle of Caucasus. Russia USSR VS Germany, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Chechnya
1943 Operation Concert. Russia USSR #Det 210 VS Germany Destroying German Infrustructure
1942 - 3 Operation Saturn. Russia USSR VS Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary
1941 - 4 3 Continuation War. Finland, Russia USSR, UK VS Finland 530 63.3XM 158W #939Ci fm Pl #190Ci fm Soviots 2.43.5C , Germany 220, 14XM 37W ?NC Italy 275+
1944 - 5 1 Courland Pocket. Red Armys blockade or encirclement of Axis forces on Courland Peninsula
1941 - 2 Crimean Campaign. Ukraine Germany VS USSR
1944 Crimean Offensive. Ukraine USSR 462.4 85 17.8XM 67W VS Germany, Romania ? 96.7 57.5XM 39.2W
1944 Battle of Debrecen. Hungary Germany 15, Hungary 20 80 35 18C 200T 490G VS USSR 84, Romania 33.5 260 117.4 5C 500T 1.7G
1942 Demyansk Pocket. Russia Germany 100ini 48X 140W VS USSR 400ini 200X 400W
1942 Case Blue . Russia USSR 1.7So 1RS 2.7T 2.2 1.1MXM 1.1W3.7T 1.7 VS Germany 1M, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Croatia 300Allies 1.3M 1Ca 1.9T 1.6
1944 Operation Doppelkopf. Lithuania Germany VS USSR
1943 Battle of Dnieper. Russia USSR 2.65M(Ini) 51G 2.4T 2.9 1.29MCa 348.8X 937.3WSVS Germany, Romania 1.25M(Ini) 12.6G 2.1T 2 4001.2M
1945 Battle of Transdanubian Hills. Hungary Bulgaria 1stArm, USSR 57thArm, Yugoslavia 3rdArm VS Germany 1Cor 1PTArm
1944 Battle of Dukla Pass. SlovakiaPoland Border Germany, Hungary 100 70 2A 350T VS USSR 120150 80123 20.5X, Czechoslovakia 16.7 6.51.5A 1.7M 1T 136.7166.7 86.5129.5
1944 Crimean Offensive. Ukraine USSR 462.4 85 17.8XM 67W VS Germany, Romania ? 96.7 57.5XM 39.2W
1945 East Pomeranian Offensive. Germany USSR, Poland 996.1 55.3XM 179W VS Germany
1945 East Prussian Offensive. Germany USSR 1.67M 126.5XM 458.3WS VS Germany 580So 200M 780T ?XW 220C
1942 Operation Edelweiss. Russia USSR VS Germany 167 1.1T 4.5G 1 Geman attempt to capture oil fields of Baku
1943 Operation Iskra. Russia USSR 20Div 15Bri 33.9XM 81.1WS 4.6A 500T 900 VS Germany 26Div 12X700A 50T
1944 Gumbinnen Operation . Germany Germany VS USSR 404.5 16.8X 62.7W
1945 Operation Frühlingserwachen. Hungary USSR, Bulgaria 465 8.5XM 24.4WS VS Germany, Hungary 431 12.4XWM 700AFV 31T
1944 Gumbinnen Operation . Germany Germany VS USSR 404.5 16.8X 62.7W
1944 JassyKishinev Operation. Romania USSR, Romania 239th Aug 1.31M 13.2XM 54WS 16G 1.9T 2.2 111 VS Germany, Romania 203rd Aug 40Div 1.22M 170 100X 115C 800 T Romania: 8.3X 25W 170CM 25
1944 Heiligenbeil Pocket. USSR VS Germany 150? 80X 50C 605T 128
1944 - 5 Siege of Budapest . Hungary USSR, Romania 170 in city 500+T 80XM 240WS VS Hungary, Germany 90 in city 180T 99150XWC 40CiX
1945 Battle of Halbe. Germany USSR 280 20X VS Germany 80 30+X 25C 10CiX
1945 Operation Frühlingserwachen. Hungary USSR, Bulgaria 465 8.5XM 24.4WS VS Germany, Hungary 431 12.4XWM 700AFV 31T
1944 KamenetsPodolsky Pocket. Ukraine USSR 500 399T&AG 280G VS Germany 220 14.2 5.9XM
1944 Kaunas Offensive. Lithuania USSR VS Germany
1941 2 Battle of Kerch Peninsula. Ukraine Germany, Romania 9 VS USSR 170XC
1943 KerchEltigen Operation. Ukraine USSR 27.7+ VS Germany 2Cor, Romania 1Cor 3Cor
1941 First Battle of Kharkov. Ukraine Germany 2Div 1030 12T VS USSR 1Div
1942 Second Battle of Kharkov. Ukraine Germany, Romania, Italy 350 1T 700 VS USSR 765.3 277.2 171XWC 106.2W 1.2T 1.2 300SPC 2G 926 542
1943 Third Battle of Kharkov. Ukraine Germany 70 11.5XWM VS USSR 346 86.5 45.2X 42.3W
1943 Fourth Battle of Kharkov. Ukraine USSR 4Arm 800T 450 VS Germany 2ArnGr
1941 Occupation of Kharkov. Ukraine Germany VS USSR 30CiX
1941 Battle of Kiev . Ukraine Germany 500 VS USSR 627 700.5 616.3XC 84.2W Occupation of city for next 2 years.
1943 Battle of Kiev. Ukraine USSR VS Germany 1PTArm 15X 6.2C 286T 156
1945 Battle of Kolberg. Germany USSR, Poland 28+ 1.2XMVS Germany 10 ?X 8C
1945 Battle of Königsberg. Germany USSR 250 60 VS Germany 60130 50 80C
1945 Operation Konrad. Hungary USSR VS Germany, Hungary Part of Battle of Budhapest
1944 KorsunCherkassy Pocket Ukraine USSR 336.7 80.2 5.3A&M 524T 1 Rien 400T 728T VS Germany 58 30XWM 242A 59T Rien 259T 156T 50
1943 Battle of Krasny Bor. Russia Germany 1Div 5.9 3.6XW #300M 1PolDiv Rein 1Div+ VS USSR 39 10XWM 90T 1A&M
1942 Operation Kremlin. Russia Germany VS USSR Recon. flights over Moscow
1943 Battle of Kursk. Russia USSR 1.41M 863.3 5.1T 6T&AG 25G&M 5.2G 2.8 1.6 VS Germany 780.9 203 2.9T 720T&AG 10G&M 2.1 681
1943 Operation Kutuzov. Russia USSR 928 430 2.4T&AG 2.6T 26.4A 892 2.23 11.7 VS Germany 300.7 86 625T&AG 5.5G 610 218
1941 4 3 Battle of Leningrad. Russia USSR 1XCM 2.4WS 1.14MCiX (642 Siege 400 Evacuation) 2.14T VS Germany, Finland, Italy
1943 Battle of Lenino. Belarus Germany 1.5VS USSR, Poland 3
1945 Lower Silesian Offensive. Poland USSR VS Germany
1944 Lublin–Brest Offensive. East Poland/West Belarus USSR, Poland VS Germany, Romania
1944 Lvov–Sandomierz Offensive. West Ukraine/East Poland USSR 1M 289.3 65XMC 224.3W 2AFV 11.3G 1.3T&G 289VS Germany, Hungary 900 136.9 55XMC900AFV 6.3G 1.9T 687
1944 Operation Margare. Hungary Germany, Hungary VS Russia German Occupation of Hungary
1944 Battle of Memel. Lithuania USSR VS Germany
1944 Battle of Vuosalmi. Russia
1944 Minsk Offensive. Belarus USSR VS Germany 100 60WC 40XM
1944 Mogilev Offensive. Belarus USSR VS Germany 33X 3.3C
1944 Moonzund Landing Operation. Estonia USSR, Finland VS Germany
1941 2 Battle of Moscow. Russia USSR 1.25M 5001.3 3.2T 7.6G 1.4 VS Germany 1.93M 280750 1.7T 14G 599 1.29V
1943 Malaya Zemlya. Russia USSR 800 VS Germany
1942 Operation Mars. Russia Germany 40XM VS USSR 415 70.4X 145.3W 1.3T
1945 Nagykanizsa–Kermend Offensive. Hungary Bulgaria, USSR, Yugoslav Partisans VS Germany, Hungary, Croatia
1944 Battle of Narva . Estonia Germany, Estonian Partisans 123.5 68 14XM 54WS 32T 137 VS Russia 200 480 (Ci Incl) 100XM 380WS 2.5G 100T 300 800 230
1944 Battle for Narva Bridgehead. Estonia USSR 205 65XM 235WS 2.5AG 100T 130AV 800 230 VS Germany 123.5 12XMC 46WS32T 137
1944 Battle of Tannenberg Line. Estonia Germany, Estonian Conscripts 22.3 10 2.5XM 7.5WS 7T 6 7080AG 49 VS USSR 136.8 170 35XM 135WS 150AV 157164T 1.7AG 546
1942 3 Nevsky Pyatachok. Russia USSR 260 VS Germany 160
1943 Battle of Nikolayevka. Russia USSR 6 1XW VS Italy, Germany, Hungary 40 (4CR) 30XWC
1942 Operation Nordlicht. Leningrad, Russia USSR VS Germany
1945 Battle of OderNeisse. Germany USSR VS Germany
1941 Siege of Odessa. Ukraine Romania, Germany 160 92.5 17.7X 63.3W 11.5M 19T 90A 20VS USSR 34.5 41.360 16.6XM 24.7W 240A 151
1944 Osovets Offensive. Poland USSR VS Germany
1943 OstrogozhskRossosh Operation. Russia USSR VS Hungary, Italy
1944 Operation Panzerfaust. Budapest, Hungary USSR, Romania VS Hungar, Germany
1941 Operation Platinum Fox. North Finland Germany, Finland 27.5 VS USSR 3Div
1944 Polotsk Offensive. Belarus USSR VS Germany 37X 7C
1943 Operation Polyarnaya Zvezda. Saint Petersburg, Russia USSR VS Germany
1944 Battle of Porkuni. Estonia USSR 10 1 VS Estonia 1.5 #500X #700C
1945 Battle of Poznań. Poland USSR 100 10X, Poland 5 #700X 105 10.7X VS Germany 82.9 6X, Hungary 1.1 #100X 84 23C
1945 Prague Offensive. Czech Rep. USSR, Czechoslovakia, Romania 2M 12XM 40.5WS VS Germany 900 850XWC
1943 Battle of Prokhorovka. Russia USSR 5.5 4TArm 2TCor 207334T 420TD VS Germany 2Div 1PTDiv #522 #97XM 36T 4189TD
1944 Battle of Radzymin. Poland Germany VS USSR
1941 Battle of Raseiniai. Lithuania Germany 245T VS USSR 749T 704
1941 Operation Renntier. Finland Germany 2Div 27.5 VS USSR
1944 Riga Offensive. Latvia, Estonia USSR VS Germany
1941 Battle of Rostov. Russia USSR SouthFro 33 VS Germany, Poland 1PTArm 20
1942 Battle of Rostov. Russia USSR VS Germany, Poland
1943 Battle of Rostov. Russia USSR VS Germany, Poland
1942 3 Battles of Rzhev. Russia.
1942 RzhevVyazma Strategic Offensive Operation.
1942 SychevskVyazma offensive operation.
1942 MozhaiskVyazma offensive operation.
1942 ToropetsKholm Offensive Operation. Russia USSR 122.1 29.2 10.4XM 18.8W VS Germany 12
1942 Vyazma airborne operation.
1942 Rzhev operation.
1942 Operation Seydlitz.
1942 First RzhevSychevka Offensive Operation.
1942 3 Second RzhevSychevka Offensive Operation. See Operation Mars
1942 - 3 Battle for Velikiye Luki. Russia USSR 100 104 31.7XM 72.3W VS Germany 20 1759XWM
1943 Operation Büffel . Third RzhevSychevka Offensive Operation Germany retreats 230KM
1942 - 3 Operation Saturn. Russia USSR VS Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary
1945 Defense of Schwedt Bridgehead. Germany Germany VS USSR Successful Deception
1941 Sea of Azov coastal advance. Ukraine, Russia Germany, Romania VS USSR 106C 212T 766A
1945 Battle of Seelow Heights. Germany USSR, Poland 1M 3T 16.9G&M 20 56X VS Germany 112.1 12X 587T 2.6G
1941 - 2 Siege of Sevastopol . Ukraine Germany 27 4.3X 21.6W 1.5M, Romania 8.5 1.6X 6.6W #277M, Italy, Bulgaria 203.8 35.9 VS USSR 118 95C 5W 18X
1944 Shyaulyay Offensive. Belorus, Lithuania, Latvia USSR VS Germany
1945 Silesian Offensives. Poland, Germany USSR VS Germany 40X 14C
1941 Operation Silver Fox. North Finland USSR 7Div 1Bri Navy VS Germany 21.5, Finland 5 6Div 3Bat
1941 Battle of Smolensk. Russia Germany 430 1T 100200T VS USSR 581.6 300C 1.43T Encirclement & capture of Soviots
1943 Battle of Smolensk. Russia USSR 1.25M 451.4 107.6XMC 343.8W 20.6G 1.4T 1.1 VS Germany 850 20050 8.8G 500T 700 Recapture
1945 Operation Solstice. Germany USSR VS Germany
1942 Battle of Someri. Gulf of Finland Finland, Germany 23X 68W 2G 2LMSD VS USSR 2P 11D 1GD 1LMSD 5 #328X #149C
1942 - 3 Battle of Stalingrad. Russia USSR 187 n 1.14M 478.7XM 650.9WS 40CiX 2.2A n 13.5 15.7 400T n 894 4.3T 300 n 1.1 2.8 VS Germany 400, Romania 200, Italy 235, Hungary 200, Croatia 5 270 n 1M 750XMW incl. 91C500T 1.5 3A n 10.3 6 600 n 1.6 + 732 900 inc339T
1944 Battle of Studzianki. Poland USSR 1Arm, Poland 1ArmBri 89 27T VS Germany 3Div 40T 26G&M 9APC
1941 - 4 3 Bombing of Tallinn in World War II.
1941 Luftwaffe raids
1942 3 2 Red Air Force raids
1944 Red Air Force raids 300 dropped 3Bombs #757X
1938 Battle of Wuhan. China Japan 350 100 120 500 150 VS China, USSR 120Div 1.1M 225 30 200
1938 Battle of Lake Khasan. Russia USSR 23 236X 611WVS Japan 77.3 526X 913W
1939 Battles of Khalkhin Gol. SovietJapanese Border War Mongolia USSR 8X 15.3W, Mongolia 274 57 500T 809 VS Japan, Manchukuo 75 8.4X 8.8W 135T 250
1941 Soviet–Japanese Neutrality Pact.
1941 Evacuation of Tallinn. Gulf of Finland Germany, Finland VS USSR 12+X 12W 34M
1944 Tallinn Offensive. Estonia USSR 195 VS Germany 50 50, Estonian Cons. VS Estonian Independence 2
1944 1st Battle of Târgul Frumos. Romania Germany, Romania 3Div 2ArDiv 1PTDiv VS USSR 14RiDiv T 1AiDiv
1944 2nd Battle of Târgul Frumos. Romania Germany, Romania VS USSR
1942 Tatsinskaya Raid. Russia USSR 190T VS Germany 12X 5C ?W 84T 106G 300
1942 Toropets-Kholm Operation. Russia USSR 122.1 29.2 10.4XM 18.8W VS Germany 12
1941 Battle of Uman. Ukraine Germany, Romania, Hungary 400 600T VS USSR 300 203 103C 100WX 317TC 858GC
1941 Iran Campaign. AngloSoviet invasion of Iran USSR 3Arm #40X 3, UK 2Div 3Bri #22X #50W 1T, India, Australia #62X #50W 3 1T VS Iran 9Div #800X 200CiX 60 6 (2G 4D)
1945 Upper Silesian Offensive. Germany USSR 408.4 66.8 15.9X VS Germany 40X 14C
1942 Operation Uranus. Russia USSR 1.14M 894T 13.5A 1.5 VS Germany 250+ 732 402Ser, Italy 220 ?A ?, Romania 143.3 827A 134T ?, Hungary 200 ?A&T 803+134+T 732+
1945 Vienna Offensive. Austria USSR 644.7, Bulgaria 100.9 4Arm 85Div 3Bri 746 18X VS Germany 19X 52C 20%Ci
1944 Vilnius Offensive. Lithuania USSR VS Germany 8X 5C VS Polish Home Arm
1945 Vistula–Oder Offensive. Germany, Poland USSR, Poland 2.2M 43.4XM 150.7WS VS Germany 450 ?X ?W 150C
1944 Vitebsk–Orsha Offensive. Belarus USSR VS Germany
1942 Battle of Voronezh. Russia Germany, Hungary VS USSR 568.3 370.5XC 197.8W
1943 Battle of Voronezh. Russia USSR VS Germany, Hungary
1944 Warsaw Uprising. Poland Germany, + 1325 79X 7M 9W 2C 310T&AV 340Tr&C 22A 1 VS Polish Res 41.7 10X 5.26M 5W 15C, UK AF, USSR AF, South Africa AF, USA AF 2049 150200CiX 700CiDis