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Alcohol Prohibition 1920 - 33
Col W
Mexican Revolution
1910 - 20
Great Depression
1929 - 38
Col W
Th Roosevelt
W Wilson
Franklin Roosevelt 1933 - 45
H Truman
Mexico Country Flag Mexico ^ >
1932 Ottawa agreement promotes Imperial trade
1939 Mobilisation of Dominion Imperial forces in Canada
1942 Battle of St. Lawrence, Canada. 11 May U553 sinks Nicoya Leto in Gulf of St. Lawrence river.
1897 - 01 William Mckinley
1899 - 02 Philippines vs USA war 20,000 deaths
1879 - 1915 Joe Hill Labor organizer
Joe Hill 1971
1901 09 8 Theodore Roosevelt
1906 Cuba occupied by US
1909 - 13 4 William Howard Taft
1900 Rosicrucian FellowshipMax Heindel
1900 Freud publishes his interpretations of Dreams
Freud 1962
1900 Rosicrucian FellowshipMax Heindel
1902 Anthroposophical Society –Rudolf Steiner
1905 Jung's Psychology of Unconscious
1906 Pentecostal Assemblies of World
1906 Inherit Wind (Trial on evolution) 1960

1912 Novarupta volcano Alaska
1913 - 21 8 Woodrow Wilson
Wilson 1944

1918 Battle of Soissons . France France, UK, USA 125 VS Germany 168
1918 2nd Battle of Somme. France UK, (+Australia, Canada), USA 5.6 VS Germany + #600+C
1918 2nd Battle of Lys. Belgium UK, (+Australia, Newfoundland), Portugal, Belgium, France, USA ? 120 VS Germany 800 120
1918 Battle of SaintMihiel. France USA 14Div 550, France 4Div 48 598 7 VS Germany 10Div 2X 5.5W
1918 Battle of Argonne Forest. France USA 117, France 70 550 187 VS Germany 190 90210
1918 Battle of St. Quentin Canal. France UK, Australia 2Div, USA 14Div VS Germany 13Div
1918 Battle of SommePy. France USA, France VS Germany
1918 Battle of SaintThierry. France USA, France VS Germany
1918 Battle of Montfaucon. France USA, France VS Germany
1918 Battle of Chesne. France USA, France VS Germany
1918 Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge. France USA VS Germany
1918 Women get vote in America
1912 Jung's Psychology of Unconscious
1914 Iglesia ni Cristo Felix Manalo
1914 Oneness Pentecostalism Frank Ewart, G.T.Haywood, Glenn Cook
1917 True Jesus Church. Founders Paul Wei, Lingsheng Chang Barnabas Chang
1918 Women get vote in America
1912 - 33 21 United States occupation of Nicaragua Part of Banana Wars United States Nicaraguan rebels
1915 - 34 19 United States occupation of Haiti Part of Banana Wars United States Haiti
1916 - 24 8 United States occupation of Dominican Republic 1916 1924 Part of Banana Wars United States Dominican rebels
1910 - 21 11 Mexican Revolution Mexico
1910 - 18 8 Border War 1910 1918 Part of Mexican Revolution
1914 United States occupation of Veracruz Part of Banana Wars United States Mexico
1920 - 33 12 Alcohol Prohibition
Untouchables 1987
1921 - 23 2 Warren Harding
1923 - 29 6 Calvin Coolidge
1928 Women over 21 given vote in America
Iron Jawed Angels 2004
1929 Wall Street Crash
1927 Mind Science Ernest Holmes
1929 - 33 Herbert Hoover
Depression 1929 - 1938
Brother Can You Spare a Dime 1975
Grapes of Wrath 1940)
1931 Great Depression starts
1933 - 45 12 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1937 Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart: Final Flight 1994
Amelia 2005
1930 Black Muslims (Nation of Islam) –Wallace D. Fard
1934 World Wide Church of God Herbert W. Armstrong
1935 Self Realization Fellowship Paramahansa Yogananda

1941 Battle of Pearl Harbor, USA. 7 December Japanese carrier task force destroys U.S. Fleet in surprise attack
1941 Battle of Wake Island, USA. (8 December 23 December) Japanese forces capture Pacific Island.
1942 Battle of Midway, USA. 4 June 7 June US loses USS Yorktown; Japanese lose four aircraft carriers
1943 Battle of Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA. 15 August Japanese invade, but repelled by American Canadian forces.
1944 Battle of Guam, USA. (21 July 10 August) 18,000 Japanese killed during American attack.
1944 Battle of Saipan, Guam.
1944 Battle of Tinian, Guam.
1944 Battle of Peleliu, Pacific.
1944 Battle of Anguar, Pacific.
1941 Pearl Harbour
1941 Lend Lease act
1943 Education Act

1941 Battle of Coral Sea. Coral Sea, bet Australia, New Guinea, & Solomons USA, Australia 2AC 1Sc 1D 128 69 9C 13D 1 2Ta 1 1ST 28 3 #656X VS Japan 2AC 127 92 1D 1LC 1 9C 15D 1 1D 5MS 2ML 2SuC 3G 1Ta 1ST 12T 1D 3SW 2SWD 55 5 #966X * Japanese Invasion repelled
1942 - 3 1 Battle of BunaGona. New Guinea Australia, USA 20+ 2.3X 12+W VS Japan 6.5+ 6+X 1.2W #200C
1941 - 5 4 Battle of Caribbean. USA, UK, Canada, + VS Germany, Italy
1941 Operation Stonewall. Off West France UK 2LC 2W, USA 1EC, Free France 4D, Canada 4Co, New Zealand 1C, Czechoslovakia 1B, Ireland 1St, Spain 2D VS Germany 2To 1D 1DD 4BR #154C Last of German control of French ports.
1942 Naval Battle of Casablanca. Morocco USA 1AC 1EC 1B 1D 3HC 1LC 14D 2D 15T 4 347L 150 1Ta ? 45 #174X ?W VS German, France 1B 1D 1LC 1 2FL 2Gr 7D 4 1Gr 8Sl 11MS 11Sub 5 2D 1Gr ? 7 ?Bat, Germany 2Sub 1 ? ?
1942 Operation Torch. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK, Free French, Canada, Netherlands 107 479+X 720W VS Germany 2Sub in Mor., Vichy France 60 1.3X 2W
1942 Operation Terminal. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK 2D 1 622 VS German Empire Vichy France
1942 Operation Torch. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK, Free French, Canada, Netherlands 107 479+X 720W VS Germany 2Sub in Mor., Vichy France 60 1.3X 2W
1942 Operation Terminal. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK 2D 1 622 VS German Empire Vichy France
1943 4 1 Operation Strangle. Rome, Italy USA 2AF VS Italy, Germany
1943 Battle of Sicily. Italy UK, USA, Canada, Newfoundland, Free French 160467 24.8 5.8X 15.7W 3.3C 14V 600T 1.8G VS Italy 230 131.4147 +C, Germany 60 20 260T 1.4
1943 Battle of Troina. Sicily, Italy USA 2Div 80100 #40C 165A + VS Germany, Italy
1943 Allied invasion of Italy. UK, USA, Canada 189 2X 7W 3.5M VS Germany, Italy 100 3.5
1943 Volturno Line. Italy USA 1Arm, UK 1Bri VS Germany 1TDiv
1943 Barbara Line. Italy USA 1Arm, UK 1Div, India 1Div VS Germany 1TDiv
1943 Air Raid on Bari. Italy Germany 1VS UK, USA 23 1HarHD 1So&SaX 1CiX
1944 Battle of Anzio Italy USA, UK, Canada 36 then 150 2.31.5V 43 7X 36WM VS Germany 20 then 135, Italy 4.6 40 5X 30.5WM 4.5C
1944 Battle of Cisterna. Italy Germany 4Div 1PaDiv VS USA 1Div 1PaReg 1RaFor
1944 Trasimene Line. Italy USA, UK, France VS Germany
1944 Gothic Line. Italy UK, USA, India, Canada, Poland, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Italian Resistance, Greece 40 VS Germany, Italy
1944 Battle of Garfagnana. Italy Germany, Italy 9.1 100A 1XM VS USA, UK, India 18 120T 140A 1XM #300+C
Territory in northern Tuscany falls back into Axis hands.
1944 Operation Overlord. France USA, UK, Canada, Free French, Poland, Czechloslovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Free Belgians, Greece, Luxembourg 1.5 Then 2M 226Cas 4.1 4T VS Germany 380 then 1M 2.3T&AG 2.2, 210450 2.1 13.619.9CivCas
1944 Invasion of Normandy. France UK, USA, Canada, Free French, Poland, Australia, Free Belgians, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Free Czechloslovak, Greece 1.3M 120 VS Germany 380 113
1944 Battle of Carentan. France USA 1ABat 1TBat 1MBat VS Germany 2PaBat 4Bat 2PTBat
1944 Battle of Cherbourg. France USA 2.8X 5.7M 13.5WVS Germany 40 78XM 30C
1944 Battle of Bloody Gulch. France USA 1IDiv 1AirBat #32X #73W 1ArDiv 60T VS Germany 1Reg #43X #89W 1PTDiv 12T 2
1944 Operation Cobra. France USA 8IDiv 3ArDiv 2.5T&TD 1.8 VS Germany 2IDiv 1PaDiv 5PTDiv 190T&AG
1944 Operation Lüttich. France USA 9thAF, UK 2ndAF 5IDiv 3ArCC VS Germany 2IDiv 3PTDiv 5PT&IDiv 150T
1944 Falaise pocket. France USA, UK, Canada, Poland, Free French 17Div + VS Germany 1415Div 100 60
1944 Battle for Brest. France USA, UK 3IDiv 1RaBat 4 VS Germany 3Div 1+X 4W 38C
1944 Operation Dragoon. France USA 2XCM 7.8OCO, Free French 10<, UK, Canada 175200 VS Germany 85100P 285300A 7X 20W 130+C
1944 Battle of Port Cros. France USA, Canada 1.5 1D 9X VS Germany 5F 5 1A 1C 2
1944 Battle of La Ciotat. France USA 1D 1D #1W, UK 2GB 17PT VS Germany 1C 1AuC 2 #169C
1944 Allied advance from Paris to Rhine France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany USA 240 50.4X 172.5W 24.4CM, UK, Poland, Canada, France, + 5.4M VS Germany 1.5M
1944 Lorraine Campaign. France USA 3rd Army 55.2 6.7X 36.4W 12.1MVS Germany 75C
1944 Battle of Metz. France USA VS Germany
1944 Battle of Nancy. France USA 3Div 2.9 VS Germany 2Div 2Reg 4
1944 Battle of Hill 400. Germany USA, UK VS Germany
1944 Battle of Overloon. Netherlands USA, UK 2Div 1.9 3 40 VS Germany 1Div?
1944 Battle of Aachen. Germany USA 100 5 VS Germany 13 5 5.6C
1944 Battle of Crucifix Hill. Germany USA VS Germany
1944 Operation Queen. Germany Germany 38.5VS USA, UK 38.5 340T
1944 5 Operation Clipper. Germany UK, USA 2 #169X #752M #500NC VS Germany
1944 5 Battle of Bulge. Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany USA 89.5 19X 47.5W 23CM 800T, UK 1.4 #200X #969W #239M, Canada, Free Belgians, Free Luxembourg 83 4IDiv 1ADiv 394A#242T To 610 20IDiv 9ADiv 4.2A 1.6T 182AFV 6 VS Germany 200 8IDiv 5ADiv 340+T 280+AFV 1.6A 955RL Rien 100 12IDiv 3⅔ADiv 440+T 440+AFV 600T&AG 2.4 500T 67.2100XMC 100s 3CiX
1944 Battle of St. Vith. Belgium Germany 2GrDiv 1Bri 1PTDiv 100+ 500T VS USA, UK 1IDiv 2ADiv 22 12.5XWCM 88T 25AC
1944 Battle of Kesternich. Germany USA 1IDiv VS Germany 2GrDiv Allies take town
1944 Battle of Foy. Belgium USA, Canada VS Germany Town taken
1944 Battle of Lanzerath Ridge. Belgium Germany Bat 2Reg Div#500 GrDiv20 #20X #63W #13M VS USA In&ScPla Reg Div18 A4 #1X #14W #20C
1944 Losheim Gap. Belgium Germany 25 #200X #300W200+T 112T VS USA 5 #450X 1+W 2.3C 20LT 12MT 32T
1944 Battle of Clervaux. Luxembourg Germany Div 2PTDiv + VS USA 2Reg 22.8
1944 Elsenborn Ridge. Belgium USA 4Div 28 5XM VS Germany 4GrDiv 56 + PTDiv 114T&V
1944 Operation Stösser. Germany USA 3 300T VS Germany PTReg #300 #200
1944 Warsaw Uprising. Poland Germany, + 1325 79X 7M 9W 2C 310T&AV 340Tr&C 22A 1 VS Polish Res 41.7 10X 5.26M 5W 15C, UK AF, USSR AF, South Africa AF, USA AF 2049 150200CiX 700CiDis
1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf. Philipines USA, Australia 8AC 8LAC 1 18EC 21.5 200 12B 24C 141D&DE 3 +PT&Su&Au 3 VS Japan 1AC 1 3LAC 3 300+ 500 9B 3 14HC 6LC 10 35+D 11 10.5
1945 Siege of Bastogne. Belgium USA PTDiv 22.8+ 3+Ca VS Germany 54+
1945 Operation Bodenplatte. Belgium, Netherlands, France Canada, New Zealand, Poland, UK 2nd AF, USA 8th&9thAF VS Germany Cor 2Div
1945 Operation Nordwind. France USA 7thArm 29, France 1stArm 2 31VS Germany 1st&19thArm 23
1944 5 Battle of Hürtgen Forest. GermanBelgian Border Germany 80 28 VS USA 120 33 (w/ 9 NCCas)
1944 5 Battle of Monte Castello. Italy Brazil 1Div #443, USA 1Div VS Germany 1Div 9 1.5+
1945 Spring Offensive in Italy. UK 633, USA 267, Poland, India, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, + 900 16.3 VS Germany, Italy 394 302
Decisive Allied victory German surrender in Italy Execution of Benito Mussolini Italian Social Republic disestablished
1945 Battle of Bologna. Italy UK, USA VS Italy, Germany
1945 Battle of Collecchio. Italy Brazil 2Reg, USA 1TBat, Italian Partisan 1Brig VS Germany, Italy 1Div 15
1945 Colmar Pocket. France France 5Div 2ArDiv Rein ArDiv 14, USA 2Div Rein Div ArDiv 8 22 VS Germany 8Div PTBri 2238.5
1945 Western Allied invasion of Germany. Germany USA 6th,12thArmG 3M, UK 21stArmG, France 1stArm, Canada, Poland VS Germany ArmG:B,G,H 1M
1945 Operation Grenade. Germany USA 7.3 VS Germany 45.7
1945 Operation Lumberjack. Germany USA VS Germany
1945 Operation Plunder. Germany UK, Canada, USA VS Germany
1945 Operation Varsity. Germany UK, USA, Canada 16.9 2.42.7 72 VS Germany 8 ? 3.5C
1945 Operation Undertone. Germany USA, France 12.9 VS Germany 22C
1945 Battle of Kassel. Germany USA Div VS Germany 6 #50X 5.4C
1945 Battle of Heilbronn. Germany USA Cor #60X #250W #112M VS Germany Cor 1.5C
1945 Ruhr Pocket. Germany USA, UK, German Res. 300+ 4.1Ca #928X 3.3W VS Germany 400 ? 300+C
1939 - 45 6 Battle of Atlantic. Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Irish Sea, Labrador Sea, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Outer Banks, Arctic Ocean UK, Canada, USA (415 4), Newfoundland, Norway, Poland, Free French (405 5), Belgium, Brazil (425 3), Netherlands, France (3940) 36.2SaX 32MSX 3.5M 175W 3.7 VS Germany, Italy (403 3) 30SaX 783Sub
1939 Battle of River Plate. Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Irish Sea, Labrador Sea, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Outer Banks, Arctic Ocean UK, Canada, USA (415 4), Newfoundland, Norway, Poland, Free French (405 5), Belgium, Brazil (425 3), Netherlands, France (3940) HC BD 2LC 2D 3D 72X 28WVS Germany, Italy (403 3)1PB Sc 30X 60W
1942 Convoy PQ 17. Arctic Ocean Germany 9U(w/X) 33To 6B 5 VS UK, USA, USSR, Netherlands, Panama 6D 2AntAi 2Sub 11Sm 35M 24 #154 6Au
1943 Battle of Bismarck Sea. Papua New Guinea USA, Australia 39HBo 41MBo 34LBo 2Bo, 10To 54Fi 4 #13X VS Japan 8D 5 8T 8 100 20Fi 2.9+X
1942 Operation Drumbeat. 2nd Happy Time. Atlantic Germany 22U VS UK, USA 609 3.1MGRT
1942 5 3 Battle of Torpedo Alley. Off North Carolina Germany 3Sub #100X #40CVS UK, USA 397 5X
1942 Action of 27 March. Off Virginia Germany 1Sub 1D #1X VS USA 1Q 1 #141
1945 Operation Teardrop. North Atlantic USA, Canada 4AC 42D 1 #126X ?WVS Germany 7Su 5 #218X ?W #00F
1944 Action of 13 May. Cape Verde Islands, Atlantic USA 1DE 0 VS Japan 1Sub 1 #52X
1944 Action of 13 May. Cape Verde Islands, Atlantic USA 1DE 0 VS Japan 1Sub 1 #52X
1945 Battle of Point Judith. Off Rhode Island USA 1D 2DE 1Fri 1Col 1 12 2Bl VS Germany 1U 55
1945 United Nations formed
1945 - 53 8 Harry S Truman
1946 National Health Service started in America
1946 Cold War begins
1947 Marshall plan Truman Doctrine
Truman 1995
1949 Nato created
1944 AD. Silva Mind Control –Jose Silva
1945 Way Victor P.Wierwille
1945 United Pentecostal International Howard Goss, W.T. Witherspoon (can be traced back to 1914)
1947 Marshall plan Truman Doctrine
1948 Latter Rain
1948 Franklin Hall, George Warnock.
1905 Alberta Saskatchewan become Provinces in Canada
Mexican Revolution 1910 - 20
250,000 deaths
Zapata: Amor en Rebeldia 2004
Zapata: El sueño de un héroe 2004
El Compadre Mendoza 1934
Viva Villa! 1934
Let's Go with Pancho Villa 1936
Starring Pancho Villa as Himself 2003
La Sombra del Caudillo 1960
Villa! 1958
Villa Rides! 1968
Old Gringo 1989
Reed, México insurgente 1973
Cannon for Cordoba 1970
1911 President Diaz of Mexico overthrown
1913 Opening of Panama canal
1914 Panama canal opens
1926 - 9 3 Cristero War
1946 American photographer Giles Healey is taken to Maya city of Bonampak by native Lacandon who live nearby. Healey becomes first nonMaya ever to see Bonampak's stunning wallpaintings, which reveal new details about Maya civilization.
1949 Newfoundland Labrador join Canada