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1899 - 03 4 Colombian civil war 120,000 deaths
1903 Panama secedes from Columbia
1964 Colombian Armed Conflict Colombia 50,000 200,000
1964 - present 47 Ongoing Colombian armed conflict
1932 - 3 1 ColombiaPeru War Colombia Peru
1948 - 1958 Colombian civil war 250,000 deaths
1980 - 2000 20 Internal conflict in Peru Peru Rondas Campesinas Shining Path Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement
1981 Paquisha War Peru Ecuador
1912 6 4 Contestado War Brazilian Governists Rebels
1932 Ecuadorian Civil War Ecuador
1941 Ecuadorian-Peruvian War Peru Ecuador
1995 Cenepa War Peru Ecuador
1914 Battle of Coronel, Chile. 1 November Admiral Graf Spee defeats Admiral Cradock
1976 83 7 Dirty War Argentina
1939 Battle of River Plate, Argentina. 13 December Admiral Graf Spee chased into Montevideo harbour scuttled
1982 Falklands War United Kingdom Argentina
1939 Battle of Plate River.
1932 - 5 3 Chaco War Paraguay Bolivia
1947 Paraguayan Civil War Government of Paraguay Colorado Party Supported by: Argentina Coalition of Rafael Franco Revolutionary Febrerista Party Paraguayan Communist Party Liberal Party