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1908 9 1 Persian Civil War Persia
1928 - 9 1 Afghan Civil War Barakzai dynasty Tribal supporters British Empire Tribal rebels Forces of Habibullah Ghazi
1947 - 8 1 IndoPakistani War Ceasefire reached
1920 Mahatma Gandhi becomes leader of Congress
1930 Nehru's declaration of Indian Independence
1930 Gandhi's second disobedience campaign
Gandhi 1982
1930 - 32 First Round Table conference between Britain Indian parties
1935 Government of India act allowing limited local government

1915 Battle of Qurna Iraq UK, British India 2.1 #281 VS Ottomans 1 1
1915 Battle of Ctesiphon Iraq Ottoman 18 6.29.5 52G VS British, British India 11 4.6 2W
1916 Battle of Mecca Saudi Arabia UK, British Raj, Arab Army 5+ VS Ottomans 1
1917 3rd Class by Mohatma Gandi 1869194833M 1;11;29
1917 Battle of Jerusalem Israel UK, Australia, India, New Zealand 18 VS Ottomans, Germans 25
1918 Battle of Megiddo Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria British Empire, UK, British India, Australia, New Zealand, Union of South Africa, France, Hejaz 57 12 540G VS Ottomans, Germany 32 3C 402G 29XWC
1942 Indian Ocean Raid. Sri Lanka
1940 - 1 1 East African Campaign. Sudan, British Somaliland, Colonial Kenya, Italian Eritrea, Italian Somaliland, French Somaliland, Abyssinia UK, British Somaliland, Kenya Colony, British India, Gold Coast, Colonial Nigeria, N. Rhodesia, S. Rhodesia, Nyasaland, South Africa, Free Ethiopians, Belgium, Belgian Congo, Free French 20 then 250+ 4+ VS Italy 74, Italian E. Africa 182 Eritrean & Somalians 156 6+ 230C
1940 Italian conquest of British Somaliland. Ethiopia Italy, Italian East Africa 24 465X 1.5W VS UK, India, British East Somaliland, Northern Rhodesia, British East Africa 4 38X 102W 120M 3+SomaliSoX * Fall of British Somoliland
1940 - 1 1 Operation Compass. Egypt, Libya UK, India, Australia, Free France 36 500X 55M 1.4W 275T 120A 142 15 VS Italy 150 3X 115C 600T 400 1.6A 1.3 331 1.2
1941 Iraq Campaign. Anglo–Iraqi War Iraq UK, Abd alIlah loyalists, Assyrian Levies, India, British Palestine, Transjordan, Australia, New Zealand 1Div 2BriGr 60X 100+ 28 VS Iraq 116 5060Ser Most, Arab irregulars, Syrian Committee, Germany 219 19, Italy 12 3 4Div 1.8 500X 14957 +
1941 Siege of Tobruk. Libya Australia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, UK, India 27 3.8 VS Germany, Italy 35 74150
1941 Battle of Keren. Eritrea UK, India 2Div, Free French 2Bat 13 536X 3.2W VS Italy 23 12.1X 21.7W
1941 Operation Battleaxe. Libya Germany, Italy 13.2 169T 12 130Fi 84B 114T 10 698 VS UK, India 25 190T 9198 98Fi 105B 203T 36 969
1941 SyriaLebanon Campaign. Syria, Lebanon Australia, UK, India, Palestine, Transjordan, Free French, Free Czechs 34 4 50+ 27 1L 1+C 6D VS Germany, German France, Syria, Lebanon 45 6.48.9 90T 289 179 2D 3Su
1941 Iran Campaign. AngloSoviet invasion of Iran USSR 3Arm #40X 3, UK 2Div 3Bri #22X #50W 1T, India, Australia #62X #50W 3 1T VS Iran 9Div #800X 200CiX 60 6 (2G 4D)
1941 Operation Crusader. Egypt, Libya UK, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Poland, Czechloslovakia 118 17.7 738T 800 724 616Ser 300 VS Germany, Italy 119 38.3 390414T 340 536 342Ser 332
1941 Battle of Gazala. Libya Germany 3.4, Italy 90 560T 400 VS UK, India, South Africa, Free French 110 50XWC 843T 1.2
1941 Operation Crusader. Egypt, Libya UK, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Poland, Czechloslovakia 118 17.7 738T 800 724 616Ser 300 VS Germany, Italy 119 38.3 390414T 340 536 342Ser 332
1942 - 3 1 Tunisia Campaign. Tunisia UK, India, USA, France, New Zealand, Poland, Greece 76 849 VS Germany, Italy 300 1 600+C
1942 1st Battle of El Alamein. Egypt UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa 150 13.3 179T 1+A 1.5+ VS Germany 10, Italy 90 70T 500
1942 Battle of Alam el Halfa. Egypt UK, New Zealand 4Div Cor 1.8XWC 68T 67 VS Germany 6TDiv, Italy 2.9XWC 49T 60G 400Tran 36
1942 2nd Battle of El Alamein. Egypt UK India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Free French, Greece 195 13.6 1T 332500 435AC 892908A 1.5ATG 111 73050 530Ser 97VS Germany, Italy 116 30.6 547T 500 192AC 552A 4961ATG 254 770900 480Ser 84
1944 Battle of Gemmano. Italy British Empire UK, India 3Div 1ArBri 1TBri VS Germany 4Div
1944 Battle of San Marino. San Marino British Empire India 1Div VS Germany 1Div
1944 Battle of Garfagnana. Italy Germany, Italy 9.1 100A 1XM VS USA, UK, India 18 120T 140A 1XM #300+C
Territory in northern Tuscany falls back into Axis hands.
1941 Battle of Hong Kong. China Japan 52 2X 6W VS UK, Hong Kong, Bitish India 14 2.1XM 2.3W 10C 4CiX 3CiW
1945 Spring Offensive in Italy. UK 633, USA 267, Poland, India, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, + 900 16.3 VS Germany, Italy 394 302
Decisive Allied victory German surrender in Italy Execution of Benito Mussolini Italian Social Republic disestablished
1947 IndoPakistani War of 1947, India & Pakistan. first war fought between successor of British India Dominion of India newly formed of Pakistan. war ended in a stalemate.
1947 Partition of India Pakistan 1 million deaths
1947 Indian Independence
Lord Mountbatten Last Viceroy 1986
1947 Partition of India Pakistan
1948 Ghandi Assasinated
1948 Operation Polo India Royal State of Hyderabad
1949 Indian Muslims vs Hindus 20,000 deaths
1942 Japanese Raids into Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. 31 March Japanese Raids against British Eastern Fleet. Heavy British losses.
1948 Ceylon independent