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1948 Burma Independent
1948 Ongoing Internal conflict in Burma
1948 Internal conflict in Burma Burma ~ 70,000 ~1948/1967 Arab-Israeli conflict Israel Various Arab states changed over time. 90,000
1941 Battle of Prachuab Khirikhan, Thailand. (8 December 9 December) Japan conquers Thailand.
1930 Yen Bai mutiny French Indochina VNQDD
1949 French in Indochina
Indochine 1992
1946 - 54 FranceVietnam war 600,000 deaths
1945 - 6 1 War in Vietnam United Kingdom British Raj France Japan Indochinese Communist Party
1945 - 9 4 Indonesian National Revolution Indonesia Netherlands United Kingdom
1946 - 54 8 First Indochina War Viet Minh Pathet Lao Khmer Issarak United Issarak Front Supported by: People's Republic of China Soviet Union French Union French Fourth Republic State of Vietnam Cambodia Kingdom of Laos Supported by: United States United Kingdom Australia
1914 Battle of Penang, Malaysia. 28 October German victory, two allied ships sink near Malaysia.
1941 Battle of Malaya, Malaysia. 8 December Japan invades Malaysia.
1945 Battle of North Borneo, Malasia. (17 June 15 August) US victory during final stages of World War II in Pacific.
1948 Communist insurgency in Malaya
Exodus 1960
Nine Hours to Rama 1963
1948 Communist insurgency in Malaya
1946 North Borneo becomes a colony
1948 - 60 12 Malayan Emergency United Kingdom Australia New Zealand Federation of Malaya Southern Rhodesia Fiji King's African Rifles Nepali Gurkhas Malayan Communist Party Malayan Races Liberation Army
1941 Naval Battle of Singapore. 10 December Japanese torpedo craft sunk HMS Prince of Wales HMS Repulse.
1942 Battle of Singapore. (31 January 15 February) Japanese forces capture city in Malaya.
1942 Battle of Manado, Indonesia. (11 January 13 January) Japanese attempt to open a passage to attack Australia through eastern part of Dutch East Indies
1942 Battle of Makassar Strait, Indonesia. February 4 Japanese planes attack U.S. Dutch forces
1942 Battle of Drazgose, Slovenia. 9 January First frontal engagement on Slovenian soil with German occupier
1942 Battle of Balikpapan, Indonesia. 23 January Battle in Borneo, Netherlands East Indies. Japanese victory over Dutch.
1942 Battle of Ambon, Indonesia. (30 January 3 February) Japanese victory in Dutch East Indies.
1942 Battle of Badung Strait, Indonesia. (18 February 19 February) Japanese naval victory despite friendly fire incident.
1942 Battle of Java Sea, Indonesia. 4 February 1 March Japanese wipe out Allied naval squadron
1942 Battle of Java, Indonesia. 28 Februari 12 March Was a battle of Pacific theatre of World War II between Japan Netherlands. Japanese victory.
1942 Battle of Sunda Strait, Indonesia. 28 februari 1 march (ABDACOM) naval force, under Admiral Karel Doorman was defeated by Japanese fleet.
1943 Battle of Timor, Indonesia. 10 February After one year battle, Japanese conquer island.
1945 Battle of Surabaya, Indonesia. 27 October - 20 November Indonesian soldiers militia against British Dutch troops as a part of Indonesian National Revolution.
1945 Operatie Product 21 Juli, Indonesia. first of two major Dutch military offensives against Republic of Indonesia during Indonesian National Revolution.
1945 Battle of Tarakan, Indonesia. 1 May Allied attack as part of Borneo campaign.
1945 Battle of Balikpapan, Indonesia. (1 July 21 July) Allied victory over Japan.
1948 Operatie Kraai, Indonesia. Part of "Politionele acties". Although Dutch were victorious they were forced to give up Indonesia, because of international anticolonial pressure.
1901 Balangiga massacre 28 September Filipino guerrillas launch a surprise attack on 78 soldiers of 9th U.S. Infantry massacred nearly all of them. Most infamous battle of PhilippineAmerican War.
1942 Battle of Bataan, Philippines. 1 January 9 April Gen. Douglas MacArthur's USAFFE make gallant stand, U.S. Filipino prisoners of war forced on Bataan Death March.
1942 Battle of Corregidor, Philippines. 5 May 6 Last U.S. bastion in Asia surrenders to Japanese after prolonged siege.
1942 Battle of Philippines. (8 December 1941 8 May) Japanese victory, Douglas MacArthur promises to return.
1944 Battle of Philippine Sea, Philippines. 19 June Major carrier battle; U.S. lose 123 planes destroy 315 Japanese planes
1944 Battle of Leyte, Philippines. (20 October 31 December) Combined American Philippine Commonwealth military forces including recognized guerrillas begin liberation of Philippines.
1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf, Philippines. (23 October 26) largest airsea battle in history.
1944 Battle of Ormoc Bay, Philippines. (11 November 21 December) Americans prevent Japanese from resupplying Leyte.
1944 Battle of Mindoro, Philippines. 13 December 16 Combined U.S., Australian Philippine Commonwealth Military Forces including recognized guerrillas capture main island off Luzon, Philippines.
1945 Battle of Mayoyao Bridge, Philippines. (26 July 9 August) Filipino troops of 11th 14th Infantry Regiment, Philippine Commonwealth Army, USAFIPNL retakes completed in Mayoyao, Mountain Province (now. Ifugao), Northern Philippines.
1945 Battle of Luzon, Philippines. 9 January 15 August Filipino American victory. U.S. Sixth Eighth Army including Filipino soldiers of Philippine Commonwealth Army Philippine Constabulary including recognized guerrillas retakes completes recapture of Northern Philippines.
1945 Raid at Cabanatuan, Philippines. 30 January US Army Rangers Filipino guerrillas rescue Bataan Corregidor POWs from Japanese prison camp.
1945 Battle for Recapture of Bataan, Phillipines. 31 January to 8 February Combined U.S. Philippine Commonwealth military forces including recognized guerrillas retake historic Bataan Peninsula.
1945 Battle for Liberation of Manila, Philippines. 3 February to 3 March City totally devastated after monthlong battle between combined U.S. Philippine Commonwealth military forces including recognized guerrillas aagainst Japanese Imperial forces. 100,000 civilians killed.
1945 Battle for Recapture of Corregidor, Philippines. 16 February 26 Spectacular combined U.S. Philippine Commonwealth assault retakes island bastion from Japanese forces.
1945 Raid at Los Baños, Philippines. 23 February U.S. Airborne Task Force Filipino guerrillas rescues more than 2,000 Allied POWs civilian internees held by Japanese.
1945 Battle of Mindanao, Philippines. 10 March to 15 August U.S. Eighth Army including Filipino soldiers of Philippine Commonwealth Army Philippine Constabulary recognized guerrillas completes recapture of Southern Philippines.
1945 Battle of Visayas, Philippines. 18 March to 30 July U.S. Eighth Army including Filipino soldiers of Philippine Commonwealth Army Philippine Constabulary recognized guerrillas retakes central Philippine islands.
1945 Battle on Lijevča field, Bosnia. 30 March to 8 April Total Ustashian victory over Chetniks
1945 Battle of Baguio, Philippines. 26 April Filipino troops of 66th Infantry Regiment, Philippine Commonwealth Army, USAFIPNL American troops of 33rd 37th Infantry Division, United States Army retakes complete in Baguio City, Northern Philippines.
1945 Battle of Bessang Pass, Philippines. 14 June Filipino troops of 15th, 66th 121st Infantry Regiment, Philippine Commonwealth Army, USAFIPNL comples retakes on province of Ilocos Sur in Northern Luzon, Philippines.