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Ottoman Empire 1923
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Ott v Assyr
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1906 Revolution in Iran
1911 2 1 ItaloTurkish War Kingdom of Italy Ottoman Empire
1919 23 4 Turkish War of Independence Turkish Nationalists Occupation Forces: British Empire Kingdom of Greece France Kingdom of Italy Democratic Republic of Armenia Democratic Republic of Georgia Ottoman Empire
1919 22 3 GrecoTurkish War Turkish Revolutionaries Kingdom of Greece
1912 3 1 First Balkan War Kingdom of Bulgaria Kingdom of Greece Kingdom of Serbia Kingdom of Montenegro Ottoman Empire
1913 Second Balkan War Ottoman Empire Kingdom of Greece Kingdom of Serbia Kingdom of Montenegro Kingdom of Bulgaria
1916 8 2 Arab Revolt Part of World War I Hashemite Arabs United Kingdom Sultanate of Nejd (Unification of Saudi Arabia) Ottoman Empire
1912 Battle of Çatalca, Turkey. 16 November17 defeat of Bulgarian advance toward Istanbul
1912 Naval Battle of Dardanelles, Turkey. 3 December Greek navy defeats Ottoman fleet & forces it to retreat to its base within Dardanelles straits
1912 Battle of LuleBurgas, Turkey. 31 October3 November Bulgarians compel Ottomans to full retreat toward lines of Tchataldja, 30 km from Constantinople last line of defense for Ottoman Capital.In terms of forces engaged it was largest battle fought in Europe between end of FrancoPrussian War beginning of First World War.
1913 Turkey loses most of European lands
1913 Adrianople, Edirne, Turkey. November 3, 1912 March 26, 1913 Fall of city to forces of Bulgaria Serbia capture of Turkish Gen Ghazi Shulkri Pasha
1915 Battle of Gallipoli, Turkey. 19 February 1915 - 8 January 1916 Allied powers attempt a failed frontal assault on Ottoman Empire
1915 Naval assault in strait of Çanakkale, Turkey. 18 March. Turks repel an Allied fleet
1915 Landing at Cape Helles, Turkey. 25 April British amphibious assault against Ottoman Empire during World War I. Concurrently a French assault in Asaitic side of straits.
1915 First Battle of Krithia, Turkey. 28 April British attack (against Turks) fails.
1915 Landing at Anzac Cove, Turkey. (25 April 3 May) Australia New Zealand successfully land but later get bogged down.
1915 Second Battle of Krithia, Turkey. (6 May 8 May) Second British attack (against Turks) uses same plan, also fails.
1915 Third Battle of Krithia, Turkey. 4 June Temporary British success reversed by Ottoman counterattack.
1915 Battle of Gully Ravine, Turkey. (28 June 5 July) British Indian forces defeat Ottoman Empire.
1915 Battle of Chunuk Bair, Turkey. (6 August 10 August) Ottomans defeat Britain New Zealand.
1915 Battle of Lone Pine, Turkey. (6 August 12 August) Australians stop Ottoman attack, but it was only a diversion.
1915 Battle of Krithia Vineyard, Turkey. (6 August 13 August) Turkish diversionary attack to allow for Sari Bair Offensive.
1915 Landing at Suvla Bay, Turkey. (6 August 15 August) main attack for which two diversions were staged. Ottoman victory.
1915 Battle of Nek, Turkey. 7 August Ottomans defeat Australians.
1915 Battle of Scimitar Hill, Turkey. 21 August Decisive battle of Gallipoli Campaign, Ottoman victory.
1915 Battle of Hill, Turkey. 60 (Gallipoli) Final British attempt to take Gallipoli fails.
1915 20 Ottoman empire slaughters 500,000 Assyrians deaths
1916 23 Ottoman empire slaughters 350,000 Greek Pontians 480,000 Anatolian Greeks
1920 Turkish-Armenian War Turkish Revolutionaries Democratic Republic of Armenia
End of Ottoman Empire 1923
Harem Suare (Last Harem) 1998
Lawrence of Arabia 1962
1921 First Battle of Inonu, Turkey. (9 January 11 January) Greek reconnaissanceinforce, Turkish victory. GrecoTurkish War (19191922).
1921 Second Battle of Inonu, Turkey. (26 March 31 March) Turkish forces victorious. GrecoTurkish War (19191922).
1921 Battle of Sakarya, Turkey. Turkish victory, farthest Greek advance in GrecoTurkish War (19191922) (Turkish War of Independence).
1922 Battle of Dumlupinar, Turkey. Turkish victory, final battle of GrecoTurkish War (19191922) (Turkish War of Independence).
1922 Turkish nationalists, under Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) abolish Ottoman Sultanate.
1923 Republic of Turkey is proclaimed, with Mustafa Kemal as its first president.
1924 Mustafa Kemal abolishes Ottoman Caliphate.
1916 Battle of Baku
1914 Cyprus annexed
1920 Battle of Maysalun, Syria. 23 July French advance into Syria defeat Yusuf alAzmah's hastily assembled army.
1950 67 17 Retribution operations Israel Egypt Jordan Syria Palestinian fedayeen
1917 Battle of Jerusalem, Israel. (8 December 26 December) British forces capture city of Jerusalem from Ottoman Empire.
1918 Battle of Megiddo, Israel. 19 September Allenby's British crush Ottoman army
1917 1st Battle of Gaza Israel
1917 2nd Battle of Gaza Israel
1917 Battle of Beersheba Israel
1917 3rd Battle of Gaza Israel
1917 Battle of Jerusalem. Israel British Empire UK, Australia, India, New Zealand 18 VS Ottomans, Germany 25
1918 Battle of Megiddo. Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria British Empire, UK, British India, Australia, New Zealand, Union of South Africa, France, Hejaz 57 12 540G VS Ottomans, Germany 32 3C 402G 29XWC
1917 Battle of Rafa. Palestine UK, Australia, New Zealand #71X #415W VS Ottomans 2 #200X #168W 1.4C
1918 Battle of Megiddo. Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria British Empire, UK, British India, Australia, New Zealand, Union of South Africa, France, Hejaz 57 12 540G VS Ottomans, Germany 32 3C 402G 29XWC
1917 1st Battle of Gaza. Palestine Ottomans, Germans 2Div 3Reg VS British 3Div 2Bat 1Pat
1917 2nd Battle of Gaza. Palestine Ottomans, Germany 3Div 82402X 1.3W #247M #200C VS British, France 5Div 1Bri 6.4
1917 Battle of Beersheba. Palestine British Empire GB, Australia, New Zealand 4Div 40 1.2 VS Ottomans, Germany 3Reg 4.4 #500X 1.4C
1917 Battle of Mughar Ridge. Palestine British Empire GB, Australia, New Zealand 2Cor 1.2 VS Ottomans, Germany 10C 100G 80Kilo
1918 Palestine becomes British mandate
1937 Arab Jewish conflict in Palestine
1941 Iraq Campaign. Anglo–Iraqi War Iraq UK, Abd alIlah loyalists, Assyrian Levies, India, British Palestine, Transjordan, Australia, New Zealand 1Div 2BriGr 60X 100+ 28 VS Iraq 116 5060Ser Most, Arab irregulars, Syrian Committee, Germany 219 19, Italy 12 3 4Div 1.8 500X 14957 +
1941 SyriaLebanon Campaign. Syria, Lebanon Australia, UK, India, Palestine, Transjordan, Free French, Free Czechs 34 4 50+ 27 1L 1+C 6D VS Germany, German France, Syria, Lebanon 45 6.48.9 90T 289 179 2D 3Su
1948 Arab-Israeli War, Israel. War between Israel Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, Egypt Iraq; many Arab refugees.
1948 Israel created
1947 49 First ArabIsraeli war 6,373 Israeli 15,000 Arabs die
1948 1973 25 ArabIsraeli wars 70,000 deaths
1948 Arab-Israeli War Israel Egypt AngloEgyptian Sudan Syria Jordan Lebanon Iraq Saudi Arabia Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen Army of Holy War Arab Liberation Army Muslim Brotherhood
1917 Battle of Rafa, Palestine. 9 January Capture of Turkish garrison in Sinai
1917 First Battle of Gaza, Palestine. 26 March British fail to advance into Palestine
1917 Second Battle of Gaza, Palestine. 19 April Turkey repels British assault on GazaBeersheba line
1917 Battle of Beersheba, Palestine. 31 October Australian light horse capture Beersheba
1917 Third Battle of Gaza, Palestine. (31 October 7 November) British break Turkish defensive line in southern Palestine
1916 Balfour declaration promises Palestine to Jews
1918 Palestine becomes British mandate
1920 Palestine becomes British mandate
1936 9 3 Great Arab Revolt in Palestine United Kingdom British Army Palestine Police Force Jewish Settlement Police Jewish Supernumerary Police Haganah Special Night Squads FOSH Peulot Meyuhadot Irgun Peace Bands Palestinian Arabs
1937 Arab Jewish conflict in Palestine
1947 8 1 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine Haganah Palmach Irgun Lehi Foreign Volunteers Holy War Army Arab Liberation Army
1918 Georgian-Armenian War Democratic Republic of Georgia Democratic Republic of Armenia
1918 20 2 Georgian-Ossetian conflict Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic Democratic Republic of Georgia ProBolshevik Ossetian rebels
1921 Red Army invasion of Georgia Russian SFSR Turkish revolutionaries Democratic Republic of Georgia
1918 20 2 Armenian-Azerbaijani War Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Ottoman Empire 1918 only Russian SFSR from April 1920 Turkish Revolutionaries from April 1920 Democratic Republic of Armenia Republic of Mountainous Armenia NagornoKarabakh rebels British Empire1918 only Centrocaspian Dictatorship 1918 only
1918 Battle of Baku, Azerbaijan. 26 August 14 September Army of Islam of Ottoman Empire captures city of Baku.
1914 Fao Landing, Iraq. 6 November British begin Mesopotamian Campaign against Ottoman Empire.
1915 Battle of Ctesiphon, Iraq. (22 November 25 November) Indecisive battle between British Ottoman forces.
1915 Siege of Kut, Iraq. (7 December 1915 29 April 1916) Ottoman forces, led by a German general, capture city.
1916 Battle of Dujaila, Iraq. 8 March Failed British attempt to relieve Siege of Kut.
1917 Second Battle of Kut, Iraq. 23 February British forces once again take Kut.
1917 Fall of Baghdad, Iraq. (8 March 11 March) British forces capture city.
1902 Battle of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (1902) 13 January Ibn Saud successfully cuptured Riyadh
1902 - 5 War of Unification of Saudi Arabia Sultanate of Nejd Allied Arab clans Rashidi State Ottoman Empire Kingdom of Hejaz
1903 Battle of Dilam, Saudi Arabia. (1903) 27 January Ibn Saud victory over Rashidis

1904 Battle of Bekeriyah (1904) 15 June Ibn Saud victory over Rashidis.

1904 Battle of Shinanah, Saudi Arabia (1904) 29 September Ibn Saud victory over Rashidis.
1905 1906 Battle of Rawdat Muhanna, Saudi Arabia. 12 April Ibn Saud defeat Rashidis in Rawdat Muhanna.
1907 Battle of Tarafiyah, Saudi Arabia. 24 September Ibn Saud defeat Rashidis in Tarafiyah.
1924 Battle of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. (1924) Mecca became a Saudi Arabian territory
1925 Battle of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 1925 - 10 February Jeddah became a Saudi Arabian territory. End of Kingdom of Hejaz Disembarkment of Alhucemas 8 September decisive Spanish victory against Rifi berbers
1932 Saudi Arabia Independence
1932 Iraqi Independence
1934 SaudiYemeni War Saudi Arabia Yemen
1924 Second Saud-Sharif War Saudi Arabia British Empire Hejaz