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Good ys Ch
C Rev
1949 - 1956 7 Generally seen as the ‘good years’ of Chinese socialism. Land is redistributed to peasants and the economy grows.
1950 - 1 1 Invasion of Tibet People's Republic of China Tibetan Army

1951 Battle of Vinh Yen, UK. 28 May 29 May

1950 - 8 8 Kuomintang Islamic Insurgency in China People's Republic of China Republic of China
1956 The Hundred Flowers Campaign encourages intellectuals to give their opinions about the government. Many that do are sent straight to jail.
1958 - 61 3 Mao's "Great Leap Forward" 38 million deaths. an attempt to boost production through re-redistribution of land (into enormous communes) and millions of backyard furnaces. The result was two failed harvests and millions of deaths from starvation
1962 Border clashes between Chinese and Indian forces in Kashmir.
1966 After a few years away from power, discredited by the Great Leap Forward, Mao starts the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution is a time of utter chaos where university students (and later, even younger students) formed into bands of ‘Red Guards’ and went round destroying anything redolent of the West, capitalism, religion or tradition. Mao’s rivals within the Party were purged, thousands of lives were ruined, the health and education system collapsed, and most of China’s cultural heritage was destroyed.
1967 Ongoing Naxalite-Maoist insurgency
1969 Sino-Soviet border conflict Soviet Union China
1966 - 9 3 Mao's "Cultural Revolution" 11 million deaths
1972 The Lin Biao incident sees the death of Mao’s greatest ally and propagandist, Lin Biao. Historians speculate that he may have attempted a coup against Mao.
1976 Death of Mao Zedong
1976 The chaos of the cultural revolution ends with the death of Mao. Hua Guofeng takes over, but has no real powerbase.
1977 Deng Xiaoping leads China
1978 Deng Xiaoping ousts Hua Guofeng and, for the almost the first time in Chinese history, allows his predecessor a relatively peaceful retirement.
1979 Vietnam-China war 30,000 deaths
1980 Deng begins the policies of ‘reform and opening up’ which see China open up its economy and (to a much lesser degree) political life.
1989 Tiananmen square
1989 Violent suppression of Tiananmen Square protests dents hopes for further political reform and tarnishes China’s international image, but has little long term effect on economic progress. Jiang Zemin becomes leader, some speculate he gets the leadership because of his firm ideological stance and successful handling of student protests in Shanghai.

1995 Work begins on the Three Gorges Dam.
1997 Deng dies
1997 Hong Kong returns to China.



1950 Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River , North Korea. 25 November 2 December China intervened in Korea, UN forces were expelled from North Korea, resulting in the longest retreat in US military history

1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir, North Korea. 27 November 13 December UN forces inflicted heavy casualties onto Chinese forces, rendering 40 percent of all Chinese forces in Korea combat ineffective before withdrawing into South Korea
1950 - 3 3 Korean war 3 million deaths

1952 Battle of Triangle Hill, North Korea

1953 Battle of Pork Chop Hill, North Korea

1953 Battle of Kumsong, North Korea

1953 Battle of the Hook, North Korea. (28 May 29 May) UN forces defeat Chinese in Korea.

1966 9 3 Korean DMZ Conflict

1968 USS Pueblo (AGER-2) capture, North Korea. 23 January North Korea seizes US ship

1973 Adan's Counterattack, North Korea.


1950 Battle of Pusan Perimeter, , South Korea. 29 July 15 September UN forces stop North Korean invasion of South Korea, counterattack in mid-September in conjunction with Battle of Inchon

1950 Pre-Korean War insurgency
1950 - 3 3 Korean War

1950 Battle of Inchon, , South Korea. 15 September 19 September UN retakes South Korea, reaches Seoul in 12 days

1951 Battle of the Imjin River, South Korea. Communist Chinese victory in Korea.

1951 Battle of Kapyong, South Korea. Chinese offensive halted 23 April

1951 Battle of Bloody Ridge, South Korea. 18 August 5 September UN attack captures hill positions in central Korea

1951 Battle of Heartbreak Ridge, South Korea. 13 September 15 October After 37 days, heights fall to UN

1953 Battle of Pork Chop Hill, South Korea. (23 March 11 July) Chinese capture hill in March, UN retakes it in July.

1953 Battle of White Horse, South Korea


1998 Battle of Yeosu, South Korea.