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1950 First Kidney transplant
1952 Caribbean monk seal Extinct
1952 Deepwater cisco Extinct Great Lakes, Canada & U.S.
1950s Durango shiner Extinct Mexico
1953 Mount Everest climbed
1953 DNA unravelled
1954 Fortran developed
1954 First oral contraceptives
1954 New Mexico sharp-tailed grouse Extinct
1955 Hovercraft
1955 Goff's pocket gopher Extinct Florida
1956 Videotape
1957 Soviet Sputnik flight
1958 Silicon chip
1959 North Sea gas discovered
1959 Integrated circuits developed
1959 Antarctic treaty
1950 First Kidney transplant
1953 DNA unravelled
1953 Mount Everest climbed
1955 Hovercraft
1956 Videotape
1956 Imperial woodpecker Extinct Mexico
1957 Soviet Sputnik flight
1958 Silicon chip
1959 North Sea gas discovered
1959 Integrated circuits developed
1959 Pallid beach mouse Extinct Florida
1960 Lasers developed
1961 Yuri Gagarin becomes first man in space
1962 Communications Satellites
1963 Cassette tape recorder
1964 Barbados raccoon Extinct
1964 Mexican grizzly bear 
1964 Word Processor
1964 Ainsworth's salamander Extinct U.S.
1965 Miniskirts
1967 Satellite navigation
1969 First man on moon
1969 Concorde
1969 Blackfin cisco Extinct Great Lakes, Canada & U.S.

1970s Clear Lake splittail Extinct Clear Lake, California
1970 Concorde
1970 Floppy disk
1970 Satellite navigation
1971 Decimalisation of currency
1972 Home video games
1973 Skylab
1973 Oil Shock
1974 Web-footed coquí Extinct Puerto Rico
1975 Altair 8800 is first personal computer
1978 First test tube baby
1978 First Apple computer
1978 Culebra Island giant anole Extinct

? Cachorrito de la Trinidad Extinct Mexico
1980s Atoyac minute salamander Extinct Guerrero, Mexico
1980 Smallpox officially eliminated
1981 Space shuttle Columbia
1981 first reports of AIDS
1981 Eskimo curlew Extinct Alaska to Argentina
1982 CD's on sale
1982 US Cruise missiles
1983 Blue walleye Extinct Great Lakes, Canada & U.S.
1984 Genetic fingerprinting
1985 Desk Top Publishing
1985 Live Aid
1986 Chernobyl
1986 San Quintin kangaroo rat Extinct Mexico
1987 Smith Island cottontail Extinct Virginia
1987 American ivory-billed woodpecker Southeastern U.S. 
1987 Amistad gambusia Extinct Goodenough Spring, Texas
1987 Banff longnose dace Extinct Banff, Alberta
1988 Hawking's Brief History of Time

1903 Southern California kit fox Extinct
1905 Tule shrew Extinct Mexico
1970 Tacoma pocket gopher Extinct Washington
1978 San Felipe hutia Extinct Cuba
1989 Garrido's hutia Extinct Cuba
1996 Rise & rise of Internet
1997 Mars landing
? Sclater's shrew Extinct Mexico