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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) 1922 - 91 69
Russia-Chechnya civil war
1955 Warsaw Pact signed
1968 Czechoslovakia invaded by Warpac
1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia Soviet Union People's Republic of Bulgaria East Germany People's Republic of Hungary People's Republic of Poland Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
1956 Hungarian revolt
1956 Hungarian Revolution Soviet Union State Protection Authority Hungary
1989 Romanian Revolution Anti-Ceauşescu protestors Romanian Army Dissident members of Communist Party Socialist Republic of Romania Securitate & other loyalist forces
1953 death of Stalin & subsequent rise of Khrushchev.
1979 - 89 10 Soviet war in Afghanistan Mujahideen Supported by: Pakistan United States Saudi Arabia Malaysia Canada People's Republic of China Soviet Union Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt Russia: Defenders of White House Congress of People's Deputies of Russia Supreme Soviet of Russia President of Russia Council of Ministers of Russian SFSR Anti-Communist demonstrators in union republics defecting Red Army personnel Republics, against coup: Estonia
Latvia Lithuania Moldavian SSR International support: United States of America State Committee of State of Emergency Soviet Army Tamanskaya Division (to 21 August) Kantemirovskaya Division Committee for State Security of Soviet Union Alpha Group (to 21 August) Vympel Group (to 21 August) Union republics & other entities in support of coup: Byelorussian SSR Republic of Azerbaijan Transnistria Liberal Democratic Party of Soviet Union Intermovements
1992 War of Transnistria Transnistria Russian Volunteers Russian 14th Army Ukrainian Volunteers Don Cossacks Moldova Romanian Volunteers & advisors
1992 - 3 1 War in Abkhazia Abkhazia Russia Confederation of Mountain Peoples of Caucasus Russian Cossacks Georgia
1993 Russian constitutional crisis
1994 - 6 2 First Chechen War Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Russia
1999 Invasion of Dagestan Russia IIPB Shura of Dagestan
1999 - 2009 10 Second Chechen War Russian Federation Republic of Chechnya Republic of Ichkeria Caucasian militants Foreign mujahideen
1962 Mass exodus of Kazakhs from Xinjiang to Soviet Central Asia.
1964 Brezhnev ousts Krushchev
1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident
Russia-Chechnya civil war
1991 - 2009 18
X 200K
1995 First battle of Grozny, Russia. 31 December 1994 8 February 1995 Russian Army captures Grozny.
1999 Battle of Grozny, Russia. (19992000) Russian Army sieges Grozny in December, captures it in February 2000.