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French Algerian war
Alg CW - 1992 99
Sudanese civil war 1983 - 2002 19
Somalia civil war 1988 - 2004 16
M Vs E
Ethiopian Civil War 1974 - 91 17
Kenya rebellion
Idi Amin, Uganda 1969 - 79 10
1957 8 1 Ifni War Spain France Morocco
1975 - 91 16 Western Sahara War Mauritania 1975 1979 Morocco France 1977 1978 Polisario Front / SPLA Algeria 1976
1977 Shaba I Zaire Morocco Egypt France Front for National Liberation of Congo

1953 Algerian crisis begins
1954 - 62 8 Algerian War National Liberation Front Mouvement National Algerien France
French Algerian war
1954 - 62
X 368,000
Cache 2005
Legionnaire 1998
Outpost in Morocco 1949
Rachida 2002
Outremer 1990
La Trahison (The Betrayal) 2005
1963 Sand War Morocco Algeria
1992 - 9 7 Algerian civil war 150,000 deaths
1991 - 2002 11 Algerian Civil War Algerian government France Armed Islamic Group (GIA)
1952 - 6 4 Tunisian War of Independence Beylik of Tunis France
1961 Bizerte crisis France Tunisia
1977 LibyanEgyptian War Egypt Libya
1978 - 87 9 ChadianLibyan conflict Chad France Libya
1981 Gulf of Sidra incident, Libya. 19 August Two Sukhoi Su-22 were shot down by two US F-14A Tomcats.
1986 Action in Gulf of Sidra, Libya. March US naval operations against Libya.
1986 US bombing of Libya
1989 Gulf of Sidra incident, Libya. 4 January Two Libyan MiG-23 Flogger Es were shot down by US F-14A Tomcats.
1954 Troops removed from Egypt
1956 Suez crisis
1956 Suez Crisis, Egypt. Britain, France, Israel attempt to retake Suez Canal after recent Egyptian nationalization. Large engagements included Battle of Mitla Pass & Battle of Port Said.
1956 Suez Crisis Israel United Kingdom France Egypt
1967 Six Day War, Egypt, Syria & Palestine. 5 June 10 Israel invades & occupies Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, Syrian Golan Heights, West Bank & Gaza Strip
1967 Battle of Abu-Ageila, Egypt.
1967 Battle of Amunition Hill, Egypt.
1967 - 70 3 War of Attrition Both sides claim victory
1973 Battle of Suez, Egypt.
1973 Battle of Chinese Farm, Egypt.
1973 Yom Kippur War aka 6th of October War, Egypt & Syria. Egyptian & Syrian armies attack Israel to regain territory lost in 1967 Six Day War.
1973 Operation Badr, Egypt.
1954 Withdrawal from Sudan
1955 - 72 17 First Sudanese Civil War Sudan Defence Force Anyanya South Sudan Liberation Movement Sudan
1983 - 2002 19 Sudanese civil war 2 million deaths
1983 - 2005 22 Second Sudanese Civil War Sudan People's Liberation Army Eastern Front Sudan Lord's Resistance Army
1987 Lord's Resistance Army insurgency Uganda, Sudan, DR Congo & Central African Republic ~12,000