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Church Universal & Triumphant
Kor W
Apollo Program 61 - 75 14
80's Music
Kyle Pounds 1973 - Present
US in Vietnam War 61 - 75 14
The Cold War 1945 - 91 46
Mccarthyism 1949 - 69
D Eisenhower
R Nixon
R Reagan
B Clinton
1945 - 53 9 Harry S Truman
1945 - 91 46 Cold War
1949 - 69 20 Mccarthyism
Good Night & Good Luck 2005
1950 - 3 3 Korean War
1953 - 91 38 Dwight D Eisenhower
1952 Priest-king Pacal's tomb at Palenque is discovered & excavated by Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruz, marking first time a tomb has been found inside a Maya pyramid. Prior to this, Maya pyramids were believed to be temples with a purely religious or ceremonial purpose.
1950 Urantia Book Dr. Bill Sadler
1950 Lafayette Ronald Hubbard published his book Dianetics-SCIENTOLOGY
1954 Atherius Society (UFO’s) Dr. George King
1954 Unification Church Sun Myung Moon
1955 Scientology L. Ron Hubbard
1958 Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Henry Kinley
1958 Mark & E.C. Prophet
1958 Henry Kinley begins (IDMR) Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research
1958 - 70 12 Church Universal & Triumphant
1959 Unitariarian Universalist
1960 - 96 36 Guatemala's civil war 200,000 deaths
1961 - 75 14 US in Vietnam War
1961 - 3 2 John F Kennedy
1962 Commonwealth immigrants act in America
1963 - 9 6 Lynden B Johnson
First man on moon 1969
Right Stuff 1983
Apollo 13 1999
From Earth to Moon 1998
1961 - 75 14 Apollo Program
1962 - 6 4 Gemini Program
1969 Open Universities
Malcolm X 1992
1969 Woodstock
Woodstock 1970
1960 Enkankar Paul Twitchell
1961 Unitarian Universalism was officially formed.
1964 Eckankar The Ancient Science of Soul Travel (Eck).  Founded by Paul Twitchell
1965 Assembly of Yahweh-Jacob Meyer
1966 Church of Satan – Anton LaVey
1968 Hare Krishna (US) Swami Prabhupada
1968 Children of God David (Moses) Berg
1960 Transcendental meditation Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
1969 - 74 5 Richard Nixon
Nixon 1995
1972 Watergate
1973 Oil Shock
1973 Skylab
1973 Kyle Pounds born
1974 Watergate
1974 - 77 4 Gerald Ford
1977 - 81 Jimmy Carter
1970 Findhorn Community –Peter & Eileen Caddy –David Spangler
1970 Divine light Mission Guru Maharaj Ji
1973 CARP was established in United States.  [The Collegiate Association for Research of Principles] to introduce teachings of un Myung Moon.
1974 Assemblies of Yahweh-Sam Suratt
1979 Church of Christ International Kip McKean

1980 - 90 10 Eighties music
1981 - 9 8 Ronald Reagan
1981 Golden coqui Extinct Puerto Rico
1986 Peak Unemployment of 3.5 m in America
1987 Stock Market crisis
1989 - 93 4 George HW Bush
1980 - 2 2 Tara Center-Benjamen Crème
1980 House of Yahweh (Abilene) Jacob Hawkins
1993 - 2001 8 Bill Clinton
1980s Atoyac minute salamander Extinct Guerrero, Mexico
1980s San Martin pygmy salamander Extinct Veracruz Mexico
? Bigfoot splayfoot salamander Extinct
1994 Chiapas conflict Zapatista Army of National Liberation Mexico