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Rhodesia's civil war 1968 - 80 12
Rh Vs Zim CW
1972 - 9
Mozambique Frelimo vs Portugal
Mozambique's civil war 1976 - 93 17
South Africa vs Africa National Congress 1960 - 90 30
Northern Rhodesia
1663 - 4
Zambia 1964 - Present 47
1990 South West Africa becomes Independent Namibia
Botswana 1966 - Present 45
Southern Rhodesia
1963 - 5
1968 - 80 12 Rhodesia's civil war
1972 - 79 5 Rhodesia/Zimbabwe's civil war 30,000 deaths
Zimbabwe 1980 - Present 31
1962 - 75 13 Mozambique Frelimo vs Portugal
1976 - 93 17 Mozambique's civil war 900,000 deaths
1960 - 90 30 South Africa vs Africa National Congress
1961 South Africa leaves Commonwealth
1985 Britain isolated in Commonwealth over South African sanctions
1990 Nelson Mandela freed
End of Aparteid 1994
Mandela 1987
Mandela & De Klerk 1997
1994 Multi racial elections in South Africa
1996 South Africa rejoins Commonwealth
Lesotho 1966 - Present 45
Swaziland 1968 - Present 43