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Iraq-Iran war 1
1980 88
Afghanistan civil war
1988 2001
1962 - 75 13 Dhofar Rebellion Oman Iran United Kingdom Jordan Dhofar Liberation Front Popular Front for Liberation of Occupied Arabian Gulf
Popular Front for Liberation of Oman
1979 Shah if Iran overthrown

1980 IranIraq War, Iran & Iraq.
1980 Siege of Abadan, Iran. November 1980 to September 1981 Iraq Attacks Iranian city of Abadan but fails to capture it.
1980 Liberation of Khorramshahr, Iran. November 1980 to 24 May 1982 Iranians recapture of port city of Khorramshahr from Iraqis.
1980 - 8 8 IranIraq War Iran PUK KDP SCIRI & Badr Da'awa Iraq¹ People's Mujahedin of Iran
1981 Battle of Dezful, Iran. Early Janauary 1981 Iranian armored regiments are forced to flee after an Iraqi ambush.
1981 Operation Nasr, Iran.
1988 Operation Praying Mantis, Iran. 18 April One day US-Iranian naval action.
1988 Operation Mersad, Iran. Iran destroys Khalq-e-Mujahedin.
1979 USSR invades Afghanistan 1.3 million deaths
The Beast 1988
1980 8 Iran Iraq war
Soraya 2003
1978 Afghan civil war Afghanistan 600,000-2,000,000 10,461+ in 2010
1989 - 92 3 Civil war in Afghanistan Mujahideen Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
1994 Afghanistan's Islamic State of Afghanistan. (United Front) ousted by Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban).
1992 - 6 4 Civil war in Afghanistan
1996 - 2001 5 Civil war in Afghanistan
1965 Battle of Lahore Front, Pakistan. Decisive Indian victory
1965 Battle of Chawinda & Phillora, Pakistan. Decisive Indian victory
1965 Battle of Chamb, Pakistan. Decisive Indian victory
1971 Indo-Pakistani War of 1971/Bangladesh Liberation War, Pakistan. Mid November to 16 December India militarily supports East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in its struggle for independence from West Pakistan (now Pakistan). Backed by India, Armed Forces of India defeat Pakistan & liberate Bangladesh.
1971 Battle of Hilli, Pakistan. Tactical indian victory
1971 Operation Trident, Pakistan. 4 December Indian Navy attacks Karachi port
1984 Operation Meghdoot, Pakistan.
1995 Pakistani Sunnis vs Shiites 1,300 deaths
1999 Kargil War India Pakistan
1999 Battle of Tololing,
1962 Border clashes between Chinese & Indian forces in Kashmir.
1962 Battle of Namka Chun, India. Sino-Indian War
1965 Second Kashmir War, India. also known as Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, was second battle fought between Republic of India & Islamic Republic of Pakistan over Kashmir. war resulted in a 1965 UN-mandated ceasefire between two countries.
1965 Battle of Phillora, India. Decisive Indian victory
1965 Battle of Cham, India.
1965 Battle of Asal Uttar, India. Stale mate
1965 SSG Disaster, India. Decisive Indian victory
1965 2nd India-Pakistan war over Kashmir
1962 Sino-Indian War China India
1967 Naxalite-Maoist insurgency India 10,500+ 1,174+ in 2010
1964 Insurgency in Northeast India India ~ 25,000
1964 Ongoing Insurgency in Northeast India
1965 Indo-Pakistani War ceasefire
1967 Chola incident India China
1971 Indo-Pakistani War India Pakistan
1971 Battle of Longewala, India. 5 December Decisive Indian victory.
1971 Battle of Garibpur, India.
1971 Battle of Basantar, India. Tactical Indian victory
1984 Operation Meghdoot, India. 13 April
1984 Operation Bluestar, India. 6 June
1986 Indian Kashmir's civil war 60,000 deaths
1984 - 7 3 Siachen conflict India Pakistan
1989 Insurgency in Jammu & Kashmir India ~68,000
1987 Sino-Indian skirmish India People's Republic of China
1989 Ongoing 22 Insurgency in Jammu & Kashmir List of wars
1993 Ongoing Ethnic conflict in Nagaland
1999 Kargil War, India. Pakistani paramilitary forces infiltrate into India's Kargil district triggering full-scale war between two neighbours. After two months of intense fighting, Pakistan retreats due to political stress.
1999 Battle of Tololing, India. Indian victory
1962 Battle of Namka Chun, Nepal. 28 May 29 May
1995 Maoist rebellion in Nepal 12,000 deaths
1996 - 2006 10 Nepalese Civil War CPN Nepalese government
1971 Battle of Garibpur, Bangladesh. -Decisive Indian victory
1971 Battle of Basantar, Bangladesh.
1971 Battle of Hilli, Bangladesh.
1971 Pakistan-Bangladesh civil war 500,000 deaths
1972 Bangladesh leaves Pakistan
1971 Bangladesh Liberation War Mukti Bahini India Pakistan
1983 Sri Lanka's civil war 70,000 deaths
1983 - 2009 26 Sri Lankan Civil War Sri Lanka Indian Peace Keeping Force1987 1990 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
1998 Battle of Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.