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Saadi dynasty Morocco 1509 - 1659
Amenokal Algeria 1750 - 1977 227
Warsangali Sultanate Somalia 1290s - 1884
Ajuuraan Somalia 1300s - 1600s 300s
Majeerteen Somalia 1700s - 1875 170s

Gobroon dynasty Somalia 1690s - 1890s 200s

Marehan Sultanate Somalia
Majeerteen Somalia 1700s - 1875 170s
Ethiopian (Abyssinian) Empire 1137 - 1975
Adal Ethio
Aussa Sultanate Ethiopia
Kitara Uganda
Buganda Kingdom Uganda 1380s - 1894 515s
Bunyoro Kingdom Uganda 1520 - 1899 379

Ngazidja (Grande Comore) 1480s - 1900s 420s

Mayotte Kingdom Mayotte 1500 - 1832 332
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Alaouite dynasty
1631 - 1912
in Morocco


1788 African Association formed to explore the interior of Africa

1801 - 5 5 1st Barbary War, Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia & Libya. @ Northwest African and Mediterranean coasts. W/ United States & Sweden Vs Barbary States & Ottoman Empire
1844 1st FrancoMoroccan War France Morocco
1844 Battle of Isly
1893 - 4 1 1st Rif War Kingdom of Spain vs Moroccan Rif Confederacy
1874 Gold Coast becomes colony
1883 Germans take SW Africa
1890 1st FrancoDahomean War Kingdom of PortoNovo France Dahomey
1898 - 1900 2 VouletChanoine Mission France Regions claimed in Central Africa

1908 Battle of Marrakech
1914 Battle of El Herri.
1942 Naval Battle of Casablanca. Morocco USA 1AC 1EC 1B 1D 3HC 1LC 14D 2D 15T 4 347L 150 1Ta ? 45 #174X ?W VS German, France 1B 1D 1LC 1 2FL 2Gr 7D 4 1Gr 8Sl 11MS 11Sub 5 2D 1Gr ? 7 ?Bat, Germany 2Sub 1 ? ?
1942 Operation Torch. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK, Free French, Canada, Netherlands 107 479+X 720W VS Germany 2Sub in Mor., Vichy France 60 1.3X 2W
1942 Operation Terminal. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK 2D 1 622 VS German Empire Vichy France
1945 PanAfrican conference
1966 Gambia gains independence
1967 - 70 3 Biafran war
1968 Mauritius Independence
1980 New Hebrides, Vanunu; Zimbabwean Independence
1980 Vanunu Independence
1984 Brunei Independent
1990 South West Africa becomes Independent Namibia
1993 Hassan 2 Mosque Morroco
1612 - 1962 350 Ketchaoua Mosque algeria
Amenokal 1750 - 1977 227
1815 Bombardment of Algiers.
1830 - 47 17 French conquest of Algeria France Algerian and Ottoman resistance
1942 Operation Torch. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK, Free French, Canada, Netherlands 107 479+X 720W VS Germany 2Sub in Mor., Vichy France 60 1.3X 2W
1942 Operation Terminal. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK 2D 1 622 VS German Empire Vichy France
1940 Attack on MerselKebir. Off Algeria UK 1AC 2B 1BC 2LC 11D 6 #2X VS German Empire Vichy France 2BC 1D 2B 1 1D 6D 1Gr 3D 1.3X 350W
Algerian war 1954 - 1962 8
Cache 2005
Legionnaire 1998
Outpost in Morocco 1949
Rachida 2002
Outremer 1990
La Trahison (The Betrayal) 2005
1535 Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, lands in Tunisia and sacks Tunis.
1560 Battle of Djerba
1578 Battle of Alcacer Quibir
1881 French occupation of Tunisia France Tunisia
1886 Tunisia becomes French protectorate
1893 7 St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral
1942 - 3 1 Tunisia Campaign. Tunisia UK, India, USA, France, New Zealand, Poland, Greece 76 849 VS Germany, Italy 300 1 600+C
1942 Battle of Kasserine Pass. Tunisia Germany, Italy 22 2 34T VS USA 6.5, UK, Free French 30 10 183T
1942 Battle of Sidi Bou Zid. Tunisia Germany VS USA 2.5M 103T
1942 Battle of Medenine. Tunisia UK, New Zealand, Free French VS Germany, Italy
1942 Operation Pugilist. Tunisia UK India, Free French, New Zealand 51T 952 w/ 7AC VS Germany, Italy
1942 Battle of El Guettar. Tunisia USA 3555T 45XWVS Germany, Italy 46XW 40+T
1942 Battle of Hill 609. Tunisia USA 2.5 VS Germany
1942 Operation Vulcan. Tunisia UK, USA VS Germany, Italy
1551 Siege of Tripoli
1911 Battle of Tobruk
1912 Battle of Borodino
1912 Italy conquers Libya
1940 2 2 Battles of Fort Capuzzo. Libya UK, New Zealand VS Germany, Italy * Changes hands 4X
1940 Capture of Fort Capuzzo. Libya UK, New Zealand 1CReg 1TReg 1Sq VS Germany, Italy
1940 1 1 Operation Compass. Egypt, Libya UK, India, Australia, Free France 36 500X 55M 1.4W 275T 120A 142 15 VS Italy 150 3X 115C 600T 400 1.6A 1.3 331 1.2
1941 Siege of Tobruk. Libya Australia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, UK, India 27 3.8 VS Germany, Italy 35 74150
1941 Operation Brevity. EgyptLibya Border UK, Australia 3Bat 53T 5 6 206+ VS Germany, Italy +Bat 3050T 3 605+
1941 Operation Battleaxe. Libya Germany, Italy 13.2 169T 12 130Fi 84B 114T 10 698 VS UK, India 25 190T 9198 98Fi 105B 203T 36 969
1941 Operation Crusader. Egypt, Libya UK, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Poland, Czechloslovakia 118 17.7 738T 800 724 616Ser 300 VS Germany, Italy 119 38.3 390414T 340 536 342Ser 332
1941 Battle of Gazala. Libya Germany 3.4, Italy 90 560T 400 VS UK, India, South Africa, Free French 110 50XWC 843T 1.2
1942 Battle of El Agheila. Libya UK, Poland, New Zealand VS Germany, Italy * Axis retreats to Tunisia
1986 US bombing of Libya
Cairo Caliphate
1261 - 1517

1497 - 1508 13 AlMustamsik
1508 - 1517
9 AlMutawakkil 3 (surrendered the title to Selim I, below)
1517 Battle of Ridaniya
1551 North African pirates enslave the entire population of the Maltese island Gozo, between 5,000 & 6,000, sending them to Libya.
1517 Ottomans defeat Mamlukes, thus adding Egypt to their Empire.
1799 Rosetta stone discovered by Napoleons troops
1731 Rosetta stone discovered
1798 France invades Egypt
1798 Battle the Pyramids
1798 Battle the Nile River
1799 Battle the El Arish
1799 Battle Abukir

1801 Battle of Abukir
1805 - 11 6 Egyptian Revolution part of the Napoleonic Wars Albanian forces of Muhammad Ali Ottoman Empire Mamluk Forces The Ottomans and Mamluks also fought each other
1832 - 3 1 First TurkoEgyptian War Egypt Ottoman Empire Russian Empire
1848 Battle of Dabarki
1875 Britain buys Suez canal shares
1805 - 48 43 Muhammad Ali modernizes Egypt.
1869 The Suez Canal opens linking the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.
1831 - 3 2 Egyptian / Ottoman War.
1881 - 99 18 Mahdist War in Sudan.
1882 Battle of Tel el-Kabir.
1850 Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Macedonians and Grecians V16 by Rollin, Charles K
1819 St Mark Cathedral Alex
1848 Muhammad Ali Mosque Egypt


1906 Religion of Ancient Egyptby Petrie, Sir W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders) 23,158 K
1912 Treasury of Ancient Egypt Miscellaneous Chapters on Ancient Egyptian History and Archaeology by Weigall, Arthur E. P. B. 81413 K
1915 Raid on Suez Canal Egypt
1916 Battle of Romani Egypt
1916 Battle of Magdhaba. Egypt British Empire UK, Australia, New Zealand 6 #22X #124WVS Ottomans 2 #300+X #300W 1.2C
1917 Battle of Rafa Egypt
1918 Battle of Romani. Egypt UK, Australia, New Zealand 14 1.1VS Ottomans, Germany, AustriaHungary 16 9.2 w/ 4C
1918 Battle of Romani. Egypt UK, Australia, New Zealand 14 1.1VS Ottomans, Germany, AustriaHungary 16 9.2 w/ 4C
1922 Egyptian Independence
Tutankhamuns tomb opened
1940 1 1 Operation Compass. Egypt, Libya UK, India, Australia, Free France 36 500X 55M 1.4W 275T 120A 142 15 VS Italy 150 3X 115C 600T 400 1.6A 1.3 331 1.2
1941 Operation Brevity. EgyptLibya Border UK, Australia 3Bat 53T 5 6 206+ VS Germany, Italy +Bat 3050T 3 605+
1941 Operation Skorpion. Egypt Germany VS UK 1Bat #173 12A 5T
1942 1st Battle of El Alamein. Egypt UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa 150 13.3 179T 1+A 1.5+ VS Germany 10, Italy 90 70T 500
1942 Battle of Alam el Halfa. Egypt UK, New Zealand 4Div Cor 1.8XWC 68T 67 VS Germany 6TDiv, Italy 2.9XWC 49T 60G 400Tran 36
1942 2nd Battle of El Alamein. Egypt UK India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Free French, Greece 195 13.6 1T 332500 435AC 892908A 1.5ATG 111 73050 530Ser 97VS Germany, Italy 116 30.6 547T 500 192AC 552A 4961ATG 254 770900 480Ser 84
1948 Al Qaed Ibrahim Mosque Egypt
1954 Troops removed from Egypt
1956 Suez crisis
1968 Saint Marks Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Cairo
1914 Egypt becomes British Protectorate
@ Sennar, Sudan. Islamic_Flag Arabic #5.156M
1690s - 1890s
Afgooye, Sudan.Islamic_Flag L Somali, Arabic
1883 Battle of El Obeid.
1884 1st & 2nd Battles of El Teb.
1884 Battle of Tamai.
1881 - 99 18 Mahdist War Egypt British Empire Italy Belgium Mahdist Sudan
1884 - 5 Khartoum seige
Khartoum 1966
1886 Battle of Ginnis.
1888 Battle of Suakin.
1889 Battle of Gallabat.
1896 Sudan war
1898 Battle of Omdurman
1940 - 1 1 East African Campaign. Sudan, British Somaliland, Colonial Kenya, Italian Eritrea, Italian Somaliland, French Somaliland, Abyssinia UK, British Somaliland, Kenya Colony, British India, Gold Coast, Colonial Nigeria, N. Rhodesia, S. Rhodesia, Nyasaland, South Africa, Free Ethiopians, Belgium, Belgian Congo, Free French 20 then 250+ 4+ VS Italy 74, Italian E. Africa 182 Eritrean & Somalians 156 6+ 230C

Lesser Antilles

Greater Antilles

Lucayan Archipelago