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Viceroyalty of New France
1534 - 1763
@ Quebec
Roman Catholicism
New France Livre
1521 - 1917 San Juan Bautista Cathedral Puerto Rico
Viceroyalty of New France
1534 - 1763
@ Quebec
Roman Catholicism
New France Livre
1608 Quebec City founded by Samuel de Champlain in New France (presentday Canada).
1690 Battle of Quebec
1691 Battle of La Prarie
1600s Jesuits in Canada
Black Robe 1991
1670 The Hudsons Bay Company started.
1645 - 1936 Dulce Nombre de Jesus Cathedral Puerto Rico
1670 - 1839 Ponce Cathedral Puerto Rico
1649 Battle of Huronia


Viceroyalty of New France
1534 - 1763
@ Quebec
Roman Catholicism
New France Livre
British Province of Quebec
1763 - 91
@ Quebec
French, English
Roman Catholicism, Protestantism
Constitutiona Monarchy
1711 Quebec Expedition.
1775 Battle of Quebec

British North America
1783 - 1907 124
@ Administered from London
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound sterling, Canadian pound, Canadian dollar
1721 - 5 4 Dummers War. Nova Scotia, Canada, Northern New England, USA. New England Colonies, Mohawk vs Wabanaki Confederacy, Abenaki, Pequawket, Mikmaq, Maliseet
1710 British capture French Acadia
1711 Battle of Bloody Creek.
1713 Utrecht treaty gives Britain Newfoundland, St. Kitts and Hudson bay. Leaves Britain dominant in force in America
1754 - 63 9 French & Indian War Part of the Seven Years War Great Britain British America Iroquois Confederacy Onondaga Oneida Seneca Tuscarora Mohawk Cayuga Catawba Cherokee (before 1758) France New France Abenaki Algonquin Caughnawaga Mohawk Lenape Mikmaq Ojibwa Ottawa Shawnee Wyandot
1755 Battle of Fort Beausejour.
1758 Battle of Luisbourg
1757 Battle of Bloody Creek.
1759 Battle of Beauport.
1759 Battle of Plains of Abraham
1760 Battle of Sainte-Foy
1760 Battle of Thousand Islands
1759 Wolfe captures Quebec and Montreal
1775 Battle of Longue-Pointe
1775 Battle of Fort Saint-Jean
1776 Battle of the Cedars
1776 Battle of Trois-Rivieres
1776 Battle of Fort Cumberland
1791 The Constitutional Act (Or Canada Act) creates the two provinces of Upper and Lower Canada in British North America.
1793 Upper Canada bans slavery.
1795 France overruns Netherlands
1743 NotreDame de Québec Cathedral
1763 - 2004 Mayagüez Cathedral Puerto Rico
1787 Ninstints Haida villagesite
1830s Hatley Castle
1838 Rideau Hall Castle
1890 Craigdarroch Castle
1853 Life in the Clearings by Moodie 180385 311M 11;20;52
1853 Life in the Clearings by Moodie 180385 311M 11;20;52
1865 Pioneers of France in New World by Francis Parkman 18231893 285M 10;22;50
British North America
1783 - 1907 124
@ Administered from London
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound sterling, Canadian pound, Canadian dollar
1825 History New Brunswick by Fisher 1782 - 1848 203M 7;25;13
1837 - 8 1 Lower Canada Rebellion United Kingdom British North America Patriote movement American Volunteers
British Province of Canada
1841 - 67 26
@ Kingston 1841 - 3 2
Montreal 1843 - 9 6
Toronto 1849 - 52 3
Quebec 1852 - 6 4
Toronto 1856 - 8 2
Quebec 1859 - 66 7
Ottawa 1866 - 7 1
English, French
Constitutional Monarchy
Confederation of Canada
1867 - Present
@ English, French, Chipewyan, Cree, Gwich’in, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Inuvialuktun, Slavey (North and South) and Tłįchǫ
Federal parliamentary democracy & constitutional monarchy
1885 NorthWest Rebellion Dominion of Canada Provisional Government of Saskatchewan Cree Assiniboine
1892 On Canadas Frontier Sketches of History, Sport, and Adventure and of the Indians, Missionaries, Furtraders, and Newer Settlers of Western Canada by Ralph, Julian 74326 K
1840 Canadian provinces act of Union
1869 Red River Rebellion Dominion of Canada Métis Loyalists British Empire Métis Forces of Louis Riel
1871 Vancouver and British Columbia join Canada
1802 Battle of Sitka
1804 Battle of Sitka
1812 Battle of Queenston Heights
1812 Battle of Lacolle Mills.
1813 Battle of Thames River.
1813 Battle of Chateauguaym River.
1813 Battle of Crysler's Farm.
1813 Battle of York.
1813 Battle of Stoney Creek.
1813 Battle of Fort George.
1814 Battle of Lacolle Mills.
1814 Battle of Chippawa.
1814 Battle of Lundy's Lane.
1814 Battle of Cook's Mills.
1814 Siege of Fort Erie.
1837 - 8 1 Rebellions of 1837 in Canada.
1837 Battle of St Dennis
1837 Battle of St Charles
1837 Battle of Montgomery's Tavern
1837 Battle of St-Eustache
1838 Battle of Beauharnois
1838 Battle of Windmill
1896 Klondike Gold Rush in Canada.
1804 Holy Trinity Cathedral Quebec
1835 Christs Church Cathedral Hamilton, Ontario
1845 - 53 Christ Church Cathedral Fredericton
1846 NotreDame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa
1846 St. Pauls Cathedral London, Ontario
1846 St. Pauls Cathedral Regina
1846 Battle of Dominguez Rancho California
1848 St. Marys Cathedral, Kingston
1853 SaintGermain Cathedral
1855 Basilica of St. John the Baptist, St. Johns
1857 - 60 Christ Church Cathedral Montreal
1860 Saint Boniface Cathedral
1866 Battle of Ridgeway
1866 Battle of Fort Erie
1870 Battle of Eccles Hill
1864 - 73 Christ Church Cathedral, Christchurch
1869 St Peters Cathedral, Charlottetown, Canada
1884 - 7 CoCathedral of SaintAntoinedePadoue de Longueuil
1885 St. Peters Cathedral Basilica, London
1885 Battle of Duck Lake.
1881 Battle of Fort Pitt.
1885 Battle of Fish Creek.
1885 Battle of Cut Knife.
1885 Battle of Batoche.
1885 Battle of Fenchman's Butte.
1885 Battle of Loon Lake.
1892 St. Andrews Cathedral Victoria
1894 Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral
1896 St. Marys Cathedral, Winnipeg
1899 St. Marys Basilica, Halifax
1878 Skedans

British North America
1783 - 1907 124
@ Administered from London
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound sterling, Canadian pound, Canadian dollar
1911 Casa Loma Castle
1901 Man from Glengarry by Ralph Conner 1860 - 1937 351M 12;47;11
1900 Mounted Police in Canada by Dean 1848 - 1940 274M 9;58;40
1901 Man from Glengarry by Ralph Conner 1860 - 1937 351M 12;47;11
1902 Copyright Question by Morang 1866 - 1937 20M 44;00
1909Canada the Empire of the North by AGNES C. LAUT 1871 - 1936 150M 13;27;35
1915 Dawn of Canadian History A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada by Stephen Leacock 1869 - 1944 61.3M 2;14;04
1920 Le Petit Nord by Grenfell 1885 - 1938 72M 2;37;08
Confederation of Canada
1867 - Present
@ English, French, Chipewyan, Cree, Gwich’in, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Inuvialuktun, Slavey (North and South) and Tłįchǫ
Federal parliamentary democracy & constitutional monarchy
1905 Alberta and Saskatchewan become Provinces in Canada
1918 Battle of Baku. Azerbaijan Ottomans 14 #500C 30G, Azerbaijan 2 VS Baku Commune 6 40G, UK 1 1AB 1MGS 3ArC 2 #200, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Armenia, Centrocaspian Dictatorship, White Russians
1918 2nd Battle of the Somme. France UK, (+Australia, Canada), USA 5.6 VS Germany + #600+C
1918 2nd Battle of the Lys. Belgium UK, (+Australia, Newfoundland), Portugal, Belgium, France, USA ? 120 VS Germany 800 120
1918 Battle of Amiens. France UK 3Div 800, (Australia 5Div, Canada 4Div), France 12Div 1.1, USA 1Div 24Div 1.9 532T VS Germany 10ADiv 4RDiv 365 30XWM
1914 1st Battle of Albert. France UK, (Newfoundland) 13Div, France 11Div 24Div VS Germany 6Div
1916 2nd Battle of Albert. France UK, (Newfoundland) 13Div, France 11Div 24Div VS Germany 6Div
1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge. France UK, Canada 5Div 170 3.6X 7W VS Germany 3Div 3045 ?XW 4C
1918 3rd Battle of Albert. France UK, (Newfoundland) 13Div, France 11Div 24Div VS Germany 6Div
1919 Canadas Hundred Days with the Canadian Corps by John Frederick Bligh 18951944 111M 4;02;36
1932 Ottawa agreement promotes Imperial trade
1949 Newfoundland and Labrador join Canada
1914 Oneness Pentecostalism Frank Ewart, G.T.Haywood, Glenn Cook.
1936 Backwoods of Canada by Catharine Trail 180299 235M 8;34;47
1940 Debert, Nova Scotia Canada
1940 Battle of France. Axis Germany 141Div 3.35M 157.6Cas 7.4G 2.4T #795 5.6 1.3 400D, Italy 300 6 163.7 VS Allies France 150, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Luxembourg 144Div 3.3M 2.26M 14G 4T 2.9
1940 Battle of Britain. UK UK, Canada 2, 1.5 #544X #422W VS Germany, Italy 2.6 1.9 2.7X #967C #638B
1940 - 2 2 Siege of Malta. Malta UK, Malta, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia Supply: Free French, Greece, Poland, Norway, USA 30BuD 40Su 2AC 4C 19D 716F 369 64Gr 2.3ACXW 1.3CiX VS Italy 175 72%T 16Su, Germany 357 50U 23%M 2 2.3M 17.2X 2.3M
1942 Battle of Sidi Bou Zid. Tunisia Germany VS USA 2.5M 103T
1941 - 5 4 Battle of the Caribbean. USA, UK, Canada, + VS Germany, Italy
1942 Operation Torch. Morocco, Algeria USA, UK, Free French, Canada, Netherlands 107 479+X 720W VS Germany 2Sub in Mor., Vichy France 60 1.3X 2W
1943 Battle of Ortona. Italy Canada 2Bat #650VS Germany 2Bat ? 1.3CiX
1943 Bernhardt Line. Italy UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Free French, India, + VS Germany
1943 Moro River Campaign. Italy UK ?, Canada 2.3, India 3.4, New Zealand 1.6 4Div 2ArB VS Germany 1PaDiv 2GrDiv 1TpDiv
1943 Battle of Sicily. Italy UK, USA, Canada, Newfoundland, Free French 160467 24.8 5.8X 15.7W 3.3C 14V 600T 1.8G VS Italy 230 131.4147 +C, Germany 60 20 260T 1.4
1944 Battle of Monte Cassino. Italy UK, USA, Free French, Poland, Canada, India, New Zealand, Italian Royalists 1.9T 4 55 VS Germany, Italy 20
1944 Battle of Anzio Italy USA, UK, Canada 36 then 150 2.31.5V 43 7X 36WM VS Germany 20 then 135, Italy 4.6 40 5X 30.5WM 4.5C
1944 Battle of Rimini. Italy UK, Canada, Greece, New Zealand 3.4 VS Germany
1944 Operation Overlord. France USA, UK, Canada, Free French, Poland, Czechloslovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Free Belgians, Greece, Luxembourg 1.5 Then 2M 226Cas 4.1 4T VS Germany 380 then 1M 2.3T&AG 2.2, 210450 2.1 13.619.9CivCas
1944 Invasion of Normandy. France UK, USA, Canada, Free French, Poland, Australia, Free Belgians, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Free Czechloslovak, Greece 1.3M 120 VS Germany 380 113
1944 Battle for Caen. France UK, Canada 11Div 3ArDiv 5ArBri 3TBri 50.5Cas VS Germany 7Div 8PTDiv 3HTBat 550T 50.5Cas
1944 Operation Windsor. France Canada 4IBat 1MGBat 2ArReg 17T #377 VS Germany 1PTBat 1Bat 15T #155
1944 Operation Charnwood. France UK, Canada 3IDiv 3ArBri 80T 3.8 VS Germany 1IDiv 1ArDiv 61T 1821 2+ #3400CivX
1944 Operation Atlantic. France Canada 2IDiv 1ArBri 1.7 VS Germany 2PTDiv
1944 Battle of Verrières Ridge. France Germany 1IDiv 2.5PTDiv VS Canada 2IDiv 1ArBri #800X 2WC
German defensive victory
1944 Operation Spring. France Germany 3PTDiv VS Canada, UK 2IDiv 2ArDiv 1ArBri #450X 1.1W
1944 Operation Tractable. France Canada, Poland 1.4, UK 2IDiv 2ArDiv 1ArBri 1TBri VS Germany 2IDiv 1PTDiv
1944 Falaise pocket. France USA, UK, Canada, Poland, Free French 17Div + VS Germany 1415Div 100 60
1944 Operation Dragoon. France USA 2XCM 7.8OCO, Free French 10<, UK, Canada 175200 VS Germany 85100P 285300A 7X 20W 130+C
1944 Battle of Port Cros. France USA, Canada 1.5 1D 9X VS Germany 5F 5 1A 1C 2
1944 Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine. France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany USA 240 50.4X 172.5W 24.4CM, UK, Poland, Canada, France, + 5.4M VS Germany 1.5M
1944 Clearing the Channel Coast. France, Belgium Canada, UK, Poland, France, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Netherlands Vs Germany
1944 Operation Astonia. France Canada, UK 45 >#500 AFV 35 VS Germany 12 #600X 1.3C
1944 Siege of Dunkirk. France Canada, UK, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgian Resistance VS Germany
1944 Operation Wellhit. France Canada, UK 2Brig + Ar, A, 1 #600 VS Germany 10 <#500 9.5C
1944 Operation Undergo. France Canada, UK #260 VS Germany 7.5 (Calais) 9.1C
1944 Battle of Moerbrugge. Belgium Canada #5X #26W VS Germany #700X #150C
1944 Battle of the Scheldt. Belgium, Netherlands Canada 6.4, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Poland 60 12.9 VS Germany 90 1012 41C
1944 5 Battle of the Bulge. Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany USA 89.5 19X 47.5W 23CM 800T, UK 1.4 #200X #969W #239M, Canada, Free Belgians, Free Luxembourg 83 4IDiv 1ADiv 394A#242T To 610 20IDiv 9ADiv 4.2A 1.6T 182AFV 6 VS Germany 200 8IDiv 5ADiv 340+T 280+AFV 1.6A 955RL Rien 100 12IDiv 3⅔ADiv 440+T 440+AFV 600T&AG 2.4 500T 67.2100XMC 100s 3CiX
1944 Battle of Foy. Belgium USA, Canada VS Germany Town taken
1945 Operation Bodenplatte. Belgium, Netherlands, France Canada, New Zealand, Poland, UK 2nd AF, USA 8th&9thAF VS Germany Cor 2Div
1945 Operation Blackcock. Netherlands, Germany UK, Canada 2Div ComBri ArDiv 1.2 VS Germany 2Div 2PTReg HPTBat 2
1945 Western Allied invasion of Germany. Germany USA 6th,12thArmG 3M, UK 21stArmG, France 1stArm, Canada, Poland VS Germany ArmG:B,G,H 1M
1945 Operation Veritable. Germany UK, Canada 200 15.6 VS Germany 90 44.2
1945 Operation Plunder. Germany UK, Canada, USA VS Germany
1945 Operation Varsity. Germany UK, USA, Canada 16.9 2.42.7 72 VS Germany 8 ? 3.5C
1945 Battle of Groningen. Netherlands Canada 1214 #43X #166W VS Germany 77.5 #300X 5.2C
1939 45 6 Battle of the Atlantic. Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Irish Sea, Labrador Sea, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Outer Banks, Arctic Ocean UK, Canada, USA (415 4), Newfoundland, Norway, Poland, Free French (405 5), Belgium, Brazil (425 3), Netherlands, France (3940) 36.2SaX 32MSX 3.5M 175W 3.7 VS Germany, Italy (403 3) 30SaX 783Sub
1939 Battle of the River Plate. Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Irish Sea, Labrador Sea, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Outer Banks, Arctic Ocean UK, Canada, USA (415 4), Newfoundland, Norway, Poland, Free French (405 5), Belgium, Brazil (425 3), Netherlands, France (3940) HC BD 2LC 2D 3D 72X 28WVS Germany, Italy (403 3)1PB Sc 30X 60W
1941 Operation Stonewall. Off West France UK 2LC 2W, USA 1EC, Free France 4D, Canada 4Co, New Zealand 1C, Czechoslovakia 1B, Ireland 1St, Spain 2D VS Germany 2To 1D 1DD 4BR #154C Last of German control of French ports.
1942 4 2 Battle of the St. Lawrence. Gulf in Canada Canada 23 3D #340VS Germany
1943 Battle of the North Cape. Norway UK, Canada, Norway 1B LD 1HC 1D 3LC 9D 1D #11X #11W VS Germany 1B 1 1.9X #36C
1944 Battle of Ushant. English Channel UK, Canada, Poland 8D 1D VS Germany 4D 1 1Sc #140C #39X
1944 Battle of Pierres Noires. Off France Canada 4D VS Germany 4P 1 1D 1U
1945 Operation Teardrop. North Atlantic USA, Canada 4AC 42D 1 #126X ?WVS Germany 7Su 5 #218X ?W #00F
1944 Action of 13 May. Cape Verde Islands, Atlantic USA 1DE 0 VS Japan 1Sub 1 #52X
1900 Holy Rosary Cathedral Vancouver
1900 St. Georges Cathedral Kingston, Ontario
1905 Cathedral of St. John the Baptist St. Johns
1912 3 Holy Rosary Cathedral Regina
1912 17 Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Saskatoon
1913 St. Matthews Anglican Cathedral Brandon
1916 St. Dunstans Basilica
1922 SaintFrançoisXavier Cathedral
1925 Sacred Heart Cathedral Kamloops
1926 St. John Cathedral Winnipeg
1932 Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa
1933 Christ the King Cathedral Hamilton
1934 St. Pauls Cathedral Saskatoon
1938 Sacred Heart Cathedral of New Brunswick
1943 St. George Cathedral Saskatoon
1947 St. Josaphat Cathedral
1951 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral
1957 St. Marys Cathedral Calgary
1963 St. Josephs Basilica, Edmonton
1965 St. John Cathedral Edmonton
1972 St. Judes Cathedral
1973 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Vancouver
2005 8 Baitun Nur Mosque Canada
Viceroyalty of New France
1534 - 1763
@ Canada
Roanoke Colony
1586 - 7
@ Roanoke, Virginia
Province of New Mexico
1598 - 1821
@ Santa Fe
Part of Nueva Spain
New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma
1598 Don Juan Oñate establishes the colony of New Mexico by taking over a pueblo, which he renames San Juan, near modernday Santa Fe. In retaliation for an attack on the settlement, he destroys the Acoma pueblo, killing 800 and capturing 500. 
1512 Spanish Laws of Burgos forbid enslavement of Indians and advocate Christian conversion. 
1514 Bartolome de las Casas petitions Spanish crown on behalf of Native Americans 
1524 Giovanni da Verrazzano is the first European to explore the Atlantic coast of North America between South Carolina and Newfoundland.
1525 - 32 8 Civil war wages between Atahuallpa and Huascar
1528 - 36 8 A member of the Narvaez expedition, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca is shipwrecked first near Tampa Bay and later on Galveston Island off the coast of what is now Texas. After six years spent among the Indians of the region, he and his companions travel westward across Texas and Mexico. 
1540 - 2 2 Seeking gold first in the city of Cibola, reportedly larger and richer than Mexico City, and then in Quivera, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado leads an expeditionary force through the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, with much loss of life among the areas native peoples. He returns to Mexico City in 1542 and dies in 1544. 
1584 Sir Walter Ralegh sends a reconnaissance fleet under Captains Amadas and Barlow to the future Croatoan Sound, North Carolina.  Based on their glowing account, he sends out a colonizing expedition the next year of 100 men who settle on Roanoke Island. Sir Francis Drake later takes the colonists back to England at their request.
1587 Raliegh sends out a fresh colony of 117 men, women, and children in three ships, with John White as governor. 
1595 - 1617 22 Pocahontas
The New World 2005
Pocahontas: The Legend 1955
Captain John Smith and Pocahontas 1953
1540 Francisco Vásquez de Coronado sights the Grand Canyon.
1540 Battle of Mabila
Viceroyalty of New France
1534 - 1763 229
@ Canada
Province of New Mexico
1598 - 1821
@ Santa Fe
Part of Nueva Spain
New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma
1609 Pedro de Peralta, a later governor of New Mexico, establishes the settlement of Santa Fe.
1680 Pueblo Revolt Popé (1630 88 58) drives the Spanish out of New Mexico until 1692.
1672 95 San Marcos Castle
Colony of Virginia
1607 - 1776
@ Jamestown, Williamsburg (from 1699)
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound Sterling
1607 Jamestown, is settled as what would become the first permanent English colony in North America.

1610 - 14 4 1st Anglo Powhatan War Virginia Colony VS Powhatan Confederacy

1622 Jamestown massacre: Algonquian natives kill 347 English settlers outside Jamestown, Virginia (1/3 of the colonys population) and burn the Henricus settlement.
1630 Population: 3,000 colonists in Virginia; 300 at Plymouth.  During 16301640, another 16,000 colonists will arrive.
New Netherland
1614 - 67 53
@ New Amsterdam (New York)
Dutch, English, French & others
1625 New Amsterdam (New York) founded by the Dutch West India Company in North America.
1640 - 1701 61 Beaver Wars Iroquois, English, Dutch vs Algonquian France
1643 - 5 2 Kiefts War. USA. New Netherlands vs Lenape.
1655 Peach Tree War. Susquehannock and allied tribes vs New Netherland
1664 New Amsterdam becomes New York after Governor Peter Stuyvesants surrender to English forces.
Plymouth Colony
1620 - 91
@ Plymouth
Puritan, Separatist
Province of North Carolina
1629 - 1776
@ New Bern
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound Sterling
Province of South Carolina
1629 - 1776
@ Charles Town (Charleston)
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound Sterling
Colony of Connecticut
1636 - 1776 140
@ Before 1701: Hartford, 1701 - 1776: Joint Capitals: Hartford (May Legislative session) and New Haven (October Legislative session)
Constitutional Monarchy
New Sweden
1638 - 55
@ Fort Christina
Swedish, Finnish
1637 Swedish colonists establishes a settlement called  New Sweden on the Delaware River. 
Province of New Jersey
1664 - 1776 112
@ Elizabethtown (to 1673)
Perth Amboy (East), Burlington (West)
English, Dutch
Constitutional Monarchy
Pounds Sterling
1st Province of New Hampshire
1680 - 6
@ Portsmouth
Pounds Sterling, Spanish Dollar
Massachusetts Bay Colony 1628 - 84 56
@ Salem, Charlestown, Boston
1620 Pilgrims arrive in Massachussets
1621 First Thanksgiving, at Plymouth 
1628 Thomas Morton and colonists at Merrymount dance around a maypole and celebrate May Day, upsetting the Plymouth Pilgrims. In June, Capt. Miles Standish is sent to eradicate the settlement and Morton is sent back to England. 
1636 Harvard University founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
1630 - 43 13 English Puritans immigrate to Massachusetts Bay Colony 
1634 - 8 4 Pequot War. Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth Colony, Saybrook Colony, Narragansett people, Mohegan people vs Pequot. Roger Williams helps to convince the Narragansetts, traditional enemies of the Pequots, to join the New Englanders side of the conflict. 
1638 Signing of the Treaty of Hartford formally ends the Pequot War. Remaining members of the Pequot tribe are divided up among the Puritans’ Indian allies. end of the Pequots as a distinct people. 
1646 Robert Child and others protest the intolerance of Massachusetts Puritans toward those of other faiths; in response, Governor John Winthrop and others justify their policies and banish Child. 
1648 as the Cambridge Platform, which codifies and defines New England Congregationalism.
1652 Massachusetts general court rules that the territory of Maine lies within the boundaries of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, thus ending Maines immediate hopes of independence. 
1656 (Summer) Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans whip, imprison, and banish the first Quakers to arrive in the colony.
1659 Quakers William Robinson and Marmaduke Stephenson are hanged for refusing to leave Massachusetts. 
1660 Mary Dyer is hanged after defying an expulsion order by returning to Boston
1661 Hanging of Massachusetts Quakers who refuse to leave the colony is outlawed by Parlaiment
1675 Massachusetts settlements of Deerfield and Hadley experience the first of three raids from the Wampanoag and Nipmuck peoples.
1675 - 6 1 King Philips War. New England Confederation, Mohegan Pequot vs Wampanoag, Nipmuck, Podunk, Narragansett, Nashaway
1682 Captivity and Restoration by Mary Rowlandson 16371711 51.3M 1;52;12
1684 Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony is revoked after critical reports reach England.  This ends the requirement of church membership for voting.
1689 - 1763 74 French & Indian War begins with King Williams War.  Schenectady, N. Y. and other areas are burned by French and Native Americans; Massachusetts colonists capture Port Royal, Nova Scotia; and Canadian forces destroy Casco, Maine.
Province of Maryland
1632 - 1776
@ Annapolis
Constitutional Monarchy
Pounds Sterling
1647 First woman barrister in the colonies, Margaret Brent of Maryland, seeks and is denied the right to vote in the assembly.
1665 Legislation in several states tightens the bonds of slavery. English law provides that slaves may be freed if they convert to Christianity and establish legal residence, but Maryland, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia pass laws allowing conversion and residence without freeing the slaves.
1664 Maryland Colony passes a law mandating lifetime servitude for black slaves; previous precedent had allowed freedom for those who converted to Christianity and established legal residences there. 
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
1636 - 1776 140
@ Providence
Constitutional Monarchy
@ England
1636 Founding of Providence, R. I. by Roger Williams, who establishes Rhode Island as a place of religious toleration.
1638 Banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for her religious beliefs, Anne Hutchinson leaves Boston and helps to establish Pocasset, or Portsmouth, Rhode Island. 
1675 The Great Swamp Fight
Province of New York
1664 - 1775
@ New York City English, Dutch
Pounds Sterling, Spanish Dollar
1664 British troops capture New Amsterdam and rename it New York.
1686 Governor Edmund Andros  begins issuing a series of unpopular orders aimed at the consolidation of colonies into one large settlement.  He dissolves the assemblies of New York and Connecticut, limits the number of town meetings in New England to one per year, places the militia under his direct control, and forces Puritans and Anglicans to worship together in the Old South Church.
1689 Rebellious colonists force Andros to take shelter in a fort   for his own protection. Cotton Mather supports the rebellion. 
1689 Edmund Andros is ordered back to England to stand trial. The colonies reestablish their previous systems of government. 
Province of Pennsylvania
1681 - 1776
@ Philidelphia
English, Pennsylvania German
Proprietary colony, Semiautonomous Constitutional monarchy
Pounds Sterling, Spanish Dollar
1681 William Penn receives a charter for land on which he will found Pennsylvania 
1683 Penn and Native Americans negotiate a peace treaty at Shackamaxon under the Treaty Elm 
Territory of Louisiana
1682 - 1764
@ Mobile (1702 - 20 18)
New Orleans (after 1723)
1763 Split east to Great Britain
1764 Split west to Spain
Delaware Colony
1684 - 1783 99
@ New Castle
Constitutional Monarchy
Pounds Sterling
Dominion of
New England in America

1686 - 9 3
@ Boston
Province of Massachusetts Bay 1692 - 1774 82
@ Boston
Pounds Sterling
1692 Salem witchcraft trials begin. 20 people executed.
The Crucible 1996
1697 Massachusetts general court expresses official repentance for the witchcraft trials; Samuel Sewall confesses guilt from his Boston church pew. 
1699 Peace treaty at Casco Bay, Maine, brings hostilities between the Abenaki Indians and the Massachusetts colony to an end.
2nd Province of
New Hampshire

1692 - 1783
@ Portsmouth
Pounds Sterling, Spanish Dollar
1644 - 6 2 2nd Anglo / Powhatan War. England vs Powhatan.
1673 Marquette and Joliet travel from Lake Michigan down the Mississippi as far as the Arkansas River, completing a 2500mile journey of exploration.
1675 - 8 3 King Philips War in Maine
1676 Bacons Rebellion.
1688 Battle of Fort Albany
1693 The College of William and Mary is founded.
Mississippian culture disappears.
1620 The Puritan Pilgrims arrive in the Mayflower at Cape Cod
Tessouat (? 1654), Chief of the Algonquin
1507 The first recorded epidemic of smallpox in the New World occurs on the island of Hispaniola and decimates the native Taíno population.
1539 Hernando de Soto explores inland North America.
1767 Father Junipero Serra founds first California missions
Seven Cities of Gold 1955
1675 - 1720 St Pauls Cathedral
1607 Recreated Powhatan village at Jamestown Settlement
1607 - 15 Susan Constant Stern Reconstruction
1634 St. Marys City, Maryland Reconstruction
1699 - 1780 81 Colonial Williamsburg VA

Viceroyalty of New France
1534 - 1763
@ Canada
Province of New Mexico
1598 - 1821
@ Santa Fe
Part of Nueva Spain
New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma
Colony of Virginia
1607 - 1776
@ Jamestown, Williamsburg (from 1699)
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound Sterling
1756 - 63 7 Seven Years War. @ Europe, Africa, India, North America, South America, the Philippine Islands. Prussia, Great Britain, Hanover, Iroquois Confederacy, BrunswickWolfenbüttel, Portugal HesseKassel, SchaumburgLippe vs France, Habsburg Monarchy, Russian Empire, Spain, Sweden, Saxony, Sardinia
1775 Battle of Great Bridge
Province of North Carolina
1629 - 1776
@ New Bern
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound Sterling
1711 - 54 Tuscarora War Colonial militia of North Carolina Colonial militia of South Carolina Yamasee Northern Tuscarora Apalachee Catawba Cherokee Southern Tuscarora Pamplico Cothechney Coree Mattamuskeet Matchepungo
1715 - 72 Yamasee War Colonial militia of South Carolina Colonial militia of North Carolina Colonial militia of Virginia Catawba (from 1715) Cherokee (from 1716) Yamasee Ochese Creeks Catawba (until 1715) Cherokee (until 1716) Waxhaw Santee
1771 Battle of Alamance
1729 North and South Carolina become Crown Colonies
1776 Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge
Province of South Carolina
1629 - 1776
@ Charles Town (Charleston)
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound Sterling
1715 Yamasee nation attacks South Carolina colony, killing hundreds of colonists
1729 North and South Carolina become Crown Colonies
1739 Slave revolts in South Carolina
Province of Maryland
1632 - 1776
@ Annapolis
Constitutional Monarchy
Pounds Sterling
1708 Sotweed Factor: or, A Voyage to Maryland. A Satyr. In which is Describd The Laws, Government, Courts and Constitutions of the Country, and also the ... of that Part of America. In Burlesque Verse by Ebenezer Cooke 6,348 K
Province of Georgia
1732 1777 45
@ Savannah
Constitutional Monarchy
Pound Sterling
1732 James Oglethorpe founds Georgia for poor debtors
1776 Battle of Rice Boats
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
1636 - 1776 140
@ Providence
Constitutional Monarchy
@ England
Province of New York
1664 - 1775
@ New York City
English, Dutch
Pounds Sterling, Spanish Dollar
1758 Battle of Bernetz Brook
1758 Battle of Carillon
1759 Battle of Fort Niagara
1770 Battle of Golden Hill New York
1775 Battle of Fort Ticonderoga
1776 Battle of Pell's Point New York
Province of New Jersey
1664 - 1776 112
@ Elizabethtown (to 1673)
Perth Amboy (East), Burlington (West)
English, Dutch
Constitutional Monarchy
Pounds Sterling
Province of Pennsylvania
1681 - 1776
@ Philidelphia
English, Pennsylvania German
Proprietary colony, Semiautonomous Constitutional monarchy
Pounds Sterling, Spanish Dollar
1754 Battle of Fort Necessity
1755 Battle of Monangahela.

1757 Battle of Prague.

1757 Battle of Colin.
1758 Battle of Fort Duquesne
1758 Battle of Fort Ligonier
1763 Battle of Bushy Run
Territory of Louisiana
1682 - 1764
@ Mobile (1702 - 20 18)
New Orleans (after 1723)
1718 New Orleans founded by Mississippi company
1718 Franco Spanish dispute results in Texas going to Spain
1723 New Orleans made capital
1758 - 61 3 AngloCherokee War Part of the French and Indian War
1763 Split east to Great Britain
1764 Split west to Spain
Delaware Colony
1684 - 1783 99
@ New Castle
Constitutional Monarchy
Pounds Sterling
Province of Massachusetts Bay 1692 - 1774 82
@ Boston
1773 Boston Tea Party
1775 Battles of Condord
2nd Province of
New Hampshire

1692 - 1783
@ Portsmouth
Pounds Sterling, Spanish Dollar
1712 - 6 4 1st Fox War Fox Indians vs French. Michigan and Wisconsin.
1712 Last execution for witchcraft
1717 Shenandoah valley forcibly settled, Indians evicted
1728 - 33 5 2nd Fox War Fox Indians vs French
1734 - 1820 86 Daniel Boone
Young Daniel Boone 1950
Daniel Boone 1936
Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer 1956
1735 Libel trial in New York establishes freedom of press in North America
1744 - 8 4 King Georges War Part of the War of the Austrian Succession Great Britain British America Iroquois Confederacy France New France First Nations allies along St. Lawrence
1750 Battle of Kathio
1754 Battle of Jumonville Glen
1756 Battle of Fort Bull.
1756 Battle of Fort Oswego.
1757 Siege of Fort William Henry.
1759 Battle of Tyconderoga
1763 - 6 3 Pontiacs War Great Britain Pontiacs confederacy Seneca
1768 Louisiana Rebellion
1758 - 61 3 AngloCherokee War Part of the French and Indian War
1762 1st serious criticism of Slave Trade
1763 Colonists move into Ohio basin
1763 Pontiac concpiracy of Indians rising against colonists
1763 Treaty of Paris cedes Canada, Mississippi and India to Britain
1765 Stamp Act introduced into the American colonies by the UK Parliament. Provokes outcry.
1776 - 94 18 Chickamauga Wars
1775 - 83 8 American war of Independence
The Howards of Virginia 1940
April Morning 1988
John Paul Jones 1959
The Crossing 2003
Lafayette 1962
The Buccaneer 1938
Drums Along the Mohawk 1939
Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor 2003
The Patriot 2000
Revolution 1984
Sade 2000)  1794, Marquis de Sade faces execution by Robespierres regime
Quills 2000
1775 Battle of Lexington
1774 2nd Continental congress at Philadelphia
1775 History of the United States from 1492 to 1910, Volume 1 From Discovery of America October 12, 1492 to Battle of Lexington April 19, 1775 by Hawthorne, Julian 144,306 K
United States of America
1776 - Present
@ Washington D.C.
Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
U.S. Dollar
1775 The Constitutional Congress in America, led by Thomas Jefferson, restated a "Rule of Democracy."
1775 - 83 8 American Revolutionary War United States Kingdom of France Spain Dutch Republic Oneida (tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy) Tuscarora (tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy) Watauga Association Catawba LenapeGreat Britain Loyalists AnhaltZerbst AnsbachBayreuth Hanover HesseHanau
HesseKassel BrunswickWolfenbüttel WaldeckPyrmont Iroquois Confederacy Cherokee
1776 Battle of the Long Island
1776 Battle of Harlem Heighs New York
1776 Battle of the Valcour Island
1776 Battle of White Plains New York
1776 Battle of Trenton New Jersey
1777 Battle of Assunpink Creek
1777 Battle of Princeton New Jersey
1777 Battle of Bound Brook New Jersey
1777 Battle of Fort Ticonderoga New York
1777 Battle of Oriskany New York
1777 Battle of Bennington New York
1777 Battle of Brandywine Pennsylvania
1777 1st Battle of Saratoga New York
1777 Battle of Germantown Pennsylvania
1777 2nd Battle of Saratoga New York
1777 Battles of Stillwater New York
1778 Battle of Crooked Billet Pennsylvania
1778 Battle of Monmouth New Jersey
1778 Battle of Aligator Bridge Florida
1779 1st Battle of Tucson Arizona
1779 Battle of Kettle Creek Georgia
1779 Battle of Vincennes Indiana
1779 Battle of Briar Creek Georgia
1779 Battle of Stony Point New York
1779 Battle of Paulus Hook New Jersey
1779 Battle of Newtown New York
1779 Battle of Fort Bute Louisiana
1779 Battle of Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana
1779 Battle of Baton Rouge Louisiana
1779 Battle of Savannah Georgia
1779 Battle of Chillicothe Ohio
1780 Battle of Fort Charlotte Alamaba
1780 Battle of Charleston South Carolina
1780 Battle of Saint Louis Missouri
1780 Battle of Spingfield New Jersey
1780 Battle of Camben South Carolina
1780 Battle of Fishing Creek South Carolina
1780 Battle of King's Mountain South Carolina
1781 Battle of Mobile Alabama
1781 Battle of Cowpens South Carolina
1781 Battle of Guilford Court House North Carolina
1781 Battle of Hobkirk's Hill South Carolina
1781 Siege of Pensacola Florida
1781 Battle of Groton Heights Conneticut
1781 Battle of Eutaw Springs South Carolina
1782 2nd Battle of Tucson Arizona
1782 Battle of Blue Licks Kentucky
1784 4th Battle of Tucson Arizona
1790 Battle of Kepaniwai Hawaii
1790 Battle of Fort Wayne Indiana
1791 Battle of Wabash Ohio
1776 United States Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.
1777 British take New York and Philadelphia but defeated at Saratoga
1778 France joins America in war
1779 Spain joins American war
1780s 90s Bowmans Castle
1781 Britain takes Charleston but surrenders at Yorktown; French gain supremacy of sealanes around colonies
1786 Assault on slavery starts in earnest
1787Antifederalist Papers by Patrick Henry 173699 545M 19;52;01
1786 - 7 1 Shays Rebellion. Massechusetts, US.
1787 Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton 178995 582M 21;12;34
1787 - 8 1 Federalist Papers Alexander Hamilton (1755 1804 49)
Alexander Hamilton 1931
1779 - 83 4 AngloSpanish War. US. Part of the American Revolutionary War. Spain vs Great Britain
1780 - 4 4 4th AngloDutch War. US. Part of the American Revolutionary War. Great Britain vs Dutch Republic & France
1787 - 8 1 Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison
1788 Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 69,473 K
No Party 1789 - 97 8
1789 - 97 8 George Washington
1785 - 95 10 Northwest Indian War. US. United States Vs Western Confederacy.
1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers.
1791 Rights of Man by Thomas Paine
1792 New York Stock & Exchange Board founded.
Federalist 1797 - 1801 4
1797 - 1801 4 John Adams
1791 - 4 3 Whiskey Rebellion. US.
1794 Nickajack Expedition. USA. Cherokee, Shawnee, Creek vs USA.
1787 American constitution signed
1783 Treaty of Versaille Britain accepts independence of 13 colonies but retains West Indies and Canadian colonies; Mass migration of Loyalists to Canada
1798 - 1800 2 QuasiWar United States France
1718 City of New Orleans founded by the French in North America
1718 Blackbeard (Edward Teach) is killed by Robert Maynard in a North Carolina inlet on the inner side of Ocracoke Island
1769 Spanish missionaries established the first of 21 missions in California.
1775 Battle of Machias
1775 Battle of Buker Hill
1781 Spanish settlers founded Los Angeles.
1785 - 95 10 Northwest Indian War between the United States and Native Americans
1787 United States Constitution was written in Philadelphia and submitted to the states for ratification.
1722 - 1803 81 Samuel Adams, American statesman
1755 - 1806 51 Robert Gray, American revolutionary, merchant, and explorer
1755 - 76 21 Nathan Hale, American patriot, executed for espionage by the British
1757 - 1804 47 Alexander Hamilton, American statesman
1776 - 9 3 Patrick Henry, American statesman
1745 - 1829 84 John Jay, American statesman
1747 - 92 45 John Paul Jones, American naval commander
1741 Vitus Bering discovered Alaska
1752 The Lightning rod invented by Benjamin Franklin
Toussaint LOuverture (1743 - 1803 60), Haitian revolutionary leader
Paul Revere (1735 - 1818 83), American revolutionary leader and silversmith
Betsy Ross (1752 - 1836 84), American flag maker
George Mason (1725 - 92 67), American statesman
Michikinikwa (1747 - 1812 65), Miami chief and warrior
Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 90 84), American leader, scientist and statesman
Aaron Burr (1756 - 1836 80), American statesman
John Singleton Copley (1738 - 1815 77), American painter
1755 - 63 8 The Great Upheaval, forced population transfer of the French Acadian population from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
1774 Battle of Point Pleasant
1791 - 1804 13 The Haitian Revolution
1793 The largest yellow fever epidemic in American history killed as many as 5,000 people in Philadelphia—roughly 10% of the population.
1785 Automatic flour mill invented by American Oliver Evans
1784 The Bifocals invented by Benjamin Franklin
1755 - 1828 73 Gilbert Stuart, American painter
1764 - 1806 42 Elihu Palmer, American deist
1738 - 89 51 Ethan Allen, American Revolutionary Army
1720 - 69 49 Pontiac, Ottawa chief and warrior
1786 Critical Period of American History by Fiske, John 107786 K
1788 New Hampshire ratifies the United States Constitution as the 9th state, and by the terms of Article VII it is in effect.
1795 Pinckneys Treaty between the United States and Spain granted the Mississippi Territory to the US.
1784 Shakers Mother Ann Lee. USA
1709 A New Voyage to Carolina, containing the exact description and natural history of that country; together with the present state thereof; and a journal ... account of their customs, manners, etc. by Lawson, John 107,108 K
1738 50 San Fernando Cathedral
1789 1850 St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans
1793 7 St. Augustine Cathedral Basilica
1794 San Carlos Cathedral Borromeo

Province of New Mexico
1598 1821
@ Santa Fe
Part of Nueva Spain
New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma
United States of America
1776 Present
@ Washington D.C.
Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
U.S. Dollar

1800s Olana Castle
1797 1801 4
1797 1801 4 John Adams
1800 The inception of 2nd Great Awakening for the United States.
Democratic Republican
1801 29
1801 9 8 Thomas Jefferson
Sally Hemings: An American Scandal 2000
1802 1805 Second War of Haitian Independence Empire of Haiti French First Republic
1801 Thomas Jefferson elected President of the United States by the United States House of Representatives, following a tie in the Electoral College (United States)
1803 The United States buys out Frances territorial claims in North America via the Louisiana Purchase. This begins the U.S.s westward expansion to the Pacific referred to as its Manifest Destiny which involves annexing and conquering land from Mexico, Britain, and Native Americans.
1804 Battle of Sitka Part of the Russian colonization of the Americas Russian Empire Tlingit Kiks.ádi Clan
1804 6 2 The Lewis & Clark expedition, exploration
1809 17 8 James Madison
1809 Knickerbockers History of New York, Complete by Irving, Washington 124,027 K
1810 US Occupation of West Florida United States Spain
1810 1 1 Tecumsehs War part of the War of 1812 United States Chief Black Hoof Tecumsehs Confederacy
1811 Tonquin incident United States Tlaoquiaht
1812 5 3 War of 1812 British Empire British North America United States
1812 - 6 4 Second Barbary War United States United Kingdom of the Netherlands United Kingdom from 1815 Barbary States Ottoman Empire
1812 Battle of Sacket's Harbor
1812 Battle of Maguaga.
1812 Battle of Fort Dearborn.
1812 Siege of Detroit.
1812 Siege of Fort Harrison.
1812 USS United States vs HMS Macedonian.
1812 Battle of Mississinewa Indians.
1812 Battle of Fort Stephenson.
1813 Peoria War United States Kickapoo Nation Potawatomi Nation
1813 Battle of Talushatchee. Alabama
1813 Battle of Talladega. Alabama
1813 - 4 1 Creek War United States Lower Creeks Cherokees Choctaws "Red Sticks" (Creek Indians)
1813 2nd Battle of Sacket's Harbor. New York
1813 Battle of Craney Island. Virginia
1813 Battle of Frenchtown. Michigan
1813 Battle of Ogdensburg.
1813 Battle of Burnt Corn. Alabama
1813 Siege of Fort Meigs. Ohio
1813 Capture of USS Chesapeake. Massachusetts
1814 Battle of Emuckfaw & Enotachopo Creek. Alabama
1814 Battle of Plattsburgh. New York
1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Alabama
1814 Battle of Big Sandy Creek. New York
1814 Battle of Mackinac Island. Michigan
1814 Battle of Bladensburg. Maryland
1814 Battle of North Point. Maryland
1814 Battle of Baltimore. Maryland
1814 Battle of Pensacola. Florida
1815 Battle of New Orleans. Louisiana
1814 Battle of Fort Bowyer. Alabama
1814 History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, Vol. I. To the Sources of the Missouri, Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and ... Ocean. Performed During the Years 180456 by Clark, William, Lewis, Meriwether 181720 K
1814 US National Anthem Star Spangled Banner 60.4M 12;12;00
1816 Give me Liberty or Death by Patrick Henry 173699 4.4M 9;31
1817 8 1 1st Seminole War part of the Seminole Wars United States Seminole Tribes
1817 25 8 James Monroe
1817 History of the Mackenzies, with genealogies of the principal families of the name by Mackenzie, Alexander 162,260 K
1819 US purchases Florida
1820 Missouri Compromise
1820 Liberia founded by the American Colonization Society for freed American slaves.
1824 Life of Mary Jemison by Seaver 1743 - 1833 89.7M 5;02;04
1825 9 4 John Quincy Adams
1825 Erie Canal opened connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
1827 Winnebago War United States Local Militia Winnebago
1829 41
1829 37 8 Andew Jackson
The Presidents Lady 1953
1830 Joseph Smith founded The Mormon Church in Fayette, N.Y.
1830 CambellitesAlexander & Thomas Cambell, Barton Stone
1830 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is established on April 6, 1830.
1831 History of Mary Prince A West Indian Slave by Prince, Mary 30687 K
1832 Fruits of Philosophy A Treatise on the Population Question by Knowlton, Charles 24,288 K
1832 Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, at January Term, 1832, Delivered by Mr. Chief Justice Marshall in the Case of Samuel A. Worcester, Plaintiff ... of the Supreme Court of the United States by John Marshall 16,459 K
1832 Black Hawk War United States HoChunk Menominee Potawatomi Black Hawks British Band: Sauk Fox Kickapoo
1832 Indian Creek Massacre Illinois
1832 Battle of Kellogg's Grove Illinois
1832 Battle of Bad Axe Wisconsin
1832 Reform act American Indians forcibly resettled
1834 Benjamin Franklins The Way to Wealth (Other Brilliant Books) by Steve Shipside K
1835 Indian Nullification of the Unconstitutional Laws of Massachusetts Relative to the Marshpee Tribe Or, the Pretended Riot Explained by William Apess 55,929 K
1835 42 7 2nd Seminole War part of the Seminole Wars Seminole Tribes United States
Distant Drums 1951
Seminole 1953
1835 Battle of Gonzales Texas
1835 Battle of Concepcion Texas
1835 Grass Fight Texas
1835 Siege of Bexar Texas
1835 Dade Massacre Florida
1835 Battle of San Patricio Texas
1835 Battle of Alamo Texas
1836 Battle of Refugio Texas
1836 Battle of Coleto Texas
1836 Battle of San Jacinto Texas
1837 Battle of Ockeechobee
1835 6 1 Toledo War Ohio Michigan Territory
1836 Trial of Reuben Crandall, M.D. Charged with Publishing and Circulating Seditious and Incendiary Papers, &c. in the District of Columbia, with the Intent ... Statements of the Court and the Counsel by Unknown 30,705 K
1837 41 4 Martin Van Buren
1838 Missouri Mormon War NonMormon Missourians Latter Day Saint movement
1838 9 1 Aroostook War
1838 9 1 The Cherokee War Republic of Texas Cherokee Lenape (Delaware) Shawnee
1839 Honey War Iowa Territory Missouri
1839 Indian Frontier Policy by Sir John Ayde 44.5M 1;37;14
1838 9 1 Aroostook War
1839 Honey War Iowa Territory Missouri
Whig 1841
1841 William Henry Harrison
No Party 1841 5 4
1841 - 5 4 John Tyler
1844 First publicly funded telegraph line in the world—between Baltimore and Washington—sends demonstration message on May 24, ushering in the age of the telegraph. This message read "What hath God wrought?" (Bible, Numbers 23:23)
1844 Millerite movement in America awaits the Second Advent of Jesus Christ on October 22. Christs nonappearance becomes known as the Great Disappointment.
1844 Protestants of various fellowships experienced the "Great Disappointment." They expected the Second Coming of Christ to occur.
1844 Christadelphians
9 4
1845 9 4 James K. Polk
1845 Frederick Douglass Narrative 181895 111M 4;03;22
1845 - 75 30 Texas-Indian Wars United States Texas Rangers Comanche Kiowa
1846 Battle of Fort Texas Texas
1846 Battle of Fort Texas Texas
1846 Battle of Resaca de la Palma Texas
1846 Siege of Los Angeles California
1846 Capture of Santa Fe New Mexico
1846 7 1 Mormon migration to Utah.
1847 Battle of San Gabriel River California
1847 Battle of La Mesa California
1847 Poems Prose Departed Summary by Various by Ruth Golding 15.7M
1848 Spiritualism Kate and Margaret Fox John Thomas
1848 Gold discovered in California
Roughing It 2002
1849 Civil Disobedience by Thoreou 181762 37.2M 2Pts
1850 Religious Duty of Obedience to Law A Sermon by Ichabod S. Spencer Preached In The Second Presbyterian Church In Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 1850 by Ichabod S. Spencer 11,152 K
1850 Christmas Comes by John Leighton 86.8M 3;09;34
1850 Representative Men by Ralph Waldo Emerson 194M 7;05;14
1850 Fugitive Slave Law The Religious Duty of Obedience to Law : A Sermon by Ichabod S. Spencer Preached In The Second Presbyterian Church In Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 1850by Ichabod S. (Ichabod Smith) Spencer 11,009 K
1851 Wreaths of Friendship A Gift for the Young by F. C. Woodworth and T. S. (Timothy Shay) Arthur 37,394 K
1851 2 Shirley Letters from California Mines by Shirley 168M 6;08;08
1854 Outlines of a Mechanical Theory of Storms Containing the True Law of Lunar Influenceby Thomas Bassnett 80,890 K
1855 Smithsonian Institution Castle
1855 History of Virginia, in Four Parts by Beverley, Robert 93,839 K
1856 Fugitive Slave Law and Its Victims AntiSlavery Tracts No. 18 by American AntiSlavery Society 26,090 K
1857 Modern Atheism under its forms of Pantheism, Materialism, Secularism, Development, and Natural Laws by James Buchanan 145,659 K
1860 History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia by Campbell, Charles Martyn 164,423 K
1860 Speech of John Hossack, Convicted of a Violation of the Fugitive Slave Law Before Judge Drummond, Of The United States District Court, Chicago, Ill by John Hossack 7,337 K
1863 Daring and Suffering: A History of the Great Railroad Adventure by Pittenger, William 62,943 K
1864 Act Of Incorporation And The ByLaws Of The Massachusetts Homeopathic Medical Society by Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society 5,899 K
1865 9 4
1865 9 4 Andrew Johnson
1865 Powder River Expedition United States Arapaho Sioux Cheyenne
1865 70 5 Hualapai War United States Hualapai
1866 Ku Klux Klan started in US
1866 Successful transatlantic telegraph cable follows an earlier attempt in 1858.
1866 8 2 Red Clouds War Lakota Tribe United States
1867 US buys Alaska
1867 Behind Scenes by Elizabeth Keckley 18181907 168M 6;07;50
1868 History of the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, by the House of Representatives, and his trial by the Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors in office, 1868 by Edmund G. (Edmund Gibson) Ross 89516 K
1868 The Expatriation Act is approved by Congress, guaranteeing U.S. citizens the right to expatriate. Coupled with the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution approved only one day later, the Expatriation Act allows U.S. citizens to renounce federal citizenship in order to regain Constitutional rights ceded by U.S. citizens as defined by the 14th Amendment.
1868 The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was approved.
1869 Belvedere Castle
1871 Glen Eyrie Castle
1871 Strange Visitors A series of original papers, embracing philosophy, science, government, religion, poetry, art, fiction, satire, humor, narrative, and ... while in an abnormal or trance state by Horn, Henry J. 60,900 160P K
1873 - 6 3 William E. Ward House Castle
1867 - 75 8 Comanche Campaign United States Comanche Arapaho Kiowa Southern Cheyenne
1846 - 8 2 Mexican / American War United States Mexican Empire
1847 - 55 8 Cayuse War United States Cayuse
Whig 1849 - 53 4
1849 50 1 Zachary Taylor
1850 True Stories of History and Biography by Hawthorne, Nathaniel by Nicolay, John George, Hay, John Defoe, Daniel 76,242W K
1850 - 3 3 Millard Fillmore
1850 - 65 15 California Indian Wars United States Miwok Yokut Cahuilla Cupeno Quechan Yurok Karuk Tolowa Nomlaki Chimariko Wintun Hupa Tsnungwe Wiyot Whilkut Yurok Yuki
1853 - 61
1853 - 7 4 Franklin Pierce
1855 Battle of Ash Hollow United States Brulé Sioux
1855 - 6 1 Rogue River Wars United States Rogue River
1855 - 6 1 Puget Sound War United States Nisqually Muckleshoot Puyallup Klickitat Haida Tlingit
1856 Battle of Seattle.
1861 - 5 4 Soldiers Life in Virginia by Mccarthey 130M 4;45;49
1876 Reminiscences on Fort Sumpter 186061 by Moultrie 98.5M 3;35;16
1855 - 8 3 Yakima War United States Yakama
1855 - 8 3 3rd Seminole War part of the Seminole Wars United States Seminole Tribes
1856 Principles of Masonic Law A Treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages and Landmarks of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey 74,864 K
1856 - 7 1 Cheyenne Expedition United States Cheyenne
1857 61 4 James Buchanan
1857 - 8 1 Utah War United States State of Deseret Utah Territory Nauvoo Legion
1858 Fraser Canyon War United States United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland British troops did not arrive until after the war Nlakapamux
1858 Spokane Coeur dAlene Paloos War United States Spokane Coeur dAlene Paloos Northern Paiute
1859 Narrative of Life of Reverend Davis 40.1M 1;27;43
1860 - 73 13 Paiute War United States Paiute tribes
1860 Ox Team to California by Porter 133M 4;52;02
1861 Lincoln Storybook by Henry Williams 92M 3;20;42
Republican 1861 - 5 4
1861 - 5 4 Abraham Lincoln
1861 5 4 American Civil War United States of America vs Confederate States of America
Uncle Toms Cabin 1987
Dark Command 1940
Ride with the Devil 1999
Santa Fe Trail 1940
Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940
Gods and Generals 2003
The Horse Soldiers 1959
Gettysburg 1993
The Gangs of New York 2002
The Great Locomotive Chase 1956
Gone With The Wind 1939
Glory 1989
The Hunley 1999
Birth of a Nation 1915
1861 1st Battle of Fort Sumter South Carolina
1861 Battle of Sewels Point Virginia
1861 Battle of Aquia Creek Virginia
1861 Battle of Philippi West Virginia
1861 Battle of Big Bethel Virginia
1861 Battle of Boonville Missouri
1861 Battle of Hoke's Run West Virginia
1861 Battle of Carthage Missouri
1861 Battle of Rich Mountain West Virginia
1861 Battle of Blackburn's Ford Virginia
1861 Battle of Rich Mountain West Virginia
1861 1st Battle of Bull Run Virginia
1861 Battle of Athens Missouri
1861 Battle of Athens Virginia
1861 Battle of Wilson Creek Missouri
1861 Battle of Kessler's Cross Lanes West Virginia
1861 Battle of Hatteras Inlet Batteries North Carolina
1861 Battle of Drywood Creek Missouri
1861 Battle of Carnifex Ferry West Virginia
1861 Battle of Cheat Mountain West Virginia
1861 1st Battle of Lexington Missouri
1861 Battle of Liberty Missouri
1861 Battle of Greenbriar River West Virginia
1861 Battle of Santa Rosa Island Florida
1861 Battle of Ball's Bluff Virginia
1861 Battle of Frederick Town Missouri
1861 1st Battle of Springfield Missouri
1861 Battle of Belmont Missouri
1861 Battle of Round Mountain Oklahoma
1861 Battle of Chusto-Talasah Oklahoma
1861 Battle of Allegheny West Virginia
1861 Battle of Drainsville Virginia
1861 Battle of Chustenahlah Oklahoma
1861 Battle of Mount Zion Church Missouri
1862 Battle of Mount Cockpit Point Virginia
1862 Battle of Hancock West Virginia
1862 Battle of Roan's Tan Yard Missouri
1862 Battle of Middle Creek Kentucky
1862 Battle of Mill Springs Kentucky
1862 Battle of Fort Henry Tennessee
1862 Battle of Roanoke Island North Carolina
1862 Battle of Elizabeth City North Carolina
1862 Battle of Fort Donelson Tennessee
1862 Battle of Valverde New Mexico
1862 Battle of Pea Ridge Arkansas
1862 Battle of Hampton Roads Virginia
1862 Battle of New Bern North Carolina
1862 1st Battle of Kernstown Virginia
1862 Battle of Glorieta Pass New Mexico
1862 Battle of Shiloh Tenn
1862 Battle of Island Number 10 Tenn
1862 Siege of Fort Pulaski Georgia
1862 Battle of Peralta New Mexico
1862 Battle of South Mills North Carolina
1862 Siege of Fort Macon North Carolina
1862 Capture of New Orleans Louisiana
1862 Siege of Yorktown Virginia
1862 Battle of Puebla NM
1862 Battle of Williamsburg Va
1862 Battle of Eltham's Landing Va
1862 Battle of McDowell Va
1862 Battle of Drewry's Bluff Va
1862 Battle of Whitley's Lane Ak
1862 Battle of Front Royal Va
1862 1st Battle of Winchester Va
1862 Battle of Hanover Court House Va
1862 Siege of Corinth Miss
1862 Battle of 7 Pines Va
1862 Battle of Tranter's Creek Va
1862 Battle of Memphis Tn
1862 1st Battle of Chattanooga Tn
1862 Battle of Cross Keys Va
1862 Battle of Fort Republic Va
1862 Battle of Secessionville Va
1862 Battle of St Charles Ar
1862 Battle of Oak Grove Va
1862 Battle of Beaver Dam Creek Va
1862 Battle of Gaine's Mill Va
1862 Battle of Garnett's & Golding's Farm Va
1862 Battle of Savage's Station Va
1862 Battle of White Oak Swamp Va
1862 Battle of Glendale Va
1862 Battle of Tampa Va
1862 Battle of Malvern Hill Va
1862 Battle of Cotton Plant Va
1862 Battle of Murfreesboro Va
1862 Battle of Baton Rouge Loui
1862 Battle of Kirksville Mi
1862 Battle of Cedar Mountain Va
1862 1st Battle of Independence Mi
1862 Battle of Lone Jack Mi
1862 Battle of Fort Ridgely Mi
1862 1st Battle of Rappanahock Station Vi
1862 Manassas Station Operations Vi
1862 Battle of Thoroughfare Gap Vi
1862 2nd Battle of Bull Run Vi
1862 Battle of Richmond Kn
1862 Battle of Chantilly Vi
1862 Battle of Mile Hill Vi
1862 Battle of South Mountain MD
1862 Battle of Harpers Ferry WV
1862 Battle of Antietam MD
1862 Battle of Munfordville KY
1862 Battle of Luka Ms
1862 Battle of Shepherdstown WV
1862 1st Battle of Newtonia Ms
1862 2nd Battle of Coninth Ms
1862 Battle of Hatchi'es Bridge Tn
1862 Battle of Perryville Kn
1862 Battle of Clarke's Mill Ms
1862 Battle of Cane Hill Ak
1862 Battle of Prarie Grove Ak
1862 Battle of Hartsville Tn
1862 Battle of Fredericksburg Va
1862 Battle of Kinston NC
1862 Battle of White Hall NC
1862 Battle of Goldsboro Bridge NC
1862 Battle of Jackson Tn
1862 Battle of Chikasaw Bayou MS
1862 Battle of Parker's Cross Roads TN
1862 - 3 Battle of Stone's River TN
1863 2nd Battle of Springfield MS
1863 Battle of Arkansas Post AR
1863 Battle of Hartville MS
1863 Bear River Massacre ID
1863 Battle of Dover TN
1863 Battle Thompson's Station TN
1863 Battle of Fort Anderson NC
1863 Battle of Kelly's Ford VA
1863 Battle of Vaught's Hill TN
1863 Battle of Brentwood TN
1863 Battle of Washington NC
1863 Battle of Franklin TN
1863 Battle of Suffolk VA
1863 Grierson's Raid MS
1863 Battle of Cape Girardeau MO
1863 Battle of Grand Gulf MS
1863 Battle of Snyder's Bluff MS
1863 Battle of Day's Gap AL
1863 Battle of Port Gibson MS
1863 Battle of Chalk Bluff AK
1863 Battle of Chancellorsville VA
1863 2nd Battle of Fredericksburg VA
1863 Battle of Salem Church VA
1863 Battle of Rayond MS
1863 Battle of Jackson MS
1863 Battle of Champion Hill MS
1863 Battle of Big Slack River Bridge MS
1863 Battle of Plains Store LA
1863 Battle of Milliken's Bend LA
1863 Battle of Brandy Station VA
1863 2nd Battle of Winchester VA
1863 Battle of Aldie VA
1863 Battle of Middleburg VA
1863 Battle of Upperville VA
1863 Battle of Hoover's Gap TN
1863 Battle of Battle of Goodrich's Landing VA
1863 Battle of Hanover PA
1863 Battle of Gettysburg PA
1863 Siege of Vicksburg MS
1863 Battle of Helena AK
1863 Battle of Boonsboro MD
1863 Siege of Port Hudson MS
1863 Battle of Corydon IN
1863 1st Assault on Morris Island SC
1863 Battle of Williamsport MD
1863 Battle of Honey Springs OK
1863 2nd Battle of Fort Wagner OK
1863 Battle of Manassas Gap VA
1863 Battle of Big Mound ND
1863 Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake ND
1863 Battle of Salineville OH
1863 Battle of Stony Lake ND
1863 2nd Battle of Fort Sumter SC
1863 2nd Battle of Chattanooga SC
1863 Battle of Bayou Forche AR
1863 Battle of Davis's Cross Roads GA
1863 Battle of Chickamauga GA
1863 Battle of Blountville TN
1863 Battle of Baxter Springs KA
1863 Battle of Bue Springs TN
1863 1st Battle of Auburn VA
1863 2nd Battle of Auburn VA
1863 Battle of Bristoe Station VA
1863 Battle of Buckland Mills VA
1863 Battle of Bristoe Station AR
1863 Battle of Wauhatchie TN
1863 Battle of Collierville TN
1863 2nd Battle of Rappannahok Station VA
1863 Battle of Campbell's Station TN